January 2017

PTE MS January Newsletter 2017

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Dear Friends,

Happy New Year of 2017.  For our meditation, Divine has a beautiful gift that can keep us going for the entire year. Our Gateway Portal Channeling for the year will be posted by the 5th of Jan and we will send you an email.

Jim, Nasrin and everyone at Waves of Bliss and PTE Mystery School.

© FAGU 2016

Portal Days: 1/1/17, 1/10/17, 1/11/17, 1/12/17, 1/17/17, 1/20/17, 1/22/17 & 1/31/17.  The Full Moon is on 12th and the New Moon on the 27th.

The 1-1-17 Gateway Portal Channeling will be posted on or around Jan. 3 on the Gateway Portal page of the website.

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Please don’t forget to practice this meditation throughout the month.

NOTE: You can benefit from participating even after each event! The audio of Gateway Portal Channelings will be posted within hours of each event. Click here for audios and transcriptions of past Gateway Portal events.




PTE MS: Past Life Regression Series 1 PH 9

Tuition is $125.00.

The live Session will be on Sunday, Dec. 11, 2016 at 3:00 PM ET.

To register, click on course title above.

In the First session Divine Mother gave us a Grid to help raise our vibration and begin a healing process to assist in doing the specific work for this series. In PH 9, we continue to explore across the Universe with Divine Mother and Sanat Kumara. Each participant’s individual contract and the group contract will be discussed in the first of series. Divine Mother has requested that everyone interested in participating also sign up for the Wash Away Your Obstacles – Abisahkam Ceremony. Divine Mother states that this ceremony can help to “restore your own spiritual purity and integrity, as well as to clean and cleanse your 5-Body System and your Sacred Geometries by performing these sacred ceremonies.


In case you missed it:

PTE MS: Winter Solstice 2016 Celebration

Tuitions is $88.00.

The live Session will be on Sunday, Dec. 18, 2016 at 3:00 PM ET.

This year Winter Solstice occurs at 5:44 AM ET on December 21st. We will celebrate that auspicious event with Divine Mother on the previous Sunday. Please join us for the last of the 4 critical Portal Days for Earth for the calendar year 2016.

To register, click on the title of the course above.

Wash Away Obstacles – Abishakam Ceremony to Divine Mother 

To Participate in these Ceremonies: $33.00. Click here to go to Gifts Store to Register. 

Here’s how it works

Abishakam is an ancient Vedic ceremony to honor Divine Mother. In turn, we ask her to wash away all obstacles and smooth out the path ahead in every way possible. We honor Divine Mother by bathing her Shri Chakra Crystals which are carved with the symbol of Divine Mother. We celebrate Divine Mother by bathing 9 of her Shri Chakra Crystals in milk, honey and rose water while chanting her sacred names. This is a great way to invite Divine Mother’s favorable response, her love and nurturance.

When you register for this ceremony you and your loved ones are included in our prayers. In essence, you offer yourself to Divine Mother to enhance all areas of your life and the lives of your loved ones. Intentions are offered to Divine Mother by reciting your name during the ceremony and asking her to grant you all that she wished to offer you, including all that you wish to receive and experience in your life and the removal of all obstacles from your path. Divine Mother knows the intentions and desires of all her children. Our request for enhancing all aspects of your life during this sacred ceremony is a great gift that Divine Mother has bestowed upon all of us. She is giving us a chance to call on her to enhance all aspects of our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

If you wish to offer your own prayers and invocations to Divine Mother, please do so at any time while in meditation. You may also connect with us during Fridays and Saturdays anytime between 7-10 AM your time, where ever you are. Whether you connect or not, we will bring you and your loved ones to Divine Mother and request her loving grace for you.

3 in One Special Offer

To Participate in these Ceremonies: $44.00. Click here to go to Gifts Store to Register. 

The 3 ceremonies are:

Wash away Obstacles – Abishakam Ceremony – Please read about this Grid in the Gifts Store.

Release Anxiety Healing Crystal Grid – Please read about this Grid in the product description from the Gifts Store.

Monthly Gateway Portal Fire Ceremony – Please read about this ceremony in the product description from the Gifts Store.

You may send us a copy of your intentions to offer to the sacred fire. Email intentions to Nasrin’s personal email nasrinsafai@gmail.com.

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Divine Mother’s gift for the Year 2017

Great Silent Watcher’s Dome of Turquoise Blue and the Topaz Blue Light of Goddess of Protection

Based on 12/12/2016 gateway Portal Channeling with Divine Mother

© FAGU 2016


My Beloved Children of Light I’m your very own Divine Mother.

