Archangel Uriel

archangel uriel

In the very beginning before even time existed, the Cosmic Consciousness we call God, The Undifferentiated Source, was sitting in total bliss of its beingness in the silence of the Great Void. That Cosmic Consciousness chose of its own desire to experience beingness outside of the great silence. The command, or the Word, was sent out, “Let there be Light. Let me become many.” From the heartcore of that great silence, the spark of Light was illuminated. Archangel Uriel received the spark of Light and became its keeper. That is known as the inner Light. Uriel brought the spark of Light from the heartcore of The Undifferentiated Source – God without form – to the surface of existence.

“Uriel brings the light of knowledge of God to men. He is the interpreter of prophecies, the Angel of Retribution. His name means Light of God” (Excerpted from Sophy Burnham, the author A Book of Angels, page 102).

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Uriel’s Divine Spark of Inner Light

Commentary: In this discourse, Archangel Uriel offers the flame of inner light; the divine spark from the heart of God, the Undifferentiated Source. Uriel is the Guardian of the Inner Light. Sophie Burnham, author of A Book of Angels, says of Archangel Uriel, “Uriel brings the light of knowledge of God to men. He is the interpreter of prophecies, the Angel of Retribution. His name means Light of God”(p.102). He asks us to practice this for a minimum of seven days.

My beloved, I am Uriel.

I have come to you because I wish to give you the light from my own heart. Uriel is the holder of the Inner Light, divine spark from the heart of God. I have come to offer you that inner spark. Within one week form today your energies will be increased dramatically. I want you to receive the higher energies and allow them to be filtered into your heart. As they enter your heart, I want to make sure that they move through your heart into the flame that I will place in the center of your heart. This flame will protect you from lower energies and it will raise your vibration to a much higher one. From today you have seven days for this flame to establish itself inside your heart. When new energies begin to pour down to Earth, you will be in a good position to absorb them, to digest them, and to raise your own vibration accordingly.

But before I do that, I want to ask your permission to place the flame inside your heart. The name of this flame is the Inner Divine Spark of Light from the Heart of God. This flame was given to me when God decided to feel Itself in many bodies and many forms. This Divine Spark was hidden inside the Heart of God. God allowed me to take this Divine Spark and bring it to the surface of existence. Then I offered this Divine Spark to Metatron, the Archangel who has created – with this – all the creation. When I handed this spark to Metatron, it moved from being the inner spark to becoming the outer spark. With the outer spark externalized, Metatron created everything in this universe.

Five sacred geometric symbols were involved in the creation. But more important than those is this spark. In the universe, everyone functions because of the outer spark. For humanity to return to God Unity and know that the spark of God is in their own heart, they have to reignite this inner spark in their own hearts. God has given me the dispensation to ignite the inner spark. This is the first time that I come to return this inner spark to the heart of humanity.

Take a deep breath. Feel my presence in front of you. I am a very tall angel. I am a very powerful angel. I have a lot of strength and stamina. And yet, I do not belong to this world of yours, so my energy is very etheric. Whereas Archangel Michael’s energy – because he has been here on Earth helping humanity – has become very strong and very grounded, my energy is very other-worldly. You may feel as though a cloud is coming around you. You may feel the warmth. You will feel my energy differently from the energy of Archangel Michael. When Archangel Michael comes, you know immediately because his energy is strong and it grounds you. You have come to know the protection that he brings. My energy is more of a feminine force. It relates to the creative forces. It is very light. It would be like a gentle breeze. It would be a gentle warmth in your heart. You may begin feeling a bright white, gold and yellow light that will be coming to your face, to your heart, to your throat, feeling it in your shoulders, feeling it even in the palms of your hands. Pause and feel the sensation.

Now I will place my right hand into my own heart. From my own heart I will bring out the spark of the inner light and I will give that spark to you. And I will place it right in the center of your chest above your lungs, between your shoulder blades. It is between your heart chakra and your throat chakra. This is the center that we call the cosmic heart. This is where I will place it because this spark is the spark of light from the cosmic heart of God. And with this spark of light, I ignite your own cosmic heart.

As you awaken every morning, think of Archangel Uriel and you focus your energy on seeing this spark in your own heart. It is fine if you wish to see it inside your own personal heart, but it is also fine for you to see it in your cosmic heart between your heart chakra in the middle of your chest and your throat chakra. Focus on it, so that it becomes strengthened. From today, for seven days it is important that you connect to this flame every day (or night) to strengthen it and to help me make it brighter for you. When you focus on Uriel and the energy of the spark in your heart, that is when you give me permission to ignite it and make it bigger. At the end of the seven days, this light will be much brighter in your heart. This light will remind you of your divinity, and help you to walk on the path of your divine mission that you have come to Earth to accomplish.

The three months ahead of us (August, September, October 2005) are very important times for Earth and humanity. Some of you have been prepared for many hundreds of thousands of years to face this time and to help others to raise their vibration and to feel the light. Some people are still sleeping; they do not even know that the Divine Spark is going to be ignited in their hearts. This is why those of you who are aware of it are now actively working with us. This is why we have to work harder together to help those who are still asleep awaken to their divinity. All of you become the beacons of light.

You would be a transmitter of this light. Wherever you go, the energy around you will be conducive to people receiving it. Even when you are in a supermarket or a movie theater, everybody else who is in that space has the opportunity to receive the Divine Spark. It is as though a seed has been planted inside of you. And in a very short time, it becomes a fruit-bearing tree. And the tree will give its fruits and you can hand the fruits to everyone that is passing by. In a matter of an instant, the seed that has been planted in your heart becomes a fruit-bearing tree and the tree will give ripe fruits. And eating the ripe fruits will benefit everyone just as the seed that was planted in your heart.

Take a deep breath with me. Feel the warmth around your body and the spark in your heart until it is fully established. Remember me for the next seven days. To increase the Divine Spark, you can say with me now:

Archangel Uriel, I ask you to come every day and ignite this Divine Spark for the next seven days in my heart. I offer what I receive in service to all humankind and for the benefit of light. I ask that this Divine Spark will help me walk on my path of my divine mission. I ask that the doors of light be opened to me and that I can see and feel the presence of the Masters and the angelic forces of light with me and around me. I ask that I can hear their guidance and assistance, their verbal communication and the visual perception that they send me in the light of the I AM THAT I AM. I ask that my visual perception of the Masters and their guidance be increased. I ask that my ability to communicate verbally with the Masters and Angels of Light be increased. I ask all the obstacles to be released so that I can directly hear and see Masters of Light, Angels of Light, Great Beings of Light and the presence of God with me, around me, ahead of me, behind me in every particle of life. So it is. It is done. Amen.”

I love you from the core of my heart. I am Uriel.


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