Mighty Elohim

The Elohim are the architects and builders of our solar system.  Known as “Angels of Divine Presence”, the Elohim were called to bring the design and ideal for our solar system into reality.

There are seven pairs of male and female Eloha (singular form) who make the Seven Mighty Elohim (plural).  They are generally spoken of in plural form even when one is addressed.  This is because each one is the equivalent of a great collective consciousness.  The word Elohim is therefore the most popular way to address them.  These are great cosmic beings whose power and might is beyond our imagination.  They brought our solar system into form with great focus and cosmic determination.  In cooperative effort among the seven pairs, they brought forth the divine manifestation of God’s original idea envisioned by Helios and Vesta, the deities of our sun and the father/mother aspect for our solar system.

The book, GIFTS III, brings messages from Goddess Minerva, the Elohim of Illumination.  Minerva and Cassiopia, her male counterpart are the Elohim of the second ray, the Ray of the Wisdom of God.  Lord Metatron invites the blessing of the Mighty Elohim of Peace in this book.  Tranquility (male) and Pacifica (female) are the Elohim of the sixth ray, the Ray of Peace.  Their contribution to the creation of our solar system is to bring forth the qualities and energy vibration of peace.  In the first Gifts book, Gifts from the Ascended Beings of Light, Lord Hercules, the Elohim of the first ray, gave his teaching and words of wisdom.  Lord Hercules and Lady Amazon together create the quality of will to do and bring to Earth the energies of the will of God.  The will of God is the first ray of manifestation among the seven rays with which this Earth and the solar system was built.

As you read about the Mighty Elohim, and you come across these amazing cosmic beings of light, feel their love for this entire creation and ask them for guidance and assistance in your life.  I make a habit of starting every invocation by saying, “In the name of the I AM THAT I AM, through the intercession of the Seven Mighty Elohim,” and then I state whatever is relevant to the situation, or I go directly to my request.  For example, my favorite one is to say, “In the name of the I AM THAT I AM, through the Seven Mighty Elohim, I call forth the Ascended Masters’ attention to the issue of selling this house.”  “In the name of the I AM THAT I AM, I call for the intercession of the Seven Mighty Elohim to rectify the conflict regarding the family unit.”  Or in specific cases, I say, “In the name of the I AM THAT I AM, I ask the Elohim of Peace for a peaceful and easy day today.”  Or, “In the name of the I AM THAT I AM, I call forth the Elohim of Illumination to bring light to today’s meeting.”

A great book on the Elohim is Thomas Printz’s The Seven Mighty Elohim Speak on the Seven Steps to Precipitation.  This is a book channeled by Geraldine Innocenti where the Elohim speak of the process of creating this solar system and teach how to manifest the object of your desires.  The Elohim offer the same principles and ideas they used for creation and manifestation of this solar system to teach us how to materialize (precipitate) designs, ideas and thoughtforms in our reality.

Excerpts from GIFTS III, Journeys Into the Inner Realms of Consciousness

by Nasrin Safai – pp 111-127

Elohim Minerva

Elohim Minerva is the feminine aspect and consort to Cassiopia.  Together Cassiopia and Minerva are in charge of the illumination of the divine plan put forth and the necessary qualities for bringing the perception of the design into manifestation.  The seven pairs of the Mighty Elohim are the grand architects of our entire creation.

In the literature of Summit Lighthouse, the Elohim are described as such:

“Elohim are the powerful beings who head up the builders of creation branch of cosmic hierarchy. Elohim is one of the Hebrew names of God.  It is a uni-plural noun referring to the twin flames of the Godhead that comprise the “Divine Us.”  When speaking specifically of either the masculine or feminine half, the plural form is retained because both halves contain the divine whole. Elohim preside over the creation of star systems, planets and all physical life evolving anywhere in the universe.  They carry the greatest concentration and highest vibration of light that we can comprehend.”

(see www.tsl.org/Elohim)

Because the Elohim hold the highest vibration of light they are residents of very high dimensions of reality close to the Throne of God and in close proximity to the Undifferentiated Source, which is God before form. To come to lower dimensions of reality requires great concentration and great sacrifice on their part.  Our present world of third dimensional reality is too dense and too polluted for beings of the Elohim, who are beings of high intensity light. By the same token, to hold their energy inside of a body in order to channel their message is quite a challenge.

Elohim Minerva has given messages through me a few times, but unfortunately the recording equipment has not been able to cope with her high intensity, and most of her messages have not been recorded. Fortunately I can present to you a sampling of her energies from a recording which did produce results. This was a very auspicious ceremony to finalize our workshop series on the teachings of alchemy given by Master Thoth.  Refer to the chapter devoted to Master Thoth.

I have always felt a closeness to the presence of the Elohim Minerva, and yet I was surprised that she would choose to come forward since her male consort Cassiopia is much more commonly heard of in the available literature.  In researching the available material I found out that Goddess Minerva was the Roman name of Goddess Athena, and a large body of literature exists from both the Greek and Roman times from Minerva and Athena.  In Greek history, Minerva is also known as Pallas Athena.  In Man-His Origin, History, and Destiny by Werner Schroeder, Pallas Athena is mentioned as:

“Pallas Athena, Goddess of Truth, was high priestess at the Temple of Truth. The pilgrims would visit her to gain from the magnetizing effect of the green flame of truth.” (p. 49).

