February 2013

February 2013 Newsletter


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Dear Friends,

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you from all aspects of the Divine Feminine. Please check out our jewelry and Prayer bead Necklaces which can be great Valentine’s Day gifts from Divine Mother to yourself and to your loved ones as well.

This month’s meditational exercise is appropriate in the midst of debates over gun control and as the grief over the loss of the Newtown, CT. children sets in. We have adapted the meditation Divine Mother gave us at the time of the School shooting to include not only clearing the Souls of the children from the Astral Realms and sending them to the Light and sending love to their loved ones who are grieving but also to include holding our Scepters of power and petitioning help and guidance from Divine Mother and the Councils of Divine Feminine. Join us to request positive change; raising the consciousness of humanity to understand the Karmic outcome of violent behavior. We ask for protection of all souls, especially at all places of education, from daycares and nursery schools to places of higher education. Please join us in performing this meditation and put the power of your Light and goodwill behind positive changes for our world.

Portal Days in February: 2/1/13, 2/2/13, 2/3/13, 2/10/13, 2/11/13, 2/12/13, 2/18/13, 2/20/13, 2/21/13, 2/22/13, 2/23/13, 2/28/13.  The Full Moon in February is on 2/25. New Moon is on 2/10.

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February Meditation


Adapted from Meditation given on Dec. 16, 2012

Welcome from Nasrin

Hello everyone and welcome.

Divine Mother and Goddess Victory have offered us a meditation to heal the pain of loss of a loved one. This meditation also applies for releasing grief and for freeing any souls who pass away in accidents, or in a manner that is sudden.   It also helps with the release of the grief for anyone who has lost a loved one, in any situation but most especially where it is an abrupt departure. Please share this meditation with others. Anyone who chooses to join us in this meditational exercise is welcome, and everyone can join in by creating a vortex of Light to send the souls of their loved ones to Light.  This meditation was given after the event of the shooting in Newtown, CT, USA in Dec. of 2012.

Our focus is to release the souls who have passed away- in this case the young children of Newtown as young as 5 and 6 years old- from hovering above in the Astral Realms and from remaining attached to their parents, and from the trauma of still being in between worlds.  The idea is to release them from this Earthly Realm and everything they are still attached to, and to send them into Light and the Higher Dimensions. Their closeness and attachment to their earthly lives prevents them from moving on and continuing on their journey by going into Higher Light where they can be of great service; perhaps even to prepare them to come back to the same families in the same community and to continue their destined Soul Purpose, starting again, only this time six or seven year later.

Our focus is also on relieving the parents, grandparents and these children’s loved ones who are experiencing their loss, especially now that a few weeks has passed and the pain and the grief of  the loss is fully setting in.

Furthermore, our intention is to close the rip which this tragic incident has left behind, a rip in our Third Dimensional Reality. The Five Elements have been tarnished as a result of this event and we are called by Divine Mother to help free ourselves and our 3D Reality from it. The purity and innocence woven into the fabric of these Young Souls’ lives and their loved ones have been ripped apart and tarnished. That purity is to be restored in the hearts and minds of those who remain on Earth.

Finally our focus is on petitioning Goddess Victory and Divine Mother to help us find solutions in eradicating violence from our world and raising the consciousness of humankind to the point where taking a life is no longer considered an option in most any situation anywhere.


Meditation to Heal Grief of Loss

To Send the souls to Higher Light and Petition for the end of Violence


Grounding Meditation: Visualize standing on the beautiful Red Rock called Uluru in Central Australia.  It is a rock that is sacred to the aboriginal people of Australia, and it has healing potencies. Red Life Force Energy runs through the rock. It is very good for bringing healing.   Envision that you glide into the rock and get absorbed, as if the rock is a sponge and your body doesn’t have density.  You glide into the rock and you bathe in the Red Life Force Energy. Envision that you glide down the Hara Line, a Pillar of Light, that takes you to the Core of the Earth to a crystal structure that is filled with Golden Light.  The Cosmic Life Force that is Amber Light mixes with this Golden Light and the Life Force of Earth, which is a Red Light, like the blood, it mixes and it becomes a dark Amber Light.  We pull this dark Amber Light into our bodies while we are in the Core Crystal. Breathe and bathe.

When we do ceremony in the Core of the Earth, we heal all creation. We etch our prayers, our intentions and healing into the Core of the Earth and from the Core of the Earth to the surface and the Five Body System of Earth and all souls.  So let’s make an intention that everything we do brings healing to the entire Globe, to everyone who is affected in any way, and to raise their vibration, to raise the vibration of the Five Elements, to raise the vibration of all souls, to bring back hope, peace, wholeness, health, love, purity and innocence, and whatever personal prayers you would like to offer. Pause and add your personal prayers now.

We all assemble in front of the Sacred Altar at the Core Crystal. See the circular Altar of the Sacred Fire and Divine Mother who is seated upon her seat, her Throne, in front of the Sacred Altar. Goddess Victory and members of the Cosmic Council, and all the Earthly Goddesses,  Quan Yin, Mother Mary, Hecate, Athena, Saraswati, Lakshmi, Durga, Kali, Lady Nada, all the physically embodied female Gurus, Saints, and Holly Beings who have taken life on Earth stand before Divine Mother.

