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Indigos Awaken is an Educational Foundation to serve Indigo Souls and

their parents, guardians and loved ones.  Mission Statement and Process


I. Purpose and Objectives of

Definition: Indigo Souls collectively refers to all souls born since 1972 to present. Even though the specific names given to the souls born in each of the following decades are different:

1972 – 1982: Indigo Souls

1982 – 1992: Star Souls

1992 – 2002: Crystal Souls

2002 – Present: Pure Light Souls

Mission Statement: IndigosAwaken will strive to offer an understanding of the significance of the Indigo Souls’ presence on earth at this time and their critical role in leading humankind to a better future.  We endeavor to bring together souls of like mind to assist in constructing a nurturing environment in which the talents and special qualities of the Indigo Souls can shine. IndigoAwaken will also strive to provide support and encouragement to the souls who chose to be the parents of these Indigo Souls as well as insight and tools geared to enhance day to day life for everyone involved.

Goals: To reach multitudes of souls born from 1972 to the present and to gather everyone who wishes to support them. To demonstrate the importance of their presence on Earth and to circulate information that reinforces their mission; to acknowledge the ingenious ways they serve through their special characteristics; some of which are accepted as different by societal norms.

Also, we aim to endorse and express gratitude to the parents, guardians, siblings and all souls related or working to support the Indigo’s. We aim to serve you by connecting you to other Parents who can support you and share your experiences.


II. How Indigos Awaken will accomplish these Goals

The IndigoAwaken website offers information and guidance to help bring together and unite Indigo Souls and those relevant to their Mission.

One aim is to help regenerate those Indigos who are ready and willing to speed up in their journey and serve their mission. With the help of these Indigo Souls we hope to accomplish our second Goal: to connect them with the souls who feel disconnected; with those who have not integrated in the way their parents and society, in general, expect; those who need others of their own age and experiences to lead them and become their role models.

Through such connections, we aim to provide and circulate information and guidance to understand and acknowledge mental, emotional, physical and spiritual sensitivities, ways to help heal mental, emotional wounds:  how to clear their energy field and cleanse their energy bodies in order to cope with the polluted environ of our world; and most importantly how to protect themselves from picking up mental, emotional dross, conflict and disorder from people, place and things.

We further aim to help those among the Indigos who wish to pursue their Divine Mission; their purpose for being alive on earth in this life time. We aim to help them learn the ways to connect to their Souls and  their Higher Selves in order to discover, embrace and succeed in their Divine Mission.

We wish to present to the parents and loved ones of those Indigos specially inflicted with syndromes such as Asperger, Autism, ADD, ADHD, that these anomalies are born out of the extreme purity of these Indigo Souls in reaction to our world’s pollution. The corruption of the Five Elements – the building blocks of our Reality – render our third Dimensional Reality incapable of supporting the pure essence for these Indigos and falls short of providing a fully functional realm for these souls on Earth.  In return their Mental Emotional, Physical Bodies fall short of providing them support to function to the perfection they deserve.

We wish to reassure their loved ones, that the physical, mental and emotional levels of incapacitation do not stop these amazing souls from accomplishing their Divine Mission and leading us to a better tomorrow.  They may have chosen to come to our world knowing that they will be inflicted and using their conditions as a means to teach us compassion and lead us to their levels of Purity, Perfection and Innocence.

We wish to remind each other, especially those among the generations of baby boomers and older, that the outlook of these Indigo Souls is fundamentally different from ours, they are here to create new paradigms and break the old molds, that we proudly raise them to think and act differently, independently from the rest of us.

We wish to remind ourselves that their circumstances are generationally different from ours and therefore we owe it to them and to ourselves to trust and accept their ways and expect and encourage them along the way. It behooves us to consciously choose to treat them with respect and to support them in their endeavors in the hopes that they would prove to be the great leaders of our future, rather than treating them with disregard, mistrust and disrespect.


III. Content offered on-site:

Background text:

  • Introduction and Overview on Indigo Souls; the nature of their mission on Earth.
  • Guidance on ways to proceed in general and in specific settings common to each generation of souls and their needs.

Free Monthly Newsletter: Short email offering meditational exercises and guidance on common issues and current events from worldly and other worldly perspectives.

Resource Center (Tools for Growth): Initial content to be offered at the grand opening on 12/12/2012:

  • Series of topics:
    • Grounding Exercises- to help connect to the world and stay in the moment.
    • Protection Exercises- guided imagery and visualization techniques, to succeed, thrive minimize negativity, release anger, sadness, depression and relinquish all desire to experience drugs.
    • Chakra Awareness Exercises- to learn about the existence of energy centers within the body and to practice methods which help to regenerate, refresh and revive the body, mind and spirit, and support all aspects of life.
    • Meditation and Breathing Exercises- to help stay connected and feel peaceful at all times.
    • Understanding your Circle of Influence and how you can help others in your circle.


  • Books: 1 initial E-book at the Grand opening and total of 4 books in the first year as the foundation of the teachings plus 1 every 4 to 6 months after the first year.

Facilitator Training Programs: preparing some of the interested Indigos and those that support Indigos who have been with us at PTE Mystery School to become teachers and facilitators to spread the teachings amongst the Indigos in person, through social media, YouTube, and other media.

Introduction to PTE Mystery School

Reference Material: Text data base of pertinent Information:

  • Relevant Definitions
  • Bibliography
  • Links to relevant information


IV. Marketing

Target Audience:

  • Group 1: Those Born from 1972 to 1990. Young Adults and adult Indigos.
  • Group 2: Those Born from 1990 to 2000. Teen agers; high school and college.
  • Group 3: Those Born from 2000 to present and on-going. Newborns to pre-teens.

Areas of focus for each Group and time commitment by Founders:

All Groups:

  • Website – Update weekly
  • Lectures – Four per year
  • Book signing appearances – As required by publisher
  • TV appearances, cable shows – As required
  • Social Media – Facebook & Twitter – Updated daily

Groups 1 & 2:

  • Youtube videos: (To begin; 3 series of 3 videos) and 1 additional per week.
  • Website – Special University Student’s Section – Update weekly.
  • Personal appearances at colleges – Four per Year.
  • Recruiting college students as facilitatorsFour per year.

Group 3:

  • Website Home Page– Special Parents of Indigos Section – Update weekly.
  • Research children’s book authors and publishers.
  • Contact selected authors and publishers with letter of introduction and mission statement.
  • Welcome authors of children’s books to submit their published books or unpublished books or manuscripts for consideration.
  • Post and/or link relevant books and authors to site.
  • Author Children’s books and videos.


V. Professional Board of Advisors

IndigoAwakens is founded by Nasrin Safai Foster and James Foster.  The content of the website is created by the Founders with the participation of an Advisory Board of Professionals from different relevant academic and public service professions.

VI. Required Staff

We anticipate the required staff to include the following specialties and skills.

  • Web designer (Initial design and intermittent consultation)
  • Technician to Maintain website and post content (1 – full time)
  • Graphic Designer (as needed)
  • Transcribers and archivers (1 – full time)
  • Course Coordinators (1 – part time)
  • Facilitators
  • Social Media Coordinator (1 full time)
  • SEO Specialist
  • Others as needed