January 2018

Dear Friends,

Welcome to 2018!!

Hello to all of you from WOB and PTE Mystery School. We wish for health, wholeness, abundance and success for you in the New Year!

This month we continue with Divine Mother’s special series, At the Cosmic Council. As we optimistically embrace the New Year continuing to petition the Cosmic Councils for their assistance and blessings with Phase 4 of this critical work on behalf of Earth and Humankind.

Thank you all for staying the course and realizing the immense help and great service you provide in these challenging times. We bless Divine Mother for her constant vigilance and support in bringing to our aid more members of the Cosmic Council.

Blessings to you all from Nasrin & Jim .


To All – Continued gratitude to you for your patience as we work through some technical difficulties with our site. These are tough times all around. 


Crystal Grid Per Goddess Hecate and Divine Mother’s request,

I have turned the Grid of Light into a Crystal Grid. This Crystal Grid is intended to enhance and empower you and to help you to manifest your highest and best desires and dreams for the year 2017 and beyond. It is powerful crystal grid as Jim and I have been using ours for a few days. The energies of Hecate, Divine Mother, Sanat Kumara and Shiva, Shakti are imbued into various crystals including a strand of red Garnets- One of Hecate’s favorite gemstones. Hecate has requested that we offer this grid first to everyone who has participated in the Spring Equinox course at a discounted price of $55.00 (regular price $120.00.) If you are interested please use the donation box located on our home page- link bellow- and deposit $55,00. Use the remarks for any special requests and/or shipping address- if different from your normal address- I will charge your Crystal Grid and add/customize it with Mother and Hecate’s guidance especially for you. Instructions for how to use the grid and invocations will be mailed with your package containing your Crystal Grid.
Link for grid donation: https://www.paypal.com/donate/?token=fdUS-6NENVTKX3h1pJyinCa_1uAaLKfnQ6NQ_4J0jwBZLDEz9V0ApETQCFwCtMUc8s4hBW


Portal Days: 1/1/18, 1/11/18, 1/18/18, 1/20/18, 1/21/18 & 1/22/18. The Full Moon is on the first and the 31st –  New Moon on the 16th.


The 1-1-18 Gateway Portal Session is Posted:

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PTE MS: At the Cosmic Council PH 4

Course tuition is: $150.00.

Live Channeling on Sunday January 21, 2018 at 3:00 PM ET.

Divine Mother takes us to the Cosmic Council to offer our petitions for acceleration of  positive change in our world. The topics of interest to bring to the counsels are our personal needs and desires as well as world topics such as measures to abate natural and man made disasters, remedial measures to curb Climate Change,  return of integrity and peace and removal of corruption in our divided world.  Please offer your service at this critical time for us and our world.


Wash Away Obstacles – Abishakam Ceremony to Divine Mother

To Participate in these Ceremonies: $33.00. Click here to go to Gifts Store to Register. Here’s how it works Abishakam is an ancient Vedic ceremony to honor Divine Mother. In turn, we ask her to wash away all obstacles and smooth out the path ahead in every way possible. We honor Divine Mother by bathing her Shri Chakra Crystals which are carved with the symbol of Divine Mother. We celebrate Divine Mother by bathing 9 of her Shri Chakra Crystals in milk, honey and rose water while chanting her sacred names. This is a great way to invite Divine Mother’s favorable response, her love and nurturance. When you register for this ceremony you and your loved ones are included in our prayers. In essence, you offer yourself to Divine Mother to enhance all areas of your life and the lives of your loved ones. Intentions are offered to Divine Mother by reciting your name during the ceremony and asking her to grant you all that she wished to offer you, including all that you wish to receive and experience in your life and the removal of all obstacles from your path. Divine Mother knows the intentions and desires of all her children. Our request for enhancing all aspects of your life during this sacred ceremony is a great gift that Divine Mother has bestowed upon all of us. She is giving us a chance to call on her to enhance all aspects of our lives and the lives of our loved ones. If you wish to offer your own prayers and invocations to Divine Mother, please do so at any time while in meditation. You may also connect with us during Fridays and Saturdays anytime between 7-10 AM your time, where ever you are. Whether you connect or not, we will bring you and your loved ones to Divine Mother and request her loving grace for you. 3 in One Special Offer To Participate in these Ceremonies: $44.00. Click here to go to Gifts Store to Register. The 3 ceremonies are: Wash away Obstacles – Abishakam Ceremony – Please read about this Grid in the Gifts Store. Release Anxiety Healing Crystal Grid – Please read about this Grid in the product description from the Gifts Store. Monthly Gateway Portal Fire Ceremony – Please read about this ceremony in the product description from the Gifts Store. You may send us a copy of your intentions to offer to the sacred fire. Email intentions to Nasrin’s personal email nasrinsafai@gmail.com. Reminder: $5 Book Sale We continue the special offer price into 2014. Spread the Divine Energies where ever you leave these books (the offices of your therapists, dentist, yoga center, YMCA, etc.). You change the lives of all who are touched by these books. Click here to order books. Book sale proceeds help creation of courses for our “Indigos Awaken” site and the publication of new books from PTE Mystery School.