I will offer you a gift from Great Silent Watcher who is the Cosmic Source of Light for this entire universe.  Everything that is in creation takes its Light from that Turquoise Blue Light of Great Silent Watcher. This Light comes from our Beloved Great Silent Watcher’s Heart Core.  It is her Signature Energy and her Life Force. The Turquoise Blue Light applies to her and everything that she has created throughout the universe.  There’s a higher source to this Light, a higher purer source that applies to the higher dimensional realms and is good for higher intentions and that is the Topaz Blue Light.  It is now available to you through the higher aspect of Great Silent Watcher, a female Being, called the Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian of Protection or the Topaz Blue Goddess of Protection. From now on I urge you to work with both these beings, Great Silent Watcher and Topaz Blue Goddess of Protection.

The Topaz Blue Light protects you from the slowness and the distraction that exists in extreme in the 3rd Dimension, and to lesser degrees all the way to the 13th Dimension.  Call on the Topaz Blue Goddess of Protection to Overlight you and all you wish to do as you embark upon this New Year of 2017 and throughout the year. Bring those pure and fast resulting Energies of the Topaz Blue Light to your realms of reality.

To offer you this amazing gift, I invite our Beloved Great Silent Watcher.  Imagine her standing emanating her Turquoise Blue Light, holding her Scepter of Power above your head. As you stand before her, she pours the Turquoise Blue Light creating a dome all around you. Inside the dome you are bathing in the Turquoise Blue, allowing your body to absorb, your 5 Body System to absorb, and your Light Body to absorb the Turquoise Blue Light.

Become aware of the other deities present. Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan sends her Warm Orange Light.  Goddess Victory, Goddess Liberty, Mother of Universe, Mother of Cosmos, Guardians who stand in the Grid of 4, the Grid of 6, the 12 Cosmic Guardians all send their Lights to strengthen the Dome. Those of you who have been participating in the latest course entitled Past Life Regression, become aware of the 9 new Cosmic Guardians that have complex colored Lights.

Now envision that the Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian of Protection arrives in the scene.  I ask you to imagine this beautiful extremely tall female deity entering inside the dome and filling the dome with her Topaz Blue Light Energy. She picks you up and places you in her bosom. You are embraced by her Topaz Blue Light. Bathe in those Energies and fill your heart with the Topaz Blue Light and let it spread to your entire Body. The Topaz Blue Light is absorbed from the surface of your skin immersing your entire body, all your organs, your bloodstream, your muscles, your skeleton all the way to the bones and the bone marrow, every organ, every cell down to every atom, and the DNA/RNA within each cell is now absorbing the Topaz Blue Light.

The Physical Body is filled with the Topaz Blue Light.  Now it moves into the layers of your 5 Body System. Your Etheric Body, the second layer of your 5 Body System is now filled with Topaz Blue Light, breathe it in. Your Emotional Body, the third layer, is now filled with the Topaz Blue Light; breathe it in.

Your Mental Body, the fourth layer of your 5 Body System is now filled with Topaz Blue Light, breathe it in. Your Spiritual Body, the 5th and last layer of your 5 Body System is now filled with Topaz Blue Light, breathe it in.

The next layer is your Light Body.  The Topaz Blue Light fills your Light body forming a beautiful sphere around all the layers of your Five Body System.  Your Light Body is also your Vehicle of Light in the form of a Sphere.  It becomes your Merkaba Field or the vehicle with which you do time travel, realm travel, travelling into the realms that are not accessible while you are in Physical Body.  They are not accessible by the Physical Body yet, but they are accessible by your consciousness.  So you put your consciousness inside this Sphere of Topaz Blue and you go into those realms.  That is the best and the highest protection.  It protects you from overstretching yourselves.  It protects you from dispersing your Energy.  It protects you from draining yourselves, and it protects you from overloading yourselves.

The Topaz Blue Light protects in all ways even while roaming the Higher Realms. When you go to the higher realms, you could pick up too much Light and then you get drained; your nervous system becomes overworked.  Having this Topaz Blue illuminate your Light Body at all times gives you the protection that you need because it steps down those higher Lights to become exactly right for your body, to become exactly right for your needs.  It gives you the exact amount of Light, at the right pace, the right consistency, the right resonance to do exactly what you need to do.  It combines the effectiveness of transmuting karma with removing obstacles and dissolving resistance, distractions and delays and it help with clearing the path ahead of you- clearing the path from old fears, worries and concerns that might become hooks that hold you back from moving ahead.  The Topaz Blue Light of Protection can fill you up with hope and positive outlook.

