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Many thanks to Geert for our Dutch translations and to Monica and Heloisa and  for our Portuguese translations. Avonne translates our newsletters into Spanish which you can read on the Spanish site. Thanks also to Toni for creating the pictures of the candle grids for the newsletters.




Anchoring the Energies of Compassion


Personal Grid of Light for 2012 and Beyond with Divine Mother, Quan Yin, Goddess of Victory, Great Silent Watcher, Silent Watchers, and Angelic Watchers


December “These are Amazing Times” Meditation with Divine Mother.
November Thanksgiving offering at the Throne of Divine Mother and Stabilizing Meditation with Amber Light.
October Spheres of Remembrance and Illumination and Seed of Perfection for Soul Lineage of Light.
September Grounding Meditation with Roots and Amber Light from Earth’s Core Crystal.
August Igniting and Recalibrating the Sphere of Remembrance and
the Flame of God Unity with St. Germain and Sanat Kumara
July Angelic Guardians and Watchers to help fulfill your Divine Mission
and Bring you Abundance, Health and Wealth
June Meditation to Heal the Five Elements with Divine Mother.
May Divine Mother and the Significance of Templates.
April Melchizedek: Helping Mother Earth Reduce the Impact of Natural and Man-made Disasters.
March Divine Mother’s specially appointed Guardian of Love and Protection.
February Meditation with Divine Mother and Goddess of Victory to receive the Flame of Victory.
January Meditation with Divine Mother to Receive Healing Balm from Christ Maitreya.


December Christmas gifts from Divine Mother.
November Ceremony at the Throne of YHWH.
October Divine Mother tells us the Story of Sanat Kumara.
September Violet Flame Inferno Grid of Light and Protection.
August Invocation of Many Aspects of Divine Mother.
July Grid of Light Formation with Goddess of Liberty and Goddess of Victory.
June Template of the Blueprint Bliss.
May Metaron: Forgiveness Bridge.
April Ascension Month: Helping Earth Clear & Cleanse to move into the Fifth Dimensional Aspect.
March Mother Mary: Grid of Light for Healing Personal Aspects 6-13.
February Metaron’s Grid of Light.
January Scepters of Power.


December Grid to Embody your Fifth Dimensional Self
November Master Jesus’ Grid of Light to Heal and Accelerate us into the Fifth Dimension
October Goddess Hecate gives us a Candle Grid for Empowerment
September Master Jesus gives us a grid with the Golden-Pink Light of Divine Love
August Grid of Light with St. Germain, Christ Maitreya, El Morya, Divine Mother, Angelic Forces of Violet Ray and Angelic Forces of Violet Flame to pave the path for entry into the Realms of Light expected for the year 2012
July Special Anchoring of Lords of Light Magnification Candle Grid
July Sphere of Illumination and Flame of God-Unity
June Goddess Hecate’s Ring of Light Grid and Candle Grid
May Mother Mary’s 8 Pointed Star Grid of Light
April In a journey through the Thrones, Metatron takes us to the Pool of Creation and offers amazing prayers on our behalf.
March Divine Mother offers us a candle grid for the Return of the Celestial Guardians and the Divine Plan for our children.
March Plum Ray of Regeneration to heal, rejuvenate and ultimately regenerate all our energy bodies.
February Valentine’s Day Special Edition – Metatron’s X Grid Plus

Meditation Grid to Anchor the Seven Lords of Light and the Maha Lord of Light with Master Jesus



The X Grid of Light Formation with Metatron, Sanat Kumara, Ancient of Days, Christ Maitreya and Melchizedek


