August 2017

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Dear Friends, Welcome to August. This month we offer a continuation of the Meditations Divine Mother gave at the 4 key Portal Days for each year, starting in 2015. We also have the live channeling for Past Life Regression, Series 2 PH 4. Look for the link below to register. Thank you for your patience as we work through some technical difficulties with our site. These are tough times all around. Enjoy your summer.   Blessings from Nasrin & Jim  

 Crystal Grid Per Goddess Hecate and Divine Mother’s request, I have turned the Grid of Light into a Crystal Grid. This Crystal Grid is intended to enhance and empower you and to help you to manifest your highest and best desires and dreams for the year 2017 and beyond. It is powerful crystal grid as Jim and I have been using ours for a few days. The energies of Hecate, Divine Mother, Sanat Kumara and Shiva, Shakti are imbued into various crystals including a strand of red Garnets- One of Hecate’s favorite gemstones. Hecate has requested that we offer this grid first to everyone who has participated in the Spring Equinox course at a discounted price of $55.00 (regular price $120.00.) If you are interested please use the donation box located  on our home page- link bellow- and deposit $55,00. Use the remarks for any special requests and/or shipping address- if different from your normal address-   I will charge your Crystal Grid and add/customize it with Mother and Hecate’s guidance especially for you.  Instructions for how to use  the grid and  invocations will be mailed  with your package containing your Crystal Grid.

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Portal Days: 8/8/17, 8/10/17, 8/12/17, 8/17/17, 8/18/17, 8/20/17, 8/21/17 & 8/22/17.  The Full Moon is on 7th and the New Moon on the 21st.

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PTE MS: Past Life Regression Series 2 PH 4

Tuition is $150.00. The live Session will be on Sunday, August 20, 2017 at 3:00 PM ET. To register, click on course title above. In the First Series Divine Mother introduced us to Cosmic Beings that have come to support her and us – Beings that have a connection to each one of us. In Series 2, she will help us understand how to perform past life regression on ourselves and others. Divine Mother has requested that everyone interested in participating also sign up for the Wash Away Your Obstacles – Abisahkam Ceremony. Divine Mother states that this ceremony can help to “restore your own spiritual purity and integrity, as well as to clean and cleanse your 5-Body System and your Sacred Geometries by performing these sacred ceremonies.  


In case you missed it:

PTE MS: Summer Solstice 2017

Tuition for this course is $88.00.

We are about to move into the new energies of Spring of 2017. Join Divine Mother and us to bring your Personal Light to this important day. There are only 4 such Portal Days per year and each is significant and powerful for each of us as well as Mother Earth. On Divine Mother’s behalf, make participation in each of these a priority. Course Content: This course is comprised of:

  • Audio of Guided Meditation
  • Transcript
  • Text Summary of the Guided Meditation

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Divine Mother’s Meditation for 

Fall Equinox – 2015

Adapted from the PTE MS course; Fall Equinox 2015
© FAGU 2017

Hello everyone this is Jim and welcome to Fall Equinox 2015.  I welcome you all here and I thank you for your service and giving of yourself in this way to this work.  I hope you’re all having a great year.  This is the third of the four major portal days of every year starting with Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox and the Winter Solstice. 

I remind you that every previous year for the four gateway days of the Solstices and Equinoxes are on the website, and you can go listen to each one of these for past years, back to I believe 2008.  And because they’re such major portal days, Divine Mother anchors really important Energies as you all know on those days, so going back and listening to some if you haven’t heard them before, I highly recommend it.  Take a deep breath and we will begin.

Visualize yourself on top of Uluru.  Be aware that everyone on this call, and everyone that will listen to this audio and do this meditation in the future, are also present.  And keep in mind how important the grounding portion of each one of these meditations is.  It not only makes your participation even greater in the total effect of our meditations, but it also makes things smoother and easier for Divine Mother when she comes and smoother and easier for our Beloved Nasrin.

