December 2013

December 2013 Newsletter

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Dear Friends,

Happy Holidays!

Together we are at the end of yet another year of serving the Divine and experiencing a much greater fullness of Light.

THANK YOU for your participation, for your energy and for your dedication to this work. It has been an amazing ride and already there are signs of greater glory, as we move forward. This Year the Festival of Diwali, the Indian New Year, coincided with the first day of Spiritual New year, on November 3rd.  First day of Hanukkah fell on Thanks giving, an event that won’t happen again for another 80,000 years.  And, the first day of the Gregorian New Year and Kwanza will fall on the New Moon; a most auspicious event (as new moon is the harbinger of the New Beginnings). Starting the New year which is based on the Solar calendar simultaneously with the First of the Month in the Lunar Calendar is a perfect way to begin anew.

This month, Divine Mother has gifts to offer us to make the upcoming year even more beneficial and joy filled.  In our Guided Meditation for this Newsletter, Divine Mother brings us Cosmic Guardians to protect us and to provide us with greater guidance and direction.

We will celebrate Hear Thy Soul, segment III of Comprehensive Healing on Sunday Dec. 15th and Winter Solstice Ceremony on Saturday, the 21st of Dec.

Jim is offering his book Surfing Realities to all of you in ebook format as a gift when you purchase two courses from our Mystery School. Enjoy spending some time over the holidays in the company of our beloveds in the Higher Realms and bringing their energies into your lives through the pages of Surfing Realities Book.

All of us at Indigos Awaken, Waves of Bliss and PTE Mystery school thank you with all our hearts for all that you do in service to Divine Mother and on behalf of this entire world and wish you a very peaceful and joyous holiday season and entry into the New Year.

Blessings and love to all of you,

Jim and Nasrin


Portal Days: 12/1/13, 12/10/13, 12/11/13, 12/12/13, 12/18/13, 12/20/13, 12/21/13 & 12/30/13 & 12/31/13.  The Full Moon is on 12/17. New Moon is on 12/3.



The next FREE Gateway Portal Channeling is 12/12/13


Join us for our LIVE Gateway Portal Channeling on Thursday, 12/12 at 7:30 PM ET. No registration is required. Please call 1-213-342-3000, use access code 199512#.


NOTE: You can benefit from participating even after each event! The audio of Gateway Portal Channelings will be posted within hours of each event. Click here for audios and transcriptions of past Gateway Portal events.


LIVE events in December

PTE MS: HTS – Comprehensive Healing PH 3 – Ages 8 to 14.

This Live session of Hear Thy Soul will be on Sunday, Dec. 15 at 3:00 PM ET.

Tuition for this 1 Lesson course is $125.00.

This is the third Session of this series as Divine Mother assists us in bringing our Personality Aspects and Soul Fragments back to be a vital part of our Being. Our Inner Child has received much needed healing in the first two sessions of this series and we now begin to address the needs of our teenage selves. This is a critical time as we begin to move into puberty and young adulthood. To read more and register, click here.

This Series is open to all. We recommend that you start with the First of the series (see link to Phase 1 below), but feel free to join us if this one calls to you.

PTE MS: HTS – Comprehensive Healing Series PH 1 – Pre-birth to age 5

Tuition for this 1 Lesson course is $125.00.

Also LIVE in December

PTE MS: Winter Solstice 2013 Ceremony

This Live event will be on Saturday, Dec. 21 at 3:00 PM ET.

Tuition for this 1 Lesson course is $88.00.

This is one of four major portal days of the year relating most specifically to the sun. On these powerful days Divine Mother and the Cosmic Council of the Divine Feminine have a great chance to, with our help, make great strides in anchoring energies that are extremely beneficial to all of Earth and Humankind. Don’t miss the chance to join this celebration live via conference call. If you cannot join us live, the sound file will be posted within an hour of the live event so you can still celebrate this Portal Event on the day, if you wish. As always, whenever you perform these ceremonies with the intent to add your energies to the original ceremony, you become part of that group energy. To read more and to register, click here.


