December 2017

Dear Friends,

Welcome to December 2017.

This month we have a meditation that is a celebration of Fall Equinox 2016.

Please note that we will suspend the Past Life Regression Series of courses for the time being while we place our focus on urgent Global concerns.

Our monthly course for December is called “At the Cosmic Counsel PH 3” to continue to present petitions on behalf of Earth and Humankind.  The topics of interest to bring to the Counsel are our personal needs and desires as well as world topics, such as measures to abate natural and man made disasters, remedial measures to curb  Climate Change, return of integrity and peace to our everyday lives and removal of corruption in our divided world.

We will also Celebrate Winter Solstice 2017. Look for the link below to register.

Blessings from Nasrin & Jim 


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Crystal Grid Per Goddess Hecate and Divine Mother’s request,

I have turned the Grid of Light into a Crystal Grid. This Crystal Grid is intended to enhance and empower you and to help you to manifest your highest and best desires and dreams for the year 2017 and beyond. It is powerful crystal grid as Jim and I have been using ours for a few days. The energies of Hecate, Divine Mother, Sanat Kumara and Shiva, Shakti are imbued into various crystals including a strand of red Garnets- One of Hecate’s favorite gemstones. Hecate has requested that we offer this grid first to everyone who has participated in the Spring Equinox course at a discounted price of $55.00 (regular price $120.00.) If you are interested please use the donation box located on our home page- link bellow- and deposit $55,00. Use the remarks for any special requests and/or shipping address- if different from your normal address- I will charge your Crystal Grid and add/customize it with Mother and Hecate’s guidance especially for you. Instructions for how to use the grid and invocations will be mailed with your package containing your Crystal Grid.
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Portal Days: 12/12/17, 12/17/17, 12/20/17, 12/21/17 & 12/22/17. The Full Moon is on 3rd and the New Moon on the 18th.


The 12-12-17 Gateway Portal Session is Posted:

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PTE MS: At the Cosmic Council PH 3

Course tuition is: $150.00.

Live Channeling on Sunday December 10, 2017 at 3:00 PM ET.

Divine Mother takes us to the Cosmic Council to offer our petitions for acceleration of  positive change in our world. The topics of interest to bring to the counsels are our personal needs and desires as well as world topics such as measures to abate natural and man made disasters, remedial measures to curb Climate Change,  return of integrity and peace and removal of corruption in our divided world.  Please offer your service at this critical time for us and our world.

Winter Solstice 2017

Course tuition is: $99.00.

Sunday December 17, 2017 at 3:00 PM ET.

This month we will celebrate Winter Solstice 2017. This is one of the four major portal days in each calendar year. Please join Divine Mother to celebrate and participate in this final Portal celebration of 2017.

Wash Away Obstacles – Abishakam Ceremony to Divine Mother

To Participate in these Ceremonies: $33.00. Click here to go to Gifts Store to Register. Here’s how it works Abishakam is an ancient Vedic ceremony to honor Divine Mother. In turn, we ask her to wash away all obstacles and smooth out the path ahead in every way possible. We honor Divine Mother by bathing her Shri Chakra Crystals which are carved with the symbol of Divine Mother. We celebrate Divine Mother by bathing 9 of her Shri Chakra Crystals in milk, honey and rose water while chanting her sacred names. This is a great way to invite Divine Mother’s favorable response, her love and nurturance. When you register for this ceremony you and your loved ones are included in our prayers. In essence, you offer yourself to Divine Mother to enhance all areas of your life and the lives of your loved ones. Intentions are offered to Divine Mother by reciting your name during the ceremony and asking her to grant you all that she wished to offer you, including all that you wish to receive and experience in your life and the removal of all obstacles from your path. Divine Mother knows the intentions and desires of all her children. Our request for enhancing all aspects of your life during this sacred ceremony is a great gift that Divine Mother has bestowed upon all of us. She is giving us a chance to call on her to enhance all aspects of our lives and the lives of our loved ones. If you wish to offer your own prayers and invocations to Divine Mother, please do so at any time while in meditation. You may also connect with us during Fridays and Saturdays anytime between 7-10 AM your time, where ever you are. Whether you connect or not, we will bring you and your loved ones to Divine Mother and request her loving grace for you. 3 in One Special Offer To Participate in these Ceremonies: $44.00. Click here to go to Gifts Store to Register. The 3 ceremonies are: Wash away Obstacles – Abishakam Ceremony – Please read about this Grid in the Gifts Store. Release Anxiety Healing Crystal Grid – Please read about this Grid in the product description from the Gifts Store. Monthly Gateway Portal Fire Ceremony – Please read about this ceremony in the product description from the Gifts Store. You may send us a copy of your intentions to offer to the sacred fire. Email intentions to Nasrin’s personal email Reminder: $5 Book Sale We continue the special offer price into 2014. Spread the Divine Energies where ever you leave these books (the offices of your therapists, dentist, yoga center, YMCA, etc.). You change the lives of all who are touched by these books. Click here to order books. Book sale proceeds help creation of courses for our “Indigos Awaken” site and the publication of new books from PTE Mystery School.

