July 2017

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Dear Friends,

Welcome to July. This month we offer a continuation of the Meditations Divine Mother gave at the 4 key Portal Days for each year, starting in 2015.

We also have the live channeling for Past Life Regression, Series 2 PH 3. Look fore the link below to register.

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Enjoy your summer.


Blessings from Nasrin & Jim


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Portal Days: 7/7/17, 7/10/17, 7/12/17, 7/17/17, 7/20/17, 7/21/17 & 7/22/17.  The Full Moon is on 9th and the New Moon on the 23rd.

The 7-7-17 Gateway Portal Session is Posted:

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NOTE: You can benefit from participating even after each event! The audio of Gateway Portal Channelings will be posted within hours of each event. Click here for audios and transcriptions of past Gateway Portal events.




PTE MS: Past Life Regression Series 2 PH 3

Tuition is $150.00. The live Session will be on Sunday, July 23, 2017 at 3:00 PM ET. To register, click on course title above. In the First Series Divine Mother introduced us to Cosmic Beings that have come to support her and us – Beings that have a connection to each one of us.

In Series 2, she will help us understand how to perform past life regression on ourselves and others. Divine Mother has requested that everyone interested in participating also sign up for the Wash Away Your Obstacles – Abisahkam Ceremony. Divine Mother states that this ceremony can help to “restore your own spiritual purity and integrity, as well as to clean and cleanse your 5-Body System and your Sacred Geometries by performing these sacred ceremonies.  


In case you missed it:

PTE MS: Summer Solstice 2017

Tuition for this course is $88.00.

We are about to move into the new energies of Spring of 2017. Join Divine Mother and us to bring your Personal Light to this important day. There are only 4 such Portal Days per year and each is significant and powerful for each of us as well as Mother Earth. On Divine Mother’s behalf, make participation in each of these a priority. Course Content: This course is comprised of:

  • Audio of Guided Meditation
  • Transcript
  • Text Summary of the Guided Meditation

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Divine Mother’s Meditation for 

Summer Solstice – 2015

Adapted from the PTE MS course; Summer Solstice 2015
© FAGU 2017


Hello everyone and welcome to the Summer Solstice Ceremony 2015.  I welcome you all here.  I hope you are having a wonderful summer if you’re in the northern hemisphere and a wonderful winter if you’re in the southern hemisphere.


Take a deep breath and begin to get settled and find yourself standing on Uluru.  Be aware that everyone on this call, everyone that takes this course or listens to this meditation in the future will be part of this group entity that we’re forming right now.


Once again, I thank you on this beautiful day to be joining us and offering yourself in this service.  Sometimes it’s difficult to understand the magnitude of the service that you’re providing on being on these calls and working with Divine Mother, because we measure things with the reality we know which is this 3rd Dimension, and all of the history that we’ve lived and experienced in our lifetimes.  As you begin to take the courses or spend the monthly portal sessions with us, or take the workshops you begin to understand that there’s more to the reality that you’re a part of than just this Three Dimensional Reality.   You can see how much contribution there is by you for just doing these meditations and offering yourself by being present, even if there is no immediate understanding of the depth and the breath of it.  So, I thank you.


As we stand on Uluru and feel ourselves in tune with Uluru and in tune with Mother Earth, you find yourself slipping down, sliding down into Uluru.  Visualize and feel Uluru wrapping its arms around you, holding you in a nurturing Clay Red Energy, clearing cobwebs, clearing any dross and stagnancy within your Physical Body, your Energy Bodies and your Chakras.


Now see from the bottoms of your feet you illuminate the Hara Line, the Pillar of Light that extends from your tailbone and your feet down to the Core of the Earth, wrapping itself around your Earth Crust Chakra which is the Chakra that’s just below the bottom of your feet, about 10 inches below the bottoms of your feet.


Now visualize that you’re sending roots down through the bottoms of your feet and your Root Chakra, down around the Hara Line all the way to the center of the Earth, and you’re wrapping those roots around the Earth Core Crystal.


Now see that Divine Mother is wrapping her Copper Gold Light around you and extending her root system down around yours.  Then Victory with her Golden Pink Light and her root system, and finally Great Silent Watcher wraps around hers, sending her Turquoise Blue Light and her roots down around yours holding you tighter to the Earth Core Crystal.  This is all a process of anchoring you to Mother Earth, so that all that you do in this meditation, and as you start every meditation with this exercise, gets anchored to Earth.  You bring the heavens to Earth, with you as the catalyst, and that is only one of the many services that you provide in doing these meditations.


