October 2017

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In  our October  Newsletter we have a meditation that is a celebration of Spring Equinox 2016.

Please note that we will suspend the Past Life Regression Series of courses for the time being while we place our focus on urgent Global concerns. Our monthly course for October is called “At the Cosmic Counsel”.  In this special course,  Divine Mother takes us to the Cosmic Council to offer our petitions for acceleration of  positive change in our world. The topics of interest to bring to the Counsel are our personal needs and desires as well as world topics, such as measures to abate natural and man made disasters, remedial measures to curb  Climate Change, return of integrity and peace to our everyday lives and removal of corruption in our divided world.

Last month during the Fall Equinox Ceremony and Navaratri Celebration we were brought to the Counsels by Divine Mother to offer prayers and petitions for our world. That was in September. We will  continue our efforts in October with the course entitled At the Cosmic Counsel. If you have not had a chance to participate in the September courses and are interested to serve at Global levels of change please consider registering for the online courses of Fall Equinox 2017 and Navaratri 2017 and join us in the new course- At the Cosmic Counsel; this month on Sunday October 15, 2017.

We wish you a wonderful fall foliage season and a happy month of October,

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To All – Continued gratitude to you for your patience as we work through some technical difficulties with our site. These are tough times all around. 

Crystal Grid Per Goddess Hecate and Divine Mother’s request,

I have turned the Grid of Light into a Crystal Grid. This Crystal Grid is intended to enhance and empower you and to help you to manifest your highest and best desires and dreams for the year 2017 and beyond. It is powerful crystal grid as Jim and I have been using ours for a few days. The energies of Hecate, Divine Mother, Sanat Kumara and Shiva, Shakti are imbued into various crystals including a strand of red Garnets- One of Hecate’s favorite gemstones. Hecate has requested that we offer this grid first to everyone who has participated in the Spring Equinox course at a discounted price of $55.00 (regular price $120.00.) If you are interested please use the donation box located on our home page- link bellow- and deposit $55,00. Use the remarks for any special requests and/or shipping address- if different from your normal address- I will charge your Crystal Grid and add/customize it with Mother and Hecate’s guidance especially for you. Instructions for how to use the grid and invocations will be mailed with your package containing your Crystal Grid.
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Portal Days: 10/10/17, 10/12/17, 10/17/17, 10/20/17, 10/21/17 & 10/22/17. The Full Moon is on 5th and the New Moon on the 19th.


The 10-10-17 Gateway Portal Session is Posted:

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PTE MS: At the Cosmic Counsel

Course tuition is: $150.00

Live Channeling on Sunday October 15, 2017 at 3:00 PM ET.

Divine Mother takes us to the Cosmic Counsels to offer our petitions for acceleration of  positive change in our world. The topics of interest to bring to the counsels are our personal needs and desires as well as world topics such as measures to abate natural and man made disasters, remedial measures to curb Climate Change,  return of integrity and peace and removal of corruption in our divided world. Last month during the Fall Equinox ceremony and Navaratri celebration we were brought to the Counsels by Divine Mother to offer prayers and petitions for our world. Please offer your service at this critical time for us and our world. To register, click on course name above.

In case you missed it:

PTE MS: Fall Equinox 2017

The Live session was on Sept. 24, 2017.

Tuition for this course is $99.00.

We are about to move into the new energies of Spring of 2017. Join Divine Mother and us to bring your Personal Light to this important day. There are only 4 such Portal Days per year and each is significant and powerful for each of us as well as Mother Earth. On Divine Mother’s behalf, make participation in each of these a priority. To register, click on the course name above.

PTE MS Navaratri 2017 Celebration

The Live session was on Sept. 30, 2017.

Tuition for this course is $150.00. 

Divine Mother is offering us a special channeling session on the auspicious final day of Navaratri where Divine Mother succeeds in defeating the dark. This is an especially critical year and offers great growth potential for Earth, Humankind and all of us and our loved ones. This is the time to set intentions and connect with these energies for the entire month of September. Please don not miss the chance to receive these blessings from Mother.


Wash Away Obstacles – Abishakam Ceremony to Divine Mother

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Divine Mother’s Meditation for 

Spring Equinox 2016 

Adapted from the PTE MS course; Spring Equinox 2016
© FAGU 2017



Hello everyone this is Jim and welcome to the Spring Equinox 2016 Ceremony with Divine Mother.  I thank you all for being here and being a part of this session, and being a part of this service to Divine Mother and the Divine Feminine.

