January 2014

January 2014 Newsletter


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Dear Friends,

Happy Entry into 2014!

This indeed is an exciting time. With Divine Mother, Goddess Victory, Great Silent Watcher and the rest of the Council of the Divine Feminine, we have anchored the Energies of the Divine Feminine into our Reality and now, in 2014, we can build on the foundation we have established.  We are very excited, optimistic and determined that this will be the best year yet! We hope you feel just as inspired and encouraged as we move into 2014 and on to our next adventure.

This month we have a beautiful meditation to receive Love, Nurturance and Healing from Divine Mother and 6 of her Aspects. Divine Mother brings us to a special Chamber in her Retreat in the 5D Octave to receive many much needed healing Qualities.

We have one LIVE event this month as we continue with our Comprehensive Healing Series. This month we work with our Inner Child from the ages of 14 to 18.

Blessings and great joy to us all, as we walk together into and through this New Year with Fresh Energies.

From all of Us at Waves of Bliss, PTE Mystery School and Indigos Awaken, we wish you a year full of Abundance, Health and Wholeness,

Blessings and love to all of you,

Jim and Nasrin

Portal Days: 1/1/14, 1/2/14, 1/4/14, 1/10/14, 1/11/14, 1/12/14, 1/18/14 & 1/20/14 & 1/21/14, 1/22/14, 1/30/14.  The Full Moon is on 1/16. New Moon is on 1/1.


The next FREE Gateway Portal Channeling is 2/2/14 

Join us for our LIVE Gateway Portal Channeling on Thursday, 12/12 at 7:30 PM ET. No registration is required. Please call 1-213-342-3000, use access code 199512#.

NOTE: You can benefit from participating even after each event! The audio of Gateway Portal Channelings will be posted within hours of each event. Click here for audios and transcriptions of past Gateway Portal events.


LIVE in January

PTE MS: HTS – Comprehensive Healing PH 4 – Healing the Inner Child Ages 14 to 18.

This Live session of Hear Thy Soul will be on Sunday, Jan. 19 at 3:00 PM ET.

Tuition for this 1 Lesson course is $125.00.

This is the fourth Session of this series as Divine Mother assists us in bringing our Personality Aspects and Soul Fragments back to be a vital part of our Being. Our Inner Child has received much needed healing in the first three sessions of this series and we now begin to address the needs of our selves as we reach young adulthood. To read more and register, click here.

If you have missed the previous sessions in this series, please start with Session 1 and begin the healing. You may advance to the next session after a week or when you feel you are ready, and catch up to the group quickly. To begin the series, click here.


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Meditation for January


Please perform the Grounding Meditation

Visualize yourself standing on Uluru,

  • Feel your heart beat in rhythm with Uluru, which is also in rhythm with the heartbeat of Mother Earth.
  • Now slowly let yourself dissolve into Uluru.
  • See the Warm Red Color of Uluru around you as you’re sliding down and simultaneously send from the bottoms of your feet and from your tailbone, roots that extend and wrap themselves around Mother Earth holding you fast and tight to the Core of Mother Earth.
  • Then visualize that a tree trunk forms around you, and this tree trunk has roots at its end which wrap themselves around your roots and around the Core of Earth, as well holding you even tighter to the Core of Mother Earth.
  • This tree trunk extends all the way up around you and above you, all the way up through the Thrones to the Pool of Creation where it spreads out into branches and leaves of the tree in the Pool of Creation.
  • See that the outside layer of the tree trunk is an Emerald Green color, the color of abundance.
  • Breathe in that Emerald Green into your lungs as it extends all the way up to the Pool of Creation, and all the way down to the Core Crystal of Earth.
  • Visualize Amber Colored Light beginning to move up like sap through this tree trunk all the way up through the roots.  This is the Amber Colored Life Force Energy of Mother Earth that is moving up, filling the tree trunk, reaching to the bottoms of your feet and your tailbone, filling each Chakra of your body in turn as it clears and cleanses your body, your Five Body System, your Energy Bodies as well as your Chakra System, filling you and moving, continuing up, all the way up to the Pool of Creation, emptying the Life Force Energy of Mother Earth into the Pool of Creation.
  • See that the Cosmic Life Force Energy that is also Amber Colored Light is pouring into the Pool of Creation and pouring down this tree trunk, reaching to our crown, filling us with the Amber Colored Light, filling our Five Body System and Chakra System.
  • Feel the Life Force Energy moving up and down simultaneously as you continue to glide down through a Pillar of Light and you find yourself standing in the Core of Mother Earth.

Standing inside the Core Crystal, see a Sacred Fire Altar with Flames jumping high and welcoming you. Imagine seeing Beloved Divine Mother in her Copper Gold Robes, Seven Tiered Headdress, very much in Ceremonial Robes, Celebratorial Robes – puffy robes – cascading out and on the ground behind her.  We offer her our love and gratitude.

