January 2015

January 2015 Newsletter


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Dear Friends,

Welcome to 2015. It is with great joy that we welcome each other and all of you to continue to walk on the path with our beloved Divine Mother and all deities as we serve our Divine Mission together.

In this month’s Newsletter, to start the new Gregorian year, we have a Guided Mediation given by Divine Mother which will be Part I, or first installment, of What to expect from the year 2015, and how to utilize this year for the highest benefit for decades to come, – a gift from our very own Divine Mother to set us on a higher path and guide us along the way – through her grace and love.

As is our practice, there will be no live Portal Channeling on 1/1/2015. However, to start the year, we have a message from Divine Mother in the form of an Audio recording and transcript of the Channeling. You may find it by clicking on this link – 150101portal

From all of us at Waves of Bliss and Path to Enlightenment Mystery School we wish you all a great Year of 2015 and the highest Joy and Celebration for all we have achieved together and all that we shall achieve through this year and beyond.

In Divine Mother’s love and blessings,

Jim Foster and Nasrin Safai

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What to expect from 2015- Part I

Ways to best utilize this year for the highest benefits in decades ahead

Excerpts from Divine Mother’s message on 12/12/2014 Gateway Portal Channeling


My Beloved Children of Light I Am your very own Divine Mother.

While celebrating entry into the New Year, the heavenly portals are open and the Energies of the Divine Feminine are being anchored all the way into 19th of January to accelerate the New Year and to start this year from a higher plateau.

I am pleased to say that in the course of 2014 we have done great things together, to put us ahead of the schedule.  So we are starting this Spiritual New Year and the Gregorian New Year from a place of high altitude, a high plateau. I’m very happy about that, and so are other members of the Divine Feminine Council, so I hope you too feel good about that.

The second thing I want to tell you is about what to expect from 2015. Let’s look at the Energy of the New Year and add up the numbers: 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 8. Eight (8) is the universal number for Victory and Abundance.  This is a Victory Year, a year for reaping an abundant harvest and planning long term plans – a year to plan for things to manifest during the year itself, and furthermore, in the course of the next 10, 20, even 30 years to come.

Now, let’s take the last number which signifies the Deity closely involved with the coming year. Five (5) is the number of Mother of Universe. 2014 was a 4 year with Great Silent Watcher as its deity and holding her Scepter of Power, Protection, Fearlessness and Empowerment over our heads and clearing our path, we managed to do more than expected through this past year and go above and beyond what we had planned. The good news is that Great Silent Watcher will continue this year to help Goddess Victory, as we move into a Victory Year. There is also good news in the fact that the Mother of Universe will be with us through this year with her Divine Love Energy; that Vibrant Pink Light. She will create an umbrella to embrace Earth and humankind and support Sanat Kumara, our Planetary Logos, to achieve his goals on behalf of Earth and humankind.

Therefore, throughout the year 2015, remember to call upon Mother of Universe, specifically for Healing and to enhance relationships. This includes relationships of all kinds from romantic to business and social relationships and even in nation to nation and in worldly affairs. You can call upon Mother of Universe and ask her to pour her Compassionate Light of Vibrant Pink and the added Fuchsia touch to enhance the Energies of Sanat Kumara, to honor the Energies of Sanat Kumara, and to invoke the presence of Sanat Kumara whose consciousness is overlighting this entire planet and the consciousness of all souls. 

Meantime, at all times remember to call Goddess Victory and Great Silent Watcher. As we embark upon a decade long journey remember to invite Goddess Victory and Great Silent Watcher to be with us. During this year of 2015 as we move into the Energies of Healing with Mother of Universe and Victory with Goddess Victory we bring the Blessing, the Protection, the Empowerment and the Fearlessness that our Beloved Great Silent Watcher has offered us. Invoke Great Silent Watcher as the biggest, the tallest, the most powerful, the most resourceful, the most impressive and significant of all Great Beings. She is the biggest tool we have in our toolbox. And specifically for the year 2015 and further, also invoke Goddess Victory with her Energies of Victory.

2015 is going to be an amazing year! A year of getting things done; a year of changing the old patterns; a year of moving away from old ways and old things and finding new ways, finding short cuts, finding simpler ways, finding ways to simplify and enjoy your lives.  Sometimes inadvertently you end up complicating your lives. There’s no need for complexity.  Complexity is the product of busy minds, the product of static energy. Keep asking for ways to enhance life by simplifying it, keep asking for complexities to be removed and released.  Things that are simple, things that are straightforward, things that happen smoothly and fall into place with the ease and grace of the flow of Shakti, the flow of Life Force; those are the things that bring peace of mind and joy.