So feel Uluru beneath your feet.  Ground yourself to Uluru and feel the presence of this rock where the ancient vortex of Light exists.  And as you connect with Uluru and this vortex, you can slide into Uluru.  Feel the presence and see the Clay Red Light of Uluru all around you, clearing all the static from the day.  As you relax and see Uluru’s nurturing Light all around you, you feel like you’re surrounded by a boulder of the Energies of Uluru holding you in its protection and nurturance.

Activate the Hara Line beneath your feet, just visualize that it’s coming alive and this Pillar of Light which extends from the bottoms of your feet and your tailbone goes all the way down to the Core Crystal of Mother Earth, holding the Earth Crust Chakra which is just below the bottoms of your feet within it.  And you send roots down from the bottoms of your feet and tailbone all the way down around the Hara Line, wrapping them around the Core Crystal.  Feel the presence of Divine Mother and the Cosmic Council of the Divine Feminine also overlighting you and sending their roots down as well, Divine Mother, Mother of the Universe, Mother of the Cosmos, Victory, Guardian of Divine Plan, Great Silent Watcher all wrapping themselves around you and sending their roots down around yours wrapping them around the Core Crystal.

Now visualize the tree trunk and the root system.  The tree trunk is around you and the root system extends down around yours and all of the other Beings root systems, wrapping around the Core Crystal holding us tight.  You can see that the tree trunk that surrounds you and the inside layer that holds you and your 5 Body System completely within it.  There’s the Emerald Green of Healing & Abundance and the Cosmic Guardian of 5th Dimensional Healing & Abundance there to help support these Energies and the Green of the tree trunk, the outer layer of the tree trunk.

Now Pull from the Core Crystal the Amber colored Life Force Energy of Mother Earth and let it come up through the Hara Line, through your Earth Crust Chakra to the bottoms of your feet, filling your feet, your legs, with this Amber colored Light.  Feel it clear and cleanse you and bring you closer to Mother Earth as it extends up through your torso to your Crown Chakra and up through the tree trunk, all the way up through the heavens to the Pool of Creation, spilling into the Pool of Creation, and as it does you see the Cosmic Mother of Cosmos pouring her deep vibrant Amber colored Light almost the color of root beer, and Great Silent Watcher standing beside the Pool of Creation with the huge urn on her shoulder pouring Gold into the Pool of Creation.  These mix together and come down through the tree trunk.  They reach your Crown, fill your body and being as they move down all the way through your body, out the bottoms of your feet, down the Hara Line to the Core Crystal, mixing with the Life Force Energies of Mother Earth.  They mix together and they come back up again, second round of clearing and cleansing your body and being, up to the Pool of Creation and mixing again with the Cosmic Energies and pouring back down, all the way through your body to the Core Crystal, mixing with the Earth’s Life Force Energy and coming up again, and we travel with it, our consciousness, up to the Pool of Creation.

We see all along the edges of the Pool of Creation.   You can see the Cosmic Council of the Divine Feminine, all the Beings that we know – Goddess Victory, Goddess Liberty, Mother of the Universe, Mother of the Cosmos, Great Silent Watcher, Guardian of the Divine Plan, and the 12 pairs of Guardians and Aspects of Divine Mother – >Divine Power — take a deep breath, feel the Energies pouring in while I pause a minute.  A lot happening, I’ll complete the rest of them – the pair of >Prosperity, >Life & Nurturance, Prosperity in the Fuchsia Pink & Platinum, Life & Nurturance in the Fresh Green, Spring Green, >5th Dimensional Abundance & Healing in the Baby Blue and the Mint Green with Platinum, >the Guardian and Aspect of Divine Mother of Joy & Gratitude, >the Light Lilac of Balance of Polarities of Male & Female, >the Vibrant Pink of Divine Love, >Pearlescent Gray with a touch of Purple, >Guardian of Empowerment overlighted by Great Silent Watcher, >then Goddess Victory and the colors of Blue with Platinum as well as the Gold & Pink and the next >Guardian and Aspect of Divine Mother the Energies of Compassion, >the Karuna Energies in the Cinnamon colored Light, >then the Goddess of the Divine Plan  and the Aspect of Divine who steps down that Light in the Warm Orange and >the Guardian of Earthly Abundance in the Deep Greenish  Red colors and back to the >Guardian of Divine Power.

