April 2013

April 2013 Newsletter


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Dear Friends,

Welcome to April and to spring in the Northern Hemisphere and happy Ascension Day (4/24). In this month’s meditation, Divine Mother takes us to her Retreat in the 5D Octave to meet the Guardians of the 5 Elements and the Guardians of the Masculine and Feminine Principle in the purity in the 5D Octave. This is a powerful meditation that offers us the chance to further anchor ourselves into the 5th Dimension and bring perfection through working with these Guardians.

Our Hear Thy Soul LIVE channeling course this month also takes us to Divine Mother’s 5D Retreat. We will be taken to an Amazing Crystal Chamber to align ourselves with the pure energies of the Sacred Qualities that Divine Mother wishes to anchor into the 5D Octave.

We also begin a very important Home Study Series called Thrones of the Divine Feminine. Divine Mother and the Cosmic Council of the Divine Feminine have been waiting a long time to be able to invite us to participate in anchoring the Divine Feminine into actual Thrones within our Hierarchy. This series will have 2 Parts. In the first Part there will be 3 Phases. This is an amazing opportunity to serve Divine Mother and the Divine Feminine.

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I hope you enjoy our move into springtime.

Love and blessings,


Portal Days in April: 4/1/13, 4/3/13, 4/10/13, 4/11/13, 4/14/13, 4/18/13, 4/20/13, 4/21/13, 4/22/13, 4/24/13 & 4/30/13.  The Full Moon in March is on 4/25. New Moon is on 4/10.


 LIVE Events in April

The next FREE Gateway Portal Channeling is 4/4/13.

Join us for our LIVE Gateway Portal Channeling on Thursday, 4/4 at 7:30 PM ET. No registration is required. Please call 1-213-342-3000, use access code 199512#.

NOTE: You can benefit from participating even after each event! The audio of Gateway Portal Channelings will be posted within hours of each event. Click here for audios and transcriptions of past Gateway Portal events.

PTE MS: Hear Thy Soul – Chrystal Chamber of 5D Octave

This Live session of Hear Thy Soul will be on Sunday, April 21 at 3:00 PM ET. Tuition for this 1 Lesson course is $125.00 until midnight on Saturday, April 7 and $150.00 thereafter.

This month Divine Mother will take us to the Chrystal Chamber of her 5D Retreat to recalibrate our energies. The great Crystal Structures in this chamber hold the resonance for the perfection of the Sacred Qualities needed to create the best possible Reality for the 5th and therefore, 3rd Dimensions. Aligning ourselves with these Qualities in their Perfection will benefit everyone. To read more and to register, click here.


NEW Home Study Series: Thrones of the Divine Feminine


PTE MS: Thrones of the Divine Feminine Part 1 – Phase I

Tuition is $125.00 until midnight of Sunday, April 7 and $150.00 thereafter.

About Part 1 – Phase I of this Amazing and Critical Series: In Phase I, our focus is to fully over-light the presence and the Divinity of the Feminine Creative Force brought forth specifically through the Signature Energy of the Great Silent Watcher throughout the entire 144 Dimensions.  To read more and register, click here.

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April 2013 Meditation with Divine Mother 

Taken from: 3/3/2013 Gateway Portal Day Ceremony

© FAGU 2013



Grounding Meditation

Visualize that you are standing on Uluru, Ayers Rock, in Central Australia.  Be aware that all those that will be part of this meditation in the future are standing with you.  Feel their presence, feel this group entity forming the energy that will magnify what we are doing individually into a greater force.  As you feel Uluru’s presence beneath your feet, your heartbeat begins to beat in sync with that of Uluru.  Feel yourself dissolve into this great red rock, this sacred rock of Uluru – very nurturing energy.  As you dissolve into it, see the Warm Orange/Orangish Red glow that is Uluru.  As you are dissolving and moving down through Uluru, connect with the energies of Uluru, with its Warm Orangish Red Color as we slide further down a Pillar of Light towards the Earth’s Core.

As we reach the Core of Mother Earth, see the Amber Colored Life Force Energy of Mother Earth everywhere.  It fills your Five Body System and your Light Body which is fully illuminated.