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Divine Mother’s Gift for 2014

Cosmic Guardian Angels for Protect & Support


Please perform the Grounding Meditation

Visualize yourself standing on Uluru,

  • Feel your heart beat in rhythm with Uluru, which is also in rhythm with the heartbeat of Mother Earth.
  • Now slowly let yourself dissolve into Uluru,
  • See the Warm Red Color of Uluru around you as you’re sliding down and simultaneously send from the bottoms of your feet and from your tailbone, roots that extend and wrap themselves around Mother Earth holding you fast and tight to the Core of Mother Earth.
  • Then visualize that a tree trunk forms around you, and this tree trunk has roots at its end which wrap themselves around your roots and around the Core of Earth, as well holding you even tighter to the Core of Mother Earth.
  • This tree trunk extends all the way up around you and above you, all the way up through the Thrones to the Pool of Creation where it spreads out into branches and leaves of the tree in the Pool of Creation.
  • See that the outside layer of the tree trunk is an Emerald Green color, the color of abundance.
  • Breathe in that Emerald Green into your lungs as it extends all the way up to the Pool of Creation, and all the way down to the Core Crystal of Earth.
  • Visualize Amber Colored Light beginning to move up like sap through this tree trunk all the way up through the roots.  This is the Amber Colored Life Force Energy of Mother Earth that is moving up, filling the tree trunk, reaching to the bottoms of your feet and your tailbone, filling each Chakra of your body in turn as it clears and cleanses your body, your Five Body System, your Energy Bodies as well as your Chakra System, filling you and moving, continuing up, all the way up to the Pool of Creation, emptying the Life Force Energy of Mother Earth into the Pool of Creation.
  • See that the Cosmic Life Force Energy that is also Amber Colored Light is pouring into the Pool of Creation and pouring down this tree trunk, reaching to our crown, filling us with the Amber Colored Light, filling our Five Body System and Chakra System.
  • Feel the Life Force Energy moving up and down simultaneously as you continue to glide down through a Pillar of Light and you find yourself standing in the Core of Mother Earth.

Core Crystal of Mother Earth

See in front of you is a large Sacred Altar with the Sacred Fire which exists in the Core of Earth.

  • Visualize that Divine Mother is standing next to you in Copper Gold Robes;
  • To your left Goddess Victory in her Burnt Amber and with Gold Filigree criss-crossing across her Burnt Amber Colored Robes.  Both Mother and Victory are wearing a seven tiered headdress each in their own colors.
  • To Victory’s left is Mother of the Universe in her Vibrant Pink Robes,
  • To Divine Mother’s right is Cosmic Mother of the Cosmos in her Amber Colored Robes beaming that light to the fire and to you.
  • Across from us stands Great Silent Watcher on the other side of the Sacred Altar holding her Scepter above her head; beaming the Turquoise Blue Light that is Great Silent Watcher’s Light.
  • To Great Silent Watcher’s right, the Silhouette in Emerald Green that is the Perfected Presence of the Masculine Aspect.
  • To Great Silent Watcher’s, left beaming Pink and Gold Colored Light is the Silhouette that is the Perfect Presence of the Feminine.
  • To her right in the Warm Orange Colored Light – beaming that Light to you, to the Fire and in the Warm Orange Colored Robes is the Guardian of the Divine Plan.
  • Standing behind us are the Three Omniversal Mothers, the first Omniversal Mother in charge of our Omniverse in Purple, the second in Aquamarine Blue, and the third in Clay Red and Gold.
  • See the Silent Watchers, 144,000 Silent Watchers standing shoulder to shoulder in circles upon circles around this group beaming the Turquoise Blue Light of Great Silent Watcher.
  • Around the Silent Watchers are two billion Angelic Watchers beaming the Turquoise Blue Light of Great Silent Watcher.

Take a moment; make your offerings to the Fire, to the Sacred Altar in the center of Mother Earth.


