June 2015

June 2015 Newsletter



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Dear Friends,

Happy Summer Solstice, Father’s Day and a joyful month of June to you all!

We will celebrate this month with our Summer Solstice Ceremony on Saturday 20th June at 3pm. Please see below for registration and details for our meditation this month Divine Mother introduces us to 4 new Cosmic Guardians to bring us greater help in our daily lives and to accelerate our Spiritual growth.

This month our Phase 12 of Divine Mother’s Healing and Manifestation course is available to all of you as an online course to enjoy at your leisure.

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In Divine Mother’s love and blessings,

Jim Foster and Nasrin Safai

Portal Days: 6/1/15, 6/2/15, 6/6/15, 6/10/15, 6/16/15, 6/26/15 & 6/30/15.  The Full Moon is on 6/2 and the New Moon is on 6/16.


The next FREE Gateway Portal Channeling is on 6/6/2015


Join us for our LIVE Gateway Portal Channeling on Saturday, June 6 at 3:00 PM ET. No registration is required. Please call 1-860-970-0300, use access code 199512#.


NOTE: You can benefit from participating even after each event! The audio of Gateway Portal Channelings will be posted within hours of each event. Click here for audios and transcriptions of past Gateway Portal events.



For June


PTE MS: Summer Solstice 2015 Ceremony

The Live Session will be on Saturday, June 20 at 3:00 PM ET.

Tuition for this 1 Lesson course is $88.00.

Join Divine Mother to celebrate Summer Solstice. Much has happened in 2015 and we are only half of the way through the Gregorian year. Join us on June 20th to offer your service to Divine Mother, the Divine Feminine and to all of your loved ones, Earth and Humankind. This is the second of the four major Portal Days in each calendar year. Take this opportunity to be a part of this one and go to the curriculum page of the Waves of Bliss website to take advantage of past celebrations. To register, click here.


PTE MS: Healing & Manifestation Series, PH 12

There is NO Live session for this course. You will receive an audio recording of the meditation.

Tuition for this 1 Lesson course is $125.00.

In Phase 12, it is Divine Mother’s wish that we continue to do the work with Goddess of Spring & Renewal. We will work with Divine Mother to wrap the energies of Spring and Renewal around the 5 Body System and Light Body of Earth, the 5 Elements and the 4 Kingdoms – of The Minerals, Animals, Plants and Humankind.

To register, click here. 

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Guided Meditation to call upon 4 new Cosmic Guardians –

Hope, Abundance,  Balancing Life Force and Balancing Light and Dark


Adapted from 5-5-2015 Gateway Portal channeling


Grounding MeditationImagine standing on top of the large boulder rock called Uluru in Central Australia, also known as Ayers Rock. This red clay rock has a most amazing Energy that is nurturing and loving and pure.  The aboriginals of Australia consider it their sacred site, their temple. The Masters and Divine Mother tell us that the meridians and lay lines of Earth connect and create a whirlwind of Energy right at this amazing rock, while standing on top of Uluru or Ayers Rock, Imagine sending beautiful roots that grow down from the bottoms of your feet. They go to your Earth Crust Chakra -which is 10 inches below your feet, down your Hara Line, a shaft of light that reaches to the Core Crystal in the Core of the Earth. Imagine that Divine Mother in all of her glory is wrapping her roots around yours; and members of the Divine Feminine Council, members of the entourage of Divine Mother, wrap their roots around yours and wrap their Hara Line around your Hara Line.

Now imagine seeing Amber Light shining in the Core Crystal. Pull the Amber Life Force Energy that is Mother Earth’s Life Force up the Hara Line, back to our Earth Crust Chakra, and back to the bottom of your feet; imagine it going up your feet, legs, thighs, hips, torso, to all your organs, to your chest, your neck, into your head. From the top of your head imagine a Gold and Silver Cord, called the Antahkarana Cord which will shoot the Energy up to go all the way to the Pool of Creation.

