May 2013

May 2013 Newsletter


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Dear Friends,

Happy Mother’s day to you all!

We have a wonderful meditation this month, as Divine Mother introduces us to the Cosmic Guardian of the Divine Plan and our own individual Angelic Guardian of the Divine Plan. Be sure and take the opportunity to be introduced.

We are making Phase 2 of the Home Study Course, Thrones of the Divine Feminine available this month. This is one of the most important series that Divine Mother has brought us. This series provides the bedrock for anchoring of the Divine Feminine into our Hierarchy and our Reality. We urge you to add your Light to this landmark process.

Also, Divine Mother continues to bring us Sacred Qualities from the Crystal Chamber in her 5th Dimensional Retreat as we present Phase 2 of the Hear Thy Soul – Crystal Chamber in the 5D Octave on Sunday, May 19.

We wish you a great and joyful Mother’s Day and salute Divine Mother and all mothers everywhere.

Love and blessings,


Portal Days in May: 5/1/13, 5/5/13, 5/10/13, 5/11/13, 5/15/13, 5/18/13, 5/20/13, 5/21/13, 5/22/13, 5/25/13 & 5/31/13.  The Full Moon in March is on 5/25; New Moon is on 5/10.




The next FREE Gateway Portal Channeling is 5/5/13


Join us for our LIVE Gateway Portal Channeling on Sunday, 5/5 at 3:00 PM ET. No registration is required. Please call 1-213-342-3000, use access code 199512#.

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LIVE Events in May

PTE MS: Hear Thy Soul – Crystal Chamber in the 5D Octave Phase 2

This Live session of Hear Thy Soul will be on Sunday, May 19 at 3:00 PM ET.

Tuition for this 1 Lesson course is $125.00 until midnight on Saturday, May 11 and $150.00 thereafter.

This month Divine Mother will take us back to the Chrystal Chamber of her 5D Retreat. The great Crystal Structures in this chamber hold the resonance for the perfection of the Sacred Qualities needed to create the best possible Reality for the 5th and therefore 3rd Dimensions. Aligning ourselves with these Qualities in their Perfection will benefit everyone. Divine Mother will take us to work with the next Crystal Structure. To read more and register, click here.


NEW Home Study Series

Thrones of the Divine Feminine Series

PTE MS: Thrones of the Divine Feminine Part 1 – Phase 2.

 Tuition for this 2 Session course is $125.00 until midnight of Saturday, May 11 and $150.00 thereafter.

This course has no live channeling component. The audio recording contains the Guided Meditation given by Divine Mother.

In Phase 2, our focus is on re-aligning our  Soul Lineage Members with these new Energies of the Divine Feminine. We offer ourselves in service and receive blessings and gifts for ourselves and our entire Soul Lineage. To read more and register, click here.


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Meditation to Connect with our Guardian of the New Divine Plan

Taken from the 04-04-2013 Gateway Portal Channeling


Hello everyone this is Jim, I thank you all for being here.  Take a deep breath and we will get started.

Grounding Meditation

Relax and imagine that you’re standing on top of the great red rock of Uluru, which we use as our point to ground ourselves during these meditations.  It’s one of the most sacred sites on earth.  It represents the Earth Element, very good for grounding, as well as being a major energy vortex.

Imagine that you’re standing on top of this great red rock.  Every one that’s on this call also standing with us, feel the group energy form, all of us together.  Beneath our feet feel Uluru, and as you feel the presence of Uluru – at your own speed begin to dissolve into the great red rock, seeing the Orangish Red color of Uluru as you dissolve in.  We’re going to slide down through Uluru, through a Pillar of Light, all the way down to the Core of Mother Earth at the Core Crystal in the center of Mother Earth.

Visualize that you are standing in the center of Mother Earth in the Core Crystal and all around you is Amber Colored Light.  This Amber Light is the Life Force Energy of Mother Earth.  Feel it as it penetrates into your body and into your Five Body System, and your Light Body.  Feel how welcome this Light is to the rest of your body.

Tree Trunk with Emerald Green Bark

Now imagine that all the way up through the Hara Line, through your Antahkarana Cord, up through all the Thrones up to the Throne of Creation, you’re going to envision that this Amber Colored Light forms a tree trunk, in the same way that we formed this tree trunk before with the roots hanging on to the Core Crystal of Mother Earth, grounding us to the Core of Mother Earth.  The tree trunk, the Amber tree trunk shooting all the way up to the Throne of Creation and then spreading out in the Throne of Creation into the Pool of Creation like branches and the leaves of a tree, establish that tree trunk.

