February 2016

February 2016 Newsletter

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Dear Friends,

Welcome to Feb 2016. This month in our guided meditation, Divine Mother gives us the Golden Brown Light, which encapsulates her Copper Gold Light of love and nurturance. The Golden Brown is to smooth out all events and circumstances and to enhance the flow of Shakti. Given that we have already experienced the might and power of the latest storm, it is a welcome new tool to use for ourselves and our loved ones as well as to pray for our world and everyone in it. Divine Mother requests that we use the Pearlescent Peachy Cream of Cosmic Guardian of Compassion, the Amber and Gold from Cosmic Mother, and the Turquoise Blue and Gold from Great Silent Watcher along with her Golden Brown. Divine Mother also reminds us that Goddess Victory is our Guardian, our Guide, and our Protector through this entire year. Calling to Goddess Victory in all situations is a great way to invite her help and assistance. Enjoy this meditation and please send it to your all that will benefit from using it, as well as forwarding to everyone who will enjoy using it themselves.

Courses from PTE Mystery School- We will take a break from the courses this month. We do invite you to perform the meditation offered in this Newsletter through the month and gain momentum as we move through the first part of this year.

In Divine Mother’s love and blessings,

Jim Foster and Nasrin Safai

Portal Days: 2/1/16, 2/2/16, 2/10/15, 2/12/16, 2/16/16, 2/20/16, 2/21/16, 2/22/16 & 2/29/16.  The Full Moon is on 22rd and the New Moon is on the 8th.

The 2/2/2016 Gateway Portal Channeling audio file is posted on the Gateway Portal Day page of the website.

Please don’t forget to practice this meditation throughout the month of February.

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From January, in case you missed them:

PTE MS: From Lemuria & Atlantis to Present Day, PH 6

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PTE MS: Sanat Kumara Installed in 108 Throne

There is NO Live session for this course. Please register for the course and Listen at your leisure. The course material is available.

Tuition for this course is $125.00. To register, click here.


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Guided Meditation-

2016- A year for Victory and Success with Divine Mother’s Golden Brown Light

Adapted from 1/21/2016 channeling by Nasrin Safai


Grounding Meditation with Uluru- Visualize yourself on top of the beautiful Red rock formation in Central Australia. Imagine that you glide down into the rock and absorb its nurturing healing light.

Send roots to the crust and core of the Earth and pull the Amber Light from the core to move up to your Earth Crust Chakra, to your feet, then body, up your head into Antahkarana Cord, then into heavens above and the Pool of Creation.

Imagine that a tree trunk forms around your and holds you inside of it. Its bark had an emerald green color for abundance. Then see the Plum Ray of rejuvenation over that. The two merge and create a Greenish red mix to bring you earthly abundance.

Imagine you pull the Cosmic Amber life force mixed with Gold from Great Silent watcher down from the pool back into the tree trunk shooting down to the core of earth, mixing with Earth core’s Amber and shooting up back to the Pool. This will be done three times.

Imagine you move back to the Pool and bathe in the light in the pool. Then you get out of the pool and receive your ceremonial robes from the angels and go before Divine Mother at her Throne in the 122nd Dimension of Reality.

Absorbed into Divine Mother’s Copper Gold Light, imagine yourself kneeling before Divine Mother. She places her hands on your forehead sending Copper gold into your Third Eye and your Crown.

Then Goddess of Compassion comes forward and gives you her Pearlescent Peachy cream Light of Compassion.

Then Great Silent watcher wraps you in her Turquoise Blue Light in the form of a twirling tornado that spins around your body from your feet all the way to above your head.

Guided Meditation-

2016- A year for Victory and Success with Divine Mother’s Golden Brown Light

Excerpts from a channeling on 21 Jan 2016

Start this meditation by first envisioning Divine Mother standing in front of you. Golden Brown Light is emanating from her Body. The original Copper Gold Light of Divine Mother is now encapsulated inside this new Golden Brown which she has especially gifted us to use during 2016.  Imagine that you kneel before Divine mother holding your own Scepter of power. Divine Mother’s Scepter is also in her hand pointed at you.  The golden tip of your Scepter touches the Golden tip of her scepter.


My beloved Children of Light, I am your very own Divine Mother. I ask you to take a moment and take a deep breath.

