Archangel Metatron

Excerpts from Gifts III, Journeys Into the Inner Realms of Consciousness

by Nasrin Safai – pp 128-166

Metatron is a word derived from the Greek which means “the highest throne.”  Meta means above or beyond.  This refers to the throne of God.  The energies of Metatron, who is the most loved and revered cosmic and angelic being closest to God, encircle and illumine the Throne of God.  He has the power to withstand the blazing fire of God’s light.  The only other beings (mentioned in this book) who can be at or close to the throne are the Seven Mighty Elohim and Melchizedek, the universal logos.  Metatron is known as the mouth of God or the right hand of God.  He is given the dispensation to directly manifest this entire universe by the command of God.  He is therefore responsible for creating all creation by externalizing the light from the heart of God.  He brought the light of God from the heart to the surface, and with that light he penetrated into the darkness of matter.  He is responsible for the rotation and orbit of all planets and star systems around the great central sun.

This physical reality has been brought to existence because of Metatron.  In his/her great love for God and for all the creation (which is her/his handiwork), Metatron incarnated on Earth as a human being.  Through many lifetimes he achieved enlightenment and was elevated to the higher realms occupying the element of fire and becoming a fiery angel.  Through this process of descent and then ascension from Earth, Metatron spiritized matter and materialized spirit.  Spiritizing matter is the descent of spirit into the body of matter.  Materializing spirit is the elevation of the dark solid body of matter to illumine the light and manifest the divine spark within itself, freeing itself from density and manifesting the spirit of God as light in the realm of matter.  Matter – by its nature and because of its density – holds darkness.  Materializing spirit is the process of freeing matter from darkness and bringing it to light.

In his book Kavir-E-Kimia (Farsi) which translates to The Desert of Alchemy, Dr. Karim Zargar writes about Metatron in a lifetime as the prophet Enoch.  He was taken up to the heavens and shown the mysteries of those realms.  At the end of that earthly life Enoch himself went to Heaven and became an angle of fire with 72 wings (36 pairs).  He has since spent time as a heavenly creature or a cosmic being.  His wings are so wide and his power so vast that when all the angels of heaven stand on one side of God, he can stand on the opposite side and spread his wings to surpass the wingspan and the might of all the other angels put together.

Metatron is known as the liberating angel who wrestled with Jacob.  He also appeared to Abraham, bringing a lamb to prevent Abraham from sacrificing his son.  He rescued the Jews after forty years of wandering in the desert, bringing them to safety when he appeared to Moses on the Mount.  He became known to Moses and his followers as El-Shaddai or the Lord of the Mountain.

He is the protector of humankind, and anyone who prays to him will have the power of his protection bestowed upon them.  He will take the prayers of humankind through 900 levels of cosmos to obtain God’s attention.  In the same way that God is known by many names, so is Metatron known by many names.  By calling upon these names one can receive the grace of Metatron.  Apart from the well known names such as Metatron and YHWH (Yahweh), he is also known as Ya-Ho-EL, LAD, So-ra-ya and Yo-fi-EL and El, the one who sits by the Throne of God and records the deeds of humankind.  Metatron is also known as the Throne of God.  In the book The Mysteries of Zohar, he is known as one of the cosmic beings with a celestial voice or ha-di.  In Sanskrit, Nada means celestial sound and in Persian, Neda is the word which is revealed by God.

I have been working directly with Metatron since the 1990’s.  Over time I have noticed that there are different levels of energy vibration and quality that Metatron shows in various channelings.  He has told us that he works with me through seven aspects of his being.  The lowest, or rather the closest to human body of matter, is one where he last incarnated as a king in India a few hundred years ago.  The highest is a cosmic being who is too pure to withstand the third-dimensional reality and the body of form but is willing to help humankind by lowering her/his vibration to reach our consciousness and bring the teachings to us.  I call this being the seventh aspect of Metatron.  She/he only comes to give discourses regarding planetary grids, ceremonies and initiations.  He delivers his message and leaves.  He would not address mundane earthly questions because he is removed from these levels.

In the course of nearly two decades we have performed many ceremonies around the Earth, and Metatron has been the guiding force to bring light to our Earthly reality.  The results of these ceremonies become obvious when you read through the various journeys we have completed over the years and the gifts that Earth and humankind has received from the Masters of Light.  These gifts have opened up the higher dimensional realms of reality to humankind.  I gratefully acknowledge and appreciate all that Metatron and the Masters of Light have accomplished through us.  In the first Gifts book, we discussed the Upper Gobi Desert as the etheric home of Shamballa and the request to return heaven to Earth and to open the gateways to physical Shamballa, which is on Venus.  In this book, you will read about the palace of Shamballa, the physical home of Sanat Kumara on Venus.  You are invited to go on journeys with the Masters to Venus and bathe in the light in various initiation chambers in the temples of Shamballa.  The doors of Shamballa have opened up to humankind, and some day the etheric Shamballa on Earth will also be a place we can visit physically.  We will receive the blessings and gifts of eternal fire of love from the physical presence of Sanat Kumara on Earth.  The spearhead for all of these events has been Metatron.  All this and all that I am is Metatron.  In Gifts I and Gifts II I have explained Metatron more extensively.

Golden Sphere of Righteousness, Compassion and Grace


In this meditation, Lord Metatron offers a golden sphere the size of a dollar coin to be placed over the thymus gland chakra.  This is the area known as the cosmic heart.  This is our connection with the great cosmic heart of the divine.  Into this sphere, which is made of 24-karat liquid gold, he places qualities such as non-judgment, righteousness, compassion, grace, mercy, wisdom, love and understanding.  He tells us that this sphere has its own consciousness and is capable of bringing those qualities to our heart from the heart of the divine.  He then spins this sphere and expands it to go around our solar system to the heart of our sun.  There, the sphere connects with the Father/Mother energies of our solar system and becomes magnified.  He repeats this process three times.  Each time magnifying the effect 10 times, 100 times, 1000 times more vibrant and effective by interchanging energies from our heart to the heart of the great Mother/Father sun energies in order to receive greater positive qualities and to clear pain and negativity.

Beloved of my own heart, I am Metatron.

