June 2012

June 2012 Newsletter


We encourage everyone to spread Divine Mother’s love and healing to all by distributing this newsletter wherever you feel moved to do so. Take it as your responsibility to spread this Light to five other people as your personal act of service.


Special Note: On June there was a fantastic occurance in our Solar System; the Planet Venus passed between Earth and the sun. Click on this link to see a NASA vidio: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Z9rM8ChTjY&feature=youtube_gdata_player.


Dear Friends,

Welcome to June, 2012. We reach the half way point in this amazing year of 2012 by Summer Solstice on June 20th. As we continue to move into the Light at the 5th Dimensional Octave, let us give thanks to Divine Mother, Goddess Victory and Great Silent Watcher and all the Goddesses, all the Aspects of the Divine Feminine who are guiding us on this unprecedented journey.

The Meditation given in this month’s newsletter focuses on seeing the Divine Feminine anchored everywhere throughout nature. It reminds us to consciously fill our world and our daily activities with the energies of the Divine Feminine as summer reaches full force in the Northern Hemisphere and winter arrives in the Southern Hemisphere. Please keep the Energies of Divine Mother, Goddess of Victory, Great Silent Watcher and the Divine Feminine always on your mind and fill all you see and do with these blessed energies.

Please note that we will be resuming the Gateway Portal Day Channeling Sessions on 6/6/2012. No registration will be necessary. Please see below for the call in number and the access code for this event.

New Courses in June: We will celebrate the Energies of the Divine Feminine in a Summer Solstice Ceremony in a LIVE event on June 20th. We also are offering a new Home Study Course to anchor the Energies of the Divine Feminine at Niagara Falls.

I wish you a successful and tranquil summer of 2012.

With Great Love and many Blessings,



Portal Days in June: 6/1/12, 6/2/12, 6/6/12, 6/10/12, 6/11/12, 6/12/12, 6/18/12, 6/20/12, 6/21/12, 6/22/12, 6/26/12.

Full Moon is on 6/4 and New Moon is on 6/19.



New PTE MS LIVE events in June


FREE Live Gateway Portal Channeling Event will be on Wednesday, June 6, 2012 at 7:30 PM ET.

No registration is required. Please call in to 1-213-342-3000 and use access code 199512#.



New LIVE Course in June


PTE MS: Summer Solstice 2012 Ceremony


This 1 Session event will occur LIVE, via conference call, on Wednesday, June 20 at 7:30PM EDT.

 Tuition for this 1 Lesson course is $71.00 until Saturday, June 9 and $88.00 thereafter. To read more and to register, Click here.


Join us to celebrate entering into summer with Divine Mother and Goddess of Victory.  In celebration together, we perform a ceremony to receive the Torch of Victory from Goddess of Victory and the Scepter of Power from Divine Mother. With these tools we become the receiving and transmitting antennas for bringing the Quality of Victory to our world and our lives. Furthermore, we will become the catalyst for the Victorious anchoring of the Divine Feminine at this critical halfway point of the year 2012. Summer Solstice of 2012 marks the 6 month point prior to entering into the 12/12 to 12/21 Portal of 2012 when the 5th Dimensional Octave becomes fully active. Take this opportunity to gain momentum in bringing yourself and your loved ones through the Portal to the 5th Dimension.


Note: Summer Solstice occurs in the Northern hemisphere at 7:09PM EDT on Wednesday, June 20th.



New PTE Home Study Courses in June


Note: PTE MS Home Study Courses have no Live Sessions. You may complete these courses from the comfort of home. Reference the Course Directions for guidance on frequency and duration for repetition of each Lesson meditation.


PTE MS: Anchoring the Divine Feminine at Niagara Falls Vortex


Tuition for this 1 Lesson course is $99.00 until Saturday, June 9 and $125.00 thereafter. To read more and register, click here.


There is an enormous Energy Vortex at Niagara Falls. The waters that flow through Niagara Falls, from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario, continue to flow on through the St. Lawrence Sea way out to the Atlantic Ocean and throughout the Seas of Earth. So, the energies anchored at this Vortex are spread across the Globe through the waters of Earth; through the Water Element of Earth.


The falls at Niagara Falls are separated into two parts; one on the American side and one on the Canadian side. The falls on the American side is straight shaped and the Masculine Energies within this enormous Vortex. The falls on the Canadian side is in the curved womblike formation known as the Horseshoe Falls. This one carries the Feminine Aspect of the Water Element. Over the last decade many ceremonies have been performed at parts of the falls, energizing this critical Vortex and anchoring energies that have benefitted us all. Now, in this course, Divine Mother works with us to anchor a Pillar of Light which carries the Energies of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine at this Sacred Site known as one of the Seven Wonders of the World.



