February 2015


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Dear Friends,

Happy Shivaratri!

Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti are the deities who carry the primordial Light from its source.  They have the power to fill our lives with its life giving properties when we ask for their help and guidance. During the entire month of Feb and especially around the 11 days leading to Shivaratri which falls on Feb 17th this year, the Grace giving power and Life giving force of Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti is magnified exponentially. Therefore it is extremely beneficial to go before them and ask for their help during this month. Offering them flowers, chanting mantras, performing the guided meditations from PTE Mystery School (especially the Shivaratri Courses offered in the past years) are ways to get their attention and attract their beneficent Grace.  Be creative and make up your own way of offering your love to them and getting their attention.

Divine Mother wishes that we offer the Healing & Manifestation PH 8 course as an online home study course available for registration right now. Phase 8 of this course is a healing ceremony offered to Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti and a celebration of Shivaratri. The course is available to all of you right away- Please see bellow under Healing & Manifestation Series PH 8 and Shivaratri 2015 Celebration. Please join us to perform the guided meditational exercises through the entire month.

Although this is Phase 8 of the series, you will not need to have taken the 7 parts that go before it to benefit from this one. Divine Mother wishes for all to be able to participate without limitation of having participated in the previous parts.

In this month’s Newsletter, we have Part 2 of the guided meditation by Divine Mother from last month. This month Divine Mother brings Mother of Universe, Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan, Goddess Victory, Great Silent Watcher and your very own Silent Watcher to assist you in releasing additional layers of karma and karmic entanglements while magnifying your intentions for the coming year, the coming decade and beyond.

In Divine Mother’s love and blessings,

Jim Foster and Nasrin Safai


Portal Days: 2/1/15, 2/2/15, 2/5/15, 2/10/15, 2/15/15, 2/20/15, & 2/22/15.  New Moon is on 1/18. The Full Moon is on 1/3.


The next FREE Gateway Portal Channeling is on 2/2/2015


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LIVE in February

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PTE MS: Healing & Manifestation Series, PH 8 and Shivatratri 2015 Celebration

There is NO Live session for this course. You will receive an audio recording of the meditation.

Tuition for this 1 Lesson course is $125.00.

Divine Mother spoke of the importance of working in this month with energies of release of karma and karmic entanglements. This period of time from the third trimester of January into February, there has been an 11 day fire ceremony to celebrate Lord Rudram who is the graceful compassionate aspect of Lord Shiva, and we’re culminating those Energies to then enter into the Energies of Shivaratri.  This is why we are now combining phase 8 of Healing Manifestation course with Shivaratri 2015.  For this reason I have requested that the course be made available to all of you right from the beginning of the month to give you a chance to exercise daily if possible. In this course you have the chance to set intentions to the Sacred Altar and for what you wish this Earth to become over the next year, next decade and beyond. To register, click here.



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What to expect from 2015- Part II

Meditation with Divine Mother, Mother of Universe, the Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan,

Goddess Victory, Great Silent Watcher and your very own Silent Watcher

Adapted from January 1st, 2015 Gateway Portal Channeling


My Beloved Children of Light I’m your very own Divine Mother.

Enjoy this month of February and the energies of Shivaratri.  Listen to the mantras and allow yourself to Meditate and experience calm and peace.

In the December 2014 newsletter, I offered you the Chant for the108 names of Goddess Lakshmi. Please listen to the beautiful names attributed to Divine Mother as Goddess Lakshmi, and let those sacred syllables resonate inside your body, inside every room of your house, car, office.

Now take a deep breath and imagine that you’re standing in the center of a circle held in Divine Mother’s arms and immersed in Divine Mother’s love.  My Copper Gold Light is showering upon you and pouring my love and nurturance upon you. The Light is like a blanket or a cotton candy cloud that is engulfing you, embracing you. Feel that you’re completely absorbed into the bosom of Divine Mother, looking at the world through Divine Mother’s Heart Chakra.