Grounding Meditation-Take a moment to begin to relax.  Take a deep breath and be aware that everyone on this call and that listens to this course in the future is standing here with us.  We’re standing at the sacred site of Uluru in Central Australia.  Feel the rock beneath your feet.  Feel the presence of all of us together as this group entity begins to form its own group energy, and with great love and gratitude to Divine Mother and the Divine Feminine Council and to all of you.  Let’s begin. 

As we’re connecting with the heartbeat of Mother Earth you can feel yourself slide into Uluru.   And as you do, you can feel the nurturing warmth of Uluru, a Clay Red color all around you, wrapping you in its nurturing Energy and beginning to clear all the cobwebs, all of the static energy of the day.

As we bask in the love and nurturance of Uluru, activate your Hara Line- the Pillar of Light that goes from the bottoms of your feet and tailbone all the way down to the Core of Mother Earth.  And envision sending roots down from the bottoms of your feet and your tailbone, around the Hara Line all the way to the Core of the Earth, wrapping themselves around the Earth Core Crystal holding you tight to Mother Earth.

See that Divine Mother and Victory, Mother of the Universe, Mother of the Cosmos, Guardian of the Divine Plan and Great Silent Watcher wrap their roots around yours; they’re sending their roots down to hold you even tighter to Mother Earth within the presence of the Divine Feminine.

Forming the tree trunk- Now there is the tree trunk.  Envision a tree trunk forming around you that moves all the way up through the heavens to the Pool of Creation where the leaves and branches of this tree expand into the Pool of Creation; and simultaneously going down; sending roots down around your roots and the roots of the Divine Feminine members, to the Core Crystal and wrapping those roots around the Core Crystal holding you and grounding you to Mother Earth.

Envision that the outer layer of this tree trunk around you is emanating Emerald Green Light that’s like the moss on the side of the bark, Emerald Green Light of Healing & Abundance.  Beyond that, you see around the outside of that green, a layer of Plum colored Light which is Divine Mother’s Light of Rejuvenation & Regeneration and when it mixes with the Green it forms a Dark Red, Reddish Green Light; and we ask Guardian of Earthly Abundance to take charge of that Light.  Everything that moves up and down through this tree trunk will have the Energies of Abundance & Healing from the Green, then the Energies of Earthly Abundance from the Dark Green & Red, and then beyond that the Energies of Rejuvenation & Regeneration from Divine Mother.

Now focus on the Core Crystal and see the Amber colored Light of Mother Earth, the Life Force Energy of Mother Earth.  We’ll pull that up through the root system all the way up through the roots, through the Hara Line, through the Earth Crust Chakra which is just below the bottoms of our feet, like 10 to 12 inches below the bottoms of our feet, filling it and then filling your feet, coming up through the bottoms of your feet into your legs, your torso, activating and clearing and cleansing all of the Chakras of the body and the 5 Body System & Light Body.  And moving up through the Crown into the tree trunk, all the way up the tree trunk into the branches and leaves filling the Pool of Creation with the Amber colored Life Force Energy of Mother Earth.


Visualize that Great Silent Watcher and all of the Council of the Divine Feminine standing around the Pool of Creation.   Great Silent Watcher has her huge jar of Golden Light that she pours.  Her Turquoise Blue with the Gold into the Pool of Creation, and it pours down through the tree trunk.

See also Mother of the Cosmos pouring her Cosmic Life Force Energy into the Pool of Creation in the vibrant Amber colored Light with Gold mixed in that pours down the tree trunk as well.

We also see Divine Mother pouring her Golden Brown Light into the Pool of Creation and down the tree trunk and Guardian of Compassion with her vibrant Peach colored Light of Compassion, Pearlescent Light of a Peachy Beige pouring down into the Pool of Creation through the tree trunk.  All of those Lights pouring down, staying, not mixing together but staying in the integrity of their own Light, pouring through the Crown into the body, filling your 5 Body System & Light Body and all the Chakras of your body as it moves down the bottoms of your feet, through the Hara Line all the way to the Earth’s Core Crystal, mixing with the Life Force Energy of Mother Earth and being regenerated and revived.