Envision in the space of your heart a golden sphere.  This golden sphere is the size of the circle that is created when you place the index finger and the thumb of one hand together to make a circle.  Envision that this sphere is made of 24-karat gold.  Gold on your earth is a solid metal, yet I would like you to envision it from the etheric point of view, as fluid.  As you let go of the density (caused by pollution) and become lighter, you need the fluidity of the elements – not in their solid form – but in their etheric form.  The sphere has the quality of 24-karat solid gold but it is liquid.  The sphere is held eight to ten inches away from your thymus gland.  I will now tell you about the beneficial qualities of having this little globe positioned etherically on top of your thymus gland, and if you then choose to, you may proceed with this exercise.

The qualities of the consciousness held within this sphere are the qualities of a reality that, right now, the Masters of Wisdom are bringing to Earth.  This reality is one where light prevails and therefore the qualities of goodness and righteousness, nonjudgment, compassion, grace, mercy, wisdom, understanding, service, camaraderie, union and Divine Love are prevalent and prominent.  All of these qualities in energetic form are encapsulated inside of this sphere.  I am placing this sphere in your thymus gland which is truly the gland that rules over the heart and the mind.  (It is called the cosmic heart.)

You see, no one as yet has discovered where the mind resides.  And in scriptures through parallel and parable there have been references that the true heart and the true mind reside somewhere in the right side of the physical heart.  So, I would say that the general area of the thymus gland is the residence of the etheric heart and mind, the cosmic heart and mind – which are not separate from one another.  In other words, although we sometimes say the mind of God and at other times we say the heart of God, this separation is only necessary because with human beings there is that separation.  From a divine point of view, the mind and the heart are one, and they operate the same way.  The cosmic mind and the cosmic heart are the same entity; there is no duality.  It is only in duality where you say either you think with your mind or you feel with your heart.  In true essence there is nothing to stop you from doing both.  You can think with your mind and feel with your heart all at the same time and apply all of that together.  Together without separating the two, without interpreting one as good and the other as bad, without causing one to rule over the other, without forcing the mind to overtake the body, without relying on the heart to make all the decisions.

It is not about one or the other.  It is about the union of the two.  It is about the union of the male and female – mind being male, heart being female.  The coming together of the two brings androgyny.  And as a result of becoming androgynous we no longer live in duality.  As a result of bringing into balance the male and female polarities – whether it is the coming together of the mind and heart, male and female of the species, positive and negative poles, or any other union of duality – the energy of separation is released and we are brought to wholeness.

Do I have your permission to place this golden sphere in your thymus gland?  If you are willing to receive, say, “Yes.”

Envision this golden sphere.  It is small, very lovely, round, magical, smooth, cool.  Before I bring it into you, I will spin it clockwise, from the left side of your body to the front, to the right side and to the back of your body.  As it spins faster and faster, it feels as though the air around it becomes almost liquid to the point where it creates a vacuum.  Your heart will pull the sphere into itself.  Then it is pulled from the heart upwards into the thymus gland and at that point it sparks out.  It always will stay encapsulated.  But when it sparks out, it feels as though an explosion has taken place, but all that has happened is a fusion.  It explodes without losing its entity or identity.

The emanation is no longer only an inch wide.  The emanation is mushrooming in every direction into a larger and larger and larger ball of light until your entire body is in a cocoon of light.  And the entire room is in this cocoon of light.  And the entire building is in this cocoon of light.  And then all of your city is cocooned in this ball of light, and all of your state is cocooned in this ball of light.  All the waters are cocooned in this ball of light; all of your country and continent are cocooned in this ball of light; all the globe, all of Mother Earth is cocooned in a ball of light.  It emanates out from the globe into the solar system.

Right now within the solar system, the construction of a tube of light has been completed.  A structure has been created like a band of light, or a tunnel of light.  Inside this circular band of light is the entire planetary system of this solar conglomerate.  So the sun and all the planets in the solar system are inside this band.  We are now emanating your golden sphere throughout this band of light.  Emanations going from Earth in all directions to Venus on one side and to Mars on the other.  Then expanding to the next two planets, then the next two and then the next two.  Ultimately reaching to the sun from both sides, where this Consciousness originated in the first place.  So take a deep breath and absorb this energy.

Imagine the physical body of the sun as both a male and female being.  In their hearts the same spark is fused, and from the fusion the emanations are 10 times, 100 times, 1000 times greater.  Going back in the opposite direction into the tube of light (from both sides of the sun), planetary system by planetary system, coming back to you.  There is another explosion, another implosion, another fusion coming back, 10 times, 100 times, 1000 times greater than the one that we sent out.  Breathe that in, and bring that into your body to your thymus gland.

NEXT ROUND: See it again emanating even greater from your own sphere.  Going out all around, reaching back out into the sun, magnifying, intensifying 10 times, 100 times, 1000 times emanating back, reaching back to you.  Receiving it, fusing with it, letting it explode, letting it implode, extend and expand and go all the way around back inside the tube, reaching back to the sun for the next round.

THIRD ROUND: Fusing, uniting, exploding, imploding, emanating, coming back each time faster, each time more profuse.  Coming back into your heart and into your thymus gland.  You may actually be feeling pain or pressure from the intensity.  Breathe it in, hold it in.  Feel it vibrating throughout your body.  Pause and take a deep breath to absorb and digest all the energies that have been moving through you.

Do this at least once every twenty-four hours, preferably at night before bedtime.  If you do it more than once a day, you’ll feel the power of it even more (first in the morning and then at night).  To anchor it on behalf of Earth and humanity, I request that you do it once a day.  To receive benefits for yourselves, do it as many times a day as you can.  If you feel pressure on your chest as a result of doing it, then say,

“Whatever is standing in the way of the absorption of the energies of the sphere, I ask that it be transmuted and removed.  I ask that my resistance be released so that I may absorb the fullness of these energies.”


With great love, I stand at your feet as your own father, Metatron.  So it is.


Own Your Divinity through Commandments and Decrees


This reading was given on the eve of the Festival of Diwali, or the Festival of Light, the Indian New Year. This day is celebrated as the victory of light over darkness and the return of Goddess Lakshmi to Earth. Lakshmi (spelled Lak-sh-mi) is the Goddess of Spiritual Attainments and Material Abundance.  Her light and glory illuminate every household, shop, street corner and place in India at the eve of the Festival of Diwali.  Lord Metatron was very pleased with the spiritual progress of the young man receiving this discourse.  From the higher realms Metatron brought the divine template for achievement of the divine purpose for all souls who wish to receive it.  The young man was calling from India while he was staying at the ashram (holy retreat) of Karunamayi.  Karunamayi is a living saint who carries the energy vibration (or incarnation) of Goddess Saraswati, the Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom.  She travels around the world and gives blessings to souls of all faiths and beliefs who go to see her in multitudes (see

This is a great gift that Metatron has bestowed upon all of us in his joy and pleasure with his young chela (student).  He has told us that it only takes one soul to serve the light before all can benefit from the outcome.  The service and the ensuing benefits become established upon the whole grid of the Earth.  We can all share in receiving the original blueprint for our divine purpose.  This blueprint is what God intended for our divine souls at the beginning of time, before duality and separation made us forget our divinity.  By moving away from our divine purpose we lost our divinity, gave up living in bliss of oneness with God, and developed our so-called free will.  God in his/her love for us accepted our forgetfulness and allow us to go about roaming the universe doing as we please until such time that we are ready to return to our divine purpose.  Then God would willingly accept us to return to oneness.

