July 2015

July 2015 Newsletter


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Dear Friends,

Happy Month of July. This month our offering of 7/7 Gateway Portal Channeling is already available to you on the Live Gateway Portal Day Sessions page of the WOB website. Please click on the link and repeat the meditation at your leisure.

Our meditation from Divine Mother is part two, a continuation of the one from last month.

For This month’s PTE MS course, we take a break from our Healing Manifestation courses to receive the first in a wonderful new series entitled Expanding Your Meditation Experience. The first course is about the impact of your Energy Bodies in enhancing your meditation experience. At this time, when much is happening all around us, learning new tools to enhance our meditation is a great and welcome gift from Divine Mother.

Please remember to check out Linda’s Blog #44 from IndigosAwaken.  Enjoy this month with love and blessings from all of us at Waves of Bliss and PTE Mystery School.

In Divine Mother’s love and blessings,

Jim Foster and Nasrin Safai


Portal Days: 7/1/15, 7/7/15, 7/10/15, 7/17/15, 7/27/15 & 7/31/15.  The Full Moon is on 7/2 and the New Moon is on 7/16.


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For July

New Series from Divine Mother!!


PTE MS: Expanding Your Meditation Awareness Series – PH 1

The Role of Your Energy Bodies in Enhancing Your Meditation

There is NO Live session for this course. You will receive an audio recording of the meditation.

Tuition for this 1 Lesson course is $125.00.

Synopsis: Meditation is a brilliant and effective tool for accelerated spiritual growth. It is also a great tool for developing the capability of continually experiencing peace and wellbeing in all aspects of life. This capability can result in an increased sense of health, wholeness and wellbeing.

The best result of regular meditation is feeling the constant presence of Divine Mother and our beloved deities. Our ability to meditate expands our awareness of their presence and increases our ability to go into those realms where we can fully connect with them and hear, see and experience their love, nurturance and presence. Staying connected through each day and moving to higher levels while meditating, is the desire of every seeker on the Path to Enlightenment.

In this course, Divine Mother provides us with a much deeper and broader understanding of the mechanics of meditation. How the different techniques used in practicing meditation affect the different aspects of our Being. She broadens the spectrum of our understanding by describing the ways we can enhance our own experience of meditation by understanding the role of our energy bodies. Activation of our Energy Bodies – that is the layers of our Five Body System and Light Body – can greatly enhance our meditation experience.

Blockages and lack of alignment between these layers can lead to misalignments. Misalignments and blockages within our physical and Energy Bodies can cause our experience of meditation to become dull. Divine Mother offers full remedial exercises to remove dullness and she gives us healing guidance – with healing lights – to provide improvements and give us the ability to sharpen and realign the layers. To register, click here.


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Part Two

 Divine Mother’s Meditation to Magnify the Impact of the Four

 New Cosmic Guardians for Balancing Light and dark, increased Life Force, Abundance and Hope


Adapted from 6-6-2015 Gateway Portal channeling


Grounding Meditation-Imagine standing on top of the large boulder rock called Uluru in Central Australia, also known as Ayers Rock. This red clay rock has a most amazing Energy that is nurturing and loving and pure.  The aboriginals of Australia consider it their sacred site, their temple. The Masters and Divine Mother tell us that the meridians and lay lines of Earth connect and create a whirlwind of Energy right at this amazing rock, while standing on top of Uluru or Ayers Rock, Imagine sending beautiful roots that grow down from the bottoms of your feet. They go to your Earth Crust Chakra -which is 10 inches below your feet, down your Hara Line, a shaft of light that reaches to the Core Crystal in the Core of the Earth. Imagine that Divine Mother in all of her glory is wrapping her roots around yours; and members of the Divine Feminine Council, members of the entourage of Divine Mother, wrap their roots around yours and wrap their Hara Line around your Hara Line.

Now imagine seeing Amber Light shining in the Core Crystal. Pull the Amber Life Force Energy that is Mother Earth’s Life Force up the Hara Line, back to our Earth Crust Chakra, and back to the bottom of your feet; imagine it going up your feet, legs, thighs, hips, torso, to all your organs, to your chest, your neck, into your head. From the top of your head imagine a Gold and Silver Cord, called the Antahkarana Cord which will shoot the Energy up to go all the way to the Pool of Creation.