Now as you see beyond us the Golden Bridge, see the Filaments of Light that have formed the Golden Bridge to the 5th Dimensional Octave, and with Victory leading the way and Great Silent Watcher bringing up the rear, all of us together move across the Golden Bridge to the 5th Dimensional Octave.

  • See in front of us as we move into the 5th Dimensional Octave, the Retreat of Divine Mother has seven levels.
  • We arrive at the Hexagonal Gateway to be recalibrated – beams of Purple Light, Magenta Light, Red, Warm Orange, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and back to Purple Light shine on us.
  • As the gateway opens and we move into the first level of Divine Mother’s Retreat, Warm Orange beaming from the walls, the ceiling 40 feet high, Italian Onyx on the floor. Light is pouring in; see yourself standing before the Sacred Altar at Divine Mother’s Retreat.
  • See that the Entourage that was with us at the Core of the Earth is now standing in the same formation at this Sacred Altar.
  • Take a deep breath and once again make your offerings to this Sacred Altar; set your intentions for this year; for the next decade, and beyond.

Divine Mother Begins

My Beloved Children of Light I Am your very own Divine Mother.  I offer gratitude for each of you and all that you do.

I have gifts to offer you for the New Year.  Last year I offered you a series of Seven Cosmic Guardian Angels to walk with you through the 2013, the Seven Cosmic Guardian Angels of the Seven Qualities. I am extremely pleased with what we have achieved together so far this year. I am happy to inform you that this year we are ahead of the plan. We have accomplished what we collectively planned to accomplish and gone a few steps further. These Seven Cosmic Guardian Angels, who were allocated to each of you for the year 2013, have done a great job even if you haven’t been consciously aware of their presence.  So we will begin this meditation by acknowledging and magnifying their presence. 

Standing around the Sacred Fire Altar, I ask you to envision the Seven Cosmic Guardian Angels who have been working with you for about a year now. I want to reintroduce and recalibrate their energies for the next year, and renew our contract with each of these Cosmic Guardian Angels. I will also bring in new ones to add reinforcement for all you will accomplish into and beyond next year. When you work on a subject or with a being- even when you work with someone on a project- you begin to gain momentum.  So the second year of working with the Cosmic Guardian Angels is going to be more fruitful, more productive in terms of the variety of things you will achieve, and the amount. You’ll be able to do more in the upcoming year and through the entire decade by gaining momentum each future year.  This decade is especially important, from 2013 into 2022, a very important decade.

Envision holding Divine Mother’s hand and walk to the other side of the Sacred Fire. They are very, very attentive to you, these Cosmic Guardian Angels.  I am very happy about it. We stand before the first Cosmic Guardian Angel. The entire body of this Cosmic Guardian Angel is illuminated by brilliant Jade Green Light. The quality brought to you by this Angel is Health & Wholeness; representing your return to Perfection in Health & Wholeness.   Her light is now shining on your body, your 5Body System and your Light Body. Breathe and bathe in the energies and connect with her.

Now we move to stand before the second Cosmic Guardian Angel, emanating a Vibrant Emerald Green Light, responsible for promoting material possessions, especially financial abundance.

Feel the love emanating from this Being, and allow your body, your 5Body System and your Light Body to fully absorb her light and magnify the qualities of financial comfort and abundance or all material objects. Breathe and bathe in the energies and connect with her.

There is a difference between an Angel and a Cosmic Guardian.  The angels go from 5th Dimension all the way to the 49th; that’s where their territory is, the Celestial Realms in the Seven Heavens.  Cosmic Guardians are from dimensions above 108th.  This goes to show you that the power bestowed upon a Cosmic Guardian is by far greater than that of the Angels and archangels, even greater than the Elohim who reside in the realms between 49th and 108th.  They have more power than the Angels, Archangels, Watchers and even the Elohim because they come from even Higher Realms.  These Cosmic Guardians have not been available to humankind because 3rd Dimension has become too dense, but they are available to you for two reasons: 1- because it is a dispensation given by your very own Divine Mother, a command that they be available to you; and 2-you are able to raise your vibration in these types of channeled gatherings beyond that of the 3d Dimension. Therefore you are capable of receiving them.  These are Powerful Cosmic Guardians but we can call them Angels because that is the only frame of reference you have and because they essentially do for you the same as the angels do, only much more powerfully and to a much greater extent.