Now visualize around that tree trunk, as if a thick layer of bark is made of an Emerald Green Light.  It forms an Emerald Green Light cylinder around this tree trunk. The Amber Colored Life Force Energy of Mother Earth that you’re sending up to the Pool of Creation, moves up inside, like the sap running up through the tree trunk. The Qualities of abundance, healing, health and wholeness, truth and hope are held within the emerald Green color.  Let all of these Qualities fill you as it runs through this tree trunk and receive send the Amber Colored Light of Earthly  Life Force as it moves up through you.

From the Pool of Creation, we pull the Cosmic Life Force Energy which is also Amber in color.  Along with that we want to pull the Turquoise Blue Light of the Great Silent Watcher from the Pool of Creation, and also we pull Platinum Shimmers of the energies of Victory, and Shimmers of Copper Gold which are the Signature Energy of Divine Mother.  Imagine all these colors pouring down through the tree trunk from the Pool of Creation, down through this Emerald Green cylinder  bark of the tree, all the way down to you in the Core of the Earth.  Let the energies of the Pool of Creation, the Turquoise Blue, the Platinum, the Amber, Copper Gold mix in the center of the Earth with the energies of Earth’s Life Force Energy, as that Amber Life Force Energy of Mother Earth is simultaneously sent up into the Pool of Creation uniting the Pool of Creation with the Core of the Earth, mixing the energies of both the Throne of Creation and the Core of Mother Earth.

See before you the Sacred Altar in the center of Mother Earth. Take a moment, set your intentions and the next voice that you will hear will be that of our beloved Nasrin.  I thank you with all of my heart, So It Is.

Nasrin Begins

Please set an intention and say a prayer for the completion of the Indigos Awakened Site, the site that we’ve been working on.  We want to offer it to all those who were born since 1972 to present – some of them are already 40 years old – and all those who are relevant to them.  Some of you are Indigos but you’re also relevant to all the Indigos because you’re a spearhead.  Some of us are parents and grandparents to the Indigos, so nothing helps a situation like this, better than when a group of people set their intentions and pray over it.

It’s always better when someone, who is not personally in a place of gaining from something like this – which is an act of service – gets involved in praying.   In other words when we pray for ourselves it’s all me, me, me and the Universe takes notice of that.   But when we say, “give it to this person and that person and the other for the benefit of all and then I am included in it.” Then we get it first, and it’s a very interesting process.

Dali Lama calls it  Intelligent Selfishness

I am noticing as I am working on a meditation book and reading the words of the Dali Lama and the words of other spiritual teachers and masters, that they too say this.  They say that it’s important that you manifest the reality you want to manifest with the help of others.  If others have goodwill towards your intention, your intentions will get manifested first.   Dali Lama calls it Intelligent Selfishness, because he says when you do it on behalf of someone else, you end of getting it first.  So be intelligent about it, because at the end of the day you’re getting what you want first.  So be intelligent about being selfish.  Don’t say me, me, me give it to me, but say, “please give it to others, and ask that more people benefit,” from what you pray for them, the faster and the more you get that benefit.  So I found that really interesting that the Dali Lama had a name for this and he called it Intelligent Selfishness.

The other thing to contemplate on is something that we have experienced in the core group, and individually; that is when we’re sad, depressed, angry, when we’re disappointed, we don’t manifest the reality that we want.  We just get down into the rabbit hole.

It was really interesting to read that the Dalai Lama was talking about, “you can’t create your desired reality if you’re sad, if you’re depressed.”  And his whole point was that happiness and joyfulness is an attitude, it’s an attitude that you can adopt.  While it seems somewhat unreal or made up, or fake to say that happiness is an attitude and I am going to adopt it.  You could say well, I am either happy or not happy, if I am not happy, how do I make myself happy?  The truth is, that’s one way of looking at it, but there is a way that we could change our mindset in the moment that we go into that place of ‘oh, I expect this and this is less than.’   We can go into that place of what has happened, what I have received today is what I have today and for that I am grateful.  So it’s that story of half the glass is empty or half the glass is full.  If we focus on the full part of the glass then we can be happy but if we focus on the empty part then it’s very difficult to be happy.  So the Dali Lama is saying it, Divine Mother says it and Metatron said it before, and Archangel Michael said it and Lady Quan Yin said it, and they continue to say it.  That is, we can choose to be happy, we can choose to be happy with where we are, what we achieve in each moment in each day and it’s a question of adopting that attitude.  The attitude of, “what I’ve done today is enough; I am going to be grateful, even if the fact is that my body hurts, that my head aches, my fingers hurt, I can’t write anymore, I can’t bend my head anymore,” I am using my own example because these are my experiences lately.