Meantime a tree trunk will form around you and all your Energy Bodies that connects to the roots and maintain your energy inside the tree trunk.  The bark of the tree is an Emerald Green color to attract health and abundance to you. It is covered by a layer of Plum color.  It is the Ray of Rejuvenation and it is a gift from Divine Mother to rejuvenate our bodies and regenerate our entire being, our 5 Body System- these 5 layers are sitting on top of each other, that make our 5 Body System. With our naked eye we can only see our physical body.  There are 4 layers of Energy Bodies that sit on top of our physical body. Then your Light Body which is your Vehicle of Light and covers all your Energy Bodies.

(If you are coming to us for the first time and are able to follow these instructions and get the visual images then you are already awakening your 5 Body System and your Light Body. If on the other hand you have difficulty envisioning these layers, then I suggest reading our Path to Enlightenment Books, for opening the 5 Body System and/or taking courses on these subjects from our Mystery School, especially Chakra System Ph I and II and 5 Body System Ph I and II.)

Imagine the Energies are being pulled up through the Gold and Silver Cord; to the Pool of Creation in the highest realms; and bathe in the Pool of Creation. Great Silent Watcher offers Gold Light from her Pot of Gold and Amber Light, the Life Force Energy of the Cosmos given by Mother of Cosmos mix together and pour down from the Pool of Creation into your Antahkarana Cord, Into the consciousness of the body, down the bottom of your feet to your Hara Line, all the way down your roots to the Core Crystal. In this way you bring the heavens to Earth. Then once again it shoots up, the mixture going upward from the Core Crystal to bottom of your feet to your bodies, to the top of your head, into the Antahkarana Cord all the way to the Pool of Creation. Do this 3 times.

This we call our grounding and centering.  It immediately pulls your energy in, it connects you to the higher realms, it releases and dissolves whatever you may have picked from people, places, and things and it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling.  It also helps to open the channels for receiving, verbal and visual guidance from your guides, from Divine Mother, from the higher realms.

So now and imagine you’re bathing in a huge pool of pure, pristine Light that feels like warm waters, except it’s made of Light, very fresh, very pure. Go into the deeper part of the Pool of Creation and envision a fountain carries the purest of the Energy of the Pool of Creation, and jump into the fountain and bathe. 

A bridge connects to a boardwalk that takes you to Divine Mother’s Throne. Imagine that there are two Angels with trays, one holding your ceremonial robes and the other holding your crown and your scepter.  Your ceremonial robes are important because we go before Divine Mother to perform ceremony.

Bathe in the Copper Gold Light of Divine Mother which is her own Soul Energy, her own Life Force, her own Signature Energy, I ask you to take a moment and pray for your loved ones, pray for peace on Earth, pray for compassion in the hearts of all species of souls, humankind, and souls of members of animal kingdom, members of plant kingdom, members of mineral kingdom.  We share this Earth with these 3 kingdoms: the collective consciousness of humankind and the collective consciousness of animals, the minerals, and the plants.  We have a contract, an agreement to coexist harmoniously. That harmony has been disrupted. Pray for restoration of that harmony.

Imagine that you bring in all your loved ones to Divine Mother and let them bathe in the Copper Gold Light of Divine Mother. Take a moment and pray for everything your heart desires.  You can always come back to this moment and add new intentions.

Let’s offer a prayer of gratitude to Divine Mother for all that she does for each of us and for the opportunity to serve in this way, for the good fortune and the merits that we have earned to have brought us here together.  Doing this work we do together gains us great merits, and we must have gained those merits in other lifetimes and this lifetime.  It takes a long time to get to a place where we are aware of not just what goes on in this mundane world and in practical terms, but to become aware of everything beyond this mundane world, and the understanding that we’re much bigger than this body, much greater than this life and that there are Beings who love us and are here to help us, and that we become the spearhead, we become their representatives, we become the emissaries of their Light when we open our hearts and our minds and let them work through us.


