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What is Channeling?

Channeling is the transmission of information from a Master of Light, Guardian Angel or Guide using the channel (in this case, Nasrin) as the vehicle. A channel is a person with great psychic abilities capable of mentally receiving and verbally transmitting information from the Masters, Guardian Angels and Guides.

Scheduling an Appointment

Readings are done over the telephone. An audio file of your session is emailed to you. Please download and keep this file for your future use. These phone readings can be stronger and more potent than being present with Nasrin because you have the advantage of receiving the information in the comfort of your own space. Click here to request an appointment.

Life Reading

In life readings, a framework is created where one or more of your Guides, Guardians or an Ascended Master (who are the Masters?) connected to your soul speaks through Nasrin directly to you. The kind of information given varies according to your needs and the level of your own spiritual growth and understanding. Past life regressions are performed when it is necessary. These are visits to previous lifetimes to help you find and clear the source of unwanted and undesirable behaviors, phobias, fears and dysfunctions which may have been formed in these past lifetimes. The purpose is to clear pain and receive healing release from those issues. Connections between members of family, friends or business associates may be discussed based on their past life interactions with you. Most importantly the Masters and Guides remind you of your Life’s Mission, your reason for being here now and the all-important Purpose of your life.

Most often the Ascended Masters, your Guides and Guardians begin to work with you to accelerate your mission the moment you commit to having a life reading. In the days and weeks before your life reading, your Guardians can and do open the gateways of change and improvement in your life.

A life reading is for those serious in pursuing their life’s Spiritual Mission. A life reading brings you knowledge of your Soul Lineage of Light. This Lineage of Light consists of our Soul Family Members who have been with us from the beginning of time. These souls are, in essence, closer to our own soul than family members of this present lifetime.

You may not consciously remember your Guides and Masters, but on a subconscious level, you do remember your origins and members of your Soul Lineage and yearn to reconnect with them. However, because of these difficult times in which we live and the increasing energetic density of our world, more and more of us feel disconnected and are yearning to recall our origin and to reconnect with our Soul Family Members. When we forget, we feel lost, confused and disconnected in our lives. Your Soul Lineage members walk on the same path and share with you the ultimate path of Light which constitutes your mission on Earth. Life readings help you understand where your place is in the scheme of all things, on Earth and in higher dimensions.

Cost: $550 for one and a half hours. Click here to schedule an appointment. If you have already confirmed an appointment for a Life Reading, click on the button below to pay through PayPal or credit card.

Soul Bridge Life Reading

The next step beyond life reading is the Soul Bridge. This is for those who are already on the spiritual path and need to accelerate themselves, sharpen their focus and bring greater clarity to their lives through stronger connection with the Masters. It is also for those who are newly awakened and wish to accelerate themselves, taking many steps at once.

Soul Bridge life readings can advance you much further in your spiritual path by connecting your soul with your Personality Aspects using your Conscious Self as the mediator. The Guide or Master who is channeling through Nasrin will orchestrate this feat to catapult you through an enormous healing process during the session which will continue well beyond the session into your life and future.

At the present density of Earth, less than one in a thousand high level initiates of spirituality have awakened to their important role. Those who have awakened carry an enormous load, more than a thousand times what was planned and anticipated for them in the original plan.

Soul Bridge life readings will especially fit the needs of advanced healers and care givers who carry this greater load upon their shoulders. Carrying this load, over extended periods of time, and most likely over many lifetimes, causes overload on body, mind, emotions, Soul and Spirit. Furthermore, it leaves pollution and contamination in the person’s Energy Bodies. Over time these Energy Bodies, which are held in Sacred Geometric shapes, become damaged and may begin leaking energy, losing their full function. The damage can manifest in many forms. The most obvious outcome can be lack of desire or inability to fully function in this Earthly Realm or to fully connect to the Spiritual Realms. In extreme cases, this can lead to fragmentation of Soul Aspects or Personality Aspects

When soul fragmentation occurs in a person, they often loose direction and feel lonely and abandoned. Fragmentation of personality aspects often results in a person becoming overly critical and judgmental of themselves and others, angry, depressed and generally unhappy with life in.

Through the Soul Bridge Life Reading, the damaged Sacred Geometries can be restored to their original shape and the fragmented soul or personality aspects healed and reconnected. But most importantly, feelings of sadness, anger, rejection, abandonment and loneliness can be removed through the direct connection with the Masters and their continued presence in your life in ways that you can fully recognize and appreciate from day to day.

Cost: $1,100 for 2+ hours. Not everyone is ready for a Soul Bridge Life Reading. The Masters make the final decision on this issue. Before you pay for a Soul Bridge Life reading, please send me an email with your full name (including your maiden name, if applicable). Your application will be given to Nasrin and she will sit in meditation with the Masters to seek guidance. You will be informed of the outcome. Please understand that this measure is taken for your own good. As tired and weary human beings on Earth, sometimes our Soul or Personality Aspects push us to accomplish more than we can handle. The Masters and our Guides are fully aware of this and can direct us to our highest wisdom

Private Channeling Sessions

These sessions are only available to Members of the Mystery School who are on special projects working with Divine Mother.

Cost: $380 for 35+ minutes. Click here to schedule an appointment. If you have already confirmed an appointment for a Private Channeling Session, click on the button below to pay through PayPal or credit card.

Private Arrangements

If you have made private arrangements and wish to make payment through Paypal or credit card, click the button below.