Angels are perfect spiritual beings whose purpose is to minister, help, protect and sustain everything in God’s universe. Everything, even a humble rock or a cooling breeze, has an angelic intelligence guarding it to ensure that God’s will be done. Angels can be found in Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Zorastrianism and Tibetan Buddhism (Webster, pp. xi, xii).

The bodhisattvas of Buddhism are considered to be angels, but also perfect human beings who postpone their enlightenment or self-realization (nirvana, Samadhi or God Unity) in order to help people reach enlightenment. The Hindu Apsaras are angelic heavenly beings whose light brings joy, love and hope. Angels are believed to have been created on the second day of creation. The order was first: light, heaven, angels and finally Earth (Webster, p. xii).

Angels of the Four Directions

Excerpts from: Gifts II, Gifts of Practical Guidance for Daily Living

Uriel, Raphael, Michael and Gabriel are the Archangels who guard the Four Directions together with their Legions. Uriel is the Guardian of North, Raphael of East, Michael of South and Gabriel of West. These four are also the Angelic Forces who are the Guardians of the Throne of God, also known as the Throne of Grace. They possess the might and power necessary to guard the Throne and to withstand the enormity of the Light at the Throne.

The Hierarchy of the Angelic Forces, as described by Prophet Enoch, has seven distinct categories. In order of rank and power, these are Angels, Archangels, Powers, Principalities, Dominions, Thrones, Cherubim and Seraphim. While this may indicate that the Angels and Archangels are the lower rungs of this hierarchy, their power and might is well beyond our human understanding, as their will is aligned with the Divine Will. (Charles, Book of Enoch)

Calling upon these Angelic Forces and their Legions will magnify the power and might, as well as the protection afforded to us, exponentially. Simply by calling upon these four at all times can provide us with great acceleration on our path. Their presence with us can help raise our Quotient of Light, for they can impact our bodies and our environment with their Light. They will also help us maintain it by preventing our Light from being depleted or diminished and protect us from all harm and lower vibrational forces and energies. Calling upon them is also an act of service, since it enhances their presence with us and allows greater anchoring of their energies on Earth. Furthermore, we can become the Beacons of their Light, their power and might, allowing them to clear and cleanse Earth, and all souls through us.

A simple, yet potent protection grid, with the help of these four angelic beings, is to visualize yourself facing Archangel Uriel standing in the direction of North, beaming Yellow Light to you; Archangel Raphael standing in the East, beaming Pink Light to you; Archangel Michael standing in the South, beaming Aquamarine-Blue Light to you and Archangel Gabriel standing in the West beaming Emerald-Green Light to you.

Constantly reinforce this visualization by focusing on it. A point will be reached where the process becomes automatic and the presence of the Angelic Forces becomes permanent. Begin practicing this grid of Light formation and you will feel the difference as you build up the energies to reach the permanent state.

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Healing with the Angels of the Four Directions

Excerpts from: Path to Enlightenment, Book I, The Pillar of Light

In this Grid of Light Quan Yin calls to three of the Angelic Forces, known as the Angels of the Thrones, and Guardian Angels of the Four Directions. Uriel, Raphael, Michael together with Gabriel stand in the four directions and guard the four corners of Earth. Uriel stands in the North, Raphael in the East, Michael in the South and Gabriel in the West. These four also guard the Throne of God also known as the “Throne of Grace.” They stand in four directions around the Throne. They are known to be Angelic Forces of great power and Light as they are able to withstand the intensity of the Light at the Throne of Grace.

In this meditational exercise, Quan Yin is calling upon three Angels of the Throne, together with two Personal Guardian Angels. The Guardian Angel of Intellect is the protector of the mental body and, therefore, our mental processes are guided and guarded by this angel. The other is the Guardian Angel of Emotions. This Angel is the Guardian of the Emotional body and in charge of harnessing the unruly and unguarded emotions which can get us into trouble and lead us into hasty decisions. Quan Yin and these five angels, make a Grid of Light.

