Margarite Batease Fund

Foundation for the Attainment of God-Unity (FAGU),

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are proud to announce the addition of a New Charitable Foundation:

Margarite Batease Fund, Inc.



The Margarite Batease Fund, Inc. (MBF), is a non-profit organization which is now part of Foundation for the Attainment of God-Unity (FAGU).

All donations are tax deductible and will be used to disseminate the wisdom of the Masters and their teachings to everyone across the globe, provide scholarships through the PTE Mystery School and distribute books free of charge. Thank you in advance for your kind contribution.

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About MBF Inc.

MBF, Inc. is a non- profit organization which was created in 1994 by friends and students of Margarite Batease, a contemporary spiritual master and healer. Margarite was born in England in 1933 and became a healer after her spiritual awakening in 1970. In 1987 she came to the United States and eventually settled here. The objective for the creation of MBF was to allow Margarite to practice her “Soul Path Healing” techniques, which she received directly from the Masters and her Guides, and teach them to her students. Together with some of these students, she created “The Future Way” – a healing ministry which continues to operate to this day (see Margarite left specific instructions for the continuation of the teachings after her passing with her friend Dawn Willard, the executrix of her estate.

From conversations with Margarite’s friends and students who have come to Waves of Bliss, we know that they have been visiting the site and attending events from the time when the Masters and Metatron requested that we begin offering monthly free group channeling sessions. Her close students and associates have told us that she often read excerpts of the monthly newsletter: “Messages from the Masters”, out loud to her group.

Divine Mother’s Sanction as told by Nasrin:
Early in November of 2010, I heard Divine Mother tell me during an early morning meditation to expect important news in regards to the Foundation and to act on it knowing that it is Divinely ordained and personally sanctioned by her.

Later that week when Dawn Willard wrote to me to offer the Guardianship of the non-profit foundation, my response was “This is what I’ve been waiting for.” As I read Dawn’s email, I felt the energy and could see Margarite standing next to Divine Mother. Both were smiling. The following day, during a private channeling session, St. Germain guided a small group of us into a deep meditation to command and decree new sanctions before the Hierarchies of the Thrones. While watching and channeling these images, I saw from the corner of my inner eye that Margarite was standing next to St. Germain. This happened at the point where St. Germain held his Scepter of Power above his head and began to give his decrees before Divine Mother and the Hierarchies.

The appearance of a young smiling Margarite, with golden curls on her head, was a great surprise. My thought was that if she had been able to appear at that exact time, then she must be intent on making this a reality and furthermore that she was seeking St. Germain’s help. Later Dawn confirmed that Margarite had a very special relationship with St. Germain.

Besides the many souls whose lives changed from the healing practices of Margarite and her team, she has left two books: one an autobiographical account of her own life and teachings under the title, Owl Meets Alien-Amongst Others on my Soul’s Journey and a book of her poetry called Circle to the Soul, Life’s Poetry. She uses life examples and self help concepts in easy language to bring her points across. Everyone can take from these books exactly what they need at each given moment in their spiritual evolution and come back for more, unraveling the next layer and the next. Her teachings are based on the journey of the soul on this earthly path and relate to healing the soul to clear it’s path for greater spiritual evolution. To buy Margarite’s books, Owl Meets Alien, Amonst others on my Soul’s Journey and Circle to the Soul, Life’s Poetry, (under the pen name Margarite Westo), please contact Dawn Willard at

The following excerpts are printed with the permission of the Margarite Batease estate. I find the truths expressed so simply and succinctly, quite refreshing. Some of the creeds which Margarite has put forth and are exercised by team members, students and followers at Future Way are:

– God is love
– Each soul incarnated here chooses this life, the primary relationships (including parents) and the lessons
– Soul is eternal
– Humankind can obtain Divine Guidance through intuitive abilities or direct channeling of Light
– Humankind has innate psychic talents which only few have developed actively. These are gifts to use in our universal work to be applied in LOVE, not power
– Humankind’s physical body is the material expression of the soul
– Humankind is given free will to choose a multitude of paths and corresponding lessons (karma) from the earthly plane
– All paths eventually lead to God
– We are all connected at some higher dimension or subconscious level. By denying this fundamental, innate unity we produce conflicts and frustrations in our earthly existence
– Ancient knowledge has been hidden for thousands of years, which is now being made known to those whose intent is pure and who will use it for the upliftment of humankind.

Margarite encouraged her students to join the Waves of Bliss group channeling events and classes to bring those teachings to Future Way. These high level initiates of Light have become the bridge between the MBF past and the MBF future.  As we all continue the teachings, anchoring of the Light and the healing at soul levels, Margarite is watching us all from the Higher Realms, Overlighted by Divine Mother.

We, at Waves of Bliss acknowledge Margarite’s students and friends, and thank them for all they have done to promote the teachings and to be beacons of the Light. Those of you who have walked in the Light through Margarite’s teachings are strengthening the bond of kinship and unity between the MBF as it was in the past and MBF as it continues in the future.

In the light of Oneness, we come together to change our world.

So It Is,
Nasrin Safai