Divine Mother’s Meditation for 

Fall Equinox 2016 

Adapted from the PTE MS course; Fall Eqinox 2016
© FAGU 2017


Hello everyone and welcome, this is Jim.  Welcome to Fall Equinox 2016 Ceremony.   I thank you all for being here.  I thank you all for offering yourself in this service.  Let’s all take a deep breath and we will begin.

Grounding Meditation

Visualize that you’re standing on top of Uluru.  Be aware that everyone on this call and will listen to this later is also standing here with us.  As you feel yourself begin to connect with Uluru allow yourself to slide into Uluru.  See the Clay Red colored Light of Uluru and this sacred site envelop you.  Activate your Hara Line below the bottoms of your feet and see it extend all the way to the Core of Mother Earth, and send your roots down around the Hara Line to wrap around the Core Crystal.

We invite Divine Mother, Mother of the Universe, Mother of the Cosmos, the Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian of Protection, Victory, Guardian of Divine Plan and Great Silent Watcher to wrap themselves around us and send their roots down around our roots, all the way to the Core Crystal holding us tight to Mother Earth.

Now visualize the tree trunk forming around you, this tree sending its roots down around all of ours roots around the Core Crystal, and the tree trunk extending up through the heavens to the Pool of Creation where the branches and leaves of this tree spread into the Pool of Creation.

See the Emerald Green Light that forms the outer layer of this tree trunk, and around that the Plum colored Light of Divine Mother’s Light of Rejuvenation.  We ask Great Silent Watcher to put her Turquoise Blue Tornado around us for protection, and we ask Cosmic Guardian of Stability in her Eggplant colored Light to surround the Tornado bringing stability to this grid and providing the healing Qualities that this Light of Stability gives, as it is magnified through the Turquoise Blue Light of Great Silent Watcher to us, to our bodies, our 5 Body System & Light Body.

Now we focus on the Core Crystal and we call to Goddess Gaia with all our love and gratitude, offering ourselves in service to Mother Earth.  And we pull the Amber colored Life Force Energy of Mother Earth up through the root system, all the way to the bottoms of the feet and filling our body, our 5 Body System & Light Body with the Amber colored Light of Mother Earth.  You can feel the presence of that Light and what affect it has on your body and Being. 

Always be aware energetically how these Lights make you feel once they’re fully pulled into your body, so you can be more aware of yourself, more aware of your 5 Body System, more aware of what may be inhibiting your full appreciation of this meditation and of these Energies.  Anything that needs to be removed you may identify it and resolve it as we send this Light up through the Crown, up through the tree trunk, all the way to the Pool of Creation where it pours all the Signature Energy of Mother Earth into the Pool of Creation. 

Great Silent Watcher stands beside the Pool pouring her Turquoise Blue & Gold Light into the Pool.  Cosmic Mother pouring her Vibrant Amber Light with Gold, Guardian of the Divine Plan her Warm Orange & Gold, Mother of the Universe – Vibrant Pink and Gold, our own Divine Mother with her Golden Brown, Beloved Goddess Victory with her Champaign colored Light with Gold and the Guardian of Compassion pouring her Creamy Peach colored Light into the Pool of Creation, and all of these Lights coming down through the tree trunk to your Crown Chakra. 

