April 2015

April 2015 Newsletter



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Dear Friends, Happy Easter!

We move into and through the full moon of Manifestation during the Easter Celebrations this month. This had been an extremely powerful first quarter of the year 2015. In our guided meditation, Divine mother reiterates this fact and presents us with new gifts in the form of new tools which she requests from four of our beloved deities on our behalf.

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Our healing manifestation course this month, Phase 10, is a home study course, so there is no LIVE component. See the link below to register.

This month’s Newsletter meditation is Divine Mother’s Guided Meditation to Reinforce Goddess Victory’s Javelin with Great Silent Watcher, Mother of Universe and Cosmic guardian of Divine Plan. Please enjoy communing with these Beings through this meditation and serving Divine Mother, Earth and Humankind as you do.

In Divine Mother’s love and blessings,

Jim Foster and Nasrin Safai


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Guided Meditation with

Divine Mother to work with Goddess Victory’s Javelin of Victory


Adapted from 3-3-2015 Gateway Portal channeling


My Beloved Children of Light I’m your very own Divine Mother.

The first quarter of this year of 2015 has completed with great intensity from a very high plateau. We are at the point where we continue boring a tunnel from the Third Dimension into the Fifth Dimension and yet it feels as though our tools are getting rusty. In this meditation I am going to call on Goddess Victory and Great Silent Watcher to add force and power to their tools using Goddess Victory’s Javelin and Great Silent Watcher’s Turquoise Blue Light of Empowerment.

I ask you to join me to petition Goddess Victory and Great Silent Watcher, as well as the Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan and Mother of Universe.  We petition these four Beings and the Council of the Divine Feminine as well, and request that the members of the Council look into smoothing out the path and help with boring the tunnel into this higher level of Energies an easier task.

These obstacles are not placed there to make anything any more difficult.  In fact it’s not a question of obstacles; it’s the presence of higher Energies and the expansion that you all need. You will feel that expansion as we gain momentum. However the dross from the past, the pain, struggle, fears from this lifetime and other lifetimes must come to the surface to be cleared and be pulled out of your 5 Body System- Light Body to give you the energy, the purity and clarity which you need to move to these higher Energies and to operate from the higher platform.

If this year has been fraught with physical health issues or with mental emotional issues for yourselves or your loved ones, it’s only because we’re moving to a much higher plateau and we’re starting to etch our own Light and our Signature Energy into the year. To fully anchor the Energies and to gain momentum for fully etching the highest of Light and the best of all possibilities we perform this ceremony and petition the help of these great beings for a smoother ride through the remainder of this year and the years ahead.

Imagine yourself together with Divine Mother kneeling, as we hold our Scepters and petition Goddess Victory to add power and force to her Javelin.  We ask Great Silent Watcher to help in this process.  We also ask our Beloved Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan to bring in her tools/skills and to clear the path for the highest of Divine Plans to be made available to everyone. We ask Mother of Universe who is the patroness of this year, together with Goddess Victory, backed by Great Silent Watcher and Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan.

Notice now that Great Silent Watcher is boring into her Scepter and creating a tool.  It becomes a Rod of Turquoise Blue Light that will sit over Goddess Victory’s Javelin. It is superimposed on top to give it Power, Protection and Fearlessness. At the same time Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan is pouring shafts of Light in the Warm Orange color right over that Javelin which is now carrying both Goddess Victory and Great Silent Watcher’s Energies.  She’s creating a rod that is the Rod of Divine Plan and it looks just like the Javelin of Goddess Victory. Like a sharpened pencil, except it’s much bigger, or like a gigantic version of those selenite wands that many of you possess.  It is emitting Warm Orange Light, and she will place it right over Goddess Victory’s Javelin. Imagine that you let this one merge into the other two, adding the highest Alternate Realties and the best events and circumstances for each of you to accomplish all your soul wishes for you to accomplish; also all that pleases you and appeases your personality aspects in keeping with the mission of your soul.  Now breathe and bathe as you see those three Energies merge together and add power to the original javelin of Goddess Victory. Pause and breathe for a moment to fully receive the energies.

Now bring your attention to our Beloved Mother of Universe who will do something similar, create another gigantic pencil like Javelin made of Vibrant Pink Light. It is the same shape and size as Goddess Victory’s Javelin and will be superimposed over the other three to make four united pieces come together, Goddess Victory’s Champagne color mixed with Gold and Platinum Javelin of Light, Great Silent Watcher’s Turquoise Blue, Cosmic Guardian’s Warm Orange, and Mother of Universe’s Vibrant Pink.

