December 2014

December 2014 Newsletter


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Dear Friends,

Happy Holidays to everyone!

We wish all of you a fun and rewarding holiday season. This month Divine Mother brings the final session of Divine Mother’s Healing and Manifestation Series. This will be Phase 6 and we encourage anyone who has not been with us for this entire series to go back to PH 1 and join Divine Mother in these amazing meditations. They are not only full of amazing information but allow you to be of great service while performing the meditations. You can find this series of courses on the Curriculum Page of this site (Go to the menu bar and click on Home Study; then go to PTE MS Curriculum).

This month Divine Mother has also asked us to post a singing of the 108 Names of Goddess Lakshmi which is a powerful prayer to Goddess Lakshmi for abundance, both spiritual and in our mundane lives. You may click on the link below and listen every day. We have posted a PDF of the phrases, each a different name for Goddess Lakshmi and a different way to honor her. You can read along as Jim and I repeat the names and before you know it, you will know the entire prayer by heart.

In addition to all this, the meditation for this month is once again to empower the Throne of the I Am That I Am with the energies of the Cosmic Feminine energies of Divine Mother, Guardian of the Divine Plan, Goddess Victory and Great Silent Watcher. It is a powerful meditation and allows you to serve Earth and Humankind, as well as Divine Mother through strengthening this Throne by helping to bring those Feminine Energies into our Reality.

This month’s – and this year’s last – Gateway Portal Day is on Friday, December 12th at 7:30 PM EST. This live event is free. Call in number is 1-860-970-0300, use access code 199512#. Please join us to hear what Divine Mother has to tell us about what we have accomplished this year and will see in 2015.

Blessings to you all,

Jim and Nasrin


Portal Days: 12/1/14, 12/2/14, 12/10/14, 12/11/14, 12/12/14, 12/21/14, 12/22/14, 12/25/14, 12/30/14 & 12/31/14.  New Moon is on 12/22. The Full Moon is on 12/6.


The next FREE Gateway Portal Channeling is on 12/12/14


Join us for our LIVE Gateway Portal Channeling on Friday, 12/12 at 7:30 PM ET. No registration is required. Please call 1-860-970-0300, use access code 199512#.

NOTE: You can benefit from participating even after each event! The audio of Gateway Portal Channelings will be posted within hours of each event. Click here for audios and transcriptions of past Gateway Portal events.


LIVE in December


PTE MS: Divine Mother’s Healing & Manifestation Series PH 6

This Live session will be on Sunday, Dec. 14 at 3:00 PM ET.

Tuition for this 1 Lesson course is $125.00.

In Phase 6, which will be the last session of the year, Divine Mother is going to tell you some stories and do a recap of what we have done this year.  She is also going to tell you what to expect as we move into the New Year, and finalize everything that we’re doing with this portion of the Healing & Manifestation course, to then set the scene for all of you to be able to take the promised journey with Sanat Kumara to lands and Dimensions and times where you can retrieve your own tools, your own power objects, your own memories of all the good times, the good things, the good places, the good tools that you have in the past, in the present, and in the future possessed.

It is time for reaping the harvest and, now that we have set a firm foundation, to have some fun. To register, click here.


Divine Mother’s Gift for the New Year

Divine Mother has asked Nasrin and Jim to record the 108 Names of Goddess Lakshmi and to offer it as a gift to everyone. Please click on the link below to listen to the 5 minute recording. The PDF file below the audio is a transcript of the 108 Names with short descriptions. Thank you for all that you are and all that you do for Divine Mother, Earth and Humankind.

141130_108 Names of Goddess Lakshmi

For a Transcript of the 108 Names, click below.

108 Names of Goddess Lakshmi


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Divine Mother at the Throne of the I Am.

