April 2014

April 2014 Newsletter


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Dear Friends,

Happy Easter! As we move into the second quarter of the year let us hold intentions for the a smooth rest of the year for all, with a calm and peaceful transition through spring and summer away from excessive heat, brush fires and disasters which have been climbing in intensity in recent years. Together we can make an enormous difference when we put our hearts and minds in helping our world and every creature that depends on it. In this month’s meditation Divine Mother brings us more help from the realms by petitioning Cosmic Beings who bring the pure essence of Power, Protection and Nurturance, Joy and Happiness, Divine Love, victory and the unfolding of our Divine Plan. At the end of this meditation, Divine Mother says,

“It makes me very happy when we anchor the Energies easily.  This was an easy one with an immense impact.”

Let us come together and ask for all manners of actions which come to us easily and render immense impact.  Doing it is easy, but first we have to believe that we can have an immense impact in our world. If you have any doubt as to your ability to make a difference please call upon Divine mother, Great Silent watcher and Goddess Victory and request that they help you feel and experience your own greatness and to show you all that you can do to make a huge difference in our world.

Please join us in this month’s Gateway Portal Channeling session on 4/4/14. This is free to everyone and a great way to serve by listening to the meditations and repeating them. Please invite others to join us and be the instrument for introducing these teachings to others. You will gain merits from Divine Mother and other deities for bringing others to the fold.

This month our HTS- Comprehensive Healing Course is on Sunday April 13th.

We wish you the best as always,

Jim and Nasrin


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Guided meditation with Cosmic Aspects of Divine Mother for Power and Protection, Life and Nurturance, Joy and Happiness


Please perform the Grounding Meditation

Visualize yourself standing on Uluru,

  • Feel your heart beat in rhythm with Uluru, which is also in rhythm with the heartbeat of Mother Earth.
  • Now slowly let yourself dissolve into Uluru.
  • See the Warm Red Color of Uluru around you as you’re sliding down and simultaneously send from the bottoms of your feet and from your tailbone, roots that extend and wrap themselves around Mother Earth holding you fast and tight to the Core of Mother Earth.
  • Then visualize that a tree trunk forms around you, and this tree trunk has roots at its end which wrap themselves around your roots and around the Core of Earth, as well holding you even tighter to the Core of Mother Earth.
  • This tree trunk extends all the way up around you and above you, all the way up through the Thrones to the Pool of Creation where it spreads out into branches and leaves of the tree in the Pool of Creation.
  • See that the outside layer of the tree trunk is an Emerald Green color, the color of abundance.
  • Breathe in that Emerald Green into your lungs as it extends all the way up to the Pool of Creation, and all the way down to the Core Crystal of Earth.
  • Visualize Amber Colored Light beginning to move up like sap through this tree trunk all the way up through the roots.  This is the Amber Colored Life Force Energy of Mother Earth that is moving up, filling the tree trunk, reaching to the bottoms of your feet and your tailbone, filling each Chakra of your body in turn as it clears and cleanses your body, your Five Body System, your Energy Bodies as well as your Chakra System, filling you and moving, continuing up, all the way up to the Pool of Creation, emptying the Life Force Energy of Mother Earth into the Pool of Creation.
  • See that the Cosmic Life Force Energy that is also Amber Colored Light is pouring into the Pool of Creation and pouring down this tree trunk, reaching to our crown, filling us with the Amber Colored Light, filling our Five Body System and Chakra System.
  • Feel the Life Force Energy moving up and down simultaneously as you continue to glide down through a Pillar of Light and you find yourself standing in the Core of Mother Earth.

At the Core Crystal

Standing inside the Core Crystal, see a Sacred Fire Altar with Flames jumping high and welcoming you.

  • Imagine Beloved Divine Mother in her Copper Gold Robes,
  • Envision Goddess Victory in her Frosted Blue and Platinum Robes,
  • Great Silent Watcher is in her Turquoise Colored Robes, holding her Scepter of Power, creating a Dome of Turquoise Blue Light.
  • Envision the Perfected Presence of the Masculine Aspect in Emerald Green and Perfected Presence of the Feminine Aspect in Pink and Gold.
  • Cosmic Guardian of the Divine Plan stands in her Warm Orange colors.
  • Mother of the Universe in her Vibrant Pink Colored Robes,
  • Mother of the Cosmos in her Amber Colored Robes,
  • Three Omniversal Mothers, the first in Purple, the second in Aquamarine Blue, and the third in Clay Red and Gold, are present,
  • 144,000 Silent Watchers, standing shoulder to shoulder, and around them 2 billion Angelic Watchers all in their Turquoise Blue Light amplifying what Great Silent Watcher is sending us from her Scepter.
  • Take a moment, make your offerings to this Sacred Altar, and set your intentions for this event and for this coming year.