Face Divine Mother at her Throne standing with open arms, pouring her Copper Gold Light to you, and pill you into her bosom.  She wraps her arms around you as you sit in the love and nurturance of Divine Mother’s Copper Gold Light.

Take a moment to experience this, and send all your love and blessings to our Beloved Divine Mother, along with your gratitude for all that she has done and is doing for every one of us, and Earth and humankind.

Now Divine Mother stands up while we’re still in her bosom and we glide down through the realms to the 5th Dimensional Octave to the retreat of Divine Mother.  We stand before the gateway where the colors spin from Purple to Magenta, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue back to Magenta and Purple again. The gateway opens as we’re recalibrated.  We walk into the retreat of Divine Mother towards the Ceremonial Fire, the Sacred Fire in the center of the great hall on the 1st floor, and we stand before it.  Looking across the fire we see the Throne of Divine Mother.  On either side of it the Thrones of Shiva & Shakti. Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti are sitting on their Thrones.  We bow in prayer pose to them as we make our offerings to the Sacred Fire.

Trays with sacred items to be offered to the fire, including the red and white roses that we throw into the fire with our intentions in honor of Shiva & Shakti are brought to you. Take a moment and set your intentions and make your offerings to the Sacred Fire.  See that all the Great Beings are standing around the fire with us, all the Divine Feminine Aspects, Guardians, Goddesses, Sanat Kumara, Master Jesus (Master Jeshua) and Mother Mary standing around the fire.

Now we walk with Divine Mother behind the Thrones and walk through the double doors where we see the inner chamber with a seat which is our seat in the center.  We take our seat there on the raised platform and to your left you see Great Silent Watcher, to your right Cosmic Mother, Divine Mother takes her position directly behind you creating the Triangle.

Directly in front of you in the position of 12 o’clock Cosmic Guardian of Divine Power along with the Aspect of Divine Mother who sits in front of the Guardian, taking the Cosmic Energies that the Cosmic Guardian sends with the Qualities of Divine Power.  This Aspect of Divine Mother brings them down to a level where we can use them to their fullest effect in our 3rd Dimensional Reality and in our bodies and our beings.  And see Cobalt Blue Light which is the Quality of Power, Divine Power coming from the Cosmic Guardian and from the Aspect of Divine Mother to you amplified by the Triangle of Great Silent Watcher, Cosmic Mother and Divine Mother.

At the position of 1 o’clock Cosmic Aspect and the Aspect of Divine Mother, the pair that represent the colored Light of pearlescent  Fuchsia Magenta with Platinum, and you can feel it pouring all over you. Cosmic Guardian of Prosperity holds the Quality of Prosperity, pearlescent Fuchsia Pink & Platinum Light.

Position of 2 o’clock: now we turn just a bit, to face the Cosmic Guardian of Life and Nurturance with a Light Green colored Light, Energies of Nurturance and the color of leaves in the spring, Energies of Life & Nurturance pouring over you.

3 o’clock, the Cosmic Guardian of Energies of 5th Dimensional Abundance & Healing, a combination of the Light Baby Blue with the Mint Green and Platinum.

Turn to the position of 4 o’clock and the cosmic Guardian of Joy and Gratitude with the Energies of Joy & Gratitude in the Warm Yellow colored Lights.

Position of 5 o’clock with the Light Lilac colored Light, this pair of Beings, Cosmic guardian and Divine Mother Aspect sending us the Quality of Balancing of Polarities.

Turn to 6 o’clock the Light Pink colors of Divine Love, and our own Mother of the Universe and the Aspect of Divine Mother stepping the Energies down as they pour their Light all over us.

Position of 7 o’clock, Cosmic Guardians and Divine Mother aspect pair overlighted by Great Silent Watcher, carrying the Qualities of Empowerment and the color is Pearlescent Gray with a drop of Purple, bringing us the empowerment to overcome obstacles in the 3rd Dimension that stand in our way.

We turn to the position of 8 o’clock, this is our own Goddess Victory with an Aspect of Divine Mother stepping down the Energies of Victory and shinning the Blue with Platinum Light.

