Archangel Raphael

Excerpts from Gifts II, Gifts of Practical Guidance for Daily Living by Nasrin Safai – pp 114-128

Raphael is one of the most painted and illustrated of the angels. The poet Milton has written poems about Archangel Raphael in the company of Adam and Eve. Raphael is also known as the rescuer of all humankind from death and healer of all ills, as well as remover of darkness.

Raphael created a golden, magical ring for King Soloman which he wore throughout his life. The significance of the ring was to assist Solomon to rule in wisdom and to protect him from untruths and injustice.  With this ring, King Soloman conquered evil forces and built the Great Temple to house the Ark of the Covenant.

During my private channelings and life readings as well as in lectures and workshops the Masters call upon Raphael to administer healing to the participants where necessary. These healings are given for problems which range from physical ills to emotional trauma and heartache, for mental clarity, spiritual growth, and sometimes for removing trauma from other lifetimes which are impacting this lifetime. Masters call upon Archangel Raphael, sometimes together with Archangel Michael, Uriel, Gabriel and other Ascended Masters such as Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Hilarion, St. Germain and others  to come forth and give healing energy to the recipients.

Of Raphael, the Law of Life book states: “Raphael is the Archangel of consecration and concentration. His is the office of dedication. He gives God-assistance to life streams who have dedicated themselves to service to mankind and to world mission. His action is that of concentration. His twin ray is Mary, Mother of Jesus” (p.291).

Mother Mary invariably calls upon Archangel Raphael in her discourses. Raphael stands in front of the person and Mother Mary herself stands behind, both beaming light to the client in the middle. Depending on the nature of the healing, she might call upon Raphael for healing and Michael for removal of cords and release of karma. Archangel Raphael and Michael work together to help humankind out of the pain of physicality. It seems to me that the Masters are calling Archangel Raphael more and more often to bring emotional healing and to release pain from humankind, whether physical, emotional or mental.

You can do this too. Call upon Archangel Raphael every night before you go to sleep and ask that all the healing necessary and beneficial be administered to you during your sleep and continue into the following day for as long as necessary. Ask for physical, emotional, mental, spiritual pain and pollution to be released from your body and your being in all your body systems, in all times and in all dimensions of reality. Repeat this every night for at least 22 nights. You may have amazing results. Anything that is repeated for 22 consecutive days is mastered. Once mastered, it becomes part of your structure, and it automatically repeats itself. It never hurts to continue longer than that because the mind can (and sometimes does) interfere with the process.

Healing on the Forgiveness Bridge

This is a healing given by Archangel Raphael to someone who had been physically abused as a child. The Masters have chosen it to be included here as it has benefits for all.  By the mere fact that we are in human embodiment, we have experienced some form of abuse in one lifetime or another. You may want to say, “I receive this healing and ask that it be applied to all the pain and abuse that I have ever suffered in this and all other lifetimes; past, present and future.” You are invited to receive this healing and adapt it to your own personal needs and experiences.

Beloveds, I am Raphael.

Take the palm of your right hand, place it over your heart and breathe into your heart. Close your eyes and focus your attention on your third eye center, the space between your eyebrows. I will send you the image of an angelic presence. You may remember this as my presence. Focus your energy upon the light which I am sending you through your third eye and through the palm of your own hand into your heart. Know that you are protected from all harm.

Know that this is my sign to you. Any time that you sit to meditate with me, close your eyes, place the palm of your right hand on your heart and call upon me: “Archangel Raphael, I am ready for you. Come to me.” Focus your energy in the center point between your eyebrows and begin to feel my presence and receive my vibration of light through pearlescent and beautiful blue colors, which are also the colors of the robes that Mother Mary is depicted wearing.

It has been described that Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael are of the same angelic lineage. It means that Mother Mary is from the lineage of light which ascends to the angelic realm of Raphael and legions of Raphael. In our love for humanity, Raphael and Mother Mary chose together to come together in human form.  Mary in female embodiment came to be the queenly presence on Earth that would bring forth the angelic qualities of love and healing, compassion and forgiveness. She is sitting on an altar, the altar of your heart, within the palace of your own heart. And now, I am asking Mother Mary to emanate to you the colors of pink which you may be feeling or seeing as we speak.

If you wish to receive, say, “Yes. I receive from Mother Mary the emanations of the pink Ray of Divine Love for the healing of all abuse; past, present and future.