Let’s move to stand before to the third Cosmic Guardian Angel illuminated with a Citron Green Light; a very light green with a touch of yellow. This Cosmic Guardian is to bring Joy & Gratitude. Joy is carried in the bandwidth of the yellow Light and of Gratitude is carried in the Light Green.  Breathe and bathe the energies of Joy & Gratitude emanating from this Cosmic Guardian, and allow your body, your 5Body System and your Light Body to absorb her light and qualities of Joy & Gratitude. Breathe and bathe in her light and connect with her. Pause to fully absorb the light. 

There is nothing better than living life while always feeling joy bubbling inside, happy and content with what you have; even content with the times when you feel you don’t have; because in those moment you know it is the lesson:, “ If I don’t taste sour I won’t know sweet, so let there be sour moments so that I can appreciate the sweet moments in life.”  Citron Green Angel carrying the Quality of Joy & Gratitude.  Those two going together is a perfect mix. Pause and bathe in its Light.

Now we stand before the fourth Cosmic Guardian Angel illuminated with an Amber colored Light, Amber is for the Life Force to bring zest and fervor to your life; strength and stamina to do everything you plan to do and more.  Breathe and bathe the energies of this Cosmic Guardian and absorb the profusion of the Amber Life force to bring strength and stamina to your body, your 5Body System and your Light Body. Breathe and bathe in her light and connect with her. Pause to fully absorb the Light. . Bathe in the light of Angelic Cosmic Guardian of Cosmic Life Force, the Amber Light and plan on having fun with your life as you accomplish more and better in this year ahead.  It will great when you can cross out everything that you have on your list plus more and have fun with it too. To live in joy and gratitude while you are doing it, even when you feel exhausted, yet fulfilled.

We now move to stand before the fifth Cosmic Guardian Angel who carries the Warm Orange Light for aligning you with the highest of your Divine purpose and your mission in life. Remember the Warm Orange represents the New Divine Plan.  This Cosmic Guardian is constantly sifting through all the realities to find the Plan and the project, the events and circumstances that best serve you and to help you to be in the right place at the right time reaping the harvest! Warm Orange is pouring from her body extending to your 5Body System and your Light Body. Breathe and bathe in her light and connect with her. Pause to fully absorb the Light. 

We now move to stand before the sixth Cosmic Guardian who carries a Vibrant Fuchsia Magenta Colored Light to align you with the pure Life Force of this planet, and our Planetary Logos, Sanat Kumara.  This Guardian’s job is to revive, refresh and rejuvenate your 3rd dimensional body, and to reacquaint you with the Pure Life Force represented by Mother of Universe and Sanat Kumara. Breathe and bathe in the Vibrant Fuchsia Magenta Light of this Cosmic Guardian and absorb her light into your Physical body, your 5Body System and your Light Body. Breathe and bathe in her light and connect with her. Pause to fully absorb the Light.

We now stand before the seventh Cosmic Guardian who carries the Platinum Light of Victory emanating the signature quality of Goddess Victory and her Platinum Pewter Light.  This Cosmic Guardian is constantly calling on the qualities of victory and the energies that allow you to be victorious in all you do. She is here to serve you by stream Goddess Victory’s Light and presence into your being. Platinum Pewter Light is pouring from her body extending to your body, 5Body System and your Light Body. Breathe and bathe in her light and connect with her light of Victory and the energies that goddess Victory has designated for you. Pause to fully absorb the Light. 

