October 2013

October 2013 Newsletter

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Dear Friends

Welcome to October. We have a wonderful meditation from Divine Mother which follows up after our previous month’s meditation to build an even more powerful Grid. This Grid is in the form of a Sphere with double layers which brings together gifts of empowerment and protection from Sanat Kumara and Great Silent Watcher.

We are very excited to announce that this month we have a new series of Hear Thy Soul beginning.  This essential series is for the healing of Inner Child and the Personality and Soul Aspects and is OPEN TO ALL! Please read the description bellow.

We also have yet another wonderful addition to the Thrones of the Divine Feminine Series. Part 2 Phase 2 of this series is now available. Please see the detailed description bellow.

Jim’s book Surfing Realities is now available from our gifts Store as well as at Amazon and Barns and Noble.  For your convenience, we have the entire first part of the book, including Preface, Introduction and Chapter 1 available for your perusal from our gifts store Click here and at Amazon. Please join us in reading, critiquing, blogging, and liking us on social media and Amazon and other book stores’ sites as well as our site. It goes a long way to help spread the word and bring it to the attention of others who are interested in the subject.

Nasrin and Jim

Portal Days: 10/1/13, 10/10/13, 10/11/13, 10/18/13, 10/20/13, 10/30/13 & 10/31/13.  The Full Moon is on 10/18. New Moon is on 10/5.


The next FREE Gateway Portal Channeling is 10/10/13 

Join us for our LIVE Gateway Portal Channeling on Thursday, 10/10 at 7:30 PM ET. No registration is required. Please call 1-213-342-3000, use access code 199512#.

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New Hear Thy Soul Series –LIVE in October – Available to Everyone!!

Hear Thy Soul – Comprehensive Healing Series

Healing the Inner Child, the Personality Aspects and Retrieval of Missing Soul Fragments


This Month we will begin a very important new series to address the healing of the Inner Child. Divine Mother will bring healing to us from, Pre- Birth to toddler, to childhood, to teen age, as well as the healing of the Young Adult and Adult Personality Aspects. We will also address the retrieval of the Soul Aspects and Soul Fragment parts which may be missing. This new series will take somewhere between 3 to 5 sessions at the rate of one per month, similar to our previous Hear Thy Soul Series in the past.

While most of the previous series were about Anchoring the Higher Light and Grids of Light for the benefit of all, this series is entirely focused on us! On the healing of our Selves – our multiple Selves – that make our entire Personality Spectrum and the retrieval of those Personality Aspects who have left the body at different age ranges due to hardship and trauma. The trauma can be the result of an incidence like the parent’s divorce, separation form a loved sibling or parent due to death, the loss and grief over a pet, verbal, emotional or sexual abuse or a myriad other events. This could be why some victims have no memory of the event until some years later when something triggers the memory.

No two person’s experiences are exactly the same. However, we all share the actual event of the loss of Personality Aspects. The mechanism for the retrieval of the missing Personality Aspects and their safe re-installment inside the body remains the same, whatever the original cause for that loss may be. This is why we can create a safe environment to allow everyone to process on their own – with the help of Divine Mother and other great Beings whom we trust – to retrieve, to heal and to restore the Personality Aspects.

Also the issue of the missing Soul Aspects and the Fragmented parts of the Soul will be addressed in this series. The departure of Soul Aspects has to do with our deep involvement in the density of this 3D world. The more we get bogged down by LIFE, the more boring and intolerable it is for certain of the Soul Aspects. Fragmentation of the Original Soul happens when some of the Aspects decide to leave.

It would not be such a grave loss if we had continued to remain on the worldly path with no desire for Spiritual Growth. The problem arises when we do become involved in the Evolution of our Soul and we decide to walk on the spiritual Path. Then the issues become chronic. Anything from not being able to hear or see the inner realms, to being unclear about the guidance, to mistrust of the teachings, feeling of betrayal by the Masters and deities, feeling a disconnect between the mundane realm activities and the spiritual world. Feeling lost and confused about finding a happy medium and striking balance can be attributed to the loss of Soul Aspects and fragmentation of the Original Soul. Any one of these issues deserves deep contemplation and a search of the remedy.

