March 2013

March 2013 Newsletter


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Dear Friends,

Happy spring!

In our meditation this month Divine Mother brings us our very own Personal Angelic Guardian of the 5D Octave; under Goddess Victory’s supervision. Please perform this meditation while bringing the Children of the New Age – all the Indigos – with you to receive these Energies and be blessed by them.

Divine Mother has also given us two new prayer beads, the Harmonious Relationships, made with her favorite Italian Onyx and Red Bamboo Corals and the Shiva -Shakti, with White Pearls and Red Bamboo Coral, for restoring perfect balance and harmonious relationships with the Self and with others. To go to the Gifts store to view Divine Mother Prayer Beads, click here.

Please join us in celebrating the first day of spring in our March 20th Equinox Ceremony. As we join forces, we empower each other to do more, be more, and change our world for the better.

We celebrate the Hear Thy Soul Series

We also celebrate the beginning of our third year of the monthly Hear Thy Soul live channeling series courses.  We thank our current regular Core Group Members for their participation and their wonderful service. We also invite those who wish to join us to start at the beginning and catch up. With Divine Mother’s blessing, we offer the first 10 courses of the Hear Thy Soul series at the hugely discounted rate of $33.00 per course. Everyone who is new to these courses must start with the first one; PTE MS: Hear Thy Soul – Receive its Guidance (offered originally at $333.00 and now offered at $33.00) to prepare for the amazing journey with Divine Mother, to expand the 3rd Eye and Channeling Chakras, to connect fully with Divine Mother’s Energies and other Deities, as well as the Heightened Group Energies. Please take advantage of this glorious opportunity to become a Core group member serving Divine Mother’s Mission and accelerating your own.

To read more and register for PTE MS: Hear Thy Soul – Receive its Guidance, click here.

To see all the discounted Hear Thy Soul courses and the rest of the PTE MS Curriculum, click here.

We will continue our journey with our Hear Thy Soul Core Group on Sunday March 24th as usual. Once again, thank you for all you have done in service. Our world is a better place for all your service.

Please remember the Indigo Souls in all your endeavors at all times.

These are amazing times we live in and we are enormously fortunate to have found each other and to have called the love and protection of Divine Mother and the Divine Feminine to ourselves. Thank you and Happy New Earth Year!

Love and blessings,


Portal Days in February: 3/1/13, 3/2/13, 3/3/13, 3/10/13, 3/11/13, 3/12/13, 3/18/13, 3/20/13, 3/21/13, 3/22/13, 3/23/13, 3/30/13 & 3/31/13.  The Full Moon in March is on 3/27. New Moon is on 3/11.


The next Gateway Portal Channeling is 3/3/13


Join us for our LIVE Gateway Portal Channeling on Sunday, 3/3 at 3:00 PM ET. No registration is required. Please call 1-213-342-3000, use access code 199512#.

NOTE: You can benefit from participating even after each event! The audio of Gateway Portal Channelings will be posted within hours of each event. Click here for audios and transcriptions of past Gateway Portal events.

 LIVE Events in March


PTE MS: Spring Equinox 2013 Ceremony

This Live session will be on Wednesday, 3/20 at 7:30 PM ET. Tuition for this 1 Lesson course is $71.00 until midnight on Saturday, March 9 and $88.00 thereafter.

The actual time of the spring or Vernal Equinox (in the Northern hemisphere) is 7:02 AM ET on March 20th. This will be the first major ceremonial day in 2013. With Divine Mother, Goddess Victory and Great Silent Watcher and the Cosmic Council of the Divine Feminine, we will set the tone for 2013 and for our new life in the new 5th Dimensional Octave. To read more and register, click here.


PTE MS: Hear Thy Soul – Gifts from 7 Angels of 5D Octave

This Live session of Hear Thy Soul will be on Sunday, March 24 at 3:00 PM ET. Tuition for this 1 Lesson course is $125.00 until midnight on Saturday, March 9 and $150.00 thereafter.

In this new Hear Thy Soul course, Divine Mother beckons the 7 Guardian Angels of the 5D Octave (brought forth in a previous course) to offer us gifts that magnify the impact of the essential Qualities that they have brought to the 5th Dimensional Octave. To read more and to register, click here.


Reminder: $5 Book Sale

We continue the special offer price into spring of 2013. Spread the Divine Energies where ever you leave these books (the offices of your therapists, dentist, yoga center, YMCA, etc.). You change the lives of all who are touched by these books. Book sale proceeds help creation of courses for our “Indigos Awaken” site and the publication of new books from PTE Mystery School. To order books, click here.