Together we face the position of north where Great Silent Watcher is standing towering above everyone, holding her Scepter above our heads, tilted, pointed in the center; in the position of south.  Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan is standing with her Scepter of Power tilted, held above our heads, touching the point of Great Silent Watcher’s Scepter of Power. She is pouring her beautiful Warm Orange Light from the Scepter and her body. Over your right shoulder, Mother of Universe is standing in the position of east holding her Scepter of Power and sending her Vibrant Pink Light, touching the Scepter of Great Silent Watcher and Cosmic Guardian, adding her loving, nurturing Divine Love Energies to this grid. Over your left shoulder, our Beloved Goddess Victory is standing tall with her Torch of Victory and her Scepter of Power. Her Scepter is touching the points of the Scepters of Great Silent Watcher, Mother of Universe and Cosmic Guardian. From her Torch she pours her Pink Platinum & Gold colors of Victory to create a dome around us.

Inside of the dome you’re still with Divine Mother. Become aware of a Silent Watcher- who was given to you by Great Silent Watcher  in last month’s meditation to become the keeper of the records and the remover of karma and karmic entanglements from your path, from your Body, your 5 Body System, your Light Body. That Silent Watcher is now standing with you and I in the center of the circle. Her job throughout this year and into the following years will continue to guide you to do great things and removing all karma and karmic entanglements from the Akashic Records and replacing them with the Higher Light of Divine Love, Divine Service, Victory, Fearlessness, Empowerment, Protection and Divine Plan. This Silent Watcher will help you choose plans and projects, events and circumstances that will help to elevate you, to a higher plateau to make better choices.  She will be there to help disburse the Energies of Goddess Victory.

2015 is an 8 year, a year for abundance, and victory. If you turn the number 8 to tis side it becomes the infinity symbol.  The number 8 carries the symbol of infinity within it.  There’s infinite love, infinite abundance, infinite money, infinite financial resources, infinite good relationships held within the bosom of Goddess Victory and within the energies of a year whose numbers add up to number 8.

Infinite love, infinite nurturance, infinite divinity is also held within the bosom of Mother of Universe who specifically deals with the number 5, the actual number for the year. This is a 5 year 2015.  That last number is the actual gist of what the year is about.

I ask you to turn clockwise and face Mother of Universe.  Become aware that throughout this year she will be closely connected to you and she will pour her Energies of Divine Love & Nurturance upon you. Offer her gratitude for her presence and invite her into your life, into the lives of your loved ones, into the lives of everyone you cross paths with; invite her into the lives of Earth and all earthlings, all souls from the Plant Kingdom, from the Mineral Kingdom, from the Animal Kingdom, from the Human Kingdom and all the great Deities and great Beings from the Spiritual Kingdoms.

Feel yourself being absorbed into her Vibrant Pink Energy and bathe in her Light, sit in her bosom for minutes and hours and say whatever you like to her.  Spend as much time with her and bring all members of family, friends, significant others, introduce your loved ones, including your pets, crystals, plants, and ask for her love, her nurturance, her protection. You may pause here and take as much time as you want.

Once again feel yourself in Divine Mother’s bosom standing with your Beloved Silent Watcher who shall be your companion throughout the year and beyond. We turn clockwise again and face south at the beautiful towering figure of Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan.  This Being is in charge of making sure she picks the best of events and circumstances for you throughout the year, and she has offered to be present, and she’s pouring from her Scepter of Power the Energies of Divine Plan, what she chooses on your behalf.

Again it would be good to acquaint yourselves with her and to bring your loved ones, all your loved ones from all Kingdoms, your pets, plants, crystals, your significant others, your family members, your friends, people, places and things. Ask for her blessing, and sit in her bosom and feel the shower of Warm Orange Light everywhere. Talk about all your plans, short and long-term. The seeds of everything you would want in the next 10, 20, 30 years are held in her bosom.  Ask her every time you do this meditation and when you remember something new that you want to add; feel yourself in the bosom of Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan.   Spend as much time as you wish in her presence, in the Warm Orange Light that carries her Signature Energy and her love and her protection. Pause for a moment and absorb the energies.

