Blueprint of Contentment and Perfection

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As seekers on the path to enlightenment, each one of us has felt the pain of loneliness, hardship and sacrifice in many aspects of our lives. With March Equinox just around the corner, let us choose to “be content.” March Equinox 2010 denotes a very important turning point in the history of humankind. It is the time when the portals to 5th dimension are fully open to us.  That is when thoughts become things, ideas take physical form and manifest. March Equinox marks the beginning of spring and this would be a perfect time for a new beginning and for us to choose to “be content.” For more information on March Equinox click here.

To enter this portal we must be receptive to it by first clearing our energy bodies of all dross and pain. We must feel what it is like to be “content” beyond any measure.  There are many tools, meditations and invocations given to us by the Masters to help us clear ourselves of all that no longer serves us. Please visit our directory of Monthly Messages from the Ascended Masters and choose the meditations that are pertinent to your needs at this time and which resonate with you.

Mother Mary gives us a beautiful meditation for the Blueprint of Contentment and Perfection where we will see ourselves as we are seen by our guardian angels and our beloved Masters.

My wish for you is to find yourself experiencing more joy than you ever imagined, in every form and aspect of your life.

Blueprint of Contentment and Perfection

Channeled Feb. 17, 2010

My Children of Light I am your Mother Mary,

It is important that you remember that you are a Divine Spark and everything you have experienced in many many lifetimes has been part of your sacred offering, as part of your sacrifice and this is absolutely not a punishment. The higher your Light, the greater the level of pain and struggle that your soul will agree to experience in order to clear, cleanse, purify and return the world to the Original Divine Plan. The time has come for you to have the experience of your own divinity and your own perfection the way I see you, the way Metatron sees you, the way Quan-Yin sees you, the way members of your own soul lineage see you, not the way you see yourself, not the way you feel about yourself, not the way your inner child has experienced this life.

It would be a great blessing if every human being, especially those of you in service to the Light, could at least taste what it is like to be content, to feel the gratitude that the Masters feel for all that you do in sacrifice. Being in a physical body at this time on Earth is difficult and taking on as much of the pain as you have taken on yourself requires a lot of sacrifice. You have served in every lifetime, one after another and it is time that you remember and feel rewarded. I call upon the Creative Force of Mother Divine and I ask her to pour down the Blueprint of Contentment and Perfection so that you can embody that perfection and you can feel that perfection within your heart.

It is important each day that you say,

I call forth the Blueprint of Contentment and Perfection, through the intercession of Divine Mother.

Breathe and bathe as you embody the Blueprint. Now say,

“I offer all my fears and all my childhood scars to be released. I ask Mother Mary, Quan-Yin,  Hecate, Raphael Gabriel and Great Silent Watcher to clear and cleanse my Antahkarana Cord, my Five Body System, my mind and my emotions and to help me love myself every day in every way and love living with myself.”


I hold you in my own heart and I love every part of you. You will know how it feels to be perfect and to be healed. Those days are coming. That is a promise.

I am your Mother Mary.

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