December 2015


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Dear Friends,

Happy holidays to all of you and thank you for your service to the Light and support of our PTE Mystery School, Indigos Awaken and Waves of Bliss sites.

This month we have a great meditation for you. Divine Mother adds six new Cosmic Guardians  to take us into the New Year. We wish you the best holidays and a very happy New Year of 2016.

Blessings and Divine Mother  Love from all of us at PTE MS and Wavesofbliss.

Live Gateway Portal Channeling

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For December

PTE MS: From Lemuria & Atlantis to Present Day, PH 5

There is NO Live session for this course. Please register for the course and Listen at your leisure. The course material is available.

In Phase 5, Divine Mother gives us the chance to petition in support of the Cosmic Council of the Divine Feminine. In light of world events, we can make our intentions known and use the force of our Free Will to push back against the forces which have brought tragedy to different areas of the world. Please bring your Light and your Free Will in support of peace, compassion and tolerance.

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PTE MS: Sanat Kumara Installed in 108 Throne

There is NO Live session for this course. Please register for the course and Listen at your leisure. The course material is available.

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We have had great results with this healing grid and wonderful feedback so far.  You may join us if you have not tried this healing offer or renew your monthly registration in our healing grid. Once you register, you will be kept inside the Grid for the entire month of November and daily healing prayers will be sent to you throughout the day with reinforcements at 6:00 and 9:00 AM, 3:00 and 6:00 PM. 

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Navaratri 2015

Navaratri is the most powerful time of the year for working with Divine Mother and to receive Physical, as well as Mental and Emotional, Healing is here.  Navaratri is the time when Divine Mother goes on a battle on behalf of all of us, her children and ousts the forces of darkness. On the tenth day she wins and vanquishes all darkness and wins by spreading her Light. This month during the 10 days of Navaratri we will perform a Ceremony with Sacred Fires and pray for all of you. You will have a chance to participate personally. We have a great surprise where you can all participate in these daily ceremonies and offer your intentions to the sacred Fire starting on the 10th with our Free Portal Channeling Session which will be at 3 pm on Saturday October 10thTo participate, click here to go to the Gifts store.

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Divine Mother’s Brings More Cosmic Guardians to Assist Earth and Humankind

Adapted from 11/11/2015 Gateway Portal channeling


Grounding Meditation with Uluru- Visualize yourself on top of the beautiful Red rock formation in Central Australia. Imagine that you glide down into the rock and absorb its nurturing healing light.

Send roots to the crust and core of the Earth and pull the Amber Light from the core to move up to your Earth Crust chakra, to your feet, then body, up your head into Antahkarana Cord, then into heavens above and the Pool of Creation.

Imagine that a tree trunk forms around your and holds you inside of it. Its bark had an emerald green color for abundance. Then see the Plum Ray of rejuvenation over that. The two merge and create a Greenish red mix to bring you earthly abundance.

Imagine you pull the Cosmic Amber life force mixed with Gold from Great Silent watcher down from the pool back into the tree trunk shooting down to the core of earth, mixing with Earth core’s Amber and shooting up back to the Pool. This will be done three times.

Imagine you move back to the Pool and bathe in the light in the pool. Then you get out of the pool and receive your ceremonial robes from the angels and go before Divine Mother at her Throne in the 122nd Dimension of Reality.

Absorbed into Divine Mother’s Copper Gold Light, imagine yourself kneeling before Divine Mother. She places her hands on your forehead sending Copper gold into your Third Eye and your Crown.

Then Goddess of Compassion comes forward and gives you her Pearlescent Peachy cream Light of Compassion.

Then Great Silent watcher wraps you in her Turquoise Blue Light in the form of a twirling tornado that spins around your body from your feet all the way to above your head.

Pause and breathe deeply as we join Divine Mother for the next phase of this meditation.

We move from the Throne of Divine Mother in the 122nd Dimension of Reality in the company of members of the group and the Deities down to the 5D Octave inside Divine Mother’s own Merkaba Field- her energy field.  We move through the Tunnel of Light that connects the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimensional Octave and stand before the gateway of Divine Mother’s own 5D Octave retreat.  The color of Lights changes from Purple to Magenta, to Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Magenta and Purple.  This is a recalibration of our Energies to raise us to the point where we can visit Divine Mother’s retreat in the 5th Dimensional Octave.  This sequence of colors allows you to raise your vibration and become ready to receive the 5th Dimensional Energies that are prevalent inside Divine Mother’s own Temple in the 5th Dimensional Realm.