Now we see – visualize around you a tree trunk and a root system from this tree trunk that extends around all the other root systems and yours, a last layer holding you tight to Mother Earth, through the Earth Crystal Center of Mother Earth.  Around you this tree trunk extends all the way up through the heavens to the Pool of Creation where it spreads out into branches and leaves, filling the Pool of Creation.  The outside of this tree trunk is the Emerald Green, the Light of Abundance and Healing and Nurturance.


Now as you feel the presence of these Beings and this tree trunk and yourself anchored to the Core Crystal, visualize on the Core Crystal the Amber colored Light which is the Life Force Energy of Mother Earth.  You pull it up through the root system into the bottoms of your feet and your body, and you can see it going through your Physical Body extending out into your Energy Bodies.  It pours out your Crown Chakra into the tree trunk, all the way up from the Core Crystal, up through your Hara Line and the root system, through your Body & your 5 Body System and Light Body, up all the way to the Pool of Creation.  You’re pulling and connecting the Energies of Mother Earth to the heavens above in the Pool of Creation.


Now Cosmic Mother of the Cosmos pours her Cosmic Life Force Energy into the Pool of Creation and down through the tree trunk.  This is once again an Amber colored Light, but a much deeper and richer and more vibrant Amber colored Light, almost the color of root beer.   As that is pouring into the Pool of Creation and down through the tree trunk, see Great Silent Watcher standing by the edge of the Pool of Creation with a huge jar on her shoulders pouring Golden Light into the Pool of Creation.   This Light pours down, mixing with the Cosmic Life Force Energy through the tree trunk to your Crown Chakra into your body.  Feel this Light move through your Body and your 5 Body System, and feel yourself getting even lighter and even more, the stagnancy and the stag from ordinary life beginning to dissolve away.  You feel lighter, you feel cleaner as that Light now is pouring through your body, all the way down to the bottoms of your feet.   Golden Light, with the vibrant Amber Light, now out the bottoms of your feet, down the Hara Line to the Earth Core Crystal, and filling the Earth Core Crystal, you can almost hear Mother Earth giving a sigh of relief as all that beautiful Amber colored Light and Golden Light fills the Earth Core Crystal allowing Earth to shed some of her dross, some of her static, some of her stagnancy into the Lights from the heavens above. 


In the Core Crystal it mixes with the Life Force Energy of Mother Earth and pours all the way up once again, and as it fills your body and your being we’ll let our consciousness ride with that wave all the way up to the Pool of Creation and you find yourself swimming in the Pool of Creation. 


Standing along the edge you see all of the Cosmic Council of the Divine Feminine, Goddess Victory, Goddess Liberty, Divine Mother, Guardian of the Divine Plan, Great Silent Watcher, Goddess of Spring and Renewal all standing with the 12 pairs of Beings and the 4 pairs, all pouring their Light into the Pool of Creation, as you absorb all of these Lights.


Now see your two Angels, your personal Angels standing beside the Pool of Creation and we pull ourselves up to stand before them.  On their trays are our robes, Ceremonial Robes and our Cape and on the other tray our Scepter of Power.  We put on the robes, pick up the Scepter of Power and turn to see Divine Mother sitting on her Throne in the distance, so happy to see us coming. 


As we glide towards Divine Mother she stands to open her cape and her arms, pouring on you the Copper Gold Light, which is her Light.  We are pulled into her bosom; she wraps her arms around us.  We sit in this magnificent Copper Gold Light of Divine Mother with the love that only Divine Mother could shower on us.  Find yourself nurtured in her arms. 


Take a moment; say what you would like to say to Divine Mother, set your intentions for what you wish to see happen with this world, with your family, your loved ones, with and through the anchoring of the Divine Feminine onto this Earth and into this reality.  I’ll give you a moment to do that and the next voice that you hear will be that of our Beloved Nasrin.  With all of my heart I thank you and wish you a wonderful summer.  So It Is.


Nasrin begins:  11:08


Hello everyone and welcome to Summer Solstice 2015.  I would like to congratulate everyone on Father’s Day which is going to be tomorrow.  Actually, the Solstice falls on tomorrow, so the longest day of the year is going to be on Father’s Day.   It is appropriate that, that be the case as we honor all the fathers and indeed all parents, and the Father Energies of all the Masters that have blessed us with their presence, and furthermore the Mother Energies of the Divine Feminine Council and the members of the Divine Feminine who embrace our own beloved Sanat Kumara, our Planetary Logos, Christ Maitreya our World Teacher, Master Jeshua – Master Jesus, our Beloved Master, and all the Masters and Angelic Beings who are so dear and close to our hearts, we welcome all of them, all the Masters and Beings of Light.  All Beings of Light are welcome to come before the Throne of Divine Mother.