As you’re in the Pool of Creation and with the Energies and Lights of all these Beings fully absorbed into you through the Pool of Creation, we move to the deck where your Angelic Beings are standing with two trays, one for your ceremonial robes, and a tray for your Scepter.  You place your ceremonial robes on, and hold your Scepter in your hand with great gratitude and love for these Beings and for all the Cosmic Guardians of the Divine Feminine coming with such force today and such joy.  We turn and we face Divine Mother sitting on her Throne, and we run and glide to Divine Mother as she opens her arms with her Copper Gold Light pouring out from her.  She embraces us, pulls us into her bosom, wraps her arms, her cape of Copper Gold around us and we’re once again held within the Love and Energy and Light of Divine Mother.

Take a moment, feel the loving, nurturing Energies of our own Divine Mother.  This session today is a lovefest.  We’re held within Divine Mother’s arms, all of us together.  Take a moment, say whatever you would like to say, set your intentions for this session, for this quarter, for this next bit of time before Winter Solstice and the end of the year.  I thank you all for being here and all that you do.  So It Is.

NASRIN:  12:45

Hello everyone and welcome to Fall Equinox 2015.  I don’t know where you live around the globe but for us in northeastern part of United States it seems as though the fall has arrived a little early because usually the leaves turn around beginning of October, and some of the trees have already shaken themselves off of their leaves.  So the beautiful fall foliage is already here.

We offer all this beauty to Divine Mother and we pray for Earth, for all species, for all the kingdoms, the human, the animal, including birds and mammals, the minerals and the plants.  We pray for all the extinct species of plants, animals and minerals.  We also pray for all the new species that would begin to thrive on our world as we move on our journey into creating a new reality.  Sometimes we get too focused on what we have lost, and while it’s very important to be mindful and pray for the extinct species, it is equally as important to be mindful that there are always new species of animals, minerals and plants that appear on our planet. 

For those of us who are into gems and minerals, it’s always fascinating to see all the new minerals that appear at gem and jewelry shows, and our favorite wholesalers sell new names, they give them the new descriptions, the new spiritual responsibilities that these minerals hold.  On the other hand the scientists are constantly creating new hybrids, new varieties of plants, and there are always new creatures that we didn’t know of before. 

It would be wonderful if those mythical animals of the past, the ones that we remember from tales and stories were to come back, like the unicorn, like the white buffalo calf.  It would be wonderful for some of the species that we have destroyed to return to Earth.  It would also be wonderful when new varieties of creatures begin to positively impact our world and take us to the next level. 

So we offer this ceremony for Earth and for all creatures of Earth, the old ones, the extinct ones, and the new ones that are joining us.  And we also offer ourselves and our services to Divine Mother on this Fall Equinox as if it were a garland that we offered to her.  A garland of flowers, the most potent of aromatic flowers, the most potent of aromatic spices, the most beautiful of fabrics made of silk and cotton and linen and all natural fibers, the most beautiful and aromatic oils that would enhance her senses, the most beautiful of Lights that will raise the vibration around her and allow the 5 Elements to be supportive of everything that Divine Mother and members of the Divine Feminine Council do.  After all these ceremonies we perform four times a year at Solstices and Equinoxes are all about making offerings and performing ritual.

So standing before her Throne looking into her eyes, feeling yourselves absorbed into her bosom becoming aware of her Copper Gold Light.  It is good to take a moment and make offerings from your own heart, in your own words, to Divine Mother, to the Divine Feminine, to the spiritual teachers and masters that have blessed us with their presence in this lifetime, and other lifetimes, and to the Deities, Angels, Guards, Guardians, living and ascended masters who make our lives better with their Light, their Life Force and their love we offer this ceremony.  Let’s take a moment.


My Beloved Children of Light I’m your very own Divine Mother.