Whenever you feel out of sorts you can envision yourself standing right before this gateway and absorb the Lights go from Purple to Magenta, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange,  Red, then Magenta again, and Purple.  On either side of the Purple there’s Magenta.   When you’re going in and when you’re coming out of that circle of Light, remember that.

The gateway opens and you enter to stand before the Sacred Fire making sacred offerings. Divine Mother is seated upon her Throne. Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti sit upon their own seats on either side of Divine Mother. Deities and members of the Divine Feminine Council are present; There are Beings that you may not have seen or experienced before, as well as Angels, Archangels, Watchers, Silent Watchers, all of whom are standing in obeisance to Divine Mother and Great Silent Watcher.

Stand before the Sacred Fire and make your offerings, and ask for all the transitional steps for the raising of vibration of Earth, and the Earth changes that are happening around us to happen according to Divine Plan and Divine Mother’s chosen path.  We are all together serving Divine Mother so she can serve the multitude and masses, and in return we gain merits for serving her and for raising the vibration on behalf of multitudes and masses.  Angels bring trays with sacred offerings for the Sacred Fire. Take a moment to make your offerings.

Divine Mother begins

My Beloved Children of Light I’m your very own Divine Mother.

I ask you to pause for as long as wish to offer your prayers and your sacred offerings to the Altar.  Then walk with me inside the double doorways to the inner chamber.  See that the 12 Cosmic Guardians are positioned in the circle.  From the position of 12:00 is:

  • Cosmic Guardian of Power & Protection in Cobalt Blue
  • Pearlescent Fuchsia Pink of Prosperity
  • Life & Nurturance in Baby Leaf Green
  • Abundance & Prosperity Health & Abundance from the 5D Octave in Blue Baby Green
  • Warm Yellow of Joy & Gratitude
  • Lilac Light in Balancing Male & Female Polarity
  • position of 6 is the Vibrant Pink of Mother of Universe,
  • Pearlescent Gray of Empowerment,
  • Frosted Blue & Platinum of Goddess Victory
  • Cinnamon colored Light of Karuna, Kindness,
  • Warm Orange Light of Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan
  • Reddish Green of Earthly Abundance.

That makes the 12 Cosmic Guardians around the circle.

We now walk to the velvet seat in the center of this room.   Sit on it and imagine around you the triangle with:

  • Great Silent Watcher standing in front of you to the left
  • Mother of Cosmos standing in front of you to the right
  • Your very own Divine Mother standing behind you.

The entire triangle turns as you begin to move to go from the position of 12 around the clock, from Being to Being receiving their blessings.  So take a moment and take a spin around the clock and feel the Energies of each of these Beings.  Meantime next to the triangle- of Great Silent Watcher, Mother of Cosmos, Divine Mother – become aware that there is a square shape where the 4 Cosmic Guardians for Balance reside:

  • Balancing Light & Darkness in a Smokey Quartz colored Light
  • Balancing Health & Abundance in an Emerald Green Light
  • Balancing Life Force in a Pomegranate Seed colored Red Light
  • Hope as the 4th point with Tongues of Yellow, Orange, Pink and Red.

These 4 points of the square and the deities are positioned around of the triangle.

We place a 6 Pointed Star between the Grid of 4 and the Grid of 12 in the circle.  Now I will tell you that the 6 Pointed Star is made of two triangles.  One triangle is pointing north and I will start with it because you know the Beings who stand in this triangle:


  • In the point of north there’s a Being who carries the Cobalt Blue with twirls of Teal Green and she’s the Cosmic Guardian of Strength & Power.
  • In 2nd point is Goddess of Compassion, with her Pearlescent Peachy Cream Light.
  • In the 3rd point is Goddess of Spring & Renewal with her Triple Streams of Ultraviolet to Violet, Infrared to Red, Red to Violet.

That’s the triangle pointing north.

Now I introduce you to 3 Cosmic Guardians who stand at a triangle pointing south.

