September 2015

September 2015 Newsletter


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Dear Friends,

Happy Fall Equinox!  This is an intense month with Fall Equinox, a Partial Solar Eclipse on the 13th and a Total Lunar Eclipse on Sept 28th. All these are to empower us to become more awake and grow even deeper and further on our Spiritual Path and our Journey to Enlightenment.

We will have a live session, via conference call, on Sunday, September 20th at 3:00 PM to perform a Ceremony to Celebrate Fall Equinox.

We also celebrate Phase 2 of our new series of courses entitled: From Lemuria and Atlantis to present day – Building a Future of Peace and Love – PH 2- Lemurian Selenites and Atlantean Quartz Crystals.

Our meditation this month is a short and simple but extremely powerful one: Divine Mother’s Meditation to Awaken and activate the Third Eye and Crown Chakras – Part I: Receiving Copper Gold Light of Divine Mother.

Our 9/9/2015 Gateway Portal Channeling is already available for your listening or reading pleasure. It will be Phase Three of a series from the past months. In this one Divine Mother will bring us the presence of Goddess/Cosmic Guardian of Compassion. Please perform the meditations on any day you wish this month, as well as on the Gateway Portal day of Wednesday 9/9 when the portals are open and the energies are more magnified.

In Divine Mother’s love and blessings,

Jim Foster and Nasrin Safai


Portal Days: 9/1/15, 9/9/15, 9/10/15, 9/18/15, 9/29/15 & 9/30/15.  The Full Moon is on 27th and the New Moon is on the 12th.


The 9/9 FREE Gateway Portal Channeling Session is posted on the

Live Gateway Portal Day Sessions page on the WOB website.



For September


PTE MS: Fall Equinox Ceremony 2015

This live session will be on Sunday, September 20, at 3:00 PM ET.

Tuitions is $88.00.

Our Fall Equinox Ceremony will be a Live course Via Conference Call at 3Pm on Sunday September 20th. Please register here. This is part three of the series that Divine Mother started in July. In this one we will work with the presence of the Cosmic Guardian of Compassion who carries the bandwidth of a Pearleascent Peachy Cream colored Light and brings her loving energies to us and to our beloved Mother Earth. To register,click here

PTE MS: From Lemuria and Atlantis to Present Day – PH 2; Lemurian Selenites and Atlantean Quartz Crystals

From Lemuria and Atlantis to Present Day Series – Building a Future of Peace and Love, with momentum gained from lost civilizations.

There is NO Live session for this course. Please register for the course and Listen at your leisure.

Tuition for this 2 Lesson course is $125.00.

This two lesson course explains the stories of the Lemurian and Atlantean Civilizations in great detail. Divine Mother adds more pieces to the puzzle which is the story of these two lost civilizations while giving us a better understanding of the Crystal Structures used in each one. We can use our understanding of these crystals to then bring the power and healing potential of the crystals into our present day and help our loved ones and heal our Mother Earth. This is an enjoyable and fun session, especially if you are curious about either of these two civilizations. To register, click here


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Divine Mother’s Meditation to Awaken and activate the Third Eye and Crown Chakras – Part II:

Receiving Pearlescent Peachy Cream Light of Compassion.


Adapted from 8/8/2015 Gateway Portal channeling


Grounding Meditation-Take a deep breath and we will begin.  Feel your feet flat on Uluru, Ayers Rock in Australia this sacred site.  Feel yourself grounded to Uluru; connect with the Energies of this rock and this place. As you’re feeling yourself relax and become grounded to Uluru, let yourself slide into this great red rock.  The red clay color of the rock surrounds you as you slide into it.  It fills your Physical Body, your 5 Body System and Light Body as well as your 8th Chakra just above your head, and also your Earth Crust Chakra which is just below your feet.

As you feel this loving nurturing Energy clearing and cleansing you, imagine Divine Mother’s Energy wrapping around you, Goddess Victory and Great Silent Watcher’s Energies wrapping around you as you activate your Hara Line, the line that goes from the bottoms of your feet to the Core Crystal of Mother Earth.   As it becomes activated, send roots down from your feet and your tailbone, down around the Hara Line all the way to the Core Crystal of the Earth and let them wrap around the Core Crystal, and Divine Mother, Victory, and Great Silent Watcher send their roots down around yours.

Imagine that there’s a tree trunk forming around you which also sends its roots down holding you even tighter to the Core Crystal, grounding you to Mother Earth.   This tree trunk extends around you and up through the heavens to the Pool of Creation where the tree trunk then expands into branches and leaves, this tree that is connecting you from the Earth Core Crystal all the way to the Pool of Creation.  See that the outer layer of this tree trunk is Emerald Green.  Feel the Emerald Green Light bathing you in the Energies of Abundance and Healing.

