August 2014

August 2014 Newsletter



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Dear Friends,

Happy August! For our meditation Divine Mother takes our guided meditation and the healing from last month to its next phase.

Please remember that our free gateway portal channeling for 8/8/2014 falls on a Friday this month.

Our course for this month is the part two of the series entitled Divine Mothers Healing and Manifestation PH 2.

Have a Happy and prosperous month of August, from all of us at waves of bliss, PTE Mystery School and Indigos Awaken.


Portal Days: 8/1/14, 8/8/14, 8/10/14, 8/11/14, 8/12/14, 8/18/14, 8/20/14 & 8/21/14. New Moon is on 8/25. The Full Moon is on 8/10.


The next FREE Gateway Portal Channeling is on 8/8/14

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LIVE in August



PTE MS: Divine Mother’s Healing & Manifestation Series PH II

This Live session will be on Sunday, August 17 at 3:00 PM ET.

Tuition for this 1 Lesson course is $125.00.

In this series, Divine Mother will work with Cosmic Beings new to us that have committed to assist in our continuing healing process. It is essential that we clear and cleanse another layer of dross in order to work with Sanat Kumara, the Planetary Logos, in our next series. This healing & Manifestation Series is the precursor to the long awaited journeys with Sanat Kumara Series to follow. To read more and register, click here.


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Meditation for receiving the healing Gems from Divine Mother

 Taken From 6-6-14 Gateway Portal Session

My Beloved Children of Light I Am your very own Divine Mother.

I ask you to raise your arms and hold your hands out with your arms at shoulder length, lifting the palms of your hands to face me.  I ask you to envision that Divine Mother is standing in front of you and placing the palms of my hands against yours and sending you Energy.  I ask you to become aware of the headdress on my head and the Orange Sapphire Gem on the headdress over my Third Eye. Become aware that the Orange Sapphire is activated.  It is connecting and activating both Third Eye and Crown Chakra.

I ask you also to envision that by touching the palms of your hands with the palms of my hands I am sending you Energy from my own Cosmic Heart Personal Heart Chakras through my shoulders, my arms, my hands into your hands, your arms, your shoulders, moving into your chest and entering into your Cosmic Heart Personal Heart Chakras.  I ask you now to focus on receiving the Diamond Light from the palms of my hands while I focus the Orange Sapphire on my headdress upon your Third Eye and Crown, but also upon your Cosmic Heart and Personal Heart Chakras. 

Cosmic Heart is on top of your chest and Personal Heart is right equal distance on your chest.  If you draw a line from one nipple to the other it’s right in the center of your chest between the two nipples.  That’s your Personal Heart Chakra and above it is your Cosmic Heart Chakra.

So the Diamond, the clear Crystal Light that the diamond sends both from my diamond ring on the finger but also from both palms of my hands, which is going up your arms into your chest emanating from your Cosmic Heart Personal Heart Chakras, it is also receiving the Orange Sapphire.  The Orange Sapphire is now emanating to your Cosmic Heart Personal Heart Chakras and you are absorbing it from my Third Eye.  So one triangle of Light is going from my Third Eye to your Cosmic Heart Personal Heart Chakras sending the Orange Sapphire Light, another triangle is going from my Orange Sapphire on my Third Eye to your Third Eye Crown Chakra.

This is the second phase of the exercise we started last month, in July Newsletter. Then we focused on the Third Eye and the Cosmic Heart. I wanted to make sure that you had a month to recalibrate those Chakras before I gave you this phase.  A Chakra is a spherical energy center. Your various Chakras absorb these Lights and begin to heal and awaken.

I am wearing a ring with gold, a golden ring with small emeralds, rubies and sapphires.  These three gems have the same chemistry and the same hardness; but because of their color range they carry a different bandwidth of Light, so while they have similar chemistries they are different in what they achieve. 

Therefore, you are receiving the Energies in two triangles, one emanating from my Third Eye magnified by the Orange Sapphire on my headdress going into your Third Eye and Crown Chakras; and the second triangle going into your Cosmic Heart and Personal Heart from the Diamond on my ring finger that is sending Diamond Energy to both your hands and into your chest. It is also carrying the Energies of Emeralds, Rubies, and Blue Sapphires. 