With Great Silent Watcher, Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan and Goddess Victory


Taken from the 11/11/14 Gateway Portal Day


© FAGU 2014

Grounding Meditation:

  • Feel your feet flat on the top of the great red rock that is Uluru in Central Australia.  Feel the heartbeat of this gigantic rock, this vortex, amazing vortex of positive Energy and of Light.  This Light also clears and cleanses your body and your Five Body System of dross as you expand into Uluru.
  • Now imagine that from the bottoms of your feet you activate your Hara Line- the Pillar of Light that goes from the bottoms of your feet and your tailbone down.  It surrounds the Chakra that’s just below the bottoms of your feet called the Earth Crust Chakra.  See that fully illuminated as you send the Pillar of Light all the way down to the Core Crystal of Mother Earth.  From the bottoms of your feet and your tailbone, see roots extending down all the way to the Core Crystal and see them wrapping around the Core Crystal.
  • A tree trunk forms around you, its roots around your roots, at the Core Crystal holding your roots even tighter to the Core Crystal, grounding you even more to Mother Earth. Its trunk extending upwards to heavens above. The outer layer of the tree trunk is an Emerald Green Light.  It’s bathing you in Emerald Green which is the bandwidth of Abundance, Health & Wholeness. It continues up through the heavens all the way to the Pool of Creation where it spreads out into branches and leaves that bathe in the Pool of Creation.
  • Now focus on the Core Crystal of Mother Earth where a mixture of Golden White Light and the Red Life Force Energy of Mother Earth mix to makes an Amber colored Light.  Pull that Amber colored Light up through your root system all the way up to the bottoms of your feet and fill your body with this Amber colored Light. Amber Light clears and cleanses every part of your body as it moves up through your legs to your hips where it embraces your Root Chakra going further up your torso the and Chakras of your Body; filling your bones, your tissues, muscles, your circulatory system, nervous system, organs and digestive system; and your Five Body System and Light Body as it expands out further.
  • Moving up filling your head and out through the Crown, into the Antahkarana Cord, which is the Pillar of Light that extends from your Crown Chakra, all the way up to the heavens that Amber colored Light will move up; see the tree trunk around you; it fills the tree trunk, your Antahkarana Cord and moves all the way up through the heavens and pours into the Pool of Creation.  The Amber colored Life Force Energy of Mother Earth that you are the catalyst to pull up into the Pool of Creation.
  • We ask for the Cosmic Mother of the Cosmos to pour her Cosmic Life Force Energy- also an Amber Colored Light- into the Pool of Creation and down through the tree trunk and this is.  It’s a slightly darker, richer, more vibrant Amber colored Light fills the tree trunk, reaching your Crown Chakra, and pouring into your head and into every part of your body, and all of the Chakras of the body, all of the tissues, bones, nervous system as you move down the back, and every organ.
  • The Life Force Energy of Mother Earth, gets enriched and invigorated by this Light as it continues to pour down the bottoms of the feet, to reach the Core Crystal of Mother Earth where it invigorates Mother Earth and adds Cosmic Energy to the Core of Mother Earth.  You have performed the service of being the conduit to bring Earth’s Life Force Energy to the heavens and to bring down the Cosmic Life Force Energy to Mother Earth.
  • The mixture of the Cosmic and the Earth Life Force Energies mixed together keep moving all the way up and down the tree trunk from the core Crystal to the Pool of Creation and back down again and again.
  • Now imagine you’re now swimming in the Pool of Creation surrounded by the Amber colored Life Force Energies, with the Turquoise Blue of Great Silent Watcher and the Copper Gold of Divine Mother. We step out together onto the deck that surrounds the Pool of Creation.  Your personal Angels are standing with your Ceremonial Robes and your Scepter of Power. Slip the robes on, the cape over your shoulders, your crown on top of your head and take your Scepter of Power in your hands.
  • See our Beloved Divine Mother sitting on her Throne in front of you.  Stand before Divine Mother as she spreads open her cape out and pours onto her Copper Gold Light onto you. Step into the bosom of Divine Mother as she wraps her Copper Gold cape around you. Take a deep breath. Offer your love, your gratitude to Divine Mother for the great, great opportunity to be in her presence in this way and to be of service to her, to Earth and humankind, and to yourself and your loved ones.

