April 2012


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Dear Friends,


Welcome to April, the 4th month of 2012. Four is the number for the Great Silent Watcher and this month’s meditation brings the Energies of the Great Silent Watcher, through the symbol of the Eye of God, to assist the Indigo Children. Also known as the Children of the New Age, the Indigo Children are those souls born from roughly 1972 to present day. These souls are here to move Earth away from anger, pain, war and suffering to the Energies of Compassion and the Divine Feminine. This meditation from Divine Mother gives us all a chance to assist these Indigo Souls to succeed in fulfilling their critical Divine Mission.


In this month’s Hear Thy Soul session, we will be returning to Quan Yin’s Jade Palace to continue to anchor the Energies of the Divine Feminine, Compassion and Victory into the 5th Dimensional Octave.


Also, don’t miss the Gifts from Divine Mother Phase III Home Study Course. With great love, Divine Mother brings phase III of the amazingly healing and nurturing Gifts sessions to rejuvenate, restore and recharge our bodies, emotions and minds. In this series, for all you do in her service and in service to all, it is your turn to receive of Mother’s great gifts. Please take this opportunity to bathe in Mother’s love.


I wish you an abundant month of April, with ease and grace. Great Blessings to you all,








Portal Days in April: 4/1/12, 4/2/12, 4/312, /4/12, 4/5/12, 4/10/12, 4/11/12, 4/12/12 & 4/13/12, 4/20/12, 4/21/12, 4/22/12 & 4/30/12.


Full Moon is on 4/6 and New Moon is on 4/21.



LIVE PTE Mystery School Events in April


FREE Live Gateway Portal Channeling Event will be on Wednesday, April 4, 2012 at 7:30 PM ET. To register, click here.


NOTE about LIVE Events: You do not have to be available at the time of the live event to benefit from Live Courses! In Live Gateway Portal Channelings and PTE MS Courses, via conference call, you are given the chance to be a part of the initial Group Energy that brings and anchors the channeled messages from Divine Mother or the Masters for that specific topic or course. However, if you are not available at the specific time the live event occurs, you may still participate by accessing the recorded audio that is available shortly after the completion each session. Please remember that once you make the free will choice to sign up for the event, Divine Mother and the Masters are working with your Signature Energy, as part of the initial anchoring. If you have signed up, you have

Available at the time of the live event to benefit from Live Courses.


PTE MS: Hear Thy Soul; Quan Yin’s Jade Palace, Phase IV

Sunday, April 15, 2012, at 3:00 PM ET

Tuition: $125.00 until midnight, 4/7 and $150.00 thereafter.



This course is part of the on-going Hear Thy Soul Series. To read about and register for the essential first course in this series, Hear Thy Soul, Receive its Guidance, click here.

It is also required that you take HTS Quan Yin’s Jade Palace, Phase I, Phase II Phase III before Phase IV.

To read more and register for Phase I, click here.

To read more and register for Phase II, click here.

To read more and register for Phase III, click here.


In Phase IV of HTS Quan Yin’s Jade Palace, we will continue our work with Quan Yin, Goddess of Victory and Great Silent Watcher. We have worked with the Quan Yin, Victory and Great Silent Watcher and will now take the next step in Divine Mother’s plan for establishing the 5th Dimensional Octave in the Energies of the Divine Feminine, imbued with the energies of Victory. Do not miss this historical event. To register for Hear Thy Soul Quan Yin’s Jade Palace Phase IV, click here.

To read more and to register for Phase III, click here



New PTE Home Study Courses in April




Note: PTE MS Home Study Courses have no Live Sessions. You may complete these courses from the comfort of home at your own pace. However, we recommend that you follow the Instructions given in the introduction to each course.




PTE MS: Gifts from Divine Mother, Phase III


 Tuition for this 4 Lesson course is $99.00. Click on the title to register:  V:C003:1201 Gifts from Divine Mother Phase III.



Prerequisites: You must take PTE MS: Gifts from Divine Mother, Phase I, PTE MS: Alchemy of Divine Power with Divine Mother, Ph I and PTE MS: Gifts from Divine Mother, Phase II before moving on to this course.

To read more and to register for PTE MS: Alchemy of Divine Power with Divine Mother, Phase I, click here.

To read more and to register for PTE MS: Gifts from Divine Mother, Phase I, click here.

To read more and to register for PTE MS: Gifts from Divine Mother, Phase II, click here.

To read more and to register for PTE MS: Alchmy of Divine Power with Divine Mother, Phase II, click here.



Course Description for Phase III


Divine Mother continues to offer us her love and nurturing by escorting us to her inner chambers to receive deep levels of healing. These times and the energies that are coming to the surface, worldwide, place our bodies, minds and emotions under constant stress. Divine Mother wishes to revitalize us through her Gifts Series. To read more and to register, click here.




