June 2014

June 2014 Newsletter


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Dear Friends,

Happy Summer Solstice,

This month we continue our Journey with Divine Mother creating a Vortex of Light to Attract the Indigo Souls to Earth in our Guided Meditation and building our strength further as a follow up to our meditation from last month.

Please note that the Free Gateway Portal Channeling this month falls on Friday 6/6/2014.  You may join us via conference call by calling 1-213-342-3000 and using access code 199512#.

Our Summer Solstice Ceremony will be on Sat. 21st and you may register below. The last of the HTS- Comprehensive Healing Series will be on Sunday June 8th at 3 pm.

We wish you the best as always,

Jim and Nasrin

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The next FREE Gateway Portal Channeling is on 6/6/14


Join us for our LIVE Gateway Portal Channeling on Friday, 6/6 at 7:30 PM ET. No registration is required. Please call 1-213-342-3000, use access code 199512#.

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PTE MS: HTS – Comprehensive Healing PH 9, Age 50 to Infinity

This Live session of Comprehensive Healing will be on Sunday, June 8 at 3:00 PM ET.

Tuition for this 1 Lesson course is $125.00.

This is the final session in this amazing series brought by Divine Mother. The healing protocol offered in this ground breaking series is a great way for us to connect with all of the Personality Aspects and Soul Fragments that have been missing or dormant. This series presents a great opportunity for deep healing.

To read more and register, click here.

If you have missed the previous sessions in this series, please start with Session 1 and begin the healing. You may advance to the next session after a week or when you feel you are ready, and catch up to the group quickly. To begin the series, click here.


PTE MS: Summer Solstice 2014

This Live session will be on Saturday, June 21 at 3:00 PM ET.

Tuition for this 1 Lesson course is $88.00.

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Guided Meditation to Create a Vortex of Light to

Invite the Indigo Souls to Earth

Adapted from 4/4/14Gateway Portal Channeling

Grounding Meditation


Visualize yourself standing on Uluru, the Sacred red rock formation in Central Australia, also known as Ayers Rock.

Feel your heart beat in rhythm with Uluru, which is also in rhythm with the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Now slowly let yourself expand and absorb the red light from the red rock.

Imagine that you are gliding down into the earth core and envision growing roots from the bottoms of your feet and your tailbone, which wrap themselves around the core Crystal in the heart of Mother Earth.

Then visualize that a tree trunk grows from the roots and extends upward all the way to all Higher Dimensions to the Pool of Creation where it spreads out into branches and leaves bathing in the Pool of Creation. Imagine that the bark of the tree trunk is an Emerald Green color, the color of abundance. Breathe in that Emerald Green into your lungs as it extends all the way up to the Pool of Creation, and all the way down to the Core Crystal of Earth.

Visualize Amber Colored Light beginning to move up like sap through this tree trunk all the way up from the roots sending the Life Force Energy of Mother Earth up, filling the tree trunk, reaching to the bottoms of your feet and up your body filling each Chakra of your body, as it clears and cleanses your body, your Five Body System. Then it moves up to the top of your head into your Antahkarana Cord, a golden silver cord of Light, which extends from the top of your head to connect you to the Higher Realms. The Amber Light moves all the way up to the Pool of Creation, emptying the Life Force Energy of Mother Earth into the Pool of Creation.

The Cosmic Life Force Energy also in Amber Colored Light is in the Pool of Creation. It pours down the tree trunk, reaching to the top of your head and moves down your body, filling you with the  Cosmic aspect of Amber Light, filling your Five Body System and Chakra System.

At the Core Crystal

Imagine that find you are standing inside the Core Crystal, in a great hall where a Sacred Fire Altar burns with Flames jumping high and welcoming you. Imagine seeing Beloved Divine Mother in her Copper Gold Robes; Goddess Victory in her Frosted Blue and Platinum Robes; Great Silent Watcher in her Turquoise Colored Robes is holding her Scepter of Power, creating a Dome of Turquoise Blue Light.

Envision the Perfected Presence of the Masculine Aspect in Emerald Green and Perfected Presence of the Feminine Aspect in Pink and Gold. Cosmic Guardian of the Divine Plan stands in her Warm Orange colors; Mother of the Universe in her Vibrant Pink Colored Robes; Mother of the Cosmos in her Amber Colored Robes; Three Omniversal Mothers, the first in Purple, the second in Aquamarine Blue, and the third in Clay Red and Gold, are present too. 144,000 Silent Watchers, standing shoulder to shoulder, and around them 2 billion Angelic Watchers all in their Turquoise Blue Light amplifying what Great Silent Watcher is sending us from her Scepter. Take a moment, make your offerings to this Sacred Altar, and set your intentions for this event and for this year.