Now envision that Goddess Victory as the representative of all four comes to stand before you pointing this new Javelin that carries all four Energies above your head and pouring a mixture of the four Lights. The Light begins to fill your Physical Body and its Sheath, moving into your Etheric Body, filling your Etheric Body: energizing it and moving into your Emotional Body: filling your Emotional Body, energizing it and moving into your Mental Body: filling your Mental Body energizing it and moving into your Spiritual Body; and filling your Spiritual Body and entering into your Light Body; and finally being sealed by the Sheath of your Light Body. Pause and bathe in the power and light of the energies you are receiving.

I ask you to envision all four Beings taking their positions around you with Great Silent Watcher in the north, Mother of Universe in the east, Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan in the south, Goddess Victory in the west and you in my own bosom in the very center.  You and I will begin to spin clockwise in place.  I ask you to notice that every one of the Beings in the four directions will also begin to spin in their places starting slowly and gently; everyone spinning clockwise. Pause and visualize this image in your mind’s eyes.

The spin becomes faster and faster until they expand, so that the edges of each of their Energies touches the other and creates a huge Sphere around you and sends shafts of Light from their Energy Bodies, their 5 Body System-Light Body to you and I, who are spinning slowly and gently in the center.  I ask you not to make your spin too fast because otherwise you might experience nausea.  The idea isn’t for you to feel uncomfortable but to be accelerated.  Accelerated in absorbing what each of these Beings offers you.  Also accelerated in releasing all that you need to release in order to absorb the higher quotient of Light, to continue to bore the tunnel and anchor the Energies for the rest of this year and into the future.  Your 5 Body System and your Light Body needs to be ready to vibrate to the higher Energies.  At the same time, your beingness needs to be lightened up from pains and struggles and whatever has been etched within your 5 Body System- Light Body that stands in the way of you accomplishing the highest and the best.

In practical terms this gift will help to allow you to carry a higher vibrational frequency that will dissolve all that no longer serves you and will extend from your 5 Body System Light Body in every direction to release the kinks and to make the process of boring the tunnel of Light to live a higher dimensional life easier and the process smoother. 

I remind you that 2015 is the beginning of a ten year cycle, which is itself a beginning of a multi decade cycle of renewal and new accomplishments.  Therefore, starting at a higher plateau and boring a tunnel that will allow you to etch your Signature Energy and extend it into the future is of utmost importance.  It also gains you huge merits and it paves the path for your own future to be easier yet more comprehensive from all angels and points of view. While you may be taking the same steps as before, with each step you gain more grounds than ever.  You may be thinking the same thoughts but with each thought you influence the minds and thoughts of others and you anchor greater ideas.  You may be feeling similar feelings, but with each emotion that you experience you may be helping other people’s emotions to be cleared and pains be released.  In essence you would carry this new level of Light within your Personal Body Grid and anchor all that you are and all that you gain through your Personal Body Grid into the Planetary Body Grid.  That is the significance of this gift I have requested from the four Beings. 

I am grateful to Goddess Victory for coming forth with her Javelin.  Those of you who have been working with it already feel and see the impact of it.  Focus on her work and what she’s accomplishing.   And now she will continue carrying four separate Energies on behalf of all of the four Beings and the potency and its impact has increased.  You are now carrying the gift that Goddess Victory, Great Silent Watcher, Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan and Mother of Universe have bestowed upon you.  It allows you to do more in your own lives and to do more in the lives of others, some of whom may never know you or know that you are responsible for the strides they make.

When these Energies are posted upon the Planetary Body Grid, anyone who can download from the Grid will do so automatically and whatever they gain in merits will bring you extra merits because they’ve done it as a result of the work you have been able to accomplish as a result of you anchoring the Energies on behalf of these four Beings.  I won’t belabor the explanation, but I ask you to work with the Javelin, work with these Energies. 

As you discover new things, journal it and email us.  When you discover new ways that you can use these tools, share it with others.  When you watch Goddess Victory throw her Javelin in different parts of the world and then find out that an earthquake came but there are no casualties or that a hurricane was in the region but it didn’t do as much damage as it could have, it would then give you an idea of the vast potencies of these tools.

I leave you to discover all the scope and the potencies and I ask you to remember, the more you use these tools the more potent they become and the greater the possibility of anchoring their Energies and reaching out to more people becomes.  It doesn’t take much to reach critical mass, at which point everyone will have access to these tools and you will gain the merits for spreading that knowledge and making these tools accessible to all beings across the globe and raising the vibration of Earth and the consciousness of all souls.

I ask you to stay in this grid and if you choose to merge with each of these four Beings and to feel the Energy of these tools they are offering you.  Take your time and lay down after we close this circle and spend a few minutes with each of the Beings and allow them to work on you individually.

I ask you to repeat this exercise especially on the full moons and new moons in the upcoming months.  The first quarter and the third quarter are also good times for renewal.  That means four times a month you would bring these tools and shine them up; give them a chance to become polished, to become used.

I stand with great joy and gratitude for all that you do.

I hold you in my own heart. I Am your very own Divine Mother and I bid you love.

So it is



© FAGU 2015