I have given a more extensive explanation of the scope and qualities of Elohim Minerva and her consort as well as all other Mighty Elohim in the chapter on Soul Lineage of Light in the book, GIFTS III, Journeys Into the Inner Realms of Consciousness.

Minerva: Prayers and Journeys

This discourse was given as the final session of a workshop series.  The group sat around a circle with large crystals positioned behind each member and candles lit in the center.  All these crystal grids were set to anchor the energies of Elohim Minerva and all the gifts that she bestowed upon us through the journey.  This was the first time I channeled Goddess Minerva in a large group setting.  If you look at the date of this discourse you will notice that it was given to us at the 21st year anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence.  I have explained the significance of the Harmonic Convergence in the following pages where Elohim Minerva refers to it.

Beloved of the light, I am Minerva.

Take a deep breath with me. From the space of your solar plexus call upon your soul.  From the space of your heart call upon your heart flame.  From the space of your thymus call upon your spirit.  From the space of your throat and your third eye, call upon the mind.  Allow me to take you with these four aspects together through the silver-golden cord, the antahkarana, up through the crown chakra.  Notice the rainbow colored light as you move through your own crown chakra.  Notice the cylinder of light, pure white light, and golden light that is formed around your head and your body, as we move the spirit, the soul, the heart and the mind on a journey upward through the cylinder of golden white light.  We reach up to the throne of the Undifferentiated Source.  Upon arrival, we meet and merge with the presence of the I AM THAT I AM.


“From the space of light in the heart of the Undifferentiated Source, I am one with the mighty perfected presence of the I AM THAT I AM.” Say this three times and take a deep breath.  Pause and take a deep breath.  Prepare yourself to be engulfed with the light of the I AM.  Envision the presence of the Elohim Minerva standing over you, towering with her arms outstretched, pouring out the energies of the light of wisdom upon you.  Say the following invocation: “From the space of light in the heart of the Undifferentiated Source I am one with the mighty perfected presence of the I AM THAT I AM.  From the space of light in the heart of the Undifferentiated Source I am the mighty perfected presence of the I AM THAT I AM.”

On behalf of the united perfected aspect of everyone’s soul, spirit, mind and heart I invoke the mighty perfected presence of the I AM THAT I AM to embody and imbue the spirit, the soul, the mind and the heart for everyone, creating a spirited, soulful, mindful, heartful entity of light.  From that space of light I invoke my consort Cassiopia.  From that space of light I invoke Cyclopea,  I invoke Pacifica, I invoke Crystal, I invoke Angelica, I invoke Orion, Hercules, Arcturus, Purity, Peace, Astrea.  (Author’s Note: Minerva and her consort Cassiopia are the Elohim of the Second Ray, Illumination.  All the others are the Elohim of other rays.  For a full description, see the chapter on Soul Lineage of Light).  I invoke the hosts of the ascended masters.  I invoke the great cosmic beings of light.  I invoke the crystalline structures to begin humming and singing to the glory of the I AM THAT I AM . (Author’s Note: Minerva is referring to a crystal grid we had set up around the room with very large crystals, mostly selenite towers weighing more than 50 pounds, to guard and bring energy from the four directions, as well as smaller varieties of crystals placed around a circle behind every member of the group.)

I invoke cosmic light to pour upon this group.  I invoke the cosmic beings of light to come forward.  I invoke the gates of light from the constellation Orion to open its gateways and to pour the light of the feminine principle upon Earth and upon humanity, anchoring the energy upon the grid that we now have set in this holy, blessed spot.

I demand all darkness to be released from this spot, all obstacles to be released from this spot, anyone, anything who has malintention directed at this spot.  And everyone who visits this spot will receive ten-fold their intentions in return.  Anyone, anything that brings their love and light to this spot will receive ten-fold their intentions in return.  I clear the energies for only light of the purest and the brightest vibration to vibrate in this spot now and forever.  I invoke the purest and the brightest of light to ignite the Spark of God Unity in the hearts of every individual member of this group, anyone who has ever been touched by the members of this group, anyone who will ever be touched by the members of this group.

And the group entity that is formed, I hold this group entity sacred and holy.  I imbue the entity of this group and every individual member with the Seven-Fold Flame of Creation.  The Seven-Fold Flame consists of the seven flames that hold the fire of life within the seven rays.  This entire world is created through the manifest essence of the seven rays.  Each soul comes from one of the seven rays.  Even countries and continents come to existence upon one of the seven rays.  Which ray souls represent depends on their soul lineage or their lineage of light.  Envision a crown in the form of the Seven-Fold Flame is now placed upon your heads.  From the space of light where the Undifferentiated Source and I are one, I call forth the Throne of Grace to be lowered upon this spot.  I invoke the gateways of light from the constellation Arcturus to open up.

From the space of light where the Undifferentiated Source and I are one, I invoke the purest and brightest light to ignite the Flame of God Unity in the hearts of every member of this group and ignite the Seven-Fold Flame on the crown chakra of every member of this group.  I hold this entity sacred and holy.  I hold this ground sacred and holy.  This ground is protected now and forever from all harm.  From the space of light where the Undifferentiated Source and I are one, I call upon the energies of the constellation Sirius to open up and pour out their light to this grid that we are about to form in this spot.  And that we are about to carry in the hearts of the group members as well as in the heartcore of the group entity that is formed from this communion.  I invoke the Throne of Grace to bless this grid.