We send this Amber Colored Light all the way up, back up the Hara Line, through our Antahkarana Cord, through the Thrones to the Throne of Creation and see it spread out into the Pool of Creation. We call forth the Cosmic Life Force Energy, which is also a bright Amber Colored Light, and we see it mixing with the Turquoise Blue Light of the Pool of Creation.  We see also flecks of Platinum Light, the Light of Victory in it as well.  We pull it down the Antahkarana Cord all the way through the Thrones, down into the center of the Earth and we will continue to simultaneously send the Amber Colored Life Force Energy of Mother Earth up as we pull the Amber Cosmic Life Force Energy down with the Turquoise Blue Light with flecks of Platinum in it.

At the Throne of Divine Mother

Let’s all spin and spiral up through the Pillar of Light, all the way up through the Thrones to reach the 122nd Throne, the Throne of Divine Mother.  Find that you are standing before the Sacred Altar, the Copper Gold Colored Flames jumping high.  We see our own Beloved Divine Mother to your right in her Copper Colored Robes, her tall headdress of Gold and Copper Gold.  Take a moment to connect with Divine Mother, feel her love, feel her pour this Copper Gold Light onto you.

Now we see the presence of the other Great Beings around the Sacred Altar.  Goddess Victory is to your left wearing the colors as Patron of the 5th Dimensional Octave.  The Burnt Amber Colored Light with Gold Filigree is making a crisscross pattern across her Robes and Cape and she too is wearing a tall 7 tiered headdress.  Across the Sacred Altar from us, Great Silent Watcher, Turquoise Blue Light beaming from our Beloved Great Silent Watcher, she’s holding her Scepter above this entire entourage with the Turquoise Blue Light pouring out, creating a Dome around all of us.

To Great Silent Watcher’s right a Silhouette of Emerald Green, this is the Perfected Presence of the Masculine Aspect.  To Great Silent Watcher’s left, a Silhouette in Pink and Gold, the Feminine Aspect.  To our left beyond Goddess Victory, Cosmic Mother of the Universe, Vibrant Pink Light pouring from her and to the far right beyond Divine Mother is Cosmic Mother of the Cosmos, her Amber Colored Light beaming to us and to the fire.  Directly behind us are the Three Omniversal Mothers, the first Mother in Purple Robes, the second in Aqua Marine Blue Robes, the third in Clay with Gold colored Robes.  See the 144,000 Silent Watchers standing shoulder to shoulder in circles upon circles around our group and also beyond them ten billion Watchers all in Turquoise Blue.

Five layered Sphere

Take a deep breath and make your offerings to this Sacred Altar of Divine Mother.  As you do that, see once again, as Mother is beaming to your heart from her own heart her Copper Gold Light which is forming Cocoons around each one of your Five Body Systems and your Light Body, while Victory pours her Light over you, creating a Five Layered Sphere of Platinum on the outside, then Yellow, then Pewter, then Lavender and finally Plum Colored Light.  Also see the filaments of Gold that are spinning off your Light Body, which is fully illuminated, and from each one of these Beings, forming the Golden Bridge to the Fifth Dimensional Octave.  It gets more vivid every time you go into meditation and create this Bridge, stronger than ever, more vibrant as we altogether walk across the Bridge towards the 5th Dimensional Octave through the tunnel.

Golden Bridge to the 5D Octave

The Bridge becomes a tunnel through the 4th Dimensional Octave, an impenetrable tunnel.   Victory in the lead, Great Silent Watcher behind all of us, we move into the 5th Dimensional Octave.  You can see the Golden Light, the layers of the 5th Dimensional Octave, and you can see in front of us Divine Mother’s seven tiered 5th Dimensional Retreat.  As we reach the hexagonal gate, we see the colors of the rainbow repeat in sequence in front of us as the gate opens and we move towards the Retreat of Divine Mother.  It’s glistening in all the colors of the rainbow.