For this ceremony I would like to present you with the gift of a new Cosmic Guardian.  In the month of September I have offered you the Cosmic Guardian of Compassion with her Light that is a Peachy Cream colored pearlescent powder, shimmering like a bubbly champagne, like peaches and cream.  Goddess of Compassion comes to bring the Energies of Compassion back to Earth for exactly those reasons that you were just praying for.  To bring back her Compassion for the extinct species to find solace and either to return to Earth or to move to higher vibration of Light, and for new species to come to Earth to help Earth raise her vibration.  For the mineral, animal, plant as well as the human kingdom to reach perfection, to transmute pollution, distraction, delays and to move directly into the highest Light available, for the 5 Elements of Earth to reach greater potential to support all species. 

The 5 Elements are the building blocks of everything that you experience in your world.  When they lose their elasticity and become rigid that’s when species become extinct and pollution sets in.  When it becomes to elastic and becomes warped that’s also when the Container of the Reality becomes leaky and once again pollution sets in.  Penetration of Energies and Entities of lower vibration come in when the container becomes warped.  So the Light when it shines upon the Container of our Reality, when it shines upon each species it doesn’t get absorbed as it should.  It’s like a sticky film that prevents it from being penetrated. 

The 5 Elements are responsible to maintain the state of the Container for the Reality at a stable point.  If the container is not stable than anything you pour into it will either condense and congeal and becomes too rigid like tar and molasses or it moves through the container because the container becomes leaky and incapable of holding onto the good substance, the good Life Force Energy that is poured into it.  It is the job of the 5 Elements to maintain the stability of the Container of your Reality.  Of course Love & Nurturance, Energies of Compassion, Empowerment, Fearlessness, Joy, Gratitude, Prosperity, Abundance, and good Life Force can enhance both the 5 Elements and the Container for the Reality, and this is why we have all these Cosmic Guardians, and this is why our Beloved Jim was experiencing so much love coming from each of these Cosmic Guardians as he was calling onto them.  When you call upon these Beings they do respond, and when the Energies are open like on Solstices and Equinoxes, and when the Container of the Reality is receptive, then it supports you to immediately feel the response from these Beings.

So the Goddess of Compassion is now overlighting my Throne, and as you are absorbed into the bosom of Divine Mother, imagine that she is now seated as if over and on top of Divine Mother taking a bigger space, overlapping with Divine Mother’s own Energies, pouring her beautiful Peachy Cream Light with pearlescent shimmers into your body, into your 5 Body System, into your Light Body.  Absorb that, absorb the Energies of Compassion.

Her presence right now on Earth has to do with helping Earth move into a higher vibration of Light, helping the 5 Elements restabilize their own substance so that the Container of the Reality can become whole again.  She’s pouring Compassion into the Container to make sure all the leaks are filled in.  To make sure all the rigidity is transmuted so the perfect balance of fluid substance, not to rigid, not to fluid, just the right consistency mixed with the Energies of Compassion.  This is Compassion coming from the Cosmic Source.

This Energy of Compassion can help you move mountains.  It can help Earth reach to levels of perfection never seen before.  Bathe in the Energies and bring your loved ones and speak with her, get acquainted with her, sit in her Energy and bring all your loved ones.

 While you remain aware of the presence of Cosmic Guardian of Compassion I would like you to imagine that another great Cosmic Being who’s new to some of you, is going to approach.  We have given her the name of Cosmic Guardian of Strength & Power.   Her job is to balance strength and power.  Her color and the bandwidth of Light is from Cobalt Blue with Streams of Teal Blue Green and the Cobalt Blue is a shiny one, it is not a dense opaque type of Cobalt but it is a vibrant, shiny Cobalt, almost as if silver foil or silver dust has been poured into it.  And then little swirls of a Greenish Blue, a Teal Blue Green seem to appear as if a painter took the paint brush and dabbed a little bit here or there, little spins and swirls like some of the new fabrics.  When you look at them in one Light they look one color, when you turn them they look a different color.  Imagine a peacock feather, it has that deep blue, and then it has that green that is also very vibrant in some parts, and some of those colors that the peacock feathers have are represented in the Energy of this Being.