The integrity of each one of these Lights is maintained as they pour it down, they don’t all mix together to make a new color.  Each one moves through your body and your Being, down through the bottoms of your feet, all the way to the Core Crystal mixing with Goddess Gaia’s Earthly Energies and her Life Force Energy, and moving back up again, reaching the bottoms of your feet, filling your body and Being, aligning your Chakras, activating all the Chakras, clearing any dross within your Chakras and 5 Body System and moving up to the Pool of Creation, and once again being energized by all of these Cosmic Beings’ Light as they now come back down through the tree trunk to the Crown Chakra, filling your body and Being, out the bottoms of your feet, down to Mother Earth. 

Not only are you clearing and cleansing your own body, but helping to clear and cleanse the 5 Body System of Mother Earth, and bringing these Cosmic Energies to be more available to Earth, for Mother Earth to align herself with these Energies.  Now as they mix together and they come back up one last time, up through the bottoms of the feet, and we move our consciousness with this Energy through our body, our 5 Body System, up through the Crown all the way up to the Pool of Creation.

Now see yourself swimming in the Pool of Creation.  All of these Great Beings around the edge of the Pool, Cosmic Beings and the Cosmic Guardians of the Divine Feminine, the Feminine Beings of Earth, Deities of Earth, Sanat Kumara standing there as well.  We pull ourselves out, the two Angels are standing by, we put our Garments of Light on, and our ceremonial robes, take our scepter and we turn to face Divine Mother in the distance, sitting on her Throne.  On either side of her, our Beloved Goddess Shakti, Lord Shiva and behind Divine Mother is Great Silent Watcher.  We glide to Divine Mother, she stands, holds her arms out and we fall into her embrace in the Golden Brown Light in the bosom of Divine Mother.  Take a moment, feel these Energies, say what you need to say to Divine Mother….

Now we step in front of Divine Mother.  We kneel before Divine Mother, put our scepters up in the air and take a moment to offer our services to Divine Mother, offer her our love, our gratitude and ask what we can do to serve Divine Mother in even greater ways, and we thank her for the opportunity to be in a session like this to hear her words through our Beloved Nasrin.

So we stand, and as we stand we see that Great Silent Watcher is holding her Scepter above our head.  The Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian of Protection is standing next to us, as is Goddess Victory, as is Goddess Gaia and all the entourage of the Cosmic Guardians of the Divine Feminine, standing in rows upon rows around us.  Great Silent Watcher pours her Turquoise Blue Light over us, energizing the Six Pointed Star Spheres above our head and below our feet, activating the eight layers, Physical Body, Etheric Body, Emotional Body, Mental Body, our Spiritual Body, our Light Body, the seventh layer which is now the layer of Goddess Gaia, and the eighth layer which is the layer which belongs to Goddess of Victory.

The Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian of Protection is pouring her Sky Blue Light over you and you can see the eight layers forming and illuminating and being further enhanced by Great Silent Watcher and the Topaz Blue Guardian.

Goddess Gaia is rubbing on your chest the Fiery Amber colored Light which fills the eight layers and creates a kind of Greenish Light, Aquamarine Blue Green Light as it mixes with the Lights of Great Silent Watcher and the Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian.

Now Goddess Victory – we see the Frosted Blue Light with the Platinum Shimmers all through out it, and around all of this, the Sphere of Great Silent Watcher.  And we call to the Elementals, the Elemental Kingdom who in our Summer Solstice Ceremony Great Silent Watcher had brought in.   We ask her once again to call to each one of these Elemental Beings that have offered to come and to help us heal, and to help Earth heal, many who have been dormant now made active through your prayers and through the efforts of Divine Mother and Great Silent Watcher.  Once again feel their presence encircling you and beginning to heal different aspects of your 5 Body System/ Light Body and bring their presence into your Reality to be a permanent guest and helper in your daily lives. 

I’ll give you a few moments to bring in these amazing Beings, these Elementals, to experience the eight layers, become settled within this eight layer system, and to say whatever you would like to say to any of these Deities; Divine Mother, Great Silent Watcher and the rest, and to the Elementals who offered their service to you, Divine Mother and Great Silent Watcher.

