May 2016

May 2016 Newsletter

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Dear Friends,

Happy Mother Mother’s Day, Happy Mother Mary month, Happy Wesak Festival and Happy Samhein Festival  to all of you from all of us!

Guided meditation- This month to celebrate the Divine and festive days of this month, we have a beautiful meditation; the Cocoon of Turquoise Blue Light of Great Silent Watcher for Protection and Empowerment.

Our new series of courses start on May 29th entitled Past Life Regression series. This will be a beautiful and powerful series which will be engaging, instructive and entertaining, as we will visit lifetimes in the past, into the future and to star systems outside of our own as well.

Wash Away your Obstacles- Abishakam Ceremony is a special series which we perform on your behalf every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the Month of May. Divine Mother encourages us all to participate in this series and clear our own bodies and become open to receiving higher and better life force and guidance from your guides and angels. It is also very beneficial for your 5 Body System and Sacred Geometries, the Energy Bodies which connect you to the Higher Realms and your guides.

Please look out for the upcoming email announcing the grand opening of our new Waves of Bliss website with tons of new info and pictures, especially of Crystals and new services and products.

We wish you a smooth and joyful month of May and a great journey to past/future lives.

In the love of Divine Mother,

Jim Foster and Nasrin Safai


Portal Days: 5/1/16, 5/5/16, 5/10/15, 5/15/16, 5/18/16, 5/20/16, 5/22/16, 5/25/16 & 5/30/16.  The Full Moon is on 21st and the New Moon is on the 6th.


The 5/5/2016 Gateway Live Channeling session is posted on the Gateway Channeling page. To go directly there, click here.

Please call 1-605-475-2090, use access code 199512#.


Please don’t forget to practice this meditation throughout the month of March.

NOTE: You can benefit from participating even after each event! The audio of Gateway Portal Channelings will be posted within hours of each event. Click here for audios and transcriptions of past Gateway Portal events.



New series of courses- Past Life regression Series of Courses-

Past Life regression Series of Courses- Divine Mother gives us the next series of courses open to

the advanced members of PTE Mystery School.

Past Life Regression Series One-   Each month we will be guided by Divine Mother to visit a lifetime that is important for our individual and collective soul growth which can be instrumental in spiritual growth and success in this lifetime. Furthermore, at some of these monthly sessions we will understand our individual and collective connection and contracts with Divine Mother and other Deities.

We will go on these regression sessions guided by Divine Mother. She will take us to lifetimes where we have been involved in various civilizations of Earth and made an enormous impact. Participants in the course will be told about their accomplishments and about contracts specifically with Santa Kumara, Goddess Victory, Great Silent Watcher, Divine Mother and other Deities and Cosmic Guardians who have chosen to join us to change the course of events.  Divine Mother will guide us to journey to those points in time and space where we have been instrumental in changing the direction of life. These civilizations may be those of Earth, such as Atlantis and Lemuria, or outside of Earth in star systems beyond Earth where we have been instrumental in changing the course of history at a much greater level.

Furthermore, since time is a continuum, regressions can happen in both directions- moving in the direction of past or in the direction of the future. You may experience yourself in a life time that may be in the future.

Series Two- will prepare you to regress yourself and help others to be regressed. After competing phase one and two, the participants will receive a Teacher Certification in Past Life Regression. This means you will then be able to use the tools that Divine Mother gives you to perform sessions, not just for yourself but for others to do past life regressions.

PTE MS: Past Life Regression Series 1 PH 1

The first of the series will be on Sunday 29th May 2016 at 3:00 PM ET.

Tuition is $125.00.

To Register, click on course title above..

In the First session we will travel with Divine mother to a lifetime in a star system outside of earth where we all have had a life in the presence of Divine Mother and Sanat Kumara. Each participants individual contract and the group contract will be discussed in the first of these series to set the pace for all the future sessions of series one. Divine Mother has requested that everyone interested in participating, to also sign up for the Wash Away Your Ostacles – Abisahkam Ceremony. Divine Mother states that this ceremony can help to “restore your own spiritual purity and integrity, as well as to clean and cleanse your 5-Body System and your Sacred Geometries by performing these sacred ceremonies.