Now focus on the Earth Core Crystal and see the Amber colored Life Force Energy of the Earth Core Crystal, and pull it up through your roots, all the way up to the bottoms of your feet.  Feel this Energy engulf your Earth Crust Chakra, then your feet, moving up your legs, torso, spreading out into your 5 Body System and Light Body, filling the Chakras of the body as it moves all the way up your body and being to your Crown, pouring out of your Crown into your Antahkarana Cord which is the Pillar of Light that extends from your Crown Chakra at the top of your head all the way up to the Pool of Creation.   See that Amber colored Light within your Antahkarana Cord and also held within the tree trunk move all the way up to the Pool of Creation, pour into the Pool of Creation bringing the Energies of Mother Earth all the way to the heavens.

Cosmic Mother of the Cosmos to pour her Amber colored Light into the Pool of Creation and down through the tree trunk, down to your Crown Chakra, and see this also Amber colored Life Force Energy, which is Comic Life Force Energy. It invigorates the Energies at the Pool of Creation and the Cosmic Energies pour down  nto Antahkarana Cord  down through your body, and out through the bottoms of your feet to the Core Crystal. You’ve been the catalyst to bring the Energies of Mother Earth up to the heavens and the Cosmic Energies of the heavens by virtue of Mother of the Cosmos all the way down to Mother Earth.  Take a deep breath and feel these Energies pouring in both directions.

Now from the Core of the Earth the mixture of both the Energies of Mother Earth and the Cosmic Energies move all the way up.  As they reach us through the bottoms of the feet into our body and being we move our consciousness all the way up through the tree trunk to the Pool of Creation.  See yourself in the Pool of Creation surrounded by these Energies, energized by the Pool of Creation.

See along the deck the two Angelic Beings that are there for you with their trays.  We stand up onto the deck; one tray has our ceremonial robes and cape, the other our Scepter of Power.  We put them on, we hold our Scepter of Power and express our love and gratitude to these two Angelic Beings who have come to service this day.

We go to Divine Mother’s Throne. Divine Mother stands up and wraps her arms around us holding us in her bosom, filling our body and being with the Copper Gold Light. She is very happy to see us, and we’re exceedingly happy to be here.

My Beloved Children of Light I’m your very own Divine Mother

I ask you to envision yourselves kneeling before Divine Mother, both my hands with palms touching your 3rd Eye, my fingers touching the top of your head as I renew my Copper Gold Light and its loving, nurturing Light with each of you expanding it to move from your head into the rest of your body, and moving through your body into your 5 Body System and Light Body.  I want you to remember that right around this Copper Gold Light I called Great Silent Watcher to throw a Cocoon, a cotton candy Cocoon of Turquoise Blue Light to seal the loving, nurturing Energies of Divine Mother.

I have come to this world to reestablish the presence of the Divine Feminine and the Quality which I bring back to Earth is Compassion.  I will in time introduce you to new Cosmic Guardians whose presence here on Earth is to reestablish the Energies of Compassion.

The Copper Gold Light that I give you is capable of creating a container to receive and withhold the Energies of Compassion.  What this does is that it allows you to create order within your bodies.  When your body is sick, when your mind is worried, when your emotions are in turmoil there’s no order, there’s only chaos.

This world in the density of the 3rd Dimension constantly pulls away from order to chaos.  That’s the nature of the reality you live in.

I’m here to restore order! I will restore order by bringing back the Energies of Compassion because Compassion can penetrate into all layers of disorder.  It can penetrate into all layers of disharmony.  It can dissolve disorder, disharmony, and entropy.  Entropy is absence of order.  Dissolution of order ends in entropy.  Absence of order ends in entropy.  What we’re trying to do is do away with disorder, disharmony and negativity, where order becomes disorder and disorder becomes entropy; where a healthy body begins to become unhealthy; ill health becomes acute and then chronic, and ultimately in breakdown of the organs.

So what I am about to give you as part two of what we started last month, is to introduce you to the Energies of Compassion. This Bandwidth of Compassion which I bring forth is going to carry a different color of Light than others.  Energies of Compassion in a Dusty Pink, Rosy Pink, light Lilac, dark Purple or any other color are all valid.  There is a Bandwidth of Compassion that gets carried inside each of these colors, but the specific bandwidth of color that carries the Energies of Compassion with which I want to restore order on Earth, especially in the 3rd Dimensional Reality is a Pearlescent  Peachy Cream, like  creamy peach colored pearls .

Imagine taking Cream colored Light with a touch of Peach and pearlescent luster, pearlescent sheen that shines through. Imagine the Copper Gold Light of Divine Mother which has been shinning throughout your entire body, now allows you to receive and absorb a second layer of Light from the hands of Divine Mother.  First into your 3rd Eye, on your forehead, and then through the fingers of Divine Mother into the top of your head, your Crown Chakra, and a beautiful invisible flower that is the sign of highest spirituality which sits on top of your head. It is now absorbing this Peachy Cream colored Powdered Pearl Light pouring out of my hands and my body and it follows the Copper Gold. 