  • At the south point there is Cosmic Guardian of Stability

Her Light is the color of the Skin of Eggplants, a very Dark Purple Light, dense but vibrant colored Light.  Her task is to stabilize the Energy around you.  She is the higher Aspect of the Transmutational Power of Violet Flame, Violet Ray.  If you make that Violet Light deeper and darker you would get this Eggplant Skin colored Light.  She is one out of three Cosmic Guardians who will together carry the three streams of what is known as Violet Flame, Violet Ray.  Stability is the equivalent of Transmutation.  Instead of focusing on transmuting, her focus is to stabilize the 5 Elements within your bodies, stabilize the 5 Elements for Earth and for all creatures, so you all feel comfortable in all the bodies.  Minerals, plants, animals, mammals, birds, humans, all feeling comfortable in the bodies they all possess and releasing struggle, pain, scars, memories of trauma.  That’s why she carries the name and the quality for stability.  She stabilizes the Energy within you and around you.  She stabilizes the Energy within the 5 Elements. 


When you call upon her, you are in essence offering yourselves in service; because as you call upon her she stabilizes the Energy within you and around you.  That means she’ll work with the 5 Elements.  She’ll clear the Waters.   She’ll clear the pollution from Earth, from Air, from Fire and she will strengthen the Energy of Ether.

Focus on this Cosmic Guardian and imagine that your seat has been turned to face her because this is the first time you have the experience of her.  Let her send beams of Eggplant Skin colored Light to your entire body, your 5 Body System Light Body, absorb it through all your Chakras, your organs, your cells, your bloodstream into your muscular and skeletal structure.  Pause for a moment……

The other two points of this triangle, in front of you to the left, if this Cosmic Guardian was to be placed behind you in the south in front to far left is the Cosmic Guardian whose Energy is vibrating a Silver Foiled background with twirls of Teal Blue Green and Eggplant colored Light, and she carries the stream of

  • Divine Organization

Now Divine Organization doesn’t mean clutter being removed from your bookshelf.  It means divinely organizing and orchestrating life and the flow of Shakti, the flow of synchronistic events, the flow of the Divine Creative Force.  It means changing situations on your behalf so that instead of you going through dead ends you would go on highways and find the fastest way to your goal, Cosmic Guardian of Divine Organization.

By her side stands Christ Maitreya.   Christ Maitreya is incarnate in Physical Body to restore Divine Organization.   It is his job and his choice to come back to Earth and restore Divine Organization, which is the restoration of the flow of the Creative Force to unfold in your lives in ways that are best for you.  It means being able to get everything done the way you want it to get done- and better- in the course of each day and not having to struggle to get it done.  That’s the substance and the principle behind Divine Organization.  When Divine Organization goes awry and the ego takes its place, then havoc and mayhem ensues. The idea is to restore the type of order and organization that allows you to always choose the best case scenario.  The path that unfolds before you leads you to the best case scenario, not to dead ends, not to delays and distractions.

Face this Being, let her pour her Silver Platinum colored Light with Teal Blue Green twirls, that also have streams of Eggplant colored Light, and take a moment.  Take as long as you need.

Please repeat these exercises through the month.  End of the year becomes heavier and heavier.  Using this grid and seeing yourselves blessed by all these Cosmic Guardians especially the six new ones is beneficial for you. It also helps with raising the vibration of Earth.

Turning to the third point of the triangle you face northeast and you see a Cosmic Guardian whose Energy is emanating a Magenta colored Light and she is:

  • Cosmic Guardian of Divine Order

Now Divine Order again isn’t to be punctual and orderly and do things in prim and proper ways.  Divine Order is for things to take their course in ways that have order.  A simple example of it is, it’s always good if the best job offer, the next job offer that is better than the present one, manifests before you have to give up the present job.  So you are hopeful, you are looking forward to it, you are provided for financially, and you feel safe moving on from the old to the new.  That’s Divine Order.

Divine Order is like the story of making sure you have your high school diploma before you go to college, because if you start taking college courses when you’re not ready for them, when you don’t have the maturity for them, when you don’t have the understanding, you may end up dropping off.  So that’s one way of looking at it.

Another is the analogy of finding the better job before you have to give up the old one; finding the car that is safer and better and newer and having the money to buy it before you have to sell your old car so the transition happens easier; that’s Divine Order.

Even though in these cases I apply mundane level everyday situations it still is Divine Order.  Divine Order means you gain the maturity, you gain the strength, you gain the power, and power necessitates financial strength and power, as well as the willpower.

At times you may feel that you have the willpower to manifest something in your life but need the financial backup.  So in essence that takes away from your physical strength and your mental, emotional power. Then you wonder what you’re doing wrong. That requires this Magenta Light of Divine Order.  When you have Divine Order in your lives not only your spiritual experiences become heightened but also your day to day life becomes more enjoyable.  Because when you have the strength to physically accomplish something, the power, to mentally, emotionally pull it through, the finances, the resources, the qualifying situations to bring it together then you have Divine Order in your lives.