Today I officially introduce you to the Cosmic Guardian of Physical Strength & Divine Power.  It will be a perfect balance.  When you are physically up to the challenge of raising your vibration while remaining completely grounded in the substance of this reality, when your body is physically healthy and you’re able to muster up enough Life Force to raise your vibration to visit with Divine Mother in the realms, do this work which takes a lot out of you, and then come back to the mundane world and function normally without feeling exhausted or drained, and also without the feeling that you don’t belong here. 

Sometimes when you spend a lot of time in the higher realms you don’t want to return to the density and the struggle, and the hustle of the real world.  You just want to shut the door and sit in a room and meditate and forget about the hustle bustle.  It’s important that you appreciate and welcome the hustle bustle equally as much as you do the inner world.   At the same time it’s important that you give enough importance to your Divine Aspect and your Divine Mission, so her task is to balance the physical strength and stamina you need to live in this world, and the Divine Power that allows you to be in the higher realms, to roam those realms, to be the embodiment of your Divine Mission.

As she approaches us, I ask you to imagine seeing her emanating her Cobalt Blue Light with swirls of Teal Blue Green, and the closer she gets the more you feel the Energy, while you are aware that you are seated inside Divine Mother’s bosom who‘s also overlighted by Goddess of Compassion.

At first I would like you to imagine her standing right in front of Divine Mother’s Throne and beckoning you, calling you to jump out of Divine Mother’s bosom and enter into her Being.  It’s important that you feel her Energy first hand.  When I first introduced her to a small number of people within the inner circle they were only allowed to sit with her, but now that she has anchored her Energies and you are receiving her, blessed by the grace of everyone else who has received her before you and anchored her Energies, you get a chance to feel her firsthand and are allowed to literally jump out of Divine Mother’s bosom into hers, and everything around you becomes this vibrant silver foiled shimmering Cobalt Blue Light.

While you are bathing in her Energy, I will tell you, that as we move through what remains of this year and enter into the portals that move us to the next year, the next spiritual year beginning with the first four days of the month of November and the Festival of Diwali, and then the Gregorian Year, and then the Chinese New Year around February, and then the actual Earthly New Year at March Equinox exactly six months from today, when we move to these Energies, Earth is going to experience her own shifts, changing her Energy vibration and even changing the planetary orbit to the point where her due north and true north are going to be different from where they have been.  Even though these are incremental changes, all of these changes are going to affect Earth, and all the species who live on Earth are going to experience these.  And occasionally to vent off steam Mother Earth is going to manifest natural disasters that will allow her to do a tremendous amount of course correction.  It won’t all happen at once and that’s a good thing.  It will happen through series of smaller events that will cause a ripple effect that would allow her to accomplish the course correction that she needs to allow all the species to experience the new reality.  This course correction will allow the Container of the Reality to become whole again.  It may not seem that way for the people who are affected by these changes at the time that the changes begin, but ultimately it is all for the good of all humankind, all species, it’s all for good of the 5 Elements of Earth and for the Container of this Reality. 

Cosmic Guardian of Physical Strength & Divine Power, and we abbreviate that to Guardian of/ or Goddess of Strength & Power, comes with the task of assisting in Earth’s steps to raise her own vibration, to change her own course and her direction to correct all that has gone awry, and she also comes in with a blessing walking hand in hand with Goddess of Compassion to help the Divine Power that is innately hidden within all species, all creatures, to come to the fore and shine.

During the world war, the countries that were on the path of the war and the people of those countries all rose up to the occasion and they rebuilt their lives during and after the war.  In the past couple of decades you have watched various natural disasters impact Earth and at the same time that the devastation hits and the shock you have also watched, the people rise up to the occasion and rebuild their lives.  This happened with Hurricane Katrina; it happened with the tsunami in Japan, it happened with the tsunami in Phuket in Thailand.  It has happened with volcanic eruptions in many parts of the world.  It has happened with many floodings, earthquakes, and it will continue to happen in smaller increments, some of them will be devastating more so to Earth then to human beings, that’s what we are trying to work on.