I invoke the Throne of the Undifferentiated Source to bless this grid.  I invoke the Sisterhoods and the Brotherhoods of the White Lodge, the holy hosts of the Ascended Masters and Mistresses of Light, gods and goddesses, Mighty Elohim in all their aspects, in all their forms, in all their qualities.  I AM THAT I AM, love I AM, bliss I AM, light I AM, ecstasy I AM, Blazing Fire of White Flame I AM, Blazing Fire of White Flame I AM, Blazing Fire of White Flame I AM.  I call upon the hosts of Archangel Michael.  I call upon the hosts of Lady Faith.  I call upon the hosts of Archangel Jophiel.  I call upon the hosts of Archangel Azriel.  I call upon the hosts of Archangel Raphael.  I call upon the hosts of Archangel Zadkiel.  I call upon the hosts of Archangel Sandalphon.  I call upon the hosts of Archangel Gabriel.  I call upon the hosts of Archangel Uriel.  I call upon the Seraphim, the Cherubim.  I call upon the light of the angelic, archangelic, seraphic and cherubic light to come forth and to prepare the grounds for the ascension of Earth Mother, for the awakening of the multitudes and the masses.

At this point I invoke you to go in your hearts and offer your personal intentions before I take you up on a journey.  Ask for your intentions for this specific ceremony, ask for your personal intentions: whatever you wish to ask for. And ask for a group intention: peace and harmony on Earth, light to shine upon Earth, joy to reside in the hearts of all souls.  Peace and brotherhood and sisterhood of light to reign on Earth.  State your intentions.  Take a deep breath.  State your wishes and desires and offer up whatever you would like to offer.  Pause and meditate in these energies.

Follow with the next phase as Minerva takes us to our sister planet Venus, the home of the Kumaras and the palace of Shamballa.


Journey to Venus, Orion, Arcturus, and Sirius

Shamballa is the heaven on earth in which God originally intended humankind to reside.  Humanity lost its state of purity and innocence, and the energies of Shamballa were retrieved from Earth and moved to the etheric planes in higher realms.  As we begin to open our hearts again to truth, purity and innocence we will become ready to receive Shamballa back on Earth again.  Goddess Minerva/Elohim Minerva is taking us to Venus where Shamballa presently resides.  Shamballa is the home of the Seven Kumaras, the seven cosmic beings who work directly with the spiritual growth and evolution of earth and humankind.  One of these great cosmic beings is Sanat Kumara.

Beloved of the Light, I am Minerva.

Take a deep breath with me. Come with me now through the tunnel of light, the golden white light.  We will take a journey, first to Venus, visiting with the great beings of Shamballa to receive the keys to unlock the gateways of light.  We then will journey to Orion, Arcturus and Sirius before our return journey back to Earth.

The object of this exercise is to take our plea requesting through the Karmic Board and the energies of all the brotherhoods and sisterhoods of light.  So that the energies of white light, ascended beings of white light, and the cosmic beings of white light would come to the rescue of Earth and humanity and would take Earth and humanity to the next level of evolution.  By the force of our decrees and demands, by the force of our requests and asking, by the force of us knocking on the door, the doors shall be opened and the floodgates of light shall be given to Earth and humankind.

This harmonic convergence (August 16, 2003) will be the coming to fruition of the past 21 years of light.  The first Harmonic Convergence was in 1987.  The occasion was that a plea went out from the consciousness of humankind for help and assistance to be given to the multitude and masses of Earth beings and to the planet.  Our brothers and sisters from the Ascended realms also known as the Masters of Light came from the four corners of the universe to help bring light and tilt the balance in favor of light.  This is why Masters of Light such as Christ Maitreya have taken physical form.  Other beings even at cosmic levels of light are coming to help.  The Elohim and the Sanat Kumara are among them.  It will be the culmination.  It will be the reaching of spiritual adulthood.  It will be the coming of age.  In this process of coming of age, we will bring the energies of our elder brothers and sisters of light through Venus, which is our closest (almost a twin planet), and from there Orion, Arcturus and Sirius, back to Earth.

Through the tunnel of light we weave our way as a group entity moving in spiral fashion, calling upon the energies of Ascended Mistresses and Masters of Light.  I call forth all Seven Mighty Elohim and seven consorts, the Seven-Fold Flame, the Ascended Masters of Light, the great Master Thoth, the great Goddess of Victory (she has been victorious for over two hundred thousand years).  The great Goddess of Liberty (in charge of liberating worlds and planets as well as countries, her energy vibrates through the statue of Liberty in Staton Island, New York).  The great Divine Mother of Light, the Cosmic Female Principle of Existence, the Cosmic Christ Heart Light, the blue Cross of Fire, the blue Sword of Mercy, the blue Flame of Mercy, the white-blazing Flame of Ascension, the golden Flame of God Unity.