That Light moves back up the Hara Line, through the bottoms of the feet into the body, out the Crown Chakra, all the way up to the Pool of Creation where it gets reenergized then pours back down again, through the body, all the way down through the Hara Line to the Core Crystal, reenergizing it and coming up again.  And as it moves through our body we move our consciousness with that Light all the way up to the Pool of Creation.

See standing around the Pool of Creation all the Cosmic Council of the Divine Feminine, the 4, the 6, the 12, Goddess of Victory, Goddess of Liberty, Great Silent Watcher, Mother of the Universe, Mother of the Cosmos, Guardian of the New Divine Plan, Guardian of Balancing Light & Dark in her Gold and Dusty Gray colored Light, Guardian of Balancing Abundance in her Green with Aluminum Foil flashes, Guardian of Balancing Life Force, her colors are that of the seed of a pomegranate, Shinny Dark Red and Guardian of Hope in her fiery swirling Energies of Yellow & Peach with a little Red and Pink.

The 6 Guardians – Strength & Power in Deep Blue with swirls of Teal Blue within it.   Guardian of Compassion in her Beigey Peach colored Light, shiny Beigey Peach colored Light.   Guardian of Spring & Renewal, Rejuvenation & Regeneration in the three strands of Infrared and Red, from Red to Violet and from Violet to Ultraviolet, Guardian of Order in the Magenta colored Light with Sanat Kumara, Guardian of Stability in the colored Light of Eggplant, and finally the Guardian of Divine Organization with Christ Maitreya in the color of Platinum with Teal colored Lights all standing, as well as the 12.

We see our two Angels with our scepters and robes.  We step out of the Pool of Creation, put our ceremonial robes on for this special event and pickup our scepter and we turn and we see Divine Mother sitting on her Throne.   And we move towards her as she stands to greet us, spreading her arms, pouring the Copper Gold within the Golden Brown Light to us with the love and nurturance of Divine Mother, and we fold into her, within the bosom of Divine Mother and feel the Golden Brown Light all around us.

Say what you’d like to Divine Mother, make your offerings to her, show your gratitude and love, invite all of your loved ones into this Golden Brown Light, set your intentions for this year, this is the beginning of Earth’s year, springtime in the northern hemisphere.  I’ll give you a moment and the next voice you hear will be that of our Beloved Nasrin.  I thank you.  So It Is.

Nasrin:  13:10

Hello everyone and welcome to Vernal Equinox, spring of 2016, Happy New Year to all of you.  Those people around the globe who consider this the first day of a new year and celebrate it as their New Year especially are invited to join, and those of us who understand the significance of celebrating an Earth year equally as importantly as whatever other date we consider to be our New Year, we join together to celebrate Earth’s New Year and bless all the Deities of Mother Earth. 

We offer our obeisance and love to Goddess Gaia; we offer our obeisance and love to Goddess of Earthly Abundance.  She stands in the position of 11 around the clock in Divine Mother’s circle, and around us right here in the presence of Divine Mother where we have the 4 for balancing, the 6 for anchoring and the 12 that are closely connected to us and came first after Divine Mother brought her personal entourage that consisted of herself, Great Silent Watcher, Mother of Universe, Mother of Cosmos and Goddess Victory, she then invited the 12.

12 Cosmic Guardians- In the position of 11 is Cosmic Guardian of Earthly Abundance.  In position of 12 o’clock is Guardian of Power & Protection throwing Cobalt Blue Light at us.  In position of 1 is Goddess of Prosperity with Pearlescent Fuchsia Pink Light.   In position of 2 Life & Nurturance in the Baby Green, Romaine Lettuce Baby Green, Citron Green colors, the color of new leafs as they sprout out in spring right around now.  In position of 3 5th Dimensional Abundance and 5th Dimensional Health, so Goddess of Health & Abundance from the 5th Dimension with Baby Blue Baby Green colors of Health & Abundance.  In position of 4 Warm Yellow Light of Joy & Gratitude, let’s pause with this one for a moment and offer our joy and gratitude for being together on this auspicious day and for this New Year that is beginning. 

I honestly feel in my bones this is going to be a really good one.  One where we can accomplish a lot of what we were hoping to accomplish in this year, and include in it some of the things we’ve come to accomplish through this lifetime and as yet not fully completed.  I really feel that this year of accomplishments, which has started with the Gregorian Year of 2016 which adds up to 9, a time for completion and also the Chinese Year of the Dragon.  I feel this cleansing power of the Dragon mixed with the Completion Energies of the Gregorian Year and this Vernal Equinox now come together to make this really an intensely beautiful year.