I wish you a wonderful Fall Equinox.  The next voice you hear will be that of our Beloved Nasrin.  So It Is.


Nasrin:  15:10

Hello everyone and welcome to this wonderful day, Fall Equinox Ceremony.

We offer our hearts and our loved ones to Divine Mother in full gratitude for everything that we receive from her with open hearts.  The best part of serving Divine Mother is knowing that she takes care of us, and our loved ones.  That feeling of being safe in a world where very little safety is left, is a great experience. 

Let’s take a deep breath and invite all your loved ones, their Higher Selves, let them come and benefit from the Energies of the Elementals, and invite Divine Mother to call on the Elementals to bring healing and wholeness to all your loved ones.

Sometimes I say to Divine Mother, Mother please take care of my loved ones so I can take care of you and serve you.  When our loved ones are safe and good and happy and healthy we can devote our time to Divine Mother.  When our loved ones need us, when our bodies need us, when our minds, emotions are in turmoil, there isn’t time and energy left for service.  So a lot of times my prayer to Divine Mother is to take care of the loved ones.  Take care of everyone that it is my responsibility to take care of, or at least I feel responsible to take care of, and that includes all of you.  All of you are always in my prayers because if I know you’re in turmoil, if I know you are in hardship, if your health is jeopardized, then there I am with my Scepter held above my head praying for each and every one of you, and putting an extra effort to address the specific issues you are going through. 

When all of us are in a good place, we can all come together and put all of our energy for serving others, and serving the greater good.  When any one of our group members are having difficulty, whether it is physical issues or issues in the mundane or sublime, we all experience it at some level, and our energy gets spent in fixing that.  So taking care of each other and taking care of the loved ones, and offering everyone of the members of the group and their loved ones, as well as our own to Divine Mother, and asking from this Fall Equinox to the next one a year from now, we pray that Mother will take care of each and every one of us, each and every one of our loved ones, each and every one of the souls we’re suppose to touch and be touched by and, simultaneously we pray that Divine Mother would take care of Earth, take care of Earth’s 5 Body System & Light Body.  Take care of removing and releasing the dust and debris from all the pollution and corruption in the 5 Elements from all the thoughts of anger and hatred that spreads itself like a contagious disease that affects the 5 Elements and causes corruption and pollution in the fabric of life. 

So we pray, and today Divine Mother said this Fall Equinox and the next three months until we reach Winter Solstice for those of us on the northern hemisphere, and the reverse, Summer Solstice for those of you who are in the southern hemisphere, we offer this last quarter of this year and this Fall Equinox which is also Spring for the southern hemisphere to Earth’s health and evolution from the perspective of the 5 Elements, but also from the perspective of all the pollution and corruption that is caused by all the souls.  Humankind seems to be causing the most pollution and corruption, but the other Kingdoms take lessons from us unfortunately, and the Animal Kingdom, the Mineral Kingdom and the Plant Kingdom end up being corrupted in ways that impact Mother Earth.

So we pray, and Mother said in this next three month phase, our focus is going to be on healing Earth, the 5 Elements, the kingdoms that depend on Earth, and generally uplifting Earth’s Energy.  So let’s pray for a moment as we wait for Divine Mother to come, for that intention.


Divine Mother:  21:49

My Beloved Children of Light I’m your very own Divine Mother.

Today we will place an eight layered grid around the Planetary Body Grid.  I ask you each to imagine that this group has assembled at Divine Mother’s Sacred Fire at my own Throne, and that a miniature aspect of Earth is suspended above the Sacred Fire.  All the Deities, all the Elementals, all the members of Angelic Kingdoms, the Watchers, the Silent Watchers and the Great Silent Watcher, who is the ultimate care giver to all of us and guardian of the Elementals and the Angels and Watchers, and we ask her to pour her Turquoise Blue Light and her blessing upon Earth. 

I ask you to imagine this miniature aspect suspended above the Sacred Fire.  I ask you simultaneously to imagine the globe in its natural size, the planet as big as it is, receiving through her 5 Body System, her Light Body, the seventh layer, and the eighth layer.  So imagine the eight layered grid established around the miniature aspect, while simultaneously it is established around the globe itself, and we’re going to do this both ways.   We are going to go from the Core of the Earth outwards, and then we’re going to come back in from the outermost layer, which is the eighth layer, inwards.