Once again feel your Energy move to the center in the bosom of Divine Mother, standing with your Silent Watcher who will be your constant companion throughout the year, as we turn to face the direction of west and Goddess Victory. Become aware that from her torch she’s pouring the loving, smooth, Victorious Light or flames, flames that do not burn but bring you Victory and from her Scepter she’s sending you her Golden Pink & Platinum Light of Victory, and remember that this entire year, the decade, the century, and the millennium all carry the Signature Energy of Victory.  During the next 365 days it is combined with the Energies of the other Beings that are here.  For the next decades and the ones beyond she will continue to work in the company of whoever else will join in, and her Energies will become more conducive to your success. The more you work with her, the more powerful it becomes for you.

Feel yourself in the Vibrant Pink Platinum & Gold Light that carries the Energies of Victory. Sit in her bosom and bring your loved ones, including your loved ones of the mineral Kingdom, the plant Kingdom, animal Kingdom, human Kingdom and even your Beloved Deities, your Teachers, your Guides, the Angels, the Devas, Elementals.  Everyone needs the Energies of Victory.  Bring the Earth and her 5 Body System & Light Body. The Earth needs it.  The Earth needs to become abundant and bathe in the Energies of Victory, in the Flames of Victory, in great success and abundance; infinite, limitless abundance for everyone, eerie particle of life, in all layers and Dimensions.

Envision this Pink with Gold & Platinum Light that is the Signature Energy of Goddess Victory and those flames that are pouring out of her Torch take over everything everywhere and be magnified and enhanced by all the other Beings; be magnified and enhanced by Victory’s Torch; by Victory’s Light, by Victory’s Scepter, by the Qualities of Victory, by the presence of Victory.

This Being occupies the office of Victory. The Energies and the Qualities of Victory hold an office, and various Beings take that office at different intervals.  The cycle may span millions of years.  This particular Being has a fond love for Earth and earthlings.  It’s a long story and someday I wish to be able to tell you that story of how she came to feel so good about Earth and the sister planet Venus and the Solar System and how she helped to replicate a lot of what was good in Venus here on Earth.  This is a project that she has been involved for many hundreds of thousands of years and many of you have been working in her service to make this Earth,  Venus and this Solar System a better place by applying her designs, ideas and concepts and planting seeds for harvest by generations yet to come.  So this is a familiar Being.  This is a loving Being you have known for a very long time.  On and off she has been absent but we are graced with her presence now and it is very welcome.

This is a good time to renew your offer  if you so wish to do: “ I offer myself in the process of awakening the dormant Aspects of Victory who are now on Earth in all forms, in all Kingdoms and I ask the abundant Energies of Victory to bless my life.  I ask for teachers who are Victorious.  I ask for a life that helps me be Victorious.  I ask for success in all my endeavors throughout this year and beyond.  I ask Goddess Victory to be present and involved in all my plans and projects, short term and long term.

You may add whatever you wish in your own words and about any member of your own family, generations past, present and future. Spend as much time as you wish.

Once again feel yourself pulling back into the center in Divine Mother’s bosom standing with your Silent Watcher. We turn back to the position of north to give all of our attention to our very Beloved Great Silent Watcher who’s pouring Turquoise Blue Light with a touch of Cobalt Blue from her Scepter of Power, enhancing this dome that is formed around you, making it impenetrable to anything that is of lower vibration; anything that is dark, anything that has obstacles, anything that carries lack; and it raises your vibration to unlimited joy, unlimited peace to Protection, to Fearlessness, to Empowerment.  Those are the Energies that Great Silent Watcher brings to you.

This Turquoise Blue Light that pours out from her Scepter of Power is the root cause and the life giving force that brings everything to life.  Of her, you can ask everything and anything. She has a hand in everything that is in creation including everything that happens to you and your loved ones. Feel yourself pulled into her bosom, and tell her everything you wish.  Stay in the Energies for as long as you wish.

Repeat this exercise daily for a month or for as many days as you can. Place yourself in Great Silent Watcher’s bosom, whenever you find yourself in a place where the Energies are getting heavy, and life gets hard. Meanwhile please remind yourself that all these Beings are standing with you: Mother of Universe, the Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan, Goddess Victory, as well as Divine Mother and your very own Silent Watcher who is also stepping down the Energies of Great Silent Watcher to make them easier for you to absorb and apply to your day to day life.

I wish each and every one of you the best year yet, and I am deeply grateful for all that we do together.

I Am your very own Divine Mother.  So It Is.

© FAGU 2015