Meantime a tree trunk will form around you and all your Energy Bodies that connects to the roots and maintain your energy inside the tree trunk.  The bark of the tree is an Emerald Green color to attract health and abundance to you. It is covered by a layer of Plum color.  It is the Ray of Rejuvenation and it is a gift from Divine Mother to rejuvenate our bodies and regenerate our entire being, our 5 Body System- these 5 layers are sitting on top of each other, that make our 5 Body System. With our naked eye we can only see our physical body.  There are 4 layers of Energy Bodies that sit on top of our physical body. Then your Light Body which is your Vehicle of Light and covers all your Energy Bodies.

(If you are coming to us for the first time and are able to follow these instructions and get the visual images then you are already awakening your 5 Body System and your Light Body. If on the other hand you have difficulty envisioning these layers, then I suggest reading our Path to Enlightenment Books, for opening the 5 Body System and/or taking courses on these subjects from our Mystery School, especially Chakra System Ph I and II and 5 Body System Ph I and II.)

Imagine the Energies are being pulled up through the Gold and Silver Cord; to the Pool of Creation in the highest realms; and bathe in the Pool of Creation. Great Silent Watcher offers Gold Light from her Pot of Gold and Amber Light, the Life Force Energy of the Cosmos given by Mother of Cosmos mix together and pour down from the Pool of Creation into your Antahkarana Cord, Into the consciousness of the body, down the bottom of your feet to your Hara Line, all the way down your roots to the Core Crystal. In this way you bring the heavens to Earth. Then once again it shoots up, the mixture going upward from the Core Crystal to bottom of your feet to your bodies, to the top of your head, into the Antahkarana Cord all the way to the Pool of Creation. Do this 3 times.

This we call our grounding and centering.  It immediately pulls your energy in, it connects you to the higher realms, it releases and dissolves whatever you may have picked from people, places, and things and it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling.  It also helps to open the channels for receiving, verbal and visual guidance from your guides, from Divine Mother, from the higher realms.

So now and imagine you’re bathing in a huge pool of pure, pristine Light that feels like warm waters, except it’s made of Light, very fresh, very pure. Go into the deeper part of the Pool of Creation and envision a fountain carries the purest of the Energy of the Pool of Creation, and jump into the fountain and bathe. 

A bridge connects to a boardwalk that takes you to Divine Mother’s Throne. Imagine that there are two Angels with trays, one holding your ceremonial robes and the other holding your crown and your scepter.  Your ceremonial robes are important because we go before Divine Mother to perform ceremony.

Bathe in the Copper Gold Light of Divine Mother which is her own Soul Energy, her own Life Force, her own Signature Energy, I ask you to take a moment and pray for your loved ones, pray for peace on Earth, pray for compassion in the hearts of all species of souls, humankind, and souls of members of animal kingdom, members of plant kingdom, members of mineral kingdom.  We share this Earth with these 3 kingdoms: the collective consciousness of humankind and the collective consciousness of animals, the minerals, and the plants.  We have a contract, an agreement to coexist harmoniously. That harmony has been disrupted. Pray for restoration of that harmony.

Imagine that you bring in all your loved ones to Divine Mother and let them bathe in the Copper Gold Light of Divine Mother. Take a moment and pray for everything your heart desires.  You can always come back to this moment and add new intentions.

Let’s offer a prayer of gratitude to Divine Mother for all that she does for each of us and for the opportunity to serve in this way, for the good fortune and the merits that we have earned to have brought us here together.  Doing this work we do together gains us great merits, and we must have gained those merits in other lifetimes and this lifetime.  It takes a long time to get to a place where we are aware of not just what goes on in this mundane world and in practical terms, but to become aware of everything beyond this mundane world, and the understanding that we’re much bigger than this body, much greater than this life and that there are Beings who love us and are here to help us, and that we become the spearhead, we become their representatives, we become the emissaries of their Light when we open our hearts and our minds and let them work through us.

Divine Mother begins:  16:20

My Beloved Children of Light I’m your very own Divine Mother.

I ask you to envision that you are now magnetized to the Energies inside Divine Mother’s Heart and you come and sit in the bosom of Divine Mother and absorb the Copper Gold Light into your 5 Body System and your Light Body.

Together we sit in Divine Mother’s Merkaba Field and travel to the Retreat of Divine Mother in the 5th Dimensional Realm. Stand at the gateways and see the Light shine upon you and goes from Purple to Magenta, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Magenta and Purple, at which point you are recalibrated.  The gateways open to the first floor of Divine Mother’s retreat. Go to the center of this great hall and stand at the Sacred Fire. Make an offering to the Sacred Fire, offering flower petals, spices, aromatic oils, fruit, gems, foods, and anything else that you wish to offer to the Fire.