Archangel Michael is the protector of all humankind. He can cut the cords of karma and karmic entanglement from our lives upon asking. This act alone can accelerate us to greater success both in the mundane world and in our spiritual endeavors. No good comes from keeping karmic relationships in our lives, whether they are with people, places or things. If a thing is good for us, it will stay in our life after the cords are cut. If a place is conducive to our growth and our evolution, we will stay in that place, be it a room, a house, a job, a town, a city or a country. If not, we are better off leaving the room, the house, the job, the town or the country.

If a relationship is enhancing, then it is worth keeping. If not, better to be done with the relationship and move on to bigger and better things. As human beings, we have a Divine Purpose to serve. Relationships can either promote and enhance our Divine Purpose or delay it. If they are delaying us, then we are only prolonging the agony of remaining in this cycle of birth, death and rebirth until we learn the lessons. Rest assured that if a relationship is pleasant and heart warming, loving and nurturing, they would not be in the category of karmic ones. Karmic entanglements, as the name implies, are those which hold us in their grip at the cost of our time, energy, money and sometimes sanity.

Last but not least, Quan Yin embraces us in her own web of compassion and mercy to protect us and bring us the Light of these two qualities. We do need compassion to cope with all events and issues and mercy to enhance our lives. As a child, I remember hearing, “When you stand before God, do not ask for judgment, ask for mercy.” We not only ask to be merciful to others but we also ask for mercy to shower upon us from heavens above and make our lives sweet and enjoyable. I wish you a most enjoyable experience in performing this exercise.

Healing, Compassion and Mercy

My Children of Light, I am Quan Yin.


I will give you a Grid of Light to bring strength and courage. This Grid will help you to choose progress, to move forward and to serve the Light. Sit with me and bring your mind to stillness. Take a deep, long breath as I begin to invoke the following Angelic Forces of Light:

I call forth the presence of Archangel Michael, Archangel Uriel, Archangel Raphael, Mother Mary and Quan Yin to create a Grid of Light around you. Envision Archangel Uriel standing directly in front of you sending a Golden Yellow Ray of Inner Light to your heart and your body. I ask Archangel Uriel to help release all karmic entanglements and to help you serve your Divine Purpose. Take a deep breath and pause for a moment. At this point, I call upon your soul essence to come forth. I ask that the soul essence now merge with the personality and receive the Flame of Inner Light from Archangel Uriel. Pause and take a deep breath.

Visualize that the Flame is placed by Archangel Uriel in your Heart Chakra. See it to be fully ignited, illuminating your Heart Chakra. Once the personality and soul merge, there will be a feeling of homecoming. Then the personality no longer feels lonely or left out because the personality will begin to fully realize the purpose for being here on Earth and know your presence on Earth is important and your Light is great. Realizing the nature of its Divine Purpose, the personality becomes joyful that it has found its purpose, and allows it to be aligned with the Divine Purpose. The personality would then want nothing more but to serve the Divine Purpose. That is a noble place to be in, a noble Truth to experience. People come to Earth for many rounds of incarnation, taking physical embodiments without realizing that they have a Divine Purpose to fulfill. There is a Soul Purpose or Soul Mission to be served. This Soul Purpose is of the utmost importance and supersedes that of the personality and that of the consciousness of the body and mind. Take a deep breath.

I now ask Archangel Michael to cut all the cords of karmic entanglement from you, all those cords which you may have, knowingly or unknowingly, created with people, places and things. As Archangel Michael cuts the cords, I ask that he illumines the pathway for your soul growth and your worldly success and removes all obstacles from your path. Walking on this path, you would fully and completely embody your Divine Purpose and be supported by the Light that is shinning upon you from the Higher Realms. You will also have the pathways cleared for success in all your worldly endeavors. Take a deep breath.

I now call forth your two Guardian Angels, the Guardian Angel who deals with the intellect and the Guardian Angel who deals with emotions, to come forward. I ask the Guardian Angel of Emotions to hold your left hand and the Guardian Angel of Intellect to hold your right hand. I ask these Guardian Angels to give you mental and emotional support, strength, courage, power, stamina and zest for life.