Imagine a rich, Golden Brown Liquid Light emanating from my body, and it is moving into my Scepter; from the globe of my Scepter it moves to the globe of your Scepter. It reaches to the rod of your Scepter, which you hold with both hands, and it moves into the palms of your hands. It goes up into your wrists, forearms, elbows, upper arms, shoulders, to your chest, going up into your head, and down your chest, into your entire torso. It goes down your hips, to your thighs, your knees, your calves, your ankles and feet. From the bottom of your feet it goes into the Crust of the Earth and your Earth Crust Chakra; down your Hara Line, into the Core Crystal. And it bathes the Core Crystal, mixing with the Amber Light from Core Crystal and then shooting up, shooting up the Hara Line, wrapping itself around the Roots of the Tree, going up to your Earth Crust, up the consciousness of the body, up the top of your head, into the Antahkarana Cord, up the Hierarchies of Throne, to the Pool of Creation where the branches and leaves of the Tree Trunk, bathe in the pool. To enhance and strengthen you imagine that you bathe in the Pool of Creation. Mother of Cosmos gives you her Amber mixed with Gold, Great Silent Watcher gives you her Pot of Gold mixed with Turquoise, and Goddess of Compassion gives you her Pearlescent Peachy Cream. Once again, Divine Mother gives you her Golden Brown in the Pool of Creation as well.  Remember all four of these Energies pouring down from the Pool of Creation into your Antahkarana cord and into your body while you envision yourself inside the tree trunk from this moment on.

The over-lighting Presence of Divine Mother, Goddess of Compassion, Mother of Cosmos, and Great Silent Watcher will be with you through the rest of this year. Their respective Lights which extend the flow of Shakti are the Golden Brown (Divine Mother), Pearlescent Peachy Cream (Goddess of Compassion), Golden Amber (Mother of Cosmos), and the Golden Turquoise of Great Silent watcher. You carry the Signature Energy of these Four Beings.

I stand in the company of all the Cosmic Guardians who love you and protect you. They pour their own loving Energy to join Divine Mother’s Golden Brown. The Copper Gold, the Signature Energy of Divine Mother is now encapsulated inside the Golden Brown which will nurture you, raise your vibration and prepare you for a smooth year of victory and success in all fields and areas of your life. Golden Brown Light will pave the path for the flow of Shakti. Then the creative life force of Divine Mother can unfold all the events and circumstances that will raise your own vibration and help you accomplish all that you have to accomplish in this year and beyond.

The significance of the Golden Brown is to smooth out all events and circumstances and to enhance the flow of Shakti—meaning all synchronistic events, the way things have to go to be smooth, to be easy, to be graceful, have no jerky halts or pushy acceleration but smooth flow of Energy.

Goddess Victory will be your constant and continuous guide. Go to Goddess Victory and pray for yourself, for all your loved ones including the Masters, Teachers and Divine Mother. When you go to Goddess Victory feel free to use her Pewter, Platinum, her Frosted Blue with Platinum, her Golden Pink with Platinum and whatever else she offers you. Remember Goddess Victory’s Javelins and call upon her to come to your aid with her javelins, all the time for al situations. Work extensively with these beings and with their Signature Lights through this year. Bring in the Golden Brown Light of Divine Mother to serve you at all times.

Until Spring Equinox these new Energies would flow and expand. New opportunities will unfold for Earth, for humankind, for each of you. Stay with the flow of Shakti. You will feel peaceful in your hearts. You will feel content in your minds. You will remain connected to Divine Mother and the Divine Feminine. You will feel our presence wherever you are. I am well pleased with all that you are accomplishing. I am well pleased with the unfoldment of these Energies. I am very happy with the way Earth is receiving these Energies and the Container of the Reality is filling up. By the end of the month, we will raise the Energies even higher.

This New Year has started with clarity and purity. All the changes, which are imminent, lead to the raising of the vibration, less contamination and more purity. The purity has the mechanism of transmuting all the darkness, transmuting all the obstacles, all the negativity. That’s all part of the purification process.

I am grateful for all you do. I am grateful for your participation. I am grateful for the anchoring of the Energies. I am grateful that you have become the receiving and transmitting antenna of the highest light to emanate on Earth and to all souls. I hold you with great joy and celebration for all that we have achieved together up to this point and as we move through this beautiful year.

I am happy with the Container of this Year; happy that this year is receptive to all we are giving it with no resistance. This is all because of you! And what you have done to change the consciousness of the whole reality and everything we have done together to make the reality more alert. It has been gaining momentum since the moment you began giving yourself in service to Earth and humankind; and helping Divine mother and the Divine Feminine to aim for a better reality for all.

The Container of this Year is helpful and healthy while being receptive and willing to do its best to rise up to the occasion and to go above and beyond. And all of that is attributed to you. It is inspired by the work we have done together, and you gain the merits for it. For all of that I stand by your side with great joy and celebration. I love and nurture you as we move forward together.

Keep remembering and imbuing yourself with the Golden Brown. As you gain greater power we can do even greater things together.

I am your very own Divine Mother. So it is.

© FAGU 2016