At Divine Mother’s Sacred Retreat in the 5D Octave

We move into the Retreat towards the Sacred Altar.  Italian Onyx on the floor, the translucent stone, veins of green, dark red, dark brown with the beige to yellow clouds of color within this stone, as if it is backlit.  See the walls of this 40 foot tall layer of this Retreat in Warm Orange, glowing. See the Angelic Watchers all standing around singing in celestial sounds and as you approach this Sacred Altar, visualize your own Angelic Watcher, the one that’s assigned to you standing before you.  Take a moment, make your connection with this Angelic Watcher that has been assigned to you to help you adjust and acclimate to the Energies of the 5th Dimensional Octave.  It’s a Feminine Being glowing with this Warm Orange Light.  She takes you by the hand and walks you up to stand next to the Sacred Altar, Warm Orange Colored Flames jumping high.

Across, you see Divine Mother sitting on her Throne, the entourage all around us.  Now see that your individual Angelic Being, the one assigned to you, and two other Angelic Watchers join her and from the Sacred Fire they take the Sacred Ashes, and in the palms of their hands they walk to stand before Goddess of Victory.  Goddess of Victory holds her hands over the Sacred Ashes imbuing them with energies of Victory.  When she is complete, the three Angels walk before Divine Mother and she holds her hands over the Sacred Ashes and she imbues them with the Warm Orange Light and she seals it with her Copper Gold Light.

Triangle Formation to Receive Paste

Now they walk to you to form a triangle around you, one in front of you, one behind your right shoulder and one behind your left shoulder.  They will rub this paste from the top of your head all the way down to your feet, this Warm Orange paste, this Warm Orange substance with the Platinum Light and the Copper Gold Light specks within it.  Rubbed all over your head, your face, your eyes, your throat, your torso, it sinks into your Physical Body imbuing your organs, your muscles, your circulation system, your nervous system all the way down to the DNA and as it fills every iota of your Physical Body.  It expands out to imbue your Etheric Body, your Emotional Body, your Mental Body, Spiritual Body, and finally your Light Body with the energies of this Warm Orange Colored Light with the speckles of Copper Gold and of Victory’s Platinum.  This Warm Orange Light which brings you into alignment with your Divine Purpose.  The Highest Purpose aligns your Personality Aspects with your Soul and your Soul Purpose.

Breathing the Sacred Flames

Now as the three Angels have completed rubbing this paste on you, they step over to the Sacred Altar, they bend into the Fire and breathe in these flames, these Sacred Flames which are the Element of Fire brought to a high enough vibration that it does no harm, it does only good.  The three Angels come to stand around you in a triangle once again, and they blow the Light from this Sacred Fire into your Five Body System, into your Physical Body, into your Light Body, reinforcing and enhancing the energies that Divine Mother has brought in this Warm Orange; that will help you always be in alignment with your Highest Divine Purpose, that will help you not be delayed or distracted because the Personality Aspects are no longer, or not in alignment with your Divine Mission and not able to see the bigger picture and make the choices that will accelerate you on your path, smooth things out on your path and make every day easier, more productive and more sacred to you and to Divine Mother and more productive in serving your Divine Mission and the Divine Mission of Divine Mother.

Now that you fully received the Warm Orange Energies, the Warm Orange Light with shimmers of Platinum and Copper Gold, every one of your organs is glowing with the Warm Orange Light, your body, your Five Body System, each one of your Five Bodies glowing, your Light Body fully glowing in this Warm Orange Light.

Step over to the Sacred Altar once again and take a moment, make your offerings, set your intentions.  I will give you a moment.

Using the Warm Orange Flames to clear past present and future

Since we officially entered the 5D Octave on 12/21/2012, we are accelerated. This acceleration manifests in different forms. One is that those Alternate Realties which no longer serve us are coming to the surface to be cleared.  This may happen in our dreams or in real life situations which seem weird and uncomfortable. It is as if we are releasing the karma of what would have been our Realities – our world. Our experiences are coming to the surface through dreams so that we can acknowledge them, by witnessing them and then releasing them, so they no longer have a hold on us and our Reality. In essence we are serving while sleeping and clearing the Realms from the old Realities of war and stagnation, fear and conflict. Hence the weird dreams or weird conflictive events unfolding in our lives, for no seemingly rational reason at all.

We have received a new Divine Plan for Earth and for all Souls which allows us to bypass the old dark, unhappy Reality of the 3D. We now have Cosmic Guardians who are watching the New Divine Plan unfold and helping to guide us through this transitional period of moving away from the slow pace of the 3D to the fast and productive ways of embracing the 5D and manifesting our desires and our destiny faster and happier.

