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May 2015 Newsletter



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Dear Friends,

Happy Mother’s day!

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In Divine Mother’s love and blessings,

Jim Foster and Nasrin Safai


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Divine Mother’s Guided Meditation

to receive blessing from Mother Mary and Master Jesus



Adapted from 4-4-2015 Gateway Portal channeling



Grounding Meditation

Feel your feet flat against Uluru, Ayers Rock in Australia this sacred site.  Feel yourself grounded to Uluru; connect with the Energies of this rock and this place.

As you’re feeling yourself relax and become grounded to Uluru, let yourself slide into this great red rock.  The red clay color of the rock surrounds you as you slide into it.  It fills your Physical Body, your 5 Body System and Light Body as well as your 8th Chakra just above your head, and also your Earth Crust Chakra which is just below your feet.

As you feel this loving nurturing Energy clearing and cleansing you, imagine Divine Mother’s Energy wrapping around you, Victory, Great Silent Watcher’s Energy wrapping around you as you activate your Hara Line, the line that goes from the bottoms of your feet to the Core Crystal of Mother Earth.   As it becomes activated, send roots down from your feet and your tailbone, down around the Hara Line all the way to the Core Crystal of the Earth and let them wrap around the Core Crystal, and Divine Mother, Victory, and Great Silent Watcher send their roots down around yours.

Imagine that there’s a tree trunk forming around you which also sends its roots down holding you even tighter to the Core Crystal, grounding you to Mother Earth.   This tree trunk extends around you and up through the heavens to the Pool of Creation where the tree trunk then expands into branches and leaves, this tree that is connecting you from the Earth Core Crystal all the way to the Pool of Creation.  See that the outer layer of this tree trunk is Emerald Green.  Feel the Emerald Green Light bathing you in the Energies of Abundance and Healing.

Now focus on the Earth Core Crystal and see the Amber colored Life Force Energy of the Earth Core Crystal, and pull it up through your roots, all the way up to the bottoms of your feet.  Feel this Energy engulf your Earth Crust Chakra, then your feet, moving up your legs, torso, spreading out into your 5 Body System and Light Body, filling the Chakras of the body as it moves all the way up your body and being to your Crown, pouring out of your Crown into your Antahkarana Cord which is the Pillar of Light that extends from your Crown Chakra at the top of your head all the way up to the Pool of Creation.   See that Amber colored Light within your Antahkarana Cord and also held within the tree trunk move all the way up to the Pool of Creation, pour into the Pool of Creation bringing the Energies of Mother Earth all the way to the heavens.

Now we call on the Cosmic Mother of the Cosmos to pour her Amber colored Light into the Pool of Creation and down through the tree trunk, down to your Crown Chakra, and see this also Amber colored Life Force Energy, which is Comic Life Force Energy, even more energized and vibrant as it pours into your Crown Chakra, into your body and Being, your 5 Body System & Light Body.  It invigorates the Energies coming from Mother Earth, as it pours through your body, as the Energies of Mother Earth are still pouring up through the Hara Line, your body, out your Antahkarana Cord to the Pool of Creation and the Cosmic Energies are pouring down and out through the bottoms of your feet to the Core Crystal.  You’ve been the catalyst to bring the Energies of Mother Earth up to the heavens and the Cosmic Energies of the heavens by virtue of Mother of the Cosmos all the way down to Mother Earth.

Take a deep breath and feel these Energies pouring in both directions, powerful Energies of Cosmic Mother of the Cosmos.

Now from the Core of the Earth the mixture of both the Energies of Mother Earth and the Cosmic Energies move all the way up.  As they reach us through the bottoms of the feet into our body and being we move with them all the way up through the tree trunk to the Pool of Creation.  See yourself in the Pool of Creation surrounded by these Energies, energized by the Pool of Creation.

See along the deck the two Angelic Beings that are there for you with their trays.  We stand up onto the deck; one tray has our ceremonial robes and cape, the other our Scepter of Power.  We put them on, we hold our Scepter of Power and express our love and gratitude to these two Angelic Beings who have come to service this day.

We see Mother in the distance and we move towards Divine Mother.   As we get close, she stands, spreads her cape with her arms, Copper Gold Light of Divine Mother, and we move to Mother and she wraps herself around us holding us in her bosom, filling our body and being with the Copper Gold Light of our own Beloved Divine Mother.

Together with Mother we move towards the Sacred Altar, and as we stand before the fire we notice all the great Beings, the Cosmic Council of the Divine Feminine, standing around the fire, each one in their own ceremonial robes celebrating this day, celebrating Divine Mother, celebrating you, and celebrating Master Jesus, Mother Mary, Joseph and that contingent.

As we turn to look, we turn around and we see Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti sitting on their Thrones on either side of Divine Mother’s Throne.  We bow to Lord Shiva & Shakti paying our obeisance, offering our love and gratitude for all that they’ve done for us, for Earth and humankind, and for Divine Mother and the Divine Feminine.

