September 2017

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Happy Fall Equinox, Happy Navaratri!

We begin September with a full moon on Sept. 7,  Fall Equinox on Sept. 22 and the 10-day Festival of Navaratri from September 20 to 30th. For this reason, we shall have a Fall Equinox Ceremony course on Sunday the 24th of September and a course celebrating Navaratri on Saturday the 30th September, which is the final day, the Purnaahuti, where every prayer and intention is magnified a 1000 times.

 We will perform fire ceremonies regularly during this month and we shall perform intensified prayers and fire ceremonies during the 10 day period from Sept. 20-30. You may join us by registering for the Navaratri course at PTE MS- link here as well as signing up for the Navaratri Fire ceremonies at our gift store-link here.  Email me with your special prayers and intentions after you sign up for the fire ceremonies and include the names of your loved ones and your intentions to be read at our fire ceremonies daily. These fire ceremonies are a magnificent way to accelerate receiving answers to your prayers and releasing all dross and unwanted karma and karmic entanglements. Divine Mother fought the forces of darkness on our behalf for the first 9 days of the Navaratri and on the 10th she achieves Victory on our behalf. Prayers and intentions offered to her during this time are magnified a 1000-fold.

Please check out the new Blue Amazonite Prayer Bead Mala Divine Mother has designed for this year. Blue Amazonite has a calming soothing impact on the Cosmic Heart Chakra and these prayer beads are dedicated to Divine Mother, Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian of protection and to Great Silent Watcher. Each piece is made specially for you and charged by Divine Mother. Divine Mother requests everyone to use these beads for healing yourselves and for offering prayers for yourself, your loved ones, earth and all souls. Link to pix in gift store.

We shall resume the Past Life Regression Series 2 in October.

We ask for Divine Mother’s love and blessings to pour upon you. May her blessing and love be magnified a 1000-fold and shower upon you and our world as we move to the Fall and Winter magnified by Navaratri.

Blessings from Nasrin & Jim

To All – Continued gratitude to you for your patience as we work through some technical difficulties with our site. These are tough times all around. Enjoy your summer. 


Crystal Grid Per Goddess Hecate and Divine Mother’s request,

I have turned the Grid of Light into a Crystal Grid. This Crystal Grid is intended to enhance and empower you and to help you to manifest your highest and best desires and dreams for the year 2017 and beyond. It is powerful crystal grid as Jim and I have been using ours for a few days. The energies of Hecate, Divine Mother, Sanat Kumara and Shiva, Shakti are imbued into various crystals including a strand of red Garnets- One of Hecate’s favorite gemstones. Hecate has requested that we offer this grid first to everyone who has participated in the Spring Equinox course at a discounted price of $55.00 (regular price $120.00.) If you are interested please use the donation box located on our home page- link bellow- and deposit $55,00. Use the remarks for any special requests and/or shipping address- if different from your normal address- I will charge your Crystal Grid and add/customize it with Mother and Hecate’s guidance especially for you. Instructions for how to use the grid and invocations will be mailed with your package containing your Crystal Grid.
Link for grid donation:

Thank you all once again. Blessings and joy to all,

Jim, Nasrin and everyone at Waves of Bliss and PTE Mystery School.

© FAGU 2017


Portal Days: 9/9/17, 9/10/17, 9/12/17, 9/17/17, 9/18/17, 9/20/17, 9/21/17 & 9/22/17. The Full Moon is on 7th and the New Moon on the 21st.


The 9-9-17 Gateway Portal Session is Posted:

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NOTE: You can benefit from participating even after each event! The audio of Gateway Portal Channelings will be posted within hours of each event. Click here for audios and transcriptions of past Gateway Portal events.




PTE MS: Fall Equinox 2017

The Live session will be on Sunday, Sept. 24, 2017 at 3:00 PM ET.

Tuition for this course is $99.00.

We are about to move into the new energies of Spring of 2017. Join Divine Mother and us to bring your Personal Light to this important day. There are only 4 such Portal Days per year and each is significant and powerful for each of us as well as Mother Earth. On Divine Mother’s behalf, make participation in each of these a priority. To register, click on the course name above.