This Warm Orange Light and the Cosmic Guardians of the Divine Plan which Divine Mother gave us on 2-2 -2013, are all serving us by releasing and removing from our slate the old plans. The New Divine Plan, The Angelic Guardians in charge of it, and its Warm Orange Light – which allows us to embrace the Higher 5D Path and to accelerate ourselves in manifesting a better future – stretches through our new past into present and future. In this way we are creating a whole new Spectrum of Time.  In this new time, our newly installed past – a good 5D past, chosen to be a platform to give momentum to build upon, serves us in the present and in the future. It gives us momentum to choose the highest and the best options. When our past and present are in a good place, our future options will be improved and we will be able to live the 5th Dimensional life and manifest our choice desires while still working with our 3rd Dimensional Bodies.

Divine Mother has explained that the mutation from the 3rd Dimensional Body to the 5th Dimensional Body will take a while.   By activating our Light Body and putting these different Lights into our Five Body System, she’s raising our vibration and accelerating us. In this way we will build a bridge for others to follow and we will be the spearheads for this movement to take root. So these weird dreams or weird events in our individual lives or in our world are coming to the surface to be released.

We don’t need to own every event and every experience that is coming up; we can be an observer, a witness, and we can release it.  We can call upon Goddess Victory and Divine Mother.  We can stand before the Sacred Altar of Divine Mother’s Retreat and offer it to the Sacred Fire at Mother’s Altar.  Imagine that we are taking the Sacred Fire from Mother’s Altar and throwing it at situations and circumstances that need to be resolved or transmuted.

Let us stand in front of the Altar and bend forward and look closely at the fire; let the fire be absorbed through your eyes; open your mouth and breathe it in. (That was what we did last month, directed by Divine Mother. For a full account, refer to 2/2/2013 Gateway Portal Channeling Audio or transcript posted on the website or the March 2013 Newsletter).  Let’s open our mouths and breathe it in; let it reach every organ of your body, your skeletal – muscular structure, your blood circulation, every cell, every iota and the DNA within each cell.  Then let it seep out into the Five Body System and the Light Body and then further, let it extend to events and circumstances, even our weird dreams, release the weird energies and transmute the karma of it for past, present and future. You can do this for anyone, for health issues, emotional mental issues, or financial problems, for children with diseases born of the impurity of our world, and for their parents who are in need of all our prayers and well wishes.

Imagine that your Five Body System is filled with this warm Orange Light. Your Light Body is fully recalibrated. You are set and fully immersed in this Light.   Visualize yourself blowing this fire to them all and accelerate the release of unresolved issues and the karma of the situation, whatever it may be. We are helping our world. We are the citizens of one world.  Blow the breath of life, blow out this Warm Orange Fire that raises everybody’s vibration, clears the past, the present and the future of the old path, and allows the New Divine Plan to spread out before all.  This 5th Dimensional Fire burns the karma, removes the pain, releases the diseases and raises our vibration.   Let’s remember that we have this tool given to us Divine Mother. We can spread this Fifth Dimentional Warm Orange Fire into every circumstance, every situation; use it for all our loved ones and clear our dreams. Let’s take a deep breath as we join Divine Mother.

Divine Mother‘s Guardians of the Five Elements in the 5D Octave

My beloved Children of Light, I hold you with great warmth and great love in my own heart.

We are trying to establish the 5th Dimensional Energies, the Perfected Aspect of the Five Elements.  To receive this, I petition Goddess Victory to come forth and stand before the Sacred Altar and pour her Pewter, Platinum, Lemon Gold Light into the Sacred Fire.  Taking some Sacred Ashes, Victory is adding her Light to the Warm Orange and Copper Gold of Divine Mother and then she will bathe your Primary Guardian Angel Watcher with the paste, so your Watcher will be aligned with Goddess Victory when she’s guiding and guarding you and your loved ones.   They are called Watchers because it is their job to watch over you.   Now the Angel will come and stand behind you with her hands up, her wings stretched wide open.  Two other Angelic Watchers stand one to your left, one to your right, arms and wings stretched out, beaming you Light and love.  Goddess Victory will stand in front of you and rub the Warm Orange from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet – the Warm Orange Light mixed with Copper Gold and Platinum.

