March 2015

March 2015 Newsletter



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Dear Friends,

Happy Spring Equinox!

March is the month where we celebrate spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Spring is a time of renewal. Divine Mother has given us an amazing meditation and she askes that we perform this meditation from the nbeginning of March through Spring Equinox. Please join Divine Mother and the Divine Feminine in this celebration of renewal.

In addition to the Spring Equinox meditation, we will be posting Phase 9 of Divine Mother’s Healing & Manifestation Series. This course will be offered as a home study course without a Live session. You may sign up for the course now and you will be notified when the audio and transcript are posted to your members page.

If all of this were not enough for one month’s newsletter, the meditation for March is one given by Goddess Victory. Victory is offering her Javelins of Victory which will clear away the resistance still permeating throughout our reality and help awaken the Aspects of Victory that have been dormant for eons of time. You may participate in the success of the new project of Goddess Victories by performing this meditation.

We wish you a fantastic month and entrance into Spring.

In Divine Mother’s love and blessings,

Jim Foster and Nasrin Safai


Portal Days: 3/1/15, 3/2/15, 3/3/15, 3/10/15, 3/15/15, 3/18/15, 3/30/15 & 3/31/15.  The Full Moon is on 3/5 and the New Moon is on 3/20.



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For March



PTE MS: Spring Equinox 2015

There is NO Live session for this course. You will receive an audio recording of the meditation.

Tuition for this 1 Lesson course is $88.00.

Divine Mother brings a special blessing for Spring Equinox 2015. Spring is when our Earth begins her new year. You can add your special blessings and participate in this celebration and ceremony of renewal.

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PTE MS: Divine Mothers Healing & Manifestation Series, PH 9

There is NO Live session for this course. You will receive an audio recording of the meditation.

Tuition for this 1 Lesson course is $125.00.

Phase 8 of Healing & Manifestation coincided with Shivaratri and Divine Mother spoke of the importance of working with energies of release of karma and karmic entanglements. This month has Spring Equinox, which is a time for renewal. Phase 9 will be posted as a Home Study course with no LIVE component. As we approach the Portal Day of 3/21/15, Divine Mother will be giving us this month’s session.

Thank you for all you do for Divine Mother, Earth and Humankind. To register, click here.



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Guided Meditation with

Divine Mother to receive Goddess Victory’s Javelin of Victory

Adapted from 2-2-2015 Gateway Portal channeling



My Beloved Children of Light I’m your very own Divine Mother,

Always start new intentions, new beginnings at the time of new moon because it’s like a baby, it’s pure and it’s innocent.  The month is pure when you start something at the new moon.

Full moon always accelerates things.  So meditate and offer your prayers and intentions at the time of the full moon because the potential to receive answers and to anchor Energies and to realize your dreams or get your wishes answered, is at its highest around the time of the full moon. The full moon is for realizing the full potential.  It’s the full empowerment.  The new moon is to begin new things, to start from a place of clean slate, to start the slate from its most pure and innocent, most clean. 

Last month, I gave you the Gold from Great Silent Watcher’s own Energy field, and I gave you the image of Great Silent Watcher holding a huge pot on her shoulder, and she tilts it and pours Liquid Gold  Light from it into the Pool of Creation, while you swim in the Pool of Creation. 

Simultaneously envision that  you stand under a dome made of  combined Lights of Great Silent Watcher- as she pours her Turquoise Blue Light; as well as Gold from her Pot of Gold.   Into the Dome, Mother of Universe pours her Vibrant Pink, Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan pours her Warm Orange, Goddess Victory pours her Pink with Platinum and Gold.

This month the gift comes from Goddess Victory. Let me remind you that Goddess Victory has the Rod of Light, a rod, with a point like a very sharp pencil- or like one of those beautiful selenite wands that many of you have. This Rod carries her Energies of Victory.  Imagine her Rod now pointing to the center of this grid, to the highest point of the dome, directly above your head, where you stand in Divine Mother’s bosom. 

Imagine Victory’s Pink Light mixing with her Platinum and Gold. The intensity of the Platinum and the Gold turns the Pink into a Champagne colored Light-or a Beige Pink colored Light. You receive it as a shaft of Light into the top of your head and into your entire body; and Divine Mother magnifies it because you’re in her bosom.  She magnifies it with her Copper Gold Light.