9 o’clock the Karuna Energies, the Sweetness & Compassion, Cinnamon colored Light pouring from the Cosmic Guardian and Divine Mother Aspect, all over you.

10 o’clock the Energies of the Divine Plan, with Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan, and an Aspect of Divine Mother pouring the Warm Orange colored Light over you.

In the position of 11 o’clock, the Cosmic Guardian of Earthly Abundance and the Aspect of Divine Mother pouring the Dark Reddish Green colored Light, maple tree leaf.

We turn back to face North where the pair of Beings are pouring the Divine Power Energy to us,   We see in front of the Triangle of Great Silent Watcher, Mother of the Cosmos and Divine Mother behind us.

Take a moment as you walk to sit in the Center seat with all these Beings pouring their Light.  Express your gratitude and your love for each one of these as you see fit.  Say your prayers for your loved ones, for Earth and humankind.

Envision yourselves in this magnificent seat and become aware that our very own Divine Mother is standing behind you, and feel her Copper Gold Light pouring onto you.  Become aware that Great Silent Watcher is standing in front of you to your left, pouring her Energies of Turquoise Blue onto you.  And become aware of the presence of Cosmic Mother of Cosmos standing in front of you to your right pouring her Dark Amber Root Beer Amber colored Light, very rich, Dark Amber Light onto you and remember this Triangle.

The new Cosmic Guardian for balancing the Light & Dark with the rutilated Smokey Quartz with Gold Veins balances our life so we have a little bit of moving and weaving our way through events that are pleasant and we ride through the unpleasant ones.  She makes the bumps in the road easier for you. She’s standing, in front of you to the left sending her Smokey Quartz colored Light with Golden veins.

In front of you to the right, the second point of the square is Cosmic Guardian of Abundance with the Divine Mother Aspect sending Emerald Green Light.  Energies of Abundance that affect our day to day lives by making us healthier and whole as well as helping us with financial abundance and material resources, balancing the levels of Abundance & Health that we need.  Sometimes we have a lot of work and very little time for ourselves.   Sometimes we have no work and a lot of time for ourselves, but a lot of fear about where work is coming from, and very little resources to go have fun.  So balancing those two aspects of having financial abundance while we take care of the body, and being in the position to enjoy the material resources that the Universe provides to us, is the job of this Cosmic Guardian, the Divine Mother Aspect steps it down.

Then behind you to the right Cosmic Guardian of Balancing the Life Force Energy so you have enough vibrancy within your body and being.  Vibrancy within all the relationships, within your work life, within your social life and within your family life, her colors are the colors of the Pomegranate Seeds with some Silvery Platinum Shimmers thrown in to add the Feminine Creative Force and balance that Creativity.  You can call it a Maroon colored Red or a Pomegranate Seed color with vibrant shimmering Platinum, Silvery Shimmers.  She rescues us from stagnancy, so if you feel you are stagnant in your job situation, in your social life, in your present position in the world, and even in the family life amongst yourself and your siblings, amongst you and your spouse or significant other, amongst you and your children or your parents, this Cosmic Guardian and the Divine Mother Aspect are your go to Deities.  

Cosmic Guardian of Balancing Life, bringing enough Life Force so you become vibrant and able to accomplish everything you need to in the course of the day.  Removing stagnancy from life, giving us a board to spring out of to take a leap, and clearing a path for us to use the Life Force provided to be the embodiment of our Divine Mission wherever we are.  To connect with our individual souls and through our souls with our soul’s mission, and to be able to accomplish everything in this mundane world, in the practical realms, in the reality we live in, and cope with all the karma and karmic entanglements by releasing that which no longer serves us.  And increasing our interactions with all that is good and beneficial, and doing more in the course of each day then we are normally able to do because we’re not bogged down by karma.  We’re not bogged down by fears; we’re not bogged down by stagnancy.