This paste has rejuvenation properties; Victorious properties; Divine Mother’s nurturance and Warm Orange Light which is the embodiment of the Highest Divine Plan for Earth and humankind; to fully embrace the 5th Dimensional Energies and mutate into Higher Planes.

You may not like the word mutation because it has been used in ways that connote some kind of messing around, like a mutation of genes, in genetic engineering, etc. In this mutation we bring you Light.  It is a metamorphosis.  You’re morphing into Higher Light, absorbing the Higher Light.  You are the first butterflies coming out of the chrysalis, gaining your wings, and guiding others. Your Five Body System and your Light Body will be filled with Light.  You’ll be able to traverse between the 3rd and the 5th Dimension. Each time you do this back and forth you help the 3rd Dimension and the 4th Dimension and those who are left behind, who haven’t awakened, to have a chance to absorb more Light, to have their own metamorphosis, to absorb more Light and become 5th Dimensional.

Goddess Victory will repeat the process of rubbing the paste all over your body two more times as the Angels magnify the Warm Orange – Copper Gold – Platinum Light.   Then Goddess Victory bends forward towards the Sacred Fire and breathes an enormous breath.  As she breathes in, her body becomes filled with Warm Orange Light with Platinum and Copper Gold Shimmers. She will blow this Light into your opened mouth reaching to all your organs; absorbed by your Five Body System and your Light Body.

Notice that seven big Spheres of Light have appeared at the scene.  The first one on the left is a Sphere that is spinning a Platinum Light, the second spinning Golden Light, the third, a Crystal Clear Sphere,  the fourth, a Lemon Colored Light added to the Clear Crystal, a Yellowy Clear Crystal Sphere is spinning.    The fifth is the color of the Fire, with Warm Orange mixed in. The sixth Sphere is Azure Blue, like a greenish blue, and the seventh is in the range of Greens.  They’re all spinning, and notice going back to the first one, the spin starts to slow down and the image of a Being begins to form.  You may see it as the image of an Angelic Being or a human being.

The first of the seven, the Platinum Being, has turned into a Feminine Angelic Being wearing Platinum Shimmering Light Robes.  The second one is a Masculine Being wearing Golden Shimmering Light Robes.   The third one is a big Pillar of Crystal Structure, like Clear Quartz.  The fourth one is another Feminine Being emanating Crystal Clear, like a cube of ice with a Lemon Colored tint.  The fifth one looks like Tongues of Fire.  The sixth one looks like the image of the sky reflected in the water captured inside a sphere.  The seventh one, looks like a landscape filled with green and represents the Element of abundant, healthy Earth, and this Being is the Cosmic Guardian of Earth in its Perfected 5th Dimensional Essence.

Walk behind Goddess Victory with your three Angels, and stand before this Angel, whose body reflects the Perfection of Earth. Victory is blessing this Being, and when she moves to the second, you may go to receive its blessing.  Greet, merge or exchange as you feel appropriate.  Allow the Perfected 5D Essence of the Element of Earth to be absorbed in your Physical Body, your Five Body System, and your Light Body.  It will juggle the memories of 5th Dimension; your DNA structure carries those memories.  You have been 5th Dimensional before.  There are aspects of you, fragments of your own Soul who are living 5th Dimensionally at this present moment. It is easy to connect with them when you do have a map; and each of these Angelic Beings, each of these Guardians, is presenting you with a map because their body speaks the language to your DNA, it speaks the language to your Five Body System, it speaks the language to your Light Body, it recalibrates your Light Body.  It reminds your Light Body of the perfection that you have had, that you have held within, which certainly isn’t around in this polluted version of Earth; but the memories are there. When these memories come to the surface, you can be accelerated and the butterfly can come out of the chrysalis faster.  Life can move forward in the right direction with greater focus, making shortcuts, finding simpler ways, finding easier ways to get to the goal, while knowing what the goal is.  The Green Sphere reflecting the Element of Earth is available to you.