Divine Mother’s Throne is shining its Light upon you and on either side of the Throne Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti are seated. Master Jesus and Mother Mary stand on either side of Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti. We acknowledge their presence by bowing down to them. 

Now follow me behind their Throne to a wooden double doorway, with tiffany style painted glass.  The doorways open, the Angels hold the doorways open as we go into the great room where the 12 Cosmic Guardians reside.

Imagine the circle with 12 Cosmic Guardians and 12 Aspects of Divine Mother. The Cosmic Guardians stand towering over the Aspects of Divine Mother who are seated.  The Cosmic Guardian is towering over an Aspect of Divine Mother because these Cosmic Guardians bring the Light from its highest source.  An Aspect of Divine Mother sits with them in order to step down that Energy to make it capable of energizing you. It will then become absorbable and digestible by your 5 Body System and your Light Body; otherwise that Light would be too much for you. Each pair wears Ceremonial Robes relevant to the qualities inherent within that Guardian. The robes are made of Light but to your eyes they look like robes.  They’re emanating the Signature Energy of the Guardian.

In the position of 12 see the Cosmic Guardian of Power and protection with Cobalt Blue colored Light, the symbol of Power and Protection

In the position of 1 –is the Cosmic Guardian of Prosperity towering over an Aspect of Divine Mother. They both wear ceremonial robes that emanate a Pearlescent Fuchsia Pink Light. The Light of Prosperity for present juncture on Earth is a Pearlescent Fuchsia Pink Light. When you come before these Beings and when you envision yourself engulfed with their Light you are pulling the Energy of Prosperity to yourselves.  Position of 12, position of 1, Power and Protection, Prosperity.

Position of 2 – Cosmic Guardian of Life and Nurturance is towering over an Aspect of Divine Mother emanating the Light green color of New Leaves in Spring. They are wearing Light Green robes that emanate the, Life & Nurturance.

Position of #3 – A Cosmic Guardian and an Aspect of Divine Mother, send two streams of Light one is a Baby Blue, and the other a Baby Green.  The Blue represents the 5th Dimensional Aspect of Power, the Green, the 5th Dimensional Aspect of Health or you can call it Abundance, Health & Wholeness.

In the position of 4 – A Cosmic Guardian of Joy and Gratitude towering over an Aspect of Divine Mother, both emanating a Warm Yellow Light that is the color of Joy & Gratitude.

In the position of 5 – A Cosmic Guardian who is emanating Lilac Light and an Aspect of Divine Mother emanating the  Lilac Light for the Balancing of the Polarities of Male & Female.

In the position of #6 – Mother of Universe towering over an Aspect of Divine Mother carrying the Energies of Divine Love in a Vibrant Pink Light.

In Position #7 – A Cosmic Guardian is towering over an Aspect of Divine Mother emanating a Pearlescent Gray colored Light with a drop of Purple and the Energies of Empowerment.  This Guardian is herself enhanced and overlighted by Great Silent Watcher who gives her power.

In Position of #8 – It’s our own Beloved Goddess Victory towering over an Aspect of Divine Mother offering her Frosted Blue & Platinum, as well as her Pink with Gold, again a two tongued Light streaming, one side of it is the Pink with Gold & Platinum, the other side of it is Platinum with Frosted Blue.   Bathe in the Energies.  Goddess Victory is very special to all of us.  Bathe in her Energies.

The Position of 9 – A Cinnamon colored Cosmic Guardian towering over an Aspect of Divine Mother and her Energy has that sweet aroma of cinnamons, and it is the color and the range of Vibration of Karuna, Energies of Sweetness & Kindness, a Cinnamon colored Light. 

In the position of 10 – Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan with her Warm Orange Light towering over an Aspect of Divine Mother, pouring down her Warm Orange Light.  This is yet another Being that is very important for each of you and for the future of Earth.  Because her presence  with us on Earth at this point means all old ways are no longer valid and that we’re moving in a much better and higher future plan for Earth and for all generations who live on Earth.  I will talk about this in a moment.