Divine Mother’s Meditation for 

Winter Solstice 2016 

Adapted from the PTE MS course; Winter Solstice 2016
© FAGU 2017




Hello everybody this is Jim and welcome to the Winter Solstice 2016 Ceremony.  I thank you all for being here and offering yourselves in this service once again; and I wish you a happy holiday season and a very prosperous and productive and abundant New Year as the Gregorian Year changes over to 2017.  This will be our last session with you in 2016, and just a reminder that on January 1st 2017 there will be no live portal session.  It’s likely we will post something but there will be no live portal session on 1-1-2017.  And we will join you again later in January; look for the newsletter to find out the dates.

Grounding Meditation- Take a deep breath and envision yourself standing on Uluru.  Be aware that everyone on this call, everyone taking this course in the future is standing there with you.  Feel Uluru beneath your feet and begin to slide into the Clay Red Light of Uluru as it surrounds you, penetrating into your 5 Body System, clearing and cleansing your body and your being and your Chakras.

As we activate our Hara Line we see our Hara Line glowing brightly, the Pillar of Light beneath the bottoms of your feet extending all the way to the Core Crystal, and we send our roots down from the bottoms of our feet and from our tailbone, all the way down around the Hara Line, wrap themselves around the Core Crystal grounding us.

We invite Divine Mother, Mother of the Universe, Mother of the Cosmos, Victory, Guardian of Divine Plan, Great Silent Watcher and the Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian of Protection to wrap themselves around us and to send their roots down to hold us even tighter to the Core Crystal and grounded to Earth.  And we now envision the tree trunk forming around us sending its roots down wrapping around all the others, and shooting all the way up through the heavens to the Pool of Creation where the branches and leaves spread out into the Pool of Creation.

See the Emerald Green colored outside cylinder of the tree trunk as we bask in the Emerald Green Light of Abundance & Healing.  Around that see the Plum colored Light of Divine Mother’s Light of Rejuvenation.  As it mixes with the Emerald Green Light, we call the Guardian of Earthly Abundance.  As those Lights mix together they make her Light the Red, Dark Red and Dark Green.  Outside of the Plum colored Light of Rejuvenation we form the Tornado of Turquoise Blue Light of Great Silent Watcher.  The tornado extends all the way from the Core Crystal to the Pool of Creation.  We invite Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian of Protection to join in to that tornado and to bring her stepped Energies of Protection to that tornado.  And wrapping around all of that we invite the Guardian of Stability and her Eggplant colored Light.

As you establish yourselves within the tree trunk, focus on the Core Crystal and the Amber colored Light in the Core Crystal, the Life Force Energy of Mother Earth.  And we call to Goddess Gaia with all of our love and gratitude, and we pull the Life Force Energy, the Amber colored Light all the way up through the roots to the bottoms of our feet, into our body and being, flushing out all the static energy and all the dross, moving all the way up through our Crown into the tree trunk, all the way up to the Pool of Creation pouring the Life Force Energy of Mother Earth into the Cosmic Pool of Creation.