5D Octave

  • Imagine everyone walking on the Golden Bridge to the 5th Dimensional Octave,
  • Goddess Victory leading the way, Great Silent Watcher taking up the rear, all of us walking with Divine Mother across this Bridge to Divine Mother’s Retreat.
  • We reach the hexagonal gate and stand to be recalibrated before we enter. The Gate begins to emanate a series of colored lights, starting with the blue color, then purple, magenta, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and back to purple colored lights.
  •  The gateway opens and we walk into the first floor Great Hall of the Retreat where Warm Orange colored Light is emanating from the walls and Italian Onyx on the floor.
  • In the center imagine a Circular Sacred Fire Altar. 
  • Stand before the Sacred Fire and set your intentions, make your offerings to Divine Mother’s Altar. Now take a deep breath.


Guided meditation with Cosmic Aspects of Divine Mother for Power and Protection, Life and Nurturance, Joy and Happiness

Adapted from 3/3/2014 Gateway portal Channeling by Nasrin Safai


My Beloved Children of Light I Am your very own Divine Mother.

The Angelic Guardians of this retreat pulled the curtains to allow you to walk into Divine Mother’s own Inner Chamber.  In the past three sessions we have been working with six Aspects of Divine Mother; then we added the triangle on a platform which rises when you sit in the seat. We invited Great Silent Watcher, Mother of Cosmos, and I- Divine Mother- to stand at the three points of this triangular platform.

Now I invite you to hold my hand and walk with me through the double doorway into this six sided room. Before you go to sit in your copper gold velvet colored seat, just take in this entire setup:

  • We enter through the doors on the westerly side of this room. To your left is the Aspect of Divine Mother who is emanating the Cobalt Blue Light, and she brings you Power and Protection seated in position of 12 o’clock.
  • At the position of 2 you see the Aspect of Divine Mother who brings the beautiful Leafy Green colored Light of Nurturance and Life.  This life giving vibration helps to renew your bodies, your Five Body System and your Light Body, that’s in the position of two o’clock.
  • In the position of four o’clock, a brightly illumined Warm Yellow Light is emanating from an Aspect of Divine Mother who brings you Joy and Happiness with a touch of Gratitude.
  •  In the position of six o’clock, opposite the Cobalt Blue Mother, is an Aspect of Divine Mother emanating a Vibrant Pink Light of Divine Love.

The difference between Divine Love and human love is that Divine Love is unconditional, it is given without expectation.  It is always available. You can always go to it.  It will never be taken away from you, for as long as you believe in it and for as long as you call upon it; this Love and this Aspect of Divine Mother is willing to be in your service.

  •  Then in the position of eight o’clock is a Frosted Blue Aspect of Divine Mother who is overlighted by Goddess Victory’s Light. Frosted Blue is Goddess Victory’s Light and Platinum Shimmers are shining through the Light that is this Aspect of Divine Mother.  That was position of eight o’clock
  • Finally in the position of ten o’clock is a Vibrant Orange Aspect of Divine Mother who is emanating the overlighting presence of Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan. I do ask you to envision that Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan now goes and stands behind this Aspect of Divine Mother.  Now the Vibrant Orange Aspect of Divine Mother is seated upon her seat with Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan behind her in the position of ten o’clock. 
  • Now envision that Goddess Victory goes to stand behind the Aspect of Divine Mother seated in the position of eight o’clock with the Frosted Blue and Platinum Shimmers.  Goddess Victory is fully illumined with her Platinum colored Light.
  • In the position of six o’clock envision that Beloved Mother of Universe with her Vibrant Pink Light will take her position to stand Behind the Aspect of Divine Mother who emanates the Vibrant Pink of Divine Love. 

I will be introducing three new Beings to you. They have been petitioned to retrieve the Cosmic Aspect of specific qualities and bring them to Earth. I w2ill introduce these new beings to you now.

  • Look to the position of 4 O’clock and see the Warm Yellow Aspect of Divine Mother with the Energies of Joy and Happiness. Now imagine an illumined Cosmic female Being standing right behind her.  This Being is the Cosmic Guardian of Joy.  She is a tall and slender Female, but her Energy is very large and wide.  There are many layers of a Vibrant Warm Yellow Light emanating from her.  In the very center is a deep bright- bright almost an orangey yellow Light and as it goes outwards the layers become lighter until the last layer is almost a lemony white, or a light colored lemon yellow. 