When the body isn’t cooperating, it’s not easy to be happy because everything inside of us is in turmoil, but adopt that attitude of being in gratitude and being happy with what we have.

So going back to the Dali Lama and what he said about Intelligent Selfishness.  Always when you go to that place of wanting or needing, or wanting to pray or intend something for yourself, think of all the other people who may be in that position and say it with that intelligence that the Dali Lama states.  “Be selfish intelligently (which is in fact, selflessness too) by stating that I am offering this prayer, I am offering this intention, for everyone who has this need, for everyone who’s in this space, and including everyone I would like to pray for myself.

Someone said, but that’s cheating because I know that I have an ulterior motive by doing this.  My answer was “yes, but the Universe doesn’t have a problem with you praying for everybody else and yourself.  The point is that you had the intelligence to put everybody else in that same category as yourself.  If you just pray for yourself, nobody else gets helped in the process.”  So as the Dali Lama said, it is actually an intelligent way, even though it seems like a selfish way, because we know that as a result of that way of thinking and that way of behaving, everyone benefits, and the Universe is interested in the end result.  The end result is, with one single prayer you helped so many people, and it is the Divine Law that the number of people that you help you gain merits for.  So if you happen to be praying for this specific item and ten people benefit from it, than what you receive from that intention becomes ten-fold potent for yourself.  That’s law, Universal Law, Divine Law.

You can say that even human laws follow that routine, when you really think about it in individual cases it’s the same thing.  So the Universal Laws don’t need to be any different, and what I mean by that is you lend money to ten people and say bring me back with 10% interest, ten people are bringing you back the money and the interest.  It’s the same principle.

So when we set intentions it would be so good that we always include the Earth, humankind.  If you’re praying for the children and grandchildren, if you’re praying for the Indigo Souls, include all the Indigos, not just your own, but all of them.  If you’re praying for abundance, pray for everyone who is in the same situation or worse.  If you’re praying for other resources, as you’re saying the prayer think of other people who may need those resources, whether it’s a job, a beautiful warm orange dress, a pair of shoes, a relationship, a better life, a better feeling, whatever it is.

So let’s take a deep breath. Let’s offer a very special prayer for members of our family, as well as our spiritual family, and that includes those who have passed on and those who haven’t yet been born to our families. Let’s pray for peace of mind for members of our group, success in all endeavors, spiritual and mundane, acceleration in manifesting the objects of our desires and better, as Divine Mother and Goddess Victory and our Guides and Guardian Angels deem it on our behalf.  Let us offer a prayer of thanksgiving for those in our lives that enhance our lives, far and near, and that includes our teachers, past and present and future, our spouses and partners, and significant others, our children, past, present and future and the generations whose lives are affected by us, and the generations whose lives have affected us and continue to affect us.

We offer a prayer of thanksgiving for spring in bloom in the Northern Hemisphere, and fall spreading its wings in the Southern Hemisphere.  I thank every one of you for offering yourselves in service.  May you receive a thousand fold; that is my prayer for each of you.  Let us take a deep breath as we join Divine Mother and the entourage of Beloved Beings who would come in our name on this auspicious evening.

Divine Mother Begins

My beloved children of my own heart, you are the beloveds of my own heart, you are the Children of Light, you are the Children of Divine Light especially the Divine Feminine Light.  You have offered yourselves in service to anchor the Energies of Divine Feminine.

Cosmic Guardian of the Divine Plan

I would like to ask you while we are inside the Core Crystal of Mother Earth to envision a Warm Orange Light emanating from the Core Crystal and I would like to officially introduce you to the Cosmic Guardian of the Divine Plan.  I’ve talked about the Divine Plan with you.  I have introduced you to the Warm Orange Light, but I haven’t officially introduced you to the Cosmic Guardian of the Divine Plan, and now it is time for this official introduction.  Through this official introduction, what I wish to achieve on your behalf is to allow the presence of this Cosmic Guardian and the energies of the Warm Orange Light, which is the bandwidth of vibrational frequency most beneficial for you at this time, in order to embody the Highest Purpose, the Highest of your Divine Missions.   The idea is for you to be able to absorb, digest, and fully anchor within your own Five Body System and your Light Body this Warm Orange Light which vibrates to the highest frequency that would stretch out before you, your Highest Divine Plan.

