January 2016

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Dear Friends,

Happy 2016. May this be the best one yet!

This Month of January is very special as the New Year is born and feels sweet and pure just like a newborn baby. Enjoy it while it lasts. Divine mother offers us a beautiful meditation to help keep earth clean and pure through the year and to help the Five Elements return to their original state of purity. Please perform this meditation as much as possible during this month to set a solid foundation for this year as it begins to unfold. In this way you will provide a great service to earth and all species and help Divine mother move us to higher levels.

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Happy New Year and Divine Mother’s blessings to all of you from all of us at,

Waves of Bliss and PTE Mystery School.


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In Divine Mother’s love and blessings,

Jim Foster and Nasrin Safai

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Meditation to pour Loving compassion upon Earth and the Five Elements

Adapted from 12/12/2015 Gateway Portal channeling by Nasrin safai


Grounding Meditation with Uluru- Visualize yourself on top of the beautiful Red rock formation in Central Australia. Imagine that you glide down into the rock and absorb its nurturing healing light.

Send roots to the crust and core of the Earth and pull the Amber Light from the core to move up to your Earth Crust chakra, to your feet, then body, up your head into Antahkarana Cord, then into heavens above and the Pool of Creation.

Imagine that a tree trunk forms around your and holds you inside of it. Its bark had an emerald green color for abundance. Then see the Plum Ray of rejuvenation over that. The two merge and create a Greenish red mix to bring you earthly abundance.

Imagine you pull the Cosmic Amber life force mixed with Gold from Great Silent watcher down from the pool back into the tree trunk shooting down to the core of earth, mixing with Earth core’s Amber and shooting up back to the Pool. This will be done three times.

Imagine you move back to the Pool and bathe in the light in the pool. Then you get out of the pool and receive your ceremonial robes from the angels and go before Divine Mother at her Throne in the 122nd Dimension of Reality.

Absorbed into Divine Mother’s Copper Gold Light, imagine yourself kneeling before Divine Mother. She places her hands on your forehead sending Copper gold into your Third Eye and your Crown.

Then Goddess of Compassion comes forward and gives you her Pearlescent Peachy cream Light of Compassion.

Then Great Silent watcher wraps you in her Turquoise Blue Light in the form of a twirling tornado that spins around your body from your feet all the way to above your head.

Pause and breathe deeply as we join Divine Mother for the next phase of this meditation.



Divine Mother begins

My Beloved Children of Light I’m your very own Divine Mother.

My gift to you is to present you with pouring the Energies of Compassion and the Sky Blue Topaz Light which is the higher aspect of Great Silent Watcher’s Turquoise Blue Light into the world to clear and cleanse the Five Elements and make this year an easier one for all of you.  We have indeed worked with Goddess of Compassion and the Energies of Compassion.

Envision yourself standing to face Divine Mother, with Lord Shiva seated to one side, Goddess Shakti to the other. Five Angels come and stand in front of us holding five small containers. Great Silent Watcher, Cosmic Guardian of Compassion, Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan and Goddess Victory are all standing in between Lord Shiva & Goddess Shakti.

You and I hold our hands over the five small containers, brought by the Angels which carry the 5 Elements.  One has the Element of Earth, a nice dark pile of soil with a small river rock on top is in one container.  A cup full of water from the oceans mixed with the fresh waters is in the second.  A third container with Fire burning inside; another carries the Element of Air and the fifth carries the Element of Ether.

Imagine that Goddess Victory, Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan, Cosmic Guardian of Compassion and Great Silent Watcher send their own Energy into the containers. They also send their energies to our heads; in this way their Energies are also absorbed by you and me. So we can then receive the Energies of Shiva & Shakti, Victory, Compassion, Divine Plan and Fearlessness, Empowerment and Protection into our own bodies-yours and mine- and from our bodies into the into the 5 Elements.

The Angels take the containers to the Sacred Fire and pour them one by one into the Sacred Fire. Lord Shiva, Goddess Shakti, Victory, Goddess of Compassion, Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan and Great Silent Watcher pour their own Light over it in the Scared Fire. First the Element of Earth goes in. Then the Element of Water goes in; the Element of Fire goes in; the Element of Air goes in; finally the Element of Ether goes in and the Deities pour their Energies over all five in the Sacred Fire.

Now imagine a miniature image of Earth suspended above the Sacred Fire receiving this blessing. All land masses of Earth can now begin to rejuvenate, to sustain, to flourish and to raise the vibration for the Element of Earth across the globe.