Introduction to Opus Gaia 

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The Springing Forth of the Divine Feminine


From 4/4/2012 Gateway Portal Channeling


As summer comes full force, we can enjoy life blooming everywhere around us. Let that be a reminder for the awakening and anchoring of our love for the Divine Mother and the anchoring of the Divine Feminine. Let us focus on bringing abundance, health and wholeness to ourselves, our loved ones and our communities.


As we embrace nature, especially the trees, the bushes, the flowers, let them be the symbol in our hearts of the Divine Feminine reawakening on Earth.  As the flowers and the trees bloom and the grass becomes green, see it as the Springing forth of the Divine Feminine. Say a prayer that each tree, each leaf, each flower, each blade of grass receives the Energies of the Divine Feminine, thereby reawakening within Mother Earth those Energies which have been dormant for thousands of years. Also, as you see the greening of the trees and the grass, think of the Qualities represented by the color green; abundance and prosperity, healing, health, and wholeness and see that coming forth – keep it ever present in your consciousness, continuing to bring abundance to yourselves and to this Earth. As we focus on bringing the Divine Feminine to this Earth, through our intentions and prayers.


As you take a walk in nature; by a lake or a stream or an ocean or mountain, pray that the Divine Feminine be reawakened there. See Great Silent Watcher standing there with her Scepter above her head, see Goddess Victory standing with her Torch of Victory, and see Divine Mother standing with her jar filled with the energies of the Divine Feminine Light, pouring the Divine Feminine into that stream, into that lake, into that mountain, into that ocean.


Those of you living in Southern Hemisphere, moving into the winter hibernation, see the leaves falling and the trees going into the dormant state, ask that they are received back into the arms of Divine Mother, back into arms of Mother Earth to receive the Divine Feminine. Ask that in hibernation they bask in the love of the Divine Feminine Energies and magnify it, ready to bring it forth and express it in the blooming of the trees, the flowers and the leaves when spring comes.


As long as we live on this Earth, all of our abundance and everything that we own – our material possessions – all come through Mother Earth. Therefore, remember to call on Mother Earth, who provides all of our personal abundance. Ask Goddess Gaia, the Deity of Mother Earth to give you of her unlimited abundance.  Mother Earth’s abundance flows through the Amber Colored Life Force Energy of Mother Earth. The Golden Energy of Earth’s Core Crystal combines with the Red Life Force Energy to create the Amber Life Force Energy of Mother Earth.


Grounding with the Roots System and the Amber Colored Light


With all of this in mind, take a deep breath.

Visualize that there is a huge Root System that extends down from the bottoms of your feet and the base of your spine into the crust of the earth straight down to the Core of Mother Earth. See that this Root System wraps around the Core Crystal of Mother Earth in the center of Earth. Now visualize that you are pulling up the Amber Light, the Life Force Energy of Mother Earth.


Pull the Amber Light up through this Root System, and see it extend along the crust of the Earth, helping you ground yourself further and see it moving up through the bottoms of your feet, through the base of your spine, and filling your body. It is filling every one of your Chakras; Root Chakra, Sacral Plexus, Solar Plexus, the Seat of the Soul Chakra, your Personal Heart, Cosmic Heart, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, all the way up to the Crown; filling your Five Body System with the Amber Color Light- the Life Force Energy of Mother Earth.


Then we send it up. Visualize an Amber tree trunk extending up around your Antahkarana Cord above your head. It extends up through the Thrones, all the way up to the Throne of Creation. See it spread itself out as if branches and leaves fill the Pool of Creation. Visualize that we are pulling from the Pool of Creation, the Amber Colored Cosmic Life Force Energy.  This Amber Color Light cascades down though the tree trunk, around and through the Antahkarana Cord all the way to your Crown Chakra; then into your body and filling your Chakras and your Five Body System.


The Amber Color Cosmic Life Force Energy pours out of the bottoms of your feet and into the Root System, all the way to the Core of the Earth.  You, as the conduit, have created a continuous loop, pulling the Life Force Energy from Mother Earth all the way up to the Pool of Creation, and then pulling the Cosmic Life Force Energy down through your body, into the Earth, all the way to the Core of Mother Earth. Take a deep breath and feel yourself grounded to Mother Earth. Feel these Energies.