Now you might say, “okay Mother now translate that in mundane realm, and in my day to day life, and what difference or change it is intended to make in my day to day life.”

It is intended to accelerate those things in your day to day life that you would want to be accelerated, while releasing you from those things that are boring and repetitive and no longer of service to you which are stuck to you because of habit, because of karma, because of obligation, because of guilt, or any other reason.

Those things that by moving into this heightened state, by moving into a better state, you no longer need to do, because you don’t need to be distracted by them, because you don’t need to carry them around with you.   Those things would be transmuted and released from you in this bandwidth that carries the energies of Warm Orange Light of the Divine Plan, this Cosmic Guardian who is officially being introduced to you.

Therefore you would be receiving today an Angelic Form, an Angelic Guardian who will act as the encapsulated essence of this huge Cosmic Guardian.  This huge Cosmic Guardian, and the introduction of this Guardian into your life is meant to bring the umbrella of her presence into your life, and then to fashion from her energy a condensed concentrated holographic version of her that becomes your Personal Guardian Angel of the Divine Plan.

Now what do I mean when I say a Condensed, Concentrated Holographic version of this Being.  What I mean is just because this is a small Angelic Being compared to this huge, enormous Cosmic Being who towers over all of us; it doesn’t mean that they don’t have powers.  Because the nature of a holographic image is, that it carries everything, it carries the hologram, it carries the exact image of everything that the larger image, the greater image has, within a smaller hologram, within a sphere of influence that becomes the carrier of all of those Qualities.

By the Sacred Fire at the Core of the Earth

So I introduce you to this Cosmic Guardian while you’re standing by the Sacred Fire in the Core Crystal of Earth.

Goddess Victory is standing to your left and Divine Mother to your right. In front of you, you see this amazing huge Being that may not at first look like a person but a profusion of Light, and these shooting of Lights that might feel or give the impression of the image of some kind of a humungous Angelic Being.  It is also possible that you would see a spinning spiraling sensation in the center of this Being and that spinning spiraling sensation is going to take its own form in front of you, in front of this Being, as if it is separating itself from the Great Being.  It becomes a cone shaped spinning spiraling Warm Orange cloud.

Notice that both Divine Mother and Victory are holding their Scepters pointing at this cocoon, at this cloud of spinning spiraling Warm Orange Light and this spinning and spiraling gradually begins to form an Angelic Being made of that same exact Warm Orange Light.  This Angelic Being is approximately a couple three feet bigger than, taller than you – and proportionally so.  So when ultimately you see this Guardian Angel of the Divine Plan standing in front of you, she carries all the Qualities of the Cosmic Guardian of the Divine Plan.

I want you to notice that this Angelic Being steps towards you and takes both your hands and places it over her own personal Heart, Cosmic Heart Chakra and you will feel a warmth, a sensation of warmth that will continue to become warmer and warmer and when it feels almost as if it’s getting to hot it will start traveling from your fingers and your hands to your wrist and your forearm to your upper arms and shoulders entering into your Cosmic Heart, Personal Heart and then shooting in every which direction and expanding through your entire Physical Body; that same sensation of warmness, it’s a warm fuzzy feeling, it’s a good feeling.  As it fully spreads into your entire body absorbing itself into your organs, absorbing itself into your blood stream, into your skeletal muscular structure, being absorbed into the brain, into the head cavity, into your eyes, into your mouth, into all the Chakras of the body, feel it moving down your legs into your feet, a warm sensation.

When it has fully been absorbed into your body it will begin to penetrate into your Five Body System, so from your Physical Body to your Etheric Body doing the same thing covering your entire cocoon of Etheric Body, then moving to your Emotional Body covering the entire cocoon of your Emotional Body, then into your Mental Body covering your entire cocoon of your Mental Body and then the fifth and the last of the Five Body System the Spiritual Body, it will cover the entire Cocoon of your Spiritual Body. And again at this point become aware that the Cosmic Guardian is sending energy to your Angelic Guardian. Divine Mother and Goddess Victory are holding their Scepters above this Angelic Guardian and magnifying the impact.

Now you will see that at this point the Angelic Guardian who is fashioned and created on your behalf is placing both her hands on your Cosmic Heart, Personal Heart Chakras, magnifying the impact, sending a more concentrated bandwidth of Warm Orange that waves through the Physical Body, the Etheric Body, the Emotional Body, the Mental Body, the Spiritual Body and then penetrates outside of the Spiritual Body to fully illuminate your Light Body and your entire Light Body Grid, entire Light Body Matrix.