We enter the palace of Shamballa. In the central hallway in the palace there are records of a civilization on Earth 250,000 years ago.  It is for the decoding of the memory banks regarding this civilization that we are creating this group energy.  We are here to retrieve the records of this civilization which has been the most significant and the most successful, the one with greatest light in the recent history of Earth.  It is the blueprint of this civilization that we will retrieve and carry in our hearts on our journey to Orion to receive a blessing and an elevation from the Mother Goddess energies.  From there to Arcturus to receive the wisdom and knowledge of the Wise Men, the masculine energy.  And then to Sirius to receive the child energies, the female child energies.  And this triune aspect, this trinity, we will bring back to Earth.

We will superimpose this reality upon the reality we have lived on Earth so far.  By this work greater light shall shine upon Earth, and the old blueprint that has become so tarnished and polluted and full of disasters will then merge and unite in light, and then dissolve itself into the new blueprint of light.  This is the purpose of this ceremony of light that we are performing now as a group entity.  It is the blueprint of this new trinity of light that we will bring back as the God Flame inside our hearts with the help of the mother energies from Orion, the father energies from Arcturus and the child energies from Sirius.

In the center of the Palace of Shamballa, there is an altar in the form of a crescent moon.  The crescent moon itself is made of mother of pearl.  Behind it, there is a pillar the shape of a cylinder. This pillar of light is made of selenite crystal.  At the very edge of each end of the crescent moon there are two large linghams.  The lingham is the symbol of creation: it is the egg of life, it is the phallus, it is the womb.  It is the triune aspect in itself: in the form of the egg that is inside the womb it represents the child, in the form of the phallus it represents the father.  In the form of the yoni or the circle that holds the phallus within itself and holds the egg within its womb, it represents the mother energies.  A shaft of blue light begins vibrating, illuminating the two linghams at the edge of the crescent moon.  The linghams will begin to hum a tune.

Each one of you standing in the center of a stage at the depth of the crescent of the moon will find your own Twin Flame (the male or female consort or counterpart – the being that makes us complete and unites with us in oneness bringing final union) facing you.  Hold your hands palms out and touch your Twin Flame at the palms.  Look into each other’s eyes.

When you make the connection with one another, the two of you will be teleported through a golden pillar of light to the civilization 250,000 years ago which was located on the land in what is now known as Siberian Desert.  At that time it was a beautiful continent with Mediterranean Sea type of weather.  For those of you who are now experiencing this civilization, feel your own bodies, see your own consort, your Twin Flame, in the body that he or she occupied in that time.  See the crystalline temple structure.  We will have to go into that structure in order to receive the blueprint.  Those of you who wish to receive the blueprint find your way (glide) to that crystalline structure.  It is an opaque crystalline structure.  You will know how to enter.  Pause.  Take a deep breath.  Compose your thoughts.  Put your intention on finding yourself inside the structure and you will be there.

Once you enter you will see a very similar hallway, a crescent moon-shaped altar with two linghams at the edges.  In the center, in front of the pillar of selenite, you will see a crystalline bowl, a singing bowl.  It is very, very large.  When you look inside of it, you blow the breath of light into it and it begins to hum.  The ball begins to sing.  From the sound vibration, the walls of the temple which are made of crystalline structures, begin to hum.  Lights in profusion of colors will begin to emanate from every direction, penetrating your body and your being.  Feel it in your heart.  Feel it in your soul.  Feel it in your spirit.  Feel it in your mind.  Receive the perfection of this blueprint as it downloads through the light and sound spectrum into your body, your mind, your spirit and soul.  The decoding of the memories of this civilization and your role in it will continue for another 36 hours from now.  You may continue to have flashbacks of the knowledge, the wisdom and the information.  The most important quality of this race was their wisdom, and this is the reason why the Elohim of Wisdom, Cassiopia and Minerva, are in charge of this civilization.  The illumination of light that emanated from this civilization beams throughout the entire Universe, the wisdom of the ages.  As the lights begin to fade, let us offer a prayer of thanksgiving before we begin our journey to Orion.

Take a deep breath.  Pause and Meditate.  Absorb the energies and put out the intention that you receive and absorb all the wisdom and knowledge that will benefit you and the entire human race from this exercise over the next 36 hours or longer, whatever is the highest wisdom and in service to the light.  Take a deep breath.

And continue with the next phase.


The Mother, Father and Dolphin Child: The Cosmic Christ Grid

Beloved of the light, I am Minerva.

Take a deep breath with me. Together now as a group, with each one of you in the company of your Twin Flame, stand in the same formation facing each other.  Hold the palms touching one another, and in the center of the stage the golden white pillar of light will begin beaming to each one of you.  And together we are teleported to the center of the constellation Orion, to the star system we know as Orionis.

Upon entry through the gateway of the temple in the city of Oriana we are greeted by the Seven Mighty Cosmic Beings of Light, the seven aspects of the Feminine Principle of Existence.  One out of the seven is closest in lineage to your own.  That one vibrates a certain shade of light that pulls you to her vibration.  Let her take you by the hand to the inner chamber inside.  She will stand with you and your Twin Flame forming a triangle.  You will hold your palms out and reach for one another, both male and female aspects looking into her eyes.  And the emanation of that particular shade of light that she is vibrating begins to illumine the entire room and fill every cell, every molecule, every iota, every electron of your bodies and your beings – your self and your Twin Flame.