Grounding with Uluru


Now visualize that you are standing on top of Uluru, a huge red mountain of rock in Central Australia- also called Ayers Rock. It is a Sacred Site and also one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Feel your feet on top of Uluru; be aware that this entire group, everyone that will ever read this meditation, is also standing with you.


Visualize that a Pillar of Light is descending from the heavens down to surround you individually, and another larger Pillar of Light is also descending from the heavens to surround this entire group and each one’s individual Pillar of Light. Together we create a Group Entity, a Group Energy that magnifies everything that we do.


Feel Uluru beneath your feet. You can almost feel the heart beat of Mother Earth through this great red rock. As you do, imagine that you are dissolving into Uluru; dissolving into and all the way through the rock, down the Hara Line that extends from Uluru all the way to the center of the Earth.


Now visualize yourself standing before the Sacred Fire Altar at the center of the Core Crystal in the heart of Mother Earth. Take a moment to set your intentions and make your offerings to the Sacred Fire. We ask for bringing abundance to ourselves, abundance to our loved ones and abundance to Mother Earth. We are asking Mother Earth to pour her Life Force Energy and her abundance to us. Take a moment and make your offerings to the Sacred Fire in the Core of our beloved Mother Earth.


Grid for 2012


Now, see Divine Mother is standing directly in front of you in her ceremonial robes. She is bathing you in her Copper Gold Light. Feel her love as she places her palms on your Personal Heart/Cosmic Heart Chakra. Take a moment to receive the Copper Gold Light and the love from Divine Mother. Feel the joy as she pours that Copper Gold Light over you. Pause.


Quan Yin and the Bandwidth of Compassion

Divine Mother stands to your right and takes your right hand. See that Quan Yin is now standing to your left, taking your left hand. She beams to you her White Light and the Energies of Compassion. See that the layers of the Bandwidth of Compassion are forming cocoons around your body. See the first layer around your body is the Dusty Pink Light of Compassion. Around it, the next layer is the Vibrant Pink Light, then the Fuchsia Pink Light representing the energies of our beloved Sanat Kumara, the Planetary Logos, is forming. In the next, the forth layer, see Golden Pink Light and around that, to seal all the layers, is the Amber Light that is the Cosmic Life Force Energy.


Divine Mother is holding your right hand, Quan Yin your left. The Layers of Compassion are around you. Great Silent Watcher is now standing directly in front of you, pouring from her Cosmic Heart/Personal Heart Chakra, Turquoise Blue Light to you. She is also holding her Scepter above your head, pouring her Turquoise Blue Light from her Scepter to the two Chakras above and below your body. First to your Eighth Chakra, just above your Crown Chakra and then to your Earth Crust Chakra which is 10 inches below your feet. Within each of these two Chakras, see a Seven Pointed Star spinning and receiving the Turquoise Blue Light. Great Silent Watcher is creating a cocoon around you; a Cocoon of Protection, Fearlessness and Divine Power. A Pillar of Turquoise Blue Light forms to connect the two Seven Pointed Stars, constantly energizing the Chakras of the body between them.


Now visualize that 144,000 Silent Watchers are standing around the Cocoon of Turquoise Blue in circles upon circles magnifying and pouring the Turquoise Blue Light to you.  And see around them 10 Billion Angelic Watchers forming a giant Turquoise Blue Cocoon around you, further magnifying the Light of the Great Silent Watcher that is pouring onto you.


Making Offerings at Divine Mother’s Sacred Altar


In the presence of this entire entourage, spin and spiral up through the Pillar of Light, up through the Thrones.  Visualize that we are standing before the Sacred Fire at the Throne of Divine Mother in the 122nd Dimension of Reality. See the Copper Gold Flames in the Altar jumping high.


As we stand before the Sacred Altar with Divine Mother, Goddess of Victory, Quan Yin and Great Silent Watcher, we invite Cosmic Mother of the Universe, Cosmic Mother of the Cosmos, Cosmic Being Venus, Lady Veyga and all the Female Beings representing the Divine Feminine. We invite Goddess Hecate, Mother Mary, Goddess Pale, Athena, Lady Nada, Goddess Isis and all Goddesses who wish to join Divine Mother and the rest of us at this Throne. See multitudes of Female Beings come forth to stand in circles upon circles around the Altar.


Set your intentions and make your offerings to this Sacred Fire in the presence of Divine Mother and these amazing Beings.


You may stay here as long as you wish. So it is.


© FAGU 2012


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