Throne of the I AM

Now in the bosom of Divine Mother we will move down to the 13th Dimension and the Throne of the I Am That I Am.  You see the Sacred Fire before us as we’re still in the bosom of Divine Mother, and she goes to sit on the Throne.

Divine Mother merges with the Energies, the Perfected Presence of the I Am that I Am. Take a deep breath and feel this now Golden Peach Pink Light, Golden Peach Light that is the mixture of Divine Mother’s Copper Gold and the Light Peach of the Perfected Presence of the I Am that I Am.  Feel and connect with your Higher Self and invite your Higher Self to once again pour into you as you sit with Divine Mother in these Energies.

Ask for a greater potency and a greater vastness of your own Higher Self to pour in and clear all the dross, and allow more room to pull more of your Higher Self into your body and your being. Continue to go deeper and set your intentions.


Divine Mother at the Throne of the I Am.

With Great Silent Watcher, Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan and Goddess Victory

Adapted from 11/11/2014 Gateway Portal Channeling from PTE Mystery School.

My Beloved Children of Light I’m your very own Divine Mother.

Imagine that I ask Great Silent Watcher, Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan and this time Goddess Victory to join as we embark upon the journey to go down to the Throne of I Am that I Am and to create a triangle of Light that will protect the Throne around us.

So envision inside the bosom of Divine Mother we will travel together with Great Silent Watcher in her ceremonial robes holding her Scepter of Power, our Beloved Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan in her ceremonial robes holding that crystallized Rod of Light which is made of all the events and circumstances that create various alternate realities that benefit you and your loved ones, and Goddess Victory, she will bring her Scepter of Power and her Torch, the Torch of Victory.  Her Torch is very similar to the Torch of Goddess Liberty; it carries the Energies of Victory in the form of fire.  A fire has the most potent transmutational properties, it penetrates deeply.  The fire inside the Torch of Goddess Victory will not burn you, while it will burn the dross, the karma, the pain, the struggles it has the highest consciousness where it can recognize what is good for you and enhance it while it transmutes what no longer serves you and removes it.

I ask you to envision as we reach upon the 13th Dimension of Reality that you sit inside Divine Mother’s bosom and you experience the Energies from the Throne, the Copper Gold of Divine Mother, the Golden Light of the Throne, the drop of Red for Passion and Action in motion.  Remember the Energies of the Turquoise Blue Light of Great Silent Watcher.  Remember that she brought in a touch of Cobalt Blue to increase and enhance the Power and Protection that she can offer you as we move from the 13th Dimension to more solid form.

Envision a blanket of that Turquoise Blue mixed with Cobalt permeating around the Throne as if a cloud or a blanket surrounds us.  Envision that Great Silent Watcher is standing directly behind us holding her Scepter, pouring the Turquoise Blue with Cobalt Blue upon your very own Divine Mother’s Body and Five Body System and as I absorb that, upon each of you and upon the Thorne, enhancing the Throne, enhancing the Energies of the Perfected Presence.  Remember that we invited the Perfected Presence of the I Am that I Am to allow you to merge with the highest Aspect of your own Higher Self.

I set this grid to become a triangle, with Great Silent Watcher at one point directly behind us and Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan to our right holding her condensed Energies of Divine Plan inside of her Rod, pouring a Warm Orange Light upon the Throne, upon Divine Mother’s Body, Five Body System and Light Body, which translates to your own Body, Five Body System, Light Body, receive the Warm Orange Light. And later I will add the energies of Goddess victory as the third point. She will come forward to take her position to my left.