Then again behind you to your left at the 4th point of this square, Cosmic Guardian of Hope with colors that are tongues of fiery Light sitting one next to the other and all merging into one another and portraying a range of Reds, Pinks, Oranges, Yellows, and Peaches.  All of these Lights come together and raising our vibration.  Red is the Life Force.  Pink is the Love Energy.  Orange is the Life Force for moving in the direction of divinity and becoming the embodiment of the Divine Plan.  Yellow is the color of Joy & Gratitude.  Peach is a combination of Joy & Gratitude and Life as in Divine Life.  Peach is the combination of Yellow and Orange, so Gratitude, Joy, Divine Plan come together to allow us to be the embodiment of our soul’s mission and accomplish our life’s mission. 

Our soul’s mission and our life’s missions can be two separate things but they need to go hand in hand.  Our life’s mission has to do with this lifetime.

Our Soul Mission, or Divine Mission, is bigger than this lifetime.  That is our greater purpose and it gets carried out over a series of lifetimes.  If you’re here listening to this guided meditation, obviously you are at a point in your life that you are incorporating your Divine Mission into your Life’s Mission, otherwise you would not be interested in this work, and that is all good news. 

Sometimes in the process of embracing our Divine Mission we neglect our commitments to the world.  At the same time, sometimes in the process of accomplishing our worldly mission we neglect our Divine Mission.

As members of the Human kingdom we get to make unique intelligent decisions.  One of those intelligent decisions is to promote our soul, to connect with our soul, to uplift ourselves to the level of our souls. These Guardians are invited by Divine Mother. They have made a huge sacrifice by stepping down their Energies and being present for us. Ideally when the occasion arises you would remember them and immediately think of going to these new Cosmic Guardians. In the course of the month how many times did you think, “ I feel I need some extra Life Force, I should go to the Cosmic Guardian and the Divine Mother Aspect, I should go bathe in their Light and I should bring my case forward to them?”

In the course of last month, how many times did you think “a little bit more money would be good and you thought I am going to go to the Cosmic Guardian of Abundance?”  By the same token, in the course of last month how many times did you think, “if I had a little bit more energy, if there was a little bit more time in this day I would be able to finish everything I had on my list?   Did it occur to you then to go to the Cosmic Guardian of Abundance and Wholeness and say, please help me accomplish all that I need to accomplish in the course of each day, give me the Life Force Energy I need?”

In the course of last month, when things went awry and the Energies were really weird from one moment how many times have you communicated with Cosmic Guardian of Hope, or guardian of balancing and increasing your Life Force? Did you think of going to the Cosmic Guardian of Balancing the Light & Dark and asking for a little bit more balance, a little bit more smoothing out of the Energies, a little raising of the vibration so the good moments can stretch a little bit longer? 

This month, Divine Mother gives us part two and magnifies the Energies.  We have one more month to get familiar with these four new Cosmic Guardians and establish a deeper relationship with them. The fact is your energy is involved in the group energy where we come together every month from across the globe and we hold space for the anchoring of these Energies, and for the posting of these Energies on the Planetary Body Grid.

Those Deities and those Beings with whom we work, record all the merits that we gain by doing this work and it goes into the Akashic Records. Once in the Akashic Records it becomes pooled and therefore maybe by next lifetime or maybe by next week, we may need to draw from the merits that we have gained.  From the moment that we anchor the Energies we gain merits that spread into many lifetimes. What we do impacts present and future as well as our past. It has been scientifically proven.

We wouldn’t be in the company of Divine Mother and these Beings if we weren’t members of their family.  We are their family members.  We always want to have our family members be proud of us and it goes both ways.  Family members that are immediate and tangible around us that we have this lifetime with, and the family members who are intangible but we know they’re there, and we gain a lot of merits by being in their presence, and those merits spread beyond this lifetime.  We ask for that balance in the presence of all of these Beings, and we invite them to be involved every day, every hour of every day in everything that we do, and thank you for all that you do.


Divine Mother begins:

My Beloved Children of Light I am your very own Divine Mother.

I ask you to envision the three beams of Light that are emanating from Mother of Cosmos, Great Silent Watcher and Divine Mother to fill the Triangle around you with Streams of Light that shine in Turquoise Blue, Root Beer colored Amber and Copper Gold of Divine Mother.