Next week this time we have Easter, and last month, actually 3 weeks ago, 2-3 weeks ago, not even 3 weeks ago, 2 weeks ago we had Shivaratri, and Lord Shiva offered us his blessing.  So these amazing celebrations are lining up one after the other, 7th of March with Shivaratri, 20th of March with Vernal Equinox, 27th of March with Easter and the Chinese Year of the Dragon, very auspicious, very important, very powerful.  The most powerful of the Chinese signs is the Dragon, and I will tell you who rides on the dragon.  Please remember that, who rides on the Dragon but our very own Lady Quan Yin.  Quan Yin rides on the Dragon, so please don’t forget to call on Quan Yin.

As of the beginning of February this year- the Dragon is the symbol for the year until next February in 2017.  And who rides the Dragon but are very own Lady Quan Yin.  So let us invite Lady Quan Yin to come in as we are inviting every one of these Goddesses.  We only went to the position of 4 on the clock and now we have Lady Quan Yin.  Let’s put her in the center of our circle, the very big circle where all these Gods and Goddesses are standing.

So moving to the position of 5; Balancing the Male & Female Polarities with Lilac Light, Goddess of Balancing Masculine & Feminine.  Position of 6 our very own Mother of Universe with Vibrant Pink, position of 7 Goddess of Empowerment.  Let’s pause before her for a second and ask to be empowered with the help of the power of the Dragon, power of Lord Shiva behind us, power of Divine Mother and her number 9 which is the year’s number, power of Lady Quan Yin and her compassion who rides the Dragon, the power of Mother of Universe who’s very kind and always ready to offer her Vibrant Pink Light to help us heal, heal mentally, emotionally and most importantly physically.

Bathing in the Healing Light of Mother of Universe– I don’t know if you remember this, and if you do, good for you!  If you don’t, let me remind you.   You go before Divine Mother and you ask Divine Mother’s permission to go into her inner chamber right here where we are in the 122nd Dimension.  You go through the double door, stand inside the Crystalline Structure to be recalibrated, when you come out the other side you go into an ante room where there’s a Lotus and you ask permission to go sit in the center of the Lotus.   And who comes to sit with you but Mother of Universe who holds you in her arms and starts showering her Vibrant Pink Light.  When you are recalibrated to her Energy you come out of the Lotus, and then you go to the inner chamber which is her Fiery Light, Mother of Universe’s Fiery Light in a Sacred Fire Altar.  If you ask her to do a cleansing for you what she will do is to take sacred ashes from that Sacred Fire that is her Light and make a paste that is Vibrant Pink colored Light and rub it from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet.

If you do that once or twice a month, just that, you’ll feel the difference and I’ll tell you in the case of members of family or yourself with physical ailments, from a simple headache or flu to real terminal diseases she offers solace, she offers health and healing.  You imagine that person who needs the healing standing before her and you ask in Divine Mother’s name that she would intercede.  You ask Divine Mother to intercede, and you ask Mother of Universe to intercede, and then you request that if it’s this person’s highest wisdom, Mother of Universe would rub this Vibrant Pink paste on their body so it can absorb the ailment to itself and be released from the body of the person.  You can also do it for mental, emotional, even spiritual issues. 

Taking care of spiritual, mental, emotional issues is easier sometimes then taking care of physical. The reason is that when something manifests in the physical body it’s already gone through the process of moving through those layers, so it’s now settled itself in the physical body.  It’s now fully manifested in the physical.  So when Mother of Universe says bring even your physical ailments, to me that means she’s able to penetrate deeply.  This doesn’t mean we should go without the help of professionals, it simply means there is help available to us in ways that goes even beyond the professionals. They all can go hand in hand.