PTE MS Navaratri 2017 Celebration

The Live session will be on Saturday, Sept. 30, 2017 at 3:00 PM ET.

Tuition for this course is $150.00. 

Divine Mother is offering us a special channeling session on the auspicious final day of Navaratri where Divine Mother succeeds in defeating the dark. This is an especially critical year and offers great growth potential for Earth, Humankind and all of us and our loved ones. This is the time to set intentions and connect with these energies for the entire month of September. Please don not miss the chance to receive these blessings from Mother.

From Last month, if you missed it:

PTE MS: Past Life Regression Series 2 PH 4

Tuition is $150.00. The live Session was on Sunday, August 20, 2017. To register, click on course title above.

In the First Series Divine Mother introduced us to Cosmic Beings that have come to support her and us – Beings that have a connection to each one of us. In Series 2, she will help us understand how to perform past life regression on ourselves and others. Divine Mother has requested that everyone interested in participating also sign up for the Wash Away Your Obstacles – Abisahkam Ceremony. Divine Mother states that this ceremony can help to “restore your own spiritual purity and integrity, as well as to clean and cleanse your 5-Body System and your Sacred Geometries by performing these sacred ceremonies.

Wash Away Obstacles – Abishakam Ceremony to Divine Mother

To Participate in these Ceremonies: $33.00. Click here to go to Gifts Store to Register. Here’s how it works Abishakam is an ancient Vedic ceremony to honor Divine Mother. In turn, we ask her to wash away all obstacles and smooth out the path ahead in every way possible. We honor Divine Mother by bathing her Shri Chakra Crystals which are carved with the symbol of Divine Mother. We celebrate Divine Mother by bathing 9 of her Shri Chakra Crystals in milk, honey and rose water while chanting her sacred names. This is a great way to invite Divine Mother’s favorable response, her love and nurturance. When you register for this ceremony you and your loved ones are included in our prayers. In essence, you offer yourself to Divine Mother to enhance all areas of your life and the lives of your loved ones. Intentions are offered to Divine Mother by reciting your name during the ceremony and asking her to grant you all that she wished to offer you, including all that you wish to receive and experience in your life and the removal of all obstacles from your path. Divine Mother knows the intentions and desires of all her children. Our request for enhancing all aspects of your life during this sacred ceremony is a great gift that Divine Mother has bestowed upon all of us. She is giving us a chance to call on her to enhance all aspects of our lives and the lives of our loved ones. If you wish to offer your own prayers and invocations to Divine Mother, please do so at any time while in meditation. You may also connect with us during Fridays and Saturdays anytime between 7-10 AM your time, where ever you are. Whether you connect or not, we will bring you and your loved ones to Divine Mother and request her loving grace for you. 3 in One Special Offer To Participate in these Ceremonies: $44.00. Click here to go to Gifts Store to Register. The 3 ceremonies are: Wash away Obstacles – Abishakam Ceremony – Please read about this Grid in the Gifts Store. Release Anxiety Healing Crystal Grid – Please read about this Grid in the product description from the Gifts Store. Monthly Gateway Portal Fire Ceremony – Please read about this ceremony in the product description from the Gifts Store. You may send us a copy of your intentions to offer to the sacred fire. Email intentions to Nasrin’s personal email Reminder: $5 Book Sale We continue the special offer price into 2014. Spread the Divine Energies where ever you leave these books (the offices of your therapists, dentist, yoga center, YMCA, etc.). You change the lives of all who are touched by these books. Click here to order books. Book sale proceeds help creation of courses for our “Indigos Awaken” site and the publication of new books from PTE Mystery School.


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Divine Mother’s Meditation for 

Winter Solstice – 2015

Adapted from the PTE MS course; Winter Solstice 2015
© FAGU 2017

My Beloved Children of Light I’m your very own Divine Mother.  Let us begin with a quick grounding meditation, and I ask you to listen to me as I add a few segments, you may remember some from past courses.  I am going to put Goddess of Compassion in charge of pouring Energy down together with Cosmic Mother and Great Silent Watcher from the Pool of Creation, and I am going to pause in your Solar Plexus and feed your Solar Plexus with Gold.  If we don’t do anything more than that for this Winter Solstice we would have done a great deal.