Core & Surface of Earth

So imagine that Great Silent Watcher and the Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian of Protection sending the Turquoise Blue and the Topaz Blue Light to the Earth and penetrating through all the layers to the Core, filling the Core of the Earth all the way to the surface with the Topaz Blue Turquoise Blue Light, saturating from the molten core (where the Core Crystal in its 5th Dimensional and above Energies resides) with the Turquoise Blue Topaz Blue Light.  Turquoise Blue is Great Silent Watcher’s own Energies.  Topaz Blue brings the Energies of an Aspect of Great Silent Watcher whose presence here with us is a blessing that brings us the Bandwidth of Protection. This is very specifically protecting us and Earth from lower vibration, from anger and hatred, from pollution and corruption, from dust and debris, of chemical compounds and nuclear waste – nuclear leakage, nuclear blasts.  Countries whose leaders want to show their might and power, embark upon projects that changes the Nature of Reality and pollutes the Life Force of Earth in all Dimensions and Realities, mostly impacting the Third, Fourth and Fifth Dimension, and affecting life in all its aspects for all Beings.

We want to change the consciousness.  The consciousness which thinks, feels, expects Earth to be a toy, and using the panorama of Earth’s life as their showpiece, as their field for playing games.  We want to change that mindset.  Our first task is to pour down the Turquoise Blue Topaz Blue Light of Protection from Great Silent Watcher and the Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian, penetrating from the Core of the Earth to the surface of the Earth, going back and forth, pulsing as it moves outward, and rippling back with greater intensity to the Core, stabilizing the Core as it moves back up to the surface that constitutes the Physical Body of Earth.

We call upon the Elementals, the Fairies and Devas, and all the Beings that are considered members of the Elemental Kingdom under the guardianship of Great Silent Watcher, and ask Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian and Great Silent Watcher, as well as Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan to guide the Elementals to quickly repair the damage, and to place shields of protection, mesh and nets of protection, fields of protection, vibrational energies of protection, that on one hand absorbs and transmutes the negative impact of manmade and natural disasters that cause pollution, and on the other hand transfer that negativity into the kind of Light that raises the vibration of Earth. Right now our focus is the Physical Body of Earth, the Physical Essence of the Planetary Body.   Turn that Light to raise the vibration for all souls, all species responsible for Earth, to think harmoniously, to act from a place of healing and helping Mother Earth’s body. 


Etheric Body

Now we extend this Topaz Blue – Turquoise Blue Light, which is also overlighted by the Warm Orange of Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan, into the 5 Body System of Earth so her Etheric Body, her Auric Field, that’s basically the atmosphere of the planet and the part that plays a very important role in all your lives and the lives of all species.  Topaz Blue Guardian sending the Topaz Blue Light of Protection, transmuting the pollution, translating it to Light.  Great Silent Watcher pouring her Turquoise Blue Light of Fearlessness, Empowerment and Protection.  

It is out of fear that species act offensively; human, animal, even plant and mineral.  It is out of feeling disempowered that humankind makes a show of power by blasting missiles, blasting nuclear blasts, blasting pollution, contamination, chemicals, energies into the air.

The Warm Orange Light of Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan sending her Energy to change the mindset through a new vibrational frequency that she picks from all possible plans, bypassing destruction, bypassing violence, bypassing fear and fear mongering, bypassing hatred, transmuting those negative qualities to positive ones, and spreading that Light into the Auric Field of the planet.  This Etheric Body is also where the Planetary Body Grid is the weakest, because the pollution and all the negative emotions cause the shields to breakdown.

