May 2014

May 2014 Newsletter



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Dear Friends,

Happy May and Happy Mother’s Day to all!

We have a wonderful meditation by Divine Mother for you this month. This meditation helps to guide us to accelerate in serving our highest purpose in this life and to help our loved ones to do the same. Please join us for the Free monthly Gateway Portal channeling session on Monday May 5th for the 5/5/14.

Our HTS-Comprehensive series, Ph.8 will be on Sunday, May 18th.

May we all prosper and conquer together and make our world a better place for our loved ones and for the generations yet to come,

Blessings and Love from all of us to all of you,

We wish you the best as always,

Jim and Nasrin


Portal Days: 5/1/14, 5/5/14, 5/10/14, 5/11/14, 5/15/14, 5/18/14, 5/20/14, 5/21/14, 5/25/14 & 5/30/14. New Moon is on 5/28. The Full Moon is on 5/14.


The next FREE Gateway Portal Channeling is 5/5/14


Join us for our LIVE Gateway Portal Channeling on Monday, 5/5 at 7:30 PM ET. No registration is required. Please call 1-213-342-3000, use access code 199512#.

NOTE: You can benefit from participating even after each event! The audio of Gateway Portal Channelings will be posted within hours of each event. Click here for audios and transcriptions of past Gateway Portal events.


LIVE in May


PTE MS: HTS – Comprehensive Healing PH 8, Age 27 to 50.

This Live session of Comprehensive Healing will be on Sunday, May 18 at 3:00 PM ET.

Tuition for this 1 Lesson course is $125.00.

In this month’s session, Divine Mother works with our Personality Aspects throughout adulthood. Through her guidance, we enhance the stability and maturity of ourselves through the primary and most productive years of our lives.To read more and to register, click here.

If you have missed the previous sessions in this series, please start with Session 1 and begin the healing. You may advance to the next session after a week or when you feel you are ready, and catch up to the group quickly. To begin the series, click here.

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Guided Meditation with Cosmic Aspects of Divine Mother for

Power and Protection, Life and Nurturance, Joy and Happiness


Please perform the Grounding Meditation

Visualize yourself standing on Uluru,

  • Feel your heart beat in rhythm with Uluru, which is also in rhythm with the heartbeat of Mother Earth.
  • Now slowly let yourself dissolve into Uluru.
  • See the Warm Red Color of Uluru around you as you’re sliding down and simultaneously send from the bottoms of your feet and from your tailbone, roots that extend and wrap themselves around Mother Earth holding you fast and tight to the Core of Mother Earth.
  • Then visualize that a tree trunk forms around you, and this tree trunk has roots at its end which wrap themselves around your roots and around the Core of Earth, as well holding you even tighter to the Core of Mother Earth.
  • This tree trunk extends all the way up around you and above you, all the way up through the Thrones to the Pool of Creation where it spreads out into branches and leaves of the tree in the Pool of Creation.
  • See that the outside layer of the tree trunk is an Emerald Green color, the color of abundance.
  • Breathe in that Emerald Green into your lungs as it extends all the way up to the Pool of Creation, and all the way down to the Core Crystal of Earth.
  • Visualize Amber Colored Light beginning to move up like sap through this tree trunk all the way up through the roots.  This is the Amber Colored Life Force Energy of Mother Earth that is moving up, filling the tree trunk, reaching to the bottoms of your feet and your tailbone, filling each Chakra of your body in turn as it clears and cleanses your body, your Five Body System, your Energy Bodies as well as your Chakra System, filling you and moving, continuing up, all the way up to the Pool of Creation, emptying the Life Force Energy of Mother Earth into the Pool of Creation.
  • See that the Cosmic Life Force Energy that is also Amber Colored Light is pouring into the Pool of Creation and pouring down this tree trunk, reaching to our crown, filling us with the Amber Colored Light, filling our Five Body System and Chakra System.
  • Feel the Life Force Energy moving up and down simultaneously as you continue to glide down through a Pillar of Light and you find yourself standing in the Core of Mother Earth.

At the Core Crystal

Standing inside the Core Crystal, see a Sacred Fire Altar with Flames jumping high and welcoming you.