As the shaft of light spins, you begin to see the genetic coding of the structure of the DNA that is downloaded into your bodies and your beings.  The golden key of light is placed in the cosmic heart chakra.  The formation of this golden key is a symbol.  That symbol is the signature of your own lineage of light.  The shape of the key that is placed in your cosmic heart is the symbol that is the signature of your own lineage of light, your emblem of light.

Once complete, the three of you together (you, your twin flame and the feminine cosmic being) begin spinning and merging in oneness, moving into a spiral of light, spinning outwards, out of Oriana, out of Orionis, in the direction of constellation Arcturus.  In the center of this constellation there is the Arc, the star system of Arc; the capital city of Arctur is the gateway of entering.  Beams of light emanating from the combined forces of the group will open up the temple doorways.

In the center of the great hallway, there is another similar altar.  Seven male beings of light robed in ceremonial costumes have lined up.  Each one is emanating a certain vibration of light.  You are called to one.  In the company of the Cosmic Feminine Principle from Orion you will follow the wise being of Arcturus to an inner chamber.   the center there is a shaft of light.  You stand, four of you, beaming light to one another: the great cosmic being from Orion, the great cosmic being from Arcturus, the male and the female – you and your consort – will form a diamond of light holding palms to each other.  A vibration of light begins emanating from the heart of the wise male cosmic being.  The emanation meets the same emanations from the heart of the feminine aspect, mixing and merging in oneness.  These emanations reach up to your heart, to your soul, to your spirit and to your mind.

A key is formed, a symbol, a signature, a sign.  This key is now placed in the center of your heart.  See now the decoding upon the strands of DNA, and formation of new strands superimposed upon the old strands, affecting the structure of cells, molecules electrons, protons, neutrons and every iota of your being.  The blueprint for the male aspect is now downloaded.  As the shaft of light recedes back into the heart of the cosmic being from Orion and the cosmic being from Arcturus, the four of you begin spinning and spiraling, leaving this blessed inner chamber and enter into the spiral of light, moving in the direction of constellation Sirius.

We will journey to planet Sirius B, where the entire surface of the planet is covered with water.  Upon your arrival, on the shores you can see the sand beneath your feet.  The water is shallow.  You can stand comfortably in it.  The four of you, the Orionite, the Arcturian, you and your consort will await the child being of light in the form of a dolphin to arrive.  The energy of the child aspect is held in the physical embodiment of these dolphins.

When the flock of dolphins arrives you will spot the child that is the completion of your own cycle.  Following that one dolphin, all four of you will enter in the water going deeper and deeper into the depths of the water until you reach the dark waters of the depth of the sea.  Entering into a cave, suddenly all is illuminated in light.  Swimming into this cave, above you see crystalline structures, formations much like clusters of amethyst, clusters of fluorite, clusters of rose colored, citrine colored, emerald colored crystalline structures.  All the seven colors of the rainbow are represented.  As you weave your way from one cave of crystalline light to another, beams of light emanate from the crystalline structures to all five of you: the Orionite, the Arcturian, you, your consort and the child dolphin.  Finally, you come to a great hall where the domes emanate rose-pink colored light.  At the center there is a floating stage.  You are helped to stand on this stage.  A great, pure white light silhouette of a human being appears at the center. This is the Elohim of Illumination.

The gift of the Elohim is to impregnate the womb of Mother Earth by placing the key in your heart.  If you so wish to receive this key, give permission to the male/female aspect of the Elohim of Creation,  Elohim of Illumination.  They offer the key to you and download the blueprint for the perfected DNA structure for the new feminine child aspect in the center of your own cosmic heart.  As the shafts of light begin emanating with greater intensity, from the touch of the hand of the Elohim you feel the light in your heart, you feel the light emanated into your body.  The sounds of angelic singing emanate from the walls of the cave.  Dolphins all around you chirp and sing with joy from this union.  The work is now complete.

Touch the heart of the cosmic being from Orion in thanksgiving as she touches our hearts.  We touch the heart of the cosmic being from Arcturus as he touches our hearts.  Gaze into the eyes of the dolphin child as she gazes back at you with great love and reverence.  In the company of the flux of dolphins we come back to the shallow waters, and from there we enter into the spiral of light – you and your consort – and we return to the Palace of Shamballa on Venus.  The seven Kumaras and the seven consorts offer their blessing to us in the hope that someday we will feel their presence on Earth and that we will see them walking alongside of us.  We bless them, and we are blessed by them by placing our hands on their hearts and receiving their hands on our heart.  This blueprint is now sealed with the blessing of the planetary Logos, the Sanat Kumara who came to the rescue of Earth many eons ago.

We spiral in the tunnel of light, through the Throne of the Undifferentiated Source that has formed above our antahkarana, our silver-golden cord.  We emerge in the presence of the I AM THAT I AM, which every one of you are, every one of us.  Returning to our bodies, we hold the vibration of the mother, father, child as the cosmic blueprint for the new Cosmic Christ Consciousness to be illuminated on Earth for the benefit of the ascension of Mother Earth and awakening of all humankind.