Together let us set the intention that everything you need for this New Year be provided to you in the best possible way. We call upon the help of Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan through her Rod of Light that carries the highest and the best of every event and circumstance in every alternate reality- that can ultimately become your one and only reality- the best of all realities that you and your loved ones experience. 

Imagine that as Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan holds both hands wrapped around this thick Rod of Light that it becomes active.  Light moves in the form of particles and waves through this Rod and when the Light pours onto the Throne, onto Divine Mother’s Body, Five Body System Light Body; and finally onto your Body, Five Body System and Light Body. It becomes exactly what you need: the thoughts that will guide you; the intuition that will direct you; the connection between your soul and your personality aspects; the ability to express yourselves in the best way possible; the ability to communicate; the ability to direct and guide others to what is best for them; the ability for your voice to be heard; the ability for your actions to be heeded; the ability for your ways to be accepted and emulated; the ability for you to have the power, the Divine Power to guide and direct others, to take others under your wings, the compassion with which you will serve, the love which you would spread, Divine Mother’s own love. The desire to change the world for a better place, to leave it for the future generations, all of this we ask to be incorporated in everything that is transferred from the Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan’s Rod through the Light that she sends, through the Filaments of Light that she pours in wave form and in quanta particles, pouring into your Body, pouring into your Five Body System, pouring into your Light Body.

Imagine now that Goddess Victory takes her position right by my left side, which is also your left side as you sit inside my chest.  Goddess Victory is holding her Torch with her left hand and her Rod, her Scepter, with her right hand. She’s holding both of those right above my head balancing the Scepter of Power from Great Silent Watcher and the Rod of Divine Light from Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan. 

Victory is holding both arms up, high above her head, reaching up; Platinum Light is pouring out of her Torch and Frosted Blue mixed with Platinum together with Gold and Pink is pouring out from her Scepter and her Rod.  The Golden Globe of her Scepter represents that part that sends the Energies of Victory to give you power through Victory.  The long Rod of her Scepter represents her Rod of Power.

The Energies of Victory in the form of success in the mundane world and Victory in enlightenment, in greater awakening, in greater awareness is imbued in the combination of her Scepter and her Rod. Meanwhile the transmutational forces of her Torch allows her to remove and release all dross, karma and karmic entanglements. The fire that she carries in her Torch of Victory burns away negativity and struggle.

Understanding what Victory does for you is very important. The role that she plays together with Great Silent Watcher and Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan in this upcoming year – from November of 2014 to November of 2015.  These three stand around the Throne of I Am that I Am and create an umbrella of Light around the Throne extending into the realms bellow and, filling the container of your Reality- the reality that extends from the 13th Dimension all the way down to you in the 3rd Dimension. This work is of utmost importance.  This is specifically directed at the dense reality that extends from the 3rd to the 13th.  This is the realm of dense form and everything that happens here affects you. All of this will enhance your lives and make the path smoother and easier for you and your loved ones 

Great Silent Watcher has added her Cobalt Blue Light to bring extra Power and extra Protection to all of you.  Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan has crystallized that Divine Plan- which in Higher Realms is Liquid Light- to a crystallized the best plans to come into and manifest into your reality, your Life. This Light now carries Filaments of Light in both particle form as quanta and wave form to help you in every way and to cover all bases. She will communicate by transmitting from her Rod and her Body into my Five Body System- Light Body, and through mine into yours.  We have covered all the bases and now we have the blessing of Goddess Victory’s Torch that will transmute anything that will not make you victorious, anything that will delay you, anything that will stand in your way.  On one hand she will torch anything that is of ill health, of ill will, of delay, of no service.  On the other hand through the Rod and the Scepter of Victory she will illuminate you, she will enhance your vibrational force field.  She will lift you up. 

Some of you have asked,

“ given the state of our world, what is it that we can do to move away from the pain, from the anger, from the war, from the animosity between peoples of different nations, between people of different faiths, between peoples of different races, what can we do to bring us to harmony?