You need the presence of Cosmic Guardian of Physical Strength and Divine Power because this is exactly her field.  She has studied these phenomenon; she knows exactly how to deal with them.  She spreads her Light to help Earth, humankind, and all species to rise up, to unite, to open their hearts to compassion, to see their own role as the spearheads who are here for the renewal of Earth, the spearheads that trigger new beginnings for Earth and all the species, the old ones that will continue and the new ones that will appear as time goes by. 

You have been bathing in the bosom of Cosmic Guardian of Physical Strength & Divine Power.  Now she’s going to merge with you in her bosom, into the body of Divine Mother seated upon her Throne and overlighted by the Goddess of Compassion, and you’re going to experience yourself exposed to the Energies of all three Beings.  So your Physical Body, 5 Body System and Light Body right now is exposed to the Cobalt Blue with swirls of Peacock Teal Blue Green and you’re expanding your energies in that Light.  A moment ago you had expanded yourselves to absorb the Energies of Compassion, before that you were absorbing Divine Mother’s Copper Gold Light.

Now as the three are superimposed upon each other, you will be experiencing the Copper Gold Light of Divine Mother making room for the Pearlescent Peachy Cream of Compassion and the Cobalt Blue with swirls of Teal Blue Green for Physical Strength & Divine Power, and you will notice that as the three merge, the ultimate overlighting presence or the third layer becomes the Cobalt Blue with Teal Blue Green that is the layer around the Pearlescent Peachy Crème which is holding Divine Mother’s own Copper Gold.  Now bathe in this triple layered Energy and work with these two Great Beings for the course of this Fall Equinox moving into Winter Solstice.  And as you become aware by watching the news or reading on your computers about events and circumstances that natural disasters bring about around the globe, send this triple layered Energy to those parts of the world.

To seal these Energies I am going to call upon Goddess of Spring & Renewal.  You may recall that six months ago in March Equinox ceremony for 2015 I introduced you to Goddess of Spring & Renewal and I offered you the triple layers of her Signature Energy and Light, which goes from Ultraviolet to Violet, Infrared to Red, Red to Violet for Renewal, Regeneration and Rejuvenation.  So as you send the triple layered Light to those parts of the world, you may wrap it inside the triple layered Light of Goddess of Spring & Renewal, because everywhere in the world as these natural disasters provide the course correction that is sorely needed, Energies of Renewal, Regeneration & Rejuvenation are also needed.  So the Ultraviolet to Violet, Infrared to Red, and then the colors of the rainbow that go from Red to Violet, that triple Stream of Light becomes a swirling, spinning twister or tornado around the triple layers that is Copper Gold of Divine Mother, Pearlescent Peachy Cream of Compassion, and Cobalt Blue with Teal Blue Green of Physical Strength & Divine Power. 

Now to completely seal this, I ask you to put a huge spinning, swirling Turquoise Blue Tornado around the entire grid.  So from outward in, it would be Turquoise Blue covering the Triple Streams of Renewal, Regeneration, Rejuvenation that holds in its bosom the Cobalt Blue with Teal Blue Green, that encompasses the Pearlescent Peachy Cream of Compassion, which then provides nurturance and love to the Copper Gold of Mother, your very own Divine Mother. 

See this everywhere and let all that needs to unfold be blessed by this Energy that you send to the four corners of Earth to all the species of creatures, to the 5 Elements, to the Container of this Reality, to all your loved ones, and even to the not so loved ones.  They need it even more then the loved ones, because those that you love will be blessed by your love and your presence but those who have hurt or offended you have no one helping.  So it’s good if you can bring yourself to that place of sending them this multilayered Light and sealing them in the final Tornado of Turquoise Blue.

I hold you in my own heart with great love and gratitude for all that you do.  You are indeed the spearheads.  Your awareness of the events and the fact that you stay centered and continue to anchor the Energies is a great help to all of us.  We would not be able to accomplish as much as we do without you.  I hold you in my own heart, I Am your very own Divine Mother.  So It Is.

Nasrin concludes:  Thank you everyone and goodnight.

Jim concludes:  Thank you Nasrin, thank you Divine Mother, and all of the Cosmic Council of the Divine Feminine, and I thank all of you, goodnight.