Goddess Victory has finished blessing the Blue Sphere reflecting the Element of Water – the sky reflected in the water or the water reflected in the sky.  Once again it’s up to you how you wish to greet – to merge with the Being, or shake hands, send your love and healing and receive love and healing.  The Element of Water, pure pristine waters, where the creatures of the water have a chance to thrive, where the extinct species are back living a happy normal life, where all creatures live in peace and harmony and the waters are filled with life force, filled with healing, filled with love. Let the memories of that perfection flood you 5 Body System, your Light body and your memory banks.

Goddess Victory has blessed the third Angelic Guardian, the Cosmic Guardian of the Fire, whose body is made of tongues of fire. You may go stand before the Angelic Being of the Fire.  Warm Orange Light is emanating. Greet and exchange with this Being.  When the 5th Dimensional Aspect of Fire is fully in residence, then fire would not indiscriminately destroy, it will burn to provide heat, it will burn to release karma, but it will not harm. This Cosmic Guardian is here to make sure of that.  The exchange between you and this Being will allow your DNA structure to recall the memories of what it is like to live in harmony with Fire.  To receive the heat, the love, the transmutational properties, and not be afraid of its destructive force, for it knows how to discriminate and be gentle.

Goddess Victory is blessing the Fourth one and moving on.  This one is a Crystalline Being with Yellow Life Force emanating, representing the Element of Air; pure pristine air that you can breathe and fill your lungs without pollution and contaminants.  Greet this Being; merge with this Being, fill your own lungs with this pristine and pure presence and let your DNA structure remember; your Five Body System be illuminated; your Light Body be recalibrated and the dormant aspects of your Light Body to become awake; to become active once again.

Goddess Victory has blessed the fifth Being and is moving on. Stand before this huge Pillar of Crystalline Clear Quartz like Crystal Pillar representing  the Element of Ether.   With this one, I definitely want you to step into this Pillar.  It would allow you to stand in the center and breathe the Etheric perfection. Let your body become accelerated in its mutation and metamorphosis into becoming an Ethereal Being, a 5th Dimensional Being.  If you don’t merge into any of the others, do this one for yourself.

I ask you to repeat this entire exercise in order to etch the presence of the 5th Dimensional, Perfected Presence of the Five Elements into your body, and through your body into your Personal Body Grid. Then through your Personal Body Grid you etch it onto the Planetary Body Grid.  That’s your service to humankind.

In Order to raise your own vibration and be accelerated the fastest – if you only have time to do one thing – I suggest you merge with the Guardian of the Ether Element after you have received the paste from Goddess Victory. Merge into it and let your Five Body System, your Light Body, be fully recalibrated. Your Etheric Body, your 5th Dimensional Body can connect with you when you are inside this Pillar, and that will help your Light Body; it reignites all the dormant parts of your Light Body and allows them to become active and recalibrated. 

Goddess Victory is greeting the last two together.  The Golden One is the Masculine Principle for the Five Elements and the Platinum One is the Feminine Principle; these are the head Guardians.  These two hold the Blueprint of the Five Elements. One embodied in the Feminine Polarity, the Magnetic Force, and the other embodying the Masculine Polarity, the Electric Force.  So the Electro-Magnetic Force Field of the Five Elements and their Purity will remain in Perfection in the presence of these two guardians. Those Five will keep going to these two to maintain their own perfection. Therefore we have Seven Guardians bring the Perfected Aspects of the Five Elements to the 5D Octave.  Stand with Goddess Victory and your three Angels and greet the Masculine Principle – shimmering Gold Light – and the Feminine Principle – shimmering Platinum Light, and exchange love.

When complete, please go back to the Element of Ether, inside the big Pillar of very clear crystal and stand in the center.  Tonight, when you go to bed, go back there, and in the morning when you awake, envision yourself inside it. Whenever you feel that your body has picked up impurities, come to the Perfect Aspect of the Five Elements, and the Masculine and the Feminine Guardians for the Five Elements. You are always welcome to come to this temple in Divine Mother’s Retreat in the 5th Dimensional Octave; sit before the fire with your own Mother, Goddess Victory, your Angelic Beings and with the Seven Cosmic Guardians of the Five Elements.

I hold you in my own heart with great love and gratitude.  Because of you, we can do all of this. Because of you we can accelerate the entire planet and the 3rd Dimensional Realm into Higher Octave. I Am your very own Divine Mother.  So It is.

© FAGU 2013