The Energies right now are prickly.  There’s a lot of energies of fear around with all the events that Earth is going through, between the natural disasters and the manmade disasters there is a lot of fear permeating in the air.  Bringing the Energies of Compassion through the Antahkarana Cord inside your tree trunk is very important for each of you to stay away from the energies of fear and to prevent you from picking up anything that’s permeating in the air.

Feeding your Solar Plexus, which is the Center for Power, with the Gold that Divine Mother gives you is another way to empower you to let go of fear and trust that even though it seems bleak, Divine Mother knows what she’s doing.  And we will conquer against all darkness, and we will win on behalf of Light, and this too is a temporary phase.  Earth will shake herself off and start from a fresh perspective, feeling renewed in a higher vibration and all of you will feel that higher vibration.  The collective consciousness of humankind will shake themselves off of their dross and begin to live life from a place of peace and harmony, and this will happen in your lifetimes, not many generations after you, but right here on Earth in a short time. 

Meanwhile make sure that you use these two tools that I provide to you with the help of Goddess of Compassion, and feeding the Gold into your Solar Plexus to help you become empowered with higher Light and isolated from lower energies.

So, let us imagine that you are all standing on Uluru and sending your roots into the beautiful red rock, and sending it further down to the Core of the Earth and calling on members of the Divine Feminine Council to send their roots around yours, putting a beautiful Cylinder of Light around everyone’s roots and around the tree trunk.  It is so shiny that it looks almost like a mirror.  It reflects anything that is of lower vibration and absorbs everything that is of higher vibration. 

So, your roots are around the Core Crystal, you pull the Amber Light from the Core Crystal, you send it up the roots, up your Hara Line, up to your Earth Crust Chakra, and above to the bottom of your feet, moving upwards through the entire body, from the top of your head, up your Antahkarana Cord inside the tree trunk, and it goes all the way to the Pool of Creation where the branches and leaves of the tree are bathing in the Pool.  And you pull the Gold from the Pot of Gold of Great Silent Watcher to mix with her Turquoise Blue Light.  You pull the Amber from Mother of Cosmos, and you pull the Pearlescent Peachy Cream Light of Mother of Compassion.  You pull the Peachy Cream Light of Compassion that is given by Mother of Compassion to pour down.  These three Elements to come down from the Pool of Creation to the branches, to the tree trunk, down the consciousness of the body, and go to the roots all the way to the Core Crystal and bathe the Core Crystal with their Light as we move the Energy back up.  And we do this three times, on the third one we pause at your Solar Plexus where Divine Mother will pour her Gold Light into your navel region to go into your Solar Plexus.  The Peony Flower which embraces your entire Solar Plexus and the Lotus Flower of your Solar Plexus is now imbued with that Gold and it closes around the Lotus. 

I ask you to imagine that Divine Mother is seated upon the Lotus and I hold a Sphere, a Golden Sphere.  Inside of this Golden Sphere I have the blueprint for the highest and the best-case scenario for Earth, for the consciousness of all souls, for raising the vibration of all creation in all Dimensions and Realities.  And I ask you to imagine the miniature image of Divine Mother holding this Golden Sphere in my hands sits on that Lotus, and then the Peony Flower closes on the Lotus to keep the Lotus safe and filled with Light.  Now Gold Light is permeating around us because I feed your Solar Plexus with Shimmering Gold Light, and, I hold a Sphere of Gold inside of this Sphere all the ideas and concepts and thought forms that would allow a higher future for Earth and for all species are held. 

Now the stem of the Peony Flower will absorb this Gold and take it from the Peony all the way to the Lotus that sits in your Seat of the Soul Chakra above it, and your Soul begins to absorb that same Gold Light, and the Cocoon that is around the Soul and its Lotus gets filled with that same Gold Light.  The Cocoon is usually a Turquoise Blue Aquamarine Blue colored Cocoon and now it is permeating Shimmering Gold Light as well.