With great pleasure and in great gratitude, I bless each and every one of you and the group entity that you have formed.  With great joyful celebration of the light that you are and the light that you shine upon Earth and humankind, in the company of the Seven Mighty Elohim of Creation and their consorts, in the presence of the Seven-Fold Flame of Creation, imbued by the power of the perfected magical presence of the I AM THAT I AM, I am your own mother,

Elohim Minerva.  Blessings.


Purchase GIFTS III, Journeys Into the Inner Realms of Consciousness by Nasrin Safai


Excerpts from Gifts I, Gifts from Ascended Beings of Light,

by Nasrin Safai – pp 151-162


Elohim Hercules is one of the Seven Mighty Elohim or Seven Builders of Creation. The Seven Mighty Elohim are the guardians of the cosmic powers that created this planet and brought the powers of Nature upon it for our use. The Elohim are also called the Seven Powers Around the Throne and Seven Builders Around the Throne mentioned in the Bible – There in Heaven stood a throne, and on the throne sat one whose appearance was like the gleam of jasper and carnelian . . . Burning before the throne were seven flaming torches, the seven spirits of God. (Revelation 4:2-5)

The Elohim are concerned with manifestation in this physical world – within our physical bodies, our minds, our feelings and the atmosphere around us. They project the Sevenfold Flame through our brains within our foreheads to empower us to connect with the divine mind of God and the cosmic beings of light, and to protect against the misuse of the powers of the mind.  Each of the Seven Elohim’s heart flames makes up the Sevenfold Flame which – once re-ignited – is an extension of their life in us. They say the Sevenfold Flame is multidimensional energy that will take us back to our oneness in the heart core of God.

Elohim is the Hebrew word for gods; the singular is eloha. However, in the Bible, Elohim is often used in the singular as one of the words for God. Hercules refers to herself or himself as Elohim Hercules. The Elohim say they are about 15 feet tall. Each has a masculine and a feminine aspect. The feminine aspect of Hercules is called Amazon. The primary quality of this Elohim is power and strength attained through love.

I knew nothing about the Elohim until another ascended being, Metatron, first discussed them with me in 1998. Metatron said the Elohim were “great beings of this universe.” First he introduced me to the collective essence of the Elohim during group channelings. The he said that as I channeled him, he would bring the Elohim in one by one so that I and the others present could become acquainted with their energies.

Metatron called the Elohim by their qualities – power, peace, abundance, truth, and such. All of the Elohim share the same qualities but one is predominant in each. Metatron also said these beings lived in a realm of semi-form which means that their quotient of light is so high that we all-form humans have to raise our vibration to commune with them. (Archangel Michael gives us an exercise to do this in his discourse about the Merging with the I AM Presence.)

As I prepared to begin channeling material for Gifts from Ascended Beings of Light in the summer of 2003, Elohim Hercules came through. I was quite surprised to hear: Beloveds, I am Hercules. Bear with me as I adjust to the energies in your realm of reality. The energies of Elohim Hercules were nothing like the kind of masculine energy of this Elohim’s namesake who is Hercules (Herakles in Greek), the strongest and biggest man alive according to the Greek myths. The energy, the voice, the entire presence of Elohim Hercules was decidedly gentle and almost feminine.

Remembering Your True Origin

Elohim Hercules

What good is this breath that you take

if it does not lead you to the divinity that is waiting for you?

What good is this life if you live it unconscious of your own divinity?

The time has come for the vibrations of the Seven Mighty Elohim to be lowered to the atmosphere of Earth and to be received by the hearts and souls of those willing and accepting of these energies, even though small in number. The velocity and intensity of these vibrations that we emanate will lead you to the completion of this task. We will make up for the smallness of the numbers with our purity of light and intensity of light. In order for you to receive the light that will emanate upon you, you must in turn receive and accept purity and intensity within yourself.

This means that whatever is of mistrusting and other negative energies such as betrayal, judgment, greed, deception, cheating, lying has to be released and replaced by purity of intent and returned to their original innocence intended for all divine beings of light. It also means that the intensity of light that is emanated to you is of greater nature. Therefore, this light upon contact with impurities will burn. This burning sensation you will experience within yourself as the thoughts that burn your mind, as the emotions that feel like burning your emotional body, as sicknesses that burn your physical body.

I use the analogy of burning to make the point – burning is one way to purify and to return to the original intent. Therefore, if lately you have been feeling the burden of life becoming more difficult and your daily chores more difficult to bear, know that it is because your own body, spirit, mind and soul is being purified and cleansed in the fire of ascension, in the flame of the ascension, and that there is a purpose and reason for what you are experiencing and suffering from. The reason is that your bodies, minds, emotions, spirits and souls are being accelerated to the point of receiving greater light and being purified at that accelerated pace in order to assist you and make you beacons of light who assist the rest of the souls and the planet to make the final leap into its ascension.

Make your grid of light at this time.

Consider it as important as the food that you eat on a daily basis,

as the bathing that you need on a daily basis, as the breath that you take.

What good is this breath that you take if it does not lead you to the divinity that is waiting for you to embrace it? What good is this life if you live it unconscious of your own divinity? How would you distinguish yourself and your consciousness as the divine self and the consciousness of God compared to a bird, an animal who does not have the same chance to remember itself and to recognize its consciousness as a divine being?

There is a burden of responsibility that has been given to you

alongside of the divine benefit of knowing that you and God are one.