This is the best gift for the new year of 2017.  Each New Year begins pure and innocent like a baby; as it proceeds it gains heaviness.  It is that way because of the fact that 3rd Dimension is so slow; and because invariably the year is behind, meaning everything that you want to achieve, everything that is meant to be achieved globally, ends up being behind; so that becomes a drag force that pulls you down.  Many of you are very familiar with how tough the Months of October, November and December become, and in a year like this when the world is going through a lot of changes both natural and manmade, it would weigh even heavier.

Every day as you awaken, envision yourself inside the dome of Turquoise Blue, immersed in the body of the Topaz Blue Cosmic guardian of protection. See your entire body and being inside the Topaz Blue Light and the presence of the Topaz Blue Goddess with you wherever you go. Set your intentions for what you want to achieve while you sit inside the dome inviting the Cosmic Guardian of Protection and her Topaz Blue Light to protect you and to protect your intentions;  to bathe you and to bathe your intentions with success, with the purity of her Topaz Light.

Start writing your intentions for what you want to achieve in the New Year.  Become firm and focused on what you want to achieve during the first three months of this New Year and push hard to connect these higher Lights to your mundane life, to all aspects of your daily life, and the lives of your loved ones.   Set intentions for everything like, better school for your children and grandchildren, better health for all members of the family and loved ones, better available resources, better outlook to life, better stepping stones, better friends, better associates, better jobs and working environments, better standard of living, better quality of life, and other more specific things as you think of them.

Write down the specifics and see things you want to manifest bathing in the Topaz Blue.  Pull those things, those ideas and thoughts, those specific and general things, pull them inside the dome into the bosom of the Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian, and embrace them into your Physical Body, the 5 Body System and the Light Body and that of all your loved ones, of all events and circumstances that are ahead of you in the Year.  All intentions you want to manifest, all things you wish to accomplish, pull into the dome and into the bosom of Cosmic Guardian of Protection.  The health and wellbeing of Earth and all 5 Elements pull it into the dome and into the bosom of Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian of Protection, and let Great Silent Watcher and the Cosmic Guardian of Protection do the work for you, do the work on your behalf for your loved ones, do the work of manifesting your intentions, do the work of raising the vibration globally.

Bringing those thoughts, ideas, intentions and your focus into the dome for the protection of Great Silent Watcher and into the bosom of Cosmic Guardian of Protection under her Topaz Blue Light will allow their grace and their ability to accelerate their manifestation.  That will empower you in leaps and bounds by exponential measures.  You will gain much greater empowerment from pulling the Energy into the dome where you stand with Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian of Protection.  Bringing everything into her bosom will empower all those things, all those people, all those places and things, all those thoughts and ideas, all those loved ones, all those events and circumstances, empowering you and empowering all those things to render their best.  You are asking for the magnification of all those intentions, for everyone and everything to render their best potential, simply by bringing them into the dome and the bosom of Cosmic Guardian of Protection. .

How to do it? Think of three things that you would like to manifest in this year.  It can be for yourselves, for others or the world.  Bring that thing, that issue, that person under the dome.  Then pull into the bosom of Cosmic Guardian of Protection, into the Topaz Blue Light and then release it.  Don’t take ownership of it.  Offer the ownership of it to Great Silent Watcher, to Topaz Blue Goddess.  Pull it in, focus on it; clarify within your own heart and mind what it is that you want to manifest.  And then after you have brought it in, your job is to surrender it and know it’s already done, because you’ve brought it in, you’ve brought it to their attention, you’ve brought it under their protection, and then apply it to everything and anything. Let it become their issue, their tasks, their responsibility.  You bring it in, you focus on it, you offer it, surrender it and know it’s done.  Know from the core of your being that it is done.  It is done ten times, a hundred times, a thousand times, a million times better that you could ever imagine doing it yourself, and know and trust that the results are there. 

Bring your thoughts and ideas, your loved ones, bring Earth, bring all issues and circumstances from global to personal, first inside the dome, calling for the grace of Great Silent Watcher, then inside the bosom of Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian of Protection. Say, “I now surrender it to you, I know that you will give it the best possible outcome, better than I could even imagine.  I trust that the outcome has already unfolded in the most positive, benevolent and beneficial way.”  Do this every morning and every evening.  Do this whenever you sit to meditate with your list.

Put this dome in the center of your homes; you may include your office, your children and grandchildren, your nieces and nephews, your siblings, your parents’ people, places and things.  Put this dome over your home and the homes of your loved ones; over places of business, over university campuses.