REMINDER: At Divine Mother’s request, we are extending the discounted price for PTE MS: Stabilizing the Five Body System of Earth. This is a very important course. If you are looking for a way to really make a difference, this is your chance. Please consider offering yourself in this critically important service.

Stabilizing the 5 Body System of Earth with Divine Mother

This is a 7 Session Home Study Course. There will be no live events for this course.
You may access the course material on-line at your convenience.

Tuition (Half price): $99.00 and $198.00 TBA thereafter.

The year of 2011 has been full of Natural and Man-made disasters. It is easy to see the effects of these events on the Physical Body of Earth in the form of flooding, earthquakes, tsunamis, forest fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, and the war torn and scarred lands where battles are raging. All these events leave scars and marks of trauma throughout the Five Body System of Earth. In this course, Divine Mother offers us an explanation of the workings of the Five Body System of Earth and tools for its healing.

Divine Mother and the Great Beings are capable of offering this healing to Earth from the Higher Realms, however, they need us, with Signature Energies that are enmeshed in the Third Dimension to pull the healing energies down and to anchor them and administer this healing in our third Dimensional Realm.
To read more and register, click here.



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Eye of God Grid of Light

To Heal & Awaken the Indigo Children of the New Age



My children of Light, I am your very own Divine Mother.


Envision yourself standing with Divine Mother, in front of the Sacred Altar, inside the Core Crystal in the Energetic Center of Earth.


We assemble in the Core of the Earth because everything we do is for Earth.  The Five Elements of Earth need to become fully active and support you. The Core Crystal of Earth sends Light and Life Force to the Five-Body System of Earth, the auric field of Earth, the atmosphere of Earth and to all Souls. Offering healing at this center will spread throughout Earth to the surface and to all.


I now call upon aspects of the the Divine Feminine, the Angelic Forces, the Angelic Watchers, the Cosmic Guardians, the Elohim, the Great Silent Watcher, Goddess of Victory, Goddess of Wisdom, Goddess of Liberty, Goddess of Abundance and Goddess of Power to magnify the impact of this Grid of Light which we are about to install around Earth on behalf of the Children of the New Age.


Together we petition this entourage of Beings to help you serve the Children of the New Age so that they can change the worldWe offer healing to all of the generations of souls who will make a difference to life on Earth, to creating a new Reality for Earth, a new Reality where pollution and contamination and destruction have no presence. Together, we can raise the Quotient of Light on behalf of all souls especially the souls of the Children of the new Age, collectively known as the Indigos.


Our focus is on the Indigo Children (born 1972-1982), Star Children (born 1982-1992), Crystal Children (born 1992-2002) and  Children of Pure Light (born 2002-2012 ) , and ultimately those born  after 2012 .


There are many Souls ready to arrive here but their time has not yet come. The planet needs to clean itself more before they can bring their Pure Light.  You will do the cleaning because you are spiritually awake and understand the significance of this event and you have the love within your heart to want to make a difference – in your own lives and in the lives of these Souls.


Envision that we are creating a Magnetic Force Field to awaken and to guide every one of the Indigo Souls from around the globe to receive this healing – everyone born since 1972 to the present and into the future. Everyone is invited to receive, to pave the path, to blaze the trail and to change the world. All of you are welcome. All are called to participate, to receive and to magnify the impact.


Imagine that each of these souls is in receptive mode wherever they are across the globeImagine that each of you/them have your/their Angelic Guardians, Angelic Watchers and Silent Watchers circling around and magnifying the impact.


I call upon Lady Quan YinQuan Yin has been the Guardian of the Violet Flame of Transmutation for the last 14,000 years. She has since offered it to St. Germain so that she may work with the Indigo Children and to bring the energies of Compassion back to Earth – to restore the layers of Compassion that have receded, that have degenerated in the course of the past few centuries.  Quan Yin is now in charge of the return of those layers of the Energies of Compassion. Right now we need a concentration of this Light to penetrate through the heavier energies that Earth is immersed in.  This applies to all of you who are blazing the trail- whether you are older than the Indigos or you are the Indigos, the Star Souls, the Crystal Souls or the parents and grandparents to the Children of Pure Light presently born and unborn. Breathe and bathe and set your intentions while Your Quotient of Light is being raised.


Anchoring the Violet Light of Transmutation and Divine Order: Envision that Quan Yin is now forming a triangle with you and Divine Mother. She is pouring the Violet Light into this Triangle which I will magnify and transfer to you. See yourself receiving, absorbing and anchoring the Violet Light.   See it pour into the Core Crystal of Mother Earth. See the Purple Light of Divine Order everywhere around you.


