June 2013

June 2013 Newsletter


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Dear Friends,

Happy Father’s Day! And Happy Solstice!

For our June Newsletter we have a wonderful Meditation with Divine Mother to receive a Mesh of Light around the Globe and a Template of Protection, especially aimed for the younger generations to remain on the path of Light and Service.

We have Three LIVE channeling events this month. The first is our 6/6 Gateway Portal Channeling, the second is a Summer Solstice Ceremony on Thursday, 6/20 and our monthly Hear Thy Soul LIVE Course. In addition to these LIVE events we have 2 Home Study Courses:

  • Summer Solstice 2013 Ceremony
  • Healing and Re-Calibration of 5 Body System and
  • Light Body and Thrones of the Divine Feminine Phase 3. See below.

Blessings to all,


Portal Days in June: 6/1/13, 6/6/13, 6/10/13, 6/11/13, 6/16/13, 6/18/13, 6/20/13, 6/21/13, 6/22/13, 6/26/13 & 6/30/13.  The Full Moon in June is on 6/23. New Moon is on 6/8.



The next FREE Gateway Portal Channeling is 6/6/13


Join us for our LIVE Gateway Portal Channeling on Thursday, 6/6 at 7:30 PM ET. No registration is required. Please call 1-213-342-3000, use access code 199512#.

NOTE: You can benefit from participating even after each event! The audio of Gateway Portal Channelings will be posted within hours of each event. Click here for audios and transcriptions of past Gateway Portal events.


LIVE Events in June

PTE MS: Hear Thy Soul – Crystal Chamber in the 5D Octave Phase 3

This Live session of Hear Thy Soul will be on Sunday, June 23 at 3:00 PM ET. Tuition for this 1 Lesson course is $125.00 until midnight on Saturday, June 8 and $150.00 thereafter.

This month Divine Mother will take us back to the Chrystal Chamber of her 5D Retreat. Through these Crystals, we will continue with Divine Mother to work to integrate the benefits of the 5th Dimension into our 3rd Dimensional Reality. To read more and to register, click here.

PTE MS: Summer Solstice 2013 Ceremony

This Live session will be on Thursday June 20 at 7:30 PM ET. Tuition for this 1 Lesson course is $71.00 until midnight on Saturday, June 8 and $88.00 thereafter.

Divine Mother will talk to us about the significance of this Portal Day, as it relates to past and future events of 2013, and lead us in a guided meditation to set intentions for 2013 and beyond. To register, click here.

Other New Courses


PTE MS: Healing and Recalibration of Five Body System and Light Body

Tuition for this 2 Session course is $38.00.

In response to the chaotic and disruptive energies that came forth in April and continue to linger, Divine Mother has offered this important two part meditational exercise to clear, cleanse, heal and recalibrate. 

The objective is to use this healing method and this recalibration for everything from the most minute of your own personal needs to global matters.  To read more and to register, click here.

PTE MS: Thrones of the Divine Feminine Part 1 – Phase 3.

Tuition for this 2 Session course is $125.00 until midnight of Saturday, June 8 and $150.00 thereafter.

In Phase 3, we go to the Throne of Victory to receive her blessing and re-alignment with the Energies of Victory. Then we assist Divine Mother, Victory and the Cosmic Council of the Divine Feminine in aligning all Levels of the Hierarchy from the Throne of Victory to Quan Yin’s Jade Palace in the 5th Dimension of Reality. To read more and register, click here.


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Meditation to Receive Mesh of Light and Template of Protection



Adapted from5/5/2013 Gateway Portal channeling

© FAGU 2013

Grounding at Uluru

Visualize that you are standing on top of Uluru, the great Red rock formation in Central Australia.  Feel a warm, inviting feeling.

Let yourself glide inside down a Pillar of Light-your Hara Line- towards the center of the Earth.  Absorb the Amber Colored Light, the Life Force Energy at the Corel Crystal of Mother Earth and envision moving it up into the pillar and into your body for regeneration and rejuvenation. Let it come up all the way to your head and move above your head inside the Antahkarana Cord; the Golden Silver Cord of Light which extends above your head and connects you to your Higher Self and the Higher Realms.

Visualize Amber Light moves up and reaches into the Pool of Creation. Visualize the Cosmic Life Force, also as Amber Colored Light from the Pool of Creation, flowing down the Antahkarana Cord and down your body back to the center of Earth. Visualize Emerald Green Light around the outside to provide you with Health and Financial abundance.  Take a moment, envision a Sacred Fire Altar here, and make your offerings to the Sacred Fire in the Core of the Earth.  Take a deep breath.

Now visualize Divine Mother, in Copper Gold Robes is holding your right hand. Goddess Victory, in her Platinum colored robes is holding your left hand. The Cosmic Guardian of the Divine Plan, in her Warm Orange Colored Light, is standing directly in front of you pouring her Warm Orange Light over you.  Warm Orange Light is intended to accelerate good things in our day to day life while releasing us from those things that are boring and repetitive and no longer serve us.

Your own Angelic Guardian of the Divine Plan

The Cosmic Guardian of the Divine Plan begins to spin some of her own Light, to create for you, an Angelic Guardian- one that holds all the Qualities of the Cosmic Guardian of the Divine Plan. Goddess Victory and Divine Mother hold their Scepters over your head and the head of this Angel.

