July 2014

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Dear Friends,

Happy mid-summer,

For this month, we have a great meditation to get up close and even more personal with Divine Mother and bathe in her heart and her Copper Gold Light.

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From all, of us at waves of bliss we wish you and happy and playful month of July.

Jim and Nasrin


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Meditation to Bathe in Divine Mother’s Heart

 Taken from the 6/6/2014 Gateway Portal Channeling

Copyrite FAGU 2014


Jim begins Let’s take a deep breath and begin.

Visualize that you’re standing on Uluru, the great red rock in Central Australia; Ayers Rock.  Feel your feet flat on the great rock, all one enormous, continuous solid rock.  As you feel the heartbeat of Uluru and connect with Uluru and Mother Earth, feel yourself slide into Uluru, into the clay red colored rock.

As you do, you expand, you release all the pain and suffering and feel the nurturing Energy of Uluru.

Now visualize from the bottoms of your feet your Hara Line – which is a Pillar of Light which extends from the bottoms of your feet all the way down to the center of the Earth – as it is illuminated.  Your Earth Crust Chakra which is about ten to twelve inches below the bottoms of your feet is illuminated within the Hara Line.

Root System We’re going to extend from the bottoms of our feet a root system.  We’re going to extend our roots down around the Hara Line all the way down to the center of the Earth where the Earth Core Crystal is and we wrap our roots around the Earth Core Crystal.  Visualize you’re sending roots down around the Hara Line, wrapping around the Core Crystal.  Pull up the Amber colored Life Force Energy of Mother Earth, it’s an Amber colored Light and it’s moving through your root system, you’re pulling it all the way up the Hara Line within this root system.

Visualize that the Amber colored Light reaches the bottoms of your feet and begins to fill your body and your Being with this Amber colored Life Force Energy.  See that around you this root system has turned into a tree trunk which is wrapped around you and extends all the way up through the heavens.  The bark of this tree trunk is an Emerald Green which just shines on you and everything that moves through this tree trunk, bringing the Qualities of Abundance and Healing.   We move the Amber colored Life Force Energy up through our bodies, up through the top of the head, up through this tree trunk which extends up through the heavens all the way to the Pool of Creation; and see that the tree trunk expands into branches and leaves into this Pool of Creation.

The Pool of Creation is the place where seed thoughts form, germinate to become manifest into Reality; and the tree trunk expands with branches and leaves into this Pool of Creation. We move the Amber colored Life Force Energy from Mother Earth up this tree trunk and into the Pool of Creation.  So you’re pulling with your root system which is wrapped around the Core Crystal the Amber colored Life Force Energy of Mother Earth, pulling it all the way up through the root system, through your body and Being, up through the tree trunk into the Pool of Creation, and we pull down into the Pool of Creation, visualize that the Cosmic Life Force Energy which is also an Amber colored Light pours into the Pool of Creation from above and begins to move down through the tree trunk.

This Amber colored Life Force Energy is a richer, slightly darker colored Light, more vibrant, as it pours down from the Cosmic Source to the Pool of Creation and through the tree trunk.  As it moves down, reaching the top of your head, filling your body and Being, energizing the Life Force Energy from Mother Earth that’s moving up, and see the Cosmic Life Force Energy moving down through your body and Being; through the bottoms of your feet, down through the root system to reach the Core Crystal of Mother Earth.  Here it mixes with the Life Force Energy of Mother Earth with the Amber colored Life Force, energizing it, amplifying its Life Force; amplifying its affect and it moves once again together with the Life Force Energy of Mother Earth.

Pool of CreationThe vibrant Amber moves back up through the root system to the bottoms of your feet, continuing to move up, and this time we move with it up through the tree trunk, all the way up to the Pool of Creation where you find yourself bathing in the Pool of Creation and the Amber colored Life Force Energy; the Cosmic Life Force Energy mixed with Earthly Life Force Energy.