We already know that Sanat Kumara’s Shield is the one source of healing, and that shield covers the Auric Field, the second layer of the 5 Body System.  We already know that the shield has in the past been penetrated and corrupted.  We have established that shield with the help of Sanat Kumara.  I invite Sanat Kumara here, and I ask each of you to kneel before him and request on his behalf that Great Silent Watcher, Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian of Protection, Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan and all other Deities, to come forward and send their Light, their Love, their Signature Energy to the Auric Field of Mother Earth, strengthen the Planetary Body Grid and energize Sanat Kumara and his Shield to go to the next level of protection, the next level of increasing the vibrational frequency that carries Sanat Kumara’s Personal Energy, and his Energy as the Planetary Logos, spreading it into the Auric Field, the second layer of the 5 Body System, Etheric Body of Mother Earth.                                                                                   

See Sanat Kumara sending his own Energy, while the Warm Orange of Divine Plan, Protection of Topaz Blue, Empowerment and Protection of Great Silent Watcher in the Turquoise Blue are pouring in sealing this second layer, and then expanding into the third layer, the Emotional Body. 


Emotional Body

Now the Emotional Body of Mother Earth carries the emotions of all the species, so the more contaminated the emotions, the feelings, the more sick and diseased those emotions and feelings, the harder it is for the Earth to keep her Emotional Body clean and clear. 

So we call Mother of Cosmos with her Amber Light, and Mother of Universe and her Vibrant Pink Light, to come in and pour Energy into the Emotional Body of Mother Earth, while Sanat Kumara continues to send his Light, Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan sending Warm Orange, Topaz Blue Goddess sending the Topaz Blue Light of Protection, and Great Silent Watcher the Turquoise Blue.  And pause for a moment to imagine in your mind’s eye that the Emotional Body of Mother Earth is being cleared completely, and you may if you so wish, see that happen for yourselves and your loved ones.  See the same process that you are now imagining for Earth to be happening for each of you and your loved ones.  Your Physical Body feeling the Energies of Topaz Blue and Turquoise Blue.  Your Etheric Body feeling the Energies of Topaz Blue Turquoise Blue, Warm Orange of Divine Plan and Sanat Kumara’s Energies in his individual and personal love that he sends to each of you, and in his capacity as the Planetary Logos.  And then let it expand into your Emotional Body with all of these Deities sending their Energies, Mother of Universe adding her Vibrant Pink, that’s a lot of loving Light, and Mother of Cosmos sending her Amber Light, that’s a lot of Life Force, that’s a lot of life bubbling inside of the Emotional Body, as those other Energies continue to proceed from the Core and move, expanding outwards, and then it continues to expand to the Mental Body of Mother Earth, as it expands into the Mental Body of each of you and your loved ones.


Mental Body

The Mental Body is where all the thoughts are collected.  These thoughts comprise of all the thoughts of all species that are on Earth in the Third and Fourth and Fifth Dimensions and above, but also all the thoughts that are being floated from higher dimensions to the lower dimensions in the hope that these good thoughts, ideas, designs, concepts would be picked up by those who are able to reach the higher Energies, the higher frequencies and then implement it. 

All the inventions, sometimes an invention is received simultaneously by two or three or four people in different parts of the world, and they begin working on it and they each do it their way, and then you hear, two, three, four different people came up with this invention.  It’s because the Energies being floated from above into that layer which is fourth amongst the 5 Body System, the fourth layer where the thoughts are collected.  On one hand the thoughts from those who live in the lower dimensions are spread into that layer and extended to the higher dimensions.  On the other hand the thoughts from the Beings who are guides and guardians to all of you, are pulled down from the higher dimensions into this realm so you all can receive them and implement them. 

Even in your own personal lives you go about a project and you think of five different ways of accomplishing it, and each one has its own shortfalls or difficulties, and the more you think about it the more worried you become until suddenly you have a moment of clarity and you have a solution which is a short cut.  A solution that bypasses a lot, if not all of those difficult situations, and its simple and easy, fast, and you think, how come I didn’t think of this right off the bat?  How come it took me so long to come up with this idea?   Well it took you longer to come up with this idea because at first you were reaching at the level of the Third, Fourth and Fifth Dimension, and the more you thought about it, the more focused you became on solving the issue and finding a better design, a better concept, a better idea, and each time that you thought there has to be a better way, there has to be an easier way, there has to be a more harmonious way, a simpler way, you got vibrationally raised to the next level and the next level and the next level, and you became prepped and primed to be open to receive the higher vibrational aspect, until the point where the thought that was being directed at you, at your Mental Body was received and processed by your mental Body and accessed by your consciousness.  Then in that moment you get it, you get it, and it’s so much better that it makes you think how come this has appeared now?  Well that’s what happens when your Mental Body connects to the higher levels. 