Reduced Tuition for PTE MS Levels I, II & III to continue

We are maintaining the tuition price for all PTE MS Level I, II & III courses at $33.00 for the foreseeable future. Please take advantage of the reduced tuition to fortify your foundation with the clearing and healing meditations given in these courses. The more healing we give ourselves, the greater our ability to serve and the easier and smoother we absorb and anchor the Higher Energies.

To go to the PTE Curriculum page, click here.


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March 2013 Meditation


Adapted from 2/2/2013 Gateway Portal channeling

 Grounding Meditation

Take a deep breath and close your eyes; imagine that you’re standing on top of Uluru, the great red rock in Central Australia.

  • Feel the pulsing heartbeat of Uluru and feel that you slide through the rock into a Pillar of Light, the Hara Line of Uluru, all the way to the Core Crystal at the center of Mother Earth.
  • See Amber Colored Light, the Life Force Energy of Mother Earth everywhere.  Let it be absorbed into your body, Five Body System, your Light Body.
  • Then send it up through the Antahkarana Cord, the Pillar of Light that extends above your head all the way up to the Pool of Creation. From the Pool of Creation we invite the Amber Cosmic Life Force Energy to mix with the Turquoise Blue Light of the Pool of Creation and to pour down the Antahkarana Cord to the Core Crystal of Mother Earth.
  • The Life Force Energy of Mother Earth is constantly moving up into the Throne of Creation and the Amber Cosmic Life Force Energy and Turquoise Blue from the Pool of Creation is constantly pouring down; connecting Heaven and Earth.

Envision yourself standing before the Sacred Altar of Divine Mother.

  • See Divine Mother in her Ceremonial Robes to your Right, sending you Copper Gold Light.
  • Goddess Victory stands to your Left sending Lemon- Gold with Platinum and Pewter Colors to you.
  • Mother of the Universe stands to the far left, sending Vibrant Pink.
  • Mother of the Cosmos stands to the far right, sending her Amber Light.
  • Great Silent Watcher stands across the Altar from you, sending her Turquoise Blue Light.
  • Multitudes of Angels are present everywhere.
  • Take a moment, feel the energies of each one of these Great Beings, make your offerings to the Sacred Fire, set your intentions. Pause for a moment.

The Golden Bridge to 5D Octave and Divine Mother’s Retreat

See Filaments of Copper Gold begin to spin off from you and this entourage and see the Golden Bridge to the 5th Dimensional Octave.   Imagine these Copper Gold Filaments spinning off of your Light Body forming this Golden Bridge, reinforcing the Bridge.

We walk on this bridge, with Goddess Victory leading the way and Great Silent Watcher behind us, to the 5th Dimensional Octave. Golden Light is everywhere. Find your Treasure Chest and open it to see your Cape, Crown, Scepter and many other personal items.  This treasure chest will be taken with you to Divine Mother’s 5th Dimensional Retreat.

See ahead of us a Seven Tiered structure, shinning and glistening as the Light reflects off it. This is Divine Mother’s Retreat with a hexagonal gateway that glistens, emitting the seven colors of the rainbow. Colors shine in sequence from the gateway – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Magenta. When we are recalibrated to all the colors, the gateway opens and we walk inside.  The floor is an Italian Onyx marble.  It has veins of green and red, chocolate brown and light brown with a translucent effect, as if there is Light behind it. Feel the loving, nurturing effect of this substance.  The walls emit a Warm Orange Colored Light like the color of the stone Carnelian.

We enter a circular chamber on the first level with a Sacred Fire Altar in the center. Divine Mother is seated on her Throne; a beautiful Crown on her head, Scepter in her hand and wearing robes and Cape in Copper Gold. She is very happy to see you. Take a moment and make your offerings to this Sacred Flames and set your intentions for yourselves, your loved ones, for Earth and humankind, and for Divine Mother and all of these Beings.

Divine Mother has requested a dispensation that commands the Soul Aspect – who knows the higher path and is capable of choosing that path for each of us – to actively participate in our decision making  process. The involvement of our Soul Aspect, actively in our lives, from this point, on has been written into the New Divine Plan for each of us, under the supervision of Divine Mother and Goddess Victory, who will Over light the Soul and empower the implementation of the highest choices.  Therefore, we won’t go on paths which are dead-ends; nor go on paths that delay or distract us from our Soul Purpose and Mission. Imagine the Higher Voice, and the Higher Purpose always succeeding; imagine the Personality Aspects, Mind, Emotions,  Five Body System, Light Body, all aligned with the Higher Purpose, and mighty Goddess Victory fully Over lighting us, allowing the Soul to make the final decision and to align all Personality Aspects to do the highest good at all times. Let us take a deep breath as we invite our beloved Divine Mother to join us.