Imagine, the possibility of addressing every issue in a comprehensive way to bring healing and wholeness to the All; all our Personality Aspects, all our Soul Fragments, all our Being. This new Series of Hear Thy Soul is one such imperative attempt! Please join us to bring healing and wholeness to us All.

PTE MS: HTS – Comprehensive Healing Series PH 1 – Pre-birth to age 5

This Live session of Hear Thy Soul will be on Sunday, Oct. 13 at 3:00 PM ET.

Tuition for this 1 Lesson course is $125.00 until midnight on Saturday, Oct. 19 and $150.00 thereafter. To read more and register, click here.


Special on all Equinox and Solstice Ceremony Events

We also encourage you to go back whenever you can and take the courses that were given on the solstice and equinox points in past years. The chronology of these ceremonies is a great way to experience the process Divine Mother and the Cosmic Council of the Divine Feminine has offered, through us, to change the nature of our Reality. For a limited time, all Equinox and Solstice courses are reduced to $18.00. To register, click here to go to PTE MS Curriculum, then scroll down to Level III, Subject Area B – Major Portal Day Celebrations.


NEW course in the Thrones of the Divine Feminine Series!!

PTE MS: Thrones of the Divine Feminine Part 2 – Phase 2 – Reinforcing the Thrones with Cosmic Guardian of the Divine Plan

Tuition for this 1 session home study course is $125.00 until midnight on Saturday, 10/19 and $150.00 thereafter.

This course has no live component. All meditations are given through downloadable audio files.

In Part 2, Phase 2, the final session in this landmark series, we go with Divine Mother and Goddess Victory to petition Cosmic Guardian of the Divine Plan, who now carries the Divine Flame that holds within it the Sacred Fire for the Divine Plan, to accompany us through the hierarchies of the Thrones and specifically bless the Thrones of the Divine Feminine Council which sit beyond the Pool of Creation and continue all the way to the great Void. This is a great service that you are performing for yourself, your loved ones, earth and humankind. To read more and to register, click here.


For those of you who have not had the chance to participate in Part 1 of this series, we have temporarily reduced the tuition price to $125.00 for each Phase.

To read more on each course, click here to go to PTE Curriculum and Scroll down to Level V – Subject Area B-2.

PTE MS: Thrones of the Divine Feminine Part 1 – Phase 1

PTE MS: Thrones of the Divine Feminine Part 1 – Phase 2

PTE MS: Thrones of the Divine Feminine Part 1 – Phase 3

PTE MS: Thrones of the Divine Feminine Part 2 – Phase 1

Tuition for each of these 2 Session courses is temporarily $125.00.


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October Meditation


Grounding Meditation at Uluru

Visualize standing on top of Uluru, the great Red rock formation in Central Australia.  Feel a warm, inviting feeling.

Let yourself glide down a Pillar of Light-your Hara Line- towards the center of the Earth.  Absorb the Amber Colored Light, the Life Force Energy at the Core Crystal of Mother Earth; envision moving Amber into the pillar and up your body for regeneration and rejuvenation. Let it go up all the way to your head and move above your head inside the Antahkarana Cord- the Golden Silver Cord of Light which extends above your head – and connects you to your Higher Self and the Higher Realms.

Visualize that Amber Light moves up and reaches into the Pool of Creation. Visualize the Cosmic Life Force, also as Amber Colored Light, from the Pool of Creation flowing down the Antahkarana Cord and down your body back to the center of Earth. Visualize Emerald Green Light around the outside to provide you with Health and Financial Abundance.  Take a moment, envision a Sacred Fire Altar here, and make your offerings to the Sacred Fire in the Core of the Earth.  Take a deep breath.

Core of Earth

We go to the Core of the Earth. Envision yourself standing around a Sacred Altar with a Sacred fire burning inside a circular fire pit. The entourage of the Divine Feminine Deities stand in their positions.

Summary of Phase I from last Month

Sanat Kumara’s Sphere of Twin FlamesEnvision that Sanat Kumara places both hands over his own chest and from his chest he produces a small Sphere.  Inside the Sphere, a flame is burning.  When you look directly at the flame you notice that it has two tongues of fire.  This is the Twin Flames, from the very heart of Sanat Kumara.  Sanat Kumara will hold this small Sphere in the palm of his left hand and he will hold his left hand close to your own chest.  This Sphere is magnetized to your chest and it lodges itself in the space between your Personal Heart Chakra and your Cosmic Heart Chakra, and the double flame begins to elongate and spin inside of the little Sphere within your own chest.