I ask these two Guardian Angels to walk on this path alongside of you, to watch over you and to heal your emotional and mental bodies. They will guide you to cope with all emotional and intellectual matters. I ask that they show you the path which you must walk upon. The healing restores wholeness and perfection for you. I ask the two guardians to continue to walk alongside of you from this point on and to guide you at all times. I ask these two Guardian Angels to teach you their wisdom in dreamtime while you sleep.

I ask that Archangel Raphael, Angel of Healing, to assist these two angels in restoring you to full perfected health and wholeness. You can then become a role model for all those who follow you. I ask that with the help of your guardian angels, your Light may illuminate others and expand the consciousness of all. On behalf of those who are receptive to this Light, we ask that they be connected to their own mental/emotional Guardian Angels. I ask Archangel Raphael to continue to pour the Golden-Pink Light of Loving Compassion upon you to transmute the pollution from all your energy bodies and to restore health and wholeness. Take a deep breath.

Visualize Archangel Raphael standing in the formation of the Grid of Light beaming you the Golden-Pink Light. Uriel is much larger in stature and in power than your two Guardian Angels. The Guardian Angels will continue to walk by your side and restore you to the original state of perfected health and wholeness, as intended for you by the Divine Plan. I ask all of this in the name of the I Am That I Am for your benefit and the benefit of all the souls whom you may touch. I ask the Light of the I Am That I Am to clear all the obstacles from your path and from the path of everyone you touch.

I ask this in the name of the I Am That I Am, from all The Thrones of Higher Power, The Throne of The Undifferentiated Source, the Throne of Absolute and the Abode of the Divine Mother.

Now I offer you my own web of compassion and mercy. Imagine yourself being showered with deep Blue and Pink-Purple Light. Deep blue is the energy of Divine Mercy and the Pink-Purple is the Light of compassion. Receive and bathe in these energies and visualize them forming a web of Light around you and around the formation of Light.

Sit with me in these energies for a moment. Allow me to fill your heart with joy and gratitude. Let me remind you that you are not alone. You are loved and cherished. Feel the strength from these Archangelic Forces and the healing that is administered to you. Intend for all souls to benefit from this energy and welcome them to receive it. This experience is registered into your cell structure as part of your own personal grid; to heal you, restore you to wholeness, and to illumine the pathway ahead of you for your Divine Purpose to unfold. Take a deep breath and pause for a moment.

We ask the Masters of Light to help and assist in making this Light available to all souls, especially the young people. Those who do not have goals or disciplined focus on achieving goals; those unaware of the Path of Light and all opportunities available to them, are now called to find this Grid of Light. They can now tap into this Grid of Light and awaken to the presence, the benefit and the protection from their own Guardian Angels, Archangel Uriel, Archangel Raphael, and Archangel Michael. They may now receive the Inner Light, Divine Mercy, and healing which they need to restore them to perfect health and wholeness. I ask you to pray for all souls to find their path through the Light and healing from these angels.

You will gain merits by such an intention and will help the world. Every time a new member of the Community of Light finds their own path in this way, you will gain merits and the path becomes further illumined for the multitudes and masses. We invite all souls to join us in this healing. We set out intentions that every soul who connects energetically to this Grid of Light be guided by the Masters and the Guardian Angels of Light.

I hold you in my own heart with great love. Call upon me when you need me, I will be there for you.

I am your mother, Quan Yin. So it is.


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Alchemy of Healing, Protection and Manifestation


Living in the third dimensional realm we are bound by time, space, polarity and density. All this makes the process of manifestation slow and difficult.  The analogy of acceleration when using a microwave oven instead of a conventional oven is one way to understand how this grid can accelerate the process of manifestation. This exercise is also powerful for healing and protection. Many beings of Light offer their love and support in helping us heal and repel negativity. You may experience profound tingling and electrical energy surges within the body when performing this exercise.

Do this meditation for greater healing and manifestation of abundance and peace.