The Light Body poses as your Merkaba Vehicle; the Merkaba Vehicle is your Vehicle of Light.  It is through your Merkaba Vehicle that you make Multi-Dimensional Travel.  The more that you focus on your Light Body the more you engage in awakening the Light Body Nodes of Light. These illuminated points of Light are like magnifiers, they are like generators.  These Nodes of Light are in clusters carrying different memories, different events and circumstances. They are responsible for different Qualities; their illumination can awaken all of those Qualities and all of those memories. These Nodes of Light are like generator crystals because when they are illuminated they are able to magnify the impact.

So if in some lifetime you were a good scribe, or good with your hands with crafts, or good with creating objects, or with crystals, the memories of what you were good at, the memories of the knowledge and the wisdom, the skills that you acquired in those lifetimes can then be brought to be illuminated and charged, magnified, generated, regenerated, recalibrated; so that it can be absorbed by your Five Body System and brought to the consciousness of the Body.   So you would remember without having read it anywhere, maybe even without such a skill ever existing in the lifetime you live in.  The way you will know is; someone asks you a question and you have the answer.  And you think to yourself, well I know I didn’t read it anywhere, I know I didn’t see it on TV,  nobody told me about it, how is it that I know the answer? And the knowing that the answer is the right one is within you, that deep knowing that you have that skill. From within deep core of your Being the knowing comes out.

Awakening the Nodes of Light of our Light Body

So right now, the blasting of the energies and the magnification which is entering from the Angelic Force, from the body of the Angel into your own body, and from each of the layers of your Five Body System into your Light Body awakening those Nodes of Light that are like generator crystals, connecting with memories of Qualities and skills and memories that are accumulated and collected from many lifetimes in different Dimensions of Reality.

Don’t be surprised if you start being focused to something that you know exists, but it is not a Third Dimensional thing.  When some pattern or some light, or something in nature suddenly turns your focus on something that you can’t tangibly see or experience in this life but you know it exists, and you know you have the answers, you know you have the solution within you, and you know that you are stronger for the memory of that knowledge, the memory of that solution and don’t think, if this is something that has no use in this Dimension of Reality why would my remembering it help anything or anyone, don’t think that, you know why?  Because you’re thinking of something that doesn’t exist yet, is going to accelerate its coming into this Reality.  You become the spearhead for resurrecting, and reconstructing and posting the existence of such a thing into the psyche and the Collective Consciousness of humankind and then somebody invents it or some discovery is made and it comes to the surface and you say to yourself, I thought of this first, I knew this, I had this idea.  Know that it is because of the idea which you had, even if it was under the surface of the consciousness, even if it was buried, if it was buried under the consciousness, deep in your subconscious, even if it were to just flicker and come out and then go away like sometimes dreams do.

You’ve had a dream and you remember, and you think I am going to tell so and so about this, and sure enough it’s not there anymore.  You know it was something really important, even if it happens that way, it is constructive and useful.  Just because, it has been brought, for a split second, to the surface of the consciousness, it’s a seed that has been planted.  You have planted that seed; you have brought the memory of its presence from within your Light Body through the Five Body System to the consciousness of the Physical Body.

This is why having the presence of this Angelic Guardian in your auric field and at all times is very important, because whatever is Divinely planned for you whether you are consciously aware of it or not is going to be stretched before you without too much mental processes and analysis paralysis.  You would be walking the path that allows you the best outcome, the fastest shortcut in achieving your Divine Mission.  When you are focused on achieving your Divine Mission, everything lines up for you in the mundane, after all, it is to the benefit of those who want you to achieve the Divine Mission in the higher realms, whether it’s members of your own spiritual family, your Soul Lineage or guides and masters and teachers.  They all would like you to succeed; therefore, they are all at your service in moving you further, faster, removing the obstacles and paving the path in the mundane, so that your time, your energy and your focus can be given to the fulfillment of your Divine Mission.

Everyone benefits from you being raised to the place where you can do more on behalf of your Divine Mission, on behalf of your soul, on behalf of your Soul Lineage members, everyone benefits!  Your guides benefit, why? because they fulfill their Mission and they can move on.  When you can move on, they can move on.  For as long as you are stuck they are stuck.   The Masters benefit because they are the next level to those guides.  Divine Mother benefits because, after all, Mother wants to rescue all of her children.  Mother wants to bring back the Divine Mother’s nurturance and love, and focus on Spirit, and sharing and caring and community, back to the consciousness of this planet and all the souls.  So right now your entire Five Body System, your Light Body is fully illuminated.