The pink is emanating to you. These are the energies of the love vibration from the heart of Mary. I want to tell you that just as Mary came to Earth to bring the purity of her essence, the purity of her light and love to this Earth, you have come to Earth to bring the purity of your essence and love of your own heart and your own lineage (which goes to Archangel Raphael) to Earth. (note: this sentence is addressed to those souls whose lineage of light is the same as Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael)

I have come to tell you that your love has no boundaries. I have come to tell you that I am so well-pleased with you. I have come to tell you that Mother Mary is bathing you in the love that she feels for you. Even when you were a little child, you always said, “I want to help people. I want to heal people. I want to touch people. I want to make people feel good about themselves.” You are the one who always tries to make everyone else feel good.

Now as I speak with you, I have changed the colors to emerald green. And this emerald green is the color of the twin flames.  I send this emerald green to your heart and its purpose is to open your energy field to receive and experience happy and healthy relationships.

You have had great hardship in the area of relationships.  My dear child, it is not because you do not have love. It is because you have so much love that it will melt the heart with its glory. It is because you have offered your love so abundantly that people become fearful of opening themselves to you. They fear that they may melt in the glow, in the light of this wide open heart of yours. And I promise you that the time will come when you will find the right and nurturing relationships, after I help you to heal your heartache.

Take a moment to breathe deeply and feel the healing of the Emerald Green Ray emanations on your body.  It is important for you to see that sometimes the person that you pull to yourself becomes your mirror because you need to heal yourself from the energy that either ignores you or brings fear to your heart. I want you to go into that fear energy. Bring those feelings of fearfulness from the past to the surface. Through remembering the incidents in the past (if you can), they will come to the surface of your energy field, and I will bring you healing by clearing and removing the pain.

Think of any fears that you have been holding inside from the past or present. Let it come to the surface and be washed away with the healing emanations that Archangel Raphael is sending to you.

The energies now are having a deeper purple color with streaks of green; deep dark green. This dark green is to annihilate, and to transmute the pain of fear. This is a jade green color. Hold on to this green and know that I am pulling out that fearful energy which was embedded in your cell structure.

Take a deep breath and pause for a moment, visualizing the pain fully released.

The energies of violence is held in the first, second, and third chakras. Violence is not a heart-based energy, but it is a power-based energy. The energy of it is stored in the stomach area. It is also a survival-based energy. It gathers in the genital area energetically. It is an energy of  lack of security and safety. Therefore, it is connected to the root chakra. The fear,  insecurity, and force of violence and abuse gathers in the three lower chakras. I wish to release this energy from your physical body as well as your mental and emotional bodies.

What I am saying is the energy of abuse is held in those areas. Just as fear is held in the kidneys and grief in the lungs. Just as fear of facing the world – translates into migraine headaches.  Fear of being unsafe in your environment manifests as sinus infection. Stress comes out as influenza. Catching a flu is a way for the body to say, “I can not cope.” That is a short-term, short-lived stress. A body that has become cancerous has gone through a long period of stressful behavior – anger turned within, grief turned within, fear turned within – those energies can turn into cancer.  These are the root cause of different ailments.

Chinese medicine is so successful because the physical body is not the main focus. The energy body, the Chi body, is addressed. I am, therefore, clearing your energy body.

You may visualize a dark energy over your heart. It may feel like black tar or soot sitting on your heart. Begin to feel it. When you have it in focus, I am going to pull it out. (If you are unable to see or focus on any dark energy, simply intend that whatever may be there is pulled out by Mother Mary.) I will send you a Ruby Red Ray of light. It is a deep maroon, ruby red color. It is very, very deep and dense. It has to be deep and dense and penetrating to be able to take this darkness away from your heart. Begin to visualize the maroon red color.   Pause and focus on visualizing the darkness being lifted completely and lightness replacing it.

Now I send you an aquamarine light to replace the vacuum that is left behind from the release of that pain. I ask you to imagine you are on a forgiveness bridge. It is a beautiful bridge, made of orange colored marble. It has a very nice vibration to it. Imagine standing on top of that bridge. When you look to your left, imagine seeing beautiful green colored light, as though it is springtime. There are trees with baby green leaves on them. And when you look to your right, imagine seeing a body of water winding down with a rumbling sound.

Can you bring yourself to invite one by one, everyone who has caused you pain to come on this bridge?

Pause for a moment and call them on this bridge.

As each one comes up, say out loud (or in the inner if you are in a public place) whatever you want to say to each and then say, “I’m willing to forgive you. I’m working on forgiving you.” If you really feel it in your heart that you can do it, then say “I do forgive you; I put you in the light and let you go.