The significance of this gift from Goddess Victory: the digits of the year 2015 all add up to 8 which is Goddess Victory’s number. Goddess Victory gives you this gift to carry throughout this year and for the rest of your life.  Of the myriad of benefits that it provides, I can only explain a few, and words cannot truly explain the benefits. Goddess Victory stands for the Quality of Victory: to make you victorious, to make sure that any project you embark upon you are successful in.  To make sure that you don’t even go near projects that are dead ends, that have bumpy roads ahead, that have obstacles in front of them.

The beauty of the Light pouring from Goddess Victory’s Rod down into your body, into your 5 Body System, into your Light Body, is that it allows her to help you always choose the right combination of things, always have foresight. This Energy pouring down to you would allow you to rise up to situations where you won’t even attract someone who would be two faced or be good on the first appearance, but not deliver when it matters.  It would help you absorb to yourself, absorb to your environment people, places, things, decisions, plans, projects, designs, ideas that begin victoriously, go through victoriously without obstacles and end victoriously; so you don’t get delayed or distracted, you don’t have bumps in the road, you don’t have to climb obstacles.

Furthermore, in the area where you live Goddess Victory is going to plant a splinter, a chard of this Rod of hers, like a javelin, to become an antenna Goddess Victory will plant a chard of this amazing Rod of hers like an antenna at the central focal point of your homes. It will attract to itself everything that is victorious, everything that pulls the Energies of Victory and dissolves anything that is of obstacles, releasing dross, pain and struggle.  In that way allowing the flow of Energy to be smooth and releasing and dissolving the bumps, kinks and creases from your path. 

Goddess Victory will send many of these chards to members of her own Soul Lineage. We call them dormant because at some point in the past history when Goddess Victory had to pull her Energy away from Earth she made all of those people who were incarnate on Earth at the time, and it was important for them to stay behind, she made them dormant in the sense that she made them forget that they are members of her own soul family. Sending these chards, these javelins, these antennas into various parts of the world where dormant Aspects of Victory are incarnate is a wonderful thing. It is a reinforcement for all of you, to awaken that part of yourself as a member of her soul family to be reinforced.  That part of you which has always felt, “why are people not understanding me?  Why are people not seeing what I am seeing?  Why are people so different?”  That part of you will begin to feel as if you belong again, because by sending these chards and awakening those who have fallen asleep over many thousands of years and many incarnations to then gain their power and begin to come to the consciousness that they’re not alone either, and for all people of like mind, for all these people, for all the times that you have said, “where are the people who would understand me?  What happened to the people who see the world through my eyes?  Why is it that even my family members can’t understand what I’m saying?  I say something and I mean it with all the goodness in my heart but they read so much into it that it gets all diluted, it gets all misplaced, it gets all twisted.  Where are those people that would understand me?” 

Sending these chards from her Rod of Power, Rod of Victory and the awakening of all her dormant aspects, is like an injection of joy, an injection of victory into a whole bunch of people who will all come to life again, find their purpose again, and find people of like mind. IN the process many of them will seek you as their teachers.  They will find you and they will find solace in you. As they do you gain more power, more hope, more joy in your heart because this is what your soul wants you to accomplish.  This is the agreement you have made with your soul to do good and you’ve always said, “ I’m here and there’s more I have to do in this lifetime but I’m not sure what it is I’m supposed to do.  I wish I knew.  I wish I could find someone who would tell me what it is I am supposed to do.  I wish I could find a people I’m supposed to help”.

So the great news is that she sends these chards of her Rod of Victory like spears that will fall onto Earth and awaken all those others who have felt similarly to the way you have felt in this lifetime; and for those who have lost hope in coming back to loving this life and experiencing joy.  Even those who feel a lot of darkness surrounding them are going to find their own Light is increasing to the point where they have no longer any fears of that darkness.  They’re no longer so zoomed in on that darkness. They’re no longer seeing so much of the darkness, so much of hopelessness, the anger, the violence, but they’re seeing hope and joy partnerships, friendships, mentorships and their quotient of joy increases, the quotient of Light increases, the quotient of hope increases, the quotient of friendship increases, the ways that people find one another and find solace in each other increases. 