The Vibrant Pink Life Force Energy: Now I call upon the Divine Mother of the Universe, whose Signature Energy is the Vibrant Pink. Vibrant Pink provides clean Vibrant Life Force which can help us change our Reality. See Mother of the Universe send her Vibrant Pink Light into the triangle. A layer of Vibrant Pink is formed around the Violet Triangle. It is magnified by the presence of Divine Mother’s Divine Feminine Angels, the Great Silent Watcher, the Silent Watchers, the Angelic Watchers, the Elohim, the Celestial Guardians, the Cosmic Guardians.  Absorb it into your body and envision all the Souls of the new Age absorbing into their bodies.  Let it be magnified through all the great beings who are standing to guard and magnify the impact.


Turquoise Blue Light of Protection from the Great Silent Watcher: Now I call upon Great Silent Watcher to come with her Signature Energy of Turquoise Blue Light. Envision her beaming this Light. A third layer of Turquoise Blue Light is formed around the triangle which now consists of Violet, Vibrant Pink and Turquoise Blue Light.  Envision all three layers of Light pouring into your Five-Body System and penetrating into the Five-Body System of all Indigo Souls – the Children of the New Age. See every one’s entire Light Body is becoming fully active now. Take a deep breath and pause for a moment to absorb and to anchor the energies.


Net of Light: Now I ask you to see a Globe suspended over the Sacred Fire of the Altar. This Globe represents a miniature aspect of the planet. We will create a Net of Light, carrying the three layers of Violet, Vibrant Pink and Turquoise Blue Light, around this Globe. This will be the Net of Light which illumines the Grid Matrix of Earth.


Envision Pinpoints of Purple Light around the entire Globe, anchoring Divine Order into the Hearts of all souls ; Pinpoints of Vibrant Pink anchoring Divine Life Force; and streams of Turquoise Blue Light of the Great Silent Watcher over-lighting, encasing, encapsulating all Indigo Souls and the entire Grid Matrix of Earth – bringing Protection, Fearlessness and Divine Power – to restore Divine Order. 


Eye of God; Great Silent Watcher: Then ultimately, see a gigantic Eye forming above the Globe. The pupil is made of the deep Violet Light – the Light of Divine Order. The Iris is made of the Vibrant Pink Light; the vibrant Life Force and the white of the eye is not white but Turquoise Blue; to bring Divine Power, Divine Order, Protection and Fearlessness to all. The Symbol of the enormous Eye, also known as the Eye of God, is attributed to the Great Silent Watcher who is the Ultimate Watcher, the Ultimate Cosmic Mother watching over all her children everywhere. (To see an cosmic image of this eye and to read more about the Great Silent Watcher, click here.)


Envision that Shafts of Violet, Vibrant Pink and Turquoise Blue Light are beaming from the Eye of God Symbol penetrating through the entire Grid Matrix and reaching to all souls.  The Lights and the Qualities they carry are emanating through Earth, through the Five Body System of Earth, through the Five Elements of Earth and into the substance and the physical bodies of people, places and things everywhere.  This Symbol will remain over the Globe permanently. See the Grid Matrix of Earth permanently absorbing the Illumined Light from the Eye of God Gird of Light and fully illumined with its healing Lights. This healing Light is available from this point on, for all to receive, to awaken and be healed.


Imagine Souls who are receiving the Energy in all countries, cities, towns, villages and hamlets across the Globe. Think of yourself and each of these Souls of the New Age as an empty vessel, receiving this Light and absorbing it.  The Light from the Eye of God moves through everyone’s Physical Body and penetrates into every layer of their Five-Body System.  It is activating the Light Body. It triggers clearing of the Five-Body System and magnification of the Light within everyone’s Light Body.


Send these energies to every gathering, especially gatherings of young people –to every area where people are gathered in joy and happiness or in conflict and war – where young generations are writing freedom into the fabric of time and space with their blood, with their Life Force.  Send this Net of Light to all areas across the globe.


See bodies of water full of this Light.  Think of all the gems and minerals and fill them with the Light from the Eye of God. Send this Light within Earth, around Earth, into the atmosphere. See homes, trees, plants, people, animals, birds, creatures of the sea, all living beings, receive this Light.  Send it to the Minerals and Crystals. Even rocks are receptive to this Light.  Send it all around you to the Air.  Every breath that you take, breathe this Light in and breathe it out and think of it; intend it to be magnified.


That is how you serve your MotherThat is how you serve the Divine Feminine.  That is how you serve yourselves.  That is how you become a conduit for the Highest Light.  That is how you can live Fifth Dimensionally; how you can live a different Reality than conflict, than disaster, than war.  You will lead this world and all Souls to live “Heaven on Earth.”  You are embraced by Heavenly Love and the torchbearers for the Children of the New Age.


I am your very own Divine Mother.  I love you.  I hold you in my heart.  So it is.



© FAGU 2012


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