April 2016

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Dear Friends,

Happy Easter!!

For the month of April we have two beautiful meditations for you:

The first meditation is for the release of the Souls who tragically lost their lives in the recent attack in Belgium and for their loved ones to receive healing and to release their lost love ones to the Light. The second one is a healing meditation to bring healing and forgiveness to self and others. These are both perfect meditations to use as the Spring spreads its wings and we all start thawing from the Winter blues.

The 4/4/2016 Gateway Portal Channeling audio file will be posted on the Gateway Portal Day page of the website on 4/4.

This month we have the final phase of our series From Lemuria and Atlantis to Present Day. Please see the link below. If you have missed this amazing series, please go to the PTE MS Curriculum page and begin with Phase 1.

In Divine Mother’s love and blessing,

Jim and Nasrin


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Portal Days: 4/1/16, 4/4/16, 4/10/15, 4/14/16, 4/18/16, 4/20/16, 4/22/16, 4/24/16 & 4/30/16.  The Full Moon is on 22nd and the New Moon is on the 7th.


The 4/4/2016 Gateway Portal Channeling audio file will be posted on the Gateway Portal Day page of the website on 4/4.

Please don’t forget to practice this meditation throughout the month of April.

NOTE: You can benefit from participating even after each event! The audio of Gateway Portal Channelings will be posted within hours of each event. Click here for audios and transcriptions of past Gateway Portal events.




PTE MS: From Lemuria & Atlantis to Present Day PH 7 – The Final Session for this Series

From Lemuria and Atlantis to Present Day Series – Building a Future of Peace and Love, with momentum gained from lost civilizations.

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PTE MS: Spring Equinox 2016 Ceremony

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We are about to move into the new energies of Spring of 2016. Join Divine Mother and us to bring your Personal Light to this important day. There are only 4 such Portal Days per year and each is significant and powerful for each of us as well as Mother Earth. On Divine Mother’s behalf, make participation in each of these a priority.

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We have had great results with this healing grid and wonderful feedback so far.  You may join us if you have not tried this healing offer or renew your monthly registration in our healing grid. Once you register, you will be kept inside the Grid for the entire month of November and daily healing prayers will be sent to you throughout the day with reinforcements at 6:00 and 9:00 AM, 3:00 and 6:00 PM. 

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PTE MS: Rainbow Bridge Tunnel of Light Meditation


© Nasrin Safai 2016

Rainbow Bridge Tunnel of Light Meditation to release the Souls, who were tragically lost in Belgium, into the Light of the Higher Realms

Prayers and clearing for the tragedy in Brussels, Belgium and in all situations where a sudden loss occurs

Dear Friends,

Subject: Join Divine Mother in sending the lost Souls to Light and clearing the fear, pain & sorrow.

When manmade disasters of this gravity hit earth, we all get affected. The sadness and sorrow which results from the loss is felt across the globe. The fragile nature of life hits us all wherever we are and the resulting fear impacts everyone around the world – that this could happen to them or their loved ones. At these times, we all wish to be of help in some way and wonder how to be of service in these situations.

With the help of our beloved Divine Mother we can be of great service by,

  • Offering prayers and meditations which could lighten the load for the family and friends of the souls lost,
  • Releasing those souls into the Light and to a brighter future in the Higher Dimensions of Light. They can in turn be of service to all who are left behind and do even more for their loved ones.

These are the two critical components that Divine Mother addresses in the short meditation below. Please join us to imagine creating the Rainbow Bridge Tunnel of Light and sending the loving Light of Divine Mother to all who suffer the loss of loved ones.


Imagine that you stand at the entry point of a beautiful bridge, a tunnel, which is filled with an immense Rainbow of Light. This Rainbow Tunnel stretches from right above our heads in the atmosphere to the heavens above.

On this end, imagine that you stand with Divine Mother and your angels and guides and every deity that Divine Mother wishes to bring to round up the souls lost in this tragedy. Invite all the sorrow-filled family members and friends who have suffered a loss.

On the other end of the Rainbow Bridge Tunnel imagine Divine Mother again, standing with deities, Angels and guides who will be guiding and directing the lost souls to their new life. You may imagine deities of all faiths (for example, Mother Mary, Jesus, Quan-Yin, Buddha, Goddess Victory, Great Silent Watcher, etc.) You may also include and invite the favorite deities of the lost souls’ to join in.

Imagine sending Golden Pink Light of love from your own heart to the Tunnel. Imagine Divine Mother finding every one of the souls who lost their lives and placing each one inside a beautiful cone of Turquoise Blue Light which helps them find their way to the Rainbow Bridge Tunnel. Imagine that you help Divine Mother to guide every one of the lost souls to move through the tunnel and reach up to the heavens on the other side. Each one is received in the bosom of Divine Mother and filled with joy from this union. They are then joined with their favorite deities and their guides and are shown their new life in the heavens above.