Wash Away Obstacles – Abishakam Ceremony to Divine Mother 
To Participate in these 9 Ceremonies: $33.00. Click here to go to Gifts Store to Register. 
Register now and also be included in additional Abishakam Ceremonies in April.
Ceremony Description
We honor Divine Mother during the month of May and request her help on your behalf for the removal obstacles and smoothing out of events in all aspects of life. Prayers offered to Divine Mother while performing a sacred ceremony to her is a great way to gain favor with her and attain her support and assistance.
Here’s how it works
Abishakam is an ancient Vedic ceremony to honor Divine Mother. In turn, we ask her to wash away all obstacles and smooth out the path ahead in every way possible. We honor Divine Mother by bathing her Shri Chakra Crystals which are carved with the symbol of Divine Mother. We celebrate Divine Mother by bathing 9 of her Shri Chakra Crystals in milk, honey and rose water while chanting her sacred names. We perform a total of 9 ceremonies on the Fridays (Divine Mother Day) and Saturdays of the month. Each ceremony takes 2.5 to 3 hours to complete. This is a great way to invite Divine Mother’s favorable response, her love and nurturance.
When you register for this ceremony you and your loved ones are included in our prayers. In essence, you offer yourself to Divine Mother to enhance all areas of your life and the lives of your loved ones. Intentions are offered to Divine Mother by reciting your name during the ceremony and asking her to grant you all that she wished to offer you, including all that you wish to receive and experience in your life and the removal of all obstacles from your path. Divine Mother knows the intentions and desires of all her children. Our request for enhancing all aspects of your life during this sacred ceremony is a great gift that Divine Mother has bestowed upon all of us. She is giving us a chance to call on her to enhance all aspects of our lives and the lives of our loved ones.
If you wish to offer your own prayers and invocations to Divine Mother, please do so at any time while in meditation. You may also connect with us during Fridays and Saturdays anytime between 7-10 AM your time, where ever you are. Whether you connect or not, we will bring you and your loved ones to Divine Mother and request her loving grace for you.
3 in One Special Offer
To Participate in these Ceremonies: $44.00. Click here to go to Gifts Store to Register. 
Register now and also be included in additional Abishakam Ceremonies in April.
As a special offer, you can participate in all three ceremonies this month at a discounted rate.
The 3 ceremonies are:
Wash away Obstacles – Abishakam Ceremony
Release Anxiety Healing Crystal Grid – Please read about this Grid in the product description from the Gifts Store.
Monthly Gateway Portal Fire Ceremony – Please read about this ceremony in the product description from the Gifts Store.
You may send us a copy of your intentions to offer to the sacred fire. Email intentions to Nasrin’s personal email


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Cocoon of Turquoise Blue Light of Great Silent Watcher

for Protection and Empowerment

Adapted from the 4-4-2016 Gateway Portal Channeling.
© FAGU 2016

My Beloved Children of Light I’m your very own Divine Mother.

My gift to you for this month is a special grid requested by Great Silent Watcher.  Imagine that you are standing before Divine Mother at her Throne. Great Silent Watcher is present towering over you and me. She holds her Scepter of Power pouring down her Turquoise Blue Light upon us.

Envision your Abode of Soul Chakra: a Six Pointed Star above your head, on top of the Lotus of your Crown Chakra. Imagine it encased in a beautiful Turquoise Blue Sphere.  Turquoise Blue Light is pouring down from Great Silent Watcher’s Scepter and absorbed into this Star and Sphere and then begins to form a cocoon around your body.  And the cocoon protects you with Great Silent Watcher’s Turquoise Blue Light to bring you Fearlessness, Empowerment & Protection.  The cocoon continues to fully form, from the top of your head, down to the bottom of your feet. Then it reaches down all the way to your Earth Crust Chakra. There another Star sits inside another Sphere right over your Earth Crust Chakra and absorbs the Turquoise Blue Light completing the formation of this cocoon.  Then this Energy of Turquoise Blue Light of Fearlessness, Empowerment & Protection keeps spinning and spiraling and twirling inside the cocoon, inside and around your body.