Your students and teachers can manifest in a myriad forms.  A baby can be a great teacher; and you as a teacher can touch multitudes of people: somebody standing in line at the grocery store can be one.  The person who’s bagging your groceries can be one.  The exchange of Energy between you and those people can be subtle, just a look, just a loving glance, just a thank you, just reading their name badge and saying their name and anchoring the Energies of Victory through their name into their 5 Body System Light Body.  That can be life changing and that can magnify the ability for those people to rise in vibration. 

Same thing  happens with places: you can go to a place, you can be stationary inside your car listening to a mantra or listening to music sitting in traffic and you can bless that land and you can awaken the Energies of Victory because you were stationary in your car yet exchanging Energy with that land, through that highway that you are passing through a back street you find yourself.  You sit on a rock and you pause for a moment during a walk: you walk with your pet and you just feel an Energy exchange. You awaken something in that land on the crust of the Earth you become the antenna because you carry the Energies through that Champagne colored Light and through the blessing that Goddess Victory has given to you.  Besides exchanging Energy with places, there is exchanging Energy with things. 

Now when we say “things”, it can be animate and inanimate things sentient and insentient things.  You hold your crystals in your hand to give a healing to someone or to just play.  You pick a river rock from a river, that’s a form of crystal.  It’s denser than a crystal but they’re from the same family.  They’re all from the mineral kingdom.  You go to the ocean, you bathe in the ocean, you bless the ocean and you’re anchoring your Energies and the Energies of Victory.  Someone else walks into that ocean right behind you, the water isn’t the same, the water’s always moving, but the Energy is the same.  You just walked on that sand and all the creatures that are in that water, in the vicinity of where you’re swimming or standing they’re receiving the Energy and they’re magnifying its impact and they’re transferring to other parts of that water.

The surface of the whole Earth is covered by waters and all these waters are connected, so every time you go to the ocean, every time you go to a body of water, bless that body of water.  Every time you go to a land bless that land.  Every time you pick a flower bless that flower and remind that flower and bush that it is part of the Energy of Victory.  That it has been blessed by you who carry the Energies of Victory.  Tell that plant that has given a flower to you, be victorious, hold your head up, you’re now carrying the Energy of Victory; you’ve given me one of your flowers.  Even if it’s a cut flower which they’ve put a lot of miracle grow and a lot of chemicals and it stinks of chemicals even when you bring it home, even that plant.  It has the merit of sitting in your living room, on your dining room table, sitting somewhere in a corner giving your pleasure and joy. 

The nursery from which it comes from is blessed because you have some of the cut flowers from that nursery, even if you never step foot in that flower nursery.  The Energies of Victory through the consciousness of that flower is transferred to all the other flowers and to that nursery.  This is how all-encompassing this Energy that Goddess Victory is giving you can be and this is how easy it can be for you to be a beacon of Light, an antenna of transferring these Energies, but most importantly I want to ask you to be aware that you’re transferring the Energy to your loved ones.

You’re changing the lives of those you cross paths with and your loved ones are on top of the priority list.  So hold your loved ones in your heart.  If you get a chance to be physically with them, give them a big hug, and while you’re doing that transfer this Light of Victory to them.  If you can’t be with them, imagine that you’re holding them in your arms, hugging them and transferring the Energies, and do it for 7 generations of your ancestors, even those great, great, great, great, great grandparents that you never saw.  Do it for 7 generations of your descendants, even those great, great, great, great, great grandchildren that you may never see. That’s 15 lifetimes.  Imagine if even a handful of people did that how easy it would be to gain critical mass.

So imagine Goddess Victory’s Rod of Power and imagine her sending chards of it like a javelin throughout the entire globe, to all parts of Earth, awakening all the people who deserve to remember how special they are, awakening your loved ones, awakening your 7 generations past, 7 generations ahead of you, and your loved ones, your descendants, your ancestors 7 generations past, 7 generations ahead of you.

I hold you in my own heart.  I kneel before Goddess Victory and thank her for this gift.  I kneel before Great Silent Watcher and thank her for her Pot of Gold.  I kneel before Mother of Universe and thank her for her Vibrant Pink.  I kneel before Cosmic Guardian and thank her for Warm Orange.  I kneel before each of you and thank you for all that you do on my behalf, on behalf of humankind, on behalf of Earth.  May you receive exponentially, eternally and I hold you in my own heart with all of my love eternally.

I’m your very own Divine Mother.  So It Is.


© FAGU 2015