Great Silent Watcher standing along the side pouring Gold into the Pool of Creation along with her Turquoise Blue Light.  Topaz Blue Guardian of Protection pouring her Light in the Pool of Creation, Guardian of Divine Plan the Warm Orange, Victory pouring the Champaign and Gold colored Light into the Pool of Creation, Mother of the Cosmos the Vibrant Amber colored Light, Mother of the Universe – Vibrant Pink, our own Divine Mother and Guardian of Compassion.   Mother pouring her Golden Brown Light and Guardian of Compassion pouring her Creamy Peach colored Light into the Pool of Creation.  All those Lights pouring down through the tree trunk reaching to our Crown, filling our body and being, 5 Body System & Light Body, all of the Chakras, and continuing on down, out the bottoms of our feet, all the way to the Core Crystal and we provide this service to Divine, to Earth, to Goddess Gaia, bringing the Cosmic Energies of all these Beings with us as the catalyst all the way to Earth, feeding Earth with these Energies. 

And as they mix with the Amber colored Light of Earth, the Life Force Energy of Earth they move all the way back up again through our body and being.  We send them to the Pool of Creation to be rejuvenated and regenerated by the Cosmic Beings.  The Lights pour back down all the way to the Core Crystal feeding Earth.  You can feel when those Energies reach the Core Crystal and spread out through Earth, through its 5 Body System, it’s like these Energies immediately get sucked into every part of Mother Earth.  They’re very welcome, and one last time they move up, and as they move these Energies all mixed together, move up through our body, filling our body and being, we move our consciousness with it all the way up to the Pool of Creation.

You see all around the Pool of Creation all of these Beings and all the other Cosmic Goddesses and the Goddesses from Mother Earth, and we step out of the Pool of Creation and face the two Angels that have our Garments of Light.  We put them on, our ceremonial robes and we take our scepter, offer them our gratitude and love and we turn to face Divine Mother in the distance sitting on her Throne, Shiva & Shakti on either side of Divine Mother, Great Silent Watcher standing behind her.

As we move to Divine Mother she stands, embraces us with her Golden Brown Light.  Take a moment in the bosom of Divine Mother.  We offer our gratitude for everything that Divine Mother has done and made possible in this year of 2016.  Without her coming forth in service we wouldn’t have all of these Cosmic Guardians present and assisting us and Earth, and you can see as you’re within the embrace of Divine Mother all of these Cosmic Guardians, all these feminine aspects standing around her and around us.

Now we standup to face Divine Mother, pay our obeisance to Goddess Shakti, the flow of Shakti and ask that we always be in the flow of Shakti and recognize it and be able to make our decisions and walk with the flow at all times.

We move to stand before Shiva, Beloved Lord Shiva and ask that all the obstacles be removed from our path that we may flow with the Shakti in the easiest, the smoothest, the most productive path possible, beyond expectation, beyond limitation.

Great Silent Watcher is standing behind Divine Mother, and as we stand in front of this entourage once again,  Great Silent Watcher steps forward, Cosmic Guardian of Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian of Protection standing with her, Goddess Victory steps forward, Goddess Gaia is present, and see that the eight layered grid begins to form around you as Great Silent Watcher activates the 6 Pointed Stars and the Spheres above your head and below your feet, activating each one of your 5 Body System with the Turquoise Blue, with the Guardian of Topaz Blue Light of Protection following suit, and Victory.

And as we activate each one of the layers of our 5 Body System and all of these 8 layers, be aware that we are also activating the 8 layers of Earth’s 5 Body System and the additional layers of protection.

So visualize that Great Silent Watcher pours her Turquoise Blue Light to your Physical Body, and as that happens, simultaneously the Light is being poured on the Physical Body of Mother Earth.  You can visualize the small globe of Earth suspended above the Sacred Fire, as you can also simultaneously imagine Earth from space and see these layers illuminated as we walk through each one of the layers of our Personal Body Grid, the layers of Earth’s Body Grid will also be illuminated. 