So let’s start with a new slogan: instead of using the analogy of “live to fight another day”, let’s make our slogan, “live to love another day!” With Mother of Universe as our patroness, we move into the Energies of Divine Love, through her Vibrant Pink Light.  Let’s call this year a year of loving and embracing life. With the Energies of Goddess Victory backing us up, let’s embrace this life and ask for Victory.  Let’s call this a year of being Victorious.  With the Great Silent Watcher empowering and protecting you and instilling Fearlessness within your hearts and minds, let’s make this year a year where you enjoy the pleasures of life that come simply, easily, smoothly, lovingly, gently and give you an opportunity to completely embrace them and be embraced by them.  That’s my prayer and my offering and my request and petition of the Deities who are present.

The 12 Cosmic Guardians and Aspects of Divine Mother who bring Qualities of:

  • 1 – Pearlescent Fuchsia Light of Prosperity,
  • 2 – Light Green Light of Life and Nurturance,
  • 3 – Abundance and Health from higher dimensions, specifically 5th Dimensional Energies of Abundance and Health,
  • 4 – Warm Yellow of Joy and Gratitude,
  • 5 – Lilac Light of Balance of the Masculine and Feminine Polarities,
  • 6 – Vibrant Pink Light of Divine Love
  • 7 – Pearlescent Gray with a touch of Purple Light of Empowerment,
  • 8 – Light of Victory with the Frosted Blue and Platinum as well as the Energies of Pink and Gold with Platinum of Victory.
  • 9 – Cinnamon Light of Karuna, – the Sweet Energies that make life lovable and enjoyable and kind and sweet, that’s a cinnamon colored Light with an aroma of cinnamon. 
  • 10 – Warm Orange Light, the Energies of Divine Plan,
  • 11 – Dark Red mixed with some Green, it’s the color of a red oak, red maple tree leaf, the Energies of Earthly Abundance,
  • 12 Cobalt Blue Light of Power and Protection.

The Turquoise Blue of Great Silent Watcher, the Copper Gold of Divine Mother and the Amber Light of Mother of Cosmos are also present, as you stand by the Sacred Fire with Divine Mother.

Imagine now that Goddess Victory and Mother of Universe stand in the East West position around us facing one another; and then Great Silent Watcher and Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan stand to face each other in North south position.  All Four are holding their Scepters high up with the points touching. The Light emanating from their Scepters creates a dome. Goddess Victory gives her Frosted Blue and Platinum Light, Mother of Universe gives her Vibrant Pink with Fuchsia. Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan gives her Warm Orange Light and our Beloved Great Silent Watcher gives her Turquoise Blue Light.  Streams of these 4 Lights are pouring down to make a huge dome around everyone in this Grid of Light.

Inside of that dome, you and Divine Mother stand, with the 12 Aspects of Divine Mother and the 12 Cosmic Guardians and with other members of the Council.  Lord Shiva, Goddess Shakti are invited to sit upon their Thrones on either side of my own seat. Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti are weaving the Filaments of Golden Primordial Light and streams of this most ancient Light is pouring into the Dome. 

I now petition Lord Shiva, Goddess Shakti, the Council of the Divine Feminine and all the Deities and members of the Divine Feminine Council for a specific gift for each of you.  I ask you to join me.  This is an official celebration, this is an official ceremony.  Envision yourself by my side. We are both kneeling.  Our left knees are touching the ground and blessing the ground with the Feminine Energies that move through the left side of your body and it doesn’t matter whether you’re male or female – Everybody runs the Feminine Energies through their left side and they run Masculine Energies through their right side – and again it doesn’t matter whether you’re in a male body or a female body.  You run the Masculine Energy through your right side, you run the Feminine Energy on your left side.  So the left knee touching the ground, the right knee is holding your body upright and that knee is pointing to heavens.  So the Masculine Energy is deferring to the heavens above.

Imagine that you are holding your Scepter of Power above your head with both hands and Divine Mother is holding her Scepter with both hands above her head. As we are kneeling, left knee touching the ground, right knee bent pointing to the heavens above, our Scepters above our heads; say with me,


“I invoke Lord Shiva, Goddess Shakti and the Deities of the Divine Feminine Council. I request all karma and karmic entanglements with people places and things to be removed and released from this moment on.  This includes aches and pains, degenerative diseases, benign diseases, disabilities and inabilities, whether they’re recognized or unrecognized, anything that may run in the family from generations before or generations ahead; including  fear in the Physical Body, in the Etheric Body, Emotional Body, Mental Body, Spiritual Body and the Light Body. Also to include all emotions that may be trapped in the 5 Body System and Light Body; the mental blockages and mental instabilities, stagnancies in the Physical Body, the 5 Body System and the Light Body carried over from previous generations.  It includes 7 generations past and will enhance the lives of 7 generations ahead of each of you- even if some of you may not have generations of descendants.” 

