July 2013

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Dear Friends,

Happy 4th of July!

This month we are celebrating the return of Sanat Kumara, the Planetary Logos. Divine Mother and the Cosmic Council of the Divine Feminine have brought the anchoring of the Divine Feminine Energies to the point that inviting Sanat Kumara back to Earth is possible. In this month’s meditation, we invite Sanat Kumara Back. This is a most extraordinary time in earth’s evolution and we are being given the chance to participate in this Landmark event for Earth and Humankind. Please take the opportunity to add your Signature Energy to this amazing ceremony.

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Amazing changes for the better are in store for all of us and all of Humankind. We thank you for all that you do in service.

With Gratitude and Blessings,


Portal Days in July: 7/1/13, 7/7/13, 7/10/13, 7/11/13, 7/17/13, 7/18/13, 7/20/13, 7, 7/27/13 & 7/30/13.  The Full Moon in July is on 7/22. New Moon is on 7/8.



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The Return of Sanat Kumara, the Planetary Logos



Taken from 6-6-2013 Gateway Portal Day   



Grounding Meditation at Uluru


Visualize that you are standing on top of Uluru, the great Red rock formation in Central Australia.  Feel a warm, inviting feeling.

Let yourself glide inside down a Pillar of Light-your Hara Line- towards the center of the Earth.  Absorb the Amber Colored Light, the Life Force Energy at the Corel Crystal of Mother Earth and envision moving it up into the pillar and into your body for regeneration and rejuvenation. Let it come up all the way to your head and move above your head inside the Antahkarana Cord; the Golden Silver Cord of Light which extends above your head and connects you to your Higher Self and the Higher Realms.

Visualize Amber Light moves up and reaches into the Pool of Creation. Visualize the Cosmic Life Force, also as Amber Colored Light from the Pool of Creation, flowing down the Antahkarana Cord and down your body back to the center of Earth. Visualize Emerald Green Light around the outside to provide you with Health and Financial abundance.  Take a moment, envision a Sacred Fire Altar here, and make your offerings to the Sacred Fire in the Core of the Earth.  Take a deep breath.

Core of Earth

We go to the Core of the Earth. Envision yourself stand around a Sacred Altar with a Sacred fire burning inside a circular fire pit. The entourage of the Divine Feminine Deities stands in their positions.

  • Divine Mother is standing to your right.
  • Victory to your left.
  • Mother of Universe to your far left.
  • Mother of the Cosmos to your far right.
  • Great Silent Watcher across from you.
  • Perfected Presence of the Masculine and Feminine
  • Guardian of the Divine Plan.
  • Three Omniversal Mothers behind you.
  • 144,000 Silent Watchers and 10 Billion Watchers.

Before the Sacred Fire Altar at the Core of Mother Earth, we stand with the entourage of the Divine Feminine Council and all Masters, Deities and Beings of Light who wish to participate in creating a New Reality; a New Divine Reality for this Earth, our Hierarchy and Humankind:

“It is time that we stand united in inviting our Planetary Logos to bring his consciousness and to Over Light the planet.  This is important because every planet needs the energies and the Over Lighting presence of its head, its leader, the parent. Let us come together offering our free will in alignment with Divine Mother’s Divine Will and our own Divine Will to stand united in inviting Sanat Kumara to Over Lighting each of us individually. Pause for a moment to receive him.

We are the pioneers who remember Sanat Kumara as our father, as our teacher, as our Spiritual Master, and the political leader of our planet; a united planet where we are all citizens of the same world and where Sanat Kumara is the political and spiritual leader.

Let us together call upon the presence of all the Divine Feminine Deities and all the Ascended Masters of Light who desire to participate with us, to invite Sanat Kumara’s Presence and his Energies to over light us, to over light the 5-Body System of every soul and Over Lighting the 5-Body System of the planet; and furthermore, to recalibrate the Light Bodies of every soul and the Light Body of the Planet with the Seal of the Planetary Logos.”