Now imagine what it would be like if the Mental Body of Mother Earth was always ready to support you, always available to pull in higher dimensional frequencies, better ideas, designs, and concepts, better solutions for the thoughts that you have.  So it stands to reason that we push for a clearing of the Mental Body of Earth.  Not only because it’s good for Earth, which it is, but also because it’s good for each and every one of you.  It makes your lives easier, simpler, more fun. 

So for the Mental Body Grid I am going to invite Silent Watchers under the auspices of Great Silent Watcher whose specific forte is to help you with bringing clarity to the Mental Body of Mother Earth, floating higher dimensional thoughts, and making those higher thoughts available to you, prepping your Mental Bodies to connect with those thoughts, designs, ideas, concepts.  Take a moment and feel the presence of these Silent Watchers and the Elemental Beings that are now called to work with these Silent Watchers, the Angels, the Fairies, Devas and all the Beings from all the kingdoms that can make a difference, a big difference.

I am going to call to the twelve Cosmic Guardians that stand around the circle.  Every one of them is invited to come and work with the Mental Body of Earth, adding their own Signature Energy, their own Quality.   Prosperity, Life & Nurturance, Joy & Gratitude, pulling Energies from the Fifth Dimension, Empowerment, Divine Love, Victory, Divine Plan, Sweetness Karuna, and to those aspects of Mother Earth, Abundance from the Earthly prospective, Goddess Gaia herself with her Abundance, the Elementals of Earth, addressing the Mental Body of Earth, Empowerment for the Mental Body of Earth that can empower each of your individual Mental Bodies and the collective Mental Body of the group, to help each of you individually.  And we ask them to continue to work on the Mental Body of Earth and each of you individually and the group entity, while we move the Energy to the Spiritual Body.


Spiritual Body

For the Spiritual Body, I stand with Goddess Gaia and the Reddish Brown Cosmic Guardian of Earthly Abundance, triangulating in the Spiritual Body.  You need the Spirit of Earth, the Spiritual Body of Earth to connect with your Spiritual Body, at the same time you need the Spiritual Body of Earth to be at its highest and best, because what is the use of the Spiritual Body that is polluted and corrupted in connecting with you when it can’t do anything for you but to make matters worse.  So standing with Goddess Gaia and Cosmic Guardian of Earthly Abundance, remember her position is number eleven on the grid.

I will also call to the Cobalt Blue Guardian whose position is number twelve, the Guardian of Power and Protection, and I ask that Cosmic Guardian to stand in the middle while I make a triangle with Goddess Gaia and Cosmic Guardian of Earthly Abundance to clear and cleanse the Spiritual Body of Mother Earth.  And you may call upon this triangle with Power & Protection Cosmic Guardian in the center of the triangle, to do the same for your individual Spiritual Bodies and for the group entity’s Spiritual Body, clearing the grid for Mother Earth, clearing the grid for each of you personally, clearing the grid of the group entity.  This will help from all fronts.

And while this is going on I am going to pull the Energies, the Energies that we have set up so far, the Topaz Blue, the Turquoise Blue, the Warm Orange, the Amber, the Vibrant Pink and the Energies of Silent Watchers, the Elementals, the Energies of the Triangle I just placed in the Spiritual Body, and the Power & Protection of the Cosmic Guardian of Power & Protection in the position of twelve.  I’m pulling all of that to spread into the Light Body, and then I am adding the six, the Six Pointed Star of the Cosmic Guardians.   North and south is Stability with the Eggplant colored Light in the south, and Spiritual Strength & Physical Stamina in the north, with a mixture of Cobalt Blue and Silver Foiled with Moss Blue Green, the north south. 

And then northeast and northwest is Guardian of Divine Order, Guardian of Divine Organization with Fuchsia Pink and that Moss Green with Foiled Silver.  Southeast and southwest are Goddess of Compassion with her Beige Peachy Cream colored Light and Goddess of Spring & Renewal with her triple Light, Infrared, Ultraviolet and the range between Infrared and Ultraviolet, Spring & Renewal spinning and twirling.  And I will place the Six Pointed Star in the Light Body with all the other Beings sending their Energies. 

