Story Time

We will choose a real life story from your story submissions in our “Story Time” segment.

Many people wonder about the ways to incorporate the teachings of the Masters in their daily lives. Some even ask me about the practical application of the work with the Masters, the meditational exercises, the Light grids, candle grids, crystal grids, past life regressions, life readings, private and group channelings and everything else that I offer and teach. Some people even go so far as to tell me that much of what I teach or what they read in my books goes right over their heads.

You can be of service to the Light and the Masters by sharing your story with us through our Story Time blog or by emailing your stories to us at StoryTime [at] NasrinSafai [dot] [com] and by your participation in reading, sharing with others and commenting on the stories presented to you in Story Time or in Nasrin’s Waves of Bliss  Newsletter. Your pictures and the stories of the candle grids, Light grids and ceremonies will be shared with everyone. Your questions will be answered, your comments considered and your private and confidential stories and questions will be responded to in the strictest of confidence. You and yours are always in our thoughts and prayers. We are a spiritual family of Light. Together we shall do great things. Together we shall change the world for a better one today, tomorrow and in the days to come.

In great joy of this togetherness with you and in service to the Light,
I am, Nasrin

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