Make this Cosmic Guardian your very best friend.  Go to her whenever you feel that you need to put some order in place, that you need to get things done a certain way, that you need to find the balance, the sequence, the steps, even if you don’t know what the steps are.  Yet go to her and ask her to bring you the clarity you need to find that order.  The power you need to pull the Divine Order to your lives so your mundane level existence follows the Divine Order that is a part and parcel of both sides, both ends of the spectrum, the spiritual as well as the mundane.

See every Chakra of your body absorbing the Magenta Light.  See Sanat Kumara standing beside this Cosmic Guardian.  This Cosmic Guardian has come to support Sanat Kumara to be more involved in the mundane, practical, worldly events.  Sanat Kumara is here to spread his consciousness once again, and to raise the vibration of Earth, and to awaken the unawakened souls, and to move the rest of you who are already awakened further along the path of awakening and enlightenment, awakening mastery and finally enlightenment.

Sanat Kumara and Cosmic Guardian of Divine Order with Magenta Light are pouring their Energies to you.  Once again you may pause for as long as you wish.

So if you were now sitting and facing north, I’m going to give you the order of this 6 Pointed Star even though it is two triangles fully merged into each other.  The triangles are equilateral and when you look at them they really are a 6 Pointed Star.

  • The point in the north is the Cobalt Blue with Teal Blue Green of Physical Strength & Divine Power. If you mix the Physical Strength that is in your body, in your will, in your mind and emotions with the Divine Power it’s a good combination.  That’s a point in north.  Cobalt Blue with Teal.
  • Northeast is Divine Order with Magenta colored Light and Sanat Kumara standing right there with her.
  • Southeast is Goddess of Compassion with Pearlescent Peachy Cream and that adds the Energy of Compassion, allows you to be more patient, allows you to be more gentle with yourselves and when you’re more gentle, patient and compassionate with yourselves you then are able to be that way towards everyone else
  • Now the fourth point going around the clock falls into due south and that’s Goddess of Stability with Eggplant colored Light, the skin of the eggplant, a well ripened dark colored, dark plum, stabilizing the 5 Elements, stabilizing your mind, body, emotions, soul and spirit and making you feel safe.
  • Southwest is Goddess of Spring & Renewal and she makes everything better. She puts Life Force into everything, old and new with her Triple Streams of Light, Ultraviolet to Violet, Infrared to Red, Red to Violet, Spring & Renewal
  • Northwest is Goddess of Divine Organization, the Silver Foiled Platinum colored Light in the background and in the foreground little tongues of Teal Blue twirling with Eggplant Skin color Plum. Teal and Eggplant Purple or Plum on the foreground spinning little twirls, and when you look all you see is Shimmering Silver Platinum Light and then these tongues that bring the spinning, swirling Teal mixed with streams of Eggplant Skin colored Light.

That’s your six pointed star grid.

The 6 Pointed Star Grid is now positioned in the inner chamber of Divine Mother.  It is positioned between the 4 and the Circle of 12.  So you seated in your velvet seat, you’re encased inside of a triangle with Great Silent Watcher, Mother of Cosmos and Divine Mother.  Then you have the 4 Cosmic Guardians who are for Balancing, then you have the 6 Cosmic Guardians in the 6 Pointed Star for Stability, Strength& Power, Order, Organization, Compassion, Spring & Renewal.  Then you have the 12.  The oldest of them are the members of the 12, they came first.  They all didn’t come together if you recall, they came in bits but they are now here.  So if you add them all up you have 12, plus 6, plus 4, that’s 22, plus 3.  So you have 25 Cosmic Guardians, all of them extremely powerful watching over you.

Every day, place yourself inside this entire grid.  All you need to do is to make a diagram for yourself.  It’s a triangle, then it’s a square, then it’s a 6 Pointed Star, then it’s a Circle with 12 and right down their names and just look at it and say, I’m seated on that velvet seat in the center, every one of the 25 is pouring their Light, their Blessing, their Love and Nurturance on me, I can do anything.”

I hold you in my own heart and I wish you the best year yet and the most wonderful transmutational release so that you can all step up on the path to greater growth, greater attainments, and greater Joy.  I’m your very own Divine Mother and I walk this path with you.  So It Is.