Oneness can only be achieved when we receive and accept the original template or original blueprint for our divine purpose.  As we walk on the path of enlightenment and remember our soul, we can return to the original blueprint and divine plan.  To accelerate this process, Metatron has interceded on our behalf because of his pleasure with this one young being and in honor of the event; the Festival of Light or Diwali.  We can reap the benefits by receiving this meditation and repeating the exercises to fully embody our divine purpose.  Read the following with love and reverence with pure heart, and ask in the name of the I Am That I Am that your original divine purpose be restored to you.  The more often you repeat this exercise, the sooner you will see results.

Not long ago during a reading, Metatron spoke to my friend Susan and told her that he wanted her to demand and command more from him and from the universe.  Her son Ben, listening intently to her summary of the reading afterwards, snatched this nugget of wisdom and put it to use.  A few months later, Susan and I arrived in India for the Equinox ceremonies.  At our first reading with Metatron, he told Susan that Ben would have a great window of opportunity opening in his life around the first of May, which would extend for a three-year period and would set the pace for the rest of his life.  On April 29, he received notification of his acceptance into a local university.  He had completed the prerequisite work, and although the chance of acceptance was low given the numbers of applicants and positions available, he had forged ahead and applied.  Intending to complete a double major, the coursework required three years.

After receiving the good news, Susan went to Ben’s apartment for the first time since arriving home from India.  The first thing she saw when he opened the door was a poster on the wall that he had created.  On a background of a scroll with angel wings, a sword on one side and a quill on the other, resembling a contract, Ben had written, “Metatron.  Manifest.  I command Metatron and all light to see to it that I be accepted into UC Berkeley for fall 2005.”  While Susan was reading the decree, Ben said, “Well, I commanded, and the universe responded, just like Metatron said!”

As Master Jesus said, “For truly I say to you, if you have faith as a mustard seed, you shall say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it shall move; and nothing shall be impossible to you.” (Matthew 17:20).  Thank goodness for the purity of heart and the childlike innocence with which this young man heard and heeded in surrender the great voice of wisdom.  He chose to change his life to bring his dream into reality.  The timeframe that Metatron had given us the news of Ben’s three year window of opportunity corresponded to the same time that Ben had put that poster on his wall.

Let us take a deep breath.  And we offer this healing for all Earth and all humankind.  And may Goddess Lakshmi bestow us with spiritual and material abundance on this auspicious day.  And we offer all that we receive in service to light and for the healing of others.  May the wisdom of Goddess Saraswati fill our hearts and our minds and bring us to the fulfillment of our divine purpose.  May we receive the blessings of Karunamayi.  So it is.

Beloved of my own heart, I am Metatron.

I will talk with you regarding commandments and decrees.  It is of utmost importance that you move to the energies of commandments and decrees.  The difference between a prayer of supplication and a prayer of commandment and decree is this: in the prayer of supplication you are making yourself helpless and powerless, you are asking, begging and relegating the power to someone else.  Even though that someone else may be your own older sister or brother in light (e.g. the Masters).  You are relegating your power to them asking them to do things on your behalf.  In a prayer of commandment and decree, you admit to your own divinity.  You call upon the divine spark of God within you, and by the power of that divine spark you call upon the energies of light to come to your service or to the service of humanity.  Through the prayers of invocation, decrees, commands and demands from the Universe, that which is your divine right will be given to you, no questions asked.  It is your divine right to be a spark of God; it is your divine right to shine that spark of God upon this Universe.

Please understand the importance of owning your own divinity; standing by the spark of God within you and allowing your own sisters and brothers in light – ascended masters – to rub shoulders with you.  Don’t go down in supplication; don’t fall down behind them.  Stand up, stand tall, stand proud, stand by their side, not even a step behind them.  Stand by their side.  By the mere fact that you are in physical incarnation ,you have earned the merit to demand and command the Universe to serve you: Demand it, command it, make it happen.

This does not mean be arrogant.  This means the ultimate humbleness.  Humble yourself to take responsibility for the divinity that is within you.  Humble yourself to know that mastery is awaiting you.  Humble yourself to know that your brothers and sisters amongst ascended masters are awaiting you, awaiting your divine spark to illuminate your entire Being, so that you can walk amongst them. Expect and watch them come to sweep you off your feet to their retreats to teach you all that you need to learn.  All that you need to learn you already know; all they will do is to bring you to the remembrance of it.  They reactivate scientifically at cell structure your memory banks to enable you to recall your divinity.

For them to administer this to you, you must stand in your divine power.  This is where your “Divine Will” comes in.  This is where you choose.  You can choose to be in power and command your divine will or you can continue your prayers of supplication, your prayers of helplessness and hopelessness.  You can choose to remain focused on all the negativity that is ongoing: the greed, the avarice, the pain and the suffering in the world.  You can beat your chests till blood comes out with the disharmony in this world, or you can stand tall and claim your divinity.  Ask that your divine right be given to you, not tomorrow, but now in this moment.  And that it be given to you in all its fulfilling motions, fulfilling you mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Give up your depression and know that you are depressed on behalf of the world and that this will be lifted up.  And the moment that it lifts, you will see the light.  Give up your hopelessness and become hopeful, and allow yourself in your own free will to be used as the masters that you are.  Let your sisters and brothers amongst the ascended masters, the Masters of Wisdom, give you your mastery by preparing your bodies, your minds, your emotions and your spirit.  When you are ready, your ascension, your mastery, your wisdom, your light and furthermore your divinity is awaiting you.