Physical Body gets the Turquoise Blue Light.   The Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian of Protection puts her Topaz Blue Light over our Physical Body.  As these Lights satiate the Physical Body of yours and of Earth it moves to fill the Etheric Body as Great Silent Watcher and Topaz Blue Guardian pour into the Etheric Body their Lights.  See your own Etheric Body be illuminated.  See the Earth’s Etheric Body be illuminated.

Now they pour into our Emotional Body and the Emotional Body of Earth, Turquoise Blue and Topaz Blue Lights, moving to the Mental Body of you and Earth, all being illuminated.  Vibrant Turquoise Blue, vibrant Topaz Blue Lights moving to the Spiritual Body, your own Spiritual Body first, and then as you feel it and see it fully illuminated, see it fully illuminated around Earth.

It moves to the Light Body, your Light Body, Earth’s Light Body.  Now it moves to the 7th layer, layer of protection for you and for Earth.  Finally to the 8th layer, and as the 8th layer fills up see Goddess of Victory pour her Frosted Blue Light into the 8th layer.  See Goddess Gaia hold next to your Cosmic Heart and Personal Heart the Burnt Amber colored Light that moves through your body and being all the way through the layers, all the way out to the 8th layer.  Victory fills the 8th layer with her Energies of Victory, the Platinum colored Light with the Frosted Blue Light, as it moves back in through all the layers, all the way to your Physical Body, the Energies of Victory, the Energies of Goddess Gaia, and see the halo of Light Aquamarine Green Light of Goddess Gaia’s Light mixed with these other Lights out around the 7th and 8th layers and throughout the other layers. 

Feel the Energies of each one of these Beings fully present in each one of the layers of your body and of Earth’s 5 Body System, and the additional layers all the way out to the 8th layer, illuminating your own Personal Body Grid within these Energies.  See all the Nadies of Light illuminated within your Personal Body Grid.  You can see them illuminated in the Planetary Body Grid of Earth.  As you continue to feel and see the presence of these Energies for yourself and for Mother Earth I’ll give you a few minutes to set your intentions, say your prayers and the next voice you hear will be that of our Beloved Nasrin.  I thank you all for all you’ve done in this year.  I look forward to your working with us next year to even greater heights.  So It Is.

Nasrin:  17:24

Hello everyone and welcome to Winter Solstice 2016.  Remember that when we reach to this point and we have the longest night of the year, that’s when the dawn breaks and we start moving into greater Light.  So in a sense Winter Solstice, while it is the longest night of the year, there’s more darkness then there is Light, it’s the breaking point for the darkness to move into the Light.  I always feel it energetically in my body, right around now it’s really heavy.  The year is old, we’re continuing to move into darkness, and then suddenly you have Winter Solstice and something breaks and you can feel the Energy of the New Year and the Energy of the days getting longer.  And even though in the northern hemisphere there’s still many days and weeks and months of winter left, there’s always this feeling of upliftment that happens.

I too want to thank all of you, as this is our last session of the year, for everything that you have done.  We will have a session for the equivalent of 1-1- Gateway Portal Day.  It may not be on the first but either Mother would give us a message and we will post it by 1-1 or she would prefer to wait until we have moved into the Energies of the New Year and then give us a message that will basically sets the tone for the New Year and what we should expect.  That remains to be seen.  In the meantime thank you for everything that you did in the year 2016.  I know Divine Mother is very happy and she told us in the last session of Past Life Regression course, series one, that we have gone above and beyond her expectation and our own limitations and we are ahead of time, which is always a good thing to hear because as a general rule there’s always delays, and this is one of the first few times when not only we are up to the times but we are actually ahead.  We’ve done more for this year and for Mother’s plans than she expected and our own limitations allowed us.  We’ve gone beyond our own limitations and her expectation and that is something we should be happy and proud of.

So also remember for those of you who are taking this course live or those of you who are joining that we have about 4 days before we actually hit Winter Solstice.  So in these 4 days I ask you to please set your intentions for the New Year.  Set your intentions for the breaking of the back of the darkness and entering into Light and remaining positive together, remembering our group and all we have accomplished together.  Let’s move into the New Year with positive intentions and a happy outlook, a joyful outlook.  I personally have a very good feeling about this year.  I did have a good feeling about the year 2016 and in a lot of ways it has been just that.