  • Imagine Beloved Divine Mother in her Copper Gold Robes,
  • Envision Goddess Victory in her Frosted Blue and Platinum Robes,
  • Great Silent Watcher is in her Turquoise Colored Robes, holding her Scepter of Power, creating a Dome of Turquoise Blue Light.
  • Envision the Perfected Presence of the Masculine Aspect in Emerald Green and Perfected Presence of the Feminine Aspect in Pink and Gold.
  • Cosmic Guardian of the Divine Plan stands in her Warm Orange colors.
  • Mother of the Universe in her Vibrant Pink Colored Robes,
  • Mother of the Cosmos in her Amber Colored Robes,
  • Three Omniversal Mothers, the first in Purple, the second in Aquamarine Blue, and the third in Clay Red and Gold, are present,
  • 144,000 Silent Watchers, standing shoulder to shoulder, and around them 2 billion Angelic Watchers all in their Turquoise Blue Light amplifying what Great Silent Watcher is sending us from her Scepter.
  • Take a moment, make your offerings to this Sacred Altar, and set your intentions for this event and for this coming year.

5D Octave

  • Imagine everyone walking on the Golden Bridge to the 5th Dimensional Octave,
  • Goddess Victory leading the way, Great Silent Watcher taking up the rear, all of us walking with Divine Mother across this Bridge to Divine Mother’s Retreat.
  • We reach the hexagonal gate and stand to be recalibrated before we enter. The Gate begins to emanate a series of colored lights, starting with the blue color, then purple, magenta, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and back to purple colored lights.
  •  The gateway opens and we walk into the first floor Great Hall of the Retreat where Warm Orange colored Light is emanating from the walls and Italian Onyx on the floor.
  • In the center imagine a Circular Sacred Fire Altar. 
  • Stand before the Sacred Fire and set your intentions, make your offerings to Divine Mother’s Altar. Now take a deep breath.



Divine Mother’s Meditation to receive the scrolls

Containing the Highest Divine Plan

Adapted from 4/4/14Gateway Portal Channeling


My Beloved Children of Light I Am your very own Divine Mother.

While you are standing around the Sacred Fire invite deities to come forth.  If you don’t know the Beings that I shall call, if this is all new to you, just accept that these are Deities that have been called at the most high levels of the Hierarchies of the Dimensions.  They come to restore Earth to the Perfection of Original Intent, a perfection that was originally intended in the Divine Plan, the perfection that each of you deserve.

I invite from the inner chamber the presence of all six Aspects of Divine Mother that we have been working with in the course of the last three months.  I am going to invite the presence of Great Silent Watcher to hold her Scepter of Power above her head and put her Turquoise Blue light of Fearlessness, empowerment and protection into the Sacred Fire and to every one present. Great Silent Watcher’s Energies of Turquoise Blue Light creates a dome around the   Sacred Fire Altar and every individual present.

I call upon Goddess Victory to bring the Energies of Victory to Earth and help Earth by pouring the Energies of Victory into the Five Body System and the Light Body of Earth. She will then touch her Scepter and her Torch of Victory with Great Silent Watcher’s Scepter to magnify the impact of all energies.

Envision a miniature Aspect of the Earth globe suspended right above the Sacred Fire.  Envision that the Energies of Goddess Victory with the Quality of Victory and Great Silent Watcher, with the three Qualities of Fearlessness, Protection and Empowerment  pour down to Earth and to Earth’s Five Body System.  This is to stabilize Earth with all the natural disasters and human made disasters. These disasters come to the surface to stabilize Earth and to release the pain and the wounds, the corruption, the mistrust and the negativity that Earth has picked up.  This will help the generations of humankind and all species that are on Earth to relieve themselves of their burden of lifetimes of struggling.  This is a form of lightening of the burden of Earth.

Fire has her own cleansing mechanism and we invite the Element of Fire to send the cleansing flames to caress and to release dross from Earth’s Five Body System. The Fire is jumping up high on the Sacred Fire Altar.   All the souls who depend on Earth, all the species who live on Earth are to receive these healing Energies.  The healing Energy of Fire burns the karma, the pain, the disease. The Healing Energies of Goddess Victory and  the Qualities of Victory as well as the Healing Energies of Great Silent Watcher representing her Protection towards Earth and all species of souls and her Empowerment for all souls to pour into the fire and cleanse the earth.

Mother of Cosmos is pouring her Amber Light and holding her Scepter and making a triangle with Goddess Victory and Great Silent Watcher and she’s pouring the Amber Light to Earth and Earth’s Five Body System.

