August 2015

August 2015 Newsletter



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Dear Friends,

It is with great joy that we move to the month of August and a new series of courses entitled:

From Lemuria and Atlantis to present day- Building a Future of Peace and Love, with momentum gained from lost civilizations.

The two Civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis have been subjects of great fascination and awe for many of us and now Divine Mother is giving us all an opportunity to revisit these two timelines in great detail. We will search these civilizations and sift through the events for ways to re imagine and recreate a future of peace and harmony for our own world, stretching from the present into the future and affecting  the consciousness of many  future generations. Please read about the new series below.

Our meditation this month is a short and simple but extremely powerful one: Divine Mother’s Meditation to Awaken and activate the Third Eye and Crown Chakras-Part I: Receiving Copper Gold Light of Divine Mother.

Our 8/8/2015 Gateway Portal Channeling is already available for your listening or reading pleasure. Please perform the meditations on any day you wish this month as well as on Friday August 8th when the portals are open and the energies are more magnified.

In Divine Mother’s love and blessings,

Jim Foster and Nasrin Safai


Portal Days: 8/1/15, 8/8/15, 8/10/15, 8/18/15, 8/28/15 & 8/31/15.  There will be a Blue Moon on 7/31. The Full Moon is on 8/29 and the New Moon is on 8/14.



The 8/8 FREE Gateway Portal Channeling Session is posted on the

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For August


PTE MS: New Series: From Lemuria and Atlantis to Present Day – Building a Future of Peace and Love, with momentum gained from past civilizations.

There is NO Live session for this course. Please register for the course and Listen at your leisure. The course material will be posted and available for use by August 16th.

Tuition for this 1 Lesson course is $125.00.

To register, click here.

Series Synopsis: Lemuria and Atlantis mark two amazing civilizations in the history of Earth. In both of these civilizations humankind succeeded in raising its own consciousness to great heights.  This enabled humankind to function 5th Dimensionally while living in our 3D bodies and acting in the 3rd Dimension.  In the 5th Dimension, Light is much more prevalent and it operates in such a way that pain and misery, struggle and hardship are nonexistent. Living a life of peace and harmony is the norm and manifesting our highest aspirations and love-felt desires are daily occurrences.

In Lemuria we achieved this feat using the power of our collective minds in conjunction with the Light inherent within Gigantic Selenite Crystal Pillars. The outcome allowed humankind to make an en-mass migration from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension.

In Atlantis we achieved the feat by using the power of our collective minds in conjunction with the potent Light emanating from gigantic Clear Quartz Crystal Clusters known as Generator Crystals. We created Invisible Domes or Bubbles of 5th Dimensional Light over our towns and cities and a Super Dome above the entire Continent of Atlantis. The super Dome allowed us to maintain 5th Dimensional properties of Light while within it and living in our 3rd Dimensional bodies and operated within the 3rd Dimension.

What remains of Atlantis is the name of its Capital City of Atlanta. The present day city of Atlanta, the capital of the state of Georgia, is a reminder of the glorious days gone by. The gateways of the Capital City of Atlanta stretched from the present day New York City covering many of the present day land mass of many states, moving down to the edges of present day Greensboro, NC. The land mass which was above the water then was, by far, greater than it is today. Many attribute the buzz and bustling success of all that is present day NYC to the momentum gained from the bygone days of the continent of Atlantis and its capital city and the energy imprinted upon that land and the waters surrounding it, which continue to vibrate and spin to the greatness of the Atlantian era.

Divine Mother tells us that we are now approaching a merging in the timelines from Lemuria and Atlantis to the Present. Divine Mother believes that we can benefit from the merging of the timelines, if we could  pull the stream of those two realities and pin them to the present. This could allow us to change our future for a much better outcome. With Divine Mother and our beloved Divine Feminine Deities we can use the lessons learned from both Lemurian and Atlantian times. Divine Mother would like to give us the overview of the successes and failures to recreate a strategy to regain momentum for rebuilding and renewing a different version of a 5th Dimensional Reality once again.

