Surfing Realities by James Foster

Surfing Realities – A Practical Guide to Understanding the Nature of Reality and How to Enhance Yours. To purchase Surfing Realities at the Gifts Store, click here.

Fact or fantasy, real or imagined, there is always a new way to look at everything. Always has been, always will be. As each new concept (every new concept seems like fantasy at first) is gradually understood and “anchored” into this Reality by the masses, that no-longer-new concept provides a foundation upon which the next new concept will be built. Whether it is to convince yourself against convention that the world is not flat, that radio signals can be sent through thin air, that Newtonian Physics cannot explain Quanta, whatever the new idea is, it is always looked at cynically. Einstein has shown, it’s not how intelligently you can recite the “facts,” it’s how curious you are and how able you are to think outside the box to consider, test and apply new ideas.

Herein, James Foster describes an expanded Context; a unified, structured, interconnected, and interdependent, organization of the Cosmos and our Reality as presented by Ascended Beings. As always, there are no absolutes. At each level of truth, there is more to the story which defines a further truth, and on and on into infinity. Each idea leads to the next question which leads to the next brilliant idea in a continuous co-creation by Humankind, Ascended Beings and the Feminine Creative Force to make our future Reality what we want it to be without limitation. It allows us to see how magnificently Humankind can co-create when nothing hinders us but our own infinite Cosmic Imagination.

People say that perception is Reality. I say imagination is our new Reality. Whatever you can imagine can be your Reality. In fact, it is the Reality you are creating whether you know it or not, whether you like it or not.

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