We offer them love, we offer love to our own Divine Mother.  We offer love to Goddess Victory, Great Silent Watcher, the Omniversal Mothers, the Universal Mother, Cosmic Mother, the Silent Watchers and the Angelic Watchers that are gathered on our behalf, and are magnifying our intentions and the healing energies.

Envision two Pillars of Selenite, 40 feet tall, 20 feet wide, one in the East, one in the West, and two Pillars of Rose Quartz, one in the North, one in the South.  The two Pillars of Rose Quartz are obelisk shaped, a four sided construct, 80 feet tall, and 40 feet across, one directly behind Divine Mother’s Throne, and one behind us.

The Rose Quartz brings hope, love, sweetness, and Selenite clears the energies and heals the rip and the tarnish.  Selenite never allows any lower vibrations to penetrate to wherever it is placed.  It always keeps the energies at the highest possible vibration, and it sends Celestial Light to the environment around it.  Focus on the Pillars of Selenite in the East and West; Pillars of Rose Quartz in the North and South.  Divine Mother’s Throne is directly in front of one of these Rose Quartz Pillars and you can feel the energy of the Pillar behind you, and you can feel the energy of the two Pillars of Selenite to your left and right.

Envision Goddess Victory standing to your left holding her Scepter up and sending her Platinum Light to form above. Envision also the same Dome forming over that school and the grounds in Newtown, CT providing a protective layer of Platinum Light to encompass the entire School, then the town, and then satellite rings that encompass the homes of everyone who is in anyway related to the event.  Envision each of the children and the adults who lost their lives encompassed inside a Cocoon of Platinum Light and envision that any cords that keep them stuck in the Fourth and the Third Dimensions being cut and healed completely.  Now imagine that a Pillar of Platinum is forming to sends these souls to the Highest Light, guided by Goddess Victory.

Envision that the Pillar extends all the way to the 5th Dimension and beyond to wherever these young souls need to find solace. Envision Divine Mother seated upon her Throne receiving all these souls, embracing each of them.  Envision all these children seated at Mother’s feet and the adults, who were affected – who lost their lives, seated to the left and to the right of Divine Mother, and the youngest of the children in Mother’s bosom sitting on her lap.  Envision the parents, the grandparents, aunts and uncles, loved ones of these children, sitting across from the Throne and feeling the love that is pouring upon these children.  Everyone who is in any way connected and is traumatized and feels the grief is receiving the love.

The Dome that Goddess Victory has created is now receiving the Light and the Qualities from each of the Earthly and Divine Aspects of the Feminine, like Quan Yin sending her Compassion, Mother Mary sending Divine Love, Hecate sending Passion and Action, Saraswati sending her love of music and her ability to create prose and poetry, and Lakshmi is giving Spiritual Attainment and Material Abundance.  Material Abundance can include mental and emotional peace.  Goddess Durga is removing the obstacles and cutting the karmic cords. Goddess Kali, the Destroyer of Karma and Remover of Obstacles, one who absorbs the darkness to herself to clear the path for everyone to walk upon Light is standing and pulling in all the darkness surrounding the events, and as a result of this, the Five Elements are restored to the Purity of Original Intent.

The rip in the Dimensional Realms is brought to a close and the scars from it are being healed.  Envision the Angelic Watchers and Silent Watchers sewing with big Platinum and Gold colored thread. Filaments of Light in Gold and Platinum are woven into the fabric of our Reality to fully heal and remove the dark tarnish. These Filaments of Gold and Platinum will heal all ails and open to the Portal of Light in the Highest Dimensions, all the way to Divine Mother’s own Throne and to her bosom and for immediate healing.

Now is the time for all of us to petition these Cosmic Beings. We now ask them to help Earth and human kind to free us from the pain and agony caused by these military grade weapons which cause great harm. We hold our Scepter of Power above our head asking and petitioning Goddess Victory for help to relieve humankind from all violence. Pause for a moment and add what you wish in your own words.

Notice that Goddess Victory is holding her Scepter, her Torch, her Rod of Power and the Discus. The Torch of Victory is capable of torching and burning all the lower vibrations and paving the path for Higher Consciousness.

We ask Goddess Victory to come to our aid. We ask for all humankind to be brought to the Higher Consciousness of understanding that taking a life is a karmic act which requires great payback and having these weapons in the wrong hands is enabling the weak, the mentally disabled and the distraught to cause harm to many but also to themselves, the impact of which could possibly expand over many lifetimes. 

The Scepter of Victory is capable of pouring the Platinum Light of Victory to remove all ignorance, pain, disaster and making everything and everyone Victorious.  The Rod of Victory sends the Filaments of Victory out to create a bridge to help elevate everyone to higher understanding and better living and the Discus is for releasing and removing obstacles and cutting cords, cords of attachment, and cords of negativity.  The Discus was a gift from Goddess Durga to Goddess Victory.  In this way, Goddess Victory can do more for our world.  Envision each of us holding space for everyone, magnifying the impact for all souls and for all creation.

If you wish you may stand before the Pillars of Selenite, or Rose Quartz, go to Divine Mother’s Throne or sit at her feet and bring your loved ones too. You may come back to this meditation at any time you wish.

We thank Goddess Victory and Divine Mother and all the Beings who have provided this meditation for our relief of pain and worries and fears and on behalf of all who will benefit from our prayers. Please exercise it as many times each day as you can and continue to perform it until you feel complete. Thank you everyone and Mother’s Blessing to all of you.

So It Is.


© FAGU 2013