In the position of 11 –Cosmic Guardian of Earthly Abundance is towering over an Aspect of Divine Mother, emanating a Reddish Brown or a Brownish Red, like the color of maple leaves in early summer. Her Energy is stepping down the Cosmic Vibration of Abundance to make the Life Force from Earth and Earthly Abundance more profuse and more vibrant.  So she is the Cosmic Guardian of Earthly Abundance.  She brings abundance from its Cosmic Source, gives it to Earth and then allows Earth to be generous and compassionate towards all of you. 

Now I ask you to envision holding Divine Mother’s hand, and together we go in.   In the center of that circle there is a seat of beautiful Maroon colored or Copper Gold colored velvet, Copper Gold for Divine Mother and Maroon, also a new Energy that we will talk about shortly.  Whichever one of the two colors calls you, you may sit upon-on the velvet that’s emanating Copper Gold, that’s Divine Mother’s own Energies, or a Maroon colored Light. Envision yourself seated on the velvet seat in in the center (with your loved ones, if you so wish to invite them).

Divine Mother stands behind your chair towering over you. Great Silent Watcher stands in front of you, to your left. Cosmic Mother of Cosmos stands in front of you to your right, in this way the 3 of us make a triangle around you. They magnify everything that these other Guardians send to you. Your seat and this triangle are on a revolving platform. Now you are circling all the way around bowing down to each pair.

I will introduce you to 4 new Cosmic Guardians. They’re going to be positioned in a square formation between the triangle of the 3 and the Circle of 12.  Imagine that you are in the very center seated upon your seat.  There are three beings standing in a triangle around you, then we place four new beings in a square formation and then there are the 12 pairs in the circle.

The first in the square is positioned in the North west with Cosmic Guardian towering over an Aspect of Divine Mother vibrating the color and the range of a Smokey Quartz with Gold veins, a Dark Smokey color with Gold veins.  This is the Cosmic Guardian who will Balance the Polarity of Light and Dark so there’s a Smokey almost Black with Gold representing the Dark and the Light, the Smokey as the Dark and the Gold as the Light.

This Cosmic Guardian is needed is because this world of is made of dark and light and you live somewhere in-between the two. Some days are good days, some are bad days.  In the course of one day you have good events and bad events, things that make you happy and things that make you sad, sometimes they come one right after the other.

We’ve called to this Cosmic Guardian to bring balance; so life doesn’t go on a huge spinning cycle of downturn, nor in a huge spinning cycle of upturns, because either can get out of hand.  When you have an upturn and it continues that way sometimes it ends up being taken for granted and then when the downturn happens it’s more impactful.  Your fears are magnified, your pain is magnified, your struggle is magnified, because you didn’t expect anything to turn you back down and land you on the ground level again.   By the same token, when the periods where you have a rough time keeps repeating itself and you keep rolling with the punches you get to a point where you may give up hope, and hope is very important.  This Cosmic Guardian carrying a vibration that is a Smokey Quartz color with Golden rutilated veins is the Guardian of Balancing the Polarity of Dark & Light. And it is to your best interest to ask her for the balance.

When your emotions start getting the best of you, when you become hopeless and when you become fearful it’s good to be with her to ask her for help. Before giving up hope, run to the Cosmic Guardian of Balancing Duality of Dark & Light. She can bring you back to your center. It’s so good to keep pulling yourself back to the center because that’s where you belong, and it’s very easy to fall off center and be off kilter.

Too much joy is as dangerous as too much grief because it makes you vulnerable and allows you to forget that there are hard times too; right behind the height of the joy could be a downturn. That’s the quality that’s represented in duality. This Cosmic Guardian will help you return to that balance, return to the middle ground.

Imagine that she’s sending her Smokey Quartz with gold Light to you. Bathe in her Energies and envision yourself being absorbed into the bosom of the Divine Mother Aspect who is stepping down the Energies, Breathe and bathe in the energy.

Then we bow down to her. Now imagine that your seat spins in front of you to the right (to the North East), to the second point of this square and the Cosmic Guardian of Abundance, emanating an Emerald Green Light of.  This Emerald Green carries the Energies of Abundance as material resources, financial sustenance as well as Health & Wholeness.