We’re moving into an Energy, from this point into Fall Equinox.  There’s a lot of predictions you might have read in various circles about trials and tribulations that are expected between now and September or even further into October.  We have the power to change our own reality.  We have the power to only focus on the good, but we also need to be realistic and acknowledge that sometimes the Energies of the 5 Elements, the Energies of our reality have a hard time supporting us in what we need to do.  So, my point of putting this out there is, that there is a lot of talk by astrologers and those who are involved in the Energy of our planet, between now and 3 months from now, and those prophesies, talking about a little bit of a rocky road, a little bit of a shaky foundation and we need to be realistic and prepare.


One of the things that we have been given if you recall, is this meditation which Jim just gave you, and it is important that you remember that part of this meditation is that you pull the Amber Life Force of Earth and you bring it to the Life Force at Cosmic levels at the Pool of Creation, and then you mix it with the Gold that is a gift from Great Silent Watcher.


Remember Great Silent Watcher is the highest Cosmic Being available to all of us on Earth.  She carries Light from the Cosmic Source, the Highest and Brightest Light.  She’s the one who carried the design, the idea, the concept, the seed, for the creation of our Solar System in her heart for millions, perhaps billions of years, and imagined its presence and existence, its unfoldment from seed to birth, to full fruition.


We’re told by scientists that we are within a solar system that is almost half way through its life, and there’s that much longer to go.  So, Great Silent Watcher will continue to be the head of these Hierarchies and the Life Force behind everything that happens in all these realities within a Hierarchy of 144 Dimensions for us on Earth, and whatever Hierarchies of Dimensional Realities exist for other planetary bodies within this solar system and other solar systems.  There are many solar systems that she’s involved in that relate to our Galaxy, and then our Universe, and then our Omniverse which carries many universes, and then our Cosmic Conglomerate.  There are billions of planetary bodies and star systems in a galaxy, billions of galaxies in a Universe.  There are 43 universes in our Omniverse.  There are 3 Omniverses within our Cosmic Conglomerate.  This we know from the channelings that have come consistently through me for the past three decades.


So, the Pot of Gold that pours the Gold out into the Root Beer colored Amber is a gift from Great Silent Watcher.  Her other Gift, a very important one, is her gift of the Turquoise Blue Light which can transmute and annihilate all lower vibrational frequencies at contact.  The Turquoise Blue Light of Great Silent Watcher with this Gold poured into it has the power for release of negativity, making you fearless, making you invincible, making you powerful like no other. There is no other Light or Power Tool that we are aware of, within our own reach.  So far there is no other tool more powerful and fast-acting as the Turquoise Blue Light of Great Silent Watcher, especially when the Golden Shimmers are added. 


The Gold that is pouring out of Great Silent Watcher’s Pot of Gold allows you to raise your vibration, not leak your Energies, become contained within your own Energy Field, protect you from external energies and raise your vibration to constantly remain connected to those higher vibrations.


Remember that Great Silent Watcher has as a gift in recent times; given us what we call a Tornado of Turquoise Blue Light.  It is like a twister, a spinning, spiraling cone of Energy that starts at the bottom of our feet and goes above our head and covers your Antahkarana Cord, which is your Golden Silver Cord, which takes you and your Energies all the way to the Pool of Creation.  It also has the power to extend from below your feet, to take you down your Hara Line or the Shaft of Light that carries your Energies and your roots to the Core Crystal, the Core of Mother Earth, the Core Crystal within the heart core of Mother Earth.  The 5th Dimensional Energies that carry the force of fusion in the center of Earth and allow the Core of the Earth to be a brightly shinning center, like a sun, a Crystalline Structure which we call the Crystal Core of the Earth.


Scientists do tell us that the Core of Earth is molten iron.  Understand that that’s the chemistry, but we’re talking about the energetic substance, we’re talking about the higher dimensional Energies that go beyond these molten metal substances that allow our Earth to have the gravitational pull.  We’re talking about the Energies that allow our Earth to have higher dimensional pull.  The Energies that allow Earth to ascend and these are the Energies we are working with. 


Our focus is not to make ourselves as heavy as lead, as heavy as molten iron, but to make ourselves as light as the clouds, because we were souls in Etheric Bodies, a cloud like substance that made us the Beings that we were before we entered into this 3rd Dimension and took 3rd Dimensional Bodies and got trapped into this world of karma and karmic entanglements.  The intention for all of us who have awakened and are walking the path to Enlightenment is to reach the point where we raise the vibrational frequency of our bodies to the point where we can then go back to being those 5th Dimensional Ethereal Beings who are mightily powerful compared to where we are today in our 3rd Dimensional Bodies.