5D Octave

Imagine everyone walking on the Golden Bridge to the 5th Dimensional Octave with Goddess Victory leading the way and Great Silent Watcher taking up the rea. We all walk with Divine Mother across this Bridge to reach the entrance of Divine Mother’s Retreat. We stand to be recalibrated t the entry gates. The Gate begins to emanate a series of colored lights, starting with purple, magenta, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and back to Magenta and purple. Pause for a moment for this process to complete.

The gateway opens and we walk into the first floor Great Hall of the Retreat where Warm Orange colored Light is emanating from the walls and from the Italian Onyx on the floor. In the center imagine a Circular Sacred Fire Altar. Stand before the Sacred Fire and set your intentions, make your offerings to Divine Mother’s Altar. Now take a deep breath.


Summary of Divine Mother’s Meditation to Receive the Scrolls Containing the Highest Divine Plan from last Month

While standing around the Sacred Fire, envision a small holographic image of the Earth Globe, suspended above the sacred Altar. The flames from the sacred Altar jump high and bless the globe, transmuting all the dross and pain that the Earth caries in her body and her Five Body System. We now invite our beloved deities to come forth.

We invite the presence of Great Silent Watcher to hold her Scepter of Power above her head and put her Turquoise Blue light of Fearlessness, empowerment and protection into the Sacred Fire and to every one present. Great Silent Watcher’s Energies of Turquoise Blue Light creates a dome around the   Sacred Fire Altar and every individual present.

We call upon Goddess Victory to bring the Energies of Victory to Earth and help Earth by pouring the Energies of Victory into the Five Body System and the Light Body of Earth. She will then touch the top point of her Scepter to Great Silent Watcher’s Scepter to magnify the impact of all the healing that is offered to each of you and to Mother earth. We invite Mother of Universe to pour her Vibrant Pink and Mother of Cosmos to Pour her Amber light upon Each of you, and the Earth. They too touch the points of their Scepters to Goddess Victory and Great Silent watcher.

We invite the six Aspects of Divine Mother with the Six Cosmic aspects from the inner chamber to Join us.  The first pair offer their Cobalt Blue Light of Power and Protection to the scred Altar, to each of you and to Mother earth.  Then these two Beings also hold their Scepters up and touch the Scepters of others.  The second pair offer the Green Light of Life and Nurturance to the Altar, to you and to Earth and stand holding up their Scepters and touching the Scepters of others. The third pair bring the pure Essence of Joy, Happiness and Gratitude.  They hold their Scepters and touch the point of Scepters of others and pour their Energies on to Earth and to all creatures of Earth.

We call upon the pair who carry Divine Love emanating Vibrant Pink Light.  They stand holding their Scepters up, touching the Scepters of all others and pouring the Energies of Divine Love into the sacred fire, to all of you, to earth and all creatures. We call the pair who carry the Frosted Blue Light energies of Victory to pour their Light of Victory upon the Sacred Fire, the earth and all creation.

We call to the pair with the Pure Light of the Divine Plan and the Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan who carries the latest and the best and the highest of Divine Plans to pour their light upon Earth all creatures and into the sacred fire. We call upon Divine Mother to bless us with her gift of Copper Gold Light holding her scepter up and connecting with all the deities present. Divine Mother pours her light into the Sacred fire, to earth and to all creation.

The Scrolls- Now we call upon the Scrolls which hold our Divine plan and pour entire life span to be brought forth. Envision your very own scroll rolled out above the image of the suspended Earth.   Imagine that you place yourself just beneath the scroll as you are suspended above Earth.  Each one of these great Beings touches their Scepters above your head. All of these qualities are pouring down to your scroll to illuminate your scroll, you, and Earth and the Sacred Altar. Imagine that your scroll has hieroglyphic symbols that represent the highest and the best of all events that can occur in your future.  These events can be transferred from the hieroglyphics to your Light Body and your Five Body System in order to pull those events and circumstances to you.

As you lay beneath your scroll imagine seeing the Lights illuminated and pouring down to you, awakening the best of every possibility for all future events to you. Pause for a moment to absorb all these energies and allow them to lodge their light into your body. You may invite your family and loved ones also to come forth and to receive these Energies.


Guided Meditation to Create a Vortex of Light to invite the Indigo Souls to Earth

Adapted from 5/5/14Gateway Portal Channeling


At the request of Divine Mother, we invite the Indigo Souls who have a contract with each of us and with Earth to now be ready to come forth. We will create a vortex of energy to guide and direct the Highest and the best of these Indigo Souls to come to Earth and offer their light and love in service to Earth. These souls are capable of helping to usher in the new paradigm. Divine Mother and the Feminine deities are helping to gain momentum in creating this new paradigm. We are at the end of the reign of masculine and moving to the reign of Divine Feminine.  Divine Mother has asked that we call these Indigo Souls to come forth and increase our momentum.