And inside the Six Pointed Star I’m going to invite the four.  The four Cosmic Guardians that make a square, Balancing Light & Darkness with that Smoky Quartz Rutilated Smoky Quartz color, Balancing Health & Abundance with her Emerald Green color, Balancing Life Force with the Pomegranate Seed color and Hope, with Tongues and Flames of Pink & Yellow, Orange & Red.  The four inside the six with the twelve sending their Energies through to the Light Body, and all the other Beings sending their Energies from the Core of the Earth outwards to the Light Body of Mother Earth, sealing the Light Body, sealing the Shield of Sanat Kumara, sealing the Protection that all these Deities and Beings bring.


Light Body

See that around your own Light Body, as you see it around Mother Earth’s and let it all expand into the seventh layer with Goddess Gaia sending her Orange Tongues of Light to completely encompass that seventh layer, because with that she protects Earth from hurting herself and she shields Earth from sending any of that negativity further out.  She transmutes all the Energies that are of lower vibration. 

So bless Goddess Gaia and envision that all these Beings we have invited are sending their Light to Goddess Gaia to empower her to do more for Earth, to do more for each of you, to do more for the group entity, and while we’re doing that we’re going to extend it to the eighth layer and Goddess Victory’s Frosted Blue & Platinum, Platinum Pewter Light that makes even a bigger Shield that brings the Energies of Victory from the higher realms, that pulls the Topaz Blue Turquoise Blue, Warm Orange Light from the Core to all these layers, past 5 Body System Light Body, past Goddess Gaia’s Shield into the eighth layer, mixing the Platinum Pewter with the Frosted Blue to make everything we’re doing victorious. 

And while that is going on, imagine that the Platinum Pewter Frosted Blue of Victory is established in the eighth layer and now penetrating inwards, going through into the seventh layer, which is Goddess Gaia’s layer, the sixth layer which is the Light Body of Mother Earth, the fifth layer which is the Spiritual Body, the fourth layer which is the Mental Body, the third layer which is the Emotional Body, Platinum Pewter Frosted Blue moving in.  The second layer which is the Etheric Body, the Auric Field, helping Sanat Kumara, helping all those Energies that get sent to the atmosphere of Earth that causes pollution and debris, heaviness, releasing the heaviness, transmuting the pollution and penetrating into the Core of the Earth where the Physical Body of Mother Earth resides.  All the way to the Core Crystal, from the surface of Mother Earth to the Core Crystal pouring in, pouring in.   Platinum Pewter Frosted Blue bringing the Energies of Goddess Gaia, bringing the reinforcement of all the Deities, bringing the Energies from the higher levels and layers filling the Core Crystal with the Light of Victory.

I ask each and every one of you to take five minutes, ten minutes if you can, lay down or sit in meditation after we complete this session, so all these Deities, the Elementals, Fairies and Devas, Goddess Gaia, Goddess Victory, Great Silent Watcher, Topaz Blue and Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan, with all the Cosmic Guardians who have been called in your name, and the Silent Watchers and Angelic Watchers to work on each of you individually and to raise the vibration of the group.  We want to raise the vibration of the group for the work that is awaiting us for the rest of this year, and to set the parameters and the pace for a New Spiritual Year beginning in November, the New Gregorian Year, the New Hindu Year, the New Chinese Year as we proceed to the new Spring Equinox in six months time, and as we proceed into the New Year of 2017.  I have high hopes for 2017, but before we get there we have to establish Energies of Fall Equinox into the winter and into the new year, and then move gradually step by step to mark our territory, and to reach to a plateau where we can establish the Energies in March Equinox for spring in the northern hemisphere, and fall in the southern hemisphere, to be a greater new season for all souls.

I hold you in my own heart, I ask you to give me a few minutes to work on you individually.  I Am your very own Divine Mother.  So It Is.

Jim concludes:  Thank you Nasrin.  Thank you Divine Mother and I thank you to all the Deities working on our behalf, Goddess Gaia as well, and I thank all of you, until next time, thank you.  So It Is.