The doors of the realms of heavenly abodes – the Brotherhoods and the Sisterhoods of the White Lodge – the etheric retreats and Shamballa are opening up to Earth.  This will be the final phase of the attainment of the energies.  This time period will prepare you to go into the ascension of Earth. The masters and mistresses of light will give you an introduction to the field of the Shamballa energies to work with.  This will be phase one of the anchoring of the Shamballa energies physically upon Earth.  This is the time for great celebration. Know that it is coming.

For many years I have been speaking to you that the year 2005 will be the culmination of all light, that the year 2005 will be the year where all the heavenly gates will be opened up to Earth.  I am pleased to tell you that in this period of time, Earth will go into anchoring Shamballa energies, the master energies of the White Lodge, anchoring the energies of the pure white light.  This is beyond the Seven Rays.  The Seven Rays are the product of our separation from the pure white light of God force.  This is simply the Seven Rays moving in reverse order through the prism and coming out on the other end as pure white light.  This is the anchoring of the pure white light.  You will be embodying the energies as the beacons of pure white light.  You will be transmitting the energies as the antenna.  You will be the absorbing forces as well as the transmitting forces; you will become sponges that can hold large quantities of this pure white light.  As you transmit it, the supply is constantly and continuously replenished within you.  In this time you will all learn how to receive the energies of pure white light, how to transmit the energies of pure white light and how to replenish yourselves.

So far you have done a great job of receiving, anchoring and transmitting energies.  However, in the process you have drained yourselves.  You need to learn to replenish yourself as you transmit it.  Continue to be the sponge, absorb as much as possible from the ethers and yet not deprive yourself, anyone, anything or anyplace.  From the transmission of the energies you become a catalyst.

Energy Harmonics From Orion To Achieve Critical Mass

Then there will be the next level of the transmission of the energies of pure white light.  The energies of the Kumaras from the Venusian counterpart as well as the energies of the wise sister planet in constellation Orion will fully open up.  On August 12, 2002 you had an opening of the energies of Orion for an introductory period of time.  In that timeframe a war was waged in the heavens by the intruding factors upon the planetary forces of light.  In that war the forces of light won, and the energies of the sister planet Orion opened up to bring greater balance of light and its maintenance to Earth.  They will continue to recalibrate the energies of Earth and the Solar System to receive and absorb greater light.

The nature of the light that was transmitted has shifted: the light is now vibrating different frequencies, bringing changes in the harmonic, the notes, the half-tones, the tones, and the octaves of reality on Earth.  This I say for those of you who understand these matters.  It is not necessary to become mentally engaged in any of this.  Suffice it to say that the Orion energies change the attunement of Earth to ignite the divine spark and to best serve the pure white light.  That formula has been found.  As of January 19. 2005, those energies are pouring to Earth fast and furiously, from Orion through Venus.  In Shamballa on Venus these energies become digestible, absorbable and understandable by planet Earth.  This will assist the process of full ascension for Mother Earth and full awakening of humanity to their divinity.  (Ascension of Mother Earth does not mean death of anyone or anything.  It means moving to higher vibration of light, clearing and cleansing of Earth and release of mental and emotional dross.)

Those awakened souls, those in various levels of initiation will reach levels of mastery among the unconscious unawakened human population, multitudes and masses will gain their wakefulness and take the first level of initiation.  By August 12, 2005, you achieve critical mass. Critical mass relates to the entry of the 1000 years of peace upon the planet.  We enter the reign of peace at March Equinox of 2005, and the energies of truth, mercy, compassion, purity and innocence are restored to Earth.  While this is going on upon your planet, it is your job to be the masters and the light beacons that you are meant to be.  And know that in the heavens above, who you are, what you are and what you do for your own soul growth and in service to humanity and Mother Earth is greatly appreciated.

In the presence of the hierarchies of the Ascended Masters, Masters and Mistresses of Wisdom, the Brotherhoods and the Sisterhoods of the White Lodge, in the Assembly of the Elders around the Throne of God, in the Assembly of the Karmic Boards, I bid you love, I bid you light, I bid you pure white light from my own heart.  I am your father and your humble servant Metatron.  And so it is.

(Author’s Note:  This discourse was given by Lord Metatron on December 12, 2003.  It is now April of 2005, and I have just returned from India completing the March equinox ceremonies for the entry of the energies of the 1000 years of peace and truth.  If you look at my website ( today (April 10, 2005), you will find a range of discourses given by Masters Metatron, Hilarion, Mother Mary, and Quan Yin on the energies of peace, truth, mercy, compassion, purity and innocence.  What utterly amazes and humbles me is that I have neither planned nor even remembered that Lord Metatron gave us the above discourse and that the Masters have been bringing these energies in that exact order stated above from November of 2004 until now.  Blessed be the light that shines upon us so brightly.  May we feel the love and know the order that resides in those higher powers who guide us – that same power that Metatron urges us to own and express in our individual lives.)


Receiving the Original Template and Blueprint For Your Divine Purpose

Metatron calls from the heartcore of the Undifferentiated Source the original blueprint and the template for your divine purpose.  The divine purpose is what the spirit of God within each of us would plan as our divine mission, for each lifetime and throughout all lifetimes of our soul’s journey in embodiment.  In this exercise the blueprint for the divine mission – purpose – is installed inside all of your chakras beginning from the top of your head.  On top of your head in the crown chakra resides a lotus with one thousand petals.  It is believed that as a human being attains heights of spiritual wisdom, the petals of the lotus open up more and more until in full blossom.  Through the lotus of the crown, Metatron invites first the energies of the I Am Presence, and then he brings the original divine blueprint and the divine template.  He then moves down through every chakra, establishing the template and blueprint in the body.  He then calls the highest contract of service for each person.  This new contract, if you wish to receive it, will help to move you to greater acts of service to the light and to the masters of light and wisdom.

Beloved of my own heart, I am Metatron.

CROWN CHAKRA: The Presence of the I AM THAT I AM will come forward in a silhouette of an enlightened, illumined being of light.  As the Presence of the I AM is being received by the crown chakra, I call forth the original perfected blueprint and the original template for the divine purpose of our beloved (say your name).  The original perfected blueprint and the original divine template for the divine purpose throughout the entire soul lineage is called for.  I ask for the downloading of the template and the blueprint in the crown chakra.  As the Presence of the I AM THAT I AM lodges itself in this chakra, I, Metatron, ask also that energies of the divine template and the original blueprint to be downloaded in the crown chakra.  Say,

“In the name of the I AM THAT I AM through the intercession of Lord Metatron, I now ask for the downloading of the divine template and the original blueprint to be completed in the crown chakra.”