Visualize that around this Pool is a boardwalk, and we step onto the boardwalk and out of the Pool of Creation; and visualize that there are two angels standing next to you.  They have your ceremonial robes in one tray that you put on; the other tray has your Scepter of Power which you hold in your hand.   Take a deep breath and feel the ceremonial robes around you; feel the Scepter in your hands and be aware that everyone on this call is present standing next to the Pool of Creation having received their robes and their Scepter.  You may take a moment and offer your prayers to the Pool of Creation, offer your intentions to the Pool of Creation.

Mother’s Throne– Now visualize that as we walk beyond the Pool of Creation, you can see before you a Throne and our own Beloved Divine Mother is sitting on that throne. She wears flowing robes of Copper Gold and a bright Copper Gold colored headdress.  The gold robes and headdress are gold colored with copper gold mixed in.  Her robes are flowing down in front of the Throne of Divine Mother neatly spread on the ground in front of her Throne.  We step up to her Throne and kneel before Divine Mother; our hands are in prayer pose, offering our love and our gratitude to Divine Mother for everything that she’s done for all of us, for our loved ones, for Earth and humankind, for this Hierarchy of Beings.  Take a moment, look Divine Mother in the eyes, say whatever you would like to say to her, I’ll give you a moment and the next voice that you hear will be that of our Beloved Nasrin.  I thank you, So It is.


Nasrin begins:  9:40                               

We have been bathing in the Pool of Creation together.  The Light that emanates in the Pool of Creation is the Source of everything that becomes manifest, the Source of all Creation.

One of the members of our core group recently sent me an article, and the article said that scientists have been able to create matter from Light; and basically they are now saying that they have been able to prove that you can create matter from Light.  Now that doesn’t mean that they have been able to build tables and chairs with Light but it means that from quantum particles of Light they have been able to manifest quantum particles of matter which is what Divine Mother and the Masters have been teaching us all along. They have been telling us: “set your intentions– as Jim suggested a moment ago- into the Light.” To read more about the article in guardian newspaper of May 18- 2014 follow the link bellow, http://www.theguardian.com/science/2014/may/18/matter-light-photons-electrons-positrons

The Pool of Creation is filled with the Light and this Light is the highest Light you could imagine because it’s the purest, and it is the Source of all Light, as well as the source of all matter.   So when you bathe in this Light, when you spend time in this Energy, it stands to reason that you would be able to focus your attention on the things that you want to manifest in your life, and while in close proximity to this Light- while bathing in this Light- you can energetically take the substance of that Light and turn it into the life you want to live.

The way you do it is to set your intentions while you are in that Pool of Creation.  You talk to Divine Mother; you talk to the substance of that Pool; the Light that is shining upon you.  You talk to all the Deities, your teachers, you talk to yourself, your Higher Self, your Soul and you talk about what you wish to manifest.  Even if you are unclear on what you want to manifest, you still talk about it; you still talk about the fact that you want to gain clarity until you are able to manifest what is the highest and the best.  At the same time, it is important to remember that this Light is the source of all things.  Just being in its Energy, bathing in its Energy helps you manifest matter, substance, the life that you wish to live; because the consciousness that you are communicates with the consciousness that this Light is and together they’re able to figure it out, even if you are not able to figure out every nuance of it or every aspect of it consciously.

All the various Lights which we receive from the deities, Masters and Great Beings, everyone have their own specific bandwidth of Light. That Light emanates outward and is seen by us as colored Light.  Meantime it is the carrier of a specific Quality which can activate within us- or in our world- the manifestation of certain Qualities inherent within them.  For example, when Goddess Victory shines her Platinum-Pewter Light of Victory, we are primed to become Victorious.  That Energy of Victory becomes part of our Beingness and we walk in that Energy from the moment that we receive and absorb that Light; and it will continue to shine upon us and magnify its own impact for as long as we connect with it; for as long as we care to carry it around with us. And it can gain momentum to do even more; after a while everything we touch becomes Victorious.

It is a gradual process as even the Light shining upon us needs first to be consciously absorbed.  To be absorbed it needs to be accepted.  Once we accept them we then begin the process to absorb them.  Once we absorb them they becomes part of our Being and anchored within us; once anchored within, then it is available for use.