Through this grid, Metatron is offering us an opportunity to be our own alchemist. Call upon Metatron to intercede on your behalf in creating greater alchemy for accelerating time and manifesting the objects of your desires. He is indeed a great alchemist.

Grid for Healing, Protection and Manifestation


Beloveds of my own heart, I am Metatron, El Shaddai. Take a deep breath with me.

I would like to create a Grid of Protection and Healing around your body. To reach greater acceleration on your path to Enlightenment, you need to heal and empower yourself. To maintain a state of health and wholeness at all times, you need protection. This Grid of Light will become an important tool to achieve both. It can lighten your load of pain and dross as well as empower and protect you from harm. Then you can focus on greater acceleration of the manifestation process.

In this Grid of Light, we will work with two triangles. One will be a Triangle for Healing and the other a Triangle for Empowerment and for Protection. The Healing Triangle will emanate Green healing energies. The Protection Triangle will emanate Blue energies of empowerment.


The Green Healing Triangle will have three layers; a Citron-Green, an Emerald-Green and a Deep Dark Jade-Green for healing the mind, emotions and the body respectively. The Citron-Green is the Ray of Mental Clarity. The Emerald-Green is the Ray of Truth and Hope for the overall purging and healing of the emotional body. The Deep Dark Jade-Green is directly related to the healing of the physical body and the physical environment. This Deep Dark Jade-Green is also a connection to Earth and material things, including financial abundance and manifestation of material possessions. Archangel Raphael, Mother Mary and Quan Yin stand at the three points of this Green Triangle. They are beaming Green healing energy to you.

Intermingled with the Green Healing Triangle is the Blue Triangle of Empowerment and Protection. There are three layers of protection in three colors from the energies of The Blue Ray. The first layer is a Deep Dark Nile-Blue color which brings the power to protect you from all negativity. The presence of negativity in your energy field can lower your vibration and dis-empower you. This Deep Nile-Blue color is similar to the color of the sky at night. Its purpose and focus is to bring energy from the higher realms to the lower realms and release the negativity from your body and being. It will promote physical body clearing. The second layer is a Medium Blue Light, the color of chrysocolla stones (a little darker than turquoise). This will bring power to your etheric body, with special focus on the area of your Solar Plexus. It will also provide an emotional body clearing. Chrysocolla is a stone which vibrates to both the energies and qualities of turquoise and of lapis. Turquoise protects you from negative energies while lapis repels negativity. The Energetic power of chrysocolla provides both characteristics and brings the combined forces of both to your aid. The third layer is a transparent Aquamarine-Blue energy. Aquamarine-Blue is the energy for Divine Power and Mercy for this New Golden Age; it directs your attention to focus on your Divine Power and connects you to the Source of Divine Power.  Archangel Michael, Archangel Uriel and Archangel Metatron stand at the three points of the Blue Triangle.

If you are unable to fully visualize the exact range of colors as explained here, do not be concerned, as the Masters are fully aware of your needs. They will administer the exact range of colors that are most beneficial for you. The Angels and Masters will work with you on this Grid and all you need to do is to call and ask for their guidance and assistance. They begin by beaming the three lights of the Blue Ray to you, protecting and guarding you from penetration of negativity from any external source and transmuting the negativity from within you. They will also assist in the process of empowering you to manifest your goals at an accelerated rate.

Envision that you are standing at the center of these two triangles which make a six pointed star. One triangle is emanating Blue Light to you and the other Green Light. Visualize Archangels Michael, Uriel and Metatron standing at the points of the Blue Triangle. Archangel Raphael, Mother Mary and Lady Quan Yin are standing at the points of the Green Triangle. A Shaft of Light is beaming down at the center where you stand.

This Shaft of Light is coming down from the Presence of the I Am That I Am. Reaching to your Crown Chakra, it moves through your head down to your spinal column to the base of your spine. Then it moves down from the base of your spine to reach to the crust of the Earth and on to the core of the Earth. Through you as the catalyst, the Shaft of Pure Light of the I Am That I Am moves from the thirteenth dimension of reality and reaches to the heart-core of Earth. It makes the Heavenly aspects of the Father energies, and the Earthly aspects of the Mother energies unite in Oneness through the medium of your own body.