When you look at the situation of the world now let’s remember together that all that has been hidden, all that has been covered, all that has been dark needs to come to the surface and see Light, so it might seem negative and dark around us right now but it is all because that darkness is coming to the surface to be released, and behind it is the Tunnel of Light.  Behind it is Divine Mother and Divine Feminine Deities holding their Light, holding their love and nurturance and holding us in their bosom.  So as Jim said with great gratitude to Divine Mother and the Divine Feminine for all they do, patting ourselves on the back, and from Jim and myself and everyone at Waves of Bliss and Mystery School and Indigos Awaken thank you to all of you for all that you are, for all that you do and for the role that you play in this group that we have created together.

Let’s take a deep breath and from our hearts send Golden Pink Light to our Beloved Divine Mother as she approaches to speak with us.

Divine Mother:  23:35

My Beloved Children of Light I’m your very own Divine Mother.

 I am very pleased and very happy with what we have achieved during this year of 2016 and I do look forward to 2017 being an extremely powerful and moving yearThis is going to be a year where Goddess Shakti will charge every one of you, every one of us together with the flow of her loving Light with the flow of her Shakti.

It is going to be a year of success and achievements.  I have requested of all of you as we enter into the new spiritual year at the beginning of November of 2016 that you pull in your Energies and focus on yourselves, on your loved ones and on the foundation.  There will be changes for yourselves, for your loved ones and for the foundation, and all those changes are going to be very welcome.

Sometimes change comes with resistance.  It is my hope and my prayer and my presence by your side that will help you see this change that will begin as we move into the New Gregorian Year of 2017 as a good one, as a positive one, as a way for all of you to move into bigger/better things in your lives.  As a way for you to see your children, your grandchildren, your siblings, your parents, your loved ones, your friends, your societies beginning to shake themselves off of  the dross and walk themselves into greater Light.  It is a year that we will move into higher Light, we will blaze the trail, we will clear the path and we will walk the path into preparing ourselves for the year 2018 which is going to be even greater and even more important.

2017 stands on its own as a very important year.  And yet it stands as a precursor to 2018, which is going to be an extremely powerful year.  Goddess Victory will be very prominent in 2018.  In this past year of 2016 I have been telling you that Victory is very much involved in weaving the Light of Victory into the year.  So, in 2017 we’re putting in a lot of love Energy, and we look up to Great Silent Watcher and the Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian of Protection.  We are dedicating the year of 2017 to the Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian of Protection and Great Silent Watcher.  And I ask you to now, kneel with me, with your scepter held up high as we approach Great Silent Watcher and the Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian of Protection who are standing right by the Sacred Fire. 

You are familiar with Great Silent Watcher’s large Scepter of Power.  I have mentioned that Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian of Protection’s Scepter of Power becomes activated, and the Light that emanates from it spreads like a fan, like one of those ornate fans that ladies in the Victorian times and Japanese Geishas are known to spread and wave themselves with, a very beautiful ornate fan like contraption that right now is held above the head of Great Silent Watcher, since Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian of Protection is the Higher Self, and the Higher Essence of Great Silent Watcher.  So as great and as humungous our Beloved Great Silent Watcher, she’s dwarfed when it comes to the Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian and her fan like Scepter of Power when activated.

We are kneeling with our scepters above our heads and we are requesting Great Silent Watcher and Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian to bless this year of 2017, this Winter Solstice of 2016 and all the events that will transpire from this Winter Solstice into the year 2017 until we come back next year this time at Winter Solstice of 2017, and then beyond into the year 2018 where the help of these two Beings will join and merge with Goddess Victory to make huge changes for raising the consciousness of the planet and of humankind.

I ask you to imagine directly above the Sacred Fire a miniature aspect of Earth suspended, and I ask you to imagine that the Light from the Scepter of Great Silent Watcher pours down her Turquoise Blue Light of Empowerment, Fearlessness and Protection and the Light from the fanlike Scepter of Power of Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian towering above Great Silent Watcher is pouring down the Topaz Blue Light creating a huge dome that encompasses all of us in the group, as well as all the Deities that work with the Divine Feminine, and all the Divine Feminine Deities from their Cosmic Aspects all the way down to their Earthly Aspects.