Time in our Reality in this 3rd Dimension is really dense. That means time has to catch up with us in this process where everything moves in a slow motion towards us. Therefore when you get the Light, say the Light of Victory, accept it, receive and anchor it, then you end up sitting around waiting to see the results; because of the slow motion reaction in this linear time which is not moving as fast as the speed of your thoughts, your intentions, or the energy you are vibrating and emanating back to the world; so it takes time for things to manifest but manifest they will!

Whatever you put your thoughts on you will eventually manifest. That is why sometimes when things are going wrong it is really important that we don’t focus on it, give it energy, or delve in it so much.  When we are sick, it’s really good that we don’t focus on how sick we are but to focus on how great it is when we’re not sick and how we look forward to moving away from this sickness and returning to perfect health. The funky loops of bad luck or bumpy rides can be looked at in the same way, although it is hard to do when you are in the middle of it.

Similarly, the Light of Victory will shine through you and melt away the bumps on the road making you victorious, hopefully sooner rather than later, but surely eventually and the proverbial luck will turn in your favor when the Victory is on your side and when you have successfully etched that Light into your world.

When you are bathing in these Lights, it is important to focus on the good things, the loving things, the nurturing things; on all the comfort, the luxury, the joy, the happy relationships, the great family life you look forward to waking up to; the great job you look forward to go to; the great, comfortable bed you look forward to sleeping in with the lovely sheets that cradle you and love you and let you go to dream-time and rest your body and your organs in.  Imagine all the good things that you want to manifest and focus on them while you receive the Light in these guided meditations so that they are accepted by you, absorbed by your body, your Five Body System, anchored into your body and manifest into your life.

Now imagine standing before Divine Mother who is sending her Copper Gold Light to you.   Imagine, if you can, love for Divine Mother and gratitude for everything that she has done and give thanks for all the merits you gain doing this work for Divine Mother.


Divine Mother begins:  17:48

My Beloved Children of Light I Am your very own Divine Mother.

Envision that I hold the two edges of my cape and robe and send beams of Copper Gold Light outward in your direction. From my Heart, I send beams of Copper Gold Light to your entire body, and like a magnet it begins to magnetize you to me until you are kneeling in front of me at my Throne.  Then I will wrap the edges of my Copper Gold robe around you like a blanket pulling you into my own Heart.  Once inside my Heart, imagine everything around you illuminated with Copper Gold Light. You are breathing and bathing and loving and being loved.

You are now inside Divine Mother’s own Copper Gold Light, in Divine Mother’s own Heart.  You are bathing in the Light, you’re living that Light, you’re building a future based on all that this Light I offer you can do for you.  You don’t know all the nuances of what it is capable of doing.  You just know this is Divine Mother’s Light; you just know this Light will nurture you and love you and heal you and help you step forward.  This Light will follow you, it will shine on your path, it will heal your loved ones, it will expand the relationships, it will bring soulfulness to your loved ones and to everything you do, everyone you touch, everywhere you go. Please know this to be true.  If that’s all you know, that too is good enough. This and more you can do with this Copper Gold Light.

Gold is a substance that is extremely beneficial, not for the purpose of showing off and making jewelry – even the jewelry that is made of gold was originally designed to raise the vibration of the person who wears it.  Kings and rulers, artists, decision makers, diplomats and emissaries wore gold in order to make the right decisions, in order to lead in the right way, in order to be led through the vibration of the gold in the ways that they can serve the best.  The Copper Gold Light of Divine Mother carries the Energy of Gold. It also carries the Energy of Copper.  If you imagine copper being the Feminine Aspect and the gold being the Masculine Aspect, then it is a balanced Light.  It represents the polarity of Masculine and Feminine.  It represents both the Male Aspect and the Female Aspects.  This Copper Gold Light is very healing. It connects you to the Energies of Divine Mother.  It charges you and helps you to understand what it is that Divine Mother wants to do and it allows you to walk by the side of Divine Mother so that you can share, gaining merits from what we achieve together.

Imagine that you re-emerge from inside Divine Mother’s Beingness.  Look down at yourself to see that you are emanating the same Copper Gold Light and wearing Ceremonial Robes that are made of the fabric of the Robes of Divine Mother. Imagine looking up at Divine Mother’s head and noticing my headdress emanating Copper Gold Light.