Envision Goddess Victory in her Frosted Blue and Platinum Robes.  Great Silent Watcher is in her Turquoise Colored Robes, holding her Scepter of Power above this Entourage and beaming the Turquoise Blue from her Scepter, creating a Dome of Turquoise Blue Light. 

Envision the Perfected Presence of the Masculine Aspect in Emerald Green and Perfected Presence of the Feminine Aspect in Pink and Gold. Cosmic Guardian of the Divine Plan stands in her Warm Orange colors. Mother of the Universe in her Vibrant Pink Colored Robes, Mother of the Cosmos in her Amber Colored Robes and the Three Omniversal Mothers, the first in Purple, the second in Aquamarine Blue, and the third in Clay Red and Gold, are present; 144,000 Silent Watchers, standing shoulder to shoulder, and around them 2 billion Angelic Watchers all in their Turquoise Blue Light amplifying what Great Silent Watcher is sending us from her Scepter.  Take a moment, make your offerings to this Sacred Altar, and set your intentions for this event and for this coming year.

Now imagine everyone walking on the Golden Bridge to the 5th Dimensional Octave, with brightly shining Golden Filaments creating a strong and sturdy connection from the Third to 5th Dimension.  Now we will all cross it together, with Goddess Victory leading the way, Great Silent Watcher taking up the rear, all of us walking with Divine Mother across this Bridge to Divine Mother’s Retreat which is glistening – it is a seven tiered building. We reach the hexagonal gate and stand to be recalibrated before we enter. The Gate begins to emanate a series of colored lights, starting with the blue color, then purple, magenta, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and back to purple colored lights.  The gateway opens and we walk into the first floor Great Hall of the Retreat where Warm Orange colored Light is emanating from the walls and Italian Onyx on the floor. In the center imagine a Circular Sacred Fire Altar.  Stand before the Sacred Fire and set your intentions, make your offerings to Divine Mother’s Altar. Now take a deep breath.

The Seven Guardian Angels

Imagine that the Seven Cosmic Guardian Angels of the Seven Qualities come to stand around the Sacred Altar.  The first beaming Jade Green Light bringing healing and wholeness and offering you a necklace in that color to carry with you through the year.

Now focus on the next Cosmic Guardian Angel who’s beaming you Emerald Green Light to bring you the Energies of Financial Abundance and Material Wealth and offering you the condensed energies of her Light in a necklace in that Emerald Green colored Light to carry with you through the year.

We go to the next Cosmic Guardian Angel emanating Citron Green Light which bring the Qualities of Joy and Gratitude. She fills your body and being with joy and gratitude and offering you a necklace in that Citron Green Color to carry with you through the year.

We move to stand with the Cosmic Guardian Angel of Amber Colored Light who carries Cosmic Life Force to you. She offers you a necklace that is made of her condensed energies in Amber Light to carry with you through the year.

Moving to receive the Warm Orange Light from the Cosmic Guardian Angel of your Divine Plan, who offers you a necklace of her condensed energies in Warm Orange colored light to carry with you through the year and to help you achieve to your Divine Mission.

The next Cosmic Guardian Angel offers you Vibrant Pink and Fuchsia Pink, fully activated with the energies of Mother of the Universe and Sanat Kumara, the Planetary Logos respectively. Divine Love energies of Mother of Universe and our Beloved Sanat Kumara are condensed to offer you a necklace in Vibrant Fuchsia Pink color to carry with you through the year.

The next Cosmic Guardian Angel is now beaming you her Platinum Colored Light, the Light of  Goddess Victory and cocooning you in the Qualities of Victory. This Angel offers you a necklace in her condensed energies of Platinum Colored Light to carry with you through the year. Take a breath.

New Cosmic Guardian Angels to enhance above Qualities

Imagine now, another four Cosmic Guardian Angels appear before you. The first one emanating a Plum Colored Light mixed with Pink to offer you the Energies of Rejuvenation and offering you a necklace in Plum color to carry with you through the year.

The next Angelic Guardian, the Yellow and Amber, the Light Honey Colored Light which is the next level of the Life Force Energy, taking you to the next level, to bring you Ecstasy and Bliss and offering you a necklace in Yellow Amber color to carry with you through the year.

Now move to the Cosmic Guardian of Peach Light, the mix of Warm Orange and Pink lights.  The Guardian of  your own Highest Divine Plan mixed with the Energies of Divine Love and offering you a necklace in Peach color to carry with you through the year.

Now the last one, the eleventh Cosmic Guardian Angel who Carries the energies of Divine Mother in the Copper Gold Light,  beaming you her Light and gives you the eleventh necklace in Cooper Gold Light of Divine Mother to carry with you through the year.