THIRD EYE CHAKRA: As we move the energies from the crown chakra inside of the head, immersing the third eye in the energies of the I AM THAT I AM, the downloading of the divine template and the original blueprint will be completed in the area of the third eye.  Say,

“In the name of the I AM THAT I AM and through the intercession of Lord Metatron, I now ask for the downloading of the divine template and the original blueprint to be completed in the area of the third eye.”

THROAT CHAKRA: We move down the energies into the entire space of the head cavity and we bring it forth to the throat chakra.  The original divine template and the original perfected blueprint are downloaded into the area of the crown chakra, the third eye, and now the throat.  The throat.  A blue light is emanating from the throat chakra.  A nile blue light.  The nile blue light is the color of the perfected original blueprint.  This nile blue is now holding within it the codes; the codes for the template of the divine purpose and the codes for the original perfected blueprint.  Say,

“In the name of the I AM THAT I AM and through the intercession of Lord Metatron, I ask for and receive the nile blue codes for the template of divine purpose and the original perfected blueprint in the throat chakra.”

HEART CHAKRA: From the crown chakra to the third eye to the throat chakra, this blue color is moving and merging, moving down the throat, into the arms, the shoulders, the hands.  From the neck to the arms, the shoulders, the hands; you may feel a tingling sensation in the hands.  As it moves down the chest cavity, the thymus gland, the cosmic heart, as it moves further down filling the lungs, filling the spinal column, moving down from the thymus gland which is the cosmic heart, to the personal heart.  The physical muscle and organ we know as the physical heart and the physical heart chakra which sits at the center of the chest.  And the physical organs of the lungs, moving down, midnight blue.  The original perfected blueprint and the original divine template which holds the divine purpose for (say your name) is now being downloaded.  And I ask that you take a deep breath and that you find the spinning of the wheel or the chakra in the center of your heart, center of your heart chakra in the middle of your chest.  And sit with this energy for a moment.  Say,

“In the name of the I AM THAT I AM and through the intercession of Lord Metatron, I now ask for and receive the downloading of the original perfected blueprint and the original divine template for the divine purpose for the cosmic heart, personal heart, lungs, thymus gland, organs, muscles, tissues and veins.”

SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA: And now I move the energy again, the original divine template and the original perfected blueprint, to the area of solar plexus.  And as I spin it, I want you to envision that all the disempowerment and all the fears and all that you have held onto which no longer serves you is now being released.  Your power center is now filled with the downloading of all the codes of your original divine template and with your original perfected blueprint for the divine purpose for which you have come to this earth from the very beginning of time.  And all the energies that have created obstacles for you, obstacles on the path of your power, on the path of you holding your power in your hands and offering it to your divine purpose; all these obstacles are now removed.  Just as all returns to its source, whether it is light or darkness, here and now, all returns to its source to make way and room for the return of the purity and innocence in the space of the solar plexus.  Say,

“In the name of the I AM THAT I AM and through the intercession of Lord Metatron, I now ask for and receive the downloading of the original template and original blueprint for my divine purpose to be downloaded to my solar plexus.  This will purify my power center and bring me to the state of purity and innocence as intended in the original blueprint for my divine purpose.”

A midnight blue vibration is emanating.  The codes are downloading.  The original intention for the divine power is restored.  The original seat of the soul is cleared and cleansed.  The solar plexus is the seat of the soul.  The soul resides in the lotus of the solar plexus.  There is a large lotus opening in the solar plexus, and the soul is now given a chance to blossom and bloom and to come to its fullness by realizing its true identity and by re-encoding its divine purpose.  The recalibration of the solar plexus brings with it the memories of the divine purpose for which you have incarnated on Earth.  As I spin this wheel, all the dross and pain, fears and suffering, grief and sorrow is now transmuted and turned into light.  What remains is the power to live life according to the divine purpose, divine truth and the divine will of God.  God’s will be done.  God’s will be done.  God’s will be done.  In the name of the I AM THAT I AM, God’s will be done.  In the name of the I AM THAT I AM, God’s will be done.  In the name of the I AM THAT I AM.  You may find yourself slightly nauseous as a result of the spinning of this wheel.  Take deep breaths as I move the energy into a faster spin in the area of your solar plexus.  Envision the energy spinning in your belly faster and faster, emanating deep blue light.

SACRAL PLEXUS: I now move the energy down from the solar plexus to the sacral plexus.  The original divine template, the original divine blueprint in the Presence of the I AM THAT I AM Am is now downloaded in all the reproductive organs.  Midnight blue is emanating in every which direction as I begin to spin this chakra, releasing all the dross, pain and suffering from many lifetimes, bringing the original state of purity and innocence.  Say,

“In the name of the I AM THAT I AM and through the intercession of Lord Metatron, I now ask and receive the downloading of the original blueprint for the sacral plexus and reproductive organs.”

ROOT CHAKRA: As I move down the energy of the original divine template – the original perfected blueprint – to the area of the root chakra, midnight blue begins to spin in the root chakra.  Energy emanates into the hips, down the legs moving from the thighs to the calves to the ankles and to the feet.  Then moving from the bottom of the feet into the core crystal of Mother Earth. The original divine blueprint emanating into the core crystal of Mother Earth.  As I spin this wheel in the root chakra, you will find yourself more grounded and connected to the energies of Mother Earth.  Your own divine purpose from the realms above is now connected to the earth below.  As above, so below.  As below, so above.  As within, so without.  As without, so within.  Say,

“In the name of the I AM THAT I AM and through the intercession of Lord Metatron, I now ask and receive the downloading of the original blueprint for my divine purpose in my root chakra, in my legs connecting me to Mother Earth, bringing me groundedness and great abundance from the resources of our Mother Earth.” Take a deep breath with me as I spin this wheel, recalibrating the root chakra.  Now take a deep breath with me.

This energy field will continue to emanate in your body for a period of seven days.  The downloading of the blueprint and the divine purpose and the original template will continue to decode every strand of your DNA.  Ultimately, you will find yourself reconnecting with your original soul purpose, and you will find yourself in much closer intimate communion with the heartcore of your own soul and the lineage from which you have come.  In this auspicious moment while receiving the template and the blueprint, state your intentions, your wishes or desires for personal or global purposes.  Know that whatever you ask for has already been answered and received in this realm of reality by the grace of the I AM THAT I AM, if it is for your highest good.

In the name of the I Am that I Am, it is so.