Now as we stand, see that our Beloved Goddess Victory comes to stand before us, and see within her hands is the Javelin, the Champagne colored Javelin with Gold & Platinum Shimmers.  We remember that Great Silent Watcher has enhanced the powers of this Javelin of Victory with her powers of Protection and Fearlessness and Divine Power.  Around those Energies, the Energies of the Guardian of Divine Plan in the Warm Orange, and then on the outside the Energies of Mother of the Universe, the Healing & Divine Love Energies of Mother of the Universe.

Victory holds the Scepter or the Javelin above your head and lets these Energies pour into the top of your head.  Feel them pour into your body, your Physical Body, filling your Physical Body with each one of these Qualities and these Energies, each one magnifying the effects of the other.   It expands into your Etheric Body, into your Emotional Body, into your Mental Body, into your Spiritual Body and to your Light Body as they’re all protected in the sheath of your Light Body.  We bow to our Beloved Victory in gratitude for this gift.

Now we turn our attention to Great Silent Watcher in the north, the four Beings who are the Beings who are taking on special roles for the year 2015, Great Silent Watcher in the north, to the east Mother of the Universe, we turn to the south Guardian of Divine Plan, and to the west Goddess Victory. They’re all standing towering over this entire entourage touching their Scepters in the center above the Sacred Altar pouring their Energies down, and together inside the Merkaba Field of Divine Mother we stand in the center of this Grid.

Great Silent Watcher begins to spin to spin the Energies of her Turquoise Blue Light, the Energies of Divine Power, Fearlessness and Protection.  We turn to the east and we see Mother of the Universe beginning to spin with her Energies of Divine Love & Healing.  In the south the Warm Orange beginning to spin, Guardian of Divine Plan, and Victory is spinning her Champagne colored Energies with Pink, Gold & Platinum and the balls of Light begin to expand as they overlap each other.  Together in the center with Divine Mother inside Divine Mother’s Merkaba Field, we slowly spin around so that as the Energies of these four Beings meet in the center and create a sphere.

We can release all that no longer serves us and begin to take in the Energies and the Qualities of each one of these Beings, anchoring them into our bodies and beings, anchoring them into this reality, grounding them to Mother Earth making them available for everyone through the Planetary Grid, posting them on our Personal Body Grid, transferring them to the Planetary Grid so that everyone can benefit from what we are being given, and you can be the catalyst and serve in this amazing way.  Slowly spin with Divine Mother in these Energies in this Sphere of the Energies of these four Beings.

Now visualize that even as that continues to happen you’re standing with Divine Mother facing Shiva & Shakti with Great Silent Watcher in the distance standing in the north in this grid with all the Cosmic Goddesses of the Divine Feminine standing around the altar behind you.  Take a moment, feel these Energies, make your offerings, say your prayers and the next voice you here will be that of our Beloved Nasrin.  So It Is.  I thank you.

Divine Mother begins.

I offer to each of you the happiest and the most joyful Easter weekend and may this Easter be the beginning of a new life of peace, gentleness, joy and gratitude for all of you.

As you stand in the center of this grid I wish to invite first our Beloved Mother Mary, the Mother of all mothers.  The mother who holds a great place in the hearts of every one of us, members of the Feminine Council, and every one of you also members of the Feminine Council whether you are  born in male or female bodies.  You are all members of this same family. 

See Mother Mary come in shinning, her beautiful white robes and her blue cape and her head cover bedecked with blue pearls and white, white pearls.   Very happy to be amongst us and it is a joy for all of us.  These days we focus a lot more on anchoring Energies and working with the Cosmic Deities.  It is great fun when we get a chance to communicate with our Beloved Earthly Deities who are doing their work to anchor the Energies with us but are somehow in the background.  It is nice to bring them back to the foreground.

I ask you to envision that she’s standing right in front of you with her hands, the palms pulled forward to take your hands in hers, and she takes your hands and puts the palms of your hands around her two cheeks and looks in your eyes as she then places her palms around your cheeks and looks in your eyes.  Very loving gesture of love and gratitude, there is a pouring of a sweet loving Energy from her entire body and her presence.

I ask you to look down right on her chest over her thymus gland and see a beautiful cross, a beautiful cross made of abalone shell with other gems at the center. I see diamonds and emeralds and rubies and sapphires right in the center, that crossing point, making it shine even more.  Breathe and bathe in her Energies and I ask you to take a moment and say whatever you wish to say to her on this Easter weekend.  It is because of her that we are talking about the Easter.  We’re talking about the significance of this historic moment, this turning point in history.  It is because of all the sacrifices that she made that we can gather together and honor her for the seed of her being who became the master we all so deeply love, and the path that he etched for all of you to walk upon, and the love that he has poured upon many generations of humankind and Earth to change the nature of reality.  Say whatever you wish to say to her.

Please remember that the next time you listen to this meditation or review, remember you can spend as much time as you wish with our Blessed Mother Mary.  While you were meditating and communicating with her, her son, Master Jeshua came and stood to her left, so you can see now that he is standing right in front of you.  Interesting, his robes all white, but his cape that covers his body is a golden yellow, and he too has a form of a fabric that goes over his head from his outer robes this beautiful yellow that makes his eyes shine brighter, and he too extends his hands with the palms outstretched for you to put the palms of your hands into his, and he holds your hands that way while he looks into your eyes.