Imagine Divine Mother standing with you.  Imagine Shiva & Shakti seated upon their Thrones with the Cosmic Aspect of Divine Mother between them directly under the fan shaped Scepter of the Topaz Blue Goddess and the Scepter of Great Silent Watcher.  Imagine now our very own Planetary Logos, Sanat Kumara approaching and standing right next to you by my side.  Imagine all the Cosmic Guardians, the 4, the 6, the 9, which are the latest arrivals with the 9 Earthly companions, and the 12 which are the first arrivals, the 12 around the circle that you received in my inner chamber.  They are all present alongside with Silent Watchers and Angelic Watchers who make the dome more vibrant.

Imagine looking at the miniature aspect of Earth and seeing that the Light shining from the fan shaped Scepter of Power of Topaz Blue Guardian and the Turquoise Light from Great Silent Watcher begin to weave an outer layer which becomes a shield around the globe.  As this shield becomes fully active around the globe with a Topaz Blue layer on the outside and next to it on the inside a Turquoise Blue.  Notice Sanat Kumara raising up his hands, and from his entire body and his hands his Fuchsia Pink Light emanating and creating an inner layer on the inside that becomes a Fuchsia Pink Light embracing Earth.  Imagine that all of these Beings and Deities lift up their hands and they all send their own Light in support of this 3 layered grid.  The outermost layer is Topaz Blue.  The middle layer is Turquoise Blue.  The inner layer is Fuchsia Pink.

Topaz Blue Guardian and Great Silent Watcher are at this point protecting and enhancing the Energies of Sanat Kumara and the consciousness of the Planetary Logos.   Every one of us with all these Cosmic Guardians is adding our own Signature Energy to it.  You send your own Life Force, I send my own Golden Brown, every one of these Deities, Angelic Beings, Angelic Watchers, Silent Watchers send their own Life Force Energy to enhance and establish this 3 layered grid.

We’ve talked extensively about the importance of this Shield of Protection which carries the consciousness of the Planetary Logos, the love of the Planetary Logos, office of the Planetary Logos, and the qualities of Sanat Kumara himself who plays the role of the Planetary Logos.  We’ve talked about this shield which is a necessary and integral part of Earth’s Life Force.  We’ve talked about the necessity of this Fuchsia Pink Light always emanating around the globe becoming a shield, an impenetrable shield, a shield that protects Earth and all souls from lower vibrations, energies and entities who have intentions of harm towards Earth and all the species of creatures who depend on Earth. A shield that sends loving nurturance to all the creatures of Earth and the body of Mother Earth herself, a shield that raises the consciousness, the mindset, the behavior of all the species, because they’re all protected and their vibration is in resonance with the consciousness of the Planetary Logos.

In order to change the future of Earth for a better one, in order to reverse the climate change, the drought patterns, the natural disasters, the manmade disasters, the cultural events that are not positive, in order to bring about positive change we need this Shield of Sanat Kumara in place and we need extra reinforcement in the form of help from Great Silent Watcher and her Higher Self the Topaz Blue Guardian of Protection. 

Great Silent Watcher has brought this great honor to us six, seven years ahead of time.  We expected this to happen by the end of 2022 and that honor is receiving of Energies of Great Silent Watcher’s Higher Self, those Energies have taken form.  We know that Being as the Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian of Protection at cosmic consciousness, which carries the Higher Self of Great Silent Watcher has taken form and stepped down her Energies to be manifest, walk amongst us, be reachable by all of you when you go in meditation to the higher realms.  She has made herself available, she has created this contraption which brings her Light and steps it down in that fan shaped emanations of Light which is active right now from her Scepter of Power.

I ask you to breathe and bathe and invite your loved ones, the Higher Selves of your loved ones, the Higher Selves of all the souls you wish to receive these positive Lights and raise their vibrations.  I want you to pray for every being on Earth that you wish to see benefit from this Light and for Mother Earth herself.