Sanat Kumara places the palms of both hands over your chest. Place your hands over his hands and look into his eyes and feel the Fatherly Love; the Love of the Teacher, the Mentor, the Father, Ancient of Days. Feel the Love that he has for each of you.  As you look into his eyes, ask him to awaken the memories of the many lifetimes that you have spent by his side


Divine Mother’s Meditation to receive the Turquoise Blue Layer over Sanat Kumara’s Sphere of Twin Flames 

Adapted from 9/9/2013 Gateway portal Channeling


My Beloved Children of Light I Am your very own Divine Mother.  I hold each and every one of you in my own heart and I thank you for all that you do.

Phase II  of the Sphere begins

I ask you to envision that Great Silent Watcher now stands towering over Sanat Kumara. From her own Cosmic Heart/Personal Heart Chakras Chakra [the energy center which holds the energy of both Chakras] she brings out a Turquoise Blue Ball of Light.  She offers this Blue Ball to Sanat Kumara.  Sanat Kumara receives it in his own Personal Heart, Cosmic Heart Chakras Chakra.

Envision that you now stand as the third point of a triangle with Sanat Kumara and Great Silent Watcher. Notice a beam of Blue Light going from Great Silent Watcher’s Cosmic Heart/Personal Heart Chakras Chakra to you and a similar beam to Sanat Kumara.  Feel this energy Triangle for a moment and bathe in its Light.

Now imagine that Sanat Kumara reaches into his own Cosmic Heart/Personal Heart Chakras Chakra to bring out a sphere. This Sphere has an outer layer and an inner layer.  The outer layer is approximately half an inch wide in Turquoise Blue Light. It sits over the inner layer- the Fuchsia Pink Sphere which carries the Twin Flames of Sanat Kumara.  This Sphere carries the Signature Energy of Sanat Kumara, in Fuchsia Pink as well as the Signature Energy of Great Silent Watcher’s Turquoise Blue Light.

Imagine Sanat Kumara holding this Sphere in the middle of the triangle right where you are receiving the Beam of Light from Great Silent Watcher.  This Sphere is now bathing in the Beam of Light that is being sent from Great Silent Watcher’s Heart to yours.  This Sphere travels from where Sanat Kumara places it to be absorbed over the already existing Sphere that you have received in the previous month.  This one will sit over the other to reinforce it and every Quality that you have received.

The significance of this New Sphere with two layers- the outer layer Turquoise, the inner layer Fuchsia Pink with Twin Flames burning inside- is that Great Silent Watcher will now guide and protect everything that happens to you and every energy that is exchanged between Sanat Kumara as the Planetary Logos and you.  Carrying the Twin Flames is the equivalent of carrying the holographic DNA structure of Sanat Kumara.  Carrying the outer layer which is the Turquoise Blue Light of Great Silent Watcher is like carrying the Power, the Might, the Glory, the Protection, the Abundance and the Fearlessness. 

Fearlessness: Why do we stress fearlessness so much?  Over many eons of being incarnated, in each lifetime certain degrees of fear, uncertainties, worries, and concerns have etched into your heart and soul, into your Sacred Geometries.  When you receive the Fearlessness from Great Silent Watcher, those Geometries within your Five Body System which have absorbed fear in previous life times and in this life time since birth that are nicked and scratched and scraped. These will become whole again in Great Silent Watcher’s Turquoise Blue Light of Fearlessness.  When complete, no one, no place, no thing can have a hold on you in any way. You become free from all fears and then you can act from your place of integrity.  You can do what your heart desires in alignment with your Soul and Spirit.

Let me give you an example.  Imagine you’re in a position at work where everything about it is upsetting to you, but you are afraid to leave.  You want to be able to have the Life Force to go look for another job, but the way you feel about yourself and the situation is so depressing that you won’t look for another job or seek a positive change.

Now imagine that you have this Sphere and it helps you release those fears.  Releasing the fears allow you to think: “I am quitting this job and I’m trusting that the path will open for me.”  The other option is that fearlessness allows you to pull your energy in and stop the bleeding, stop the leakage of your energies and do something positive and constructive like looking for another job while you stay in this one knowing that it is a temporary situation and that soon it will be over.  Another possibility is that when you stop looking through those fearful lenses, everything takes a turn for the better and the problems go away even in the existing situation. These are all the outcome of the Fearlessness Aspect of the Turquoise Blue Light which you are gifted by Great Silent Watcher.