This new time-line may then spread from this present time into the future, changing the course of our lives and the lives of all future generations – benefitting all earth and humankind. This Reality would have the potential to stretch out covering many thousands and perhaps hundreds of thousands of years from the present into the future. In this new series of courses, Divine Mother will guide us to  revisit the two civilizations and to sift through the events to find similar ways, and even better ways, to re-establish peace and harmony on earth and live a 5th Dimensional life. She will help us anchor the energies in a way that is more appropriate and beneficial for the present time and this juncture at earth’s history. In that way we can create a new way to operate 5th Dimensionally while in the 3rd Dimension and attain even greater success than the Lemurian and Atlantian civilizations did.

Divine Mother has indicated that part of the mission of the so called “Indigo Children of Light” is to find such an Alternate Reality and anchor it within the present timelines. It falls upon us, those who are awakened and walking the path to Enlightenment, to help these Indigos and to hold space for them to succeed with the mass awakening of humankind to this opportunity. It is our great good fortune to be in a position to build a container capable of holding this new Reality. Divine Mother wishes to begin the prep work for this feat immediately. She has indicated that the portal for the merging of the timelines opens on the Star Gate Portal Day of 11/11/2015. 1+1+1+1+2+0+1+5=12=3. Number 3 is Divine Mother’s own signature number and the number for the creative force to become active. The opening of the portals for the two time lines of Lemuria and Atlantis to pour down their positive energies upon Earth has been set by the Cosmic Councils for 11/11/2015.


PTE MS: New Series: From Lemuria through Atlantis to Present Day PH 1 

We will begin this series of courses commencing in August of 2015, to pep for the actual opening of the Portal on 11/11.

Phase 1 will be a broad brush overview of the two civilizations and a quick review of the successes and failures contained in them. Next Divine Mother will give us an overview of what will benefit the present needs of earth in order for the 5th Dimensional Energies to become  prevalent on earth once again. Divine Mother will state what we can do to assist in bringing this opportunity home and to pin it to our present timelines. Then Divine Mother will prepare us for a more in depth journey to each of those civilizations and to sift through the events to choose the tools and the power objects which we had, to revisit ourselves in past lifetimes, where we may have been involved in the making of Lemuria and Atlantis. Join us in service to Divine Mother to anchor this new series and rediscover the past history of earth. You may find some surprises along the way and in the process revisit aspects of your own soul and your own past incarnations. To register, click here.



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Divine Mother’s Meditation to Awaken and activate the Third Eye and Crown Chakras-Part I: Receiving Copper Gold Light of Divine Mother.


Adapted from 7-7-2015 Gateway Portal channeling


Grounding Meditation-Take a deep breath and we will begin.  Feel your feet flat against Uluru, Ayers Rock in Australia this sacred site.  Feel yourself grounded to Uluru; connect with the Energies of this rock and this place.  Be aware that everyone on this call is also standing there with you, feel their presence and feel the Energy of this group entity forming to magnify the benefit of everything that happens in this session.  We together form this group entity and this group energy to receive and transmit and magnify the Energies.  As you’re feeling yourself relax and become grounded to Uluru, let yourself slide into this great red rock.  The red clay color of the rock surrounds you as you slide into it.  It fills your Physical Body, your 5 Body System and Light Body as well as your 8th Chakra just above your head, and also your Earth Crust Chakra which is just below your feet.

As you feel this loving nurturing Energy clearing and cleansing you, imagine Divine Mother’s Energy wrapping around you, Victory, Great Silent Watcher’s Energy wrapping around you as you activate your Hara Line, the line that goes from the bottoms of your feet to the Core Crystal of Mother Earth.   As it becomes activated, send roots down from your feet and your tailbone, down around the Hara Line all the way to the Core Crystal of the Earth and let them wrap around the Core Crystal, and Divine Mother, Victory, and Great Silent Watcher send their roots down around yours.

Imagine that there’s a tree trunk forming around you which also sends its roots down holding you even tighter to the Core Crystal, grounding you to Mother Earth.   This tree trunk extends around you and up through the heavens to the Pool of Creation where the tree trunk then expands into branches and leaves, this tree that is connecting you from the Earth Core Crystal all the way to the Pool of Creation.  See that the outer layer of this tree trunk is Emerald Green.  Feel the Emerald Green Light bathing you in the Energies of Abundance and Healing.