Sanat Kumara’s Seal and Overlighting presence

Now we will invite Sanat Kumara to join us. Envision Sanat Kumara standing on top of a miniature aspect of our globe. His Cape of Protection is draping down over his shoulders and wrapping its protection around the planet. Sanat Kumara’s cape is emanating the color of Fuchsia Pink, which is his Signature Energy for this present moment in the history of Earth and provides Protection and Love of the Planetary Logos to Earth and to all souls.

Over the body and Being of Sanat Kumara, envision a gigantic presence of Great Silent Watcher. She is holding her Scepter of Power above Sanat Kumara’s head with her Cape of Protection expanding and illuminating the Turquoise Blue Light to fully encompass Sanat Kumara and the entire planet and the consciousness of every soul.

  • Filaments of Fuchsia Pink, encased in the Turquoise Blue Light of Fearlessness and Protection, are now forming around the longitudinal and latitudinal grid matrix of the planet.
  • Nodes of Light illuminated with filaments of Fuchsia Pink encased in Turquoise Blue are now fully shining and shimmering in the Light Body of the planet.
  • Now envision that Nodes of Light illuminated with filaments of Fuchsia Pink encased in Turquoise Blue are now fully shining and shimmering and in the Light Bodies of all the souls on Earth who are receptive to this Light.
  • Those soul who are the pioneers and who can hold these energies and participate in receiving and transmitting the energies of Sanat Kumara encased in the protection of Great Silent Watcher, are called to hold space.
  • These pioneers, who are now fully encased with their Light Bodies fully illumined, are now called to stand and hold space for every soul to be illuminated with these energies, for the 5-Body System of all souls to be encased in these energies, for the 5-Body System of the planet to be encased in these energies and for the Light to become brighter.
  • Envision all Sacred Sites across the globe are now charged with a condensed, concentration of the Over Lighting presence of Sanat Kumara, encased in the protection of Great Silent Watcher. These Sacred Sites become the receiving and transmitting antenna throughout the world and into the universe, raising the vibrational frequency to reestablish the Shield of the Planetary Logos around the planet and around the Planetary Body Grid.  We will also invite Sanat Kumara to place his Seal of the Planetary Logos around the Personal Body Grids of every Human Soul, every soul from the Mineral Kingdom, every soul from the Plant Kingdom, and every soul from the Animal Kingdom. Sanat Kumara is ready and willing to reestablish his shield and his seal, because this is what he has been waiting for the last 8000 years.  This is our Divine Right to receive and his Divine Right to give.

Now we will command the Mineral Kingdom, the Animal Kingdom, the Plant Kingdom to receive and transmit the presence of Sanat Kumara and his over lighting Seal as well as Protection from Great Silent Watcher, the Divine Feminine and Masters, living and ascended. Then we can awaken humankind en mass, because then there will much greater support for this event to become our new Reality, even if 97%  of humankind are unawake; still asleep to their own divinity and don’t even know who Sanat Kumara is, nor want to. The Human Kingdom itself is only a small percentage of the consciousness of all souls of earth, compared to the Animal, Mineral, and Plant Kingdoms.

Commanding and establishing the presence of Sanat Kumara in the Mineral, Plant and Animal Kingdoms can be done easily because to them, it is a natural thing. It is easy to establish the presence of Sanat Kumara into those kingdoms because they have a Collective Consciousness. They don’t have individual intelligence; they have a Collective Consciousness and their Collective Consciousness recognizes what was originally intended for them, what was originally theirs. Sanat Kumara’s Energies as the Planetary Logos, is their Divine Right.  So let us begin with the command to establish Sanat Kumara’s presence and Seal in all the Kingdoms of Earth:

  • We now command to establish the over lighting presence of Sanat Kumara around the 5-Body System of Earth and the Light Body of Earth. Breathe and bathe as you hold this intention.
  • We call to Great Silent Watcher, to Protect all Light Bodies of Earth and all souls and make sure it stays in place, in Purity and Innocence with her Protection and in Fearlessness. Breathe and bathe as you hold this intention.
  • We now charge the Sacred Sites around the globe to become the receiving and transmitting antenna of widespread presence of the Seal of Sanat Kumara throughout the Grid Matrix of Planet Earth and all souls. Breathe and bathe as you hold this intention.
  • We now call upon the Planetary Body Grid and each Personal Body Grid of all the pioneers of the New Age and all souls, to be fully illuminated with these Energies. Breathe and bathe as you hold this intention.
  • We now illumine the Nodes of Light inside the Light Body of the Planet and the Light Body of each individual soul. Breathe and bathe as you hold this intention.
  • We now call to the Mineral Kingdom to receive and vibrate to Sanat Kumara’s over lighting presence and his Seal– every crystal and gem are vibrating this. Breathe and bathe as you hold this intention.
  • We now call upon the Plant Kingdom to receive and vibrate to Sanat Kumara’s over lighting presence and his Seal – every flowering bush and every tree, even every tree stump that have given of themselves and are they’re now just bare and barren are vibrating it. Breathe and bathe as you hold this intention.
  • We now call upon the Animal Kingdom to receive and vibrate to Sanat Kumara’s over lighting presence and his Seal – your pets, whether they are living or ascended, and the wild animals are vibrating it. Breathe and bathe as you hold this intention.
  • The Mineral, Plant and Animal Kingdoms become the magnification rods and accelerate the process of embracing Sanat Kumara and his Over Lighting Seal. because there are so many more trees, so many more animals, and so much more crystalline structures around the globe than there are human beings, the processes of acceleration is magnified exponentially.

So, through these commands and demands, we bring the Shield of Sanat Kumara to the Planetary Body Grid of Earth. We also bring it to the Individual Body Grids of the Mineral, Plant, Animal Kingdoms. We further bring it to the Personal Body Grids of all the pioneers who are holding space to receive, magnify and transmit the Seal in their hearts and imbue themselves with the  Presence of Sanat Kumara, the Planetary Logos, and the Shield of the Planetary Logos, all encased in the Protection and Fearlessness of Great Silent Watcher. All this will make it much easier for those unawakened souls to feel the presence of Sanat Kumara and to remember those long faded memories of Sanat Kumara as their Father, Teacher and Spiritual Master.

So, now we start from this New Reality, this New Divine Reality that we have created together. In this new Divine Reality, Sanat Kumara is available and all are receptive to him and carry his seal in their hearts. Every one, every place, everything is protected in his over lighting presence and all live in peace and harmony. The Logos Shield is available to the earth and all kingdoms. His Logos Consciousness is available to all creation on earth. His Personal Consciousness is available, for everyone to have a personal relationship with him. That is what was intended in the Divine Plan.

We distribute this information in a form that is acceptable and hopefully understandable to a few hundred people who participate in these Newsletters. Please share it with everyone everywhere. Make a point of sharing this particular meditation with others. Please make a point of anchoring these energies in your homes, offices, in parks and sacred sites, in every body of water, every mountain, every plant, pets, and all your crystals.

Please repeat this meditation every day, as often as you can. Repeat it until you feel it everywhere and can envision it at all times. Envision the Nodes of Light around your own Light Body and the Light Body of Earth brightly illuminated with the Fuchsia Pink of Sanat Kumara, surrounded by the Turquoise Blue of Great Silent Watcher. Always imagine seeing Sanat Kumara standing over Earth, over lighting Earth with his essence and with Great Silent Watcher standing over Sanat Kumara, over lighting and Protecting him.

On behalf of Divine Mother, Sanat Kumara and Great Silent Watcher, on behalf of the entire Feminine Council, we thank all the Great Beings who have participated and most of all we thank you for your part in anchoring these energies and Making it a Reality.  This amazing event is one that you can tell your grandchildren about in years to come with great pride.

© FAGU 2013