(Author’s Note:  Take a deep breath as you state your personal and global intentions, and sit in meditation for a while absorbing these energies.  Take three deep breaths when you are ready to come out of meditation, and feel your energy fully return into your body.)


Receiving A New Contract For Highest Service To The Light

From the point of light within the mind of God, I call forth the threads of light.  I call forth the threads of light.  I call forth the threads of light.  In the essence of the threads of light, I wrap you from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet, in the cocoon of the filaments of bright white light which are threads of light connected to the mind of God.  Golden white light that come from their source within the mind of God.  As I wrap you in this energy field, you are now pulled from this earthy realm to enter into the realm of the divine presence in the mind of God.  As we move into the presence of the mind of God, invoke the highest possible contract that you can perform in this lifetime, from this moment onward.  Ask the contract to be downloaded to your physical body, emotional body, mental body, spiritual body, soul, spirit and your essence.

I wrap you in the filament of light.  I take you before the presence of the mind of God, and I intercede on your behalf.  Ask in your own words, in the presence of the mind of God, that the highest contract of service be given to you to supercede all other contracts.  Ask to be moved to that elevation of light where you may be of the greatest service to the Masters of Wisdom, the Ascended Masters and the Brothers and the Sisters of the White Lodge.  Take a deep breath.  Pause and ask in your own words what contract of service you wish to receive.  Ask, my beloved, and you shall receive.  Knock and it shall be opened unto you.   it is.  So it is. In the name of the I AM THAT I AM from the mind of God, we ask forth the presence of a new contract, the highest vibrational force field for the divine purpose of (say your name), in the light of the I AM THAT I AM, through the intercession of Metatron and the Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods of the White Lodge.


I, Metatron now intercede on behalf of (say your name) for the downloading of the original blueprint for the highest contract of service to light, to supercede all other contracts.  This new contract vibrates to the highest and the purest essence of pure white light, and will place (say your name) in service of the Brotherhoods and  the Sisterhoods of the White Lodge, the Ascended Masters of Light, and the Masters of Wisdom.  May the service to the Masters of Wisdom bring the light of leadership in purity and innocence to the Planet.  May the light of the purity and innocence supercede all lower vibrations.  May the return of the original blueprint be downloaded in the bodies, souls, minds and spirits of every being, every consciousness of every essence, of all people, places and things.  As well as in the bodies  of sentient and non-sentient beings and in all the souls in all levels and dimensions of reality of earth.  Above earth, below earth, within earth and around earth.  All souls, all levels, all dimensions, to receive the highest light, to receive the highest purpose.  In the name of the I AM THAT I AM.


I now pause for a moment for the downloading of this new contract into every cell, molecule, iota, atom and every electron of your body and your being.  Take a deep breath as the molecular structure is recalibrated to receive the highest contract from the mind of God.  Pause, take a deep breath and meditate to absorb and embody the vibrations of light emanating from the Masters.  If there are any doubts or concerns, bring all the self-criticism and self-doubt before the Brotherhoods of the White Lodge and ask that they would annihilate it for you.  I will also do this through the grace that has been bestowed upon me.  I will give you the help to remember and to vanquish self-criticism and self-doubt as an on-going process.  It is important that you ask daily for it to be released from your energy body through the help and assistance of Metatron and the Masters for the next 22 days.  We also ask through the downloading of the original blueprint and the divine template for all that is of lack and of fear to be replaced by joy, union and pure white light.  So it is.


Sanat Kumara Offers Initiation Into Service Of The Light

In joy and gratitude of receiving the initiation to the highest contract, I now take you through the gates of the heavenly realms, in the direction of the North.  And bring you to the gateway of the Lodge.  As we stand in front of the golden gateway, we offer ourselves in the name of the light, in service to the light.  We ask that the doors be opened in the name of the I AM THAT I AM.  The golden gateway opens up, and I bring you to the great hall in the assembly of the Brotherhoods of the White Lodge.  Feel the vibration of light emanating from the multitudes of the Masters of Light.

You are taken by two members of the Brotherhood into an inner chamber.  Inside, there is a chair. Take your seat upon the chair, and receive your scepter of power.  You are bestowed with the crown of glory.  A beam of light begins to emanate from above the chair.  Stand in the presence of this beam of light.  Bathe in pure white light, and see it emanating from every cell of your body. You are being prepared to receive the presence and the essence of Sanat Kumara, the highest member of the Seven Kumaras, who holds the energy vibration of Earth within his own heart.  His light sustains the Earth and all Earthly souls.  Sanat Kumara places his left hand on your heart, and you place your left hand on his heart.  This is a swearing-in ceremony to become a member of the Lodge of the Kumaras.  With this, you move into the service of the Kumaras.  The range of services are: to rescue the Earth from all darkness and to move it into pure white light, to be in the service of pure white light.  You stand shoulder to shoulder with all the Kumaras and all Brotherhoods and the Sisterhoods of the White Lodge for as long as necessary, throughout the eons of time, for this task to be completed.  You are now receiving your initiation from the presence of Sanat Kumara.  Receive your guidance  Receive your initiation.  Receive your blessing.  Now take a deep breath.  If there is a boon (gift) you wish to receive or a desire that you wish to express before the presence of Sanat Kumara and the Masters, express your desire now.

Remember, it is your divine right to come to this place, which is your own home, and to be in the presence of these Masters.  It is your divine right to request an audience with them and ask for their presence to be known to you in any given moment, day or night.  And it is your divine right to request higher light to shine upon humanity, upon your own beingness and upon the path of light on which you walk.  It is your divine right to ask for the intercession of the Masters of Wisdom, the Ascended Masters of Light and the Cosmic Beings of Light.  It is your divine right to enter into the mind of God (with permission) – through emanating and vibrating to the threads of light that are sent out from the mind of God – to ask the intercession of the highest vibration of light and to request the highest contract.  That highest contract, in any given moment of your life, can bring you to the next level and elevation of light.

You have now moved to that level and elevation of light.  That light is emanating as you move through each day.  When that light comes into contact with the pollution and the density on this mundane level of existence, its vibration may be lowered.  For this reason, it is beneficial that you ask frequently for the recalibration of that light.  Wrap yourself in the threads of light and return to the mind of God again and again to renew the contract, to review the contract, to recalibrate the contract, to serve on the highest vibration of light and to offer the highest possible service.  Before we leave the Lodge, if you have any question, statements or desires, express them now.  The great beings know everything that goes through your mind.  Pause.  Take a deep breath.  Ask any questions.