Your Personal Guardian Angels of the 5D 

Divine Mother Channeled 2/2/201

My beloved Children of Light I am your very own Divine Mother.

Step forward at the edge of the Altar, bend toward the fire, and breathe the heat and the flames; breathe deeply.  This 5th Dimensional Fire has the capacity to transmute karma and karmic entanglements. It is illuminating your face; your skin is absorbing it; the strands of hair are absorbing it and becoming stronger. Open your mouth and breathe it in and let it go into your lungs. The healing properties of this Fire is entering through your skin and through the breath into your organs; healing the organs.

Angelic Watchers are standing around you. They are your 5th Dimensional Angelic Guardians.  They constantly guard you and enfold you in the 5th Dimensional Energies.   Envision three of them, one standing over your left shoulder, one over the right and one standing behind you.  They take your clothes off to prepare you for a ceremony. They will take the Sacred Ashes from the Sacred Altar; hold it up before Goddess Victory to pour her Platinum Light, and Divine Mother to pour Warm Orange Light of the new Divine Plan for each of you over the Sacred Ashes – to become a paste to be rubbed on your body.  Victory and I will seal this Warm Orange paste with Copper Gold and Platinum Shimmers.

I have imbued this Warm Orange Light into the Carnelian Stones so that when you are in 3rd Dimensional Realm, wearing Carnelian will help you elevate your energies.  Carnelian is now charged with the energies of the 5th Dimensional Octave, with the energies of this Fire.

The three Angels rub the paste from the top of your head to the bottoms of your feet. Thick layers sit on your Crown Chakra, your eyelids, your Third Eye Chakra, your mouth, lips, teeth, tongue; when you swallow, it has a sweet orange taste; it goes into your blood stream and begins to emanate the Warm Orange Light.  This is the best healing balm, the highest concentration of vitamin C.  Imagine yourself tasting it; drink this healing balm.  It is rubbed on your Throat Chakra, your neck and on the Channeling Chakra, front and back of each of the Chakras on your torso – going down.  Every iota of your body is absorbing and receiving it through the skin, every organ, bone structure, skeletal structure, cell structure, your DNA structure; it awakens the DNA structure to the memories of yourselves as 5th Dimensional Beings.

Your arms, forearms, hands begin to absorb the extra layers of this Warm Orange illumined with Platinum of Goddess of Victory and Copper Gold of Divine Mother.  All three Angelic Watchers cover every inch of your body and your Earth Crust Chakra beneath your feet.

You glow with this Warm Orange Light.  It aligns you with your Divine Contract.  The New Divine Plan, the Divine Contract that I requested on your behalf above and beyond all Divine Contracts, it aligns you with the highest aspect of your Soul and helps the Personality Aspects to do the same.  Sometimes Personality Aspects get in a war with one another and it becomes very difficult to make a decision.  Sometimes a decision becomes painful because each of the Personality Aspects pull you in a different direction.

Imagine how wonderful it would be when the Personality Aspects are all one pointedly focused on what is best for you.  Nobody gets in the other’s way and nothing gets delayed, and you have the right answers every time. Everything lines up for you; everyone supports you;  all doors open to bring you greater joy and happiness, greater ability to face the world, greater determination to do the right thing.  Knowing the right thing, that you are on the right path, that what you’re doing is the best for yourselves, your loved ones, your Soul, Your Soul Lineage, is a huge load off of your shoulders, I know that. I know that because as a Mother I watch you.

You want to dedicate and devote all your time and all your energy in serving, but there are times when you feel, if I sit and meditate all this other stuff doesn’t get done. I tell you, all that other stuff is also service.  If I can help you know that while there is joy in meditating with Mother’s Energy, but also there can be great joy cooking, cleaning, shopping, at work, at home, taking care of children or grandchildren, serving another; all that is serving Mother too.  Because you live a life in this 3D, where you need to do all in balance, I understand that, I know your hearts.