Your little inner child needs to know that the purpose of this healing is to heal yourself. We want to heal your inner child so that she/he would allow herself/himself to be a healthy child and she/he would allow you to be a healthy adult. In the process of forgiveness, all others in your life who receive forgiveness can also be freed from the pain they have caused you.

Foremost intention here is to free you from the pain. Also, that you would not read abuse in every man/woman that you pull into your own energy field; but that you would breeze into them the love from your heart, which is very abundant. You would go into a neutral place and accept every man/woman to be loving and nurturing and giving of himself/herself, to be fully there for you.

I am always there for you when you call upon me.  I hold you in my love and in my light.

I am Archangel Raphael.  So it is.


Mother Mary’s Healing Grid

with Archangels Michael and Raphael, Jesus and Mary Magdalene

The next two healing meditations have a great serendipitous story behind them. A young indigo soul, Avonne, came for two readings with me. In the first, Mother Mary came and offered her the healing grid with the help of Archangels Raphael, Michael, Masters Jesus and Mary Magdalene. In the second, Archangel Uriel offered the Flame of Inner Light, which is the divine spark from the heart of God, The Undifferentiated Source.

In addition to the healing grid, in this exercise Mother Mary also teaches us how to release the pain of Mother Earth when we feel the sorrow of different lands and how to leave our blessings in the air, to benefit those who pass by later. To put this into practical terms, while we are waiting in line, sitting in traffic, or walking to our office, we can offer healing to Mother Earth and all souls who touch that space. All it takes is conscious remembrance.

Along with the gift of the healing grid, Mother Mary also asked Avonne to say the Prayer of the Rosary every day while focusing on the picture of the sacred heart of Mary. When Avonne asked, “Which picture of you?” Mother Mary said, “You will know.” Avonne went on vacation to New York the following day. While there she went to a church in search of a set of rosary beads to recite the Prayer of the Rosary as Mother Mary had instructed her. While she was paying at the register, her phone rang. It was her bank manager informing her that a check which had been accidentally posted to someone else’s account one year ago was now posted safely in her account. The amount? More than $400! As she was pondering on the meaning of this message, her gaze fell upon printed icon of Mother Mary. Her whole heart lit up as she realized Mother Mary was providing her with a sign and the money to buy the print and the rosary beads. She only noticed later that it was a picture of the Sacred Heart of Mary.

Avonne called me excitedly with this news while I was looking at a shelf full of Quan Yin statues at the oriental market in Houston. I took her call as a sign and purchased the Quan Yin statue I was looking at when she called. Back at home, she placed her Mother Mary picture on her bedroom altar and repeated her healing meditation which Mother Mary had given her, followed by the Prayer of the Rosary.

The following week she came for the second reading. This time Archangel Uriel came to speak with her. Uriel gave her the Flame of Inner Light and asked her to focus on the flame every night during her meditation for the next seven nights. Inspired by her reading, she decided to take a photo of Mother Mary’s picture on her altar when she returned home that day. She took two photos of Mother’s picture from the same spot, one after another. At night she started her meditation by visualizing the Flame of Inner Light given by Archangel Uriel and went on to visualize the meditation with Mother Mary. She envisioned placing Mary Magdalene in front of her, Jesus to her left, Archangel Michael to her right and Mother Mary hovering over her head. She visualized the healing energy entering her heart and moving up to her head, chakra by chakra that night. Then she said her Prayer of the Rosary.

The next morning after her meditation, she decided to take another photo of the Mother Mary icon before she took it to be developed. This time I got an excited call from her after the pictures were developed. The first picture she took came out with a bubble of light coming from Mother Mary’s right hand. The second picture showed the bubble of light emanating from Mother’s heart chakra right over the sacred heart. The third picture taken the following day (after two sessions of meditation exercises of moving the light from her own heart to her head) showed the bubble of light sitting right at the top of Mother Mary’s head at her crown chakra. The head is tilted in Mother’s picture yet the bubble of light is still sitting exactly at the top of her head. The Inner Light had traveled to Mother Mary’s head and she was showing Avonne that everything she had done was received and it was emanating from Mother Mary herself.

Avonne brought me copies of the photos from the printing shop. When I looked at the pictures, chills ran up my spine and goose-bumps started all over my body. Tears began to run down my face. The feeling of peace that permeated Mother’s pictures felt exactly like the energy I had felt on my visits to her apparition sites at Lourdes, Medjegoria, Fatima and even at Milton Hospital in Milton, Massachusetts. Such is the love of the Masters for us. Archangel Uriel’s Inner Light and the healing energies are emanating from Mother’s heart and head. These two meditation grids are presented below.  (You will find these photos of Mother Mary on my website.)