You’re still standing right at the gateway holding Divine Mother’s hand and looking at what’s going on right now, and we’ve started going counter clockwise, so that was the position of four o’clock.

  • At the position of two o’clock, notice another female Being standing behind the Green Aspect of Divine Mother. Her Energy is like the Energies of the fairies and divas’ that live in the forests.  It’s as though her body is leaning towards the trees and the plants.   You could say she is a Nature Being similar to the Elementals; that is, if you thought of Elementals from the prospective of their Cosmic Energy. This is a Cosmic Guardian of the Elementals for the Plant Kingdom coming from the Cosmic Source. She has been petitioned by your very own Divine Mother to return to Earth the Pure Life Force and Nurturance to return perfection to the Plant Kingdom. Also to revive the plants that are meant to feed and heel and nurture you in order to bring the life force and nurturance that you need to receive from the Plant Kingdom. 

Right now Earth really needs a great boost in that direction for sustenance, for energy, the Vibration and the Light that the Plant Kingdom needs.  When this quality returns to earth, plants will begin to thrive; barren lands will begin to start growing plants, trees, bushes. Barren lands will call to themselves rain and gentle sun, and the deserts become forests. This Cosmic Being offers her Grace, her Nurturance and her Life Force to make it possible.  When her Grace is present then the life giving force which helps the plants grow is intensified. This Being is now standing behind the Aspect of Divine Mother who is representing the Life Force and nurturance.

  • Finally we go back to the position of twelve o’clock. Notice that a very large, tall Being, emanating Cobalt Blue Light, is standing behind that Aspect of Divine Mother.  I have petitioned her with the help of Great Silent Watcher, Goddess Victory and Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan for this Aspect to come from the Cosmic Source and bring the Feminine Life Force that empowers and protects all creation.

In the past, during the reign of the Divine Masculine, the same Cobalt Blue Energy was overlighted by a Masculine Being.  What you are now witnessing is the transfer of that Energy from the Masculine to the Feminine.  By petitioning this Aspect that carries the Feminine Qualities and Energy of Power and Protection to come forth and represent the Divine Feminine, I have tilted the scale. We now have the representation from the Divine Feminine Council for the quality of Power and Protection. This Being brings everyone on Earth Empowerment to be the embodiment of your Divine Mission; to accomplish what you have come to accomplish in this lifetime; to be a blessing to our world and to touch others.  Besides Empowerment she also brings protection to each of you who are indeed a blessing to our world and ready to be the embodiment of your Divine Mission in this life. Why do you need protection?  Because for as long as you are protected, you will be able to walk on the higher path. You need to be protected from swaying, from being distracted, from being delayed.

Once again, before you sit upon the seat in the center I ask you to look around this room and see clockwise:

In the position of twelve o’clock, an Aspect of Divine Mother with an overlighting feminine presence from the Cosmic Source, both emanating Cobalt Blue providing Power and Protection.  

In the position of two o’clock an Aspect of Divine Mother is seated emanating the Life Force and the Nurturance of newly born leaves and plants. Standing behind her is a towering Cosmic Being who brings Pure Essence of Nurturance and Life Force from its Cosmic Source back to Earth.  Both are emanating that Life Force in the Green of new leaves in spring. 

In the position of four o’clock is an Aspect of Divine Mother representing Joy and Happiness with Gratitude, emanating Yellow, with a Cosmic Being standing behind her bringing the Energies of Joy which holds Happiness, Contentment and Gratitude from its Cosmic Source.  Both of them are emanating variations of the bandwidth of Joy that starts from a deep Yellow- almost boarding orange- in the center and layering outwards, becoming lighter until the outermost layer is a lemon Yellow to citrusy Green Yellow Light.  Imagine an almost ripe lemon which has some light green yellow specks, and imagine that being the outer layer, the Energies broad and immense and intense but very gentle.  Just looking at the Energy makes you happy.

In the position of six o’clock an Aspect of Divine Mother emanating Vibrant Pink with Mother of Universe standing behind her.

In position of eight o’clock an Aspect of Divine Mother vibrating Goddess Victory’s Energies of Frosted Blue and Platinum, with Goddess Victory standing behind her.