All these eleven Cosmic Guardian Angels are now standing with us, beaming their Qualities and their Lights to you with each of their necklaces around your neck humming and resonating with those Energies, filling your body and your being with each of these Qualities.

Now envision Divine Mother sitting on her Throne. Take a moment to once again make your offerings to this Sacred Altar  in gratitude for all that you’ve received, all these necklaces, all these Great Beings coming forth in service to Divine Mother and in service to you. 


Meditation to Receive Healing in Divine Mother’s Meditation Chamber

Adapted from 12/12/2013 Gateway Portal Channeling


My beloved Children of Light I Am your very own Divine Mother.

Imagine that you now stand face to face with the Cosmic Guardian Angel of Copper Gold Light.  Stand so close that you can feel one another’s in-breath and out-breath. As you breathe in unison together, notice that the two of you begin to merge in oneness.  As you breathe, imagine that your lungs have expanded and the Light has magnified; the air has the aroma of jasmine and honeysuckle.  Your body loses its heaviness and it becomes lighter; and your Soul feels expanded as though the confinement of the body no longer burdens your Soul.  When you look down at yourself you will notice that from this merging with your own Cosmic Guardian made of the essence of Divine mother’s own Light, you are now emanating that Copper Gold Light.  You look down at yourself and all you see is Copper Gold Light, you’ve become taller, you’ve become more ethereal, you’ve become transparent, you’ve become filled with Copper Gold Light.

Now imagine that Divine Mother is standing in front of you while you remain merged with your Cosmic Guardian Angle. Come closer to Divine Mother until you feel that your breath and Divine Mother’s Breath are coming in and out in unison and your body touches Divine Mother’s Body. Then you fully merge into the body of Divine Mother. Envision that you expand and become lighter and emanate a deeper, more condensed essence of Copper Gold Light.

Imagine walking with me while still inside your own Cosmic Guardian Angel and inside Divine Mother’s Body; the three of us in oneness walk together.  I will go behind my Throne and pull the curtains of an arched doorway.  We will enter into a Hexagonal Meditation Room.   On each of the sides there is a seat and there is an image of Divine Mother seated.  In the center there is a vacant seat.  When I sit upon this seat you feel that you and your Cosmic Guardian Angel, fully merged inside of me, are also seated. This seat begins to rotate turning to face each of the faces of Divine Mother.  Look at each one as each become clear to you, and each Female Being seated on the seats on each facet begin to come alive.  They each beam love from their own hearts to yours and you breathe and bathe in this energy. Breathe and enjoy this union with each of the six Female Aspects of Divine Mother.

I have given you this gift of merging into your Cosmic Guardian, and then merging into Divine Mother and coming into this inner chamber where multiple Aspects of Divine Mother begin to beam their healing Light, and offer you loving compassion.

Come to this meditation room whenever you feel the need for healing.  These Aspects of Divine Mother are all an exact replica of my own essence yet they each have a Quality that they offer you.  I will let you know those Qualities in time to come.

Everything that you need, from Health and Wholeness, to Success, to Protection, to Higher Consciousness, Knowledge and Wisdom as well as Compassion, Love and Nurturance is available to you through these Aspects of Divine Mother. 

Come when you are in need and when in joy. This Meditation Room is a special Chamber to magnify healing through many layers of your life and being.  It extends from the present to the past as well as the future.  By spending time here and receiving Light, Love, Nurturance and Healing, you can raise your vibration and feel Joy; and then you can transmit all that you receive, and touch other people, places and things.  You become the receiving and transmitting antenna. 

I would like you to have the opportunity to go through this New Year of 2014 with this tool for every occasion. As you move through the year, as things are accelerated, as your knowledge expands, your inner sight becomes more acute, as you serve the Divine Feminine, as you become successful, even more so in every field than ever before, I stand by your side and I offer you these Aspects of my own Essence, a multiplication, a magnification of the Copper Gold Light of Divine Mother.

You may stay here and spend the night inside this Chamber with Divine Mother.   When you awaken in the morning, remember to bring yourself back to the consciousness of the body and seal everything that you have received within your Five Body System, within your Light Body, within your Physical Body, and remember to add this to your meditation daily. 

It will be wonderful to do this meditation for a week or two to receive the healing, regularly.  Furthermore, it is important that you do it at Full Moon, because during Full Moon everything is magnified. Do it on New Moons if you want to start a new project.  New moon is always for new beginnings.  Full Moon is for the empowerment, and then the receding moon is to release anything that no longer serves you to make room for another new beginning

I Am your very own Divine Mother, with all of my love, I hold you in my own heart.

So It Is.


© FAGU 2014