Imagine sending the same Golden Pink Light of Divine Love to all their loved ones who are here on earth.  This would help them to let go and release their loved ones into the Rainbow Bridge Tunnel of Light. It lightens their load of loss, sadness and sorrow, as it brings them the knowing and believing that their loved ones are safe. Imagine that they can see their loved ones reach the other side of the Rainbow Bridge Tunnel. They see their loved ones move into the bosom of Divine Mother and be filled with great love and joy. This will help them realize that this is a reunion for all these souls who will now have a chance to reach a much better and higher destination and live a much greater life filled with joy and service. They will now be given a chance to get involved with the lives of their loved ones, who still remain on earth, as guides and helpers. They are now elevated to help and serve in a much better way than if they stayed in human bodies on earth.

See this visual image imprinted in the hearts and minds of all the family members, friends and co-workers of every lost soul and everyone affected by the tragedy throughout the world. Repeat this meditation daily as many times as you can. Please hold the image of the Rainbow Bridge Tunnel vividly in your mind at all times. Feel joy bubbling in your own heart from helping Divine Mother uplift all souls. Feel Divine Mother’s shower of love and gratitude for providing this service and for all you do to help her.

In Divine Mother’s Love and Blessings.

© Copyright Nasrin Safai March 2016

Divine Mother’s Forgiveness Paste to bring Healing

Adapted from 3/3/2016 Gateway Portal Channeling.



Please perform a Grounding Meditation before reading the exercise bellow. We have grounding meditations in our previous newsletters. For those who know these please perform grounding with the roots and the tree trunk; moving to the pool of creation; reaching the throne of Divine Mother and standing to absorb her Golden Brown Light of nurturance and love.


We send all our love and gratitude to Divine Mother as she takes us within her bosom and goes down the heavens and dimensions and realities to her Retreat in the 5th Dimension.  We stand at the Sacred Altar in. All the Divine Feminine Deities stand around this Sacred Fire with us. Divine Mother across from us is sitting on her Throne.  Lord Shiva & Goddess Shakti are sitting on the Thrones on either side of Divine Mother.

Make your offerings to the Sacred Fire and set your intentions for this coming year, for ourselves, our loved ones, for this Earth, and also for Divine Mother and for all of these Deities. Great Silent Watcher is standing behind Divine Mother as she sits on her Throne, Goddesses Victory, Liberty, Guardian of Divine Plan and all of the Great Cosmic Deities are standing with us.  Let’s stand for a moment before the Sacred Fire in the presence of Lord Shiva, Goddess Shakti, Divine Mother and all the Deities and make a sacred offering and say a prayer for Earth, for humankind, for all souls and creatures; for our loved ones and for ourselves and each other.


Divine Mother begins:  13:34 min

My Beloved Children of Light I’m your very own Divine Mother.

I stand at the Sacred Fire Altar in the company of our beloved Master Jesus and Mother Mary, Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti. Imagine yourself standing right in front of me with the palms of your hands open, held out in front of Divine Mother.  I have taken some Sacred Ashes from the Sacred Fire Altar and prepared a paste filled with my own Shimmering Golden Brown light of Love and Nurturance for you. The paste is emanating a Shimmering Pearlescent off-white colored Light.  It has been blessed by Jesus and Mary, Shiva and Shakti. Deities, Angels, Archangel, Angelic Watchers, Silent Watchers and Great Silent Watcher have blessed it.  Also all your guides, guardians and the Cosmic Guardians from the Divine Feminine family of Light have blessed it. They have added their own Signature Energy and their intentions for your Healing and Light of Forgiveness to this paste.

I now begin to rub it into the palms of your hands. At first it sits on the surface of your skin and emits its loving light to you. Then it gets absorbed into your skin; and your hands become shiny and vibrant.  This paste penetrates deeply into the palms of your hands and your fingers. Then I rub it on the back of both your hands all the way to your wrists.  The left hand symbolizes the Feminine.  The right symbolizes the Masculine. Healing of both together provide a balance that is important to bring you solace in all aspects of your life from childhood events that may have transpired between you and your mother and father; it is meant to provide healing from birth to present and allow the Light of Forgiveness to penetrate into your body and your consciousness.

The paste is absorbed through your hands into your forearms, your arms and shoulders. Then entering your chest cavity, your heart Chakra, organ of the heart and all the organs in your chest cavity. The healing energy of the paste moves up and down your body and spreads to all parts of your body. Also into all Chakras of your body. Then moving up into the top of your head and your Antahkarana Cord and rising through the cord to the Pool of Creation. It also moves down your body into your legs, to the bottom of your feet, and from there to your Earth Crust Chakra and down your Hara Line to the Core Crystal in the center of Earth. In this way connecting you to the heavens above and to the Earth below. Sending the Healing Energy and the Transmutational Power that is inherent in this paste from my hands to yours, and from your body to your 5 Body System & Light Body; and to the 5 Body System & Light Body of Mother Earth; and through your Antahkarana Cord all the way to the heavens above.