Then imagine the miniature Earth absorbing the Element of Water.  The waters in the oceans becoming pure and pristine, the fresh waters of the world becoming clear and cleansed and their quality and quantity increasing so all the reservoirs are filled with fresh water that’s potent and filled with Life Force Energy.

At this point we can invite the four Cosmic Guardians of Balancing, with the Cosmic Guardian for Balancing Life Force to pour the Energies and the Life Force that is most conducive for all the waters of Earth so all the creatures who live in the waters can thrive; all the fishes become healthy; all the mammals become healthy; all the flora and fauna that lives in the water becoming healthy; the coral reefs becoming regenerated and rejuvenated. Lord Shiva & Goddess Shakti are pouring their blessing, Goddess Victory, Goddess of Compassion, Guardian of Divine Plan and Great Silent Watcher are pouring their own Energies. Meanwhile you and I continue to pray and pour Energy from our hands to bless the waters of our world, the waters of Earth in all Dimensions and Realities.

Then imagine that the Fire rises up from the Sacred Fire and calms the Waters, the Earth and the Fire, because Fire is a higher Element then Water and Earth.   You know Fire can burn and reduce all the Waters.  It can burn all living creatures on Earth on any piece of land, and yet Fire has its own consciousness; when balanced it has a nurturing impact rather than a burning impact.  Fire is a nurturing Element.  Its job is to purify but not to destroy.  So we want to bring balance back to Fire and in this case, out of the four that are Cosmic Guardians of Balancing I invite the Cosmic Guardian of Light & Dark to restore that balance.

Unfortunately Fire is becoming more destructive then constructive, so the dark aspect of it is rising.  It turns everything into a black chard and no good remains.  Balancing the Light & Dark in the Element of Fire could reduce the forest fires; reduce the rage that Fire inflicts on Earth. bringing the Element of Fire back to balance through the intercession of the Cosmic Guardian of Balancing the Light & Darkness with the help of the other three: Cosmic Guardian of Hope, Cosmic Guardian of Life Force, Cosmic Guardian of Balancing Health & Abundance- letting the Health & Abundance aspect in the Fire to rise up and to replace the destructive force that the Fire uses and this present time.

Now the Element of Air is purified while the miniature aspect of the globe absorbs the goodness from the Sacred Fire, restoring Health & Healing causing the Element of Air to purify itself.  All the smog, the smoke and carbon emissions can be transmuted in the goodness and love that is pouring into the Sacred Fire and permeating around the globe.

As the four base Elements begin to balance themselves, the Element of Ether is able, once again to protect them, engulf them, and empower them.   The job of Ether is to permeate with goodness and empower all the lower elements.

When the lower elements go awry, when they go out of balance, when they are off kilter, then the Element of Ether cannot protect them.  As we offer the Balance back to the four base elements we empower the Element of Ether to be the overall protector, the layer that goes over each of the other ones to make them shine; to make them productive; to make them give their best.  The Element of Earth, Water, Fire and Air giving their best to the globe; to the body of Mother Earth; to the 5 Body System of Mother Earth; to the Light Body of Mother Earth.  

Finally, see that Goddess of Compassion pour her Pearlescent Peachy Cream Light and it is absorbed into the 5 Elements. Goddess Victory offers her Frosted Blue with Platinum Shimmers; Guardian of Divine Plan gives her Warm Orange which makes everything warm and fuzzy.   I give my Copper Gold for Love & Nurturance.  You give your own love and whatever colors you wish to add and the Quality for which you wish to give. Think of what you wish to give….you can even give an offering from every Quality represented by all these Cosmic Guardians.

Great Silent Watcher gives her Turquoise Blue and its Higher Aspect, the Sky Blue Topaz Light.   Lord Shiva offers White Light.   Goddess Shakti offers Red Light.  White for purity, Red for passion, to seal these Energies.

Now notice that Christ Maitreya and, Sanat Kumara have arrived with our Beloved Mother Mary and Master Jesus to wish you happy entry into the New Year and a smooth journey through the year as you all evolve spiritually with Divine Mother standing by your side. All these Beings pour their Love, their Sustenance, their Power to pave your path and to help you achieve above any limitation and beyond all expectation.

I offer you garlands of Love, Nurturance, Peace and Harmony.   May your heart be filled with joy, may the path be smooth.  May your loved ones make you feel as proud as you make me feel.

I hold you in my own heart with great love.   I ask you to envision this image through the month of January, for anchoring these Energies for the 5 Elements, and for raising the vibration of Earth.  What you do in the form of this meditation will provide sustenance for Earth; a way for Earth to rise up and choose a better life for herself, and for all the species of souls that depend on her as their Mother.

I hold you in my own heart.  So It Is.

© FAGU 2016