In our 5th Dimensional Bodies we are telepathic and greed, pain, deception, lying, cheating, and any of those lower energies do not penetrate.  We communicate with one another telepathically so we can read each other’s minds, so there’s no way of getting away with thinking one thing and saying a different thing.  That’s a 3rd Dimensional dilemma.  In our 5th Dimensional bodies we are highly evolved and illumined beings capable of doing much greater things. 


It has been our effort to work together in various groups especially the Core Group at the Mystery School, the various Inner Circles, and those of you who have had individual channeling sessions with me- together we have created a world for ourselves where we hold onto the belief that we can change our world, and we see the impact of the changes we have been able to sustain so far, and we will continue to see the impact as we move forward together in complete unity under the auspices of the Divine Feminine Council Members and Divine Mother herself.  We have come along way to be here, we still have a long way to go.


This time of trial and tribulation- has been predicted by both 1-astrologers that deal with the planetary karma and human karma based on the actions of the planetary bodies that affect and influence us, and 2-also based on the collective consciousness of humankind and the choices that we have made on Earth.  They are talking about a process of cleansing.  They may not say that out loud, or in such a clear way that it is obvious, but it is all a process of cleansing and clearing.  It is also a process of a shift from male dominant supremacy to female dominant compassion.


Divine Mother has spoken to us that her ultimate intention is the return of compassion.  She has talked about the fact that she walks on the Ray of Compassion to arrive to Earth, and to be for us the Embodiment of Compassion incased within the Divine Feminine.  So that flow of Shakti, that flow of Feminine Creative Force, that flow of Mother Energies are replacing the constrictive, contractive male focused, male hierarchical energies that have gained dominance and supremacy in our world to the point where it is now difficult and constrictive to achieve something outside of the box, and to think and operate outside of the box.


The trials and tribulations that may be on the path between now and Fall Equinox, and perhaps beyond, all have to do with the resistance that our world is putting to receiving the Feminine Creative Force and the Energies of Compassion.  It is our job as those who serve the Divine Feminine, those who embody the Divine Feminine, it is our job as the emissaries of the Divine Feminine Light to continue to hold onto the Light of the Divine Feminine, to believe that the outside of the box thinking can be received, accepted and conducted, and become the future of our world.  It is our job that from our hearts we can connect to those Energies of Compassion and not fall prey to the negativity, and we have each other as support.  Furthermore, we have Divine Mother, Goddess Victory, Great Silent Watcher, Mother of Universe, Mother of Cosmos, Goddess Liberty, the 12 Cosmic Guardians, the 4 Cosmic Guardians, the Angelic Watchers who have been appointed by Great Silent Watcher, and Silent Watchers who step down the Energies of the Great Silent Watcher.  We also have the guidance and assistance from Celestial Realms and from Realms within our Cosmos where Great Cosmic Beings who are interested in our success, who have not made their presence known to us as yet.


So, it behooves us to call upon the ones that we know by name and to also call upon all the Beings of Light who serve the Divine Feminine and have the intention of uplifting Earth, all souls and the consciousness of humankind, to reach a 5th Dimensional quotient of Light, so we can all raise our own vibration and act as 5th Dimensional souls even while we live a 3rd Dimensional life.  It’s very important on this 24 hour, 48 hour cycle, while we’re going through the longest day of the year and all the gateways to higher realms are open to us, that we remain fully aware and conscious that what we think, what we plan, what we intend, and what we make ourselves believe, what we allow our minds to focus on becomes our reality. 


Therefore on behalf of all of those people who are not awakened, on behalf of all the unawakened souls that are members of our own family and are showing resistance, as well as those amongst our loved ones who are fully open to this work, we are the responsible ones, we are the ones who carry the load.  We are the ones who are conscious, and we are the ones who can make a difference.  We are the ones who can change our world for the better.  Therefore, let us together set the intention that we will be successful, while you wear your Light in whatever form it’s given. 


At this point, the Amber Light from the Core of the Earth going up to the Pool of Creation, pulling the Root Beer colored Amber Light that carries the Gold from the Pot of Gold of Great Silent Watcher.  When you have established that fully and placed the tree trunk around you, have wrapped your roots around the Core Crystal, have made yourself fully centered, grounded and protected, then you place the tornado, the twister, the spinning, spiraling cone of Turquoise Blue Light with Golden Shimmers that come from the Pot of Gold of Great Silent Watcher, around you, around your loved ones, around your homes, offices, around your places of work, around the university campuses, around your schools and high schools, kindergartens, around the schools that you don’t have any children that you know of, but you know children go and need protection, around your towns, cities, hamlets, villages, streets and your neighborhoods, into your flowers and flowerbeds, into your vegetables and vegetable gardens, into your water that you charge with these Energies to drink, into the food that you cook for yourselves and your loved ones, into the 5 Elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether. 