The responsibility is that you have to remain in that oneness and if you have moved away from it, you have to return to it. The benefit is that in that divinity, you are living life in oneness. What good is life if you don’t live it in oneness? Why then waste a human body, mind, emotions, spirit and soul if you were to live in ignorance of the fact that you are a divine and holy being of light walking upon Earth as the illumination of God’s light. If you are to choose to continue to live in ignorance of this bliss, then why waste a human body? Come as a bird. Come as a fish. Come as a wild animal. Because even your pets have the consciousness and the knowing that they are divine holy beings of light. [Wild animals, unlike pets, are unconscious of their divinity.]

The presence of the Seven Mighty Elohim

and our accelerated participation in your life

is for the purpose of achieving a greater knowledge and remembrance

that you are divine holy beings of light, emanations of God’s heart sparks,

and God has intended for you to remember your true origin.

We come to you to remind you.

In this process, we offer you a remembrance and all the assistance that is needed for the process of remembering to complete itself.  In return, you become responsible the moment you agree to remember, to focus all of the attention on attaining the final goal of mastering ascension, returning to the divine heart core of God as the sparks that you are, remembering that you are those sparks and letting go of the ignorance and the forgetfulness of this fact.

We bring this message and all of the assistance required to attain this final goal. As you receive us, as you open your heart to us, we will assist you in manners that you have not even thought of, in ways you would consider miraculous. In return, we ask that you take responsibility for that remembrance and that you act accordingly as conscious, responsible, divine human sparks of light who remember that their true origin belongs to the heart of God.

In the cosmic light that is emanated from the heart of the Most High, I stand illuminating light to all of you. I am Elohim Hercules representing the Seven Mighty Elohim and the Sevenfold Flame of Elohim Light.

Grid of Light to Anchor the Energies of

Peace, Purity, Truth, Love,

Power, Wisdom, and Unity

Elohim Hercules

Our presence will become more prominent in time

until together we will raise the vibration of Earth

and the consciousness of humanity to a level where,

with every breath, every soul of this planet

will call to reunite in God as God.

Beloveds, I am Hercules. My essence here on Earth is to bring you wisdom and knowledge. The lineage of light from which I come forth is the cosmic essence of the Elohim. I bring to you from my own heart flame the pure light of the Seven-Fold Flame which started the entire manifestation process from the Great Void, manifestation as God in form.

In the presence of the I AM THAT I AM, I open my heart and I offer to you a grid of light in the name of peace, in the name of purity, in the name of truth, in the name of love, in the name of power, in the name of wisdom, in the name of unity. I bring you the Seven-Fold Flame to anchor the energies of the qualities I have just given to you.

  • Find 8 white candles.
  • Imbue [empower with your will] each candle with a quality – peace, purity, wisdom, love, truth, unity and divine power.
  • Imbue the 8th candle with the Seven-Fold Flame.
  • Get a white sheet of paper, preferably cut in the form of a circle, to be placed under your candle grid.
  • Find the herbal essence of valerian root and rub that essence on each of the candles.
  • Immerse the white circular piece of paper into the valerian root herbal essence almost as though you have soaked it, and let it dry.
  • You may write each quality on the outside edge of the circle where you place each candle so you can remember and repeat the same quality for the same candle each time.
  • In the center of that circle write the intention that you would like to manifest. Place the candles around the circle.
  • Place a clear glass round shaped jar filled with water directly over the intention that you have written in the center of the paper.
  • Light the candles every day until your intention has been attained. As you light each candle invoke its quality.
  • At the end of the calling of the qualities, use the 8th candle to call upon the Seven Mighty Elohim of Creation, the Seven-Fold Flame of Creation and the presence of the I AM THAT I AM.
  • Every day fill your grid with love from your heart and with the joy of knowing that your intention has already been granted and that it will come into the manifest form through the force and the power of light and the love that you put into it.

Because you live in a linear time-space continuum, it might take a short span of time for the full manifestation process to complete itself. [That is, the process may not be instantaneous.] Be patient. Don’t lose your joy. Don’t give up on the love. Those are the two most important elements. Your love and joy for manifesting the intentions is as important as the invocation of the Elohim and the invocation to the presence of the I AM.

The one final element that will manifest any event

and bring it into your realm of reality

is the love and joy you imbue it with.

We are always present in your world and in ours. Our presence does not go away. What prevents you from manifesting the objects of your desires are the love and the joy that need to go into the process.

Your love and your joy are the breath of life

that you breathe into each event

to bring it into this level of existence.

If you don’t breathe the breath of light and life into an object, it will remain dormant. It will remain lifeless. For it to come to life, it needs to breathe. For it to begin breathing it needs to receive the breath of life through the love and joy that you place into it.  It really is as simple as that.

The moment that you lose your love and your joy, even if it is an instant before the manifestation, the lights go out and you go back into dormancy and the event is put on hold. The moment you turn on the lights by turning your love and joy back on, it comes to life again. When you continue to pour out love and joy, you will achieve the object of your desires faster.

Perseverance and continuity are the second factor. It is important to have the love and the joy.  It is also important to continue to maintain the love and the joy until you have attained the object of your desires and not a moment before because even to the penultimate moment before its manifestation you do not have the object in your hands, in your life, so you don’t have the results in manifest form.