We cleared the pathway with Copper Gold; we sent the Copper Gold from your head to your body, from your body to your 5 Body System, and ultimately to your Light Body.  Now behind it we’re going to send this Creamy colored Pearlescent with a little touch of Peach, and it moves from my hands to your forehead, to the top of your head, and pours from your head down into your neck, your shoulders, your arms, your hands, down your torso into your chest cavity, into all the organs, filling your lungs, filling your heart, filling your ribcage, filling your ribs, your skeletal structure, your bone marrow, your cells, your tissues, your muscles, your organs, going down your hips to your legs, down your legs to your feet, and then moving down from the bottom of your feet to your Earth Crust Chakra below your feet, from the top of your head to your Earth Star Chakra above your head, up the Antahkarana Cord, reaching to the Pool of Creation, while it also goes down the Shaft of Light which we call your Hara Line, which connects you to the Core of Earth.  This way you are sending the Energies of Divine Mother’s Compassion from the bottom of your feet to the Core of the Earth and letting it expand from the Core of the Earth to the 5 Body System of Earth, to the Light Body of Earth, to the 5 Elements, blessing the Earth, the Waters, the Fire, the Air, and Ether, the highest and the most sublime of the Elements and it’s moving from the Core of the Earth to the surface of the Earth, to the atmosphere of the Earth and moving out into space and announcing to all those planets and star systems outside our own planet that compassion has arrived. 

The Divine Mother’s Compassion is now encompassing the four corners of Earth, the 5 Elements of Earth, the 5 Body System of Earth, the Light Body of Earth, the 5 Body System and Light Body of all creatures of Earth and all of this is happening because of you, because those of you who are receiving from Divine Mother become the catalyst to anchor those Energies in your body, through your body into your Personal Body Grid, a grid matrix that is invisible but is like a Mesh of Light around you.  And that Mesh of Light called the Personal Body Grid communicates with the Planetary Body Grid, a Mesh of Light that is around the entire planet. 

The mesh around the planet has representation from all species of all organisms, sentient and insentient, animate and inanimate. Every creature from the single cell organism to the most complex of organisms are included; and even stuff that you consider manmade and therefore inanimate and machinery and objects.  They do have existence because you give them existence; even your computers, your cars, your washing machines, and your dishwasher and your electric mixer and your watches.  They all have existence, even the chairs and the table and the notepad.  They have existence, they would not be in existence, it would be a pile of dust or even nothing at all.  They would be massless.   It would be no matter.  They will be matter-less if they didn’t have existence and if they didn’t count.

So this Light of Compassion is now illuminating that mesh that we call the Planetary Body Grid and through that mesh it communicates with all organisms, those you consider living, breathing, those you consider intelligent and those that are inanimate, insentient and presumed to be just an object without feeling, without intelligence but definitely with existence.

Recap and summaryI ask you to perform this exercise for this month; Start by imagining that Mother has her hand over your forehead and the top of your head, and first you receive the clearing, cleansing, loving, nurturing Energy of Copper Gold which penetrates from your head to the rest of your body, from your Physical Body into your 5 Body System Light Body.

From that to your Body Grid, from your Body Grid to Planetary Body Grid, from the bottom of your feet to the Core of the Earth, from the top of your head to the Pool of Creation, and then around it you imagine that the Copper Gold gradually gives way to that Creamy Pearlescent Shimmering Cream with a touch of Peach that brings Divine Mother’s Compassion.  Compassion that is filled with the Divine Feminine Light, motherly love, and again you pour it in the same way.  From your head to your body, from the bottom of your feet to the Core of the Earth, from the top of your head to your Antahkarana Cord and Pool of Creation, to your 5 Body System, to your Light Body, to your Personal Body Grid, transferred to the Planetary Body Grid, illuminated on the Planetary Body available for everyone.

To make sure it is sealed and remains around you and it remains illuminated you then put the cotton candy Cocoon of Great Silent Watcher that encases it and seals it, that’s the Turquoise Blue Light, and then over that you put the Tornado of Turquoise Blue Light that is spinning and spiraling and magnifying the impact of all the good that you’re anchoring, and dissolving anything that is negative, of lower vibration, anything that’s negative, anything that’s of lower vibration, anything that doesn’t serve you, anything that would weaken the power of this work that you’re doing, the anchoring of these Energies.  That will be dissolved and disbursed in the Tornado of Violet Flame by the auspices of Great Silent Watcher who is standing to take care of you and to make sure this Energy of Compassion follows on the same path as Divine Mother’s Copper Gold and is encased in the cotton candy Cocoon of Turquoise and is fully sealed and encased yet again in the Tornado of Turquoise Blue.

I bid you love as we move into Fall Equinox.  I’m preparing for heightening of Energies around Fall Equinox and therefore I ask you to keep this grid in mind every day.  It really is a very simple one and it’s easy to remember.The Copper Gold has already established itself, you’re adding the Cream with a touch of Pink and shimmering Pearl and the Cocoon, the cotton candy Cocoon and the Tornado are already in place.

I hold you with great love as we prepare to take steps to make a huge leap as the Energies are moving in the direction of a much bigger better leap, to a much higher reality where you will be able to accomplish a lot more in your mundane life, in your day to day lives, as well as for your soul and on the path to accomplishing your soul mission.  I’m always by your side.  I remind you to ask for everything, and especially I remind you to keep asking for the Energies of Divine Mother’s Compassion and see the difference when you do that.

I hold you in my own heart with great love; I’m your very own Divine Mother.

So It Is.

© FAGU 2015