The Angel is now fully shaped. She takes both your hands and places them over her own heart.  Imagine warmth filling your hands, your arms, your shoulders, your torso, your whole body.  Let it move throughout your body, through every organ, expanding. It is absorbed into your blood stream and your muscular – skeletal structure.  It fills your Physical Body and your Energy Bodies; your Etheric Body, Emotional Body, expanding out to fill your Mental Body and your Spiritual Body.  See that the Cosmic Guardian of the Divine Plan standing behind your Angelic Guardian is pouring this Warm Orange Light to your Guardian, magnifying its impact as the Warm Orange expands to your Light Body- the outer most Energy Body and activating your Light Body. Imagine Nodes of Light fully activated in your Light Body, pulsing with the Warm Orange Light.  Take a deep breath.

These Nodes carry memories from many lifetimes. Awakening the Nodes of Light and connecting with the memories and skills accumulated in many lifetimes, allows us to benefit from every skill and the knowledge and wisdom we have gathered in many lives.

The Golden Bridge to the 5th Dimensional Octave and Divine Mother’s Retreat

Now envision before you a Golden Bridge which takes us from here all the way to the 5th Dimensional Octave. Take the hand of your Angelic Guardian.  Goddess Victory will lead us with Divine Mother and the Cosmic Guardian of the Divine Plan. We move along the Golden Bridge into the 5th Dimensional Octave.

See the shining seven tiered Retreat of Divine Mother in front of us, glistening and shining.  As we all together reach the hexagonal gateway, we see these Lights in sequence: Purple, Magenta, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and back to Purple again. Moving through the sequence of these lights, we are fully, recalibrated to enter the Retreat of Divine Mother. Inside, the Warm Orange Light is beaming from the walls of the Retreat, 40 foot high ceilings, with Italian Onyx glowing beneath our feet.  We stand before the Sacred Altar.  Take a moment and make your offerings to the Sacred Fire within this Altar.

Divine Mother is sitting on her Throne on the other side of the Altar.  Move around the Sacred Altar and sit cross legged in front of your own Angelic Guardian.  Her knees touch yours and her palms touch your palms.  Look into the eyes of your Angelic Being, make your connection, talk to your Guardian Angel; ask the Guardian Angel to magnify the impact of all of your intentions.  Ask Goddess Victory to make you Victorious, to weave the Energies of Victory into all of your intentions. Goddess Victory is now pouring her Energies of Victory over your body from head to toe.


Divine Mother’s Guided meditation to receive the Mesh of Light and Template of Protection for all the Children of Light and the Indigos Souls


My Beloved Children of Light I am your very own Divine Mother.

Envision that you are now standing by my side with your Angelic Guardian of the Divine Plan. Great Silent Watcher, Goddess Victory and the Cosmic Guardian of the Divine Plan are present.  Everyone is standing around the Sacred Altar.

The Template of Protection

We command the Template for Protection for all of the Indigo Souls to be brought down.  We ask Cosmic Guardian of the Divine Plan to specifically call the Template of Protection and the Template for Divine Mission.  We ask her to etch the Highest Divine Plan into the Template, for each individual Indigo Soul and for each individual soul who is relevant to the Indigos. This is to change the world for the better through the Template of Protection.  We ask Great Silent Watcher to fill it with the Turquoise Blue Light which is her Light of Protection and Fearlessness;  fearless of darkness, of lower vibrational energies, of being bullied, of being pressured and constantly focusing on the Higher Light.  Goddess Victory is invited to etch into the Template, the Energies of Victory. Divine Mother will put into this template, all your intentions for the Highest Purpose according to the Universal Law, for all the Indigo Souls, for the Creation. I include a framework inside the Template for the Souls to follow.

Mesh of Light

Visualize that a Bubble of Light is forming around all of you. Inside of the bubble, envision the Warm Orange of Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan, the Turquoise Blue of Great Silent Watcher, the Platinum Light of Goddess Victory and the Copper Gold of Divine Mother begin to weave until we have created a Mesh of Light.

Now envision the entire globe is suspended inside of this Mesh. Please imagine two billion Indigo Souls inside the mesh. Each one as a pinpoint of Light, absorbing from this mesh all the four Lights:

  • The Warm Orange that allows them to carry the Highest Divine Mission, the
  • Turquoise Blue which  protects them and makes them Fearless, the
  • Platinum which makes them Victorious and
  • Mother’s own energies in Copper Gold which brings them Strength and Courage, Love and Nurturance and
  • Envision yourself as a Node of Light, that is the brightest and the largest point of Light; connects from one group member to the other, embracing all these Indigo Souls. Imagine embracing the two billion Points of Light which represents these Indigos. You are embracing, nurturing, loving, guiding, directing and protecting them with our help and guidance.

Remember to always call to those Indigo Souls to do good and to change the world for the better. Please remember that for every single incidence where disastrous events happen, there are hundreds of thousands, millions of incidences where these Indigos offer great service. When you live in duality, you experience good and bad together. You make ten strides in the direction of something enormously good, and then you have some push back; but that pushback gives you more momentum,  more determination, more courage, and brings you all together, to make you united.

Please repeat the above exercise for at least 9 days and preferably for 22 or 33 days. Envision each time you do the exercise, the colors become brighter: see the globe inside of the mesh with filaments of Warm Orange, Turquoise Blue, Platinum and Copper Gold.  Each of you, as members of a group send these Lights to two billion individual Indigos. Thereby holding them in Integrity, in Victory, in Accomplishment of their Divine Mission; holding them Protected and Fearless; holding them in Love, Nurturance, Strength and Courage.

I hold you in all of that Light, multiplied and magnified from eternity to eternity, with great gratitude.

I hold each one of you in my own heart.  I Am your very own Divine Mother. So It Is.

© FAGU 2013