In the position of ten o’clock an Aspect of Divine Mother emanating Vibrant Orange Light with Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan standing behind her and sending her Warm Orange Light to magnify the impact. 

Now I ask you to go and sit in the center of this Grid on this beautiful copper gold colored velvet seat.  As you get comfortable notice a triangular platform begins to rise around you. Behind you stands Divine Mother emanating her Copper Gold Light to you.  In front of you to left stands our Beloved Great Silent Watcher. She is emanating her Turquoise Blue Light- which is the Life Force from its Cosmic Source. In front of you to the right is Cosmic Mother of Cosmos sending that Life Force Energy which is the Amber Light.

The six Aspects of Divine Mother who are seated hold their hands out with the palms pointing in the direction of center where you are seated.  Those towering Beings who stand behind them, together with the three beings on the triangle, hold up their Scepters of Power in their left hands. This includes the Scepter of the Cobalt Blue Cosmic being standing in position of 12 o’clock, the Scepter of the Cosmic Being who brings the Life Force and Nurturance for the Plant Kingdom in the position of 2 o’clock, The Yellow Scepter of the Cosmic Being who brings the Energies of Joy in the position of 4, the Scepter of Cosmic Mother of Universe who is emanating her powerful Vibrant Pink, the Scepter of Goddess Victory who is emanating her Frosted Blue and Platinum and the Scepter of Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan who is emanating her Warm Orange Light are all touching the point of the Scepter of Great Silent Watcher.  Added to that is the Scepter of your very own Divine Mother and Mother of Cosmos who are at the points of the triangle with Great Silent watcher.

All of the Scepters’ points begin to fuse together. Rods of Light shoot out as if an electrical charge is being dispensed; creating a dome that encompasses this entire Grid of Light.  The six Cosmic Beings and the three at the triangle together make nine Cosmic Beings. Six Aspects of Divine Mother send the Energy from the palms of their hands and the nine Cosmic Beings magnify and fuse the Energies with their Scepters.  The Light that emanates from each Scepter creates a dome like a soap bubble with all the colors of the rainbowStrong rainbow colored Lights are emanating from this domelike a shower of Rainbow Colored Lights.  It refreshes the air around you. Each color has its own aromatic smell and even a pleasant hint of taste of jasmines and gardenias and different rose scents. Breathe in and fill your lungs with the Lights. Pause for a moment.

Imagine feeling a calm and peaceful lightness as you connect with the combined Energies of all the Lights meaning from the dome. The Energies are absorbed to your Chakra System, your organs, your cells, your DNA structure, expanding into your Five Body System and your Light Body.  This Energy that is the combined Life Force, Love Energy, Nurturance, Protection, Power, Victory and Joy imbued in Divine Plan is now expanding inside your body, Five Body System and Light Body. 

I ask you to invite your loved ones, and see them sit with you all gathered around inside this dome of Rainbow Light.  Imagine every one fully illumined, absorbing the light to their body, Chakra System, their Five Body System, their Light Body bathing, everyone breathing and smelling, and feeling the joy and being uplifted.  Take a moment and call everyone.

Remember in the course of the month to come here as many times as you like. Spend time with these Aspects of Divine Mother and the new Deities, these new Guardians. Work with them and help them anchor the Energies through each of you.  This is a very important task, an immense service.  These Beings can come to our realms but they can’t accomplish anything unless all of you are willing to receive what they give you; willing to receive their gifts and able to maintain the higher vibration; able to anchor the higher vibration; able to bring your loved ones to receive and to magnify the impact.

This is why these meditations are so important in our monthly Gateway Portal Channelings as well as our ceremonies on Solstice and Equinoxes.  I invite all of you to participate. The more you participate, the greater we can shift the Energies of this year; the better we can pave the path for everyone else to join; for Earth to find her own purpose, her own Divine Mission; and for the consciousness of all souls to gravitate towards the Light.  You are offering an immense act of service by seeing yourself and your loved ones and even the not-so-loved-ones inside of this dome; by being aware of the presence of all of the Beings in each of the positions and knowing that they wish you the greatest success, joy, empowerment, life force, protection, success, healing.  Every one of these Beings wants you to succeed; your success is their success; your success is Earth’s success.

Stay and let the Energies be absorbed.  Commune with each of these Beings for as long as you desire.

I hold you in my own heart.  It makes me very happy when we anchor the Energies easily.  This was an easy one with an immense impact.  I thank you with all of my heart.

I Am your very own Divine Mother.  So It Is.

© FAGU 2014