The cocoon gets bigger until your entire body, your 5 Body System and your Light Body are encased inside it.  This beautiful Turquoise Blue cocoon with one Star above your head, one Star below your feet protects your Physical Body, your Etheric Body or your Aura, your Emotional Body, your Mental Body and your Light Body.  As it spins and spirals, twirling around you and within you from the top Star to the bottom Star, it also expands from the center core of your Physical Body and goes outward in every direction and spins and spirals to enhance and nurture your 5 Body System & Light Body. This is a way for you to maintain a close connection with Great Silent Watcher who will empower you to do all you wish to do and more; to protect you while you accomplish your best and to help you release your fears worries and concerns while you do your best, from one day to the next.

Add this to your daily meditation.


A summary of your daily meditation is below.

Recap of Your daily meditation routine adding the cocoon of Turquoise Blue

from Great Silent Watcher.

Protection Grid:

When you get up in the morning, start your day by putting your protection grid- your daily grounding meditation:  Imagine yourself on top of Uluru.  Feel yourself being pulled inside the boulder sized Uluru Rock absorbing the Red Life Force Energy; that Clay Red colored Life Force Energy which carries the heartbeat of Mother Earth and the abundance, the life, the love, the nurturance that Mother Earth has for you.

Send your roots down your Hara Line to the Core Crystal pulling Amber Light up your roots, go down, pull the Amber Light up, it comes up your Hara Line, reaches your Earth Crust Chakra, goes all the way up your body, top of the head, up the Antahkarana Cord to the Pool of Creation.

At the Pool of Creation you collect the Energies from Divine Mother and her Golden Brown Light; Goddess Victory with her Platinum Pewter Light, Mother of Compassion with her Pearlescent Peach and Great Silent Watcher with her Turquoise Blue Light; all that pours down.

Great Silent Watcher’s Cocoon:Meantime a towering image of Great Silent Watcher is standing with you before Divine Mother, you and Divine Mother standing together.  She’s holding her Scepter up pouring her Turquoise Blue, creating a cocoon that goes from above the top of your head inside a Six Pointed Star which is encased in a nice large Sphere.  You can imagine the size of the Sphere to be the size of a grapefruit and the Star fits right inside of that Sphere, one on top of your head.  The pouring of the Turquoise Blue expands from the Star to create a cocoon around your body and reaches down to the bottoms of your feet in the area of your Earth Star Chakra where another Star inside another Sphere receives the final part of this Turquoise Blue and magnifies the Energies to spin and swirl and twirl, to then spread into your Physical Body, your Etheric Body, Emotional Body, Mental Body and Light Body.

Imagine that this Turquoise Blue Light is throbbing and pulsing through your 5 Body System – Light Body and spinning and twirling from below your feet to the top of your head, and from top of your head down to below your feet.  You are bringing the Energies from heaven to Earth.  You are grounding yourself.   You are receiving Energies from the Pool of Creation and letting that go up and down.  You’re building the tree trunk around you.  You are putting a cylinder of Light; it is a Platinum colored cylinder which carries the Energies of all the Deities over the tree trunk.  The cylinder is shiny and it wards off any negative energies.

If you were to look from outside in you would see the cylinder covering the tree trunk, which covers the Turquoise cocoon and inside of the Turquoise cocoon you stand.

I ask you to lay down for 10 minutes and give me and all these Beloved Deities to recalibrate  your body and administer this Turquoise Blue Light with the help of Great Silent Watcher, healing all the Chakras of your body and recalibrating, reactivating, realigning all your Chakras with your 5 Body System & Light Body.  Do this for the whole month until we come back together the following month.

I hold each of you in my own heart with great love.  This is my gift to you; please repeat it daily as part of your grounding meditation.  So It Is.