Imagine that Goddess Victory is now standing with us and she will extend her hand into the Beingness of this Cosmic Guardian Angel, and brings out a necklace with beads that are made of the condensed Vibration of Victory from the essence of this wonderful Cosmic Guardian.  It’s a gift to provide you with the condensed Light of Victory. Goddess Victory will place it around your neck so you can carry the Energy of Victory around with you everywhere you go and at all times. Pause and feel the necklace around your neck.

We now go back to stand with the Vibrant Fuchsia Magenta Pink Cosmic Guardian of Earthly Life Force. Envision that Mother of Universe and Sanat Kumara are standing with us now. They both extend their hands into the Beingness of this Cosmic Guardian Angel to retrieve the condensed vibration of this Cosmic Guardian Angel encapsulated in a prayer bead necklace in the colors of Vibrant Fuchsia Magenta Pink.  They bring both hands towards you, and together they will place it around your neck to sit next to the Victory beads.

We now move to go before the Warm Orange Cosmic Guardian Angel and the wonderful Cosmic Guardian of Divine Plan is standing in front of this Being.  She will extend her hands into the Beingness of this Cosmic Guardian, to bring out a beautiful Warm Orange Colored prayer bead necklace, which she will place around your neck next to the two others from Goddess Victory and Mother of Universe/ Sanat Kumara’s.  That’s three so far.

Next, envision that we stand before the Amber Cosmic Guardian Angel who carries the cosmic Life Force for you. Cosmic Mother of Cosmos is standing there and extends both hands inside the essence of the Angel and the condensed energies come out in a set of Amber prayer bead necklace which is placed over your head and sits next to the others.

Now I take over to offer you the next three. Imagine we stand before the Citron Green Cosmic Guardian for Joy & Gratitude. I extend my hands and add my own Copper Gold Light to seal the energies of Joy & Gratitude and I bring out a Citron Green set of prayer beads that I will place around your neck added to the other four.

Then we move to stand with the Emerald Green Cosmic Guardian of Financial Abundance. I extend my hands into her essence, and add my Copper Gold to seal it and bring out the condensed energies of Financial Abundance and Material Possessions contained inside these little Emerald Green beads in a prayer bead necklace.  I place it around your neck next to the others.

Finally we will stand before the Cosmic Guardian Angel emanating Dark Vibrant Jade Green Light for Health & Wholeness, return to perfection, rejuvenation of the body. And I will extend both hands inside her essence to add my Copper Gold Light and receive the condensed energies of Health and wholeness to form in a prayer bead necklace. I place this Jade Green Colored condensed Light necklace around your neck to make the final seventh of this series.

Now run your fingers through all seven and feel the energy of them all together.  Imagine that you are wearing seven long necklaces; each with 108 beads.  That’s a Sacred Number, and Divine Mother’s number, because it adds to nine, 1+0+ 8=9.  It also has the number 8 which is Goddess Victory’s number, and number 1, which is the number of unity, our union together.  Run your fingers over all the beads; imagine that you are touching and feeling them and they’re touching each other and they make that little jiggly noise.

Let’s acknowledge the Seven Angels and set our intention together that they will continue to work with you; in fact accelerate their service! And those of you who wish to set intentions and ask them whatever you desire to ask them, your own personal intentions now.  Pause to set your personal intentions here.

I ask you now to come and stand next to your very own Divine Mother.  Notice that I am holding a jug filled with Copper Gold Light.  I pour from my Copper Gold Light from the jug into the Sacred Fire.  The Flames will jump up high and become brighter, enlivened and recalibrated.  Then I pick up a very beautiful abalone shell; and put some Sacred Ashes- which now have that Copper Gold Light in them- inside the abalone shell. I pour a little bit of the Liquid Light from the jug to make it into a paste.  Then I dip the ring finger of my left hand into this Golden Copper Liquid Light Paste and I place it over the Third Eye, on your forehead.   I do this 8 times to honor Goddess Victory and then one more time, the ninth time in honor of the Divine Feminine.   Each time I put a dot on your forehead it gets absorbed into your Third Eye.  This gift is to allow you to open up even further to the energies of Divine Mother.  It is to allow you to know that I am with you at all times.  It is to allow you to feel my presence and be sensitive to the energies of Divine Feminine, all Aspects, all Beings who serve the Divine Feminine Light, and to connect further with your very own Divine Mother.