My beloved children, I am your Mother Mary.

Take a deep breath with me and focus your energy in the center of your heart chakra in the middle of your chest. I will be sending you pink energy. I will call Archangel Raphael to stand behind you and send you energies of pink and gold. I will call Mary Magdalene to stand directly in front of your heart and send you golden pink energy. Open your heart and receive these energies. Remember that I love you and I will be protecting you and guiding you. A lot of important events will be coming up for you. At the same time that these important events are happening in your life – in your external life, in this mundane world – there will be a revolution happening inside of you. It will be a revolution of moving into higher Light and of being initiated into this higher Light. Breathe the pink and gold and golden pink energies into your heart. Feel the love that the Masters have for you.

I now call to my son Master Jesus and to Archangel Michael. I ask that my son will stand to your left and Archangel Michael will stand to your right. Mary Magdalene is standing facing you. Archangel Raphael is behind you. I am hovering above you. Remember this formation of Light.

Archangel Raphael is behind you with his arms stretched out. From his heart and from the palms of his hands, he is sending you golden pink light. Mary Magdalene is standing facing you. From her heart and from her third eye, she sends a beam of light to your heart and to your third eye. She holds the palms of your hands in the palms of her hands. The palms of your hands will begin to feel heat and your heart will begin to feel heat. You may have a tingling sensation or have the feeling of heat moving in your third eye. You may have a feeling of itchiness or pressure on top of your head. The lotus on top of your head is opening up. You may feel as though something is slipping or moving on top of your head.

Every morning when you wake up, call upon your Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Archangel Michael, Master Jesus and Archangel Raphael, and ask us to stand around you in this formation. Visualize this formation every day and remember it frequently during the day to make it stronger. See the golden pink move through you stronger. You already have the golden shield of Archangel Michael. It will give you the protection that you need, and it will also keep you in love. (The golden shield of Archangel Michael is the cocoon of 24-karat gold that sits over your body all the time, given in Protection section.)

All you need to do in the morning is to envision this formation around you and ask Archangel Michael to magnify the shield of protection around you. In that way, you will have the protection that Archangel Michael brings you and the healing strength that this exercise brings.

At night, when you go to sleep, call upon Mary Magdalene and Master Jesus and ask them to take you to their retreat in France and to teach you in the Temples of Wisdom. These are etheric temples in the higher realms. Over St. Michel Cathedral in Normandy, France, there is a vortex of energy and etheric retreat where Master Jesus and Mary Magdalene and Archangel Michael work. I myself and Archangel Raphael bring healing there. I work very closely with Archangel Raphael to bring healing. From that retreat, we will teach you.

When you awaken in the morning, you may remember that you have been with us. When you recollect the memory of such events and the teachings, write or tape the memories. You may begin to have lucid dreams. It is as though it is happening. There will be a time where there is no difference in having visions while you are conscious and while you are having dreams. Your world can become so vivid you may be able to see events with much greater clarity.

Some of these events may not be pleasant. If you go to different parts of the world, you may become aware of the bloodshed, the wars, the pain, and the suffering from lands or people. It is coming to you because it needs to be released. When you see such events, ask Archangel Michael to release the pain from this land and the people. It is not necessary for you to take the pain to your body.

It is important to make your shield stronger and ask Archangel Michael to create a vortex of light to release the pain from those lands and the bodies of the people. Call upon their Higher Self and their soul to give them light, and to help them release their pain. Their Higher Self and their soul – through you – can receive help. Through your prayers and through your light they can change the darkness that they have absorbed unto themselves, and bring it into the light, asking for their mistakes to be released. The pain has to be released in order to anchor the light and love. To release the pain, someone has to agree to release it; somehow, somewhere. I am asking you to pray for this release.

In the meantime, be aware that you have the shield and the protection. With the shield and with the help from Archangel Michael and Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Archangel Raphael and myself, there is much that you can do for people. You do not even need to ask their permission. Light does not need permission to shine. If light needed permission to shine, then the Sun would have to ask everyday of all the planets in the solar system, “Can I give you life today?” When you give of yourself without expectation of return, when you give of your light with the help of the Masters, using your body as the catalyst, then you do not have to ask permission. If they wish to receive the healing, they will. If they do not wish to receive it, it will stay in the air; it will bless all the elements, it will bless the Earth. It will bless anyone who passes by and anyone who is receptive will receive it.

In the presence of light and love, I am your Mother Mary.

So it is.


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