On top of my headdress, right over my forehead, is a large oval shaped orange sapphire. It is vibrating and emanating an Orange with Copper Gold Light from within.  A condensed, concentrated Copper Gold Light Energy is emanating from within, magnified by the power of orange sapphire from the Gem.  Orange sapphire is a highly spiritual gem, it has many spiritual names and it is used in sacred ceremonies and it is attributed to the Divine Feminine, especially to Divine Mother. What I carry on my headdress I carry for you.  It is to magnify the impact of what I give to you.

I ask you to imagine, envision, looking up at Divine Mother’s headdress and catching the Light in the center of this gem.  It sparks, and for a moment the Light shines into your eyes making you close your eyes and squint.  But your eyes have caught the Light already and your eyes are feeling the emanations of that Light and that Light is connecting from your physical eyes to your Third Eye.  Your Third Eye is that center in between your eyebrows on top of your forehead is now buzzing, tingling, and pulsing with the Light that you caught from the orange sapphire on Divine Mother’s Third Eye.  Take a moment, allow the Energies to settle in your Third Eye.

Now I am going to raise my left hand and on my ring finger you are going to see a ring with a wide band of gold, and on either side, there are rows of emeralds, rubies and sapphires, but in the middle there is a circular diamond.  Again as I lift it up, the Light catches in the center of this diamond and that beam of Light hits your Third Eye and it merges into the other beam of Light which was transferred from your physical eyes to your Third Eye.

The Light beaming from the diamond is a pure crystalline colored Light and it mixes with the Light that is there emanating from the orange sapphire and it turns the Light that is emanating in your Third Eye into a Vibrant Orange Light, and this Vibrant Orange begins to swirl inside your Third Eye.  Then it glides down, shooting beams of Light that will reach to your Cosmic Heart.  Your Cosmic Heart is right below your Throat Chakra, so right over your thymus gland on top of your chest is your Cosmic Heart Chakra.  This Vibrant Orange begins to spin and swirl inside your Cosmic Heart Chakra.

Now notice that I wear another ring on my middle finger next to the one on my ring finger. This one has an emerald cut emerald.  The emerald cut is an oblong shape with the edges truncated.  I lift my finger to hold it in front of you and a beam of Light is caught in the Emerald which will shine directly to your Cosmic Heart Chakra.  Your Cosmic Heart Chakra absorbs this Emerald Green Light and it spins and swirls and forms an outer layer of Emerald Green around the Vibrant Orange.   So now you have a small sphere, slightly larger than a ping-pong ball, with a Vibrant Orange inner layer and Emerald Green outer layer.

This Vibrant Orange Light carries the copper, the gold and the Qualities of the Orange Sapphire as well as the Qualities of Diamond.  What are the Qualities of diamondsClarity, Purity, Strength and Stamina.  What are the Qualities of orange sapphireStrength, Courage and Stamina.  What are the Qualities of Copper GoldLife, Nurturance, Power, Strength, Stamina and Protection.  In your Third Eye this ball of Light carries all of those Qualities. Around your Cosmic Heart Chakra you have that same Vibrant Orange which has the Qualities of the diamond, qualities of the Copper Gold and qualities of the orange sapphire but also you have the Energies of Emerald.  What are the energies of Emerald?  Healing, Abundance, Strength, Life, Nurturance.

I place the palm of my left hand right over your Cosmic Heart Chakra. You may have a sensation of heat in that area.  I ask you to place both your hands over mine, the left palm touching both gems, the palm of your right hand touching the back of your own hand.  Feel the throbbing sensation that both of those gems on my ring and middle fingers send to the palm of your left hand; and from your left hand to your right hand.  Keep both hands right on your chest and imagine that Mother’s hand is right under your hands touching your Cosmic Heart Chakra.

In the next few days in your Third Eye you may have the sensation of throbbing, you may have itchiness in that area, you may have tingling, and you may even have a slight headache.  That is all in order because your Third Eye is being cleared, layers of dross, layers of forgetfulness are being dissolved.  Connection with the Higher Realms, connection with your guides and guardians, connections with Divine Mother is being established and enhanced, improved, extended.