I did tell you this year is all about you taking care of you, you taking care of your loved ones and you taking care of this group entity and the energy that is the foundation, the Mystery School, the Waves of Bliss, the Indigos Awaken.  I’m asking you now to call on Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian on behalf of Divine Mother, on behalf of Earth, for help for all creation.  I’m asking you to do this meditation through what remains of the rest of this year and into the New Year.  This is one of those meditations that it would be really beneficial if you all participated in.  So when you put your protection on, when you go into that dome I gave you in 12-12 meditation, you sit in the bosom of Topaz Blue Goddess, you feel her presence, you put your intentions in, you ask her for things you want to manifest in this new year, please imagine that simultaneously you are kneeling before Great Silent Watcher and Topaz Blue Guardian while they are holding their scepters and pouring their Energies onto Earth, and simultaneously imagine that a three layered shield with the outermost layer Topaz Blue, middle layer Turquoise Blue and inner layer Fuchsia Pink, that helps Sanat Kumara send his consciousness like a shield around the entire globe.

It really doesn’t take much time.  You wake up in the morning; you put your protection on.  As you’re putting your protection on you imagine you’re sitting inside the dome.  And inside the dome the body and the consciousness of the Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian is embracing you.  In her bosom inside that dome, inside of her bosom, you imagine yourself at the Throne of Divine Mother kneeling and asking that Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian, Great Silent Watcher and Sanat Kumara will continue to infuse their Lights like a shield around the planet.  And you imagine that you are playing a role by holding your focus on this three layered grid, Topaz Blue, Turquoise Blue, Fuchsia Pink hugging the Earth and becoming an invisible shield that makes Earth impenetrable to lower vibrations. 

I ask you right now with me to set that intention that even when you forget to set this scene, that from now through every day of 2017 until we enter into 2018 and invite Goddess Victory to come back and enhance all things, everyday your personality aspects and your Higher Self would automatically pray for this to happen even when you and your conscious may be distracted or forget.  You’re asking Cosmic Guardian of Protection with her Topaz Blue Light, Great Silent Watcher with her Turquoise Light, Sanat Kumara with his Fuchsia Pink Light to continue to pour their Energies creating this shield, maintaining this shield every day from now until we move into 2018.  And you’re asking that you participate by calling on your personality aspects, your Higher Self, and Divine Mother to guide and guard your personality aspects and Higher Self to do this meditation on your behalf every day, from today until January 1st, 2018, a year and twenty some days from now.  A year and a couple of weeks from now, take it to; let’s say 18th of January 2018.  So 1-18-2018 we’re taking this Energy and hopefully on 1-18-2018 you will do a ceremony and we will take the next step and the next layer and we will realign and redirect the Energies with Goddess Victory’s help.

This year of 2017 Goddess Victory will be present but she will be taking a little respite and Great Silent Watcher and the Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian will be the forefront with Sanat Kumara.    They will protect Sanat Kumara from all harm so he can be available to Earth.  They will provide him with a shield so he can do what he needs to do.  I want you to know that there is a lot of opposition against him.  There are many energies and entities across this entire galaxy who knows if he succeeds on Earth, he and his friends, he and his associates, he and the other Kumara’s and other Buddha’s and Bodhisattvas will accomplish a great deal around the galaxy, and they will annihilate darkness, and they will reinstate Light.  That’s why there is a lot of opposition against him.  When he is successful and accomplished his task on Earth, and it’s a very short time from that happening, then the ripple effect will transfer throughout the entire galaxy.  It’s one of those dominoes effect types of situations.  So a lot of forces who have ran away from justice and from the law and have been hiding in the dark recesses of the galaxy would prefer that Sanat Kumara doesn’t succeed, and with this action where we focus on Great Silent Watcher being successful, and through all those prayers which I requested each of you to do during the previous courses where we all kneeled before Great Silent Watcher and asked her to be more involved in the affairs of Earth all the way to the 3rd Dimension.  We then ascertained a great victory for Sanat Kumara.  Great Silent Watcher brought the Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian, her own Higher Self, who then brought the protection that Sanat Kumara needs to do the work he needs to do here in this tangible level, in these lower dimensional realities.  Something that has not been available to these lower dimensions for at least 8,000 years and even then it’s been available occasionally.  8,000 years ago when he completely left it was over, but before that, his presence was tangibly felt once a year, and then many thousands of years before that it was four times a year, during these occasions of Solstice and Equinoxes.