Divine Mother has recently told us, “I need your prayers.”  So, you put all of those intentions, and you add to it your intentions for the success of Divine Mother in all her projects, in all her endeavors to uplift Earth, to raise the consciousness of humankind, to save the kingdoms.


The Mineral Kingdom, that’s all the crystals and the crystalline structures which includes the measly river rock, which is the lowest in the rung of minerals, all the way to the diamonds which are the highest.  The plants and the Plant Kingdom, everything from the trees to a blade of grass, and even a weed that annoys you and you pull out of your garden. 


Animal Kingdom, those that are your pets and give you great joy and sometimes great annoyance, as well as those who run wild, including the rabbits who eat your vegetables in your vegetable garden, and the deer who do the same but also the wild animals that we take joy in seeing their pictures or going into the zoo to see, as well as the mammals in the sea and the birds in the air, we pray for all of them as we pray for each other. Furthermore, we pray for Divine Mother to Divine Mother and to each of these Beings whose names we do know.  You can pray on behalf of Divine Mother to Great Silent Watcher.  Jim and I do that on a daily basis.  We have added it to our prayers.


Our Inner Circle, which is a small group of around 12 people and we meet weekly on Monday evenings, we do that constantly.  Our Core Group which we meet once a month or twice a month in situations like this, we do that constantly, and we now have a new small group in Vermont that we actually meet every few weeks and we’re beginning to work on that, and we’re taking steps for these teachings to be disbursed to the members of that group as well.


I want to thank all of you for all that you do.  What we do is now coming to its apex.  It is important that we remain focused on Light, on positive, on constantly remembering that with Divine Mother all things are possible.  That she has proven to us that she can and will protect us, guide us, be very subtle about it, be very quiet about it, but meantime watch every aspect of our individual lives and the lives of our loved ones, and give us little signals that show us she’s in charge and we can trust and let go, and we can do our part without any fear. 


On that note, today she has a gift, a very important gift for all of us.  So, I welcome you while you are experiencing yourselves in the bosom of Divine Mother, bathing in her Copper Gold Light, I welcome you to experience this new gift and the tools that come with it, and use it, especially when you pray for Divine Mother.  Do this thing which she gives to you as a gift and use it to pray for her.  You pray in this manner for her, to her.  You pray in this manner for her to all the other Deities, and to all those Deities that you love dearly, your teachers, your gurus, your spiritual masters.  You may petition them and pray for Divine Mother and ask them to pray along side of you for the success of her projects in uplifting Earth and all humankind.  Her projects that relate to return of compassion and the Energies of Divine Feminine to bring that Creative Force so that our lands become fertile, our hearts become open; our lives become filled with joy.


It is not because I have come in this lifetime in a female body that I beat to the drum of the Divine Feminine.  Jim is not in the female body but he beats to the same drum.  It’s only because it makes common sense.  Perhaps when the beginning of male dominance started, they too were as compassionate as Divine Mother now is in bringing the Divine Feminine.  Unfortunately, a cycle of many thousands of years has gone by and the energies have become corrupted.  The container that carries our reality has become corrupted.


You put liquid in a glass that has a crack, it will leak and pour out.  You put food in a container that has a crack, it leaks.  You wear clothes that have tears in them, the air, the wind gets into your body, your skin, or the sun will scorch through the tear onto your skin.  The analogy is the same thing.


Our reality is its own event.  We cannot work with a reality that is leaky.  We cannot work with a reality that’s poisonous.  You cannot protect yourself from absorbing the poison if you are walking in an environment that’s polluted.  You cannot stop your body from absorbing poisonous waters if you’re swimming or drinking that water.  The container of our reality carries the 5 Elements which are the building blocks of our reality.  If the container that holds Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether is corrupted then the waters become polluted, the soil cannot become fertile so it becomes barren, the rain doesn’t come, the air becomes polluted, the fire runs rampant and the Ether which is the sublime element which is responsible for holding the other four in place becomes warped.  Ether is not corruptible because it’s an incorruptible substance but you take an incorruptible substance and you fill it with substances that are all corruptible, what happens?  It cannot function.  It becomes warped.  It becomes swayed.  It becomes ridged.  It either loses its elasticity or it becomes too far flowy and cannot contain all these poisonous substances. 


For its own sanity, for its own protection, the Element of Ether would have to withdraw from providing for the 4 base elements, from protecting the 4 base elements.  So, Ether is becoming the element that becomes more and more illusive to us, that’s becoming more and more distant to us, that’s becoming more and more out of our reach, out of the reach of the 4 base elements.