So, even one moment before its manifestation is not good enough for you to claim it [until it has physically manifested]. You can only claim it when you have completed the action and the action has manifested in physical form. Once it is in manifest form you must continue to breathe the life into it through your love and joy.

Again, if you were to withdraw from pouring out the breath of life into it, it will go into dormancy. What is the benefit of a beautiful new car after you have manifested it, if it stays in the garage for the rest of its living life and never gets to be driven in joy and in love? This is a simple analogy but an appropriate one.

Continue with the love and the joy for every project

that you begin from the beginning to the end.

And even at its ending, bless it and love it and fill it with joy so that even the closure of that chapter, even the completion of that book, even if it is the book of life, is a joyful and loving experience. If you begin a project [such as this grid], you never stop until that project has come to fruition. When you stop for an extended period of time, you deflate whatever energies you have built up and that means you have to start all over again to rebuild the energy. You can get faster momentum but you can never stop until you have achieved the objects of your desires.

In the same way that you have the discipline of eating many times a day, a week, a month, in the same way that you have the discipline of washing your body and brushing your teeth, you must gain the discipline of learning that whatever you take upon yourself, you see it through to its completion and not a moment before. If you stop a project the moment before its manifestation, it doesn’t manifest, even if it is one second before its manifestation. When a baby is born through a birth canal, there’s always that last push. If you don’t give that last push, what happens? The baby eventually comes out, but dead, stillborn.

Do not give your power to one person or another.

Your power is in remembering that you are God. Your power is in remembering that for as long as you have recognized yourself as God, God walks by your side. Your power is in remembering and recognizing that God know best and God wants the best for all of you. For you are each fragments of God’s beingness.

For as long as you cannot believe in the God within you

to be able to conduct your needs and your desires to the fullest,

you will not stand in your own way of  attaining the objects of your desires.

You would live in mistrust of the God that runs your life. You would be commanding that God to drive your car to somewhere safe without handing that God the keys to the car. And that’s what you all do on a daily basis. You issue decrees and give commands without fully embracing the commandments and the decrees and then you say: No one has heard me. I wonder if God is really there listening to me.

Those are statements made on a daily basis. The true statement should have been: Thank you God for I know that you have already heard my needs and have taken care of them. I know that on this day, just as on any other day, I will be taken care of, I trust that it will be done, and call with every breath upon the presence of God in the form of the blessed presence of the I AM THAT I AM.

The most important thing in remembering and realizing

that you are God and God is within you is

to recognize the presence of the I AM THAT I AM.

I AM THAT I AM is that aspect of God that has taken form, moved into action, released itself from the Great Void to manifest form, knows the meaning and the essence of being in manifest form, knows your plight and knows how to rescue you from your pain and suffering – but will not do it unless you ask to be rescued because this planet is about having free will.

You, as representatives of humankind, chose this plight and brought it upon yourselves by saying: Okay, God, I know how to do it. Let me go out and do it. Let us do it my way this time. And God, in loving you, chose to let you do it your way. For as long as you continue to want to do it your way, you will not be interceded or interfered with. It is only when you choose to ask for intercession that assistance will come.

It is only when you offer your own will

and align it with the will of God I AM

that you will receive direct guidance from the Source.

And until then, you have got to practice with every breath to realign your will with the will of God I AM until you no longer distinguish between the breath that you take and the breath of God. Because originally you came from that breath of God.

You were created from the winds of God’s breath, pushed and pulled into the surface of existence and back again. It is a simple analogy but a very important one. Once you fully understand this analogy, you will have attained your mastery and you will return to your own essence as divine holy beings that recognize themselves as God and live in oneness in God.

Energies of the Seven Mighty Elohim of Creation

are being lowered upon Earth right now.

My own presence as Hercules is to be taken as the representation and spokesperson for the Seven-Fold Flame and the Seven Mighty Elohim. Our presence will become more prominent in time until together we will raise the vibration of Earth and the consciousness of humanity to a level where with every breath, every soul of this planet will call to reunite in God as God.

At that point, mass ascension is achieved and your planet will begin the completion of its rebirthing process. The completion of this rebirthing process means that your planet and all the souls would have ascended to the level of higher beings of light. The planet and the souls from this present density that you experience as your third dimensional reality would be removed; they would enter into higher realms of light, orbiting differently.

The quality and texture of time-space will be different in those realms of light. The light itself will have a more liquid and fluid substance to it at those levels. The experience could be assimilated with the analogy of doing aerobic exercises standing on Earth and moving your body in the air, or doing aerobic exercises standing in a body of water and moving your body in the water. In the water, your body weighs much less. The movement becomes easier in the water compared to the air.

The same applies to higher levels of light and dimensions and realms of ascension. You would be moving in higher intensities of light which will make the movement easier compared to what you experience in this present reality. In the same way, pain and suffering will not have such a grip on you as it does in this present reality. Emotions have no need of running rampant. The mind does not play games with you any longer and the body will have a much easier function and less of a burden.

This is the final object of all exercises, the final conclusion of being in human physical embodiment for all souls, including the planet and the solar system, the galaxy and so forth until all returns into its all-ness in the heart core of All That Is. All that has come into physical manifest material form returns to non-matter, non-manifest light vibration, in oneness.


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