We will now move to create the Vortex to help these Indigo Souls gain access to each of us as their Soul family members and find the way to begin their mission with our help. Divine Mother will call upon the Cosmic Guardian of the Divine Plan to help establish a Cone of Light which will stat at the ground level and open up into the Higher Realms to reach the Highest of these Indigo Souls. The apex at the smallest point of the Cone of Light begins at the Sacred Altar and extends up and spreads out to encompass the globe and envelopes each of us as we lay beneath each of our scrolls. It continues to get wider and wide as it moves higher and higher through the Dimensions of Reality. This Cone of Light is supported and enhanced by each one of the deities present.  Envision that you now call upon those Indigos who are members of your own soul family to come forth and join us.

If Indigo Souls is a new term for you please check out their definition at our sister site www.indigosawaken.com. Briefly, the souls born since 1972 into present are considered Indigo Souls. They come to Earth to bring higher Light and help with the paradigm shift including the change of the reign from masculine to the feminine.  They come from star systems throughout the Cosmos that are at a much higher state of evolution than Earth, at this point.  In some cases though, because they are of higher Light they face obstacles once they incarnate on Earth, which result in maladies and disabilities. Incarnating into this density has its challenges. It helps those of us who come to know of their presence and their challenges to offer prayers for their success as well as be ready to provide assistance. We can be of service to them, their families and loved ones who are also serving as their parents, teachers, and mentors. Divine Mother is asking us to call to these Indigos to come, and to the Deities to support them; to Earth to receive them and for humankind to benefit from their light.   We each have a connection with a few of these souls as they are among our Soul Family members or members of our Soul Lineage.  Mother has said that a Soul Lineage is closer to you then even our own families, because they have been with us for longer than just this life time.  Our soul family tree is much bigger and the members are closer to us than our own families.  We can call to the Indigo Souls who are of our own Soul Lineage and offer to support them in coming to Earth  and  together we can accomplish a great mission and change our world for the better.

Imagine sunrays of light carrying these souls now coming down into this vortex. As they come through moving into the vortex Great Silent Watcher,  Goddess Victory, Cosmic Mother of the Cosmos and the six pairs of Cosmic Beings offer them support and enhance their light with their qualities.  Imagine them pouring their light into the vortex and imagine the Indigos receiving and loving the light.

We call forth Master Jesus and Mother Mary to also take part. They offer themselves in this service, pulling those Indigo Souls who are members of their own Soul Lineage. They also come to assist Divine Mother in protecting and guiding  the Indigo Souls who are already incarnate on earth and need help remembering  their mission. You may stand with Mother Mary and Master Jesus and offer yourself in this service, that is, to welcome the new Indigos and to help in sending loving thoughts and prayers to the ones who are here. Pause and make your connection with Mother Mary and Master Jesus and offer yourself in whatever way you desire to them. Pause and take deep breaths.

Divine Mother also wishes to invite Sanat Kumara, our Planetary Logos to join in. Envision him in his ceremonial robes of Fuchsia Pink offering himself and pulling New Indigo Souls that are in his  own Soul Lineage from the Higher Realms through this vortex as well as sending love and protection to those who are presently incarnate. You may connect with Sanat Kumara and offer yourself  in service to him and to the Indigo members of his Soul Lineage in whatever way you choose.Take a deep breath and pause to offer yourself.

Now envision the Cone of Light which is established as the vortex extends upward bathing the miniature aspect of Earth, and also bathing you and your scroll within it as well as the Indigos who are connected to you, to Sanat Kumara, Mother Mary and Master Jesus and to all the deities present.  All the Deities are holding their Scepters above this entire vortex and pouring their qualities down to  the Indigos new and existing, to you, scroll, Earth and her Five Body System and to the Sacred Altar.  All Indigo Souls are reinforced by each one of these great Beings and the qualities and gifts they bring. Members of their own Soul Lineages are magnetized to this vortex.

Through this guided meditation you are offering a service. Remember to include the Indigo Souls you know and your family members and loved ones. Envision the standing with us around the Sacred Altar to receive the blessing.

You may stay for as long as you wish and repeat this meditation  daily for a period of a month or longer to support Divine Mother in this quest to bring great souls from the four corners of the Cosmos and to support the existing Indigos to succeed.  Be kind to yourselves; be kind to your loved ones.   May you all have great health and success and abundance, ease and grace in everything that you do.  I thank you with all of my heart.  I thank you on behalf of Nasrin, Divine Mother, all of these Deities, Master Jesus, Mother Mary, Sanat Kumara.  So It Is.

Delivered by Jim Foster on behalf of Divine Mother.

© FAGU 2014