Now focus on the Earth Core Crystal and see the Amber colored Life Force Energy of the Earth Core Crystal, and pull it up through your roots, all the way up to the bottoms of your feet.  Feel this Energy engulf your Earth Crust Chakra, then your feet, moving up your legs, torso, spreading out into your 5 Body System and Light Body, filling the Chakras of the body as it moves all the way up your body and being to your Crown, pouring out of your Crown into your Antahkarana Cord which is the Pillar of Light that extends from your Crown Chakra at the top of your head all the way up to the Pool of Creation.   See that Amber colored Light within your Antahkarana Cord and also held within the tree trunk move all the way up to the Pool of Creation, pour into the Pool of Creation bringing the Energies of Mother Earth all the way to the heavens.

Now we call on the Cosmic Mother of the Cosmos to pour her Amber colored Light into the Pool of Creation and down through the tree trunk, down to your Crown Chakra, and see this also Amber colored Life Force Energy, which is Comic Life Force Energy, even more energized and vibrant as it pours into your Crown Chakra, into your body and being, your 5 Body System Light Body.  It invigorates the Energies coming from Mother Earth as it pours through your body, as the Energies of Mother Earth are still pouring up through the Hara Line, your body, out your Antahkarana Cord to the Pool of Creation and the Cosmic Energies are pouring down and out through the bottoms of your feet to the Core Crystal.  You’ve been the catalyst to bring the Energies of Mother Earth up to the heavens and the Cosmic Energies of the heavens by virtue of Mother of the Cosmos all the way down to Mother Earth.  Take a deep breath and feel these Energies pouring in both directions, powerful Energies of Cosmic Mother of the Cosmos.

Now from the Core of the Earth the mixture of both the Energies of Mother Earth and the Cosmic Energies move all the way up.  As they reach us through the bottoms of the feet into our body and being we move with them all the way up through the tree trunk to the Pool of Creation.  See yourself in the Pool of Creation surrounded by these Energies, energized by the Pool of Creation.

See along the deck the two Angelic Beings that are there for you with their trays.  We stand up onto the deck; one tray has our ceremonial robes and cape, the other our Scepter of Power.  We put them on, we hold our Scepter of Power and express our love and gratitude to these two Angelic Beings who have come to service this day.

We see Mother in the distance and we move towards Divine Mother.   As we get close, she stands, spreads her cape with her arms, Copper Gold Light of Divine Mother, and we move to Mother and she wraps herself around us holding us in her bosom, filling our body and being with the Copper Gold Light of our own Beloved Divine Mother, who is very happy to see us, very happy to be here this day with each one of you, and we’re exceedingly happy to be here.

Divine Mother begins

My Beloved Children of Light, I welcome you to this auspicious moment and I ask you to receive a gift I have for you on this day; and to perform the exercise I am about to give you from the moment that you receive it until Fall Equinox, and perhaps into end of September.  And if you happen to listen to this message at a time when it is more than three months between where you are till Fall Equinox then do it for a three month phase.

So I ask you to now envision you’re standing before Divine Mother.  Envision that you now kneel.  Envision that you stand and then kneel before Divine Mother and you lower your head.  And Divine Mother will stand over you as I place the palm of both my left and right hands on your forehead in such a way that my two palms cover your entire forehead from temple to temple and my fingers rest on top of your head.  In this way my palms are sending Energy to your forehead, very specifically to your Third Eye.  I am sending Copper Gold Light into your Third Eye.  This Copper Gold Light is being absorbed from the palms of Divine Mother’s hands by the surface of your skin, and it enters through your entire forehead, and it moves through your Third Eye.  It clears everything on its path and it releases karma and karmic entanglements from past, present and future.  My fingers are touching the top of your head and clearing your Crown Chakra. 