Now envision that the Beams of Light emanating from Cosmic Guardian of Balancing Light & Dark in the form of rutilated Smokey Quartz with Golden Veins pour into this Triangle and becomes magnified, balancing your Life Force, keeping a leash on the forces of opposition and enhancing the Light in your lives, the quotient of Light in your bodies and the bodies of your loved ones.  The bodies of everyone you touch, everyone you are touched by, the bodies of the Five Elements, the bodies of people, places and things.


Now imagine the Energies of the Emerald Green from Cosmic Guardian of Abundance and the Divine Mother Aspect pouring into the Triangle and being magnified where health, wholeness, financial abundance and material resources, just what you need when you need it, and to become plentiful so you can be abundant, you can be generous, you can be considerate of others around you.  Emerald Green Light coming into the Triangle and streaming through the Turquoise Blue, the Copper Gold, the Root Beer Amber, being aware that the rutilated Smokey Quartz with Golden Veins, is already streaming through and reaching to your bodies.


Now become aware of the Pomegranate Seed, Maroon Red color with Shimmers of Platinum and Silver pouring in, being magnified while balancing the Life Force, enhancing the Life Force that moves through you and dissolving the blocks that stand in the way of the movement and flow of the Life Force.  The elevation of your body in being able to do more in each day, to find shortcuts in accomplishing more in each day, to learn while you are in sleep and dreamtime and to bring the learning back with you even at subconscious and conscious levels to use it as tools during your wakeful hours.


Finally see the range of the Ray and the colors of Hope from the Cosmic Guardian of Hope and the Divine Mother Aspect pour in, in the Red, Orange, Yellow, Peach, Pink all mixed into the Turquoise Blue, the Root Beer Amber, the Copper Gold and stand to magnify the Energy of Balancing Light & Dark, the Energy of Balancing Abundance & Health, the Energy of Balancing the Life Force filling everything with Hope.


The 12 Cosmic Guardians on the outer circle hold their Scepters of Power, and the Divine Mother Aspects who are seated beneath them hold their hands out.  And they each send their Light, Power & Protection in Cobalt Blue, Prosperity in Pearlescent Fuchsia, Life Force in New Leaf Green, Joy & Gratitude in Warm Yellow, 5th Dimensional Abundance & Health in Baby Green & Baby Blue, Balancing the Polarities of Male & Female in Lilac, Vibrant Pink Life Force of Mother of Universe, Empowerment with Pearlescent Gray with a drop of Purple, Energies of Goddess Victory in both the range of Pink with Gold & Platinum, Frosted Blue with Platinum, Energies of Karuna, Cinnamon colored Light of Kindness, Sweetness, Loving, Nurturing, Energies of Divine Plan in Warm Orange, the Energies of Earthly Abundance in Reddish Brown, the color of maple leaves, the color of some oak leaves. 


All the 12 are holding their Scepters above the heads of the Divine Mother Aspects of the same Quality while the Divine Mother Aspects step down those Energies and send it through their Bodies and their outstretched arms. Their palms are sending Shafts of those Energies into the Square where the 4 Cosmic Guardians are magnifying it, and then pouring into the Triangle where Great Silent Watcher, Mother of Cosmos and Divine Mother further magnify it to be absorbed into your body and your being.


Repeat this exercise daily for a month. Set the intention that every one of these Beings will be with you every day as you rise and ask them to walk with you during the day and to help you serve and balance your Divine Mission and your worldly affairs; and call them again every night as you lay down to go into dreamtime and those Higher Realms where you learn greater lessons and serve greater purpose in.  Do this for a full month and see how things transpire. See the difference for yourself.  Make a note, keep a journal. Take individual issues to each of them as it is appropriate and when it comes to the surface, and see how they get resolved; see how long it takes for them to get resolved, see how different it is when they are engaged in your day to day life.  When they are able to help you balance your mundane life with your sublime mission and when it becomes seamless. 


That’s the object of this exercise, to help you have more tools so you don’t leave any money on the table, so you are in any given moment attending to both your practical life and your commitments at the mundane level and your sublime life and your commitments to your soul.


I hold you in my own heart and I praise and raise your soul to higher elevations. I ask your personality aspects to give me permission to work with you individually to raise your vibration.  So It is.  I’m your very own Divine Mother







© FAGU 2015