My answer is:

the best thing you can do is to raise the vibration.  For as long as humanity remains unconscious, asleep, they will carry the animosity, they will see pettiness, they will continue to see rift and find ways to only see the differences.  The moment that their consciousness is raised to realize that you are all one, we are all one, what you do onto others you have done onto yourselves, what you think of another you have thought of yourselves, what you do for another you have done for yourselves.  In that moment you will awaken the multitudes and masses.  In that moment the Five Elements will support you.  In that moment every Deity, the consciousness, the higher consciousness of every Great Being and all the tools, all the magical tools, all the mystical tools, all the miraculous tools in their possession is yours.   In that moment when you raise your consciousness and you see the world and everyone in it as connected, related, as one, united, when you realize that thoughts are things, and the more you allow yourself to think good thoughts the more goodness comes to you.”


Divine Mother’s Prayers and Intentions for us in the New Year of 2015 and Beyond


My prayer for each of you as we embark upon yet another Spiritual Year is that each of you are able to touch multitudes and masses and gain the merits for doing that, and continue your act of service as you graduate from this world to worlds where you will be appreciated, worlds where your Light will be recognized, worlds where your presence will be appreciated.  My prayer for each of you is that you accomplish all that you have agreed to accomplish and then take it to the next level beyond that which you agreed, beyond that which is expected of you, beyond that which you expect of yourselves.

My greatest wish for you is that the gateways to Higher Realms and Worlds be opened to each of you, while you are in this physical body; worlds where you are received as the great beings of Light, as the spearheads, as the torch bearers that you are; as the way showers; as the healers; as the miraculous presence that can change the worlds in an instant.

My prayer for the world and the consciousness of humankind and the collective consciousness of every being, every creature in the 3 kingdoms of the minerals, plants and animals as well as the Human Kingdom is that they all are united once again, and through their unity the collective consciousness of all souls becomes the close knit filaments of Light that allows everyone to see everything connected and united in oneness.

Recap and Summary

For the course of this month until we come back together in the New Year please repeat this exercise:

  •  Imagine yourself in Divine Mother’s bosom seated upon the Throne of I Am that I Am, absorbing the Turquoise Blue Light mixed with Cobalt from Great Silent Watcher, the Warm Clay Red color of Divine Plan in its wave and particle form from the Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan and the Platinum Light of Goddess Victory, which is the source of all Energies of Victory, on one hand mixed with Frosted Blue to give you the Power of Victory in its balanced male and female aspect together with the Pink and Gold that will bring Divine Love, Divine Sustenance, Divine Victory. 
  • See Goddess Victory holding her Torch and torching all that no longer serves you, all the cords, all the daggers, all the fear, pain, struggle, all the limitations that people who have limitations put on you, all the limitations that from fears of past events has etched into the grooves of your DNA.  I ask for Goddess Victory to remove all limitations from within your DNA structure.  I ask her to replace that limitation with the Frosted Blue and Platinum Light of Victory that carries the balance of the polarities of masculine and feminine and the Gold and Pink and Platinum Light of Victory, that brings the feminine aspect together with the Energies of Divine Love, Divine Acceptance, Divine Victory.
  • I ask you to always envision that you are encased in a blanket of the Turquoise Blue with Cobalt which has layers of Warm Orange, Frosted Blue and Platinum, Gold and Pink with Platinum, carrying the Energies of Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan and Goddess Victory, inside the blanket of Turquoise Blue, while you see yourself fully encased and protected in the Copper Gold of Divine Mother, bathing in the Energies of the Throne of I Am that I Am, while etching your own presence, your own love, your own Higher Consciousness, and all the merits that you gain for touching people, places and things and imbuing them with the Energies of the Higher Consciousness, and the presence of the Throne. 

I hold you in my own heart with great love, with great gratitude bidding you love on this star gate portal opening and happy Veterans Day.  I hold you in my own heart I Am your very own Divine Mother.  So It Is.