Now imagine that you send the Energies upwards to the higher Chakras and ultimately up the Antahkarana Cord, as you imagine your tree trunk fully protected with the Emerald Green Light that is like a moss growing on the bark.  The Plum Ray of Rejuvenation, a gift from Divine Mother, merging of the two brings you to the abundance from Earthly Mother.  And then overlighting that is the Goddess of Stability with an Eggplant Skin colored Light that is dense but vibrant, and that one completely protects you and stabilizes your Energies in peace and harmony, removing and transmuting all fear, all worries and concerns, and maintaining you in the protection that Goddess of Stability brings.  She’s the spearhead with two other Goddesses for Divine Order and Divine Organization, and the three of them change the nature of reality by stabilizing Earth and humankind as well as all the species of creatures and souls in a higher Light and returning the Energies of Divine Order and Divine Organization.

Now we go together to the Pool of Creation and you bathe in the Energies of all the Deities and Beings.  Feel free as you bathe in those Energies to pay your respects to all of these Beings who have gathered in your name.  You may go to the deepest part of the Pool where the fountain has the purest of Light and bathe in it, and then walk on the Golden Bridge that brings you to the boardwalk and allow the Angels to put your garments and your ceremonial robes on your body and your being, your scepter, your crown, your cape, your robes and come before Divine Mother.  And imagine that you hold your Scepter with the end of the long rod touching your chest, your Cosmic Heart Chakra, and the Golden Globe of your Scepter pointed at Divine Mother, touching the Golden Globe of Divine Mother’s own Scepter as we fuse our Energies together for a recalibration of your Scepter of Power with Divine Mother’s own Energies.

Pause for a moment and set your intentions for this New Year that is imminent – 2016 and offer your prayers and petitions as we move into Winter Solstice where the longest night gives way to the light of the day, and the days begin to become longer thereafter…….

So, I will invite you to come into the bosom of Divine Mother and bathe in the Copper Gold Light.  You may imagine sitting on Divine Mother’s lap or merging into my own heart.  I offer to you my gratitude for all that you have done in the course of the year.  I offer the gratitude of these Beings that have been anchored, helping Earth raise her own vibration because you have allowed them.  I offer you the gratitude of Lord Shiva & Goddess Shakti as the masculine and feminine aspect for Earth and all that we have done together to fill in the seed for the next seed race. 

Many of you have remembered that you are the catalyst for putting new ideas that come from your own daily lives to be part of the seed for the next seed race, using your own experiences to make sure that the Deities unfold Divine Plans for Earth that are based on reality, based on the events as each of you experienced them in real time.  It is important that the seed for the next seed race be filled with ideas and concepts which stem from your lives.  It is perfectly normal that Deities from higher realms would have designs and plans to elevate each seed race but their ideas and concepts will have to somehow be bridged and meet with the real world concepts which you then enact, because if they have some ideas that is not enactable in your reality it won’t matter how good it is, it won’t unfold.  If the ideas and designs they bring down is above and beyond what is norm and cannot be implemented or bridged, cannot be met at some halfway or partway point with what is already available on Earth it won’t be successful, and we’ve had enough of those types of ideas and concepts.  As good as they have been, they are of no use if they are too highfalutin, to above and beyond anchoring, if they are beyond the limits of the reality which ends up unfolding.  I know we always say, let’s do things beyond our own expectation and above our own limitation.   It’s fine if we can manage to bridge the gap.  We can go incrementally beyond your own expectation and above your limitation, or you can go so far out that it won’t be any good.

So, we requested that you spend some time holding your hands over the seed that Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti are weaving from the Filaments of Light, which carries Primordial Light and the memories of all the skills of all the events and circumstances which have already gained momentum in previous seed races.  They’re doing their best to bring Light from everything that already has momentum.  We, that is you and I, are doing our best to add to the Filaments of Light from Shiva & Shakti, first hand experiences.  My firsthand experiences based on what I watch you accomplish and your firsthand experiences based on your day to day life experiences, that part is very important.