Now I call upon two Cosmic Beings, one is the Cobalt Blue Aspect of Divine Mother; the other is the Cosmic Mother who carries the pure essence of Cobalt Blue Light of Power and Protection.  This is the Divine Power and the Divine Protection which was originally intended for Earth at her Divine level.  This Cobalt Blue Light is now pouring from these two Beings who hold their Scepters up and touch the Scepters of others. Everything that we are now offering to Earth and her Five Body System is also offered to each of you individually in gratitude for your service, and you may extend it to all your loved ones.  Because you are offering your service, everyone that you bring into this circle can receive it, even if they don’t believe in any of this.

You provide a great service in raising the vibration of Earth and in releasing the negativity, and that earns you great merits which can be extended to everyone you choose to bring to the mix.  Feel free to invite everyone. Their soul will benefit from it, their consciousness will benefit from it and at some point as they begin to awaken and walk the path themselves.

I call upon the Aspect of Divine Mother illuminated with Green of Life Force and Nurturance and the Cosmic Being who brings the pure essence of Life and Nurturance from its cosmic source, to come and stand holding their Scepters and touching the Scepters of others.  These two bring Life to all areas of Earth and to your own Five Body System that have dimmed in that Life and Nurturance.  All the barren lands, all the lands that no longer yield ultimate results, to all the hearts and minds and organs of every soul and every species, to the Five Body System of every soul and every species, to the Five Body System of Earth and through all the Hierarchies and Dimensions.  This Life and Nurturance, Life giving Nurturance that is the essence these two Beings emanate, are extremely beneficial and will change the course of Earth’s history, in that they will restore life.  They will nurture all forms of life.  They return to Earth that Life Force, the Nurturance, the Divinity that is now missing and has been missing for a few thousand years.  By raising the vibration of Earth, by bringing this Green Life Force Energy to the mix we will change the paradigm and we will improve the course that Earth is taking.  The generations of your children and grandchildren and great grandchildren will be the benefactors of you anchoring these Energies, receiving, absorbing and expanding these Energies to others, to your loved ones.

I call forth the pair of Beings, one an Aspect of your very own Divine Mother who carries the Warm Yellow Light that carries the Energies of Joy and Happiness with Gratitude, and the Cosmic Aspect, a female Being who carries the ultimate Perfected Essence of Joy and Happiness with Gratitude.

Life on Earth has become a struggle and so you do a lot of things that don’t make you happy, but you have to do them for survival purposes, to protect your loved ones from struggling.  You build nest eggs for those you love and try to do best you can.

Imagine what it would be like to do everything you do in joy without struggle.  That’s the Essence, the pure Essence of Joy and Happiness with Gratitude.  Imagine always living in that joy of taking every breath and feeling gratitude move through you, feeling happiness, joy.  We ask these two Beings to come to the Sacred Fire and hold their Scepters and touch the point of Scepters of others and pour their Energies to the miniature Aspect of Earth and extend it to the Five Body System of Earth and to expand it to all creatures of Earth, to all dimensions and realities, pouring Energies of Joy and Gratitude, Happiness and Gratitude, Joy and Happiness.

We call upon the Aspect of Divine Mother who carries Divine Love.  She comes in with the Cosmic Aspect known as the Cosmic Mother of the Universe, emanating Vibrant Pink Light; the Divine Mother Aspect is also emanating the same Light.  They stand holding their Scepters up, touching the Scepters of all others and pouring the Energies of Divine Love and the Cosmic Aspect of that Love.  This is true love; not conditional love, but unconditional love; love that always stays true even when it’s not reciprocated; love that penetrates through all hearts and even all minds.  Imagine the difference between loving with your heart alone and loving with both your heart and your mind.  Imagine aligning your heart and your mind in such a way that there is no doubt or question about any decision or action.

Sometimes your heart says one thing and your mind says another.  Imagine aligning those two where you are a hundred percent certain in every aspect, that you are doing the right thing; and those you love are worthy; and that love will blossom and bloom, expand and nurture everyone it touches.  That’s the kind of love these two Beings are returning to Earth and bringing back to the hearts and minds and souls of all creation.  We ask them to come and stand and hold their Scepters up, pouring their Energy, pouring their Love to the Earth and the Five Body System of Earth and to each of you and those amongst your loved ones who are present with you.  I send each of you that Divine Love and to your loved ones and magnify the impact of all that is being poured into the Sacred Fire. 

Once again I invite Divine Mother’s Aspect of Victory that with Goddess Victory who has already joined in.   We ask for another magnified blast of the Energies of Victory for Earth to expand, blossom, and bloom by receiving and anchoring the Energies of Victory. For all Five Elements to expand, for all the waters to become pure, for all Earth to become fertile, for all air to become pure, for fire to become loving and only cleanse and purify without destruction and for the Element of Ether space, invisible Light that holds this Universe together, to loving bathe all Earth, all species of creatures in its purity. And for all humankind to absorb, expand, blossom and bloom through the Energies of Victory.