This process continues and the paste is absorbed fully throughout your body and to the heavens above and the earth bellow you. You may feel a throbbing or tingling sensation your palms or your fingertips. The healing energy moves into your forearms, your arms, and shoulders and into your chest. Then moves up and down your body, into your 5 Body System, into your Light Body, through the heavens above and into the Earth below you.  And from the Earth below you reaching to multitudes and masses, and from the heavens above pouring back down like the rays of the sun bathing all creatures of the world in its blessing.

I ask you to pray to Divine Mother and the deities for this new Healing Light of Forgiveness and the Life Force it carries to fully heal you. Now pray that it reaches people, places and things all around you. Through you it can attract people, places, and things to raise their own consciousness to receive the grace from Divine Mother, from the deities and angels, from Jesus and Mary Shiva and Shakti. I help to put into your heart and mind ideas for greater intentions and prayers that will benefit you individually, your loved ones, Earth and humankind; and bring you back merits a thousand folds. Every prayer is magnified a thousand folds when you offer it as your service to Divine Mother.

I ask you to reach deep in your own heart and pray for everyone you know.  Pray for everyone you love, everyone that you no longer love, even those you would rather not think about, because those ones need your prayers the most.  Call on Divine Mother and ask her to help you to allow forgiveness to fill your heart and wash away all your pain; to release your resistance in givin your forgiveness to all who have harmed you.  Forgiveness is a great healer.  Forgiveness is a healing balm that heals your aching hearts; it clarifies your mind and your thoughts; it opens your heart to new possibilities. 

Self forgiveness is the crowning glory of all levels and layers of forgiveness. When you allow true forgiveness to penetrate into your own heart you stop being hard on yourself. Then you allow the healing to help you release pain and reach forgiveness. Then you will a freedom and a lightness which can lift you up and help you soar to highest joy.

 There is a direct correlation between being critical of yourself and being critical of others. When you are hard on yourself (or overly critical of your own behavior) you become unforgiving. It makes you rigid and unable to be gentle and forgiving of yourself. Then you will have difficulty forgiving others.  Forgiveness has to start with you.  Start by being more accepting of yourselves in all areas of your life, and in all situations even when you embarrass yourself. Not accepting things makes you angry and upset which in turn makes things worse. Accepting any situation for what it is helps you to focus on how to fix it and how to make sure it does not repeat again.  Remember to ask Divine Mother to help you.  Be more accepting when you don’t feel like doing more in a day; be forgiving of yourselves for saying the wrong things once in a while; for judging yourself or others once in a while; for being critical of yourself and of others. This will allow you to move to the next step which is to allow forgiveness to seep in. Then the healing can begin and you will be able to release all the pain and the struggles.

Imagine that I take another round of the Paste and rub it into the palms of your hands and it moves into every area of your body. Allow it to be absorbed deep into every tissue, every cell, into the DNA of every cell of your entire body. Imagine that the pearlescent Light of Forgiveness washes away all the scars and painful memories from childhood to present, let all pain and scars be washed away. Feel yourself uplifted and light. Feel yourself become trusting and accepting, pure and innocent like a child who only knows love and trust.

As you receive this healing balm look up to Jesus and Mary, Shiva and Shakti and offer a prayer asking them to give their blessing to you for self -forgiveness and forgiveness of others. Ask them to help wash away all the pain from the moment of conception and birth to this present time and extend into your future.  Ask them to extend it to your parents and grandparents at the point they were conceived into their childhood and birth.  Ask them to extend it to your children and grandchildren and the future generations of all children of Earth wherever they may be born.  And into future incarnations for yourself and for all your loved ones in generations past and into the future.

See the Streams of Light that emanate from your body blessed and magnified by Divine Mother and members of the Divine Feminine Council, Angels, Archangels, Watchers, Silent Watchers and our Beloved Great Silent Watcher. She is the source of Light for our entire universe.  Imagine it spreading throughout this planet and move beyond the planet to the solar system; beyond the millions and billions of star systems within the galaxy into the universe; and move even beyond the universe into all levels and layers of the Cosmos.  Set the intention that the Energies of Forgiveness vibrate throughout the entire Cosmic Conglomerate in whatever way they will be most affective through the grace and the Light of Forgiveness which now shines through the entire Cosmos.

Now Lay down or sit quietly for 10 minutes to allow Jesus and Mary, Shiva and Shakti, Great Silent Watcher and myself, with all the Angels and deities to administer healing on you. We will work to wash your body, 5 Body System, Light Body with the Light of Forgiveness. Give me a chance to work on you individually and give you what you need in your own unique way that will help you on your path to the raising of the vibration of Earth and reaching out to the multitudes and masses.

I thank you for repeating this exercise for a month. I hold you in my own heart with great joy and gratitude. I celebrate your Light, your love, your glory. I Am your very own Divine Mother.

So It Is.