I’m asking you to put the dome of Great Silent Watcher and the body of Cosmic Guardian of Topaz Blue Light of Protection over university campuses, over high schools, middle schools, elementary schools, kindergartens, even  children’s nurseries and daycare centers. 

Pull it over places of commerce, places of transportation, in airports, in train stations, in bus stations.  Put it over highways.  Pull it over your cars and the cars of your loved ones: a dome of Turquoise Blue Light, inviting the grace of Great Silent Watcher and the Body and Life Force of Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian of Protection.  Surrender to Great Silent Watcher and Topaz Blue Goddess all the issues, all the situations and see how relieved you will feel after doing these exercises.

You leave your home to go on a vacation or a business trip and that feeling of what might happen should subside if you do it with full trust, if you do it with full surrender, if you truly go into the Energy of the dome and the bosom of Topaz Blue Goddess of Protection.  If you fully embrace the knowing that the house is protected, the job is protected, the children and  grandchildren, the nieces and nephews, the parents, the siblings, the loved ones, the spouses, the friends, the associates, the leaders.

Pull it over the flood zones, pull it over volcanic mountains, pull it over areas where earthquakes are prevalent, pull it over the oceans to purify the water.  Don’t do it yourself, ask them to do it.  Your job, your service is to bring it to their attention.  Your job in helping your soul is to involve them into your day to day lives, into the future of Earth and all species, into the creative force that moves every part of creation.  Your job is to call for their grace to be present, and then your job is to know it’s done, therefore, trust and surrender. 

Helps with bizarre dreams and nightmares- Some of you know this very well, that you go to bed and you have bizarre dreams and you wake up many times, and you get up finally in the morning glad that the night is over and the nightmares are over but your body is not rested, your body is exhausted.  Do this now and see the difference.  Pull yourself inside the dome knowing that nothing makes Great Silent Watcher happier then to give you that dome, something that she has been offering you for years now.  Every exercise, every meditation we have invoked the dome.  Do it now at the level where you imbed it, you enmesh it into every aspect of your lives, every moment of living, every breath that you take and then take that next step, involve the Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian, pull everything into her bosom.  Let her pure Topaz Blue Light shine upon everything.  Let it penetrate into the darkest and the most polluted situations and clarify, cleanse, purify it.  The best part of it is that her Energy is so pure that it purifies instantaneously, transmuting anything and everything that is of lower vibration.

Clears the oceans and fresh waters- by calling it over the oceans you clear the oceans; by calling it over your homes you clear the 5 Elements in and around your home.  You transmute the Energy of anger and hatred and upset and depression from your homes from the people who live in the homes, but also the people who come.  The person who comes and plows the snow for you, the person who comes and cuts your grass for you, the person who comes and delivers your mail and drops your packages, they will benefit.  Imagine how fast you can reach multitudes and masses without even lifting a finger or extending your own Energy and Life Force, by simply making one intention.

You can be creative reaching multitudes of people, places and things.   Put it over the wild animals and mammals in the land and water and the captured ones in zoos and aquariums as well as all the people who visit them.  Put it over everyone’s personal computers and the World Wide Web.  Put it on every TV show and let it be a subliminal energy that vibrates through your favorite TV shows.  Put it over every cinema and every theatre.  Put it on every hotel, hotel room and function room and conference room and ballroom, and most importantly put it over your 5 Body System and Light Body and the 5 Body System and Light Body of your loved ones.

You are my loved ones.  I hold you in my own heart with great joy and love and celebration.  Happy New Year 2017, may we work together with greater zest and fervor and love as we move to conquer the next year. I Am your very own Divine Mother.  So It Is.

Recap and Summary- When you wake up in the morning call on Great Silent Watcher and see yourself inside her Turquoise Blue Dome and. Inside it sits the Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian of Protection. Imagine yourself being pulled inside her bosom. Bather in her Topaz blue light while you think of everything you want to manifest on that day. If you don’t know what to ask then say, “I bring in all events and circumstances, all people, places and things that I will be dealing with today, and I offer it to the bosom of the Topaz Blue Goddess of Protection and I surrender it for the highest and the best outcome to unfold.” Then when you go to bed you put yourself inside the dome, inside the bosom of the Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian and say, “let’s go, let’s go together and roam the realms and do good, and see how your dreams will be enhanced.”  See how your sleep becomes full and your body becomes rested.

Do this daily and keep notes for all you wish to manifest. Meditate when you can and see your self reciting all your intentions while seated in the bosom of Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian of Protection who is seated inside Great Silent watcher’s Dome.  This is the exercise to manifest your desires and have a blessed, enjoyable year New Year.


© FAGU 2016