It is our job to carry these Lights, these tools that have been given to us, that have been placed in our safe keeping.  It is our job to help the Element of Ether to then become more elastic, more malleable, and more receptive to those poisonous, polluted elements.  It is our job to hold so much Light around us and our loved ones, and anchor those Lights within our planet so that the 4 base elements become purified.  It is our job.  It is our soul contract.  Sitting on the fence and saying, “who am I to be so big as to accomplish such a task” Is only coming from the ego.  That’s as egotistical as for us to think that we are bigger than we are.  The truth is that our soul is much bigger than we think we are.  So, there’s two ways of giving into ego.  One is when the ego gets to the point it thinks it’s bigger than it really is.  The other one is when the ego gets so fearful that it says, “who am I to pray for Divine Mother, I’m a measly human being who can’t even handle my own life”.  Well, enough of us thought we couldn’t handle our own lives and that has brought us here. 


It’s time that we give up that ego and start thinking that we’re big enough, important enough, and sufficient to be able to bring the Energies of Compassion back inside the container that the Divine Feminine provides, and to clean the container of our reality, clean the 5 Elements of pollution, heal the hearts and the souls of the 5 Elements, the building blocks of our reality and the hearts and the souls of the 4 kingdoms, the Kingdom of Animals, Minerals, Plants, and Humans.  It is time we take responsibility for what is ours. 


It is a shame that for every one of us who have awakened there are hundreds of thousands that are not.  It only makes our task more difficult, yet I hope that it makes each of us more determined, because the other side of the equation is that you gain a hundred thousand times more merits because you’re doing the job of at least a hundred thousand, if not more.  If a hundred thousand people are still sleeping and you’re doing their job, then the merits that you gain goes a hundred thousand times further and it’s written into the Akashic Records and it is counted to your favor, when it comes to the application of the Universal Laws.


So, on that note, once again humbly I thank you with gratitude on my own behalf, on behalf of Jim and myself, on behalf of Waves of Bliss, on behalf of Path of Enlightenment Mystery School and Path to Enlightenment Academy, on behalf of IndigosAwaken and most importantly on behalf of Divine Mother and the Divine Feminine Council, we wouldn’t be here without them.  So, they come in first.  They are the crowns we wear on our heads proudly.


So, let’s take a deep breath, and let’s envision each of us seeing ourselves inside of a Tornado of Turquoise Blue Light, as we see every member of this group and all the groups that we participate in, and all the circles that will join us in the future, all the ones that we will absorb to these Energies whether we ever meet them or know of them, whether they ever meet us or know of us, we send them the blessing and we place the Tornado of Turquoise Blue.   We offer them the Golden Shimmers from Great Silent Watcher’s Pot.  We offer them the Amber from the Core of the Earth, the Amber from the Core of the Pool of Creation and Mother of Cosmos and our own heart that carries the Cosmic Aspect of the Life Force which is Amber colored, Amber colored Light, and we wish and pray on this Summer Solstice that everyone can feel the joy and participate in raising their own vibration in becoming the Beacon of Light to raise the vibrations of the 5 Elements and the 4 kingdoms.  We offer all of this for the healing of Earth, for the benefit of our loved ones, for peace on Earth, for raising of the vibration of Earth, for healing the container of our reality and we pray for the success of Divine Mother and the Divine Feminine Council in all their endeavors for uplifting Earth, and for return of the Energies of Compassion.


Divine Mother begins:  48.52


My Beloved Children of Light I am your own Divine Mother.  I hold each and every one of you in my own heart.


My gift to you on this auspicious day is to ask you to envision now you’re standing before Divine Mother, approximately 3-4 feet apart, and envision that the Angels return, this time to bring you your Scepter of Power inside of a tray.  


You now imagine yourselves wearing your Ceremonial Robes in the color that is the Signature Energy of your own Soul Lineage.  And if you are unsure or incapable of seeing a specific color that your robes are illuminated and your cape is illuminated, the cape that goes around your neck and flows all the way down to the ground and trails behind you with a trunk and feels like a feather in weight but helps you experience your own Energies as though you have been uplifted.  If the color alludes you, then imagine wearing either the Copper Gold Light of Divine Mother and become a member of Divine Mother’s entourage, or wear the Pure White Light and the colors that are contained in White- which carries the Energies of all the Rays and all the Soul Lineages.  I leave it up to you how you envision yourselves.  It is my joy to offer you a cape that is of Copper Gold if that is what you wish to receive, and the robes that emanate the Copper Gold Light of Divine Mother. 