Another thing that I do which Mother of Universe has offered, is whenever I break open a bottle of pills, whether it’s nutritional supplements or homeopathic or herbal or medication, I go and stand before a picture of her- it’s actually a picture of Lady Quan Yin as Goddess Tara, but that picture when I was hanging it, Mother of Universe came and said think of this as imbued by my Energies; and whenever you open a new bottle of any type of thing- I even offer creams and shampoos and moisturizers and things like that to her. I hold them up to this picture and say, “ Mother of Universe, I ask you to fill this bottle, this jar, the contents of this container with the healing Light that is most conducive to my needs or to the needs of everyone who is going to partake of this bottle;  use this cream, use this moisturizer, this shampoo, use these supplemental nutritional pills or powder, or this protein drink”, and at times I’ll also offer the food because it happens to be right across from my stove in the kitchen, so as I’m cooking I say, “I offer these ingredients to you and I ask you to imbue them with healing Energies so that everyone who partakes of this food can be healed.”

Now even if you don’t have that specific picture which I have it won’t matter. You can go on the internet and search for free pictures of Goddesses, non-copyright pictures of Goddesses, and then say to Mother of Universe, “choose the one you like so I can put it on an altar, hang it on a wall, put it in my kitchen and offer my supplements, my medication, my protein shake, my food to you.

It’s an important service that she provides.  Remember her standing in the position of 6 o’clock around the circle offering her service, and remember that you have this amazing meditation which was given to us a few years ago when Divine Mother originally introduced her to us and installed her in her own inner chamber and showed us that the Sacred Fire Altar that burns before her is the fire that Divine Mother herself goes to.  So when Divine Mother goes to pray she goes to the chamber which is the chamber of Mother of Universe.  And she has told us that Mother of Universe is like an older sister, one that she offers obeisance to, one that she goes to for advice, so position of 6 o’clock, Mother of Universe.

Position of 7 o’clock Goddess of Empowerment with colors of Pearlescent Gray with a drop of Purple and she is overlighted by our Beloved Great Silent Watcher.  Let’s pause here for a second and ask for empowerment, and especially call on Great Silent Watcher as we move through this first day of spring and to a year of empowerment, a year of completion, a year of compassion, a year of breaking through the barriers of karma and karmic entanglements, a year of attracting love, abundance, good happy relationships, a year of completing all that we have wanted to in this lifetime and haven’t been able to completely pull the plug on.  That’s a big one.

Wherever you are in your lives imagine looking back and saying, that was the year where I got so many things done, so many big things done, or just the one thing that I’ve always wanted to do, I got it done.  The level of satisfaction, the level of contentment to be able to pull the plug on something really big, really meaningful, or a whole bunch of smaller things that all need to come to their completion, this is the year of completion.

I’m coming to the position of 8 our own Beloved Goddess Victory.  Let’s pause before her for a moment and remember that even though this is a year of 9, Divine Mother’s own completion, she gave us the added bonus.  Those of us who serve Divine Mother and work on her behalf were given the added bonus of being exposed to the Energies of Goddess Victory.  Victory stands with her double bandwidth of Light, the Frosted Blue & Platinum to accomplish things victoriously.  The next one, the Golden Pink with Platinum to accomplish things victoriously while we pour great love and empowerment,  the Gold is for the empowerment, the Pink is for love, Platinum is for victory.  The Frosted Blue is also for abundance, abundance from the bandwidth that Victory brings.

Moving to position of 9 Energies of Karuna, Sweetness with an aroma and feel of cinnamons, cinnamon attracts the objects of your desire to you.

A lot of times when Divine Mother gives a person a candle grid or a crystal grid for a specific intention she says put a mound of cinnamon in the center or put a circle at the very edge, at the outer edge of the grid, and then run over that circle with cinnamon because that circle closes in the power of what you want to manifest and attracts to itself the objects of your desires, so the circle with cinnamon on it becomes the magnet for attracting the object of your desires, those intentions for which you have created the crystal grid.

The healing anxiety grid that we have and continue to keep it going has cinnamon in the center, and at the edge, and then over the cinnamon we have all kinds of crystals laying on top of the cinnamon, so the Energies of Karuna with a Cinnamon colored Light of Goddess of Sweetness Kindness, empowering the objects of your desires to come to you in total sweetness and kindness without force, without pressure, without disempowering others or forcing our will on anyone, but in total sweetness, kindness, gentleness. She stands in the position of 9 o’clock.

In position of 10 o’clock our very own Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan with the Warm Orange Light, and back to the position of 11 with Goddess of Earthly Abundance in a Greenish Red and Reddish Green, like the color of oak leaves, the color of maple leaves, and soon we will have those beautiful reddish colored leaves in the area where we live up in upper northeast of the United States, because spring is blooming fast this year.