Once again in the presence of his Blessed Mother I ask you to commune with him and express your love as we all send our gratitude for what he did to change the history for humankind.  He brought the Energies of Divine Love and he anchored the Energies of the loving, generous, caring father Energies onto Earth.  He gave all of you and the generations since 2000 years ago the opportunity to expect a loving God.  He changed history by telling humankind to expect a loving God, to let go of a wrathful God, to take it for granted that the father should be a loving one and nurturing one, a caring one.  The Energies of the father contingent shifted because of his vision, his sacrifice, because of his presence, his presence etched the vibrational frequency or the bandwidth that allowed the loving, nurturing, gentle father Energies to be anchored back on Earth.

Earth had gotten herself into a place where she didn’t have love and gentleness in her own heart for herself, so she was pulling the energies of Wrath, energies of fear, energies of war and the generations of people were coming in expecting their God within and the God without, the God that took care of them, the God that was their own Source to be angry, fearful, wrathful.  And that whole concept of him taking the sins of the world to turn it around, really boils down to him coming in and changing, accepting that it might end up in him losing his life because nobody believed in him, but he would leave a legacy that will change the mindset, not just for people, but changing the mindset of Earth, etching a new groove for Earth where Earth would then begin to see herself as worthy of calling to herself people who will love her and ultimately reaching a point of self-love, self-acceptance, gentleness.

At this point in the history there is a lot of turmoil in different parts of the world, and you may wonder if indeed what Master Jeshua did has been successful. It may seem as though history is repeating itself in going back to self-defiance, anger and rage.  I will tell you this is one of the last rounds of self-defiance, rage and anger coming to the surface.  It always has to come to the surface.  Whatever has etched a deep groove has to come to the surface to be released. The process of coming to the surface almost always looks like the same pain and struggle as the original first round.  It might be a little less intense, but in the moment it feels equally as hard and since you are living that moment it makes you wonder if anything has changed.   If you were in a position to see from my vantage point you would see that it certainly has.

I ask you to remember the presence of the Divine Feminine back on Earth in the form that we are now able to represent, would not be possible if it weren’t for all of these efforts including Mother Mary’s and Master Jeshua’s, and I can say the same about each of you.  You have made sacrifices.  Sometimes you wonder why you had to go through what you have and if indeed it is worth something.  It is for a cause, and I will tell you there isn’t one tear you shed, there isn’t one pain you have suffered that hasn’t been for a great cause.   Every tear you have shed, every pain you have experienced even at the most personal levels is for a cause and will change lives, will make a difference, will give other generations who will follow you a chance to have an easier life.  Please take a moment and share your love with Master Jeshua, Master Jesus, the Beloved son who allowed each of us, each of you, to dare to know that you are a son of God. That God resides within you as you, sons and daughters of God.

Once again I remind you that in your future communion you can pause for as long as you wish, and bring each of your loved ones, including new family members that you may not have introduced to the Master.  The ones that have been born in the course of the year or since you last stood before him, maybe in another lifetime, and introduce them to him.  And bring all the ones that he already knows, for he already knows everyone of your loved ones.  And while you were communing with the master I invited the 12 Cosmic Guardians to stand around all of us and to pour their love into the circle, and I invited your very own Silent Watchers and your very own Angelic Watchers who watch over you.  The Silent Watchers who are responsible to release karma and karmic entanglements for 15 lifetimes, 7 generations past, 7 generations ahead and this lifetime.  The Silent Watchers who are responsible for your soul lineage and the heads of your soul lineage which spans hundreds of thousands of years.

Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti join us to bless each of you. They have brought the seed for the next Seed Race.  This seed will become the seed of all events and all possible, probable, alternate and ultimate realities that will unfold for next 15,000 years.  3,000 years before this seed actually goes into effect to become the 12,000 year cycle of the next seed race, but at the same time the next 3,000 years needs a good boost to complete its mission. Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti will help each of you and the Divine Feminine Council, Master Jeshua and Mother Mary and all the Earthly Deities. 

 Lady Quan Yin and Goddess Hecate, Lady Athena and Goddess Isis, Lord Buddha, Master Zoroaster, Sanat Kumara, Lord Melchior, Christ Maitreya, the Melchizedeks, the Melchizedek Lords of Light and all entourage of Great Silent Watchers, Angelic Beings, Angels and Arch-Angels, from the four corners of the Universe are gathering to bring their love and blessings to you.  They are all present to celebrate with us this entire year going from spring to spring, from Easter to Easter.  

I hold each and every one of you in my own heart and ask you to stay and bathe in these Energies.  Give us 5-10 minutes.  Lie down and let everyone shower their blessings upon you individually in the ways that are unique for you. In the company of the Divine Feminine Council who are all present from Cosmic to Earthly levels, I bid you great joy and gentleness.

I Am your very own Divine Mother.  So It Is.




© FAGU 2015