To attract abundance you would need to be healthy and whole in the body, in the mind, in the emotions, in the soul.  That’s a description of soul who can truly move mountains.  When you are in a position where you vibrate to this Emerald Green Light you pull perfect health, wholeness, perfect relationships, perfect social life, perfect business life, and by perfect I don’t mean there won’t be highs and lows I mean the level of perfectness that you are happy and content knowing some moments are higher, some moments are lower, because it’s the nature of this reality but you’re always bathing in this Emerald Green Light.

Allow the Emerald Green Light to emanate to you .See yourself pulled into the bosom of Divine Mother Aspect who’s emanating the Emerald Green Light and translating the Cosmic Source of that Emerald Green Light to be absorbable and digestible by your body and your being then please do so and breathe and bathe.

Now let your energies be pulled back and imagine yourself seated at the center again.  We bow down to this one and your seat turns this time stopping before #4, the third point of the square and you’ll see another Being as the 3rd point of this square.  This one towering over an Aspect of Divine Mother, the color is the color of Pomegranate Seeds and it has that same shine as if it is shining in the Light, and her Energy and her Life Force actually is for the Balancing of Your Life Force that moves through you.

There are times when you have a lot of Life Force moving through you and you can do a great amount and then there are periods where you are feeling worn out and weak, even stagnant, as if walking through tar and molasses.  Therefore, we have called upon this Being and the Bandwidth of Light that she brings which is that color of the Pomegranate Seeds with some Light shining in it, almost like a Maroon colored Light. This is why I offered you to sit on the Maroon colored velvet seat.  It helps you balance your Life Force within your Physical Body and your 5 Body System.  It also brings to a centered place the polarities of doing too much and losing your energy, doing too little because you have no energy, so balancing your Life Force, Balancing your Energy, releasing and removing stagnancy.

Her Light shines through the Divine Mother Aspect.  See yourself fully absorbed into the consciousness of the Divine Mother Aspect and your Life Force Energy come to complete balance- not overextending yourself, nor over- withdrawing yourself; just the right amount of expansion while using your Life Force to do good, and saving your Life Force to be consistent and to continue to do good under her guidance.

Ask her for the balance at all times. When you overextend as well as too much Energy withdrawal, ask her to give you the balance you need. This Being has been invited so that we may eliminate sickness in all its forms from the small cold or a flu that will get you down for a day or two to the more serious which might take much longer to recover from. Remember this Pomegranate Seed colored Platinum Light with Shines and Sparkles.

Your seat turns to the last of the four in South West. A Cosmin Guardian whose Energy is emanating Tongues of Firey Light with Pinks, Yellows, Oranges, Reds and Clay Reds. We call her the Cosmic Guardian of Hope. Hope is made of the Life Force Energy of Red, the Vibrancy of Orange, the Joy of Yellow, the Love of Pink – Red, Orange, Yellow and Pink all come together to bring you the Energy of Hope. She stands towering over a Divine Mother Aspect who is seated. Allow yourself to absorb the tongues of Light emanating from her or go and sit in her bosom and bathe in her Light for as long as you wish.

Do this exercise every day during this month. You’re being accelerated out of the old paradigm into the new paradigm as if you run through events instead of walk or stroll through them. You end up having sleepless nights during full moon, new moon, a portal day, an equinox, a solstice, a solar eclipse, a lunar eclipse, an earthquake, a volcano eruption, a flood and even a manmade disaster. You have done the work for the old paradigm and now you catapult yourself out of the old into new and better things.

I hold each and every one of you with great love in my heart until we come back together June 6.   I’m your very own Divine Mother.  So It Is.

Summary and recap

  • Envision sitting in the center of the circle with, Great Silent Watcher, Mother of Cosmos, and Divine Mother who together make ta triangle around you.  They magnify everything that these other Guardians send to you.
  • On the outside of the triangle the four new Cosmic Guardians, Cosmic Guardian of  Balance of Polarity of Light & Dark, Cosmic Guardian of Abundance, Cosmic Guardian of Balance of the Life Force Energy and Cosmic Guardian of Hope; invite them, invite the four into your life from this moment on.
  • Then the circle of the 12 pairs.
  •  Invite all of these Beings to be with you every day as you start the day and every night.


© FAGU 2015