  • The Light from the Blue Sapphire will emanate to your Throat Chakra and sends a rich Dark Blue Light to clear and cleanse your Throat Chakra. 
  • The Emerald Green Light from the Emeralds to your Personal Heart Chakra to clear and cleans and warm up your personal Heat Chakra which experiences personal love, personal relationships, the love that you experience in every day worldly relationships.  By the time you are young adults you have had your fair share of broken hearts, and so this Emerald Green Light will attach itself to your Personal Heart Chakra to heal your heart.
  • Your Crown and your Third Eye are both emanating that beautiful Orange Sapphire color.   Diamond Crystalline Light enhances the Orange Sapphire Energies and gives it sharpness, gives it an edge, gives it a sharp focused edge going on in your Third Eye and your Crown Chakra.
  • The sphere inside your Throat has by now absorbed and is emanating that beautiful Dark Blue Sapphire color.
  • Your Cosmic Heart Chakra has the Emerald Green Light and the Orange Sapphire Light. 
  • The Personal Heart Chakra has now absorbed that Emerald Green Light
  • The Red color of the rubies gets mixed with the Orange color from the Orange Sapphire and it lodges itself down in your Solar Plexus, right in the belly region, and below it over the reproductive organs in your Sacral Plexus, and further down in your Root Chakra.  The mixture of the Orange with the Red and the Clear Crystalline Diamond Light gives it a Peachy Orange color, which provides focus for your Creative Energies to begin to bubble up in your Sacral Plexus; it also has the empowering, warming effect which your Solar Plexus needs to be empowered.  Then that Red Ruby Energy mixed with the Orange of the Sapphire and the clarity in the crystalline sharpness of the diamond in your Root Chakra gives you grounding, focus and connection to Mother Earth. 

Recap of the view from outside yourself: Imagine now you’re looking at yourself standing as though next to Divine Mother looking at your own Body and you’re looking from your tailbone area where your Root Chakra is looking up:

  • You see your Root Chakra carries that Ruby colored Light with some Orange Sapphire and some bright Crystalline Light of the diamonds and it is sending beams of Orangy Red downward, forward and behind you.   Three cones with the point of the cone right at your tailbone and it is becoming extended at is goes upward, as it goes outward.  One pointing down to the ground and connecting with the crust of the Earth, one pointing forward, and one pointing from behind you to what goes on behind.  It is extending Energy outward.  I am going to ask you to feel it’s extended about 6 to 8 inches outward. 

I extending it right now when you are in this meditation and your consciousness is with Divine Mother, you’re embraced in the Energy of Divine Mother.  Your whole entire Being and your Five Body System and your Light Body are encased in Divine Mother’s Energies so you are heightened and there’s no chance that you would pull in an Energy that’s of lower vibration.  So right now you can let the Energies extend.  You can let your Root Chakra completely breathe and bathe in the Energies and expand because when you allow it to expand in a safe environment you become sensitive and the sensitivity allows you to pull the abundance from Earth, pull the abundance from the atmosphere, pull the grounding from your surroundings, pull the love of Divine Mother from this cocoon that is around you, the Copper Gold cocoon of Divine Mother. 

So looking at yourself as though you’re standing outside of yourself looking at yourself, you see:

  • Three beautiful cone shape emissions of Light, beautiful cone shapes emanating the Ruby Red with Orange Light.
  • In your Sacral Plexus you see this beautiful Bright Orange Light which has some streaks of Peach, Orange and Red and
  • Your Solar Plexus is a bright Peach colored Light, a warm Yellowy Orange with Peach and little streaks of Pink and Red. 
  • Your Personal Heart Chakra has an Emerald Green Light with Orange in the center, that Bright Orange that is coming from Divine Mother’s Orange Sapphire on the Third Eye
  • In the Cosmic Heart, the Bright Orange from the Orange Sapphire mixed with the sharp Crystal Light of the Emerald in your Cosmic Heart Chakra. 
  • Your Throat Chakra has a beautiful Dark Blue Light emanating.
  • Then you see the Bright Orange mixed with the Crystalline Light in your Third Eye and in your Crown Chakra.  You can sit with Divine Mother and talk for as long as you want, and for the course of this month you can repeat this meditation.

Closing the Chakras back up: At the end of each meditation I ask you that you always pull the Energies back into the Chakras.  The reason is that when expanded you are sending Energy outward which is fine when you meditate and spend time with Divine Mother. However,  when you go back to the world outside it is best to pull the energies in and protect yourself, because when expanded  you are prone to pick up stuff- there is exchange happening; so if you go and sit on a chair where somebody has sat before you, you are prone to pick up the Energies of that person.  It you’re standing in line and there’s someone standing in front of you and someone behind you, you are prone to those Energies.  close all the chakras up before you go to the mundane world to prevent you from being scattered.  So we’re going to close in from top down:

  •  Pull the Energies of the Orange Sapphire and Clear Light of Diamond into the top of your head inside the Lotus. Imagine that there’s a beautiful big Lotus on top of your head and the petals of the Lotus come up to become the bud, and pull in the Energy of the Crystal Light of the diamond, the Orange Sapphire and pull it into the Lotus and then the Lotus closes and goes down inside your head.  You’re just aware of the tip of the petals just protruding enough that your hair covers it on top of your head. 
  • The one in your Third Eye is pulled in and becomes the size of a ping pong ball or a small tangerine size that sits inside your forehead.  The Orange Light with the Crystal Clear Diamond Light makes it sharp and clears the Energies is encased inside of a small ball.  It’s protected inside of your Third Eye, inside of your forehead. 
  • Then a tennis ball size inside of your Throat Chakra.  It has no density; it simply carries the Blue Light.  It is pulled right into your Throat area, right inside your Throat Chakra.  The Chakra is illuminated with it but it is pulled right in.  It is encased inside your Throat Chakra. 
  • Then your Cosmic Heart Chakra pulls in the Orange Sapphire and the Diamond Crystal Light, completely in, a large disc, a large sphere that has now been pulled into the top of your chest right where your thymus gland is exchanging Energy inside of your torso. 
  • Then your Personal Heart Chakra with the Emerald Green Light of Healing, the Orange Sapphire Light of focus, the Bright Orange Light of Nurturance, the Divine Light that carries the Orange Sapphire Light inside your Personal Heart Chakra, right in the center of your chest. 
  • Then further down you see a nice sphere that is held inside your belly which has Orange and Yellow and Pink and Reddish Light moving,
  • and one below it over your Sacral Plexus that has Orange and Red and Peach,
  • And the Root one that pulls all the three cones into itself and sits right over your tailbone, inside.  For those of you who are in female bodies you pull it into your womb, for those of you who are in male bodies you pull it into your reproductive organs.  Pull the three cones right in, that goes right in and allows you to carry that Energy inside, three cones inside of a sphere, and above it a sphere for your Sacral Plexus and above it a sphere for your Solar Plexus.  Those three, one below the other sit on top of each other.  So now you’re ready to go out in the world.  Your encased in the Energies, your still carrying them but you’re not wide open. 

Become aware that Divine Mother is still holding the palms of your arms into the palms of her hands and then as I let you go I ask you to rub your hands together, rub them together until you feel the heat inside the palms of your hands.  After you feel a good bit of heat forming then put both hands right over your chest and breathe in and breathe out, now breathe in and breathe out, and for the last time, breathe in and out.  Envision that you are still inside the Copper Gold Light of Divine Mother’s own Signature Energy.  Envision that your Physical Body, your Energetic Bodies, your Light Body are always and forever bathing in this Copper Gold Light.  Envision Divine Mother’s Light constantly showering with my own love and my own protection.  This Copper Gold Light provides love and nurturance as well as protection and guidance.  Through this Copper Gold Light I guide you on your path, every day, all day, every night, all night. 

Summary: in the morning when you get up- if you have time sit for meditation- otherwise you may quickly envision that your Crown Chakra is activated, your Third Eye is activated, your Throat is activated, your Cosmic Heart Personal Heart Chakras are activated, your Solar Plexus, Sacral Plexus, Root Chakras are activated.  Envision yourself inside of Divine Mother’s Copper Gold Light and imagine that your Physical Body, your Energies Bodies, your Light Body are all encased in this Copper Gold Light, cocoon after cocoon of Copper Gold layers each of your Bodies and your Light Body, start the day that way.  Then at night when you are at your home, whether you sit to meditate for a few minutes before you fall asleep or you just lay in bed, in the distance between being awake and falling asleep envision that you open everything up and you let Mother fill each of the Chakras, the top of your head with your Lotus wide open with all the Energies in the colors pouring in.  The Third Eye wide open Mother pouring the Energies in, your Throat wide open the Blue coming in, your Cosmic Heart Personal Heart wide open with the Orange in the Cosmic Heart and Orange with Green in the Personal Heart, your Solar Plexus Sacral Plexus Root Chakra with the Ruby as well as the Warm Orange, Bright Orange and the Crystal colors, Rubies wide open allowing you to bathe in the Energies.  The Copper Gold Light of Divine Mother expanding allowing you to expand your Five Body System, allowing you to expand your Energy Bodies, allowing you to expand your Light Body. 

You can expand as big as your whole bedroom, if you feel safe, if you feel good; you can extend it as much or as little you want. In that Energy you can say I offer myself to Divine Mother for recalibration and fall asleep. 

When you wake up in the morning make sure you pull everything in, that’s very important.  Pulling everything in is important.  If you forget you may become ungrounded, scattered, unfocused, and need to ground yourself; let that be a reminder. Ask your personal Guardian Angels who carry the Copper Gold Light on your behalf to pull the Energy in and to wrap you in the Copper Gold Light, especially if you forget to pull the Energies in as you start the day.

At any time in the course of the day if you feel you need grounding or protection, pull everything in and put yourself inside the tree trunk. The tree trunk is the best way for you to put extra layers of protection on.  Send your roots down to the Core of the Earth.  Send the tree trunk all the way up to the Pool of Creation, let it bathe in the Pool of Creation and charge you from the Energies that are pouring down from the Pool of Creation.  Let yourself constantly be in the flow of Energies from Divine Mother and the Pool of Creation, that way your creativity can expand, that way your intuition can guide you and remember that Divine Mother holds your hands, both your hands.

I hold you in my own Heart, I carry you every day.  I hear everything that you say and I act on what your heart desires, and you can talk to me anywhere, anytime. Every moment of every day is yours to share with me and I hear every word, I feel every feeling.  I hold you in my own Heart with great love.

I’m your very own Divine Mother.  So It Is.


© FAGU 2014