Envision that each triangle spins around you, one moving clockwise, the other counter-clockwise. The Green Healing Triangle is bringing energy into your body and is therefore spinning clockwise. The Blue Triangle of Empowerment and Protection is releasing lower vibrational energies from your body. It is repelling all energies which lower the Light held within your physical, emotional and mental bodies. Therefore, the Blue Triangle is rotating counter-clockwise.

Feel the energy move through your body. You may feel waves of energy, heat or coolness move up and down your body. You may have a tingling sensation, see or sense the profusion of lights. Breathe deeply and feel the two triangles spin around you. The spin becomes faster. Begin to inhale deep long breaths and exhale deep slow breaths.

Imagine, as the energy moves to spin faster around you, it begins to form two Spheres of Light around your body. These Spheres spin emanating beams of Light in opposite directions, one emanating Green Light and the other Blue Light. The Spheres expand in size to become great Balls of Light around your entire body. The healing energies are absorbed through the Sphere moving clockwise. Negativity is released from your body through the Sphere moving counter-clockwise. The Spheres spin faster until your entire body begins to vibrate the Healing-Protection Energies of the Blue and Green Lights. Your body begins to absorb and respond to the energies of healing, power and protection.  All that needs to be released from your body is now transmuted and returned to Pure Light. All that needs to be brought to your body is now retrieved from the Pure Light and brought to you. Each time you repeat this exercise, a new layer of release and empowerment is administered.

The three layers of Green mix with the three layers of Blue. Blue-Green Light of Healing, Power and Protection begin to emanate within and around you inside the two Spheres. When the two Spheres reach their optimum spin level, the Blue for Empowerment and Protection merges with the Green for Manifestation. The outcome will turn the entire Double Sphere into Pure Light. At that point everything implodes into Light. Then it explodes outward moving to the edges of the Double Spheres. Then once again the Light turns inward to go back to the center to implode. With each repetition another layer of dross is released.

The process of repeating the implosion-explosion will bring your intentions and the object of your desires into manifest form, blessed by the Presence of the I Am That I Am, embodied and imbued with the essence of Pure Light. Do this for three full rounds. At that point the exercise is complete. Then you may sit in peace, harmony, bliss and feel the joy of knowing that you have fully accomplished your task.

The Pure Light of the I Am That I Am will energize you and give you the strength and the stamina, the willpower and the Life Force which you need to accomplish all tasks; from mundane to sublime. Visualize this healing and Protection Grid every night before you fall asleep and every morning as you rise.

In addition to healing and protection, you can use this grid as a manifestation tool. Place whatever you wish to manifest in the center of this grid and spin the two triangles in the way I have described around that object. It can be an idea or an object which you would like to manifest, or a thought or an emotion you would like to release. Place that thought-form, object, or emotion in the center of this grid and begin to spin the two triangles around it. Envision and feel the spin of the two triangles. Begin to spin faster and state your intentions as you spin.  Visualize manifesting all your desires in this way. Think of what you desire to see and experience in the course of the year ahead. State those intentions by mentioning them in full detail. For example, you can say,

“I wish to manifest this project- state it in detail- in the most accelerated speed.” Or say,” I desire to clear my life of all unnecessary events, release negativity, bring healing to myself and manifest all that I need to move on to serve the Light. I ask to be supported by the Light.”


If you wish to do both, you may combine the two intentions together.  For example, imagine that you hold the object of your desires in your hands or hold the thought or idea for what you desire to manifest in your mind and visualize yourself spin inside the two triangles.  Visualize that the energy of the spin is reaching full force. The triangles begin to emit Light and become spherical. In an instant they will begin to move into an implosion/explosion. With the explosion, Pure Light begins to emanate from the core of your being in every direction. The two Spheres begin to expand in size to encompass your entire body.