Abundance: Now, as to the abundance aspect- there is a lot of corruption and leakage in the Energy of Abundance prevalent in the world right now. That is, so few have so much and so many have none! We talked about this for a long time and we’ve done a lot in preventing the pollution, the confusion, the corruption in the Energies of Abundance.  We’ve created many layers of productivity, many layers of repair to the present Template of Abundance.

Now we have another tool: the Turquoise Blue Light of Great Silent Watcher.  Why is this Light different from the others?  How is this Light different from the others?  I will tell you, because it comes from the Source.  The Pure essence of Abundance which comes from the Source has not been polluted, disrupted, confused or corrupted. It remains pure and available for the benefit of all who connect with it. The level of abundance, the level of heightened Energies which it carries is beyond what is already available on earth at present. Using the abundance aspect of this Turquoise Blue Sphere would help you raise your vibration to connect with that Pure Source of Abundance and get results in every venture and endeavor- unlike the present where all endeavors have a great chance of being aborted because the corrupted energies prevent you from getting results.

Everything is vibration.  If you are vibrating to the heightened aspects of abundance and prosperity then you pull that abundance and prosperity to yourself.  If you are vibrating to the corrupted aspect and live in fear of not having, then that’s what you pull to yourself.  So first, the release of fears; fear of not having, fear of not being able to move on, fear of not being able to find the right people, the right places, the right things at the right time.  First we remove and release the fears then we bring in the abundance.

Protection: Finally we bring in the Protection; protection to hold on to that abundance, protection to remain Fearless and never allow penetration of fears under any circumstances. Protection is on one hand a preventative measure to stop anything happening in the future, on the other hand it is a curative measure because when you are protected you feel good; you don’t feel as if your back is to the wall; you don’t feel as if you are between a rock and a hard place.  When you are protected you can trust, you can trust to take the next step, you can trust to make that move, you can trust to take the leap of faith. 

Envision this two Layered Sphere at all times and remain aware of Sanat Kumara’s Twin Flames and know that this is a very special. This is a special gift, a Great gift.  Great Silent Watcher is thanking you for all that you do.

Every morning as you arise envision that this sphere spins inside your chest.  Envision that the outer layer gives you Protection, Empowerment, Prosperity, Abundance and Fearlessness and support from Great Silent Watcher.  The inner layer connects you with Sanat Kumara and brings you to awareness and consciousness of your Higher Purpose; your Divine Mission. The Twin Flames inside the inner core brings you Love, Oneness, Integrity and truth of Sanat Kumara’s consciousness. His consciousness is Over Lighting you and through you he is Over Lighting this planet and raising the vibration of this entire planet and the consciousness of all souls.  You are in possession of the all important Twin Flames. That Flame is raising the vibration of the planet through you, you are anchoring that Energy in your own Body, in your own Five Body System, in your own Light Body and you are transmitting it to people, places, and things at all times.  Every merit that everyone, every place, everything earns from raising their vibration is going to be multiplied and be brought back to you.  You reap the reward of the merits that awakening and helping other people, places and things earns you. 

I hold you in my own heart.  I ask you to repeat this exercise for 33 days. Call your Angels, Watchers, Guides and Guardians, your Soul and your Personality Aspects and ask them to unite with you to magnify the impact and to do it on your behalf even when you forget.

Anything you do in this way through intention and exercise for 33 days becomes part of your Beingness and part of the heartbeat of the planet.  Once again you gain – you earn, all for etching it into the heartbeat of the planet, into the Five Body System of the planet. When you do these exercises, you are posting it upon your Personal Body Grid and through your Personal Body Grid into the Planetary Grid.  The Planetary Grid receives and transmits and magnifies what you give it.  You are an important participant in posting these important and positive changes on that Planetary Grid.   I Am extremely proud and happy for your presence on Earth, for the Light that you are, for the Energies that you anchor, and for the path that you walk upon.  I cherish each and every one of you.  I hold you in my own heart.

I Am your very own Divine Mother.  So It Is.

© FAGU 2013