I know that sometimes you worry that you didn’t get a chance to meditate, and a week has gone by.  You didn’t get a chance to repeat one of the courses.  You didn’t take the course because you didn’t have time and you didn’t have the resources, and you feel badly.  Imagine what it would be like when in every moment you know why it ended up the way it did, and that it was the right choice, the right decision. When those worries no longer hold you in their grip, then somehow the blockages are removed, the doors open and the time becomes available and the resources come into your hand.  This Warm Orange Light and the dispensations that have been given in the presence of the 5th Dimensional Energies are meant to provide you all with a life of Ease and Grace, bring your Personality Aspects to harmony with one another and to harmony with your Soul.

When the Soul and the Higher Self are aligned with the Personality Aspects, when this Warm Orange glow is constantly permeating around you, transmuting the karma and karmic entanglements, pulling the Platinum Light from Goddess Victory, pulling the Copper Gold from Divine Mother, then you are always aligned.  When you are washing dishes you can be just as blissful as when you are chanting to Divine Mother or listening to one of the Guided Meditations.  Being with family is also an offering to Divine Mother if you intend it to be. You can invite Divine Mother to be with you, bathe you with her Light, pour this Golden Copper Warm Orange Platinum Light to you and your loved ones.  Take a deep breath.

See the Angelic Watchers leaning forward into the Fire and breathing in, inhaling, devouring fumes and the Energies from the Fire.  They breathe it in as if they are a form of a vacuum, breathing in with mouths wide open. See this Light and Energy going in – filling them with the glow of the Sacred Fire at the Altar of Divine Mother in her 5th Dimensional Retreat.

Then they form of a triangle, one to your left, to your right, one behind you; they blow, and when they blow out a breath directed at you, filling your Five Body System.  Now the sheath around your Physical Body is filled with this warm orange glow; your entire Etheric Body and the sheath around your Etheric Body, your Emotional Body and the sheath around your Emotional Body, your Mental Body and the sheath around your Mental Body is now emanating with the Warm Orange Glow.  Breathe and see that the last blast is blowing into your Spiritual Body, and the Sheath around your Spiritual Body becomes aglow, and then it expands into a Golden Orange Light as it illuminates your Light Body.

It is very important that you focus on your Light Body.  Your Light Body is the vehicle for you to retrieve 5th Dimensional Energies; your Light Body is capable of constantly vibrating to the 5th Dimensional Energies and dispersing those 5th Dimensional Energies to your Five Body System, to your Physical Body, to your organs, to your blood stream, to your DNA structure; and then through you into the environment around you.  Put a lot of focus on your Light Body.  Always see your Light Body illuminated with a Golden Warm Orange glow encapsulating, encasing your Five Body System. 

You are welcome at all times to come to this Sacred Fire at the Altar of Divine Mother’s Sacred Retreat, in the first floor, the Great Hall of your very own Divine Mother’s Retreat.   Now come up and lay down on Mother’s lap. Lie down or sit with me, and let me work on your Light Body and your Five Body System.  I would like to have 10 minutes with you.  If you fall asleep that is great because I can work even deeper with you. But if you don’t fall asleep that doesn’t mean you didn’t go deep. I want to energize you, etch the energies of these 5th Dimensional Octaves, and most especially the blessing of the Sacred Fire at Mother’s Altar and the blessing of this Throne where Divine Mother is seated, into your Five Body System, into your Light Body, into your Physical Body.  I want to energize you in this way.

I bless and thank Goddess Victory, and the entourage of Beings and angels present.  I bless and thank the Great Silent Watcher for clearing the path for this transition from the 3rd to the 5th, to be such a great and easy event. I thank all the members of the Divine Feminine Council. You now have your own 5th Dimensional Angelic Watcher(s). Your Angelic Watchers are on call 24 hours a day.  They are hired by Divine Mother to bless and protect you, to fill you with the highest energies and lead you to the highest path. If you feel you need all three Angelic Watchers, you may request that too.  One is your primary 5th Dimensional Guardian Angel and the others can help.  When you come into this temple you can request all three to be available to you. 

Repeating this exercise will etch its energy into your Five Body System and your Light Body, help you absorb the 5th Dimensional Energies, allow your Soul to communicate with your Personality Aspects; the easier it would be for Goddess Victory to guard you and guide you to retrieving the highest path and the best events. My Divine Mission is intertwined with yours.

I hold you in my own heart.  Remember to come and sit with me or lie on my lap and allow me to work on you.  I thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve with you. I am your very own Divine Mother.

In the entourage of the Beings I bid you love.

So It Is.

© FAGU 2013