Now sit in the Pure Light. Let your mind be absorbed in the acceptance that your desires have been completely fulfilled. Command the Angelic Forces of Light who work with you to illuminate your Personal Grid with this intention. They will then begin building the Grid to illuminate the ultimate reality which will hold this intention. They will retrieve the Original Blueprint for the design and the idea for your intention from the Mind of God. This idea or thought-form which has occurred to you has its origin within the Mind of God. That Original Divine Blueprint holds all possible thoughts and actions which are divinely ordained.

Command your Angelic Forces of Light and say, “I now command my Guardian Angels of Light to retrieve the Divine Blueprint from the Mind of God and to illuminate my Personal Body Grid with it.” In this way you align your mind with the Divine Mind and your own Will with the Divine Will. Such a Divine Plan will fully satisfy your personality aspects, your mind and your emotions. It will also satisfy your soul and the Divine Mission that your soul has come to fulfill in this lifetime.

When you perform this exercise for twenty-two consecutive days without a break, the manifestation power, the healing, the cleansing and the protection will become part of your Personal Light Grid. As a result you will be able to call forth its powers. After the first twenty-two day phase you can move on to make a new grid with new intentions. When you repeat the exercise, the visualization can come to you in an instant and the process accelerated as you visualize it to turn into Pure Light.

In the third dimension of reality, time and space move slower than in the fifth dimension where thoughts are manifested instantaneously. This grid will help you turn your thoughts into actions at a faster pace. Your focus, your desire to succeed and your clarity of intent all play a role in the acceleration process.  However, bear in mind that you are working in a high-density third dimensional realm where the manifestation process has been slowed down. You need to accelerate time and space before things can manifest. By spinning this grid, you can accelerate the future to come closer to this now moment. How fast that future can come to this now moment depends on how fast the density can be moved. Your greater focus, your intense desire and your perseverance can all add up to greater results.

The principles act similar to the concept of a microwave oven.  Microwave energy spins the molecules of food to jump up and down creating heat. When you place the cold or uncooked food inside of the microwave oven it cooks much faster than conventional methods of cooking. The same concept can be applied with this grid. Imagine wanting to do something that would take a long time to accomplish, if you were letting time and space take its normal course for its manifestation. Then you decide, “I want to manifest this in the highest possible accelerated speed. I plan to move on to serve the Light, and I desire to be supported by the Light.” Put that object, thought-form or emotion inside of the grid, and say, “accelerate it to the best of the ability of time and space in compliance with the Divine Plan.” The Divine Plan can give it to you in an instant, yet since you live in the third dimensional reality, you may have to wait for a while longer before you see results. Meanwhile, continue to accelerate the result by repeating this exercise to help time and space catch up with your intentions faster.

The grid can assimilate turning your intention into Microwave Rays of Light. If an event were to take three years to accomplish, with this grid it can be done in three months. This is the alchemical benefit of the grid. If time and space were to comply with your needs and move from solid density to flowing liquidity, then the object of your desires could come to you in a matter of seconds, minutes, days, weeks, rather than years and decades. Take a deep breath.

This Grid of Light for Healing and Manifestation is imbued with the alchemy of fifth dimensional energies. In the fifth dimension, thoughts manifest as objects in a matter of seconds. You can manifest things by simply putting out the intention, creating a triangle of Light around it, spinning the triangle into a sphere and letting the sphere turn into Pure Light. The entire process happens instantaneously. In the fifth dimension you may think, “I am hungry, I want an apple,” and an apple appears in your hand, fresh and filled with Life Force Energy. Even in the fourth dimensional realm you can replicate the manifestation process with much greater ease than you can in the third dimension.

By knowing the principals and alchemical secrets which can turn base metal into gold, you can turn the object of your desires into manifest form, or turn a thought-form into the object of your desires. You can turn thoughts into tangible objects. This exercise, once mastered, can bring you the alchemy of turning base metal into gold.

I leave you now. I hold you in my own heart. I will continue to give you healing through this grid.

I am your very own Metatron, El Shaddai. So it is.





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