Crown Chakra is the highest Chakra; it sits on top of your head.  The memories of your connection to your Higher Self, your ability to remain and sustain that connection is held inside of the Lotus which sits on top of your Crown.  This Lotus is usually in the form of a small bud.  As I keep giving you Energy, imagine that the small bud begins to blossom and bloom to a full blown Lotus.  Imagine a water lily and it has a thousand petals, and Divine Mother’s Copper Gold Light gold- leafs both sides of every one of those beautiful petals.

As you are receiving the Copper Gold Light of Divine Mother through your temples, through your forehead into your Third Eye, your pineal and pituitary gland, your thalamus and hyper thalamus, the entire brain region from the frontal lobes to the back lobes, all the way wrapping itself energetically and covering all the way to the back of the neck, back of your head, the entire brain region and all the areas that it covers, and all the glands that are covered.  The loving nurturing Energy of Divine Mother will sustain you and raise your vibration, allow you to become sharper, allow you to become connected to Divine Mother’s own Light and Signature Energy, give you greater sustenance, Life Force, Love and Nurturance. 

This Copper Gold Light also gives you protection; Divine Mother’s own protection that is moving from the palms of my hands and the fingers into the top of your head, into your entire head cavity, and when your entire head cavity has reached its full capacity it will then spread into the rest of your body, moving down your body, moving into your cell structure, your blood stream, your muscular and skeletal structure, inside the bones, into the bone marrow, inside your cells, inside the DNA/RNA of every cell of your body, and then it will penetrate from your Physical Body and your Physical Body Sheath to your Etheric Body, your aura, to your Emotional Body, to your Mental Body, to your Spiritual Body and ultimately into and through your Light Body, Copper Gold permeating.

On the outside of your Light Body see a cocoon of Turquoise Blue Light, the gift from Great Silent Watcher.  Thick cloud like cocoon, like cotton candy of Turquoise Blue Light cocooning your Light Body and all your 5 Body System, your Energy Bodies and your Physical Body.  This Cocoon of Turquoise Blue Light will provide another layer of protection, raise your vibration, make you impenetrable to lower vibrations and give you the power to stand as the embodiment of your own Higher Self, gaining momentum in everyday life and mundane success day after day, gaining greater Light and sublime success day after day, moment by moment. 

On your behalf I ask Great Silent Watcher to erect a spinning tornado like cocoon around this sphere of your Light Body that constantly spins around the sphere raising your vibration, making you invincible, making you powerful, making you fearless, making you happy, joyful, successful and nurtured.

RECAP-I’m keeping it simple because I want to make sure you start every day with this as you put your protection on and you end every day with this, and in the course of the day you repeat this, very simple.  Once in a while remind yourself that you are sitting with your head in Divine Mother’s hands, Copper Gold pouring, filling your head, moving into the rest of your body, moving into the layers of your 5 Body System, moving into your Light Body, then the cocoon of Great Silent Watcher creates a cotton candy cocoon of Turquoise Blue around your Light Body, and then a huge tornado Light spinning, spiraling cocoon around that.  That is a gift of Great Silent Watcher to make you even more powerful.  Start the day in this way, remind yourselves in the course of the day, end the day in this way.  It’s one of the fastest ways for you to clean up your body.

Whenever you feel you have picked up some energy that doesn’t belong to you, something that’s making you energetically sick, something that’s making you lethargic, some aches or pains that don’t belong to you, some lower vibration, some feeling of anger, anger or depression or sadness and all of it is in the air and you pick it from the air, from people, places and things.  Whenever you feel you might have picked something of lower vibe or whenever you forget to put this protection around, begin when you do remember and spin the tornado around this Sphere of Turquoise Blue. Inside it, see Mother with the Copper Gold and in an instant it will all clear and cleanse anything that doesn’t serve you.

I hold you in my own heart.  I wish you the happiest portal day, happiest month and the happiest three months.  After the three months you can still do this whenever you need it.  It is my hope that if you repeat it for a three month period and remember it that it will come to you naturally and that it will be part of your Beingness at all times.  I hold each and every one of you in my own heart with great love.  I am your very own Divine Mother.  So It Is.

© FAGU 2015