So, as you bathe in Divine Mother’s bosom, I will walk you to the Sacred Fire and to that place where in the northeast corner of the room where our Sacred Fire is erected, Lord Shiva & Goddess Shakti are seated with the seed.  And I want to focus once again as we move to the Energies of Winter Solstice and to the New Year, on further charging and illuminating the seed. 

If you would ask me what would make me the happiest in this transitional phase where we’re going to the end of the year where multitudes and masses celebrate, or at least recognize, even if they don’t celebrate it as their own New Year, they recognize it because the western world recognizes it.  So, the entire globe depends on this Gregorian year and recognizes it as the beginning of a year, a fiscal year, an economic year, a year where nations and countries, societies consider the New Year.  If you were to ask me what would make me the happiest as we move into the Energies of this New Year, what would be my first priority, I would say focusing back on this seed.

So, imagine the seed is now really large.  We got to the point where it was the size of one of those humongous watermelons that are shaped like a lingam, a very large oval egg-shape, and I’m going to say that now, it’s something like five times the largest watermelon you can imagine of that shape, and it does have a Golden Brown colored Light emanating from it.

I ask you to stand with Divine Mother and other members of the group who participate in these types of ceremonies and imagine that you lay your hands-on top of this lingam, this seed.  Imagine as you touch it there’s warmth to it, and imagine that you take a moment and you put in your highest and best intentions for all the people who will live life as this seed becomes the new seed race, your prayers and wishes for them, your desires for the reality that they experience.  Take a moment and send it from your heart into your arms, into your hands and through your hands to the seed while you’re also sending it from your Cosmic Heart Personal Heart Chakra directly to the seed. 

Acknowledge the presence of Lord Shiva & Goddess Shakti; acknowledge all the Deities and Beings who have assembled to give their love and their intentions to the seed.  Remember that we did this when we were working with Comprehensive Healing & Healing Manifestation course and Sanat Kumara was part of the Entourage of Beings who was charging the seed.  And remember that you also brought aspects of your own soul, your higher self, your personality aspects, your lower self or inner child, male and female aspects, and you called upon the streams of your soul at all ages.  Let them all assemble, and let them all have a chance to place their own palms on the seed and put their intentions, offer their prayers, give their loving Light to the seed and think of a few ideas, a few thoughts that you would wish to implement, anchor for the benefit of all those who will live life as this new seed race will unfold in 3,000 years from now………You may come back here and offer more of your intentions.  You may choose to come back here and offer the intentions that are a few pages long and are part of Lemuria Atlantis to Present Day course, and I want to use some of those intentions for all of us on this Winter Solstice Ceremony to repeat together.  For this new seed race let us together offer:

  • Annihilation of Evil, all acts of evil, all emissaries of evil
  • Closing down all the portals that bring dark and sinister energies to Earth, and transmuting all the darkness and sinister forces
  • Return of purity and innocence to Earth and to the next seed race
  • Return of trust, acceptance, love
  • Return of peace and harmony to the hearts and minds of all souls
  • Harmonious coexistence of all souls and species
  • Temperate climate where everyone loves living all seasons without extremes
  • Ability to understand one another
  • Removal of prejudice in all walks of life
  • Equality amongst the souls of each species and respect between various species
  • Removal of harm from the planet
  • Removal of violence, brutality from all species, all kingdoms, all elements
  • Return of all elements to their pure and pristine state serving Earth and all consciousness of all species with the highest of potencies, the Element of Earth, the Element of Water, Element of Fire, the Element of Air, the Element of Ether
  • Joy and celebration in the heart of Goddess Gaia, the Deity of Mother Earth and knowing that she can trust the hierarchies to have her back
  • Protection for Earth from all harm in all her dimensions and realities
  • Protection from pain and struggle for Earth and all species in all her dimensions and realities
  • Presence of Earthly, Universal and Cosmic Deities who can commune with all species, understand the needs of Earth and all species, and be of greatest service in raising the vibration of Earth and the collective consciousness of all souls
  • Returning the 3rd Dimensional Reality of Earth to the pure and pristine state that it was originally intended to have, and relieving the 3rd Dimensional Reality from the highly illumined intelligent souls who deserve to be higher dimensional, leaving the 3rd Dimension for those species who have collective consciousness.
  • Allowing the Elementals to serve in their capacity as guides and guardians for nature, and for all bodies of matter in all kingdoms, the minerals, the animals, the plants in the 3rd Dimension and for humankind in the higher dimensional realms
  • Removal of psychic energies from the 4th Dimensional Reality, from the astral realms of Earth
  • Clearing and cleansing the 4th Dimension of Earth to return to its pure and pristine state where it becomes the planning layer that brings higher Light from higher dimensions to then distribute to the 3rd Dimension for the benefit of those species who have a collective consciousness. (The plants, the animals, which includes birds of the air and creatures of the sea as well as creatures of the land, and the minerals.)
  • The return of the minerals to their pure and pristine state, and their availability on the surface, or close to the surface, as they were meant to be so they can benefit from nature without any fear of being used and abused
  • Return of precious metals, sacred metals, to the surface of Earth to vibrate the 3rd Dimensional realm of Earth to the highest potency that it deserves, to vibrate for the benefit of those who deserve and are rightful heirs of the 3rd Dimensional realm
  • Opening of the gateways of the 5th Dimension and the dimensions above for humankind, for various vibrational frequencies that humankind at different levels of their spiritual growth vibrate to, allowing them to move from the 5th to the 7th, to the 9th, the 11th and the 13th Dimension, so that the Energies of the higher soul which are now congregated only in the 13th Dimension can waft down and permeate in the lower dimensions below the 13th, and for the higher self to traverse down from the 13th Dimension, all the way through the layers to the 5th Dimension to commune with the lower self and the consciousness of the body, and the personality aspects of all human souls who deserve to have the guidance of the higher self at all times.
  • The return of the Soul from the Abode of the Soul in the 8th Chakra and above, to the body of humankind and to reside in the Seat of the Soul Chakra above the Solar Plexus. The connection of the Soul in the Seat of the Soul Chakra with the Solar Plexus, which is the Center of Power where the Soul needs to express the Divine Powers, rather than the Earthly controlling force of will. Therefore, requesting the union between the Solar Plexus as the Center of Power and Seat of the Soul as the Abode of the Soul, so that the Soul can issue Divine Petitions, Divine Assignments to the Solar Plexus, to then be implemented by the consciousness of the body in accordance with the Divine Mission of every human being in accordance to their purpose for incarnating on Earth in all realms and realities.
  • The merging of the Divine Will with the freewill in order to remove doubt, fear, struggle, pain, transmutation of those lower vibrational energies that lead to pain, struggle, fear, anger, rage, hatred, and the return to Light and Divinity that every Soul deserves. And the Divine Will which is the Divine right of every human soul.
  • The full illumination of the Divine Spark within the hearts, minds, soul and spirit of every incarnate intelligent species in the 5th Dimensional Reality and above
  • Implementation of novel ideas, designs and concepts that promote longer age without pain and struggle, without aging of the body, extending the beneficial years of life to a few centuries, and shortening the regression during the senior years to disease, shortening the phase of weakness of the body, mind in their connection with the soul and higher self
  • Extending the prime of life to a few centuries, and shortening the years to reach to prime, and to decline from prime to mere few years rather than decades
  • The return of higher vibrational Lights that keep their potencies at the highest to benefit all souls
  • Strengthening of the Container of Reality in each dimension according to the needs of that dimension, preventing corruption from within each Dimension of Reality and from within the container from those realities.

When designs and ideas are brought forth for novel ideas, novel implementation that hasn’t been applied before, the one thing that needs to be taken into account is whether the reality and the container for that reality can hold that novel idea and gain momentum to implement it.  So, this intention for extending the ability of the container to absorb and digest new ideas and gain momentum without being corrupted is very important.  One of the reasons that a lot of ideas that are brought in which are really good but go nowhere is exactly this.  In the equation, these Deities forget to do something that makes the Container of Reality receptive to these novel ideas and to heal the Container of the Reality from being warped, from being corrupted, from being broken, because you can put nectar into a container that is leaky and ultimately it won’t stay around long enough to be of any good.  Nectar may contain novel fresh ideas that have never been implemented and can be of great good but if the container can’t contain it, it won’t be of much good.  It needs to be contained long enough to gain momentum and be of some good.