So it is.  The initiation to the service of the Kumaras in the presence of the Brotherhoods of the White Lodge is now complete.  Returning from the chamber, stand in the center of the great hall and feel the love and the celebration from every member of the Lodge.  Receive this love in your heart, and remember that this is your divine right.  The return to this place is a homecoming, and you are always welcome to return.  Take a deep breath as we move through the great hall. Receive all the joy and love that is pouring out from the Masters, feel it with every cell and vibration of your beings, and know that this is all happening in the celebration of your own glory.  You have attained yet another recalibration to the highest vibration of light.

We now bless the presence of every individual member of the Lodge; the Seven Kumaras, the Masters of Wisdom, the Ascended Masters of Light, the Cosmic Beings of Light, the essence of Metatron, the energies of the mind of God.  As we return to the golden gateway, in preparation for the return journey to the heartcore of Mother Earth, we bid gratitude, thanksgiving and love to all the beings of light.

Beloved of my own heart, in the days to come, you will feel the changes in your own heart, mind, body and beingness.  This process that we have together established will continue for a 22 day period.  In this time, you will move through other levels of initiation physically, as well as mentally, emotionally and etherically, and many changes will happen energetically in your body.  Take good care of your physical body, drink a lot of water and beneficial liquids; listen to your body and heed its desires.  An energy exchange takes place when you listen to your body.  You will know what is beneficial for your body because your body will crave for it.  Eat mostly raw fruits and vegetables for the next 22 days to allow a greater absorption of these energies.  You may need a lot of sleep; heed that need.  The process of receiving the energies takes place during dream time.  Allow yourself as much sleep time as possible.  Plan to take a nap mid-morning or early afternoon if you can.  Make a point of going to bed early at night to give your body time to process these energies. Your body may have different needs and cravings than you are used to during the 22 day period and possibly even afterward.  Remember that all the love and light of the universe is supporting you on your path of divine service.

In that love and light, I am your father, Metatron.  So it is.


Venus, Home of Shamballa: Journey through the Portal of Light

This discourse was given the day before the full alignment of the Harmonic Concordance of November 8, 2003.  We received this meditation when the alignment of six major planetary bodies made a perfect six-pointed star and amidst solar and lunar eclipses and major solar flares.  A lunar eclipse was in progress as this discourse was given.  There were many solar flares, and many people were down energetically, sleepless and exhausted.

Lord Metatron brought the feminine life force energies from the palace of Shamballa on Venus to heal our tired and weary bodies, which were bombarded with the fire of transmutation from solar flares and Harmonic Concordance.  He then took us on a journey to Orionis in the Constellation Orion in the company of the Great Being from Venus to receive the masculine life force energies of the Orion for the balancing of our body and beingness.  After the release that came from the events of Concordance, he filled us with the new mother/father energies to help us heal and renew our beingness.

Lord Metatron also spoke of synchronic lines in these journeys.  These are interplanetary highway systems where information and light travels.  Synchronic lines are therefore gateways for the alignments of events and information.  Inside of these tunnels of light, thoughts can become manifest with greater speed and forcefulness.  If there is a place where the adage “thoughts are things” would be true, it would be inside the synchronic lines.

Beloved of my own heart, I am Metatron.

Envision in front of you a portal of light.  It is in the shape of a diamond.  The size of this portal is about ten inches from top to bottom and about eight inches from left to right, point to point.  This portal is positioned approximately twelve inches outside of your heart chakra suspended in air.  In other words, if you draw a line from the center of your chest outward to a distance of one foot and then look down at your chest, you will see this portal of light.  This portal has its own consciousness.  In the center, there is a vertical eye.  It is a slit in the very center that looks like an eye.  The eye is pointed north to south, and the pupil of the eye is looking down in the direction of South.  The central point of the eye is very important because when that portal opens, I want to take you on a journey.

Inside the diamond, between where that eye sits and the four edges of the portal, you’ll notice translucent emerald green fluid light.  These are new energies that we are bringing through, and your bodies are sensitive to these energies.  Focus your attention on that emerald green fluid light. I would like to call upon the Great Being from Venus to take you on this journey.  This is a being of light whose name I shall not give you.  I will simply use the name of the Great Being from Venus. Someday as you get more and more involved with these energies, you will get to know this being better.  Once you know the essence of this being, you will open up to newer higher vibrations of light. For now, the Great Being from Venus will suffice.  Your consciousness must move to the eye, and when you arrive at the other side you’ll be in a time warp, and through the time warp you will be taken through a tunnel of time space continuum which opens up to you.  At the very end of that tunnel the Great Being is waiting for you.

Our first point of entry is planet Venus itself.  You are suspended in the air and observing the vibration of this planet as we approach it.  The great system of the planet vibrates an emerald green and purple light.  Shimmering, shining, golden purple and emerald green light.  There is a great deal of activity going on around the great system of this planet.

If you turn around and look at the Earth from space, you would see that she is imbued by a ball of orange-red light.  This is what is happening at this present moment to your planet.  She is burning the dross, and every one of you is burning your dross.  All the negativity is coming to the surface. You are experiencing it in the form of hardship and negative things that may be happening in your lives.  These hardships have a wide range: someone you trust is taking advantage of you, your own child is acting strangely, people that you have called coworkers are betraying you, you are losing the job that you trusted for so long, people you have worked with don’t deserve or desire your friendship because they are showing their true colors, people around you are acting selfishly, people are choosing confrontations rather than compassionate solutions.  All of this is the burning of the dross.

To ultimately choose compassionate solutions, human beings have to burn their conflicting behavior. To burn the conflicting behavior, they have to bring it to the surface.  To bring it to the surface, they have to act on it.  And that applies in a large spectrum from border to border, point to point for people, places and things.  It is not just happening in one area.  As you can see, the entire planet is imbued by the fire of conflict.  The solar flares are not affecting one location differently from others.  They are affecting all, everywhere.  The entire globe, your planet, is immersed in these energies.  It is also important to understand that these energies will go on to become accelerated as they continue on this path.  As they burn, they turn into light. And in order to burn, the sun of your own solar system helps you by sending more fire to your atmosphere in the form of the solar flares.

We approach the atmosphere of planet Venus.  You are now in the presence of the Great Being. As you begin to descend in the atmosphere or the auric field of Venus, you feel a new sense of peace and calmness.  We are entering through the synchronic lines which look like a tunnel of golden light. From a distance it may look like you are entering into filaments of gold, liquid light.  It is actually a tunnel of liquid light when you enter it.  As you glide through it, you turn into liquid matter yourself (the body is not as solid as it is on Earth).