I now call the Energies of the Aspect of Divine Mother who carries the Pure Light of the Divine Plan and the Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan who carries the latest and the best and the highest of Divine Plans.  The Divine Plan that supersedes and overrides all previous plans, even overriding the original plan in such a way that this time, this Divine Plan cannot be corrupted, cannot be diminished.   A Divine Plan for Earth, for humankind, for all species, for all creation, for all Dimensions and Hierarchies to blossom and bloom, expand and enhance life in all aspects of it through all Five Elements.  The highest and the best of all events and circumstances, the highest and best of any idea, any seed thought form that Earth might dream of reaching and higher.  We call upon the highest idea, the highest design, the highest concepts to be brought into manifestation. 

We ask the Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan and the respective Divine Mother Aspect who carries the Warm Vibrant Orange Light to come forth and hold their Scepters and pour down their Light.  We ask Earth to be receptive, we ask all species of creatures to be receptive and we ask a magnification of that Light for each of you and your loved ones.

Now I petition this Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan and the Aspect of my own self who’s responsible to bring that Divine Plan to Earth and to all of you, to bring the scrolls for each of you. These scrolls carry the highest of Divine Plans in the form of seeds etched into your future.  The seeds of highest ideas and designs, events and circumstances are etched into the scroll in the form of fire letters, symbols and hieroglyphs. Their presence drawn or etched into the fabric of the scrolls would trigger their manifestation into your life.

Now I ask each of your scrolls to be brought into manifest form and held under the Scepters so that the Light, the Life Force from each of these Beings and the Qualities they carry can pour through their Scepters into those seeds and symbols and trigger the manifestation, enhance the manifestation, magnify the impact and bring the manifestation of those events and circumstances into your present reality and start moving you in the highest direction without any delay or distraction.  Transmuting whatever obstacles there may be on the path for each of you and paving the path for you to receive, absorb, expand and enjoy every moment of this life. So, with every breath you take, live life to the fullest, and enjoy everyone you meet, every path you cross, everyone you touch, every life you enhance.

As my final gift, I stand with all of these Beings and hold my own Scepter above my head touching the Scepters of all of these Deities, and pour my Copper Gold Light upon the planet and its Five Body System and upon the Five Body System of each of you, each of your loved ones, and every soul and creature in all Dimensions and Hierarchies of this planet.   I call upon all Beings who serve the Divine Feminine Council, all Beings who serve Divine Mother to come and offer themselves in service to you and to all that you do on behalf of Divine Mother.

Envision yourselves to be suspended above Earth and directly under your own scroll while every Scepter point is pouring down to your scroll, and from your scroll to each of you.  I have invited Beings who work well with me and with this new plan to bring their own Qualities and Energies to add to the mix. As the Qualities and the Energies pour to the scrolls, the hieroglyphs, the symbols, the seeds are awakened.  As they pop open and begin to expand, they enter into your Five Body System and your Light Body and they activate you in your entirety. They lodge themselves into your Five Body System and Light Body exactly where they belong so that they can unfold, magnify the right people, the right places, the right situations, the right things to you for the highest manifestation of the best possible future where each event and circumstance belongs in order for it to become part of your being, part of your experience, part of your future.

Now lie down or sit in meditation for another ten minutes.  Envision yourself in that position while you imagine that all these Deities are constantly pouring down their own individual Qualities to you inside the cylinder while transmuting all that is no longer beneficial for you. They are enhancing, awakening and improving all that is beneficial and good for you while lodging the highest quality of events and circumstances that best serve you into your Light Body and your Five Body System. Meantime the six Aspects of Divine Mother and the six Cosmic Beings who support them, and all the other Beings such as Goddess Victory, Great Silent Watcher, Mother of Universe, Mother of Cosmos, Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan and myself, as well as all these Deities continue to work on your Five Body System and Light Body to enhance the reception of the Qualities and the Energies.  We shall continue to work on you for the next ten minutes to bring the individual healing for each of you. 

For a period of one month do this exercise every morning as you awaken and every evening before sleep: envision yourself in this position and ask for the shower of the Energies into your body.

I hold you in my own heart with great love and I thank you for this service.  I Am your very own Divine Mother.  So It Is.

© FAGU 2014