So, before implementation of a novel idea, the container needs to be addressed.  The corruption, the poison that is inside of the container needs to be removed, released, transmuted.  The container itself needs to be cleaned, but also prevented from leakage and breakage.  And then the vibration of the container needs to be raised so corruption is not an option, pollution is not an option.  So, you need both preventive measures and curative measures, and they both need to go simultaneously.  If you have to wait for curative measures to be in place before you can prevent anything from happening then something will happen.  So, you have to prevent anything from further destroying the good that you are bringing in, but you also have to cure the old container from its already corrupted ways, and then you have to make sure the novel idea, the new concept that you want to implement will take roots.  You know the analogy would be – you can bring the best flowering bushes to plant in the soil and you can hope for the best, and you can water it all you want and put so much sun and so much rain, but if the soil isn’t nurturing that plant it doesn’t matter what you push onto it externally it won’t take root.  Soil needs to be receptive to that plant.  The soil needs to be protective of that plant.  The soil needs to provide nutrition to that plant.  A new design, idea or concept is like a new flowering plant.  It has to be agreeable to the climate.  The soil has to be receptive to it.

So, we pray for all the ideas and designs that are brought in to be receptive by the Container of the Reality and we pray that all the Deities and Beings who are in charge of grafting the new ideas into the container think first of how to cure the container of all its diseases and prevent it from future corruption while matching the species that they bring in with the already existing elements to see if those elements are receptive to their ideas and designs.  This is why you play an important role because examining your thoughts, your ideas, your minds, your first-time experiences as you put your intentions into the seed would give these Deities an opportunity to see through your eyes, through your heart, through your mind, through your thoughts. 

So, when together we give these petitions we give them a roadmap, and when you put your hands on the seed and allow those ideas and intentions and your firsthand experiences, your trials and tribulations to be drawn from the seed by these Deities, again you give them another roadmap.  You give them a how to map and you give them a how not to map.  The how not to is the part where you put in your trials and tribulations and you say:  these are the things that don’t work.  These are the pains, the pollution, the betrayals, and then you put your intentions, the things you know will work.  And each of you will put some intentions that are unique to you even though similarities will definitely be put into the seed by many of you.  There will also be unique ideas.   Those unique ideas will help these Deities to figure out what to bring that can be a novel commodity but acceptable, implementable.

So, I ask you to take a moment and think of what other ideas, designs, concepts, thoughts you would wish to put in, and I ask you from this Winter Solstice to next year when we come back together, please come back whenever you have a moment, put your hands on the seed.  Set the intention that your hands remain on the seed and your consciousness can be drawn into the seed for the benefit of the multitudes and masses, and for guidelines and roadmaps that it provides to all those Deities who will write those maps for the future races.  Give permission now and allow an aspect of your consciousness to carry your thoughts through the Energy you leave of yourself for the placement of your thoughts and ideas into the seed.  Lord Shiva & Shakti will protect that aspect of you and the intentions that you put into the seed, and they will keep weaving Filaments of Primordial Light over and into those ideas that you bring in.  Consciously come back and put new ideas, even trials and tribulations that you experience.  Things you would rather not see happen for the next seed race as well as things you would like to see implemented, and allow those things to be part of the seed race.

I hold you in my own heart and I ask you to continue for as long as you wish.  You may commune with Lord Shiva & Goddess Shakti.  You may go before the Sacred Fire and make offerings.  You may go before all of the Deities that are assembled, including Sanat Kumara and Christ Maitreya and the Earthly Deities such as Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Athena, Isis and Hecate, and the masters.

I hold you in my own heart with great gratitude.  Happy Winter Solstice to all of you, and Happy New Year, may this be the best one yet, and may we serve together hand in hand.  I’m your very own Divine Mother.  So It Is!


© FAGU 2017