By absorbing this Light, you are vibrating closer to my own Energy, this is why each time I put another dot on your forehead it gets quickly absorbed.  You’re thirsty for this healing potion, for this gift.  This Copper Gold Light paste that is made of the Sacred Ashes which carry the vibrations of all of the prayers that are constantly being offered into the Fire on behalf of Divine Mother and on behalf of all creation to Divine Mother. Things are offered on behalf of Divine Mother because we want to maintain the energies of Divine Feminine in its purest form.  Things are also offered to Divine Mother because people, places and things- all creation- has its source in Divine Mother, in that Divine Holy Spirit, which is the creative force of the Feminine, the Shakti.  This Sacred Paste with Divine Mother’s own Signature Energy of Copper Gold is now absorbed by your forehead, your Third Eye. This is a wonderful gift, and I ask you to remember that you have received this gift.  Once in a while come up here and ask Mother to put more on your forehead.  Each time it provides another layer of acceleration, magnification, recalibration for you; and each time you come up here we renew and recalibrate, refresh and accelerate you.

Now in front of you envision three new Cosmic Guardians Cosmic Guardians.  These three magnify and intensify all your intentions and work with the other seven Cosmic Guardian explained above.  I will introduce to you the first one; her energy is very vibrant and it’s a Pinkish Purple Plum.  Rejuvenation and reversal of aging is a bandwidth that comes in a plum color.  Pink is the Energy of Divine Love;   Purple is for transmutation and for the return of Divine Order.  This Cosmic Guardian offers you Rejuvenation, Divine Love, Divine Order and Protection.  The Protection Aspect is because of the Transmutational Frequency that she carries.  Whatever no longer serves you is going to be transmuted. You no longer need to be concerned with everything that drags you down and causes you delays   When you are exposed to the Energies of this Cosmic Guardian, you are restored to the Divine Love and Divine Order, which is your Divine Right; then your Physical Body and your Energy Bodies get a chance to be rejuvenated and restored to perfection.

I honor St. Germaine for all he has done, and Quan Yin for all she has done for the past many thousand years to bring the energies of Transmutation and Divine order to Earth and Humankind.

Now we move to the second Cosmic Guardian, newly appointed for the following year. She has a Honey Yellow Energy. Yellow is the Energy of Joy.  This Light Honey Colored Light is not that Dark Amber of Cosmic Life Force which we have worked with and I mentioned earlier, but it is close in terms of its vibration, and is reinforcement for that one.   First you would need to work with the Amber Life force Cosmic Guardian and the Quality of Cosmic Life Force, to rise up to absorb, Perfect and Purify your 5Body System and Light Body, to then receive this Light Honey Yellow Energy.  There is a Vibrational Force Field that goes from Joy & Gratitude filled with Life Force, to Bliss and Ecstasy. Now that Bliss/Ecstasy Bandwidth can be contained in this Yellow Honey Energy.  This Cosmic Guardian Angel carries that Bliss/Ecstasy Energy to take you to the next level.

Now you will be able to absorb the Life Force from this Guardian’s Honey Yellow Light, to become fulfilled, content and satisfied. In that moment of satisfaction you become detached, you become the witness, the impartial observer, not because you don’t care for the body or this world anymore, but because you know that there’s more to this body and this world, there’s even more than this body and this world and that you are encompassing all of it.  In a sense, this Yellow Honey substance that is encapsulated in this Comic Guardian and is brought to you as a gift is like being in the body and not of it, being in the world and not of it, being in this body but yet being able to see more, being in this world and yet knowing that you’re so much more at all times.  This truly is a great gift and I do hope that you use your communion with this Cosmic Guardian a lot, a lot. 