A golden gateway begins to open up as you approach in the presence of the Great Being, and as you enter into the great hall notice that everything around you has a golden-pink hue.  This is the Great Hall in the Palace of Shamballa.  In the center of that hall, there is an oval shaped stage that is set much like a very large altar.  You may step on the first tier of this raised stage.  As you stand on the first step, you have a greater view and better feel for what is on the altar.  As you stand in that position, say a prayer and make a wish.  The Great Being will take his/her position in the very center of that stage, and an illumination of light begins to vibrate like a pillar that extends outwards emanating toward you, entering through your heart chakra, your third eye and your solar plexus. This feels like liquid gold.  Pause for a long moment and breathe deeply, absorbing all the light and feminine vibration that you are receiving.  Take a few long breaths.  Absorb the light and intend it to stay with you.

The emanations of light recede.  The Great Being steps down, and you are beckoned to leave in the same way that you entered.  As you move to the golden gateway, let us bless this opportunity to receive such high illumination of light from the Palace of Shamballa.  Take a deep breath and pause to receive the full effect of these energies.

(Author’s Note:  Continue this meditation with the following discourse as Lord Metatron takes us to the planet Orion is in the center of constellation Orion in the company of the Great Being of Venus.)


Journey To Orion For Light And Compassion

Although the five days of Harmonic Concordance have passed, we can always connect with the energies and request the clearing that we need to be provided to us, wherever in the scheme of things we may be.  Remember, time as we know it, does not exist.  All things are happening simultaneously in space.  Time and space are one and the same continuum except from our linear point of view.  In our duality we see them as separate entities.  When the Masters tell us that we can create our own reality, they are asking us to pick and choose from the events that are sitting inside the time-space continuum according to the universal law of Divine Love, in harmony, peace and compassion.  Not because of some cause we created at 5 a.m., which invokes a reaction by 6 a.m., which then needs to be rectified the following day, the following year, or even the following lifetime!

This journey should follow after the journey to Venus in the previous chapter.  The previous chapter was about receiving the feminine principle.  This journey is about receiving the masculine principle.

Beloved of my own heart, I am Metatron.

We move through the golden gateway entering into the tunnel of light, in the presence of the Great Being.  We shall proceed to planet Orion is in the constellation Orion.  Entering through the time-space continuum in the tunnel of light, accelerating faster and faster until everything becomes a point of light.  Then you begin to slow down and see the atmosphere of Orion is, a planet in the center of the constellation Orion.

This planet has a very different energy.  An energy which feels as though liquid gold was poured around it.  There are no other colors but liquid gold.  This planet is very strong, very powerful, very wise, very masculine.  Whereas Venus, with all the purples and all the greens and the liquid lights – the shimmering lights with energy emanating around it – is an expanded state of the Feminine Principle, this one is the concentrated form of the Masculine Principle.  This is why it is important for the combined energies of Orion and Venus to create a double Helix – the Mother and Father – aligning with one another so that the Earth can be the child, creating the triune aspect.  Orion as the Father, Venus as the Mother. Earth as the child.  With the sun of your solar system as the Godfather and the Moon as the Godmother.

As you become immersed in the energy of the atmosphere of Orion, all you see is liquid gold.  It will take you a moment to acquaint yourself with these energies and realize that you are also entering into the synchronic line, yet another time tunnel.  You are entering through the golden gateway into the great hall where the energy is very grand and extremely strong.  The energy is very anchored, very focused.  The energy is like a laser beam, compared to Venus where the energy emanates and expands.  This is a laser beam fully focused.  Very different from anything you experience on Earth because of its strrength and its grand nature.  It automatically requires your respect and your reverence.  It automatically brings you to your knees as though you are standing in the Presence of the Holy Father.

Here also, in the center there is a golden oval shaped altar with a raised stage.  In the middle around the edge of the stage is a platform.  As you step onto the platform you get a better view of the top of the stage.  The Great Being will take his/her position in the center.  The pillar of light descends.  The emanations move through the Great Being and enter your crown chakra, your thymus and your personal heart.  Pause, take a deep breath and absorb the energies.  Close your eyes.  Take a few deep and long breaths.

We will exit in the same way that we entered.  You will move through the golden gateway, into the time-space continuum, through the tunnel of light.  You are speeding to the point of light, through the point of light back into your own solar system and into the atmosphere of Earth.  And again, as you come in, notice the fire; the orange colored light that is emanating from Earth.  I bring you back to your bodies and I ask you to hold on to these energies and practice these meditations for seven days from today.  It is very important that you focus your energies on building a future of light, love and compassion during the seven day period.  Realize that what you will put into your personal grid for this time, will impact the next seven years.  Be positive, be vigilant, be clear.

And write down your thoughts.  The moment you begin writing down your thoughts, you will process them – right there – and then something new will emerge from those thoughts that you would not have noticed if you do not give yourself time to write them down.  Make a ceremony and a prayer for light and for compassion out of everything that you do: the food that you eat, the clothes that you put in the wash, the thoughts that come to your mind, the drive in the car, the cleaning that you do.

Cleaning (your home, car, office as well as your body) is very important right now.  As you clean and relieve yourself of all that no longer serves you, symbolically you are cleansing your own emotional and mental bodies and releasing the dirt from your own body and being.  Release all those things that no longer serve you.  Go through mental processes, sift through thoughts, realize that certain thoughtforms which have brought you certain realities no longer serve you.  Then release those that have no place in your future and give them up to this ball of light, this ball of fire that your planet is in right now.  Your planet has become “yagna,” a fire pit for sacred ceremonies for the span of the five days of Harmonic Concordance 2003.  This is the best time to burn or transmute anything you don’t want.  Transmute the unhappiness, transmute the sadness, burn the pain of the energy of people who have abused you, situations where you have felt mistreated, those you have misbehaved towards, and those who have misbehaved in your direction.  People, places and things need to be cleared and cleansed of their dross to bring them to the state of purity and innocence that was originally intended in the Divine Plan.  The purpose of these five days of burning is to clear the multitude and masses and the consciousness of all souls from all impurities and to reinstate the state of purity and innocence.

I bring you back to the portal.  Move through the golden gateways through the diamond-shaped portal and begin to see the emerald green.  The eye will open up for you to move through.  Once on this side you simply lodge yourselves back in your bodies and I close the portal.

With great love, and the joy of being in your presence, I am your Father Metatron.





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