What we want to accomplish between now and let’s say 1-18-2018 is to establish a level of protection, a level of safeguarding the Energies of Sanat Kumara, that he can transport his consciousness from the higher realms to these lower realms without jeopardizing himself, without harming himself, and also without contaminating his Higher Self, his own Energies.  This is what Great Silent Watcher has been planning to do.  This is what you have been able to achieve when you gave those invocations and set out those intentions.  This is why I say to you, we are ahead of time; we’re ahead of the plans.  We’re well ahead of the plans, which now means that Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan has a blank canvas where she can paint a whole new Divine Plan and devise many layers of alternate realities to accomplish that Divine Plan.  Something of a dream come true, something of an achieving the impossible, making the impossible possible, these are magical moments.

So one more time I ask you kneel, imagine yourself kneeling with Divine Mother and Sanat Kumara.  We are kneeling before Great Silent Watcher and Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian of Protection.  We are requesting they provide Earth and Sanat Kumara our Planetary Logos, to enable him, to protect him, to allow him to fully establish his consciousness around the globe, and the office of the Planetary Logos to have a tangible presence in all dimensions of Earth actively functioning, actively participating in raising the consciousness

You are asking Divine Mother to guide your Higher Self and your personality aspects to set in motion the intention that every day from now until 1-18-2018, every day intention of visualizing this scene where you are kneeling with your Scepter of Power inside the bosom of Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian within the dome, positioned in Divine Mother’s Sacred Fire Altar while the fan shaped Scepter of Topaz Blue Goddess and the humungous Scepter of Power of Great Silent ascertain that the Fuchsia Pink Light of Sanat Kumara is around the entire globe, hugging the Earth and all creatures, with no interference, providing positive change, positive Life Force, Life and Nurturance, Sustenance and higher vibration, realigning the 5 Elements, realigning humankind, realigning all species of  creatures, all kingdoms, animal, mineral, plant, human, subatomic, microscopic as well as macrocosmic, from the smallest to the largest, from the largest to the smallest all embraced in his consciousness, in his love, in his Life Force, all nurtured by him and he himself nurtured by the love that we all send to him, and the protection that he receives from the Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian of Protection and our Beloved Great Silent Watcher.

And on my own behalf, and on behalf of all the Deities who have blessed my life on Earth and my mission with their presence, I thank Great Silent Watcher for accelerating the process of making available herself, her Higher Self, her protection, to all of you, and to Earth.  This is a huge feat.  She heard you, she heard us, and she acted accordingly.  This is the best Winter Solstice ever yet, and because of this, everyone in the future years is going to be a leap from this platform.  Because of this the Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan has a blank canvas to paint an amazingly magical and beautiful panoramic landscape for the future of Earth.  Imagine your highest and best dreams and then multiply it by the Life Force and the scope of the abilities and the resources that are available to Great Silent Watcher, and then know it’s possible, believe it’s possible and let it be known that you played a role in it, a very integral important role in manifesting this for all and the impression that it leaves, the imprint that it allows, goes way beyond this planet, this star system, even beyond the galaxy, throughout the universe, throughout the cosmos.

I hold every one of you in my own heart and I pray that you receive a thousand fold from eternity to eternity in Light, in love, in glory for all that you do, and I thank Jim and Nas and everyone who participates in every possible way in making Waves of Bliss, PTE Mystery School, Indigos Awaken and all the affiliated businesses and resources a viable presence.  I hold every one of you in my own heart with great love.  I Am your very own Divine Mother.  So It Is.  Happy Winter Solstice and Happy New Year.

Jim concludes:  Thank you Nasrin, thank you Divine Mother and all of the Deities, Sanat Kumara, and I thank all of you.  Have a great Holiday Season.  Thank you for all that you do.  So It Is.