For example if you don’t have children of your own it doesn’t matter, the children of your siblings, the children of your loved ones, the step children, the children of those that you touch, the children that you cross paths with, we ask to be included.  Every one of you have been a child at some point, it doesn’t matter if the child comes from your own vessel or if it comes from the vessel of another.  Everyone has been a child at some point and everyone deserves not to carry the burden of karma.

For your benefit I am going to explain what it is I am asking these Deities to do so you’re clear.  You know there are those things that run in a family.  for example dyslexia, knee problems migraine headaches, back pain, some mental, emotional issues, also fears and phobias that may be running in the family or may be running from one lifetime to the next- such as fear of heights, confined places, fear of water, fear of dark – being in a dark place, fear of being outside alone. These are the kind of things I’m asking them to remove.  So when I say, karma and karmic entanglements with people places and things this is what I am referring to.

 I’m asking for clearing of root cause or all issues and ailments for 7 generations going past and 7 generations going ahead of you, whether it’s in the genome, in the DNA structure, or adopted, adapted, from environmental, habitual, or brought from another lifetime that has been etched into your psyche. Whatever the cause or the reason may be, I’m asking these Deities to go into the energy of it and release it on your behalf. 

I am asking them to help you to be relieved from things that cause blockages, old patterns, distraction, pain, struggle; stuff that you feel helpless about, stuff that you feel fearful about.  I am asking this for you and everyone in your family all the way to 7 generations past and into the future.

Now we will turn to face Great Silent Watcher and ask Great Silent Watcher to appoint a Silent Watcher specifically for you to supervise Angelic Watchers who will come with Elementals.  It will be the job of the Elementals to go into your Physical Body, your 5 Body System, your Light Body and even go into the Akashic Records.  It would be the job of the Angelic Watchers, supervised by the Silent Watcher, who will go into the Akashic Records, find the root cause of those events and issues, find the reason why that was chosen for you – by you – as a lesson and void that lesson, delete that lesson and same thing with a debt.  They Go into the Akashic records and find out when that karma and karmic debt was created and take over that karma and take care of that debt. This means if you owed something to someone, whatever the nature of it, whatever the degree of it, whatever the extent of it, whatever the substance of it, whatever lessons there are; that Deity – which in this case is Great Silent Watcher – and all these members of the Feminine Council, they would take it over and pay it on your behalf.

Now you may say, what about the lessons I am supposed to learn from it.  So, the answer is, we request that you learn all the lessons, but rather than learning in pain and in struggle, you learn the lesson by your consciousness being raised so you understand it and learn it naturally.

I will give you an example.  Imagine when you were a child, you were an unruly child, imagine that – I am giving an example – that at the age of 14 or 15 you sneaked out of your bedroom and you got into the car and you drove your parents car and you had an accident , now you have a karmic debt to your parents.  The way you would learn that lesson would be that someday you would have your own child who would do something similar to that and the roles would be reversed.  Now you’re the parent and this is what your child would do and that would be the heartache.  Now is it necessary for you to go through that heartache?  Is it also necessary for you to be in a position to see the pain that your child goes through to help you learn that lesson?  If the Deity, in this case Great Silent Watcher and all these Beings, would forgive, would help your parents, whether they’re living or passed on, to get to that place of nullifying, deleting, voiding that lesson, that pain which they suffered and now you have to suffer it because you put them through it and help your child learn the lesson of – “why would I want to do this, why would I like to sneak out and do this?  Whatever it is I will go talk to my parents and I say this is what I want to do, and we’ll sort it out.”  Wouldn’t it be a better world if that karmic lesson didn’t have to be paid by your child going through the struggle?

Now imagine if these Deities replaced that lesson that your child would learn by raising your consciousness as well as the consciousness of your child. Imagine redirecting the root causes into something productive instead of something destructive.  These are the kinds of karma and karmic entanglements I am asking to be released.

Whether it’s physical pain, an emotional or mental pain, a fear or phobia, or whatever the nature, I’m asking these Deities to help you clear it even to the extent of those issues you don’t even know you have.  Sometimes people do things they don’t know why they do it.  They don’t even think that there is a better way of doing it.  Ah, we’ve done this all our lives why should I change it? Why should I do it differently?  It has worked so far in our family, everybody does it in our family, in our community, and this is our culture. 

Well if an old pattern no longer serves you, or something that complicates your life, if there’s a better way, an easier way, an enhanced way, a more enjoyable way, then why, why should you do it the old way?, Even those things that you are not aware you’re doing which complicates your lives, which depletes your Life Force, which takes too much time and energy out of you.  I ask these Deities on your behalf and I am asking you to invite them to do it for you. They heal whatever the ailment is, whether the ailment is within your Body or outside your Body.  Even when the ailment is something like a piece of land that you’ve been planting stuff on and it doesn’t grow, a house, you’ve been trying to sell, an apartment you want to get rid of and move into a house; a job you’re not happy with – whatever the karma is with that land, house or job, it can be released. You can even bring these types of things and let these Beings help you.