Always remember the 12 Cosmic Guardians, the 6 Cosmic Guardians, the 4 Cosmic Guardians and then the ones that are very close to Divine Mother’s own heart.  Divine Mother herself with her Gold filled Brown Energy that is now Gold Leafing over her Copper Gold.  Standing with her, Goddess Victory, Great Silent Watcher, Mother of Universe, Mother of Cosmos, Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan.  The 7, that includes Divine Mother, they are always there with her, Goddess Liberty as well.  Victory, Liberty, Mother of Universe, Mother of Cosmos, Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan, Great Silent Watcher and Divine Mother, that’s the seven that huddles around you in the center, and we have invited Goddess Quan Yin on top of her Dragon to stand right into the center with you.  So remember that grid as we move through the ceremonies. 

Now approximately 12:30 a.m. this morning our time, eastern daylight time, this Vernal Equinox turned, so we are already in the first day of spring.  This is very auspicious.  We’re already at the halfway point of this day from the perspective of spring or something like that.

So with gratitude let’s stand before Divine Mother.  Let’s put our personal intentions while we just take a pause in silence for everyone to put their own personal intentions in. (silence).

Divine Mother:  38:40

My Beloved Children of Light I’m your very own Divine Mother.

To this beautiful Grid of Light I add Lord Shiva & Goddess Shakti, and I ask them to come to the center and stand with Lady Quan Yin and make a triangle around you, with Shiva as the southern point of the triangle right behind you, Goddess Shakti and Lady Quan Yin as the other two points in front of you to the left and to the right, and the Dragon fully awake and active pouring her fire to transmute your karma and karmic entanglements, and allow the empowerment to become magnified by the love of all these Deities.

Jim invited Sanat Kumara in the presence of Goddess of Divine Order and Christ Maitreya in the presence of Goddess of Divine Organization, Lord Shiva makes the 3rd male Energy of this grid.  The rest are all female Beings.  We anchor the Energies of the 3 male Beings and all female Beings.  I’m going to now invite Mother Mary and Master Jesus; they always give of their love to all their children.  That makes 4 male Energies.  4 is the number for solid foundation and, we need a solid foundation which Shiva, Christ Maitreya, Sanat Kumara and Master Jesus – doesn’t get better than this.  You are in such great company and all these Goddesses who love you with their heart and their soul.  They have made a sacrifice of life in loftier places to spend time with you in this 3rd Dimensional Reality offering service to clear. 

Prayers and Invocations- Let us together pray for health of Earth and all creatures of Earth.  Let us together pray for the Light Body & the 5 Body System of Mother Earth. Let us together pray for clearing the pollution from the 5 Elements of Earth and halting the greenhouse effect and global warming that is caused by the carbon emissions and the abuse of the 5 Elements. 

See a miniature aspect of Earth suspended above this Sacred Fire before which you stand in the company of all these Deities and see that miniature aspect being bombarded with love from the hearts, minds and bodies of every one of you and every one of these Deities. 

I invite Angelic Watchers and Silent Watchers under the auspices of our Beloved Great Silent Watcher who is now standing with her Scepter above this miniature Earth and above all of us pouring her Turquoise Blue Light, emanating the healing Light to create a dome around us.  And I’m going to take a long pause here while Great Silent Watcher pours her Turquoise Blue Light over miniature Earth, and each of you send your love to Earth.  This long pause is to focus on the 5 Elements of Earth from the highest to the lowest, Ether, Air, Fire, Water, Earth Element, so all the bodies of water, all the bodies of land, all the air that moves, all the fires that bring cleansing and the Ether that holds the container which holds all the 4 base elements are being affected.  All these Deities are sending their love, their special qualities to restore Earth to the pristine state it was meant to always experience, and to restore all creatures including yourselves from subatomic and microscopic single cell organisms to the most complex organisms, from microorganisms to macro organisms, all included inside this dome that magnifies the healing effect, and is a gift from Great Silent Watcher.