Now we move to the last of the three Cosmic Guardians that I bring you for this upcoming year.  Since their energy is sublime it might take you a little bit of time to understand them because these Cosmic Guardians represent qualities above and beyond normal everyday conditions or qualities. They encompass the normal every day, and go far beyond to help you with all that you need to know and remember that you are more than this body and you can reach out and absorb, understand that extra something from the higher realms and live life with greater joy and satisfaction.

The third Cosmic Guardian carries a Peach colored Light, the Vibrational Force Field that is a mixture of the lights of Orange and Pink.  It represents a complex communion of energies in that it energizes and magnetizes to you, events and circumstances that are beyond the mundane, beyond the everyday life.  Its Vibrational Force Field is close to that of the Cosmic Guardian Angel who represents the Warm Orange of Divine Plan who is responsible to pick what’s best for you in any given moment and make every day events better.  This Cosmic Guardian goes further, working with the Law of Attraction, to fine tune those events that you attract to yourself and ascertain that you always attract the best, naturally.  It’s not Just about refining what you already have, but to take it a step further to a whole new higher level of  attracting new and better energies and circumstances to your life; a higher relationship with people, with places, with things.

You can have a better relationship with your flowers, then your flowers will bloom for a longer period of time, or with your car and it won’t break down easily or give you more millage than expected. Even things, man- made objects abide by these universal Laws. The Law of attraction through this Cosmic Guardian can enhance the life of the objects that come to you. You can have a relationship with your fruit bearing trees and they will give you fruit for an extended season.  You can have a relationship with a place, a spot and that spot will magnify to you all manners of things.  You can have a relationship with the Earth as you walk upon it and with every step it can give you love, it can give you rewards.  This is what this Cosmic Guardian does.  These three new Cosmic Guardians are very sublime Beings, and their gifts are of sublime nature, but they do have the ability to make this mundane world a better place for you and help take you to the next step.

Now I extend my hand in front of the Cosmic Guardian emanating the Orange and the Pink, and I hold it until she condenses her energy and gives me a prayer bead for you, made from her own energy essence to add to the seven you already have.   I’ll hold it in front of you to feel the warm, loving, beautiful and generous energy of this prayer bead Necklace and then I place it around your neck.  Imagine that you hold it in your hand with the others and allow it to emanate its loving light to your body, 5Body System and Light Body. Pause for a moment and Bathe in the energies.

I will now stand before the Plum Colored Cosmic Guardian for rejuvenation, Divine Love, Divine Order and request the best condensed aspect of all that she represents, rejuvenation, transmutation, release, Divine Love; Divine Order. I receive the condensed energies into a prayer bead Necklace hold it in front of you to feel the love and joy bubbling in these little beads.   I place this ninth one around your neck. Imagine it as real as holding onto a bunch of necklaces, feel the energies. Pause for a moment and absorb its energies.

I stand before the Light Honey and Yellow Colored Cosmic Guardian and extend my hands to receive her condensed Life Force into yet another set of Prayer Beads and she will do it with joy. They’re happy to be of service. I hold it in front of you.  Just look at it, it’s so beautiful; it’s so lovely you want to put it your mouth.  I put it around your neck, and that would be the tenth altogether. Pause and breathe the Life Force Energy from this Necklace.

Now for the final gift, I take from the Copper Gold Light that is in my jug and pour it in my hands and command it to become a Prayer Bead Necklace for you.  This is my gift to you, the gift of Divine Mother for this year, this Spiritual New Year from November 2013 to November of 2014 and beyond.  This is the 11th one, fully formed as108 little Copper Gold hearts strung on a prayer bead Necklace for you, filled with Divine Mother’s own Energies.   I place it around your neck. Imagine that you wrap both hands around it on either side, and feel the love. Pause and breathe Divine Mother’s own signature energy from this Necklace and know that you are also protected and loved by Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti whose sacred number is 11.

I bid you love and wish you a wonderful New Year of togetherness.  I look forward to coming back together and bringing you gifts every year, and I hold you in my own heart.

I Am your very own Divine Mother.  So It Is.