Pledging your Service to Christ Maitreya


Grid of Protection Exercise

September The Magnification Grid of Abundance – Hecate with Divine Mother combined with Metatron and Lakshmi
August Special Edition: Metatron’s Magnification Grid of Abundance with Goddess Lakshmi
August Divine Mother’s Discourse on Abundance and Prosperity, Hecate’s Candle Grid of Financial Abundance with 13 Aspects of the Divine Mother
July Special Edition – The Energies of July and August of 2008 & Charged Crystals by the Masters
July Thoth’s Emerald Green Light of Empowerment and Sanat Kumara’s Lavender Light of Purity
June Quan Yin’s Grid of Hope, Creativity, and Happiness with Christ Maitreya and Archangel Ariel
May Special edition from Divine Mother – Meditation to clear our energy fields with Pure Light of the 1st, 4th, 6th and 7th Lords of Light and the super powerful energies of the Maha Lord of Light
May Grid of Light for Power, Purity, Love, Protection and Healing with Hecate, Quan-Yin, Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, Melchizidek, Metatron
April St. Germain’s Grid of Light with the Council of 12, Members of Soul Lineage, Yahoweh El, Platinum Sphere of Metatron and the Purple Sphere of Remembrance
March Message from Melchizedek
February Healing and Protection Grid from Metatron
January New Years, Grid of Light for Release of Fear and Negativity


December Final Phase for the Grid of Light
Audio of the Grid of Light Meditation
December Next phase for the Grid of Light
November Special Edition – Grid of Light
November Candle Grid for Accomplishing Life’s Mission
October Clearing Energy Bodies & Grid of Protecion with Goddess Hecate, Athena, Victory and Liberty
September Alchemical Grid of Healing, Protection and Manifestation
August Mantra for the Descent of the Paramatman Light
July Meditation to Cleanse the Physical Body Merging the Red Life Force with the Pure White Light
June Prayer for Forgiveness and Releasing Karmic Entanglements
May Metatron
April Special – Grid of Light for Release of Anger, Fear, Pain and Struggle
April Holding negative and positive energies.
March Message from Goddess Hecate to release karmic entanglements.
February Meditation to Merge with Jesus Inside the Pillar of White Light and the Presence of the I AM THAT I AM
January Message Archangel Michael: Template of Release of Betrayal, Bondage, Enslavement and the Union of Twin Flames to Bring Joy and God Unity.


December Messages from Quan-Yin, Archangel Michael, Metaron and Hecate to guide us through the new beginnings.
November Meditation to merge with Christ Maitreya and take the vow of discipleship in his service.
October Archangel Michael: Activation of the Sword of Mercy, Meditation to Receive the Activation and Recalibration of the Sword of Mercy
September Equinox – Master Jesus’ Invocation and Meditation for the Return of the Lords of Light to Earth.
June Quan Yin’s Grid for Relationships and Financial Relief Metatron’s Grid for Short Term Finances
May Cocoon of Protection for Healers
April Ascension Day – Preparation for Paramatman Light
March Raising the Vibration of Light, Activation of the Sword of Mercy by Archangel Michael
March Equinox – Grid of Guardian Angels of Compassion and Intelligence with Archangel Uriel, Raphael, and Michael – Quan Yin
February Chakra Meditation led by Jeshua Ben Joseph – The Story of the Miracle with the Ayoub Family
January Journey to Atlantis led by Jeshua Ben Joseph – Initiation to the Eternal Flame of Sanat Kumara


Thanksgiving Clearing The Body With The Citron Green Ray Of Mental Clarity – Jeshua Ben Joseph
November Entry into Photonic Light Metatron and Sanat Kumara; Ball of Light in the Heart to Initiate a New Phase of Spiritual Evolution – Saint Germain
October A message from Christ Maitreya; Meditation: In the Presence of Christ Maitreya; Planetary Events
Autumn Equinox – Strength and Protection Healing Grid with Archangels Uriel, Metatron, Michael and Raphael
September Archangel Uriel’s Divine Flame of Inner Light & Mother Mary’s Healing Grid with Mary Magdalene and Archangels Michael and Raphael. Picture of Mother Mary courtesy of Avonne.
July Lord Metatron – Shield of Protection and Healing Protection
March Quan Yin’s grid for Purity and Inocence & Grid for Compassion
March Lord Metatron – Establishing Ascension Day
March Lord Metatron & St Germain – Spring Equinox 2005 and the Energy of Truth
January Lord Metatron – Coming of the 1,000 Years of Peace
January Lord Metatron – Mantra for the Descent of Paramatman Light

December Message for 2005 with guidance through 2012








This is an incredible body of work and an inspiration.
Thank you for sharing

Eileen Gallagher
July 6th, 2009 at 6:31 am

amazing and very inspiring thank you so much. love and light

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