To the 5th Dimensional Retreat of Divine Mother

I want you to take a good look at your Guardian Angel and take her hand and walk behind Goddess Victory and the entourage of Angelic Beings.  Then ultimately behind everybody walks the Cosmic Guardian of the Divine Plan.  We’re going to take our walk on the path from the Core of the Earth along the Golden Bridge.  Remember the Golden Bridge that we built together to spread from the 3rd Dimensional Octave to the 5th Dimensional Octave.  On that Golden Bridge which has been built with the filaments of Light and Love from the hearts of all of you and all of us, we walk together following Goddess Victory. She is in her ceremonial robes holding her Scepter, wearing her seven tiered headdress standing as the Guardian of the 5D Octave, guiding us to the 5th Dimensional Octave.

We reach the gateway to the entrance of Divine Mother’s Retreat, and colored lights are illuminated to recalibrate you.  They start from Purple and go through Violet Magenta, to Red, to Orange, to Green, to Blue, all the way around the colors of the rainbow and return to Purple, at which point the gateway opens and we all enter the first floor and go right to the center of the great hall and stand before the Sacred Fire that burns in Divine Mother’s first floor.  This Sacred Altar is set for all the public to receive the Life Force from the Sacred Fire, and I ask you to stand before the Sacred Fire, make an offering.  You can choose from the spices and flowers and fruits and fabrics and silks or you can choose to just offer your own love from your own heart.

I want you to be aware that your Angel, your Guardian Angel of the Divine Plan is standing by your side and praying on your behalf, and on behalf of your loved ones;  praying that you will accomplish the highest and the best, all that the Divine Plan sets before you.  Then I want you to find your spot, the spot you feel comfortable sitting and let your Angel sit facing you, both of you seated cross legged with your knees touching, your Angel holding both of your hands in the palms of her hands, looking into each other’s eyes; and then when you are ready closing your eyes and starting to communicate, starting to pray, starting to meditate, starting to say whatever your heart desires.

This is Divine Mother’s Sacred Altar in the 5th Dimensional Octave, this is home to you, this is the embodiment of Divine Mother’s 5th Dimensional Heart, this Sacred Altar and the fire that burns inside of it, is a Nectar from Divine Mother’s Heart.  This is the safest place you could be; this is a place for you to feel loved and nurtured.  I want you to stay here for as long as you want, and in the course of the month I want you to remember your Personal Guardian of the Divine Plan, your Personal Angel, this beautiful Angel who’s emanating this Warm Orange Light and embracing you with her love.  I want you to remember that you’re welcome to come here, sit by this fire, or come and sit right where Divine Mother’s Throne is by the fire.  Between Mother’s Throne and the fire you can have a seat there, so you benefit from Mother on one side of you and the fire on the other side, and state your intentions, pour your heart out.

As you’re pouring your heart out, you can be talking to your Guardian Angel and asking your Guardian Angel to magnify the impact of your intentions and unfold the highest Divine Plan for you, and you can be talking to your very own Divine Mother.  Goddess Victory is here too.  Whatever you set as your intention, whatever you offer to Divine Mother, whatever you invite your Guardian Angel to magnify for you, you can then bring to Goddess Victory and ask her to make it Victorious.  Ask her to weave the energies of Victory into those intentions, and that is what I am going to do for you.

I ask you to spend 5 or 10 minutes sitting in this position with your Cosmic Angel and if you fall asleep that’s fine too.  When you go into dreamtime, it magnifies the impact.  It also helps us to be able to anchor the energies while your mind isn’t getting in your way.

I thank you for participating in this exercise, and I am grateful to have an opportunity to give you this gift, for the magnification of your intentions, for the unfoldment of the Divine Plan, the highest Divine Plan. The holographic image of your Angelic Guardian who will constantly pray on your behalf and intend that the highest Divine Plan unfold for you, and a friend who will pray for all your intentions at all times, even when your mind is no longer on those intentions.  I am glad to be in service to each of you in this way and to be able to magnify the impact of all that you do and to help you pave the path that you walk on and remove the obstacles, so that you can be Victorious and Glorious in all that you do wherever you go.

I hold you in my own heart I Am your very own Divine Mother.  So It Is.

©FAGU 2013