I do not wish to disregard or disrespect your Soul Lineage, but I do welcome all of you to wear the robes of Divine Mother’s own lineage while respecting your own individual Soul Lineages:  in other words, your spiritual family that you have been serving for hundreds of thousands of years- and you will continue to serve in future lifetimes as well as this one- but it is my honor to offer to you mine and allow the Angels to come forward.  If you wish, you may choose to wear the Copper Gold robes underneath your Copper Gold cape which has Filigree Gold going around the edge, and the trailing trunk goes many feet and the reason for this pomp and circumstance is that these are your power objects


On top of that, notice that the Angels bring your Scepter of Power, hold your Scepter.  This Scepter is your power object.  You have had it for many eons of time.  The gift that I bestow upon you is that I will charge your Scepter with the Energies of Divine Mother and I will instill the memories of all possible, probable and ultimate realities that will affect you, and through you will affect our world, your world.


I will charge your Scepter with those realities so that you can retrieve the power of those realities, events, circumstances and the tools contained within.  Inherent within your Scepter of Power is the etching of all the power you have had in previous lifetimes in present lifetime, and even in what you would consider future lifetimes.   The lifetimes you have served in various capacities, and that includes the lifetimes you have had, and you will have with Divine Mother.  The memories, the tools that support you in accomplishing above and beyond your own expectations and hopefully mine, those are etched into your Scepter.


I ask you to lift up your Scepter.  It has a large golden globe, and it could be two or three globes that sit on top of each other. and then a long rod that you hold in your hands, then you come and stand before Divine Mother.  You kneel before Divine Mother, not because I ever need you to kneel before me.  You belong in my heart and that’s where I want you all the time, but you do this because this is the way the Universal Law states.  If you are petitioning a Higher Being than yourself, the way to do it is to hold your Scepter of Power above your head and kneel.  


So, you kneel, and my suggestion is that you place your right knee on the ground, lay your right leg and foot on the ground and then your left foot is on the ground as your knee is pointing upward.  Left side of your body carries the Energies of the Feminine.  Right side of the body carries the Energies of the Masculine.  So, with your right knee on the ground you are grounding the Energies of the Masculine.  With your left knee pointing upward you are retrieving the Energies of the Feminine, and if this is confusing don’t worry about it, do what is right to you and it will all come together.  Once you have done the kneeling and you have your cape forming around you again and the trail trailing behind you, the trail being that long is another tool for grounding the Energies, also, to make you invisible and invincible.


Now place your Scepter with both hands above your head as if the very end point of your Scepter, the lowest point of your Scepter is lining up with your Crown Chakra, almost resting, but you don’t want to put it on your Crown Chakra because it’s heavy, you want to hold it with both hands.  Hold it above your head; slightly bend your head so the point of your Scepter is pointing to Divine Mother.  And the gift I am giving you is to tell you that you may ask Divine Mother for whatever you wish, and include in that the petition to Divine Mother that you be the embodiment of your Divine Soul and your Divine Soul Mission.  When you request this, it is then my responsibility to make sure that in every moment of this lifetime and in all the lifetimes in the future that you choose me as your guide that I carry you, that I guide you, that I make sure you always make the right choices, and that I pull you out of situations that are detrimental.  In other words, I watch your back, I watch you closely.  I watch over you and your loved ones and I ascertain that you make choices that will lead to the highest and the best.  This I will do for as long as you request it.  The moment that you free me from that responsibility, from that promise, I let you free.  I am not holding you responsible.  You make that choice.  If you so wish to make that choice you may petition Divine Mother to be your guide and to protect you, to guide you, to help you make the right choices and again I do not take your freewill choice from you.  I will help you make the right choices. 


Sometimes people think when I say these things that your freewill choice is best kept the way that it is, but the problem with leaving things up to you when you are limited in your understanding of what is your best-case scenario, is then you are prone to make mistakes.  So, it is up to you to then say. “I hand over my freewill choice and I ask you to take charge of that.  Help me understand that your choices for me are better than mine or you can also say, let me align my freewill choices with yours.”  In that way, your soul doesn’t make a different choice than your personality aspects and then a battle goes on inside your head or your heart about which way to go.  The most important and beneficial thing in all of this is for you to be able to make the right choices and for every aspect of your being to agree with you.  For every aspect of your being to decide that this is the best way to go rather than you being torn that a part of you wants to do it this way and another part of you wants to do the exact opposite, or anywhere in between.


Holding your Scepter of Power you may now take a moment to petition Divine Mother for anything you wish to pray for, for any member of your family, your loved ones, for jobs, money, relationships, your spiritual attainment and or mundane success.  I would choose for you all things- that are good for you and puts you on a higher path.