Two billion Angelic Watchers will stand to simply magnify, creating little bubbles of Turquoise Blue Light that encompasses all the 5 Elements, encompasses everything in this creation, encompasses all creatures and souls.  In your mind’s eye see Earth return to the pure and pristine state that she deserves to always maintain.  In your mind’s eye see every creature from every species restored to the pure and pristine state, and see the consciousness of humankind come together to serve and help all creation be restored and generations of humanity to continue to live on Earth happy and prosperous.  Take a moment and bring all your loved ones into this grid.  See them standing in the very center with you under the dome that Great Silent Watcher has created.  (long pause)

Now I ask you each to please pray for Divine Mother and all her intentions for this year.  Pray for all these Deities and their intentions on behalf of Earth and on behalf of each of you.  When you pray for Divine Mother and these Deities you empower us to do more for you.  Every time you pray on our behalf you’re empowering yourselves, in an indirect way, which opens our hands to do even more for you then if you prayed for yourselves directly.

When you pray and say I ask Divine Mother to help Earth, you’re helping yourselves.  I ask Divine Mother to help all creatures, you’re helping yourselves, and because it is indirect and it is selfless, the impact is 10 times, a 100 times more effective than if you say, “I pray to Divine Mother to give me more money.  I pray to Divine Mother to help my child.”

I’m asking you to do both.  Don’t do one at the cost of the other but remember that when you ask selflessly, when you put someone else’s child equal to your own by saying, “I ask Divine Mother to help all the children of this world”, you’re actually helping your own child more than if you specifically ask for your own child alone and disregard other children.  So always look at the bigger picture and know that you play a huge role in the bigger picture.  When you pray for yourself you gain merits.  When you pray for me you gain merits.  When you pray for Earth you gain merits.  When you pray for other creatures you gain merits.  When you pray for Divine Mother’s intentions you gain merits. 

And how do you use those merits that you have gained?  There’s a multitude of ways you can use them.  It’s like putting money in a piggy bank.  You can take it out and say, “Divine Mother, for all that I have gained in serving you can you now do this … State what you wish to request of her…if it’s the highest wisdom.  Would you please now remove this obstacle.  Can you please pay attention to this person and remove the obstacles on their path.  Would you please pay attention to this ailment, this disease, this karmic entanglement, this job interview, this test, this exam, this lab result, the future of this person.  Can you please bring closer the upcoming car purchase.  Can you please bring the monies for that car purchase to be smooth for me to be upgraded.  Make this vacation an easier one.” 

That’s how you use the merits.  Sometimes you don’t even need to ask for different ways for the merits to be used, once the merits are gained I will see to it that I use it where you best deserve it; but you have to gain the merits. And you gain the merits by being mindful of others, being mindful of Earth, being considerate of the needs of others.  Praying for Earth, for other people, for other places, other things, praying for trees, praying for animals, praying for the clearing of the 5 Elements, praying for Divine Mother’s intentions, praying for the success of Divine Feminine, praying for the anchoring of the Energies, praying for the removal of evil, removal of negativity, removal of war and violence.  All of that gains you merits and you don’t have to worry about how and when you use them.  You can be sure when you reach a point where you have enough in your piggy bank I’ll use it in the best places possible.  In fact I’d be sure to add the extra you might need for a project that I can see would benefit you the most and fill in the gap for you so you can move in the direction of that project.  That nicer house, that better car, that easier job, that happier vacation, those situations with easier relationships, easier communication, simpler means to accomplish things, faster ways to get to where you need to get to.

Now I ask you to give me 10 minutes to work on each of you individually to set you up for this year that begins today and becomes the platform for you to jump from a year from now at Spring Equinox of next year.  So give me 10 minutes.  Lay down or sit in meditation after this session is closed so I can work on you in the company of all these Beings and in the company of masculine and feminine Deities with our Beloved Quan Yin and her Dragon pushing things out of the way that no longer serve you, creating the vacuum, creating the magnetic field that you need to bring in all the things that will make you happy, the things that put a smile on your faces.  Your beloved beautiful faces that I adore.

I hold each and every one of you in my own heart with great joy.  I’m very happy.  Very happy with the community we have created, very happy with each of you.  Believe me I am very involved in your individual lives and the lives of your loved ones.  Every time you call upon me to pay attention to one of them I look in to it.  Everything there is that I can do to make their lives better, that’s my promise.  I’m your very own Divine Mother.  So It Is.  Happy Spring Equinox.

Jim concludes:  Thank you Nasrin, thank you Divine Mother and all the Goddesses and all of the Deities and Masters and I thank all of you.  Have a great year.  Have a great rest of this amazing day.  Thank you.  Goodnight.


© FAGU 2016