Now I am going to ask you to go lie down and give me ten minutes to work on you.  I will make this session short, but instead I ask each of you to lie down ten, fifteen minutes and let me work on these two Chakras.  I have specifically focused on these two Chakras- the Third Eye and the Cosmic Heart- because there is a lot going on in the world and there are portals of Energy opening that are extremely conducive, right now, for elevating the Energies of your Cosmic Heart Chakra and your Third Eye Chakra.  This is why I have focused just on these two Chakras.  The more we focus on these two, the greater the impact we can make on changing, improving, enhancing, opening, activating, recalibrating and elevating the Energy that moves through you.

When we elevate these two chakras, all the other Chakras will act accordingly.  The Third Eye is always connected to the Crown; those two work in harmony together.  The Cosmic Heart Chakra always works with the Personal Heart Chakra.  The Personal Heart Chakra works with all the other Chakras.  The Cosmic Heart Chakra also works with the Chakras above it- that is the Throat Chakra, the Third Eye and the Crown Chakra.  Therefore we focus and concentrate on recalibrating and realigning, these two and in a short time the others will automatically follow. This is a gentler way to expand your energies.  Instead of working on every chakra, we work on these two and elevate them exponentially. Then it will take a short period of time for all other chakras of your body to elevate themselves to the corresponding level as these two.

This is an extremely potent, extremely beneficial exercise that is simple but will make a great difference.  Don’t take its simplicity for weakness; because it is potent, you are going to feel this Energy. The more you focus on remembering that you have a small ball of Vibrant Orange Light in your Third Eye swirling and spinning and Divine Mother is working in that Chakra to elevate it and that you have a double layered ball of Light, Emerald Green on the outside, Vibrant Orange on the inside over your Cosmic Heart Chakra that Divine Mother is working on expanding and realigning with your soul, with your Higher Self, with your guides and guardians.  The more you do these two things and also whenever you feel like it have that experience of running to Mother and jumping inside of her Heart and sitting there and talking to your own Mother whenever you want.

Your experience in the Pool of Creation is something you may repeat all the time.   Similarly being in Divine Mother’s Heart is an experience that you can repeat over and over again.  You may sit with Divine Mother and have a heart to heart.  Everything you say, everything you feel is known by me in this close proximity; I feel your feelings, I hear your words. Accordingly, I will heal your body, your mind, your emotions; I will heal your soul and your spirit.  Sometimes all we need is you and I; all we need is each other. This togetherness is potent and productive in healing your wounds and in improving and changing your life. This is for you!   We don’t always need complex Grids or those extended ceremonies. When we do those complex grids we are anchoring Energies.  In those moments both you and I are in service; we are serving our world, our solar system, our universe and beyond. We are conduits in that work together, receiving the Energies, running them through us and the groups we work with to magnify them; also to step it down for everyone else to receive it.  Meanwhile we anchor it onto your Personal Body Grid so that it becomes part of your own Being and remain in your Auric Field and your Five Body System.

Then your Personal Body Grid and everything that is anchored into it is beamed out to a grid matrix around the planet called the Planetary Body Grid, where it is available for everyone to use.  This is the utmost act of service because what you have learnt, what you have absorbed, what you have anchored becomes available to those who will follow you.  They may not even know they are following you and you may not know them by name or by face or in any way, but they will follow your Light, they will follow in your footsteps.  When they learn to absorb what you have posted on the Planetary Body Grid, they will awaken, change their lives and walk the path of enlightenment. Interestingly according to Universal law, with every step they take in the direction of awakening and enlightenment, you gain extra merits.

Whenever you feel that you got gunked up, or that you have picked up negative or heavy stuff or that you feel out of sorts, repeat the part in the meditation where you jump into the Pool of Creation.  Clean yourself in the Pool of Creation and then join Divine Mother at her Throne. Sit in my Heart and recall that I have Energized your Third Eye and your Cosmic heart Chakras with the gem on my Third Eye and my fingers.

I am your own Divine Mother, this is a beautiful experience.  So It Is.


© FAGU 2014