Take a moment, in your own words petition Divine Mother….and remember this is a gift to you.  You can always come and go into the bosom of Divine Mother at the Throne of Divine Mother and then see yourselves wearing your Ceremonial Robes, holding your Scepter in this format, petitioning Divine Mother for everything and anything.  This is a gift that is given to you so if you’re not quite finished you may always go back and petition Divine Mother for other things.


Now envision that Divine Mother at this point is holding her own Scepter of Power.  So, I ask you to raise your head and hold your Scepter in such a way that you imagine the point, the tip of the golden globe of your Scepter is touching the tip of the Golden Globe of Divine Mother’s Scepter.  And then from within my own heart I send beams of Light into my hands to the Scepter that I hold in my hands, and the Energy gets transferred from Divine Mother’s Scepter to your Scepter.  And it goes from the golden globe of your Scepter to the rod and gets transferred to the palms of your hands and moves up to your arms, your shoulders, and enters into your chest and it reaches to your Chakras of the Body and the Energy Centers, and then it emanates from your Seat of the Soul Chakra to your 5 Body System, Light Body. It extends to the environment around you and also encompass your loved ones that you will call to receive it.  The Energies that Divine Mother will send from her own vibrational Force Field, from her own memory and consciousness to her Scepter and from my Scepter to yours contain the Divine Plan and the highest and best intentions, the highest and best seeds for all realities that help you serve your highest and best with every endeavor you embark upon.


What I ask you to do is to make a point of seeing yourselves in this position with Divine Mother exchanging Energies with you for at least 9 days.  That way it becomes part of your being.  If you want to extend it further, do it for 33 days.  You want to extend it further than that, do it for 99 days.  9, 3, 33 any variation of 9 are all Divine Mother’s numbers.  The more you do it, the more you connect with the Energies and the substance of what I give to you.


I can give you a gift.  You leave it on the table and you walk away from it, you’ve moved away from it.  You take it with you; you use it every day, you take the best advantage.  You take it with you and use it occasionally you take partial advantage.  What you do with it, how you do it, is all yours to decide.  I cannot make you do what’s best for you even though I have made a promise to you to try.  My taking on the responsibility of guiding you depends upon you choosing to be guided.  It takes two of us in this.  I am one hand, you’re the other.  If you want to hear the cheering and the clapping, then you got to extend your hand more often so we can clap together, we can do high fives together.  The high five in this case is for you to imagine every time you want to embark upon a new project, come up, hold your Scepter, connect it with my Scepter, and say, “Mother transfer the best-case scenario for this to unfold”.  And that extends even to little things like; “I want this day that I’m going out with my friends to be a really good experience.  I want this ride in my car to be a really smooth one.  I want this food I’m making for the party to be really tasting good and I dedicate it to Divine Mother.”  From that to a job change, the birth of a new baby, the outcome of a job interview to peace on Earth, to changing the Container of the Reality, to praying for the division between the races and the religions, to praying for each other in this group and in all the groups, to posting this information into your own Personal Body Grid, which is a grid matrix around you that carries all that you allow inside, and then allowing that to be posted upon the Planetary Body Grid so that those who can raise their vibration to reach up to your Energy can get it without ever needing to sit with you, but it also extends to you sitting in a bus, in a train, in a plane, in an office, in the traffic jam in your own car next to another car and expanding the Energies, activating your own Scepter and blessing everyone, and in turn gaining the merits.  This has to be one of the best Solstice Equinox ceremonies we have ever performed and my prayer is that everyone from this moment on builds on this and allows you to climb from this as the platform and the plateau.


I hold you in my own heart.  I ask you to spend another 5-10 minutes to lie down and let the transfer of Energies from my Scepter to your Scepter to become more permanently established, if you so have the time.  If you do not have the time, then set the intention that wherever you go and whatever you do today or for the next 12 hours after this, the transfer of Energies continue.  You may also ask for both.  Spend the 5 minutes with me and set the intention that for the next 12 hours and beyond for as long as necessary you give permission for the transfer of the Energies to continue.


I am very happy, very well pleased with the work that we do together and I want to tell you there’s no need for you to worry or be concerned about the Energies that everybody is talking about.  You’ve done your work.  There’s no need for you to be concerned.  If you have any concern let it be the concern for changing the world for others who may need to be concerned.  Changing the world so no one has to experience any potholes, any upheavals, any hardships, and everyone is protected in the Love and the Light of Divine Mother and the Divine Feminine Council.   On that note I bid you love, I am your very own Divine Mother and I hold each and every one of you in my own heart.  So It Is.


Nasrin concludes:  All right everyone, thank you and goodnight.  Happy Solstice, Happy Fathers Day.


Jim concludes:  Thank you Nasrin, thank you Divine Mother, and I thank all of you, goodnight.