This is not something we’re going to do once and forget about it.  This is something we’re setting in motion.   In 3 months’ time or in 3 years’ time something might come to the surface and you might look at it and say, huh, I didn’t notice this but my family has been doing this for as long as I know and I don’t think it’s necessary for me to do it anymore.  Right now you have the layers of maturity where everything that is in your life and is complicating your life and needs to be removed is obvious to you.  The moment these layers are removed, new layers will come to the surface and that would be the time for you to do this exercise and ask for those newly surfacing things to be released.  So this is not a cure- all that you do one time.  You are given the opportunity to take advantage of releasing all karma and karmic entanglements.  Things that are mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually distracting, delaying, causing pain, making complications, standing in your way and replacing them with things that enhance your lives, allow you to have more joy, allow your body to expand, allow your mind, emotions, soul and spirit to connect and to take you to higher places.

Guided Meditation and visualization to release Karma and karmic entanglements- each time you want something released, envision the Silent Watcher who is appointed to you by Great Silent Watcher. This tall and humongous Being steps down the Energies of Great Silent Watcher and connects to your past, your present and your future.  This Being has access to the Akashic Records.  This Being will supervise a bunch of Angelic Watchers to come with a bigger bunch of Elemental Beings, such as Fairies and Devas in the form of Spheres of Light.  This Silent Watcher will go into the Akashic Records, find the root cause, void those root causes and then send the Angelic Watchers and the Elementals to go and fix it within your body, within your 5 Body System, within your Light Body. 

Imagine a big Being towering over you, illuminated in Turquoise Blue Light.  That’s the Silent Watcher, then see many, many Bubbles of Turquoise Blue Light creating a huge Bubble around you at all times. Those are the Angelic Watchers; and then imagine many Bubbles of Rainbow Light made of many small spheres of Elemental Devas of Healing move into your body and Being. They are filling your Physical Body Sheath, your Etheric Body Sheath, your Emotional Body Sheath, your Mental Body Sheath, your Spiritual Body Sheath, your Light Body Sheath, with Rainbow Light of healing and release the old patterns and all Karma. These little Rainbow colored Bubbles that carry the Elemental Light of healing, release issues from within and without, from your DNA structure, and from your path.

Once again I remind you to see yourself  every morning as you awaken and every evening as you go to sleep: being completely overlighted by these Rainbow Bubbles who are all over your Body, your 5 Body System, Light Body which is encased by a huge Bubble of Turquoise Blue Light made of small Bubbles that are the Energy Essence of Angelic Watchers, and towering over you is your very own Silent Watcher, emanating streams of Turquoise Blue Light; she is an Aspect of Great Silent Watcher and her job is to watch you and keep going to the Akashic Records and find the root cause past, present and future. The whole timeline is available to the Silent Watcher. 

This is how you address every issue.  Every time you think of something, do this exercise. This gift is in place for you; take advantage of it.  Every day remind yourself that it is in place, and if you don’t have a specific thing that you would want to be released then say,

Mother whatever you think would benefit that I would release today, you take care of it. Mother I offer every day and every night to you and I ask you to relieve me of all karma and karmic entanglements and old patterns, pain and struggle.  Replace them with love, with compassion, with selfless service, with accomplishing my Divine Mission.”

I hold you in my own heart and I pray that every day of your life you do above and beyond, as you have done in the year 2014 and as you shall do with the help of all these Beings whom I am grateful to have as your help.

I Am your very own Divine Mother.  So It Is.


Summary and Recap of the Meditation Exercise

See yourself  standing at the center of a Grid of Light with the 12 Cosmic Guardians, 12 corresponding Aspects of Divine Mother and all members of Divine Feminine Council Present.

  • 4 Beings create a huge dome by touching their scepters of Power to each other: that is Great Silent Watcher and Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan standing in the North South position. Goddess Victory, and Mother of Universe in the East west position, creating a huge dome with their Scepters. 
  • Under that huge dome are all the Cosmic Guardians and all the Deities we have invited and Lord Shiva Goddess Shakti. 
  • You’re kneeling with Divine Mother. 
  • You’re inside a huge Bubble of Turquoise Blue Light, that Light is being emanated from your very own Silent Watcher. 
  • Inside of the Bubble of Turquoise Blue Light your Physical Body, your 5 Body System and your Light Body are filled with Rainbow colored Spheres, Beings that carry their own Energy Essence.  They are Elementals; we call them the Elemental Devas of Healing.  They are inside of these Spheres of Rainbow colored Light.  They emanate the Spheres of Rainbow colored Light into your Physical Body, 5 Body System and Light Body.  Through that emanation they heal you.

Envision yourself surrounded by these energies every morning and every night and whenever you wish to release some issue.